The New York Times from New York, New York on April 11, 1905 · Page 17
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 17

New York, New York
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Tuesday, April 11, 1905
Page 17
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uu V. THE NEW YORK TIMES. TUESDAY. rAPHTL 11. 1905. 17 IN THE REAL ESTATE FIELD - i i, j. . . i . i . . . . , . Dtal on Fortieth Street Opposite New Library Sites Bought for Residences on East Sixty-fifth Street-Building Operations on Washington Heights, j - vy. Clarence Martin ha sold to K. Cliff or J Potter IS and 20 Wont Fortieth Street, two fot.r-story brownstone d well- Icy on plot M by 100. Buyer for 24th 8treet Building. Voorheea A Floyd have' sold for August ' o. Hoddlck to Arthur Du Bola the four atory remodeled buildins 57 Went Twenty fourth Street. 05 feet eatt of 81xth A Ve nn., on lot 'M by loo. New Residences on 65th 8treet- Pease A Klliman have sold 40 and 42 East rilxty-flfth Street, two four-story brownstone dwellings, each 'Jft by V by 100.5. The buyer wilt build on the lota two flve-ntory American basement dwell-Inf f of the latest type one for his own occupancy and the other for a relative. William F. Havemtyer's Purchase. Collins A Collins have sold for ' Dr. George F. Glaxe 113 and 117 East Sixtieth Street, two four-story brownstone cwellinrs. each on lot 20 by 100.5. to Wil-Bam F. Havetneyer for Investment. Adelaide Gutmann and Emily M. Crosby, respectively, have sold 149 and 151 East Seventy-second Street, two four-story brownstone-front dwellings on plot $T. by 102.2. J. M. Ellsworth has sold 110 East Thirty-sixth Street, a four-story dwelling on lot. 25 by 98.9. Connfelt A Stlckney have sold for Anna C B. Foster to Francis B. Henry 344 Lexington Avenue, a four-story brown-atooe dwelling on lot 19.9 by 83. Mary Washburn has sold 42 Irvine Place, a four-story brick dwelling1 on' lot 20.1 by 86.4, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth Streets. Ntw Building Operations on Heights. Architect Lorens F. J. Wether has Just completed plans for three flv-story apartment houses to be erected by liyman EUender on the plot 123 by 100 on the north side of One Hundred and Seventy-; ninth Street. 100 feet west of Amsterdam Avenue; also for three similar structures to be built at the northeast corner of One Hundred and Seventy-eighth Street and Audubon Avenue on plot 81.10 by 145: and for two five-story houses, each 37.6 by M by 1. to be built on the west side of Audubon Avenue. 23 feot north of One Hundred and Eightieth Street. The operations will Involve, respectively. . $1j0,-uuu. 175.1 m. and $0,0uu. B. Altman Secures Big Loan. There was recorded yesterday a mortgage for $4,500,000, made by Benjamin Altman In favor of the Mutual Life Insurance Company, covering several of the properties to be Included In the site of the new Altman store 3 to 0 East Thirty-fifth Street, 355 Fifth Avenue. 1 East Thirty-fourth Street, and 1U:: to 198 Madison Avenue. Deals for Business Properties. II. Nelson Flanagan has sold for the' estate of Dorothea Bornagen the five-story business building 32 Bond Street, on lot 25 by 75. adjoining the northwest corner of the Bowery. J. N. Kalley & Son have sold for W. S. Block the five-story mercantile building 17 Hubert Street, on lot 3 by The estate of Edward C. Center has old B J.iy Street, northwest comer of Staple eltreet. a three-story building', , on lot 23 by 53 ft. The buyer Is said to be the New York Hospital. The Pelancey estate has sold to Mary Healy 1H1 South Street, running through to 847 Water Street, between Roosevelt Street and James Slip, four-story building on plot 18.4 by 151.4. Harlem Apartment Houses in Trade. Jacob Baumann has bought from Charles Hensle the six-story apartment house, known as Wilraore Court, at the southwest corner of St. Nicholas Avenue and One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Street, on plot fronting 100 feet on the avenue and 150 feet on the street. In part payment Mr. Baumann gives 1.815 to 1,819 Madison Avenue, northeast corner of One Hundred and Eighteenth Street, two five-story apartment houses, on plot 100.11 by 80. C. M. Folsom negotiated the trade. Charles 8. Kohler has sold for Jacob Frs.nk.ntha.ler the five-story double flat 23 Manhattan Avenue, on lot 27 by loo; also, for William J. "Brown, the six-story triple flat 161 West One Hundred and Third Street, on lot 87.8 by 100; also, for Edward II. Beck, the five-story double flat 302 West One Hundred and Fourteenth Street, on lot 24 by 100; also, for John M. McNulty. the fivo-story double flat .140 West Ninety-ninth Street on lot 25 by 87. Charles 8. Kohler has associated with If. Edgar Fitsgibbon In the enle of the southwest corner of One Hundred and Ninth Street and Columbus Avenue, for Thomas Carney, recently reported. Samuel C. Baum has bought 66 West One Hundred and Sixteenth Street, a five-story triple flat, with store, on lot 25 by 100.11. j Fifth Avenue Deal in Harlem, j Bamett A Co. have sold for Jennie Lyman to David Mayer the southwest corner of Fifth Avenue and One Hundred and Thirty-seventh Street, a five-story flat, with stores, on lot 25 by 85. " Philip A. Payton. Jr., has sold the five-story triple flat 287 West One Hundred and Forty-seventh Street. 23 by 99.11. E. J. Kehoe has sold for E. V. Jacobus to Mallnda McMutlen 2TO West One Hundred and Thirty-second Street, a three-story brownstone dwelling, on lot 17 by Corner Sold on Lexington Avenue. Golde A Cohen have bought from Joseph R. Stein 1.384 to 1.588 Lexington Avenue. southwest corner of One Hundred and First Street, three dwellings on plot, 53 by 75, now occupied by the Young Women's Hebrew Association. The broker was Louis Levy. Isaac Hattenbach has sold for Morris Kahn 1.7UU Second Avenue, a five-story double flat, with stores, on lot 25 by 80. I. Robinson has sold to Maurice S. Hy-man, through Brill. Goodman A Hascall. the two five-story flats 1.7a5 and 1.737 Madison Avenue, on plot 54 by 01. M. L. C. Ernst have bought from William Oothout 158 East One Hundred and Twenty-eighth Street, a threestory dwelling, on lot 18.9 by 99.11. I Simon Fine has sold for Mandelbaum & Levrlne 4.13 to 4:K East One Hundred and Nineteenth Stwt. four, frame buildings, on plot 75 by lou.ll. 1 Builders Sell 33d Street Flats, j Simon E. Onserrnan has sold for H. it E.' Moran. builders, to the Hermitage t'ompuny . the Pennsylvania apartment house. 211 to 2-Jrt East Thirty-third Street, four slx-storv structures, now nearlng completion, on plot 155 by Oroya & Sivunlalra. as attorneys, report that Morris Williamson has bought i the apartment lioues in course of construction at XM ar.d i.8 East One Hundred and Fifth Street. v i Frankenthaier & Eapinsky and Charles Kaufman have purchased from W. & J. -. Bachrach. for a client. 331 East 8lxty-l-TTi1 Street. a four-story dwelling on - uy ni,.. SchropldWr A Rachrach have bought 226 nd 22S Kat Seventy-sixth Street, two lour-story tenements, on plot SO by 102.2. Auctioneers Elect New Member. J. Barry Lounsberry of Lounsberry & O'Connor has been elected a member of h Real Estate Auctioneers' Association. r. Lounsberrv has secured the seat for- merly owned by Vincent A. Ryan. Lower East Side Purchases.! Felnberg A Feldman have sold I for Julius Tlshman the six-story apartment , i house St2 and 334 East Fourth Street. : ' hr mt; also to Mr. Tlshman. the i two 8tL r& ''nnta 7 and 9 Sheriff i .h'nowlts, as broker, has sold the TfiV2I7, Partment house 326 East ' bUV crrrL or iou ehweltaer Brothers have sold T St. Mark's Place a six-story-tenement with stores on lot 24, by 122.6. Dinner of Real Estate Class. The real estate class which has been meeting throughout the Winter at the West Side Young Men's Christian Association will hold Its first annual dinner at the Hotel Astor this evening. Prominent speakers will address the gathering, which wll include a number of real estate brokers besides the members of the class. Buying Along Jerome Avenue. Frank C. Reed has sold for the Whitehall Realty Company a plot of seven lots on the east side of Jerome Avenue, 252 feet north of Burnslde Avenue; also for John E. Roeser, a plot of seven lots on the west side of Jerome Avenue, south of Evelyn Place; also, for the Rentuck Realty Company, two lots on the east side of Jerome Avenue. ISO feet north of One Hundred and Seventy-fifth Street. Louis Schrag has sold for Clarence C. Merrltt three lots on Tretnont Avenue, 25 feet east of Walton Avenue, and for Terence P. Smith two lots on Walton Avenue. 143 feet south of One Hundred and Eighty-third Street. ; William Stonebridge has "sold, in con-Junction with M. H. Lewis, a lot on the eastslde of Crotona Avenue, 05 feet south of One Hundred and Eighty-seventh Street, to William J. Breen.' The Bathgate Real Estate Exchange has sold for Philip S. Seligman to Wolf A Brody four lots, loo by 87.6. on Jack-son Avenue, facing Boston Road. Clement H. Smith has sold three lots on the east side of Cambrellng Avenue, 120 feet north of One- Hundred and Eighty-eighth Street, and three lots on the west side of Beaumont Avenue. 120 feet north of One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Street; also for Caroline Turner the plot, 38 by 12U. on the west Side of Park Avenue, about 140 feet north of Tremont Avenue, for f 17.500. Ex-Park Commissioner Moebus Sells. H. M. Fischer has sold for Ex-Park Commislsoner August Moebus the dwelling 683 East One Hundred and Thirty-eighth Street, on plot 40 by 100, to David Rod bell, who will occupy tho house; also, for Robert H. Benary to Julia. Drachman the four-story building at the northeast corner of Jackson Avenue and One Hundred and Flfty-etgth 8treet, 25 by 87.6. Harry Goldstein haa bought from Shapiro & Portman the ftve-story triple flat 639 St. Ann's Avenue, near Westchester Avenue, on plot 38 by 107. i A. H. Levy & Co. and 8. Henry were the brokers. Mr. Goldstein recently bought 631 in the same block. Paul Bultmann haa sold the five-story double flat 861 East One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Street; also, the similar Firoperty 223 St. Ann's Avenue: also the our-story double flat 722 East One Hundred and Thirty-fifth Street. Charles Galewskt has resold to a client of Bloom & Rosenblum 60S and 610 East One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Street, two three-story frame dwellings, on plot 50 by 1O0. Downtown Business Leases. The Charles F. Noyes Company reports the following business leases: The building at 227 and 229 Water Street, : corner of Beekman. for M. Goldstein to the New York Hollow Ware Company: the building at 12 Gold Street to the Baste Chemical Company; also, the following stores and basements: 56 Fulton Street, for L. Feuchtwanger to the Star Asbestos Company; 146 William Street, .for tho Johnson estate to Josephson &. Schller: also. In conjunction with William Cruikshank's Sons, the top floor of the Glackner Building, at Fulton and Greenwich Streets, to the Hygienic Soap Granulator Company. Brooklyn Sales Oft Bedford Avenue. Kuppersteln A Iwenfeld have sold for a Mr. Wolf to a Mr. Hughes 985 Bedford Avenue, a three-story dwelling. 18 by 100; also, for D. Davis. 716. 718, and 720 Bedford Avenue, three dwellings, on plot 50 by 100. to Gllckman & Silverman, who have resold the properties; also, for Mr. Davis, the two three-story dwellings 814 and 816 Myrtle Avenue, 30 by 100. : Activity in Newark and the Oranges. John Randall A Co. report that they have sold ( eight business buildings on Clinton Avenue and Baldwin Place Newark; also, a dwelling on Fulton itreet. near Broad Street. Newark; also, for Mrs. Emma D. Elv and Albert Palmer, the property at the northwest corner Of Harrison Street and Webster Place, East Orange, consisting of eight acres, with dwellings. The same brokers also report among otner saies me ianowin. i hotel and dwellings at the northeast corner of Carv 8treet and Valley Road, Orange, for Max Brodeasor; also. iu High Street, west orange, a aweiung aim Slot of ground, for a: Mr. Synott of lontclair; also. 367 Park Avenue for J. B. Boulton; also, a large tract ot around belonging to the Van Houten es tate, on Ll Deny oireei; aiu, at on Main Street. East Orange. N- J.. ror business purposes; also the Pruden property, on Park Place; also, a plot on Will-lam Street. Orange, for a Mr. Drake; also, a plot on Ward Street for Mrs. Helen Slater. 1 . The Lewis 11- May company tnariea F. Noyes Company. New York agent) reports the following leases of Arverne cot tages for the coming season: On Btorm Avenue, two cottages for Benjamin M. Well to uuaiav r ieiscnma.ii ura nrr Samatag; also, cottage for M. Loeb to Airs. J. oeigri ci"" Max Ernst to Morris Sternberg, and for tin J. Simon to Mrs. xs. veu; on Stralton Avenue, for Henry E. Knight to Henry Metsler; on Aiexanaer Avenue, two cottages tor William H. Ammerman to Martin Strauss and M. Mlchaella: on Meredith Avenue, a new hotel for L. Hart to Mrs. E. M on-all; on Seavlew Avenue, f. t Rmwnthai to Samuel Mendelsohn: on Gaston Avenue, for E. H. Barrett to Leo C. Teller; on aiwhuu atcuub, iw t. r xtiirrav to Dr. vv uuam Kogers: on Carlton Avenue, for E. K. Campbell to a Miss Stractian. No Business at Auction. Of the auction offerings scheduled yes terday, that Of 3X3 west one tiunarea and Forty-second Street was withdrawn and those of 27 and 2 Thompson Street were adjournea uniu y v. THE Bl'ILDIXO DEPARTMENT. List of Plans Filed for Sew Strwet-vei la Maabattas mm Broax. 122d Rt. 213 to 216 East: for a sis-story brick tenement and tore. SOx87; R. Kunrwk of 81 Walker St. owner: Horr burger Straab of 122 Bowery, architects: cost, SSrt.Ooft. Amsterdam Av. e a, SO ft n of 16rtth St: for two five-story brick tenements. 37.6x88; Mutual Construction Company of 661 East 134th St, ownrr- J. M. Amaler of 1.138 East 160th St. architect: coit STO.OOO. 63 1 St. M Wet; for a four-story brick dwelling l.lo7: Mrs. L. C. Mohlmann of M WI 32d8t owner; Buchman Fox of 11 East 39th St. architects; cost. .0. ' 7th Av. n w comer of B2d St; for three-story r.rlek offices and stores. 75.54.4: W. E- Flna of 1H East eoth St. owner;-Buchman 4c Fox. architects; cost. .5.ooi. VTth SU 531 East; for a two-story brick tor-aar building and stable. 25x:t2: T. E. Triples of 5ol East 17th St. owner: C. E. Reld of 105 East 14th St. architect: cost. 16.000. r ?i.r.nw.nt Av. a. 119 8 ft s of 127th St: for a five-story brick flat. 60x8H: Jumel Realty and Construction Company oi vesx nam ri. owner: Neville A Bagge ot 217 West 12&th St, architects: cost. 5.J. Columbus Av. s s: 75 ft e of Madison 8t: for a two-story frame dwelling. 90x50; E. J. Hef-ferman. Prospect Av and 180th St. owner and architect; cost, t4,500. -: : Alterations. Items Involving, less thai S3.000 omitted, loth St. S83 East, to a five-story brick ten men: . cchwltser of 1.4H3 Lexington a-, oin-er; M. Zlpkns of 147 4th At' archttt; cost. i.dlow St, 5S: to a flve-atory brick tenement: 8 Kalman of 874 Giand St. owner; M. Zlpkes. architect: .V. 74th St. 135 East; to a fow story brick tenement: 8. Levy of 12 Ea-t 74ih St. owner. Schwars 4: Oross of -5 West 21st St. architects: cost. $.. Attorney St. 154; to a five-story brick tens-ment: Mr. Silbersteln of 45 Pulton St. owner; O. Relssmana of So 1st St, architect; coat. 15.000. ; - . - I REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Monday. April 10. ALEXAS'DER AV. w a. S3 ft a Of 13tt era to Joha 8. Ststaoo St. ld-nxTo; tsdwara b. jxmne asa qui- S,2S0 AMSTERDAM AV. e a. ISO ft of 1334 , St soxlOO; Hartnaa Aaron to Isaae . Sttberberg and another 100 AMSTERDAM AV 1.46S and 1.4AS. s, Buxloo; Charles Roseabrrg to Ilarmaa 1 Aaron, (tntar tM.Soo) Nom, AMSTERDAM AV. s e corner T8tb 63.1s irregular; Lot on Horton ta Samuel FVxkmaa Kom. AQLEDLTCT AV. s e comer of King's Btids Road. &.llz32 3xl6. 4x33.4; ' , Oeorge H. Hyde to Northwestra Construction Company Koto, AQUEDUCT AV, e s. tM.ll ft s of King s Bridge Road. 90x97.11x80x97.3: Abigail McCullough to Northwestern Construction Company, (mtg M.722). . . 100 AUUI WjS AV. s w corntr of l0th St, W.llxluo; Btrtht Bernauer to Eilen T. Scott. mtg $23.500) 100 Al'DL'BON AV. w a. 40.11 f t s of ISOth St. 5xlO0; C. L. Jones to Bertha Ber- . ' ra uft- quitclaim Kom. AL'DL'BON AV. w s. 34.10 ft s of 189th St. O.lxlOO; Jacob Hess to Bertha Bernauer. quitclaim 100 AVKNIE B. 1SH. w a. 2oxu0.: 1st Av. 387, w a, 24.8x75: 9th St. 510 East. 18x100.8; J. Fred Boss, executor,- to Cari Schoepry. ntg $3,000) 1X000 AVENUE A. 1M and 188. e a. 61 9x67.3: Frederlcke Schaefer and others to '?"e..Rot. H Prt. fmtg $23.625) 100 AvtCE A, 186 and 188. e a. 61.9xs7.3; . Peter A. Hentse. mxmcutnr and fmtM . o '""S Roth. H part. mtg 2.t.625. .. 27.250 oi.o tk nq xon. s. oi.wxaj.B; Fsedaricke Schaefer. trustee, to laaae Roth. mtg S23.02S) 27.250 rT. j.-m and 152. w s. SO.Sx as. 10x50x00.8: fearah Lurle to Alessan- dro L. Paoli. (rntg S41.KiO 100 uiwah e r. n e corner of Front St. 63. Ix 23,8x64.6x24.3: Ca'.hleen Turney to Adolph M. Bendhelm. mtg $45.0K)).... 100 uwauwai, s corner 122d St, 191. lOx 10; Louis Sachs and another to Rosa Docter and -others, mtg. $115.000.... 100 utuAUWAt, s corner 122d St. 191. lOx 100; Rosa Docter et al. to The A. C. A H. M. Hall Realty Conmuiv. mti. $1 IB. 000 100 tn iKAb rARK WEST, n w corner of 104th St. 27.8xli(0; George W. Oodward to Israel Lebowlts and others, (mtg 835. 0U) 100 CLAY AV. w s. 100 ft n of 166th 8t. 75x200.10; Broadway Reliance Realty Company to Lippman Altmayer. (mtg i2,mo 100 DAWSON ST. 1.07O Eaat. 16.8x181.5; John Robinson to Robert J. Vane, (mtg 82.2.TO) mo DIVISION ST. 2. s a. 2 1.10x42. 6x22. 2x 42.6; Adolf Miller to Meyer Lemonlk. mtg 88..VI0) 100 ELDKIDUE ST. c s. 125 ft a of Stanton St. &OX87 6. Elizabeth D. Miller and others to Joseph Bocker. 53,000 ELIZABTK ST. s e corner road from Klngsbrtdg to West Farms. 87x25x 125x40; Ralph Ivea to Mary E. Bird. H part. mtg. $1.250 100 FORSYTH ST. 121. w s. 25x100; Israel I'ntrrberg to Abraham Isaac, (mtg $2.3.50) 100 FORSYTH 8T. 119. w a, 25x100; Israel ' Unterberg to Emanuel Isaac, (mtc $21,000) too GRAND AV. e a. 75 ft n of Buchanan Place. 50x100; Margaret H. Ghames to Edward N. Roesner Kom. GRAND AV. e s. 75 ft n of Buchanan Place. 50x100: Guy G. Hopper to Margaret H. Ghamca. all title 3.000 GRAND BOULEVARD. a. 47.0 ft n of 183d St. 100x34: John J. Brady and others to William A. Cameron Kom. GRAND BOULEVARD, w a. at centre Una of 123d St. runa w 38.3 x s w 139 X e 85 x n 1:40.11: Julia A. Husted to Charles M. Rosenthal, (mtg $13,000)... 100 HESTER ST. 57. n s. 24x75; Sarah 8ie-gel to Cilia Siegel. all liens Kom. JEFFERSON ST. n s. 1K.4 ft e of Clinton Av. runa n 8r.4x a 92.4x116.6x48.1; Bertha Berger to Samuel Bock, (mtg $6..)0O) Kom. KINO'S BRIDGE ROAD, s s. 3.1.4 ft e of Macomb's Dam Road, 33.4x111. lOx 32.4x106.4: Raymond Moore to Korth-wastern Construction Company, (mtg $1,000) 100 LAFAYETTE ST, w s. Lot 453. map of Untonport. 14 acre; Edward Maher and others to Robert J. Rooney 3.000 LAFAYETTE ST. w s. Lot 453. map of Unlonport; Robert J. Rooney to Margaret M. Murphy, (mtg $1.8(10) . 100 LEXINGTON AV. n e corner of looth St, 201.10x05: Julius Braun to Jonas Well and another, (mtg $140,000) Kom. LEXINGTON AV. n e corner of 100th St. 201.10x05; Jonas Well and others to Benjamin M. Gruensteln and others, (mtg $M.ono) . Kom. LENOX AV. flOo to m. e s. 99.11x75; Samuel K. Johnson to Charles Yung.. 100 LINCOLN ST. e s. 375 ft n of West Farms Road. 25x100; Joseph J. Gleaaon to John T. Coffey Kom. LOT 206, map of part of Hunt estate; Hortense Beach to Lafayette Huerstel, (mtg $300) Kom. LOT 405. map of Van Nest Park: Joseph Stem to Moaes Blumenfeld. (mtg $3,805) 100 LOT 67. map of part of Hunt estate. Van Nest Station; Mabel Meade to Moore Realty Company; (mtg $500 100 LOT 41. Block A. map of Mapes estate; Mary A. Qulnn to Adeline Grosmann, (mtg $2,500) 100 LOTS au and 31. map of 54 lota at Tremont: Edward N. Roeaner to Herbert J. Cochrane, (mtg $5.O0O Kom LOTS 284 to 286. map of part of Hunt eatate; Robert B. Hall to Daniel J. Dillon 100 LOTS 832 and 833. map of part of Hunt eatate. Van Nest Station; Loula C. Raegener to Max J. Adler.. 2.125 MADISON AV. n e corner of l3d St. 99.11x60: Madison Av. n w corner of 133d St. 90.11x10; Anna L. Loutbal and others to Loula Leaa 100 MADISON AV. e s. 33.7 ft n of 127th St, 16.7x60; Mary G. Warran to Joseph H. Frisk Nom. MADISON AV. 2.102. w s. 19.11x80; Lulu E. Roberts to John J. Barrett, quitclaim, (mtg $20,000) 100 MADISON AV. 2.102. w s. 19.11x80; Stephen H. Jackson to Lulu E. Roberts 100 MADISON AV. 655. e s, 18.6x100; Margaret S. Lawrence to Frank W. Jackson, (mtg S36.0O0) 100 MADISON AV. s e corner of Robin Av. 50x100; Bankers' Realty and Security Company to Julius Krauae, Jr 100 MADISON AV. s w corner of 96th St. loo.8xl45: Samuel Straabourger to Cades Realty Company, quitclaim..... Nom. MAIN ST. e a. 160 ft n of 1)1 1 mars St. 60x100. City Island; John W. Miller to Chester O. Burton 100 MARMION AV. s. 806 ft n of Locust Av. 66x92.6x72.5x122.6: Michael Drew to Thomas Sullivan and another, quitclaim Kom. MARMION AV. e s. 306 ft n of Tremont Av. 66x92.6x72.3x122.5: Thomas Sullivan and others to Lillian E. Herder. . 100 MONTGOMERY ST. 27. a. ie.Sx78: Elisabeth Clampett to Hyman Wernar.O'xUtted MOTT ST, 79. w a. 25x100: Robert T. Varnum. referee, to Harry Blumenthal and another, (mtg $16.000) 7.900 MOTT ST. 81. w a, 25x75: Robert T. Varnum, referee, to Newman Grossman and others, (mtg ffl.ono) 18,600 MOTT ST. 81. w a. 25x75: Jacob Berman to Newman Grossman and another. 1-3 part 100 NATHALIE AV. n w corner of Windham Place, 60x98x50x92.1: Robert C Dorsett to Bertha Benauer..... 100 RIVERSIDE DRIVE, a corner of 104th St. 00.11x10.8x99.11x6.8: Richard C. Jackson to John R. Agnew 7.600 RIVINOTON ST. s e corner of Cannon St. 60x100; Charles Grlffen. trustee, to George L. Slawson 100 ROSELLe ST, w a. 145.4 ft n of Silver St. 25x147.1x27.11x159.6: Georga P. Barsley and another to La villa M. Murphv. (mtg $2,200) 100 ST.. NICHOLAS AV. s e corner of 171st-St. 20x100: Nelaon D. Stilwell to Donald Robertson, (mtg $7.000) 100 SUMMIT AV. w s. 184.3 ft s of Cross St. 72.9x124.6x75.1x143.3; Oeorglne L. Brouwer-Aucher to Merwln Realty Company, (mtg $24.200)... Kom. TOPPING AV. 1.829. a w comer of 176th St. 25.6x86.6x12 6x82.1; William C. Bergen to Grace Pflomm. (mtg $8,000).... 100 VERMILYEA AV. a s. 10O ft w of Iaham St. 150x150: Sterling Realty Company to William J. Gilbert, (mtg $6.O00) 100 WADS WORTH AV. a w comer 179th St. looxtoo: Michael J. Dowd and others to John H. Scully, mtr. $30.000 100 WILLIS AV. 423, w s. 25x3Wx xl4: Edward Willis to Albert G. Atkins, all - title Kom. WILLIS AV. 423. w a. 26x39x xl4; Edward W. Browne to Albert G. Alklna. all title, quitclaim Kom. WILLIS AV. 423 w a. runa a 25x w 89x n e x e 14; Howland Browne to Albert G. Alklna. all title, quitclaim.. Kom. WILLIS AV. 423 w s runs s 2Sx w 3Px n e x 14; Emily A Scott to Albert G. Alklns. all title, quitclaim... Kom. 1ST AV. w a.. 25.6 ft n of 78th St. 20.6x ino.Tz38.6x100: Harriett Johnson to Marraret Huuon Kota. 1ST AV. 766, w s. 27x73.9; Edward Mar- schelder to John Kramer, (mtg $12,- 500) Nom, 1ST AV. otw, w s. 24.8x70; Whitehall Realty Company to Josephine McVeigh, (mtg $9,000) 100 1ST AV. 1.14.1. w a. 25x80: Mary A. Byrnes to Robert Johnson, (mtg $10.-O0O) 100 3D AV. e s. 60.4 ft n of 94th St. 60.1x lot); Aaron Woelhelm and others to -John Overfceck. (mtg $29.O0O) 100 8D AV. s e comer of 183d St, loO.Sx 1M 6x100x118.10; James A. Mahony to William T. Atkinson, (mtg $23.00O). . . . 100 3D AV. n w a. 316 ft s of 183d St. TOx 142.11: Emanuel J. Laaar to George H. Rosenthal. 1-8 part, quitclaim 100 $n AV. n w comer of lOlst BC io.llx loo: Charles A. Brodek to Morris Wetn-stein, (mtg $15.0w 26.000 4TH ST. s. 89 ft n of 11th Av. 25x105, William's Bridge: Ruth Barker to John Barker Kom 5TH AV. s w corner of 117th St. 25x85: Jennie Lyman to David Meyer Brewing Company, (mtg $24,800.) other consideration and 100 6TH ST. s s. 105 ft w of Avenue A. 10 si OS. Unlonport: Mary A. Ashfleld to John C. Fisher, (mtg $1.0OO) Kom. 11TH ST. n s. part of Lot 28.1, map of Unlonport. 50x108: Jamea 8. Holmes to Marin Stepper, other consideration and 100 22D ST. 465 West. 16 8x8.9: Clara B. C. H. Lowrr to Mary E. Doty 100 24TH ST. 49 Wee. 25.6x Irregular: Charles B. Curtis ta Isabel B. Curtle.. Gift 27TH ST. 151 West. 28 x irregular: 27th St. 155 West. 22.6a Irregular; Benjamin Sire to Will tarn F. Donnelly... 100 27TH ST. 813 East. 25x98.9; Joha H. Burt to Ellen J. Mooney 100 28TH ST. 39 East. 21). 10x98. : Susan Grat and another to Arthur W. Saunders, (mtg S20.000) 33.000 32D ST. 413 and 415 West. 86.1x8-S: $2d St. 419 West. 2XAX9S.S; Joha J. Tobln to Stayresant Real Estate Com- 3THT ST. "Was." 2ix8 :' " Ucy "p Whitehall to Mary E. Sanson 44TH ST. 153 East. 25x100.5: Chaiiea 8. Faulkner to Catholic Women's Benevolent Legioa, (mtg SlT.Ouo) 45TH ST. s a. 125 ft e of 11th Av. 23x KM.4: John W. Gibbons to Frederick Bellinger, (mtg $...;.; 46TH ST. 448 West. 25x100.6; Christina Schneider to Paul Kaakcl and others.. 82D ST. 851 to 365 West. 00x100.5: Criterion Realty and Improvement Company to Otto Strack S1ST ST, a a. 114.4 ft w of park Av. x lOO. 5; Sarah E. Rooaa to George Meyers, all title, quitclaim... 81 FT ST. n s. 114.4 ft w ot Park Av. x 1O0.S; Frank J. Haughwont to George Meyers, all title, quitclaim 81ST ST. 46 Eaat. Sox 100 6: Ellsha Snlf-fln and others to Martin H. Goudklnd, (mtg $30,000) 82D ST. 221 West, 25x100.5; 62d fit, 239 Weat. 25x100.5: Edmund Hendricks and another, executors, to Julius Braun ... 68TH ST. a s. 20O ft w of A Terra A. 25x 65.4: Bert Dunn to Thomaa J. Dunn.. 81ST ST. 311 East. 25x102.2; Reuben Auerbach and another to David Gordon; (mtg. 82O.O0O) 87TH ST. 134 and 164 East. 51.1x100.8: Elisabeth A. McKay to Young Men's Christian Association, (mtg $24,000)... BOTH ST. SOS West. 20x100.8; Emily L. Landon to Luclue Pitkin, (mtg $28.ono 80TH ST. 3m West. 20x100.8; Lucius Pitkin to Sophia Goodwin 90TH ST. 117 West. 26.3x100.8; Wlllam H. Kllnker to Nicholas J. Griffith, (mtg $2u.N) ' 102D ST. 221 East. 25xlOO.ll; Julius M. Cohen to Max R- Willner. 1-3 part, (mtg $18,000) 104TH ST. a s. 171.7 ft e of Broadway. 37.4x1O0.ll; County Holding Company to Herman Kratsenatein. mtg $40,-OOO) 105TH 8T. 241 Eaat, 16.3x100 9; George F. Martens to Ellas A. Cohen, (mtg $6,400) 107TH 8T. 164 East. 28.8x100.11: Katie Sllberfeld to Abraham H. Fleischer, (mtg $17,000) 110TH ST. n a. 175 ft e of 8th Av. lOOx 70.11; George B. Meade, Jr.. executor to Fanny Gruen 113TH ST. n a. 249.2 ft e of Madiaon Av. 24.4xlOO.ll; Harry W. Peralman to Jacob Sacha, (mtg $19.750) w 114TH ST. 242 East. 21x100.11; Aivlna Gross to AnaheJ Germlse and another, (mtg $9,000) 115TH ST. 34 West. 18x100.11; John Cul-len to David Ravltch. (mtg $12,000)... 115TH ST. 34 West. 18xl0O.ll; Margaret C. Dowllng to David Ravltch. quitclaim, all title 115TH ST. 34 West. 18x100.11; Florence McCuilen. by guardian. ' to David Ravltch 117TH ST. 409 West. 18x100.11; United States Trust Company of Kew York to Thomas H. Morgan 119TH ST. n s. 231 9 ft w of Pleasant Av. 18.9x99.11; Clifton B. Bull to Marcus L. Oak. (mtg $4.000) 119TH ST. 74 Eaat. 25x100.10; Charles A. Raedle to Morltx Weiss, (mtg $12.-000) 123D 8T. S3 East. 25x100.11; Albert Nledermann to Lena C. Kledermann; (mtg $8,600) :.. 128TH ST. 2 West. 17.6x99.11: James Phyfe to Louis Wollateln. (mtg $10,-000) 135TH ST. n s. 187.4 ft e of Southern Boulevard. 0.7x75; Rockland Realty Company to Loula Lemleux. all llena. . 133TH ST, n s. 175 ft w of Willow Av, 75x100: Martin Tully to Herman Trep-tnn and another, (mtg S2.5SO) 136TH ST. 6 to 14 West. 125x09.11: Isaac Goldberg to Abraham Kassel; H part, quitclaim.... 136TH ST. a a. 630 ft w of Amsterdam AV. 60x99.11; Broadway Reliance Realty Company to Milton Berllnger, (mtg $l).2O0) 136TH ST, a a. 4O0 ft w of Amsterdam Av, 150x09.11: Bernhard KUngensteln to Milton Berllngerjwmtg $X1.tMi0) 136TH 8T. a a. 287.6 fw of Broadway. 87.6x09.11: Transit Realty Company to Simon Uhlfelder andi another, - (mtg $23,625) V 137TH ST. s a, 25 ft r of Broadway. 170x98.11: Tranait Realty Company to Simon IThlf elder and another, imtg 140TH ST. n"a, 150 ft e" of "Broadway, 75x 99.11: Hudaon Realty Company to Hyman Kan tor and another, (mtg $25,000) 144TH ST. a s, 100 ft w of College Av. 25x100; Frederick A. Bmslus to Frederick A. Bruslue. (mtg $12.000) 147TH ST. s s, 100 ft w of 7th Av. 125x0!). 11; Unique Realty Company to Leonard Weill, (mtg $45.000) 15STH ST. n a, .175 ft w of Amsterdam Av. 60x90.11; Isaac Heifer to Abraham Orently. (mtg $14,000), 158TH ST. s w s, 100 ft .s e of Court-landt Av, 50x100; Louis Lese to Jacob Hlrsch and another, (mtg $5oo) 16.1D ST. 929 Eaat. 25x86.4: William J. Singer to E. Halporn. (mtg $11.6O0).. 169TH ST. 510 Weat. 18x85; Thomaa J. Grant to Mary Welcker, (mtg $4.0)iO).. 178TH ST. s s. 121.8 ft e of Crotona Av. 25x122.11x26x123.1; George H. Rletmann to Sophie Rietmann. (mtg S3.000) , 180TH ST. n s, lOO ft of Wadsworth Av, 100x100; Louisa C Sultser to Iel-dor D. Brokaw 183D ST. 562 West. 18.9x104.11: C. V. Oden Hughes to Oliver I. Pllat. (mtg $10.000) 183D ST, n w comer of Adama Place, lOQx Irregular; leak Tepper and others to Herman Slrotta and another, (mtg $ 185TH ST. 606 West, 25x79.11; Charles M. Preston, receiver, to Adolf Miller. mtg $S,0OO 202 D ST. n s. 489.8 ft w of William's Bridge Road. 50x100; Caroline Bchopp to William C. Bergen 100 If ota. 100 100 100 Kom. Kom. 100 87.000 Kom. 41.000 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 63,000 Kom. Kom. 100 Kom. 850 20.500 Kom. 100 100 Kom. Kom. 100 - loo 100 100 Kom. Kom. . 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 Kom. 100 Kom. 100 8.300 Kom. Recorded Mortgages. Interest Is at 6 per cent, unless otherwise cpeclfled. j A. C. M. HALL REALTY COMPAKT to R. Docter: Broadway, a e corner of 122d St. due Oct. lO. 1H06, 6 per cent... 10,000 A. C. & M. HALL REALTY COMPANY to R. Docter; Broadway, n e comer of 121st St, due Oct. 10, 1906. 8 per cent.'. 10,000 ADLER, Max J.. to E. B. Levy: Lota 332 and 3S3. map of Hunt estate, as per bond 1.000 ALTMAN. Benjamin, to Mutual Life Insurance Company; 35th St, 3 to 9 East; 6th Av, 855: 34th 8t. 1 East; Madison Av. 192 to 198. per bond 4.600.000 AARON. H-. to N.ew York Savings Bank; Amsterdam Av, e s. 150. 4 ft s of 133d St, as par bond 18,500 AARON, H., to New York Savings Bank; Amsterdam Av, e a. 173.4 ft a of 133d St. as per bond 16.500 AARON, H.. to Charles Rosenberg: Amsterdam Av, 1.463 and 1.465. two mtgs, $16,600 each, 3 years. 6 per cent 13,500 BAN'NON. May E.. to County Holding Company; 88th St. n a. 852 ft e of 6th Av. due July 7. 1905. 8 per cent 50.000 BANNON. M. E.. to County Holding Company: 38th St. n a, 358 ft e of 6th Av. 2 years 65.000 BERGEN. William C. to C. Bchopp: Valentine Av, n e corner of 202d St, 1 ' year 8.500 BERLINGER, M., to Broadway Reliance Realty Company; 136th St. s s, 600 ft w of Amsterdam Av, 1 year, 6 per cent 2,400 BERLINGER, M., to Samuel Jackson: 136th St. s s, 400 ft w of Amsterdam Av, 1 year, 8 per cent 5,500 BERLINGER, M.. to Samuel O. Hess; 186th St, s a, 573 ft w of Amsterdam Av, prior mtg $11,200, 1 year, 6 per 1 cent 3.400 BERLINGER, M., to L. Altmayer; 136th v St. s a, 400 ft w of Amsterdam Av, prior mtg $16,800. 1 year, 6 per eant... 7,200 BERLINGER. M., to B. KUngensteln; 136th St. s s. 475 ft w of Amsterdam Av. 1 year, 6 per cent........ 7.200 BERNAUER. B.. to Park Mortgage Company; Nlndham . Place, n w corner of King's Bridge Terrace, 2 years. 8,000 BLOOM. A. E-. to Title Guarantee and Trust Company ; Rutherford Place, 4, as per bond , 12.000 BLUMENTHAL. 8.. to Bowery Savings Bank; Mott St. 79. 5 yaara. 4V par cent 22.000 BLUMENTHAL. G., to H. Blumenthal; Mott St. 79. 3 years. 6 per cent 8,700 BOCKAR. J-. to M. F. Moore; Eldrtdge St. e s, 125 ft n or Stanton St. two mtgs $22,000. 5 years 44,000 BOOKMAN, Samuel, to Seymour Realty Company: Amsterdam Av. 373 and 875, due May 1. 1908. 4V per cent 82,000 BOOKMAN. Samuel, to L. Horton; Amsterdam Av. 373 and 873, prior mtg $82,000, 1 year. 6 per cent 10.000 BRAUN. J., to E. Hendricks and another: 62d St. 239 West, 5 years 13,000 BRAUN. J.. to E. Hendricks and another: 62d St. 239 West, prior mtg $13,000. S years. 3.000 BRAl'N, Julius, to E Hendricks and another: 62d St. 221 West, 5 years 18,000 BRACK. Julius, to E. Hendricks and another: 62d St. 221 West, prior mtg $13,-ooo. 5 years w 2,000 BRINKMAN, T. 8. to C. Frankenberg; F St, w a. 243. lO ft n of Dyckmaa St, prior mtg $3,000, per bond 1.000 BRODEK. Charles A. to P. Keenan, aa ' Chamberlain ; 3d Av, n w corner of 101st St. as per bond 15,000 BROKAW, I. D., to L. ' C. Sultser: 180th St, n a, 100 ft e of Wadsworth Av, 5 years 82,000, CADES REALTY COMPANY to Mutual Life Insurance Company; 96th St. a w ' comer of Madiaon A v. as per bond.... 850. 000 CADES REALTY COMPANY to M. 8. - ' Boehm and others: 96th St. a w corner : of Madison Av. due Jan. 1. 1900. 6 per : cent 190.000 CADES REALTY COMPANY to M. 8. j Boehm and others: 96Ui St tw corner of Madison Av. prior mtg 8350.000. due Jsn. 1. 1906. 6 per cent 102.500 CAMERON. William A., to J. J. Brady ; and another: Grand Boulevard and eon-course, e s, 47.8 ft n of 183d St. S years 1.100 COFFEY. J. T.. to J. J. Gleaaon; Lincoln St. e a, 375 ft a of West Farms Road. 8 years 2.000 COHEN. E. A., to George F. Martens: 105th St. 241 East. 1 year 6.400 CREIS8. M.. to Charles A. Raedle; 119th St. 74 East. 8 years. 8 per cent 4.000 DANZIGER. A., to L. MarguUas; WU-. lett St. 49. & years. 8 per cent 8.000 DIMOND. Annie, to Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank; 42d St. s s.. 678 ft e of 8th Av. 1 year. 4 per cent 18.000 DONNELLY. William F-. and another to Executor Savings Bank; xrtn t. 153 and 155. 3 years V 35.000 DOTY. Mary E-. to Title Guarantee and Trust Company 22d St. 468 Weat, as per bond 8.000 DuNKAK, C- A. and another to Jaw-wrs' TlUs Insurance and Trust Yjotn- ' MR 1 W St. w. . . w Av. as per bood 32.000 DUNN. Thomaa J., to Mutual Ufa Insurance Compear; sth St. e a, ISO ft -jrof Avenue A. per bond 8.000 o fa7 Mortgage uora-pany: Morningaide Av East, prior mtg $1 .5.000. i year. 8 per cent 13.000 GARM1SE. A., and another to A. Gross; 114th St. 242 East. 2 years, 8 per cent. 1,500 nuiwn J .. to J. w right; Vermilyea A v. e a. 10O ft w of Iaham ' St. 1 year. 6 per cent 13,000 GILBERT. H. to A. Berth: Lot So. map of Oak Tree plot, due May . lso8 4.500 GROSSMAN. N.. and snother to C Pand: Mott St. 81. 8 years 18,000 a;, oamuei. ana etners to M York Trust ConHnv: ts&th at m m -tlTJ" 'ft of Lenox Av, 5 years 38,000 uiwooaiAn. namuei. ana otners to e York Trust Company: 135th St. a a. 410 of Lenox Av. 8 years 38,000 j iv i , r ., to l. t. Jteade. Jr.; liota St. n a, 175 ft e of 8th Av. due Jan. lO. - 1 JO 50,000 r.nsi is. aa.. and another to J. Well and another: Lexinsrton Av. n corner of 100th St. 1 year. per cent. 133,000 uiur..ioii,u, n. aa., ana anotner to J. Well and another: Lexinarton Av. n e corner of lOoth St. 1 year. 6 per cent.- 53,000 "truiui, i... to wiuiam j. ginger; 163d 81. 2 East. S rears. 8 per cent . . . ............................... 1,500 nuiut n, .., to Manhattan Mort-sge Company: Marmlon Av. a a. 396 n of Locust Av. 1 year. 6,000 nciinui n. v .. to Mutual Ufa Insurance Company: 10th St. 381 East, oer bond g.000 MtBoBERO. v.. and another to Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank; 146th St. b a corner of Brook Av. 1 rear. 4 per cent 13.000 HiL,iaiAnf. Krank. and others to W. P. Allen: Rlvlngton St. a s. 100.1 f t e of Ridge St. 6 years 40.000 rrana, and another to Frederick W. Cromwell; Rlvlngton St. n s. So ft e ot Ridge St. 5 years. 44 per cent .- 85,000 niLLMAS, rrank. and another to Frederick W. Cromwell: Rlvtnarton 8t- n e comer of Ridge St. 5 years 110,000 HiLLaAN, Frank, and another to F. M. Cromwell: Rlvinarton St n a. lOO.T ft a of Ridge St. 3 years 21.000 BiKSC'H. J.. and another to L. Lese: 15iHh St. s w s. lOO It of Cortlandt Av. prior mtg $5. OOO. 1 year 6 per cent. 8.000 iBAAv., A., to Israel L ntcroerg; r orsytn . St. 12f. prior mtar 823.U0O. 5 veara 8 per cent 12,250 Isaac, e.. to I. unterberg; Forsyth St. 119. 5 years. 8 par cent 12,250 JACOBY. H.. and another to Manhattan Savlnga Institution: 101st St. n a, 100 ft e of Broadway, aa per bond 78,000 JOHNSON. Robert, to M. Protsmann; lat Av, 1.143. 5 years 15,000 JOHNSON. Robert, to M. Protsmann; 1st Av, 1.143. Installments. 6 per cent. 8,000 KAHN, Jacques, to Title Guarantee and Trust Company; 37th St, 531 to 535 West, as per bond 200,000 KANTOR. H.. and another to Hudaon . Realty Company; 140th St. n a. ISO ft e of Broadway, aa per bond 8.000 KASKEL. Paul, and another to Weat Side Savlnga Bank; 46th St. 448 Weat, as per bond 13,000 KELLY, Martin, and another to Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank; Prospect Av, w s. 63- ft n of Oakland Place. 1 year, 4 per cent., correction.. 2.500 KRAMER. M. J.. and others to Max Gold; 122d St. n a. 158.1 ft w ot 2d Av. prior mtg $13,000. 1 year, 6 per cent. 8,000 KRAMER, John, to John R. Merrltt; 1st Av. 763. 5 years. 8 per cent 12,000 KRAUSE, J. Jr.. to Bankers' Realty and . Security -Company: Madison Av, s e corner of Robin Av. S years 800 LKBOWITZ. Israel, and others to O. W. Godward; Central Park West, n w corner of l4th St. 1 year. 6 per cent 10,000 LEMONIK. M.. to A. Miller and another; Division St, 209. prior mtg $ts".000. 5 years. 6 per cent 2,300 LESE. Louis, to A. L. Loutrel: Madison Av. n e corner of 133d St ; Madison Av. -n w comer of 133d St. per bond 83.00Q LEVY. Moses, to Citlsens' Savlnga Bank; Bayard St, 65. 5 years. 4'i per cent.... 23,000 LEVY. Moaea. to L. Haas; Bayard St. 65. prior mtg $23,0u0. due June 1, 1906. H per cent 6.000 MACKEY. Ruth, to Robert McGlll: 74th St. 162 West, nrior mtjr S28.OU0. de mand, 6 per cent., gold 10.000 MOONEY. Ellen J.. to Charles H. Duffy; 27th St. .11:1 Eaat. as per bond.. 10.000 MORGAN. T. W., to United Statea Trust Company: 117th St. 4o9 West, aa per bond 15.000 MURPHY. Margaret M.. to Robert J. Rooney; Lafayette St. w s. Lot 453. map of Unlonport, prior mtg $1,800, 1 year. 6 per cent 1.200 MURPHY, L. M., to O. P. Balsley and another; Roaelle St. w a, 3 years. 6 per cent 1.700 MURPHY. M.. . to P. Fuller and another; 150th St. s s. loo ft w of Amsterdam Av. 3 years. 4V per cent 18.000 McVEiUH. J.. to Emigrant Industrial Savlnga Bank: 1st Av. w a. 74 ft n of 84th St, 1 year, 4H per cent 7.000 O'CONNOR, M. J., to P. T. Griffith; 71st St. 326 West. 2 years 4,000 ORENTLEY. A., to I. Heifer: 138th St. n aTK ft w of Amsterdam A v. aa Der bond " 6. OOO PAOLI. A. D.. to Sarah Lurle: Baxter St. 150 and 132. 4 years. 6 per cent.. 8,000 FRISK. Joseph H.. to Lawyers' Title and Trust Comnanv: Mad ison Av. 1.997. aa per bond 7,500 FRISK. Joseph H.. to M. G. Warren; yiillain Av. 1.IM17 nrlor mtc S7.6O0. 3 years. 4 per cent. 1,000 ROESER. Edward N.. to M. C. SehulU: , Grand Av. e s. 75 ft n of Buchanan . Place, demand 2.500 ROBERTS. Lulu E.. to H. H. Jackson and others; Madison Av. 2.1U2. due May 1. 1906 20,000 ROSENTHAL. Charles M.. to J. A. Husted; Grand Boulevard, w a, at centre line of 123d 8t. 3 years 20.000 ROTH. Isaac, to American Mortgage Company; Avenue A. s e corner of 12th m St, 3 years 38.000 ROTH. Isaac.- to R. Gross; 12th St, s e comer of Avenue A. , installments. 6 per cent 6,000 SACHS, J., to A. Nevlna and another; 113th St. 77 Eaat. Installments, 8 per cent 4,C0 SAUNDERS. A. W.. and another to 8. Gray and another; 28th St, 89 East, 1 year 10,000 SCHOEPPY, Carl, to Emigrant Iru-trlal Savings Bank; 1st Av. w s, 49.4 ft s of 23d St. 1 year, 4 per cent 12,000 SCOTT. E. T., to Title Guarantee and Trust Company; Audubon Av, a w cor- ner of 189th St. aa per bond 24.000 SINGER, M.. and another to 8tate Bank; Columtla St, s e corner of Rlv- Ington St. secures notes i 00 BINGER. M.. and another to E. C. E. Lord and another: Rlvlngton St. s a Ar CnliimhlA Kt A veara........ 45.000 8IROTTA. Herman, and another to L. W. Llssberger: ism hi, n w corner Adams Place, 2 years. 6 per cent...... 5.000 STETSON. J. S.. to E. S. Crane; Alexander Av. w a. 83 ft n of 130th St. 3 DTDirv rtn? tn American Mortgage Company; 52d St. 851 to 365 West. 1 wsMSP ......aaaaaaesasaaasaee 28.000 TJHLFELDER. 8.. and another-to Tran sit Realty company; wun - -VXV twuw-v wa mtr. Sd-OOO. 1 ...... rt- Mn 18, TJHLFELDER. S.. to Trsnslt R'r Company; 138th St, s s. 287.6 ft w ot xu,-v l .Mr. 6 ner cent O.0U9 UNION CON8TRVCTION AND REALTY Company to A. r . """'LJl1 . i 86 and 28. prior mtg $39,000. 1 year. 6 per cent. ii"fi"l'i.' B,wo WEIKSTEIK. M.. to C. A. Brodek; 3d Av, n w comer of 101st St. prior mtg $13,000: 3 years. T'000 WERNER. H-. to C. aumpett- Mout-aomerv St. 27. prior mtg $10. OOO. 8 years. 6 per cent. WERN'ER. H-. to -Cornelia A. Todd; Montgomery St. 27. 3 years. .'. . . . I0-000 WOLL6TEIN. Louis, to Phyfe: 128th 8t. 2 West, prior mtg !."". a -.-v WRIGHT. A. C. to Edward F. M"rray; Oarden Bt. s w s. ww u n n St, 3 years. 3.000 TUNG. Charles, to 8. K. Johnson: Lenox Av. a e corner ot ia oi, yrivr u.v YUNG. Charles, tog. K. Johnson; Lenox Av. e s. 49.11 rt s ot i oi. m prior mtg $14,500 -eaT YUNG. Charles, to Cry Dock Savings Institution: Lenox Av. e s. 24.11 ft s of wo.4 a mm nr hond ........... . WiOW YUKO. Charles, to Samuel K. Johnaon; Lenox Av. e a. m i - years.. S.OOT YUNG Charles, to Samuel K. Johnson: Lenox Av. Wl. 74.11 ft a of 142d St, 2 tT5g. 'cVarVes to Dr'y'ik" Savings Bank; Lenox av, s a 8t, as per hon V v VV" -wo TV NO. Charles, to Dry Dock Savings Bank: Lenox. Av. a. 74.11. ft s of 142d St. as per bond. .............. ... 14.SOO U NO, Cbarlea. to Dry Dock Savlnga Bank; Lenox Av. e s. 49.11 ft a of 142d St. as per bond n.soo Mechanic's Lien. 10flD ST. 327 to 331 East: Morris Talkaw against Bteiano o-. contractor 8375 $450 140 814 80 278 598 aUGB 82 588 500 450 Satisfied Mechanics" Liens. ATTOKNFY ST. 162j Samuel B. Glauber againat wmra '- . . , n., . . AVENUE A. a e "corner of 14th BU g lOO MSX IvsrniBH " . ww, Okun and another, March SL 1906. joy nona ............................ BROADWAY, lae corner of El jbeth ?t:.j,r,:.i" ,t ;mKm CmiULPAWpT.:iM4 Adler sgainsi jju a. . - CENTHAL'pAKK' WEST. 885: the Fred erick A. Emenca v-o. k - a. CENTRAL PARK WEST. 386 and 888; tn nooert urara .w. -Z . . . r, Kt ikii i unf.xmu, M-m. v, - - - - - - -- -- -- -- 2TH 8T. 227 and 329 East; Samuel O. Kaclvunkas againa -""'"" .a-. . . v-um mm 1(m. 129TH ST. 251 to 256 West; United CrtMornt Meratii and JUmlty Co.. w w 4 a tAs a , , . 129TH ST. 251 to 255 West; Harry W. Bell against tiwm . . rw . 1QOA . nemiir w.. . - 129TH ST. 251 to 253 West; Giuseppe S. - ii iooa 12 TH BT. 251 to 253 West; New York Architectural Terra w." Crescent Mercantile and Realty Co.. Nov. 22, 1SV4 130TH T. 231 to 235 Wast; Orrta TX Person against Crescent Mercantile and Realty Co.. Dec 13. 1S04 l.fS 157TH ST. 116 East: John H. Stark At . Co. aaainst PanhMils l. Deal and - another. Dee. 8. 1903 ' ',' 63 Lis Pendens. : ; BECKER AY. a s. while front between Rail road Place and Marlon St.- lOOxluO; Charles I. joansoa against Nlenolaa Hoffmann. ( specif) o performance:) attorney. A. D. Wadlck. 36TH BT. e a. 273 ft e of th Av. Z2xloOi3; Lawyers' Title Insurance sad Trust Company against Mitchell A- C. Levy and others, (foreclosure of mortgage:) attorneys, MorreU Roarers. WEST END AV. 64: Joseph L. Weber and another against Samuel Ksatsko and another, (speclfle performance;, attorneys. Simmons A Harris. WASHINGTON AV. s w earner tnth St. 80x91; Joha J. Bell ant oat Henry Schmidt and others, (foreclosure of mortgage j attorney. M. J. Early. MADISON AV. 1.857; Betty Meaamef again Mav Cohen and others, (foreclosure of mortgage : attorneys. EngeL Engel 4k Oppea-helmer. . , WILLIS AV. w a. 73 ft s of 135th St. 23x81.8; I gnats Roth against 8tgmund Feust and others, (forecioaure of mortgages;) attorneys, Lese 4k Connolly. WILLIS AV. e a. 50 ft n of 144th St. 3x98.1: Ignats Roth againat Edward J. Dwyaar end others, (foreclosure ot mortgage:) attorn-. Lea A Connolly. 102D ST. 17 West: Manhattan Av. e s. 73 ft n or 102d St. 23. llr:l: Broome St. 4"0; 22d St. a a. 444.5 ft w of 7th Av. 18x98.9; 21st St. n s. 415 ft of 7th Av. 22.6x98 9: 85th St, a s. 10O ft w of 8th Av. 12.6x98.9: 1 0th St, 3.2 west; Edward W. Brennen against Mark W. Brenea et at (action to determine will, Ac,;) attorney. W. J. Walah. AT AUCTION. JOSEPH P. DAY, Auctioneer Office 288 Broadway. Mew Terfc Ctty. SUPREME COURT JUDICIAL SALE Under direction of Arthur D. Truax. Referee. Northwest Corner of Ninth Avenue and 47th Street. Frame buildings thereon, ! Siae 4x. . . To be sold at Public Auction. . WEDNESDAY. APRIL ItTM. 184)8. at 12 o'clock noon, at the FEW YORK REAL K8TATB SALESROOM. No. 141 Broadway. New York. Messrs. Thompson 4 Koss. Attorneys tor Plaintiff. 244 Broadway. New York City; Hugo H. Rttterbuach. Esq.. Guardian ad litem. 160 Nassau St.. N. Y. City. For maps and further particulars apply at office of above Attorneys or Auctioneer. Joseph P. Day, Aticfr OFFICE. 258 BROADWAT. NEW YORK CITT. will sell at Puotlo Auction on ' TUESDAY, April Ilth, 1905. at 12 o'clock noon, at the , New York Real Estate Salesroom. 161 Broadway. New York City. Supreme Court Foreclosure Sale, . under the direction of Robert L. Cutting, Referee, NO. 371 BROADWAY; ftve-story . stone front loft and store building, with use of alley, else 25x150. Approximate amount due 814l.637.50. with Interest i front March 13th 1906; coats, taxes, and water rents. Ac. about $3,200.00. Messrs. WHI.TRIDGE. BUTLER A RICK. At, torneys for Plaintiff. 60 Wall St.. N. Y. Ctty. For maps and further particulars apply at office of above attorneys or auctioneer. 10 A. M. ! JULIUS H. HAAS, Auctioneer 14th St. 3d Av, - . I WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION1 AT THE . ' Broni Real Estt'e Aactlon Eoims,' . 149th St. 4k Sd At, ea ' Wednesday, April 12th, 1905. lO A. M. E S. of Walton A v., .02.96 ft. N. Tremont Av.. 100x100, vacant i DON'T FORGET TO-DAY, AT 12 O'CLOCK NOON. IN THE BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE EXCHAXGB, - 189 A 181 Montague SL. . PUBLIC AUCTION, 287 BAY RIDGE LOTS. JERE JOHNSON. JR.. CO.. AUCTIONEERS. M'QUAY & CO., AUCTIONEERS, 148TH 8T. AVY SD AY.t ' WILL SELL AT PCBLIC AUCTION Tuesday, April 11, ; AT 10 A. M. Bronx Real Estate Auctionroom. 148TH 8T. AND SD AV, . i UNION AVE.. W. S.. j ITi ft. south of 14tth St. - Plot. 11 choice lots. 174x100: easy terms. MANHATTAN, j FOR SALE. ? Lawyers' Title I Insurance -and Trust Company ! It Ubeitjr St, Manhattan. ' (Title department) 59 Liberty Si, Manhattan. (Trust department) 38 Court St, Brooklyn. ; Lends Money on Bond and Mortgage in any amount at lowest rates of Interest and at moderate cost G APITAL and SURPLUS $9,000,000 THE LAWYERS MORTGAGE CO Is the only Mortgage Company that - PUBLISHES THE AMOUNT OF ITS OUTSTANDING GUARANTEED MORTGAGES. We eonaider that investors have a right to know how many Mortgages a company ( j has gnaranteed aa a measure of the strength of the Guar antee. 47 Liberty SL. Hv Tort 12 Oovrt EL. Brooklra. Presents rust. aauc. V ea Uter-proof. tar. 'e flaklns- AO nusteriOK. , , btnp caa 25c. THE STANDARD PAINT COMPANY. loo William ft.. N.w York. 1 25TH STR E ETT Largs plots. Fifth to Ivijrhth. running throuch. .1 H . l.g-W. ST KUOI.lSJ.t, 8 Hancock Place. Phone 1TS1 Mtf.-Blr.gelda. 8GCO.VD MORTOAGFJ AT S. -Sums froca $1.0Cs to te loan en hoeatea. Maabattaa or Bronx: exist lac mortaaa'aa our- chased. John P. Klrsran. Broadsray. cor.'eata. f !. caak burs three-story krowastoae dw.Ilror. 134 St.; latest Improvements; rood repair, bartala." The Bt.waxt A Jaaal-aoa Realty Co.. H Eaat il.t Be A four-story dwelling. 23xfle. vlclalty Fifth Ae. and aWr.aty second, will sell at a sacrifice. F. Si. Davidson. 141 Broedwe. MANHATTAN. roH SALES. East 1 Bt.. trtro. flat, stores... ......15H.wv East liUd. 3-farally hoes, stores...... ivJ.N. Eaat suth. double flat, raaces. boUara.. l;3.i"" Near Lenox, double flat. rooms S.&o Iveexn as., dovble flat. siree. ........ SU.N4 Adjolafor I" Av.. double flat Sa.vUv LEHMAN & HARLEM COu 44 I,EOI AVEHE. tiara. Ins la ainate. doeble, and triple nets; fraud Invest meat. Oweere deetrtna; to sell send particulars, eulrk sales troarantaed. Parry A Co.. 1 Weat U.Hh. Tel. g7H-R Momlnfslde. HAf KinCK.-J -fx.l double flat, built eae year; reat. SS.1S; price. 447. 09: easy terma. Arnold A Byrne, at Tlberty St. - Kmc siai. Seven New American Basement Houses. NOW BEADY FOR INSPECTION, v Nos. 30, 32. 34 Eatt K2d St, and Net. 39, 41, 43, 45 East 50th 81; lzs from IS to 25 fsst. 6eed for descriptive pamphlets. J. T. A J. A. FARLEY, TYladser Arcade. Bth A v. aad eSra St. Telephone TTS-3ath- m. SO East 69th St. 4-f!Tr. BROWXSTONK PWfXIXNO TOR ALR CHEAP) FlIX COSUUMIOX TO BKOKXBH. . , v ........ COLLINS & COLLINS, 718 Filth Ave. BARGAIN. CASH. OR WILL. TRADB EQUTTTt 4 lota, loOxlOO, . . eth St., sno feet eaat th At. Block restricted to private dwellings H.J. SACHS & CO., 5 Wee 224 St. FIFTH AVENUE. 4 -story double, with store, all lmprevamsata( rents 44.tt4: price 441.44 : easy terms. Beet (1. Faalhaber A Cew. t Bfaadway, secondavTbargain. 35 ft.. 4-story, t stores. 14 rooms; ' 4 families: rente 41.100; price 111.009. u. raaiBaoee m see Bisiasay. YORKVILLE BARGAIN. Slx-atnry triple teoemsnt. 14 ft. wide, storesj rents S3.400; mortaaces 441.0UO; asklnr 43 1.000. Beri O. Faalhaber a. H4 Bleed way. ATTENTION. 10O East 1234 St.. corner Par Av.; brows, stone, steam heated, single apartment bouaew 30x100; all Improvements; 421.UUO. S. Babbit V i otn av. Id Av., Near 03d St. Modern 6-story aad store. 14-room tenement: opea air shafts; alt light; mortgage, 921.000: prloa, $31,000. Louis Freak -el. 40 East 14th St. Three elegsfht private houaea. bargain. 106tk St.. 111th St., and one on 111th St. and Lexington Av. Uppner A Alckena, 1.787 Leatastoa Av. 5&-357 East 134th Ft. Three-story and base-ment brownstone private houaea; prtoe very lew. Baum. owner. 2Q4 West 110th Bt. B4th St.. East. K1 v.-.tory double: prtce, (22.-SO0: mortft-aae. ld.fioo. Hubert h. OabeL 147 4th Av. AVENCE A. 80s. ftve-story double flat. stores. 124.000. Arnold A Byrne, 41 Llb erty St. DOUBLE FLAT with stores, vicinity lid St. Zd Av.. 125.400. Arnold A Byrne. 41 UlM erty. J Eaat liid St. -iory flat. 91S.ou: tnnrtkagr1 IS.OOO; rants, (2.030. Folsom Brotbera, tJS Bi oad way. East 4th feL O-atory triple, 443.30f: mortaag. s. 36.iOO: rents. f4.S25. Folsom Broihers, Kj& Broadway. AVENt'B A. SOa, five-story double flat, atorea, $25.000. Arnold A Byrne. 41 Liberty Bt. " DOUBLE FLAT with atorea. vicinity 83d St.. 8d Av., 42.VBOO. Arnold A Byme. 41 Liberty. Weat 1 7TH ST., WEST, etaKir. To Lease or For Sate. WILL BUILD TO SUIT TENANTS. S Stables. S A 4 sty.. 49x82. with pee. . . session; also plot. 75x92, opposite; for ' sale at reasonable price. , H. J. SACHS A CO.. 8 West 224. Suitable for a club, sanitarium, or residence; 3-story dwelling, located vicinity of 130th St. and Lenox -Av., ST.exOOxlOO; 1 rooms. S bathrooms; open plumbing; every modem Improvement: dining room large enough. for loo people; hardwood trim, parquet floors; price. $JO.-000; want offer; easy terms: might take m mall rle-e of property In part payment. . .. JOHN K. A OSCAR L. FOLEV, 14 Hroaaway. FIVE STORY NEW LAW Building, located centrally: slae MilOO; 4 , apartments on each floor; this choice property can be had at a aacrifice prtoe and on moat favorable terms: exchange entertained. HK..-4T" T.24MM PRICE, ,IM0. - F. R. WOOD & CO., Broadway and Both Bt. Are You Looking for a Snap ? Corner on Momlnrslde Av., 33x100; built OS deep; e-etory; all rented; total rental ever 13.800; mortgage. $32,000 at 44; will Uke td at 5: little rash required: price. $54.0001 part of rent not raised In 6 years. $d Av.. near lMth St. PAYS 20. Flve-etory. abaolutely perfect triple flat, vicinity USth, $35,600; first mortgage. $2$,000. five years. This bouse Is offered to settle aa estate. Buyers are advised to act quickly. AKNUI.U Jr HYriME. l u perry pi. ELEGANT INVESTMENT AND HPIXtXATIOX COMBIJtEO. Seven atory modern Apartment, neay Broadway. In 40s: investigate thla. mail 1 Ttaher Co-. 440 Colnmbua Av.. gist. kHlTS S4.I0U; FRIClTTTT.OOO This well-located property can be purchased on terms to suit, and la worth tooklnf Into quickly. See us for other bar gams. F. R. WOOD & CO., BROADWAY AND. hOTH ST. . A BARGAIN FLAT. 114th St.. near Lenox Av., 25 ft-. 5-storT double, all Improvements; fine condition; low price, with easy terma. to quirk pwrhaaar. Hen u. taainaaer m . e see i sea way. 6TH AV NserKdSt. . Choice Plot. $.500 so. ft. J bis future when underground is built; cheepeat m ath Av. H. J. SACHS A CO.. S West 33d. WEST 105TH STREET. Wide five-story doable; rents 44.044; price 114.500: mortarar. 1 17, ooo. Bert O. rati In a be- f'e tod Breed way. ASS!, fl SUSSA XB W 9 Dfc. - w w and store. 4-family, 14 rooms on floor. 2i-x BAxinO; rent $3.40i; price $.13,000; mortgaate $22,500; ft per cant., 1810. Harris, et . Wast, 4th St. ; " Exceptional Offering Boomlnr section, five-story high-grade doable seven-room, apartments, near Broadway; S4xt0: leased to year, ly tenants. $4,740; price. $42.5001 Jonas A Co. . m rv . . . . . , . . , , , a. . a i . 2.714 BthAV. EIGHTH AVENUE triple flat,' with stores,; rente 14.400, Bert O. Faalhaber A Cew t Bi end way. Near Central Park West. Private house, 10 rooms: elegant condition; price. - $l$.60O; mortaaxe. $9.JO- worth $20,000; act quick. Jacob Cash. 110 WW ligd Bt. Dwelling. S-stoty and baaement. aaar aforn- Ins-aide Park: very little cash above ftrst mortgace required. .Robert Levers. $64. Weak 110th Bt. - ' iitST7UM9t price. $11,500: $4.00$ CASH huya flv-story modem triple flat, vlcf n I ty. 141d 8t, 7th Av. Arnold A Byrne. 41 Lib-. erty St. as,ee CASH (price 41t,eee bays ftve-etory stx-room double flat; perfect order; vicinity 115th St-, Ttb At. Arnold A Bmu, 41 AMsTKIUIAM AV. double flat, vicinity 411. $10. ooo: easy terma. Arnold A Byrne. 41 COLIMBIS AV. triple flat. 40a, large store. 94 6,009. Araoiq at jtyrne. mX p.rr y pv. Private house above lldth Sc. near Uornta-side Park; select nelbborbood: . for aaie at aacrlflee. F. W. Sehns. $21 W. llth 6t-Beat. $3.00: price. $32,500; $0,000 CASH bars flve-etory modetn triple flat, vicinity lead, St.. 7th Av. Arnold A Byrne. 41 liberty Bt SACRIFICE. SS-foot double flat, beiit ooe year: rent. $5,100; prtoe. $47,000: easy terma. ; Arnold Byrne, 41 Liberty St. 116th Ct.. 75 Fawt Eaat of Subway-5-story trip's store property: never offered before; . aacri-Vie. Baom. owner, 8Q4 Wwt llth St. " : FOR ALB A D1RCA1.1. WEST SIDE RE3IDENCK. NEAR PARlt BNOv A BROS. fMM FIFTH AVE.CEl $5,000 CASH ( lrlc. $2S.OU buys ftve-story. six-room double flat; perfect order; vicinity 115th St.. Tth Av. Arnold m gyme. et loerty.- Asoetardam At, near 10th St., store property 2 prtce $42,500; rent should be $4,060: monraae. $30,tt)0: act ejulck. Jacob Cash. HO W. load 8t. T ' ' r . , - i . At lAl E.IWAU m w . www, i h .iwHuj u f $a.0uO: eas- tsrxca. ArxMd A Byra. 41 liberty St. $d.5lO bujrs 5-etory double. S rooms, aaar Lenox Av. Subway atatleo. . Freed iiroo.. $.! Jcf wwwr I'M". . v- )ml . Weat llbth Street. 6-etory triple Cat; rant $2.S7i0: prtce $2o.500; anortgaae $20,0ua,l. F. Ctomellma. 1.22$ Lexington Av. Have cood property la the 0fm aad SO'a, and Av.. near mist bt. the tipper weet aioe. snttaote ve inptwea. WAB ateaunr wol. a.aa xreaawar. . I Hft

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