The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 2, 1040 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.X COURIER NEWS PAGE TORUS )egnan Murder *robe Continues Officers Believe Confession Near in Death of Little Girl. CHICAGO, July 2 . (U.P.) - !lu:rges were expected to be weed i.jiiuy against William feirens, 17-yenr-otct University ol Jiicano siudenl suspected in the [Mnap-slayin., and of Suzanne who. authorities have series of recent maintained a massive illl, nked with rimes. Heircns. who has iis innocence despite ....... _____ mount of circumstantial evidence, .'ill be brought inlo criinliiiil court n a writ of ha bras corpus. Sliitc rficlnls todny wci-e lo anstt'er dc- ense demands lliat Ihc yonth onnally c'liarj-cd, or released. II wns reporled that c»|>l. Ml- hael Ahorn would appear before Bits'iof News* .Mosjlx Personal hat, Harold G. Ward to ask Heirens bo charged with miKlary and assault with intenl o kill. Police hoped to have bail •el hluh cnoiiah lo enable them 0 continue efforts lo obtain a :onfe.ssion of Die slaying. In addition to the Desjnan ninr- ler. police said iiclrcns had been onneeled with at leasl 19 crimes, nultuliiiK robberies. Khootings and issanlls. ciiief of neloctives Waler Storms said he was con- 'inced Hint (lie burly, maladjusted :ollegc student, was the prowler .vho had been causing a "reitjii if terror" on Chicago's north side; luring the past two years. After four days of almost 1 round - the'- clock ciucstioning, Heirens had admitted only one 21-lmc— the attempted burglary in he was arrested last Wednesday. At the end of a gruelling seven- hour session winch ended at 2 a. m. (GST). Heirens showed signs of strain buc continued to :leny knowledge of the the Deglan case. "II looks pretty bad for me, but i r vas not lucre," he said. 'wo State Offices Show ncrease in Revenues LITTLE RCCK, July 2. (UP) — wp financial reports from stata ficcrs here indicated collections e!l over a similar period for 1045. Land Commissioner Claude R«n- Banny and Davis Cobb. sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cobb Jr., 708 West Main, are in Jonesboro as guests of Iheir grandmother, Mrs. w. o. Cobb. Mr. and Mrs. Cobb will go to Jonesboro for Ihc Fourth and Ihe children will relurn with them. Mrs. w. D. Cobb, Mrs. n. S. Balid. Miss Shirley Harhinn nnd hoseguest, Miss Harbara Stunner of Lafrrpncc. ville, III., will attend the MOAT presentation "Blossom Time" to- nlphl in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Crafton and children. Mary Sue, Rupert and 1'amcla, left Friday lor a three weeks motor Irip to Denver, Portland. Ore., and points of California Mrs. Margaret Bell Mahan nnd daughter, Betsy, left today for Washington, D. C., to visit Mrs. Mahan's sister, Mrs. Josiah Fort and family. Charles Lcggctt has gone to Columbus, Miss., to spend a week with his .sister. Mrs. Newell Drigham, and Mr. lirlgham, who arc moving into their new house they have erected since their recent marriage. He was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs, G'jy Channell and daughter. Caroly'i, who arc spending a week Ir Mobile. i Ala., with Mrs. Helen wiCKer Mid Mrs. J. .S. Matthews, who formerly resided in Blylheville. I Mrs. Richard B. Logan and son, Richard, of New Orleans, are Ihc Kitesls of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchen. TIG West Main. They will be here two months while Mr. Log im is attending school in Buffalo, N. Y. Mrs. A. O. Litlle is In Baltic Creek. Mich., where she will undergo treatment for two weeks at Battle Creek Sanatorium. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hayncs, 125 East Ash, have as their guests her sister, Mrs. Earl Hawkes, and ehil- dmi, Jo Ann. Donna Kay. Earl Jr., and Billy Steve, of Memphis. They plan lo be here for a week. Mason Day will arrive tonight to be with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Day. following his discharge from the Navy. Mr. Day has been in Bermuda and Canada for the past several weeks, following his graduation as an ensign from Louisiana State University, Balon Rouge. He plans to go inlo business here with his father, and brother, Waller Day. Mr. and Mrs. D'ay will meet their son in Memphis. Mrs. Carl Marshall returned Sun- licrc nml brother, O. W. Schnller uul family, In Memphis. Miss Lena Scrumm nnd Leonard Kaslnger. both of Cannlou. Mo., were guests during the weekend of aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. A. 11. Ford, Itm East Cherry. Bclsy and Hill Oglesby, of Lltllc Rock, arc here for a short lime as guests of Iheir uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips Kobinson, 1007 Wesl Walnut. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jess Horner nnd children. June nnd Jlmmte, 121 West Kentucky, have gone liasall, Colo., where Ihcy will spend .six weeks at Ihe Cray Cottages. This Is an annual trip for the Homers, who motored lo Basalt. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Knudsen and daughter, Miss Muriel Knudscu, 800 West Walnut, have gone lo Harmony. Minn., to spend two weeks with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. O. Cl. Hnbbard George Hnbburd Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Iloke will go to Mem phis' this afternoon for Ihc Uob Hope show. Mrs. Homer Gardner of Scarcy Ihe former Miss Altn Oarlington Bids Received On Scrappe'd War Planes WASHINGTON, July B. IUI>) — The government today received apparent lilgli bids totnllng $(J,5»2.10(i for $3.900.000.000 worln ot scrap wir lanes. Sale of Ihc nlrcrnfl vliiunlly will clean out supplies of (he covcrn- nienl's sciap-plle of nlrcrnfl. The 20,000 sin plus bombers, lighters, rcconnlssimcc planes nml oilier lypes of lixcllcal ships lire located at five nil 1 Holds, which will he leased to successful bidders for $1 per year while scrapping operations arc In progress. Thouyh many of the 10U bids were phrased in ecnls-iu'r-ponnil llgures aiul Involved slitllsllciil study, appui'ent lilyh bidders unions those who made straight purchase who (aught school here scvera oilers included: years, now is a pailful lit the slu'.e ] On 4,81!> planes al Wnltiiil tuberculosis sanitarium afler liav-I Ark.—Texas Hallway K(|Ulpinent fig/it Department Stores Agree to Hold Price Line NASIIVIMJ.;, Ti'iiu., July a..<Ul' —ElRlil Nashville stoics, Inchidtni department .stores, Jnweleis aiul food nmi'kHs. aunounced In nilvci • (IsemenUs luilay that (heir pit will iTiiuiIu "uneluinued," been stricken ill. Her condition is satisfactory at present. Her two sons, afte four ami ti hidf and two years, nrc with their father and his mother at. Seai'cy. Mrs. Gardner Is at the, Nybcrg Building, State Saiiilorium, Ark. Mrs. C 11. Whlsllc ami tlcuiglilcr, iVv-s. Mavis Srltlbmire, have re- turr.etl from Clayton, Ga., when? they accompanied their daughter aiu. sister, Miss Annette Whistle, who will be in camp Uiere two Lhonths. They were accompanied to Ulnyton by Miss Wade McIIenry of Luxora, who will also be nl the camp for the Summer. Before returning home, Mrs. Whistle and Mrs. Sfiltlemire went to Hendersonville, N. C., and visitc<l at fern School for Girls, which Miss Whistle will enter this Fall. Connie Hay, son of Mr. und Mrs. Co., Houston, Tex., bid $1,H17,TW. NOTKT: OK CKANLINC; or l.K(l'Olt Notice is hereby i;iven thnl Hie Commissioner of Hevenucs of Ibe Stnte of Arkansas has Issued n permit, No, .|7il to Ham N. Johns to sel nnd dispense vinous or splrlluoua llipiors for beverage :il retail on (hi premises de.scrlbcd u.i ^01 Vj Wos 1 Main Street, lllythevllle. Arkansas This permit issued on the hi clay of July. 11)10 and expires on iho lit, D. S. Hay, left, today to reinr:) to Slarkville, Miss,, where he I'l a student at Mississippi Slate College,' after spending n brief time hero .with his parents. James Cobb has arrived home from Lexintilon, Va,, where hj al- lends Virginia Military insllluie, lo spend the Summer. T'-f> James C. McCaslln of Clear Lake eommunlly has received n discharge from the Army after lour years service, 21 months having been in the European Ihea'.cr. Ills awards Include the Purple Hearl. Ho Is son of Mr. and Mrs. Ri':lc McCaslin. His sister, Mrs. William N. Hades of Bristol, Va., and bruih- cr, Corp. John D. McCaslln, have arrived home to be with the veteran. Visit Our Now Recording Studio! We luive installed Ihc very la Irs I K<|iii|)iiu'nl for IteconliiiK Void's, Ifcnul and Orchestra Music and Messages. \Ye also Kent K o 1111 il Equipment for Indoor and Outdoor ICvcrHs. BLYTHEVILLE ItADIO SUPPLY Wholesale Only Phone 4G7 112Si>. 1st St ay of June, 1917. n said his office had collected 1,25^ in June, bringing Uie oHice's otal in 1940 to S1D2,33«. The com- irsioncr pointed out that Ihe flc- •c for the first six months of this car was well over half the 529:;00 collected during the wlioie ot 94S. The office of Secretary of Stato '<: Hall lonk in S'*5.:i78 riuVlni; 10 fisciil vear ended 0'imn ?0. Hall sscrtcd 514,751 of iho amount cnm»i a.s fees on articles of incorpora-- on . day from Little Rock, after spending 10 days there with her par- enls, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Creasey. She went especially for the wedding of her sister, Miss Gladys Creasey. to Thomas Prock. also of Little Rock, solemnized .Tune 22. Mrs. Marshall was her sister's matron of honor. George W. Moore, son of Mrs. Marguerite Moore, 701 North Sixth, left yesterday for San Francisco to make his home. 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This [>er- mll Issued on Iho 1st, day of July, IO'1(J and aspires on the at) day of June, 1M7. B. 8. Simmons, Firm It U*; One Pound !{»$; 21 c CLAPP'S BABY FOODS, 3 for 20c PEANUTS, Krogcr's Vac. Pack 8 oz. can 19c SKIDOO CLEANSER 3 for 25c Blue Gillette Blades 5's 25c PUREX, Qts. 4!/2 Gal. 15-28c Embassy Peanut Butter, 16 oz. 28c MODESS 22c HUMKO Shortening 1 Ib. 19c Kroger Ice Tea, Special Premium 8 oz 35c Y-8 Cocktail Juice, . . .46 oz. 30c Kraft Phila. Cheese, .2 for 23c Ice Cream Salt 14 Ibs. 8 T /2 Sunbritc Cleanser 3 for 15c WASHER SERVICE riillln drl 'artnim I'lr.llii'rx. I'niin, Irons nmt Biii .\|il>liimc«j* H'-l'i^ri'il. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .1. \V. ADAMS. M K r. onn 2071 aofl-Ort W. Mn Ouarniilcci! Luscins, Red Ripe—.Sound and Crisp Lemons, Juicy California Sunkise, Lb. 12c Cantaloupes, Vine Ripe, Guaranteed. Lb, TOc Cherries.. Deep Red, Lb 19c Plumbs, Ripe and Tasty, Lb, 29c Oranges, Calif. Fancy, Juicy, 5 Lbs. 59c Peaches, Arkansas Freestone,, 2 Lbs Honey Dew Melons, Sweet and Delicious, Lb. Limes, Tube .... 17c Lettuce, Iceberg, Lb . Tomatoes, Red Ripe, Lb 15c Potatoes, 10 Lbs, FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Also CULVERTS 12 inches to 48 inches We ore Dealers for THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA, ARK. TO KEEP YOU COOL AND PRETTY! at could be fresher and prettier thari yoJ in one of Wards cottons this summer? Cool to wear, easy 'to \yaihi; Q.?.y °* bytte^'^tfrtotij!! stripes, check*, solids. Choose from the sprightly array of seer' tucksrs, chambrays, or ginghams; Sizes 12-18; 9-15;' I'lunie 591 406 West Main St., Ulyth«Villc,.Ark:

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