The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1047 Chinese Peace Discussions Fail Nationalists Switch Tactics, Clamor for Killing Off Communists BY HOEIKIIT CUJRMAN Imtcil 1'rc-ss Slnff Correspondent JTAXK.-ING. May 2-1. (UP)— The N"Tfli:ilis(-Ej)onsoro<l People's Po". l "W Council, which TUDsday 111- vitucl Communists lo discuss i;ci»co. did n striking alxi'it- liicc yr.str.rduy as speaker after sjxaker nnurily driiinnded that the civil war be settled on the bnt- .. tlcticld. ., The nfirrnoon session today was filli'd with clamorous appkiusc for di-lrsrtir.s excoriating t], c Comimi- iiisls. It wus in .sharp contrast to tin' inurninK session when the dei- i'|!:itr.s apprarert divided equally be- twrrn the fuivocnlcvi of military lorcc and I hose who lavored re- iu'.ve<l nojjntiations. Hut. by late afternoon, more tiu-.n Uvo-Uiiicls of I lie speakers di-tnandrd that the Communists be exti-nnilKileci, The insistence on mUiiar ysui>|)ression readied a climax when Kuiig Keng of the reactionary C-C clique pounded tiu- rostrum and said: 'U do no'. _lavor peace! Whoso- rvi-i :idvocalr s peace is a Chin Kuri in prime niinisler in tiic Sung dynasty who sold out the sli'.tu by nvyulialiiig witli Hie Chins; tribes.I" His .statement was greeted by roaring applause. As a result of the speeches, observers believed that nothing would c-ome o[ '.he 1'PC's invitation to it s Communist, BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Train of Tomorrow' Takes the Kails 81 CROP GUAklD profecfs crops from cultivation damage Somoza to Head Army and Navy New Cabinet Selected By Third Nicaraguan Leader in 30 Days «y United Gets 3 Months Overseas To Do a 30-Minntc Job c<l lo Icslttj Hist Nov. 14, The War, lX.|,;,,lm,nt Hew l,lm . u>d PAGE' ELEVEN "appear n tear* A "TRAIN OF TOJIORIIOW" Ihaf is packed full of mechanical marvels, ncw-as-lGjnorro'.v interior decoration and many jK)sl>var features Im- the comfort anil safety of passengers, has jtist been Immrlirul by General Motors, Us designer, ftn- n six-niimlli exhibition tour of the ccmnlry. Towered l>v a r«M Electro-Motive Diesel locomotive, the. cars are of an entirely new design, jwrmifliiiK ail Asfrn T)nmr. ;dO[i each (sue above) for i::irivalcil view of Innii- scapc, and a depressed car floor lienenlli, resulting in lour door levels in every car. (Below) Among (lie. first lo enjoy n meal in the luxurious Astra Domf-Uincr \vere Alice Fnyc ami i'liil Harris ol movie and radio fame. Funds for Meat nspection Get Refusal • PROTECTS YOUNG PLANTS • SMOTHERS SMALL WEEDS • IK£dtEASES ACRE YIELD The orify pctforated guant. Fits any Jjic model tractor cuEtivaior. Spccil of ir^ctor governs'anioun: of dirt iiofm; thrdugh hok-s. 9 l />" clearance when re-slim; on ground, Gmrii dots not piTfiin lump^ or nibbiili to get near pljnis. Civt'S f.ntcr, better cultivation of corn, pot.mic'S. cm ton, tonwoes, Cibb.igc, tnlucco, soy beans. Corf Wallace Bob Smith '6T Implement Co. No. Highway fil I'hnnc 21-11 BUILD TERMITES OUT with READY-MIXED CONCRETE Your new home can be made termite-proof and structurally modern by building foundations, floors and porches of concrete. Kcaily-MixcJ Concrete helps concractors *lo a top quality job. The "mix" is accurately proper- tioncd for the use intended by expert concrete men . . . every load uniform in strength, density and reliability . . .. delivered exactly where and \vlicn you want it. tet u* puf^ou In Touch with reliable contractors who can plva you a 0°°^ l^ orn ° and lavo you mor.s> . P'is.;i -'5 f-ar Informcllon. HUGHES & Company "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South 10th St. Phone 3531 WASHINGTON. May 20., (UP) — Icpublicnn ccoTiomj- leaders yester- lay narrowly beat bat-k ::n cfTon o rcstort $6,140,000 in federal mom nspection funds Lo the trimmed- ow n Agriculture 'Appropriation Bill. The iiinciulmcnt was offered by delegates to resume pence ucyoli- 1 ions. Clifford R. Hope, R.. Kan., of the House ARi'iculllrx 1 Committee. It would have continued [Vcteral rinuJiciiig of Ihe 4)ro;;raitl. The a])t>ro[Jrialions roin- iiiittee nniits it financed Hniisp memiii-rs defeated the nnu'iidmr'nt, 12-1 to 11-t, do.sptce Hope's wnrninif tint costs of tlie -system \voiilct be [jassed bach to fannets, lie said it might lend to detonation of the inspection pro- grain. The house apcepled an amend- n-.ent Ijy .Rep. John Phillips, 11.. Cal.. 10 reduce Horn SC23.C03 to S42(.CO the finirt for the Oiticc Jf FuiTisii Agricultural Relations. Southern Coal Operators Submit Counter-Demands WASHINGTON. May 20, <U!'>-- Honthi'rn coal operutors yeslei'r countered new wage demands l-y tlii! United Mine Workers (AFW with "soce ideas" of their own. Neither .side would disclose (1C- tails or the demands and counter proposals.. They said Ihc.jr would ir.eet a^ain tomorrow to di.icur>s them. Sources Close to the union .sairi it had umde substantially the | same demands as those already presented to Northern and Western opprntovs liy UMW President John L. Lewis. I'HAKI.ES 'IIF.NKKI, Tress Staff Correspondent . Nicaragua. Mny OT. <ul i-.-Tlu- newly clioseu president U«'nj:'min I.ucayo yeslerd;«y nnini'd Aimslaslo Somo/a, "stroiu nuin- or Nicanisimn politics, to itlrtol Hie 'Anny. Navy and Air :>e',v covprmiKiil a day nfler the National CuiiisiTss had elccteil him to sinvced 1'resideiH Dr. U'Oimrilo ArHuelto. whom It removed from oilier 20 tluys after lie \ras Inaugurated. '1'lie quick switch In |>reside:i',s. nave NicAviiKim Us llilrtt official 1 leader within 30 days. Soinom retired as I're.sidcnt May 1 nftrr 10| .veins in office and was succeeded >>y Air.mOlo. ii eandidiite jnil fm 1 - \v:iicl by Ko:m /.V.s lilierul parly. 'Advices received in Mexico Cl'.V Jiai,| Somr/:i reniovrd Aruuello from oflic-c because of a dlsai>reenient between tlK'in and cni;lnterei.t 'the fcletion of Lacayo 8'irasu n.s Ills snec.wir.) AiLiuello, his family and a ^rouii of U'iuiini: official;; took refuse in' te Mexican Embassy after the Ar-' my sev/i-d powrv eavlv Monday. Hllorlly Utorc the new president announce^ hi.s cabinet. Sumo/:i said he haci no inlention or re- lurniii!: lo power "cither dlreellv 01 indirretly." He suld Couuiv.<s lv.\(i i-.cUul as "a conipetent \jotJy, wilhont any intervention from my part, on lenal reasons mid for Hi'- 1 salvation or the country" in removing Argncllo. Uiravo Sacnsa's cabinet, mini- cd Sonic?. 1 ,!. ns Navy and Ah- Minister, anil .said ho would miuil.i in command of the National Guard. The new president said lip would call untlonul" elections "nl an appropriate lime." -He snlcl Nicaragua received thp stwllch of preside/ills with satisfaction "because it re.slorra the Iranquillty which was .seriously thrcnlenecl." "Aloi>K general lines I should Kay Blla received the switch of pres!- tiye of neuiocrncy and keep my country \vllliin lh c community of ideals and efforts of the Unltcti Nations, and especially In the. most fraternal it'lotlonshlp with tlu> COI.UMU3, O. <U1'> — Jay 11. Mills Is back from Austria utter a (hree-montli visit at the insistence of the army to le.slify In a inurcler «trial. Mills' actual lime spent in testifying before a boai'd ol court nmrtial consumed exuut- ly HO inluuli'S. | Jn May IMS, Mills was In a ITSI-] (lence where a .shooting look jjluce by tin army cook, ami a IB-year-' old Birl was killed. Although' discliar^eil one ycltr ajjo last Decenibcr, Mills \va.s call-! United States of America and other imllcm.s of the continent," I us said. MONEY -FOR MATRIMONY OR MATERNITY Mileslones| call- for money. When you're gelling married or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P. C. PHONE 2»2» 12Z W. 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Three Merits ELECTRIC IRONS A u,r^ nn , K ,, s 9 LIGHT FIXTURES Autotnutic Conli'dl 'I'wo Tube Sj|!>5 •21 Inch , indoor and Outdoor Fixtures SOCKETS INSULATED WIRE ROMEX TROUBLE LIGHTS Weather I'rnof Knhber Coaled Ulack One Strand. Ft 8 GaiiKc, 2 Wire l'<?r l''tH)< Mechanic's 15 Ft. Cord Prices Greatly Reduced On AH ICIeclrie Wire 19 3-4 c 15 C -Si I it MONtr-IACK CUARAHTtt •« tX twduwt. Corner 5th & Main Everyone is Going to the Ian Heath Auction Sale Saturday, 9:30 A. M., May 31, 1947 To See T. F, "Doc" Dean and DONALD HOWARD IN ACTION Here are a few articles that you can buy at your own ]>rice: lldino Free/IMS — Radios — liicycles — Tricycles — Shower Rtnlln — Fans <il' AH Kinds — Gil'l Cowls — Trailers — Kitchen Sinks — Floor Lamps — liadi Tiilis — Lawn Ftirnilure — Hundreds of Small Articles. KVCV.Vtiling (roes at your own price — Thin Is What You've Waited For! WISE BUYS From Your Home-Ownec/ Store/ No. 11 and 12 Sugar Stamps Good Immediately! ! . 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