The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri on May 16, 1933 · Page 14
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The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 14

St. Louis, Missouri
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Tuesday, May 16, 1933
Page 14
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ST. LOUIS STARCTimtff TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 16, 1933. 14 ST LOUIS 5TAR(nmc TERRY PROVING MODERN "MIRACLE MAN" AS M'GRAW'S SUCCESSOR JOCKEY, ACCUSED 10,000 FANS SEE HEAD PLAV SHOWS DDCAIklFCC TO GAIN HONORS CLASS AND WINS rKtArlNC.OC FOR NEW OWNER UNIQUE TACTICS LEADING GIANTS INTO FLAG RACE OF PULLING HORSE,. LEWIS WIN FIFTH WRESTLING TITLE Sid Keener.7 Si I mi iwi w ii I I T -ES jr - jmmmmmm' ; - ''fl' 1u,V. 3f - i-. Jp Parade Had Passed By Little Napoleon but He Failed to Realized It. YOUTH HAS CLUB HUSTLING Present New York Pilot W ins Plaudits From Umpire Bill Klem. II V HA VIS I. Internntion tl Newt NEW YORK, May less than or.e year Kreatly saddened by had Just taken pla'-e down In a riahteous a nob in every svll WAI.SII. Sports Ilditor. 16 f-'omew hat ai.'o the tmys. an event that sat triow and. with ;ih!r. wrote a numbrr of very arre .ting pa.-'atres aboui the out rare that, had been VW'.rd upon John J. McGraw. I'm not much on anniversaries-, partim-Jarly those that do not matt r. Hut it's about time to rail i!i the out-lieiders on that one. it nor fh" idea of making amends, a least to be decent enough to return v hat . we've taken. In other words, we pave so un-Btintertly to McGraw that we had to take something, bv inference, from his successor, youm; Mr. William Terry. I now propose to Rive i: bark. This, of course. Is very sren-erous of me, but then it pnvs to be broad, and my warm, impulsive nature is the talk of the town. Terry Has fiiantn Hustlinjr. Briefly, we were wroni; about Mr. Terry, although, at that, he was bright enough to pay us no heed, which, renerally sireakimr. is a good idea. He has accepted the ball ciud that Mi-Ciraw managed to assemble and has taken it into a near-tie for first place In the National League. Barring one man, nobody is hitting, but everybody is hustling and, if that fact doesn't touch a sensitive response down under the man's waistcoat, then John J. McGraw is tender like a nail file. For. if anvlhin,:, we were more wront; about McGraw. A (Treat personality (-nee, the parade had gone by him and strangely this was known neither to the writers who lauded him nor to the man they wrote about. Times chanped, but McGraw didn't. It was that simple. At the end, his men were morose, spiritless. They brooded darkly upon their wrongs. He was a man who seldom praised and never flattered, but, instead, scolded pretty violently and, after a time, I don't doubt It all became wearing and a little tiresome. He simply had forgotten that he wasn't talking to the Dahlens, the McGanns and the Mertes or even the Fletchers, the Doyles and the Herzogs of a later generation. They were of a harder, more rugged school and John's florid ways were largely theirs. Failed to C hange With Players. But the rolleite man entered baseball, bringing with him certain fixed prejudices and beliefs which in time gained general acceptance and were wholly inconsistent with John's vocabulary when properly aroused This, by the old standards, was only picturesque and rnnacine. but oy the new, it was scurrilous and. a-; time went on, Mr. McGraw beirari losing games and then pennants and even ball players. At the moment they unfrocked him, for instance, he was still lo iking for a second baseman to re place the second baseman he had run out of town some ve.irs before. The latter was a Mr. Fris. h who is still flashing for St. Louis, h'-lpro. , to win pennants as he once helped i to win them for McGraw. and it j is no more than reasonable to assume that, had he remained in our i midst, McGraw mkrht still be here ! too. But this would have depri . ed us of the yourm man kno-vn as William Terry, and somehow that would no- .-ecu; at all sens-hie now ''He's the oir.uvr man of baseball." saui Bill K'em. 'he umpire ; yesterday as he jr;r.- d a c;acku;: collar Ixuse at a local ho-- I Of course the Litter ha'.s io r-- ; son to like Mr. Met '.raw. bur ihi- 1 in itself, is s;:n;!i an: . Nor ruotich people hked Mr. McGraw m sir r to get h'.ni by in failure TOWER A C. ROXF.RS ON NORTH SIDE CARD Mori Thompson and Al Brer.d:. popular battlers !;s!u th.e Tow-.-r A. G , have s-.imt d w::h Joe ' lather. mutchm.i'ser for : s-c-.-i Ward Dem.vrr.tte CI :b. and will apjx-ar on an an ;r fo'.. t.'l to be prt siT.ted r.e' '!' . :...;.' at the Mo-ler r :;,,;, - auspices cf that m ;.::::.-:'-r, TL'-; new matt hmaker h;t j ci: ;-,,'. ; :;::- ' lses from the-mm- ,(,,..!.( of pure bowis in th..s v. t 'ha '! -. wu'l enter -. ;r be , r',-.-! G.; I'.a : - i .: : : h ; . able to , . ; n . . s it i s v ;-h a : ,-; ; ... . - BUSH STRICKEN WITH BRONCHIAL PNEUMONIA INDIANA?'! I IS. M.r. -Vv I N S '.i : y. ;-.o .- , .- ., V . . r oj r- ' :':':,- h hre t s. i . vt o : loo' hiil t JV'T "I'd 7.r' C o- . - Pr .tortn Om'mr.chA-, rrred Bu-h to bed whn he returned here f-rr BrooTi l.nst week The physician said !;. s -v ill." FP ANCE is tei-nc it to America -verbally spanking the Davis Cup ComTU-Vior its arraitfiement in srneduling imrwtant tennis d ri.,r.r . ti,e s,; Their net exerts have made the bo.d n-opheev'tha't Uncle Sams representatives will be licked before the ill"-.' b.'l is !-u.ped aenvs the net in the championship competition a' A.-teui! It is 'he belief of the French tennis observers that the V. Scem'mhtoe whl send the Davis Cup stars into the finals tired and over-tennised. . . . . . ir.d-rr p.v (:-e of France's leading authorities on tennis af-f ). ivt'-res ' ;rer:cas plavcrs arriving at Auteuil on the verge of a r.Mirai brraki..wn-!atipued. over-trained and lacking the freshness that is necessary for an imiwrtant test because of the competition at Wimbi-don that will precede the Davis Cup round. Wi'h tlrs in mind. Mons. Poulain tells France that she has nn-hiu' to worrv about in defending her championship this season. "Amen; a i-s l atma herself this year," remarks the good Frcnch-rr m ' -Siie ls committine errors and double-faults by asking her pla-'W, to m strenuous matches right up to the eve of the tournament here." Mons. Pouhoii. in expressing his views of America's plight for the fm.ih in the Davis Cup series is taking several things for granted part .eularlv mt hiding the United States team ui the finals before oiisciahy advancing to that point. D KSPITE the optimism that exists in France, America is going ahead with her plans. The United States team will oppose Canada in the North American zone finals and hopes to qualify for the mter-zone round with Europe by eliminating the Canadians. At. a then on to the series with France! With Eh.swoith Vines, Johnny Van Ryn, George Lott and Wilmer Allison, wearing Uncle Sam's colors, the Davis Cup Committee should not admit defeat in advance. It is true that the Wimbledon tournament m Emdand will result in stubborn competition, but at the same time the test in that tournament may prep the U. S. players to a fine edge for the Davis Cup games. France has triumphed in the grand finals for the past six years, and America has not held possession of the prize since 1926. but on these shores there is a feeling that perhaps the foreien stars have been slowing up a trifle. France will be represented by Henri Cochet and perhaps Jean Borotra in the singles, although the latter has announced that he will not play singles this year. If Borotra is determined to sit on the sidelines, then Christian Boussus will probably fill his position. Borotra and Jacques Brugnon are the selections for the doubles. America has altered the arrangement of her pairings a trifle, placing George Lott back on the doubles with John Van Ryn. They had an easy workout in winning in Mexico recently, disposing of Eduaido Mestre and Alfonso Unda, 6-0, 6-1, 7-5. Vines and Allison will play the singles. With that combination on the courts at Auteuil, France, America will concede nothing in advance to the title holdings. And if Vines, that tall boy from California, happens to have the range of things when lie swings into action, that Davis Cup trophy may journey across the Atlantic Ocean again. Sharkey to Free-Lance After Camera Bout. DEKH mystery surrounds an unexpected move made by Jack Sharkey, king of the heavyweight battlers. Alter he had gone through the official formality of signing the papers lor his match with Primo Camera that will be held in New York on June L'9, he announced that he would be in the open market for all future engagements. Sharkey has been tied up by the Madison Square Garden people for the pa-st several years. Holding exclusive rights to his appearances in the ring, the Garden held the pugilistic plum. With th Boston Gob becoming a free-lance, it is possible that a fistic war is brewing among the promoters. Whisierings that have been heard along the boxing rialto Indicate that a new deal among the big shot promoters will be shuffled shortly. Jimmy Johnston, who has served as matchmaker for the Garden for two years, to be pitched out of office In favor of George Blake of California, according to reports. Then Jack Dcmpsey is nibbling around the eastern sector a a promoter of high rank. He is making his New Yck introduction in that capacity by staging the match between Max Schmeling and Max Baer. m IF SHARKEY is to sell himself to the highest bidder after he disposes of Camera it is likely that something will pop out in the vicinity of Chicago in the nature of a match with the champ in one corner later in September. It is doubtful that New York will be able to sup-xrt three feature spectacles within the short space of three or lour months. The big town is getting Schmeling vs. Baer and Sharkey vs. Camera in June. Which will just about strip the pocket books of the ring addicts on Manhattan Island. Therefore. Chicago breaks into the picture with the possibility of two winners meeting on the shores of Lake Michigan m the early fall. The fact th:it Sharkey refused to renew his contract with, the Madison Square Garden tends to strengthen the re;rt that Chicago with its Century of Progress Exposition will be the wene of a big fistic party bolore the outdoor season closes. - Ruth Prefers Outfielding to Pitching. I- AME as a p.hia i -a strike-out kin-.-, amiar Math.rwson. Walsh, i Johu-on or Alexander not for Babo Ruth if he had his baseball t ; ( to over. H'-'d take up a regular po-ition on the in-fi'-ld or m the outlaid and kt the other fellows aspire to fling those no-hit ciiKi s. ".rh the Yankees over the week-end, Ruth 'p ui -he uniform. Did he prefer the job of the out fie'.d? Tha was easy for the Babe to nn- IMii'u his ri-m.t.i.-red or, pitch. ng or pi '- S A ' 1" I'll -ake r-low can w: loi'ti:" he rcmV-d. ' In fact, any job where a fel-d-v. F: ciurir.c mv clavs a. a prrher. I loru"-d You s '. a pitcher only works e erv four or five - r: ;.r t'-i in any more than one luiu.e a v. . -uo-d months while I was '.'Pin around -t.;'n 'ice I'd co to the outfield or .,. t develop a new cur- tha 70 ,,'! I'd that I eouid ronvil!' ;, '. f. r c ,1a: '.v ' f . r r t ; ft 1 -of, I R :! r, d that the thrill ? . . o :,'. iu ! he daily t p !. ! - rked. "and I .: 4 .:.o k.'k w hep, I dotlble-ero- ' to f'.-li. You see. thr 7 ' it-i o;,:- !) i-oouan is deep h;f or, i ' mi and the (.''., ',' ' ;: w l.f n the Bo:- :., . : '( 'id smacks a c. . ; v - . , 10' r ; ' A 1 no R'lih Siiri , nits of a Wo Brooch i; : ' P. on t:.- . "' '- ' ' O piote-.sion or: P 'i .i 'i tP'r' iO .jn;'' eei-' ., r: y -.;.,,,. Why, I : 1- -:r U . - ,,p!,i' a sate '-'':.'' ''' the riuht side. t; i- ?rs'K hort top is be- r ' .',-!;. run. chokes f. ''2. t ' :, he gets a creat - ' ; o .;; pio hinc. I con-t -s !' .- a game when lie . rn t, ;., Reaching into a ' ore. The data showed ta ' 1. on toe Boston Red Sox ' . V ' -Aon from Sh.erri.Kl Smith. 2 of mv : . ' . in oi sou---i a -v.rie ' i' .1 thin,' Hi' -. 1 : wei e W. J. tiv Walsh. CP . t ' ' .s ;: ; Larrv IP.:.; . r, 3b ; Koot: or; H rh. pitoher. Bro.k'.vn; Jimmy ib : H: Myers, rf : 7:o-k If; Mo rev. 3b: 'van 0'..-o.n. s- ; Ofn Mil-. ppoher Th'-vh e ah pa -sod ) the Last Night's Fights At ardiff, Bi iti-h t Mvturii hi l.ite.pion. kninkcd out Hritir- lulirr. Crrm.inv; one n-unil At Huloke. Mas Jerry tnurd. Holyoke, won deti-itiit over Stan Loayia. Chilean welterweight; ten rounds. At Charleston. S. ,C Jo Knipht. Cairo, (it, stopped Ticer If Hn. Cos Anjrles lislit -hea y w ci; h : nine round-.. At Mi .mi. m. kv F.urton. union I rt rt I , 1 1. r . . . i . i . iMn opr JimirtT Towell. Marnn ; tn rounds. Fi.-r:- :t; West End Ter.iv.s ; NEW YORK. May 16 'Bv U. P. - CI;." ir.u.-o. he filed by Jur.e 1, a.-j Kid Chocolate has recovered from the to-.irr.ant.ent will star: on June: the Attack of stomach inflammation 2ti Tf-.etf is n.) entry fee. but the i which f.rced p" cf last a. ph-.-a:-.: m.t be under 15 years wef k's s4-hc-ciu'.ed bout with Seaman --- -'t-'i ttv.ea rrv park permit Tern Watsc;.. and -ih be ready to ;5o C-l'Jiir.f. cr Bill Ham; v. 5oi6 t'ather" t-i lo u" E-' -iv KING LEVINSKY GETS CHICAGO May IS -By V P ! Ch. v.- : ; niivit I date. '"-;' -ot Tufty Grhtphs T.CXDON". Mav 16. .Ev f. P. ' ... :-...-t: i Crr-.i. r.ain elim.:r.a?ed F - - -- o.. ...V -O1i0?.V i'": -A md of rouo-:-:- o, Sammy Ft;repean ?.--.- Davis Cup plav in ,:i--:c A;hl---i- C?m- . three straight marches. Finland gi anted Wolff the . cached the .vcond rotird throush But Crown of Savoldi Who K a y o e $ Himself Differs From Browning's Laurels. NEW YORK, May 16. (By U. P.) The wrestling business has become I like the front window of a restaurant a pancake turnover every minute! The latest turnover turns up an old face, an old figure and an old j man Ed (Stranglen Lewis. The veteran of twenty-five years of grappling won a surprise victory over "Champion" Jumping Joe Savoldi, in the feature heavyweight wrestling match at Madison Square Garden here last night. Joe was unable to return to the ring after missing a flying dropkick. "Flying Dropkick." The 202-pound Savoldi appeared superior to his elderly 240-pound opponent during most of the match, but lay helpless on the floor after hurtling from the ring when he jumped into the air and tried to kick Lewis in the chest with a "flying dropkick." This is another name for the "kangaroo kick," the quaint specialty of Abe Coleman. Some 10,000 fans saw the former Notre Dame All-American fullback repeatedy bowl over the former champion and twice he used his "flying dropkick" before Lewis side stepped and permitted the ex-collegia n to hurtle throujrh the ropes to the floor outside the ring. Referee Arthur Donovan counted him out. The time was 44:32. Thus, Savoldi has held the title less than a month, or since he won a disputed fall from Jim Londos, the N. W. A. champion, in Chicago. Three "World Champions." This is the fifth time that Lewis has held a title. It is a different title, however. Lewis last fall was recognized as champion in New York after beating Dick Shikat after Londos is alleged to have refused a title match in New York with Lewis. Some months later Lewis was nudged off the throne by Jim Browning of Verona, ?.Io. Browning still holds that championship. So, the title Lewis possesses is a different one but, of course, both are unquestionably "world championships." Then, one mustn't forget that besides Champion Browning and Champion Lewis, there is Champion Londos. who is still emphatically recognized by the National Wrestling Association. I Kits' 4- .lf , " ST :-Jl -V-J - -4: .-T,,rr- J&-VZii s o.,.;: ' BARRED FROM TURF Lester Dye Charged With Fore-ing Semester to Lose Race at Chicago. CHICAGO, May 16. (By U. p) Jockey Lester Dye and M. Simmon! o nor of tl e. Semester, which Dye rode in the Washington Park Purse yesterday, were barred from the track by the stewards of Sjxiru-man's Park after the race. The suspension order came after Dye is alleged to have admitted "pulling" Semester in the race Semseter finished second to Whist! ing after being given a poor ride bv Dye. ' When the jockey appeared befort the stewards to hear the suspension order, he was struck by an incensed bettor on the horse and knocked unconscious. Further investigation of the strange actions of jockey and owner were to be made by the stewards today. The announced reason for the ban was "an unsatisfactory ride," .stewards said they had been unable to discover the reason for the conduct of owner and jockey. Ail horses of Simmons were banned from the course. Check of betting records showpd nothing unusual in the wagers on the event. Semester was third choice in the wagering. Shoot, the favorite, finished behind Semester. Ilrse Barred in Cuba. The barring oi Owner Simmons recalls similar action taken acainst him by the Oriental Jockey Club at ' Havana. Cuba, four years ago when his horse. Grass Maid, scored a surprise victory at odds of 100-to-l. Alter running many dismal race?, f Grass Maid suddenly showed a re- v versa 1 of form and was barred from the turf forever. The horse waj Bgaraasa J niou Jotkey ciub at coiLS Acme Photo. : m.t but. because of the ruling of That smile of satisfaction indicates Mrs. Silas B. Mason doesn't regret she bought Head , the Havana stewards, officials of the Play from Mrs, Willie Crump on the eve of the Kentucky Derby for $30,000. For, in win- j Fan mount course insisted that Grass , r;u D,rr,7,v. ZJo.-'nc-.- Co,,o., Do.. fr hm jcmm e.Maid be removed from the Collins- to Brokers Tip in the Derby and also gained considerable financial reward for his new owner. Above, Gov. Ritchie of Maryland, at left, presenting Mrs. Mason with the Pimlico cup while the owner of Head Play shakes hands w ith Jockey Kurtsinger. Below, Head Play scoring his easy victory with Ladysman and Utopian battling for the place award. j ville barns. Owner Simmons and likewise Jockey Critchfield. the rider of Grass Maid, later were reinstated by turf officials, but the horse was never ix-rmitted on the tracks again. VERDINO GATHERS LATE NEWS AMONG FISHERMEN - w i x vvyrvu - vj k i BY BOSTON RED SOX Illinois Commission Orders Savoldi to Wrestle Londos CHICAGO, May16. By U. P.) The Illinois Athletic Commission today notified Joe Savoldi, who has been ordered to meet Jim Londos in a re-match wrestling contest here, that he must sign within three weeks. However, the word fame too late. Savoldi is an ex-champion today, losing to Edward Lewis last nisht. Londos has alreadv nosier! for feit cheek with the ring governing '' body. Savoldi recently signified his i willingness to meet Londos acain. i but asked for an extension of t.vne. ; The commission's order was dated : May 8. No time limit was set for ' the match itself. I Tlie commission's order resulted i after Savoldi had won a question-i able decision over Londos. thereby precioitatin't a wrangle Hint entiord wro'thnLi to be banned in Illinois temporarily. Last Night's Wrestling At New York "Stranqler" r.rwis, California, threw .Toe Savoldi, Michigan ; Sam Stein. Newark, threw ; Jerry Monahan. Boston: Sid Wcst-rit h, Hungary, threw Doug Wycoff, New York; I. en .Maealuso. Hamilton.' V Y.. threw Steve Znosky. Poland: ' I'at Mttiill, New York (drew) Joe Malrewicz, Ctica, N. Y: Paul !"oes( h, Brooklyn, threw Jack 1W( rtbtir. Oklahoma: Charley Straek, Oklahoma (drew) Mike .Mauiki, New ork: Carlos Henrique, Cuba, threw August, Belgium; Arthur Oekuh, Italv, threw Bill Omimin. Kngland: Paul lerlenbah. New York, threw Paul I inskv, New York: Justin Jiraldi. Italy ulrew ) John Podubny, Uusvia; Sam Cohen. P.rookhn. threw Alex Heidlaod. Finland: Tony Itoeeo, Italy (drew) I.eo Shrp-Ky. Brooklyn: Jim MrMillen. Illinois, threw Or. Ralph Wilson, Philadelphia: I.eo Pinetki. Poland, threw Henry Piers, Holland; John Ki( htoff, Sweden, threw Frank Ilronowiez. Poland: Dick Raines. Texas, threw Ivan Yermlmra. Russia: Abie Coleman. California (drew) (lino Garibaldi. St. I.ouis. At Portland. Me. Fd (I)oni George, Buffalo, threw I.eo Numa. Seattle. At Camden. N. J. Ilrnie Dusek. Omaha. non from Karl Sarpolis Cleeland. T HIS is vouched for as a reallv true story by some anglers. It con cerns the trip of Charles Mueller, Robert Kunz, William Johnson and Patrick Leahy to East Port, 111. They went over to a place that is known as the Greasephy Creek, which they describe as teeming with fish of all sorts. Being law-abiding, they went over only for catfish, and they came back with about seventy pounds. Kunz is the butt of the trip. According to the others, it was a pole and line trip, but they also put out a trot line. The first day they had fished all , morning and about noon sat dow n j to a lunch at the edge of the stream, j Kunz would not put up his line, j even to eat. He stuck the butt of the pole into the mud at the bank rim, and sat close by to eat. In the midst of his repast, there was a jerk ' at the line, a rush, and away it j went. The pole, torn from the hol.M vicre Kunz had stuck it. started after the line. Kunz rushed after : all. He just managed to set a grip on the butt of the pole as it h'-ndd into the stream. He was off balance, in a sioopins position, and ti -rest was easy for Mr. Fish. Kun took a no.e-oivt- into the water. j It is asserted that he was bcinr; dragged out when Mueller grabbed Pesek May Wrestle Stecher Here May 24 If John Beats Londos in Cleveland Friday, Packs Says. BOSTON, May 16. "By I. N. S.) The Boston Red Sox are beginning to look like the second team of the New York Yankees. The Sox acquired another ex-Yankee yesterday when they bought Allen (Dusty) Cooke, former New York outfielder, from the Yankee farm at Newark in the International League. DEMOCRATS TO FORM INDOOR CLUBS TONIGHT A meeting to organize indoor baseball clubs among the rariom Democratic ward clubs in the city will be held at Sherman Park Community Center tomorrow night, I o'clock. John Lally, chairman of the sports committee of the Younf People's Democratic Club, will preside. Joe Stecher. three champion of wrest lin Pest k, w ho ruled the hours after defeating times world r. and John world for six Stecher in a IN CLAIMS PAID TODAY one tit Kunz it that Ki ' i e: o r Wl i the pound a ed. "Anc -I'll take such fish PI. -a Whl'.orl . YVfb appealed anyone h to let hir tha no o If any o than he wh'Tc son to 'hi; la his leos. Then 11. in s i !..- line o Hit" :1 tl-.ll. whi ' .- aid h another Mueller ' v, a- discovered me maimer, had boot his arm. Al ,c wos a twehe- h was duly lan-1-on to the friend dr. c lor another for I ishinir Outfit. I ;- d of 65V4 Marshall ave- t r C troves, the boy. out who J-- a fishing devotee. ) t;vh'e, ai-.d who recently to Vcrdino. asking that rivins? some spare tackle, l have h. wipes Vcrdino has answered the plea West Coast match seeral years ago, j may meet for the mat title in St. ' Louis on May 24 at the Arena. ThU probability can occur only in this manner: steelier is booked for a chalien'-'e match with Champion Jun Londos at the Arena on the above date. Londos and Pesek. however, meet for the title in Cleve-j land on Friday night. ! Thus, if Pesek wins, the noted i greyhound fancier will become the new titlehokic r. j And Promoter Thomas N. Packs. ; awake to this possibility, has signed i Pesek to take Londos" place azamst : Steelier if Jolm whips Jim Friday. Such was th.e latest announcement . today in the developments for next ; week's carcj which Wj;j have Hans ! Kampfer in the second event and probably Everette Marshall also on ; the card. Making a Total of i ! Paid to Date to Holders of and Beneficiaries Named in TAIH and TDM Travel and Pedestrian Accident Insurance Policies Are You and Yours Protected? USE THIS COUPON i e r cai w h -ore tackle vonn kucwr a po t card gladden Bermv Kes. t '-p). U- ro ; lie ck :ioh Lake - h: cf m.ii". ar rt . f i- : DR. OTT WINS DENTAL TRAPSHOOTING TITLE Dr. O! Of Han D c a i TENNIS CLUB ENTRIES CHOCOLATE IN SHAPE MUST BE IN BY JUNE 1 TO MEET TOM WATSON c; Assoc: at' Nf a 1 to-em- a.- ai.xiotis :alo out of j -I broticht ir.d tho'.:;:t 5123 Maple ave-varn. funnv experi-s. of thp finny t of all occurred !:. cf this city.. n.--d : I took ' a rri P'.or.e. to the tour or so teacii- a fly-rod. About ".ur.dreds of huge to raise a W stopped i were joined by informed he 1'.- - huge b'.f- CUBS TO RAISE FLAG THIS WEEK CHICAGO. May 16. 'Bv U. PP The National League championship banner for 1932 will be unfurled Thursday at Cubs Park, when the champions of last year meet the New York Giants in a double-headf r. The Cubs will be idle tomorrow, as that same has been moved to Thursday to provide the twin bill The flag will b raised between games. t a arr rrr n t on tr.r ?8 out of inn clav ; Dr. F. W L:r.r.rt of cracked 93 birds for second place, while Dr. A. C. Ersrel cf St. Louis': scored 92 for third '.?.re. I had -. ' r mar. ttv minute.: -1 :ded o u trrhle j r,' 'hrce but:; ng rod hi? on e r.oi i ' I wot. : fast, w-as f; :i a half ere reel Amateur Baseball News caretaKf BOUT WITH GRIFFITHS iENGLAND QUALIFIES IN DAVIS CUP MATCH r Sr.ii Coo-... re .1 C. fAir! Ici... e jcoluirm is ; mat! Thar.K, th.shn com cast over tr.f m anc as luck would have it, nate ir. hookir.e them ud hp mouth. I lost or.e gian: miEbt have gone near the -pound mark, accord. nr to the h ve dene all sorts cf fly-r.-i down and up. the wildest piscatorial have ever had Your iGioughly enjoyed by .rothtr Kc-ss'.er, ketp f ollows lather C-fr.r.-tlh.-. Amen- 9 Then bv a!! means, let us I piav ho' to yo,j v. r know bo at The Paramr.unr A jl new. rnodern hotel in the I heart of world rimfd Times 1 .Square Fireproof gatagc 1 '00 ROOMS ;ij Single pmm 9 "'r m tlndiag default. t -r m ' - - !f r ' Pi -1 rrrrT I eU CPjd. Herciili.aeuaa um".r' ness. new r. umpirl l i. : .e now has a :,ry,, :n t busi-H is Frar.cts H. Connolly, a te-moer of the NYP Leagues - e- - -00 BATHS D !. fi 00 Ufa ai7 HOTEL PARAMOUNT 46th St., W. of B' way NEW YORK SUBSCRIPTION - REGISTRATION BLANK ST. LOUIS STAR AND TIMES $10,000 Travel and Pedestrian Accident Policy ra- ST. 5-11-33 P'liicv No OH Is STAR WO HMf. STAR Stil Allh. sr. I.OI IS, MO. I hTrhi ittf to suhvrribr for. or eontinur mv ubrriplin to. th M-I.ui Mar 'and I tmrs in r.insidrralion of rrr(.v,nt a J I O.ihni ihi arKl'Til poller for hi h I Er to par oarner mnnlhli at regular dail suhsfriptmn rale ol .",( rents a month in rit and I ". per meek or v"e per month of town, and KI rents a month additional as a premium on Jlo.ot" Artirirnt Insuranre 1'olirr at the end of earn month. It is understood and atreed hr the person who sii;n this order n,,"'t the M louis star and Times irsrnri the right to haie ranfeled th p'.hi isned under this rnntrart for rantellation of sut ription to th SI. I.ouis Mar and Times, or for non-pament of monthly bill, or musing to a new address, without properly notifying thi offife. at any time. II Is also understood and agreed hr the peon who signs this order blank that this poliry shall not be in forre until the apptieation has been re-ceid at the M. louis star and Times otfires and the polity actually issued. ' mail suhsrnher desirinr a polirr must fill in his name, address, elf-, below, and remit ti (t A Ho remiltame pass for a tear) subscription ta the st. I.ouis Star and Time b mail and the premium of the polity fo one year i All subscriptions subject to acceptance bv the St. Louis star and lime. Name 'print, please i Address 'print, pl?a'), Cit 'print, p.-a:-e.i Beneficiary's Name 'print, p!a?-e). Relationship Are you in sound condition mental Are you at present a subscriber?.. Occupa'. y and physically? -Answer YES or NO) i.inatui e. , lut tbicriltr' i family may ebiain aiiit.onal policies pon py NOTICE Xot more tim one policy ti.7 hi iitei to any one ft'tzn, mtmheri of a mr-ni cf j 7 . C-3 fet year fir each additional policy. Iho who wish a SPFC1AL "tar and Time! Travel and Pedestrian Aerident Insurance Pollrv or who would like to eiebanee their present poiics for this one Bas-ine mubstantiallT increased indemnity 5 ! .V'H fr death raevd pcivate automobile $1ii4imi death benefit for anv fatal aecl-dent. to !'. fto a week for disability and other upeeial benefit" at a eost of onl 5 rents a week premium are urged to rail, phone, or write the t Ibi tar and Time (CHentnat WKi;, for application blank ana further Information.

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