Beatrice Daily Sun from Beatrice, Nebraska on September 22, 1946 · Page 6
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Beatrice Daily Sun from Beatrice, Nebraska · Page 6

Beatrice, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 22, 1946
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

••^•^•^•••^^^^^^^^^^•••-•i" • ,. _. ; .11. i., L..._ i.™ . i.. ^ii in.irr,-^;, ,,.i»,..^;-i...r^ mm m * T Tsj A/T P M T jggya. $,T;ffP ^. JSl* K • k Bennett Today Street' Exciting With Dan In featured Role. *.»..„* Street," heralded as the , explosive cinema melodrama nierge from Hollywood in re? seasons opens today at the •£•*< vrcibfy theatre. Edward O. Robin& f loft\and Joan Bennett are co- i%Vf tarred, Can Duryea has the lead- Vteg featured role.. The same trio, Itte recalled, scored emphatically Iri '"The Woman in the Window/ 1 1 *"* Jt modest, middle-aged cashier I a New York clothing company S*the central character of the i-,V*toty, He is an artist of »ome JK ability. His painting provides an .escape from a disagreeable mar- tied existence and it is his frustrated sentiment which 'excuses * his fatal entanglement with a Ih'ehance acquaintance, a beautiful feUt altogelher disreputable girl, nftobinson is seen as the credu- s, ea£er "little man" blinded • duped by physical charm. r »« M Bennett appears as the Fscheming enchantress, the glamor- totw tiait in a trap aet to snare the Cinah but in which she herself is £ eventually destroyed. Duryea, de- iA,i^».j.j as j.h e mos t convincing /has the role of the roman- rascal who engineers the- aor- ffuutu conspiracy. lVJ<3o* f eatured with this "film Is pie Are Funny." • • " • ., BJ JL.I this film, Jack Haley Is the Ltmwitting foil for the somewhat ^unscrupulous antics of Helen frWalker, Phil Reed and Ozzie Nel"" who set out to make money a radio program he is produc- Dramatic triangle Is formed hy Van Heflin, Llrabeth Scott and Barbara Stanwyck in "The 'Strange Love of Martha Iverd," which opens locally today. Glnmnrou* Joan Bennett brings new melodramatic thrills to the screen In the extraordinary melodramatic "Scarlet Streei." ing for the folks back home. Untutored in the ways of the world, Haley succumbs to the charms of the glamorous Miss Walker, a young lady with a future as bright as the North star. Fans will also welcome back Rudy Vallee, recently honorably discharged from the Coast Guard. Then there's Q'zzle Nelson doing a parody of Rudy's early career clays.- Oazle used to wave the ba- t'dn^but n6w, for the first time; he has' an opportunity to • demonstrate his acting ability. As for Haley, he has the best singlng- dancing-dramatic part he's had in a long time. POTATO HARVEST SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb,, Sept. 21 W)—Harvesting of the North Platte valley's $8,000,000 potato crop will get underway next week. Show Times VICTOR!': Scarlet Street; 8 i58, 7:26, 10:55. People Are Funny 2:15, 5:43, 0:11. niVOLI: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 2:25, 4:40, 7:06, 9:27. RIALTO: The Big Sleep 2:80, 4:50, 7:10,9:25. s R".u *• , ^ , !>V/k»Aa>. 1110 iwiSUS I Paul Carson Method Hour Beneath BelU II A BIO PROGRAM FlOO 2:15 8:30 IMS 1:00 16 ;30 as Tabef choir Voice Prophecy Campus Report Assignment He Neb Network M. U Nelson Stars in A f noon SUNDAY WOW. MO Midwest Report Rev. Brown Cheer up tint* News WorJd Farad* N'ews Farm Magaslnt Star Harvest Star Harvest _ CBS Sywphonj CBS Workshop CBS \Vorkshop Jean Sab Ion Electric hour jOik Family Hour Jean Sablon . 0«ie& Harris U30 Baby SnooUs c T|t45| Baby Snooks OO IDr. Tweedy S;30 IBlondie S*,QO jRlclmfd Law! or 5:15 (Richard Lawlor 9iSO ICrlnte Doctor i »OB . 1840 Coast to ooasr Bible Class News Voice phophecy Hour of faith Red Cross Curtain Calls Nob network News C'men One Man's Fam The SynVnhonette Nat'l Hour Neb-la. Quls Neb-la, Quis | Symphony Symphony Catholic Hour 5:45 7:00 i 6:30 SMS 9:00 ?:1S ,. v i#JLO!t)OJNews. 10:15 ISongs 10;30 IGlen 3rlme Doctor Corliss Archer Texaco Th»atrt Take It leave it TakeitJeave't Readers Digest Ask Another Ask Another (Di% Tweedy Band Wagon Edgar Bergen Aleo Templeton Tommy Dorsey Tommy Dorsey Merry go round Album Music* Hour of Charm Hour of Charm iMeet at Parky's Solon Orcheati (Rhapsody News Paris Report Jimmy Fidler C'men Cavellero ISammey Kaya r» —« n..Mi..« StuiimyKay* Melody -Gam* Dreamer House of beauty Down alley Down alley . Darts for dough Countwspy Evening 1 Party ISlde Street Old l>aoe Drew .Pearson Quiz Kids . American Music American Music American'. Music American Mxislo .TurgoriB Journal Hal Glbncy Fain. Radio Playi Mystery Theatre jrulld Tiicntre guild Fani. Radio play Mystery ' . Curtain Time Paul LeBar (News iDanco band RCA Show RCA Show Pacific Story Pacific Story News Show time iNational Hour JDance band DUE jFrankle Carl* (Foreign policy -"tDance band XTAB . 1110 8:00 |N«W8 8:46 Billy Dean 7:00 |Xo\Vs 7:16 jTuiiesters 7:80 S:0»> 9:45 11:46' 13;00 12:1B 13:ao 12:43 4:00 3:00 Howara-Sheltoi Vexvs • Song tlm* Rangers News Jack .Welli t'r >VB A serpnaae yvoafock mkt INonndny forum Mows Stale Pair 4:tr, 4:30 4:45 B;0fl 5:15 E:J5 R;00 6:15 6:30 «:6fi MONDAS WOW . 600 News Reveille Alex Dreler .Lylo and Co, News xrom .1940 Xows D. Hurum (Big Slstor r 3:15 Texas Mary 4-1-1 Clubs iProddld Martin ( Trout Sing Club Sing Club •Inck AVells JGIrl tnarrles IPortla Guiding light Todays Kldu Inner Sanctum Inner Sanctum Womnn In whits Judy and Jane Dr. .Malone World news f.iocnl news Xat'l naws Trnyelln' STan Ast6r Band 1240 Airi'onaky Muslo clock Music Clock News Utelqdles (News naukhage (talks Ted Malone Nuivs iCiisa Curnt iVour request i Piano modes lljlncbtn today Red Cross * •*•• w» uuiivri-uiit t ,.„ t»- i. wit M vt Slalo Senator Slngln' Sam News News 7:00 (Make Up jVoorheso Orch. 7:30 IJnck Klrwood ItiooiUnan 'i :fi5 (News (N'ows 8:00 (Arthur Godfr ITnlth band 8:30 (Bob Hawk 8:45 Bob Hawk 0:00 " »:30 News Atom ISIleon Farrell v.-isi JDePnul 10:00 (News - i,uviB 10:IG ISportsBremsm-ISports 10:30 IWIIllam Groen IQuIss Kids 10:46 l.Godfrcy Show lAstor Band Dr. I, Q. Dr. I. Q. S'upper club , Rob't ,St. John Barlow band Barlow baud News tower Moludles J'arry nnd Pirate* ((""aptaln Jtldnlgh' l.lnck Armstrong (Ulartys Gale (News IMuaio Lono Ranger Lone Ranker Lum n' Abner Forever Tops News Q. Reynold* Fnt man Fat man H.J Taylor G I Joe B. Drummond B. Drummond News Dance Band Danco Band Dance band Bogart, Bacall Star In Film Opening Today A Film Packed .With Drama, Melodrama, Love, Hate Ts'The Big Sleep.' New faces and sudden corpses dot the new , Humphrey Bogart picture, "The Big Sleep," which opens today at the Rialto. Sudden death has been :inore or less common in Bogart's pictures for many years but it Is only lately that the star has become known as the Introducer of promising, new, feminine faces in Ills films. Heading the list of interesting leading ladies in "The Big 1 Sleep'* Is Bogart's feminine partner in adventure in "To Have and Have Not," co-star Lauren Bacall. Martha Vlckevs plays the role of Carmen in "The Big Sleep," the younger sister of Lauren Bacall and only slightly less important to the story than is Miss Bacall. Miss Vickers has been seen on the screen but not in such an important role or in such a difficult acting assignment. Six actors meet untimely but well deserved ends of violence in "The. Big Sleep." Only one of them is charged directly to Bogart, who kills Bob Steele, playing, Canino in self defense in a fair fight. The others who' die for the sake of the pibtune are Theodore Von Eltz Louis Jean Heyrtt, Dan Wallace Look! Positively First Time in Beatrice! Trustee Makes Escape From Penitentiary Yard LINCOLN, Sept. 21 (^—Warden Neil Olsen reported tod%y that Kelvin Lee Tuttle, alias Clyde Warnier, 46, an inside trusty, fled from the state penitentiary today when a prison officer by mistake et the man through the enclosure gate. Prison records sho\y Tuttle r was admitted from Douglas county in March, 1945, under four year sentence for larceny. He was said to be wearing prison whites, and was described as Dramatic Film, 'Martha Ivers' Starts Today "The Strange Love Of Martha Ivors' Co « Stats Stanwyck, Van Heflin. "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers," starring a terrific threesome, Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin and Lizabeth Scott, introducing stage star Kirk Douglas, and telling a sensationally dramatic and suspenseful story, certainly has the requisites to support the advance rave notices that have preceded the- picture's arrival today at the Rivoli theatre. The. Strange Love of Martha Ivers" tells a vibrant and engrossing tale of four people involved in a diabolic pattern of murder and deceit.' Mature audiences are sure to be enthralled by this clever story which involves a woman who was capable of murder as a child, her weakling husband, who is completely dominated by her through love and fear, a cynical gambler who stoops to blackmail, but is basically decent enough to spurn the love of this evil woman, and a girl -whom life has kicked around, but who '-still clings to hopes of a better future. .How they are woven into a web of exciting and taut situations, and how they finally evolve their sullied lives, is'said to make exciting and intriguing melodrama. • Miss Stanwyck plays the mean, murderous Martha Ivers, and judging from her portrayal of a | sfmila'r character In /'Double Indemnity," she is^n ideal choice. '- That provocative pair of screen luminaries, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, are co-starred once again in a new hit drama, "The Big Sleep," which opens today "in Beatrice. "a large pounds. man," weighing 237 BliSha Cook, jr., and John Ridge-, '7i'-'•-.•.- ' .-' •'.•'•',''•-' • '.'•..•' . . " Life and /death, like light and shadow, alternate in this as in most Bogart pictures. In the ear-, ly: years of his Warner Bros, ca-' reer, Bogart was frequently, the victim , of Violence. He used to complain,; unofficially, that he was too often pumped full of lead and made to die instahter, without a death bend scene while other villains, Edward O, Robinson in" particular, always had time out to talk a good deal before the final collapse. , But Bogart has come along way in "his career and he ho longer can be killfed off without dialogue. In fact, lately, he isn't being killed at all. He lived to go on to. new adventure in "Tp Have and Have Not," and he lives still at the close of the final reel of "The Big Sleep." Van Heflin is the gambler, and Lizabeth Scott the girl who is reborn through her love for him. Kirk Douglas Is reported to have made an auspicious first screen appearance -in the difficult role of Martha's spineless husband. Seen in the supporting cast are Judith Anderson, Roman Bohnen and Darryl Hickmart, the latter playing Van Heffin as a boy. PRAGUE, Sept. 21 (/T)—Vaclav ,Nosek, minister of internal affairs, announced today that 2,600,000 of Czechoslovakia's ".Germans had been returned to Germany by sept. i. • : : What is known as a head of wheat in America is called an ear of corn in England. Roller Skate BEATRICE ROLLER RLNK Beatrice Auditorium . Cliff Lambert, Mgr. CITY SAVES MONEY FALLS CITY, TSTeb., Sept. 21 (/P)—Falls City saved approximately $5,500 by building its own sewage extension rather than accepting contractor bids for the job, City Engineer Jean Mullih said today. STATE SENATOR WITHDRAWS .LINCOLN, Sept. 21 (#>—The name of State Senator Sidney Cullingham of Omaha, was stricken "from the November ballot to•day with receipt by the secretary of state of a notarized notice of withdrawal. The Future Will Be More Pleasant for Those Who Prepare for It Please bear in- mind that your age will change within a-year and that your rate will change to a higher premium and your' health might change- preventing your buying any Life Insurance. Your family's need for Life Insurance protection in some form is unchanging. JBetter get it while you can. CALL ME AT 1000 OR 660J EDGAR P. NISPEL Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska. -Beatrice National Bank Building JRIVOLII •I The Best In Entertainment^. • Starts TODAY Sunday • Monday ' • Tuesday Continuous Shows Today Start at 2 Nevtr, has Iwe-betn more maddening., drama more intense Fate drew them to|etiwr and only murder could part them. r.' woman mort* i • > ^ tetuti/ully brutatt PICTURf THEY WERE BORN FOR! \ JESS. BARKER - MARGARtlLINp.SAYBQSjilpliyAN? SAMUEL S; HINDS'-: • t ' ' v ' * * < rt * .^vV^* -f ^ ^**« ^s 't "^V'S^" 1 **t l *^fe* "- / ' *•* r ^ r •& Second Feature «^!f!$&m^ili M«h_JMIB "

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