Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 14, 1949 · Page 25
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 25

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 14, 1949
Page 25
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Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, Sept. 14, 1949 E 25 " t Thes lovelies ell ate candidates to become fMiss Football ol 1943 to reign orer the' University o California's annual Football Festival in Berkeley this weelc-end. From left to riant: Donna Jacohsen, representing Washington State; 1 1 - -4 Sharon Lee Langdon, Oregon State; Barbara Jensen Santa Clara; ' Pearl Luniag. Hawaii; Bosemary Donohue, San , Francisco State; Jackie Zee nan, Nevada; Vickie Miller, College of the Pacific and Delorls Pederscn. San Jose State. . 8 Co-eds Seek-Queen Honors BERKELEY, Sept. 14. Eight pretty co-edi, representing ss many dillererrt universities, are in Berkeley today awaiting word that win make one of them "Miss Football of 1943 . Arriving- here yesterday from such far away places as Hawaii, Washington Oregon and Nevada were Pearl Iain i n g. University of Hawaii; Sharon. Lee Langdon, Ore gon State; ponna Jacobsen,- Wash-ingtoa State; Jackie Keenah," University of Nevada; Eosemary Doqo-hue, San Francisco State; iVickey Miller, College of the Pacific; De-loris Pederson, San Jose. State, st-nA ' Ton WTalAir TTni vpmH-v et jcalifonua. - . f The girls are all contestants for the "Miss Football title of Berke- eft annual Football Festival pa rade to be .held at 8:45 pjcul Friday. Miss Football will be chosen to morrow night at " coronation ball at ML Diablo Country Club. - . After arrival in San Francisco yesterday, the eight pretty co-eds were! feted at the Press Clubby civic; leader: andl newspapermen. They are staying a.tStern-jHall at the head of Hearst Avenue on the University of California campus..;. . Today, the queen, candidates. more civic aigmtaries ana newspapermen will peer at the Bay Area from a Pan American Airways plane. It is part of a two-hour flight that is scheduled to tour imost of Northern California." . Tomorrow, the co-eds 'will . be further, feted at an A. S. U. C luncheon at Hotel Claremont, in addition to the coronation ball that evening. - Friday' they, will .attend the university : student-body kick-off rally in the Greek Theater fol lowing the festival paprade. ! FETE TO UPSET KEY SCHEDULES BZRKZ1XY. Sept ItKey Sys- bound to 1 Cerrho. MSh'fie rfa a i win an Newly-elected officers of the IDES supreme council are deft . vice-president end E. A. Qaaresma director. Installation to right) -J. J. Valira, secretary; M. D. Belle outgoing preii- ceremonies will be Held tonight as the three-day convention dent; M. A. JVedIa, supreme president; J. IV Mendonca , of the IDES comes to a dose. Tribune photo. Named Officers AtlDFSMeet M X Medina, of SaitaCruz, wis electedt,:-supreme president of the IMS; Portuguese-American fraternal organization, as the:57th annual supreme council convention entered its final day today. . Medina succeeds 1VT. Bello, of Santa Maria, as head of the Irman-dade do Divino Zspirito , Santo (Brotherhood of the JDivine Holy Other! new officers, who will be Installed with Medina during a pro gram tonight at the iMoose Club, 1428 Alice Street, are:?' J. P, Mendonca of ; Sacramento, vice-president; J, J. Valim of Oak-land. awcreUrr: Anthcary J. Silva ef Oakland, treasurer;; Joe Victor f Patterson. -master ot ceremonies; W. I SilVa ol Walnut Creek, rnatv shal: Jick E. Lewis ef Sacramenta inside knard. and F P. Silva of . T aAvrla Atltctri tftlsirrf. .'. . f . .f rw.aw . . ., Valink and Silva were re-elected to their nosts.. i . Last night c-e 406 members of .the, IDES and tiaeir guests attended banquet at the Moose uud. - Finsl business' sessions of the; Oakland convention were held today! at the IOOF Hall, 11th and Franklin Streets Tonight's installation at the Moose Club.will be followed by a rrand ball final event :of the three- day meeting. Selection of the 1931) convention city ws to be made today. Also slated was selection of a chairman for thetnew board of directors, which includes Stanley Trigueiro, John -teios, Manuel Perry, E. A. Quaresma, Frank Simas and C L, Smith. - ' ' . ! Workman Th limbs Himself Into Trdp ' AUSTIN, Tex Sert 14. (UJO Here's a man who "thumbed his way into trouble. But it happened in his own kitchen rather than on the open highway. ; r i Robert Scurlock, installing laundry: machine in bis home, used his thumb to clear "burrs from a hole he;' had drilled Hi the kitchen floor, i . t . With a helper pushing from be neath the house; Scurlock freed his swollen! thumb 20 minutes later, KEY SYSTEM EXPLAINS COACH SERVICE CUTS NOT DRASTIC Home Department Meets Tomorrow LAFAYETTE, Sept. 14. "Budget ing Our.. .Time" .; will be discussed for Lafayette Home Department members at their- first meeting of The Key System, in order to 595 or SL71 per cent: transbay eoach,tthe season at 1 p.nv tomorrow-in counteract what it says is a false impression on .the part of the public as to extent -of service reduction, today released a summary of miles served and miles reduced. According to the totals, the reduc tion on weekday service was placed at 2.01 per cent; on Saturday serv ice at 5.78 per cent and on Sunday service, at 2.71 per cent. Copies of the figures were presented to the City Council and to the City Manager at a special council meeting last night - TRAVEL DECLINES - In a letter directed to the offi cials. Key System , President F. W. Teasdel pointed out that travel declined during July, and August 10 per cent more than the seasonal pattern of last year. "Despite this drastic drop in traf fie, the remaining service reductions are nominal," Teasdel said. The reductions were summarized as follows: ; : ' Weekday Service Mileage prior to Sunday; transbay rail, 883 1 trans- bay coach, 14,620; local coach, 51,785; total. 75,236, . -Tr " Reductiori Miles Transbay rail. 507 miles of 5.74 per cent; transbay coach, 524 miles ; or 2.90 per cent; local , coach, 482 miles or 0.93 per cent -.,' Saturday Service Mileage prior; transbay rail, 6182; transbay coach, 8171; local coach, 47,838. Total, 02491. Reduction! Miles Transbay rail. 524 miles or . 6.41 per cent; local coach, 1648 miles or 3.44 per cent Sunday Service Mileage ' prior; transbay rail, 4753; transbay coach, 4468; local coach, 32,335. Total, 41,616. - Reduction Miles Transbay - rail, f -. 13S miles or 2.88 per cent; transbay coach, 121 miles, or 2.71 per cent; local coach, 870 miles or 2.69 per cent v According to the totals, service has beep, reduced during the week by 1513 miles or 2.01 per cent; on Saturday, by 2765 miles of 5.78 per cent and on Sunday, by 1127 miles or 2.71 per. cent . , POOL D RESERVE - "Actual I mileage reductions are even somewhat less than stated by reason of the fact that a pool of additional equipment is held in reserve from which coaches are drawn to serve unexpected peak loads," Teasdel pointed out In addition, he said, 600 miles of service for school children was added on Monday. The letter also gave official notice that the Key System had. restored all mileage service cuts as directed by the Public Utilities Commission. Chinese Entertainer And $605 Sought Oakland police today had been asked to join in a state-wide search for Roxae Lee, 45-year-old enter- tainer, ,.who disappeared September from the Chinese Cellar,' the San Francisco night club where he was master-of-ceremonies with what officers said? was $605 in ! receipts. A felony warrant charging grand theft has been signed against Lee by Fong Wan, rnillionairei Oakland herbalist and night dub operator. Fong Wan claims to be a double- loser in the disappearance! since he signed Lee's bond with UJ5. Immt gration officials when he brought the entertainer to this country from Hong Kong. ... J Lee, alias Lee Wong and Roxie Lee, is deseribed'as 5 ft 5 ins. tall, weighing 185 pounds. i tem service will be disrupted during the Fourth Annual Football Festival Parade Friday night as follows; "F" Transbay Train Line The last T train through to Solano Ave nue will leave San Francisco at 6:47 pjn. and will leave the Solano Avenue terminus at 7:41 p.m. The 7:07- pjn. F train will turn back at University Avenue and all "other F line schedules will turn back at Alcatraz Avenue until after the parade. No. XS , Dwight Way Line The No. 3 Dwight Way line will operate- between Warring and Fulton Streets, looping Dwight Way to Fulton, to Haste, to Ellsworth, ; to Dwight Way and return. No. 7, Arlingtor.-Euclid Coaches will operate between Grove and Oxford Streets east bound to Euclid via Berkeley Way and .westbound to Arlington via Hearst Avenue. No. 15, Grove Street Coaches will operate regular route to Grove and Allston Way, then loop via Allston Way to Milvia to 'Bancroft Way to Grove and return regular route. .-.;. , i- . No. 40, Telegraph ' Avenue-Coaches will operate regular route. Nos. 43, 43A, ' Sha truck Avenue-Coaches will operate northbound via Sha thick to University Avenue, thence via University, to; Oxford, to Hearst Avenue to Sacramento. Street and balance regular route. Southbound coaches will operate via Sacramento: Street to Berkeley Way to Oxford, to Fulton, to Ashby, to Shattuck and balance regular route. ; , - f Nos. 51, 53, College Avenue- Coaches will operate regular route to Shattuck and University Avenue thence via University i to Oxford, to Hearst Avenue, to Sacramento Street to University Avenue and balance of regular route. On return trip to Oakland coaches will oper ate via University to Sacramento Street to Berkeley Way to Oxford, to Fulton, to Durant and regular route. No. 67, Spruce - El Cerrito Coaches to operate between Shattuck Avenue and Oxford Street via Berkeley Way eastbound to Spruce Street via Hearst Avenue west- No. S3, Market-Sacramento Street -Coaches will loop at University Avenue ' terminus via Sacramento Street to Allston Way, to Spaulding, to Addison, to Sacramento instead of via University, California Street and Addison Street 3 a Powdered Rubber Tested in Paving 0 AKRON. O., Sept J4.W-CJJ3 Fire- stone, in conjunction with" the Ohie Department of Highways, has laid an experimental road to test a r.em.-$ tj-pe of asphalt Powdered, rubbcS has been added to- the regular .- phalt mixture iFirestbne cflicial? 1 said the mixture would net eau; as much wear on automobile tircv ; ;'and will allow quicker steps. ? Warren Says Schools Will S till Be Jammed SACRAMENTO. Sent1 14.-60 Governor Warren doubts that Cali fornia's class rooms will be anv less Crowded this year. I He told his tn-ess -conference to day that steadily mounting school enrollments are off -setting state and local school building nroerams. The governor said he favors passage of the . proposed $250,000,000 state bond Issue Proposition Noj 1 at next November snecdal elnrtion to provide money for more class rooms. . ' . ' t mm n O LiLifc'i-llii IVbf is l.3 Ucl3 of Yc-r G:r? Here Arm Figure That Speak for Them$elves! NADA Official Used Car Guide, Sept - Oct. 1949 '48 Euiek 8-40 Special '48 EuUk ' 8-50 Super 1SSS.00 '48 Chrysrer . 6 C38! Royal ..v.V... 1745.00 '48 De Sore ' 6 S1I De Uxe ....... 1G35.00 '48 Dodge V ' Six D-24 De Luxe '48 Oazer Six . . J . . ' - SUit .K.ai4;m.$1645,00 ... 1643.00 r 1535.CO '43 Hudoa Super Six ........ 1945X0 '48 Hudson --- Commodore 8 ......... 2035.00 '48 Ku'sor '48 Lincoln '48 Mercury '48 Nash '48 OUsmobi'Te '48 Oldsmobile '48 Packard 8 '48 Pontile 8 '48 Sruaebaker Special j 6 . . . . V-12 876H ...(:- V-8 89M 4860 Ambassador 8-98 De Luxe 2201-120 28PB Streamliner Std, 15 A Commander 1 445.0 O 1745X0 1495XO 1635X0 1845.00 2045.00 1945X0 1775.00 1773.00 If IV 9 a Real Value Yea Want HUDSON HAS IT!! 40 YEARS OF ENGINEERING LEADERSHIP f7 -!-- S::3 Broadway af pieinelt Aft. O o o o o o o o ! o o O Q Q 0-2 1 liM;morf tote the residence , of Mrs. K.' H. Hunt on Upper Happy Valley Road. The speaker will.be Miss Marian Nylen, county home demonstration agent - Transportation for local depart ment members, will be provided from . the Community Church at 12:45 pjn. Too Many Thefts; - i Plaintiff Jailed I FORT WORTH, Tex- Sept K- (UJD A Fort -Worth man, 29r called police once - too often in 'the early morning hours to ' report . a 5 theft and to name: the suspect! On the third time, the man invited officers out to his house and then berated them- for not coming sooner. Officers, took the man to jail for imbibing too heavily. : i 3 THURSDAY ONLY! C Hens Really Give Out .STURGIS, Mich., Sept 14-(U.F& Philip Gage averages 10 double- yolked eggs per day from the col-: lection of 110 eggs on his farm. " OPEN THUR. TIL 9 P.M. 17 n nn UtlL-vlllU ; 17' y Complete tcith attachments ; 1 - - 1 1 ji u i T AOTX&TISEM tST r r 'i T ya mnSrr from GtSn Vp KlhU, rckcb,; Bladder Irrltkuoru Trqver,i or fcurrtlna, Ztchlnc Fawmses Strong Cloady Unno, prur orer tii iUdder, .iwoilra ankle, ctrciea un&rr eyrt. or rheumatic pam due to tmporrf gtrv Irritation and r-nn-organJo and non-iyitrwic Kidney imA JbUdder troubiea? XI o, try CYSTEX. L'auaily :-th trry first of CYSTEC start t Vork Immediate!? to help you la S ways: I. Helps nature rerrtoe certain irrl-tut'.rj &on-epecifle senna in, acid conditions. 3. Tnua belpa relieva Xrquect causa of many aches and pains. 3. By rellertnc and e armies Irritated Uwues It https reduce fre- ?uent r -rt!Df pasaaaes day and, night. CtZ. 1 Jrom er""'". today. Honey cor3vnr3incii FunaiiUnn DGPOGitoninG Bckins ofSccs axe located adjacent to residential areas in 34 western cities ; to make it coovealeat for yon to trrise to move, store, pack or -ship yocr bocsebold fcrnitirre. . J' Tafephoite Hlesft 4-C3C5 EErkdjy 7-G7C3 sr ' r zr Sir r- , IOfejTr.tr.tfe! tf you can bear to part with this willing worker after ten days, your money refunded without question! Am aabastable fctiy '. . i backed by one-year written ouar-t antte! Mail orders filled within 100-mile radius. FULL CASH PRICE Libsra! Tradsn.a.Tcrnii if Ycu Wixh Evening Appolntmehts Arranged FCIX FREE H03IE DE320NSTIIATION 1 - L7 p Only Pan American nibb ijiuiii nuw - it ' - - Clippers! DQUDLE DECKED 9 hours Oob Itms oo lotrer deck is e congenial spot to meet people, enjof refreshmenrs; Ooly the "dooble-deckers' have k. Never before bare airliners been so restful, so lmafkms. Aod yoa pay odj tfae reyalar fare! ; ; : ,Yon pay nothing extra to go Jn'iv$ Pan American's huge new doable vdeed Cfippers. Batjcgetscor -of extra." advantages! " " ; ; i-J . You go the fastest yrij. Engines . '0morerx)werfulgiTe extra stcadi ' ness while cruising high above the , : - weather. Ypa relax In newMype re - dining seats. You notice avwonderi r; 3 : fal, new quietness! i ' Round-trip fare is-only $283 plaj tax. ! You save IQ and may return visj Los !Angeles at. no extra fare for ; the entire "triangle trip.2 If yoa y wisa lull ua ixjc uiAiigxc - i avuj .schedoled airline stop between Saa 1 Francisco and Los Angelev i , -'4 32 .-.mil ST. EETWEIN WE:STX AND FRANKLIN SAX rVAJt'CISCO STOM C Siatk St. Sast Off Market SAX JOSE STOKS taaf SrC SL, aext t JT.G.E. . . . raema CTI-SSSS IX VAIAEJOs rkeaa S-37JI Ruumy, fooas ao.t berfba are amiable at oeJv t2i extra (t 12.50 each rbea sbered by two); These berths are ct-aHy larree-sba 00 railroad tieepktg cars! llake your reservations nowf Cc3 yovr Travel Agent er . .2:. . . .-- - .,. Tklt! CHeex 222 JJockton Strtel t'Ji. VOCLD'S MOST EXPERIENCED AiatiUO A

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