Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 29, 1946 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 29, 1946
Page 16
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- -3 " 1 . e i SI a- us , t V 1 1 7 r J v li lt. x . 16 Gr Oakland Tribune; Friday, Nov. 291946 Furlough Rate Extension Asked WASHINGTON, Nov. . 29. m-The Interstate Commerce today di-ricted the . railroads to keep the special low furlough rates for members of the armed forces in effect at least until January 30, 1947. All but four of the railroads operating east of the Mississippi River ast month gave notice to the ICC that they planned to abandon the special rate effective December 1. ; The War Department, which promptly intervened td ask that the furlough rates lje continued, said the various services had also received notices that the National Bus Traffic Association was considering a similar application. I Today's action by ICC will maintain the rates in effect through the approaching holiday season. . The commission called a hearing for December 11 on what the policy should be after January.' The furlough rates Inaugurated in wartime give servicemen and women transportation . at one and a quarter cents per mile. The regular civilian rate is 2.2 cents.. AlfLEE REBUKES LABORITE 'REBELS' , LONDON, Nov. 29. UP) Political circles buzzed today with accounts f of a private meeting attended by Prime Minister Attlee and other government leaders, during which Labor members of the House of Commons who failed to vote last week in support of Foreign Secre tary JJrnest Bevin's policies were rebuOd and told to "vote right hereafter. 1 There were varying versions of the rebukes at yesterday's meeting, with some informants reporting that Attlee "astonished everyone by the ferocity of his attack" upon the insurgents. Others maintained the Prime Minister and his deputy, Herbert Morrison, were "like tolerant fathers welcoming the return of the prodigal sons' The meeting was prompted by last week's foreign affairs revolt, in which nearly 100 Labor members ojt Parliament abstained from a 353 to 0 vote of confidence. 'A letter from the party executive read at the meeting said "there must be no repetition of the split in the party ranks, as it would cause such a serious deterioration of public esteem that the effect on the next election would be disastrous." PRICE ISN'T ALL Betides giving you th lowest possible price on alt cuts of meat, wa also giva you Government inspected i QUAL TV in I large variety. AND REMEMBER . . . EVERY TENDER, JUICY PIECE IS FAMILY PRICED Tfr EAT AND FANCY FRESH IASTERN PORK PICHICS For Roastinsr FANCY EASTERN P"9 ponic BUTTS Roastin?. . . .Lb. Xj i PORK CHOPS u, ..... : m DCIIELESS nUUIiD f'lfi For Roasting Lb. . STEAIIS T-BONE- i lljS PORTERIIOUSESIRLOrV Lb. iS J Rlil STEAKS IVrj; Very Tender. ...Lb. J fl pickled picnics mi Famous Davlite Just like ham Lb. m CjT F0RIC KIDUEYS 0Id POUND A l TURK Choice Broad Breasted Birds "LOWEST PRICES FRESH DRESSED ROOSTERS, .lb. 42 I FRYERS lb. 0 1 RED CEIIS For Etln, Fricassee. Klcbt strsltbt fryer Urm-ln Hywrd. Full line of garden fresh FRUITS am 1 r v. Woshingtcn Street ct -V! -y 1 t Worthy Patron Marshall Rutherford (left) and Worth j Matron Mary Rogers, retiring officers of Oak Leaf Chapter No. 8, Order of Eastern Star, receive Jewel box at a "farewell"' meeting at Madison Street Temple. Tribune phot. Eastern Star to Oakland Chapter No. 140, Order of the Eastern Star, will hold an installation of officers on Wednes day at 8:30 p.m. at the Madison Street Temple, i . J "Dart Maccany will be installed as Lworthy matron and Ferdinand Diehl as worthy patron. Other incoming officers are Grace Hollingshead, C. V.. Clifton, Zela Hart, Alma D. Dimpfel, Rene Hess, Alice Skinner, Ruth Buchanan. Barbara Benson, Patricia Fish, Marjorie Jimes, Mildred Rossi, Grace Welch, Marion Stokes, Beverly Giles, Eleanor Dixon, Louis Ellis, and Alvia James. Among those who will assist in the ceremonies are Zela Hart.' Em-mett Hart, Clyde Chamblin, Elwood (Just4he way you like 'erri fresh WCr NOT JUST TO LOOK AT . PIGS FEET Sreh or Pickled Lb! . . IG Lb. ; Fm Darlite Corned Beef BoneleM Brisket Lb. . SO ' ; ; Ho ; MAUGIIS t or Stomscht ' Lb..., 23 ' Fre ' KinGAU'S LARD l-lb. Carton or ':!:' Balk ' Lb. .. CC LARGE GRADE A I EGGS i D0k..;..74 from our colored and VEGETABLES all family priced. MEM m pi j .IXjlTl:'ir Ethin Downtown Oakland - -V- 0 Install Officers Hess, Nan -Walsh, Mable Chamblin, Addis Sea, Mary Angwin, Gertrude Ellis, and Donna JLe Riley. An en tertainment program la included in fiiiill iwii tifcfiz OAKLAND t 7319 Msc Arthur Blid. 1475 Shattuek Ave. Cor. 8rh Ave.-E. 12thj St. 2804 Telegraph-Avenue I 5854 College Ave. ,- Cor. Shnartuck-Woolsey Telegraph Ave. at 45th St. Corner of Cedar and Grove Sri. ' ' ' Corner Stockton I Norvell Streets, El Cerrito PEARS Si t . . .... Treesweet Grapefruit tfA JUICE ,.":.... .. Auger ' CAIIE FLOUR Pkf. GINGERBREAD CCtl nixsr. 1$ SIIEFFORDS 0Hn H-lb.pkr. tiCSQ Olde Yorke Ul Others ....29c cnnCKERs Sunshine Krispy A A j CRACKERS g.Ly Del Monte CATSUP Bottle. Itioips - Sfew 'Meat Tender Juicy Delicious U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED Horse Meat for Human- Consumption WHY: PAY MEAT Visit Our Nearest Store Today There Is One Near Your Home STORES IN OAKLAND, BERKELEY I! and RICHMOND ?0NY-MARKETS i YERIMGTCN PET LOAF IConservatives Win in Scotland EDINBURGH, Nov. 23. The Conservative party increased , its strength in the House of Commons by another vote today, its second gain since the Labor victory in the 1945 general election. Walter Elliot, conservative, was declared the winner in a Scottish universities by-election caused by the resignation of Sir John-Boyd Orr, an Independent, who heads the food, and agriculture organization of the Uiited Nations. Elliot polled 22,152 votes to -3731 for the Labor candidate, Dr. C. E. M. Joad, professor, writer and radio quiz veteran. ; ' f The victory increases Conserva tive membership of the House : to 200, including nine Ulster unionists who form an integral part of the party. Labor, with two. seats va cant, has 391 members in the 640 seat House. : , The first Conservative gain, ! in the English universities by-election, was also at the expense of the Inde pendents, Conservative H. G.. Strauss winning the post left vacant by the death of Eleanor Rathbone. Firemen Plan Dance .DECOTO, Nov. 29 The seventh annual public benefit dance of the Decoto Fire Department will be held at the Newark pavilion on December 14, according to Chief Roland BendeL " . nypric$ BERKELEY HUNT'S QDinfin.fi no. sk Ul llif4UII Tin. Gerber's BABY FOODS 1 Tin Heins .TOMATO SOUP TU. ... ......12 OLD ENGLISH PORK 6 BEAI1S 100 Limited Quan. l-lb. tin I Kj Peanut Duller OQb Lane's, l-lb. Jar, Lm3 Applo Sauco 100 Musselman's. No. 2 Tin IU viieaties -an Lartje Package .......... 1U Sperry's or Gold Medal FLOUR,,, Bag. oasts PRICES? LEADING PIT SUPPLIES 4 V4 ' Zion tutHeran Installs Pastor The Rev. Arnold A. Levenhagen, formerly of the Dinuba-Selma Parish, will be installed as pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, 12th and Myrtle Streets, on Sunday at 4 p.m. The Rev. Frank Haedicke of Re deemer Lutheran Church, vice- president of the California and Ne vada district of the Lutheran Church, will deliver the sermon. The Rev. George Mieger, assisted Ly eight local pasters, wiU deliver the charge. ' .- A reception for the new pastor will be held in the auditorium of the parish house, immediately after the service. .. , . . , The Reverend Levenhagen attended California Concordia College at Oakland and was graduated from the Theological Seminary in St. Louis, He has held pastorates in Rainier, Wash., and in'Selma and Dinuba, Calif. ; - f Organized in 1882, Zion - Church has had but two pastors, the Rev. Zi H. Theiss, who served from 1882 to 1916, and Rev. Meiger, who became pastor in 1916 and will now assume the status of pastor emeritus. . y ' 0 0800 (Mvi n frflY Air nfrnTv ADVERTISED ITEMS LIMITED TO STOCK ON HAND None sold to dealers. Right reserved to limit : Open nifhtt and Sundays. PRICES EFFECTIVE FRIDAY A.D SA TVRDAY, IVOV EMBER ,?.9Til AUb 30TR MADOKIKIA Fflnrv DEL RAY 0 BEEF OR CHICKEN CUBES WILBERTS Brown or Black ollsli HAPPYVALE Sisiiap IP eas SUNNY JIM IP eanut H) utter T? mm r- t v il a a ytUbll irteittiUV-VUe o -o o HY-GRADE, WHOLE, BONELESS. NO WASTE. 10 TO, 14 LBS. HUNT'S GREEN GAGE CAu pmns 6 PLY1VIOUTH MAID i APRICOTS S.1!4 i Whole Unpeeled GOLDEN CREAM STYLE ft "vitamins A and C- Tender, young whok kernels Peach Preserves Ladies' Choice. . .2-lb. JarU EHMANN, Large Ripe 180 Ui.IWa.U Tin AMERICAN RIVER DILLS Pint Jar. . .10 DOG FOOD wiircn trPHn&iL r COMPLETE i 1 ( i 27-or. 20 ' 5-lb. pkr....... 64 Mixed Halves and Sliced SILVERDALE PEACHES 21 SOUTHERN PRIDE . . snLcoriss not No. m Tin.............. MU Treesveet ORAIiGE JUICE N. f Tin 2 far 30 4-f. tin i LELI0II JUICE 9 W SMs. Tin for V . Grapefruit Jui:o No. t Ti . ....... .......I far W (Vo. Tia. The Rev. A. A. Levenhagen will be installed as pastor of Zion Lutheran Church on Sunday afternoon. Tribune photo. ) mm J IZllllIlZlXllZZXXllT lie 15V4Tox.Tin ash Pkg. J,4r 3 No. 2 Tin 2 for Mb. Jar !! mm 0 GREEN BOW ASPARAGUS stV !9 Cut AH Green PEARLS QUALITY nCCTC Standard r.2iw. SUced No. 2 Tin,.., DEL MAIZ f g( No. 2 tin i!2) GIBB S FANCY MIXED Vegetables 9QRji No. 2 Tin.......... W taw TAHOE CUT BLUE LAKE Green Beans'-OQHl No. 2 Tin.;..:..... 'a UlJ PARSONS y QUART -nC BOTTLE RANCHERS PRIDE DINNER Turkey doodles 1 00 XSJi-oz. ! Jar. . .. . .... . IV POTATOES PERSIMMONS. . . ; 2h 2?o p BEQ.0: I Jj Liquid 0' YF Piaitt ' Hsf Mb. npd tr" Jar J) HIMHMHnHnHHHHnVHBIb GRAPEFRUIT f E .. . . . . Ib. Cc APPLES Winesap or Roman Beauty. . ...2 lbs. 23c CALAVOS Large. . . .eochSSe CELERY. . . . . . . .lb. Cc Sistelof AP - . ". .....if- 4' ' , - y . ' ' '" . . , f President Dies NEWv Y(HK, ' Nov. 29. Mrs. 1 John Sl Wlams, 44, sister of Robert McLean;, president of the Associated Presf hnd of the Philadelphia Evening BMetin, died last night. It QtifZ Uo C-'JftT Ml 1 I" " ' ill "V.' 1 1 1 1 i--r 1 11 ED f?5ifC0XRij;o o I lJ. "1 OPEN N ifGHTS i and SU&DAYS Por Your Convenience ixxzxxxrsxxxxxxxxixxxx TEA lGS QRd Alta 48's. ylif ig-.. ....... uu OHIO BLfcE TIP HATCHES Penny Bofcs..Pkg. u-tt. Pktt!..i. ......... tfir TWINE! Parcel Poj Ball. Mia A! DflLjO HEAL brillqIsoap OR iCLEAfiR PADS "lit COWL iLEAre IKrj pUREx. t lijr I-. . - PUREX PRAinpEHER l&t "63 II tniiT imncH 100 12-oz. pkrij yr ...fi.XO lbs. 37e S Ib. IOC OliWiVwoCjautft . P 7- - I JL i Ml mm Yes, we agree, meat prices are still much too high. But, it'll tako teamwork (you, our customer, and our organization) to bring them down. We'll cut profit lean, and ask you to buy only what you need from day to day. This co-operation will soon have prices where, they belong.. j i SHOP FRIDAY AUD SATURDAY FOR THESE VALUES Eastern Corn Fed, Gov't Inspccletj Pork pooh ROAST Shank-tnd Cut, lb ! ...PORK BUTT ROAST Lb. h j ... PORK BUTT STEAKS: Lb. ! SHOULDER PORK ROAST Center Cut, lb..... "T Sirloin or Tenderloin " -..Mi'-' Gridi A But, lb... Porterhouse, T-Bone or T Prime Rib Lb. IdlEAT. MAnSCETS" .! 332 14th St..1, 2910 Broadway '4156 Telegraph Ave. 5677 San Pablo Ave. t 6321 College Ave. ; 1841 Park Blvd. , 3310 Park Blvd. i' 4219 Park Blvd. ; 6S24 Moraja Road ' ) ;vV .. 3417 Lakeihore AveL 362 Grand Ave. 2914 Fruitvale Ave. 13300 Foothill Blvd. 2611: Seminary Ave. 7540 MacArthurBlvd. 9409 E. 14th St. yvyy,: 'ry' y 1491 Shattuek Ave., Berkeley 303 Arlington Ave., Berkeley 1710 University Ave., Berkeley 1227 Park St, Alameda Read the Knave every Sunday 1 : Ad) J7 ' - - " I 55' 59' ' .1

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