Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 20, 1948 · Page 37
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 37

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 20, 1948
Page 37
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t J. i f 84-AUTCS PtYMOTJTH 1934 buHnMl m.im- Al condiUon; heater, fJUcerne J'LVAiOUArf, IS I, busiue-s 'coupe, S-'lr'L wn. 00. After & JUMUUIH, li44 station uon jrood condiUoa S12&0. A3hoerry hhi, a-door seaan; good transportation: mechanically , l'LvJiou IH, lv. dfiux 4-door e-. Sn: .AI hanJcaily; So50. 840 ilA'ftiOLIri lii. 2-Uoor aedan;; tuo 3-wheet trailer with rack, 1jo1 Via Cnnejn, 'Wan T-nrenro. : tLVMUUIH ldt. sedan; pood condition: new paint Job: il35. .J101 &t-hrm Street; KB Hop? 8-V44S ' Fi-i MOUTH. IHjJ; 137 motor: good" S1.1 ar8ain. KJEUorg i-12(3:-2W2 B.Kh Avenue. .-- LiiVluU 1H, Itfj convertible ceupe; jwell transportation, 7 tires , and : tuhe. I.O ekhaven -4w-1 4 vf lioUXH, coupe; radio, re " J1Lp,'?r- eJJnt condition, i!toy?l. UJ am : lux; new paint, bearings, ring: only $350: rliMyulH, busmen ciutes- overhauled new Paint; Suai 3"20 Simmon Street. ' - - PLYMOUTH. 146 SiMctal tOc'lux;' !d!"l:t1,J?!,w7 rlM "IT Shaw twit, be row 7-3;;. i r ' PLYMpUTH 1M1 convertible, good, conditiionj will trade lor pickup, oe v rmtres cmp TE mplehar l!. .JLVMpin-rf jM coupe. exteJie"V Conditym. LA kentrnt 2-lQ. " 1-1.1 AiLl'l if l.i i-Uoor Sedin--35e-. $ !?r,n P""' h,l- ath Strwt. t Fjftibulii IkjJ faian Quick lr". Make lrfftr. Call BK rlclf 7-8-n3. jr-JUYMuUTH. . J.16 aedan, l.i C4U a 1. Sunday. CL encotirt 1-lffTf). .' V-v.i i iAC. li-i- convertible eiaiii. brand new with ell accessories: rnu . see to appreciate. 2160 Mount Diablo -Boulevard, Walnut Cree li; eve- pines 47Sa.-- - , t , 1-UiNiiAC sedan, good running ' condition new battery and brake! body rough; JSOt XdiUk, Berke. ' ley; 1,A twH r i-M03. - -I i i, - fONTIAC. mi convertible; fJoO'-" milear whlt-wan'air rtdef has eervthlrif; 29J0 rt Ui .StrtC 'iyH'llAii- Hi i-JUor lWieoo""i 1 Two-tone, good condition: rnurt MIL' by owner: - car at 22263 UeeUand ' A germ. Hay ward. J V fONXIAC. vonverUbia couie! radio $645, park Street. Ahmed. WiNTiAn a., laj-i 1 t.trter!m.i radio, Qexcemionally cleans 2395, 9 down. M Quintal. , Fat t4th Strft. i-oisTIAC 11 coupei good -34: 2T71 mtirt Averts, ood, clean ' ettwoed , owner needs money badly; make offer. SW eet- PONI1AC. l4l aedan. 7F9760 h-censa. new motor and paint Jobi aftfr 4:S0' fi.m.I S20 17th S'rWt. UMiiAcj liwu, coupe; meciaanieaiiy lines exchange of motor: radio; aeat r": nw W"mwllt 3-10t. f?N JflAC. itt.iB. coupe: radio, gpot-Uaht, 4 new tire, tube! iiU. wia POfiTIAC llii t door.jli033- by owner. orpedot LOck- UWiiAC lMt a torpedo aedan eouper aceeseJrle; food condiUon. O.SfiAfl, , 1.U 4-ooo (Mdan: a rade-in: Inr prl' 1-Mf4. vhto pony taea. LU. 1333. Crne jpo'ntiac , 1933 4 door; good 1330. LOckhavtn a trtngporttUoa,! M8 Superior Avenue, San Leandro, PO.vjriAC.-,ii4i.r hMter,t"thev) - f erjinty. i;i F.nH? ...1 ..J SMI" Alirtoa. Jo. PON HAG a Huston torpedo. - Rood conditions original owner; $1100; ! AS hhTTv y-308). 7 1 i ; PONXIAC 1B41 . coupe, $-1330. convertible ciuh Owner. TRlnidad a-zs2...i ;t PONTIAO 11131 fti coum v-..nn condition; tadioj beater; $493. 9314 Olive.- i - f - - I'OiS TlAC 1W. . ad.iiette: low - m"ag: 8gl9S. Jlggf 14fh AvtTiMf. ; liONTIAC 6, 1941, 2-door aedan. raTtio. heater, $107. LU ceme 1-2690. ' 1940,. 4i-door edn; new patnt and radio. LA kehurvt 3-691 S. ! SfUDSBAKER. 1947 Land I Cruiser i aedan: overdrtvo. pearl gray, excel lent,, low mileage; price reduced; guaranteed.: - U'. -.'..-;-.-;.. Mtor gales Cerpi'J- , - (v . J?l Bmadwav: TW toV S-M51. - ' Siadebaker, New, 1948." I , Commandwr convertible: stiver erav , with black top; red leather uphol- icry; rwsonaoie; win accept iraoe KEllogg 2-2400nj Allda Court, eve- -nlnes. ' v - - r- - ' - : STUDBAKA 1937 Dictator -4-door sedan; motor recently overhauled: good tires; $650; private owner. Mr. Leach. LOckhaven 8-4433; Ult ; 1 10WH Aveniie. 1 - I . 1 hSTUUiiiAlvi,rt, 1M1 Command convertible; overdrive, radio, Clim tizer, low miles, must sei to appreciate. 3160 Mount Diablo Boulevard, Walnut Creek 3313; evenings , 4773. " , S I ULii-ii AKiai. 1940 champion, lourl door aedan; overdrive, radio, hill-holder; , excellent condition; private owner haa new car, LAndscape .a-iiwa.' - . ' t; ; "" -p - - SiUOi-tiAKxA.' 1946 V toni pick-up; overdrive, heater low mileage, very , clean: $1595. 2160 Mount Diablo Boulevard. Walnut Creek 3315;, even nirp 4733.-' ' -- - - ' ! - STATION wagon. 1941 ford; new motor; can have finance with small, down payment. Call HU mboldt 3-4847. Saturday ' night . Or; , Sunday efrnnrtn STLiJ.jAK.,uit Commander 1940. ac-. cesaories; down ' payment: car or smaill, amount of cash. 1208 8th Stret. Apartment n Si l bulA KA-xi Commander Con. veriibleOilke new; lew miles: low coat. By owner. 1738 130th Avenue, SXVD1LBAK.KH 1947 Kegai de luxe 4-door , sedan; excellent condition; $1960 or beat offer. &78 Mac Arthur Bo'A'eyard. j. . ... SrUutiiAKi-H. 147 Champi0i3 2-door aedan; black, excellent cohdl ti": H0O. TW trtnakt 3-15110. - SibuiBAKEit,' aedan; excel-ln condition: second owner; rei-)sertah). Piedmont S-llf'IW. - ' IfilUDKidAXEK. 1437 tour-doors good 'condition, new paint; 8350. Owner, Kg Hee 3-?1"t. , ' i'ii.HHAi'LAisE, ' UJi 4 -door anian, gnod con dittos: 81V). 840 r.ast 12th. : VviiXVS jeep, civilian, 1944 model; :ha radio and fog lighU. all seat, complete top: 8275 actual miles-. , perfect condilioe; $123. QuSHty Motor Company, 1911 Park Street Aia- imea. I" J., lViIXia. a cylinder stioiV sedan; ' new; aee it now; immediate delivery. Quality Motor Company, 191 ! WILLYS 1941 sedan, good condition; barenln. fi5. Tt mrleKsr! 3-54. Business Stinks II ! . 1 We're giving them away , )940 Willys sedan : 139 LaSalle sedan i 1947 Aero Chevrolet sedan 1948 Aero Chevrolet sedan ,,,.f 80S MS ....$2199 ...S3.i85 . . ..$2195 194H Oldsmobile 8 sefon 1948 Oldsmobile 8 hydramatio.35!3 huwk convertible ... 1947 Dodge custom sedan J. . .12795 ,.,..,12399 Hast ,12th l . Guaranteed Motors, 300, Street. Business Stinks ! . ' . We re giving them away. 1948 Bulck super sedan ..$2475 1944 Buick Road master ...I,,.. 11573 ;1947 Chevrolet Flectllne ...... S22S3 1942 Bulck special sedan .1. ,,.81493 1941 Oldsmobile convertibM . . .4l45 '1938 Chevrolet 2-door 1....$ 873 .1937 Dods 4-door .8393 Guaranteed Motors, SCO East 12th Street. -' . - ' British Sport Car. $ I 50 Not a midget: a standard "Swallow," 3935; six wire racing" wheels, twin Winfleld 'Carburetors, four speeds forward,' built-in-: jacks, aluminum head, 'new red -plastic upholstery; in excellent CondiUon; private owner. Call after 3 pjcn.t Olu ymple 3-4333.. - -. Bargairul Bargains 1 As - . Biry here and save 100-f300t over 800 ears sold In 14 months; buyers under no obligation; , car owners regirtration fee $5. , - Private Owners' .Car Exchange Every Saturday, Sunday afternoon. 1-8 p.m. at r Center . and! Oxford Street, rlnwntrtwn perVelfy, MIDGET racing car. new Curtis tvpe bodv. ready . to race; 'trailor ' and many extras. SI 350. 3271 Kncinal. luimtoii ia aenurst a-803v. 'Chcaplet ,.1919 JPlymoufll J-dxf rv . 19.14 Plymouth sdoor ' 1933 Oievrolet 4-door . Chevrolet coup , 134 Chevrolet ldoor . 1S34 Chevrolet a-dowr- Pha Davis, Chry$!er-PIyxacct! -C. W. Hammond & Son ' ll many 1S34 to 1B30 car in food ' condition: tncample: 1937 Srudebafcer , coupe, overdrive. Mil: we do our , own financing. 3063 Broadway. , GLencourt 1-1357; hear Mr. Hnv jrnrtnd n KROW Rui4v, 10:4 em Tor $59.50 Per MontK ' ISfcw. Kawct 34,X3d milt g"uamnt. -Xoday'a Special Used Car Kfl Haiaea'A Deer Secaa, 0vS. ;0pi All Day Saturday ' ;Mdros Motor Sales 4431 Eit I4tn Street. High Grade Cara " 1946 Dod custom club coupe, " y tH.Von won. .....aims a,r1 Clipper awdan ....iss , 1942 Bulck aedanett .......... 1942 Dodge Luxury Liner wb eoupo..-. .......S1M9 1942 Studebaker J-door $u$ Wuiya de Knee edaa..!":if5 liMl Lincoln Zephyr.,,,., .,,...$1095 S!', ...$1MJ I?05' d, COUPt..;... 695 1940 Ford 2-door ...............a ees 1939 Packard club coupe. $ 803 Kaay Xeraae, V MaiUt , Transport Motor Co ' ' ysi gaat 14th gtret; rvrwn Waturdav.' Late Models Packard 1948 convertible ; Packard 1948 club coupe Oldsmobile 1S4T club coupe - Pont lac 8 194? club coupe Packard 1948 Clipper cedan vBuick 194i auper sedan- Buick 140 club coape iany others: bank terau. KeyrMM ?Liohn& .do- J2i Gri Picked rlr. TW tnV 8-30. . Look At This Willys 1942, first clas 80S Dodge 1937. motor 1947 $3 Chevrolet 1948 t-door ....... l r9 Buick 1934 4-door tM Ford ton-Mi stake 1843, cheap. Three model A' to choose from. S448 laat Itth Corripr SSth Avamio nS Faf 13th.' Moving Sale Chevrolet Aero aedan, snarooa, radio and heater ............. ...$2393 Tord, 1048 Tudor super de luxe, radio and heater 72083' Mercury, mi sedan ew motor ,. .$1299 Buick, 1948 super convertible i coupe, radio and heater ,....$2833 And many others. B. M. Gordon 8899 East 12th. - PRIVATE" owners; sell or buy prl-vately. Saturday and Sunday. l- tm.; Owner's registration, $3. awel Acto Owners Private Exchange PRIVATS Auto bale; only iei -dil!T U ?urA car -until sold at . the Stadium Auto Owners Private Exchange; 1-8 p.m. Saturday, Sun-. ?y 1S3rd .Avenue, East 14th Street, Saa Leandxo. LOckhaven Vacation Sale!!! Use Your Credit 1333 Oldsmobile W t9. 8 down 1935 De Soto sedan $393. $39.30 down 1933 Chevrolet coupe ' . .ckll. 29S. 829.50 down CvnH 3445. $43.00 down 3938 Chevrolet .a. SfS8 83W- 38 S down g,Wsmb .i 8495, $49.30 down . 4337 Plymouth h iou?e v 4M. S43.30 down 7'W7 Parbsrd ,.UH tint .rt mn. j a,; 7. "-""" ta.ijir gown 1o S?ntla.,;edan M95 49 50 down ' IS .. st)S3, jt,,.nj down 1937 Pontiac aedan $695. $69.50 down P. J. Van Nostrand 3071 Bmadwsy. 5044 Brr.afwav -WE invite your inspection of . our stock of good, reliahlo used cars, priced riaht. : Don Lie Incorporated Cadirjac-qidsmobile dealer, 14th end Harrison Streets fcloted Saturdays). ,WILL sacrifice equity in 1&38 Ply. jnouthi Road Khvr. new Urea, paint. 5Sb!illiwln?tor 1 "40 East ?"rt(4 PTet: ttrtg. 1948, , - .'" , Cadillac 1 Sedanette 62 model S201 East 14th. RXllogf S-SOU ' i' Sportsman convertible: radio, : heater; full leather upholstery, automatic windows; S2475. . "mwV ,C Wi Hammond 6c Sons 3088 Broadway. GL encourt 1-1357. 84A-AUT0S WANTED ALL ares and all makes. Why Is C. W. Hammond ie Sons The largest buyer? They've paid more for years! My eona will call for free appraisals. 1"'45 a m. Sunday. f AAATInli.v'duaI wants automobile; - cash immediately. TI mplebar 3-73031 v Stodays, TS mplebar 3- : A traveling man wants new or ' i-l'ir 8 " :Mot Drivnts nartv rfuirT" mn?Tr!! v f 1? to 1948: mu.t ha ve quick; each, PI edmcmt 8-3641; eve- Tinr. HU mholdt $83P). - A 141 VM car needed ouicltl top tLU rH,01 preferred; have ch. Phone AS hberry 3-8134. Blf cash price paid for cara to J-ars Sold Free , " For private owners. See Joe Donham nSsllak.a . viwuir,uu Will4 . nja bonne tnw m.-m r" -w rwvjui nadr"!fMM m ?r ciean late . 2vt?5i. W edmont 5-4114; eventnge. LOckhaven 8-.T761. CHEVHOt'.eT JZi . . '.. lain ' , party; iXjl 5 Inl&Zl'' '- irw-.''"s ciean lull Buick Chrysler sedan or club coupe. Have r". "" P"d tor Model "a Bh-JPj-W" Waldear East 13th. Nuihu KX1- ni'1?16 or UOtXi CMS, P.! t?e- P"Tan Motors. 3900 East Street. KE llftgg 2-3244T T1 OVT-of-town dealer will "pay very near retail price on Cadulac or ..T!i Gkenemirt 1-a"r;i aJ"$JSftn wai pay ca,h for' 1 1938 to 1S39 Dodge or Plymouth: TrSi I004 inside Aoovef4yfitoafatioa'. . STUDEBAKiH 1947-1848 Champion . club coupe, immediately; pay euiu. SaIxoMAIvJ wiii p5" "cath; iwS ' 1347, 1948 car. TRlnidad 2-8578. ' i. trade man's diamond fc carat in-5uJUa, Praiaai 4300. JU Hogg .. JV A.NT4 good lie4 or mf Chevroietl 1 Plvmouth or Ford for trip to Canada! ! WANT lswf Aero sedan; have cash; principals on!?, TE mplehar 8-24, I IMWW model Chevrolet. Buick or ..Studebaker preferred; need badly; have cash. Piedmont S-2641; ee-.' htre., mr mholdt . , If it isn't advertised here. try a want ad yourself. S$CGi!MERC!AL TRAILERS ALL metal trailer, 3 wheels, Senders: '' Oi-iu wrarti Ut,er, licen&e; pound capacity; te.ior made cover. S4V LAheh'urst 3-7852. - ZLljh.hjL-k.txii, utiMties, boat trailers, rental, sales, low rate, day, week, montru' 21S1 Saa Pablo; Lrkeiey 7-fi2'iS. - ' i- '. .-. - . . ivvO-wneel bxVVs lioor, 4 foot panel Sides, arch canvas top with 4x3 inside sliding rear- door, air brake, springs, ton, capacity, $3o0 HU m-boMt a-wo. - - TftAii-tut, 4x6, trarir, Sx7, hui both with le-tnrh wheels. 4510 Mei' rxo Avenue; KK llrxrg 2-fTOX , lAO wricei trailer 4x8, ciei liuor : frame. 4flth Street. M'JSE TRAILERS Assortment of New Models Sehults I.;atw ballts. Cabanas and Cabanettes; byy oMer models l.ke rent. Moody Bros.. 8519 MacArthur Boulevard; SW ectwood 8-3U: aua Pan PoMi Actwi, Tl Cerrft AiJi.iCAN, fcchuit palace, V est- -craft and other good used lastem trailers, United Trailer Sales - tVKt rno"ni; SWtwood t-l4, Al cunaiiMMi 1m? Criider; 3 complete roOm; many extra. Mehren, Pejnfn Trailer Cwrt g?V7. A..iVf bouts Uaiier. SuvA, iUl te atte Pteeet. . li t Ab il I, U 3-roora iat iiMl C- lumbia. IDPe new; bargain,, yor tn-frennit'inTt caTl Walnut Creek 3343. CGLXidiiLA. Mamimes; we rent ,'emt -, trailer storage $3 month; we also sell on consignment; open evenings, Sundays. Auto Trailer Exchange, 4326 East 14tht Street. Oakland, KXi- b" 2-9384. f-ozy. Coacn trailer, green, sleeps four; good coninton; bareaip. $js . P"na Vista. Alameda. CLfcAN 1343 Mohawk le-foot. sleep four; $&i9. Make offer. 3330 Saa PaMn. DuO, Curus Wright and Kit trailer; aluminum; iot and cold water, shower, toilet, electric refrlferation; sist sleepers, G. G. Miller, 8613 Foot- hiTI Bmilevsrri, Osklartd. Lib Luxe, l4i house trailer, kaoiern bnilt, fully equipped; must sell. 308 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrilo. Trailer 84; TW iwoetes 8-M13. Foothill iTrailer Sale Specials; beautiful Chicago Stream-lite; water heater, awng. West-wood awning rug; Ciybia apart- i"5"V exuaa. Winers, l trms rwvt Mil- ix rkhaven 8-I24 UULiNG vacation cafftp trailer, ex-celient conditwai eleepe 4j, eprinea, mattresses included; food, ice box snace; 351. LA rtdcape 6-0193. '. G.M.C. house-car, 1&42. $1350. Tear-' -Port toailer, $354. BX rkeley C1LBEHX; d once: cos tiaOu. -will take SlOfiO..: 13)9 foothill. i kljNlKiU, xisnvtnien, take your bed with you. Teardrop camp trailer, well made, sleeps two; has kitchen with tee box; can be seen all day Sunday at 301$ Rawsoa Street, Oak- lurid. - " kliiKAWAV traveler; excellent eonl dition; cost S140Q, wiU take $850. : 1313 Fonthtlt. - ' - -: - - -; li you want a good traUer at a ' food price, see Don L Kimball, 2604 an Pablo, open evening!. LltiiUiTY 194 Custom: 4-rooma; ex- celient condiUon. 734 McLeod. Liver- ' more. vj-.. - - . . . LATiV ki-foot Schtut, very nice apartment range; reasonable. 8064 Cstro Valley Boulevard, Space 1. Marvels TraveJeers 18-2t foot; more for your money. , Bank terms. 835 San Pablo. El Cer- MUST sacrifice de luxe Teardrop camping trailer; complete sleeping, cooking facilities. 3484. Greenwood , Drive. Rontwewood. San PabhK .Si'fcCiAij xafie; Kimbaii dolaes at reduced prices; get yours today while they last; two models to ' choose from. Don IV. Kimball, 1808 . San Pablo, El Cerrito, Richmond ? 1293. ;; " - -- I SPAiilON Manor, sieeps 4; & roomg; "" new 6 cubic foot Frlsidaire, awning, steel venetiaB bltndss bargain, .4558 '-' Apoiaft Way, 13 .Sobrawte. SCH U LTB 1042 2-f oot. reasonable; must selt Space 17, 1423 168th Ave-ftie, Sam Ieandro. f : The New Look for 48 " Burdette r and Coroiiado coacheit: Just drop in and see for yourself; ' the price is low ; any one can own one; why worry? Buy one. 313 East 12th StreetOskland; Bayshore Hrhway. Smnyva), T HAlLsvH. 1947, Kit - Contonion, sleeps four; butane, 60-pound icebox; owner going east will sacrifice. 15101 Washington Avenue. San Lo- " w,n. ' "" "' 1 khAR-Drop campiM Uauer; sleeps ; 2; cupboards In the rear; aluminum finish; insulated sacrifice $200, : Richmortd- 3343. - - - THAVXLO; 26 foot, hxe new, spun- f glass Insulation, butane, toot water; dolly; bought new $2800: best. offer. over $1750. Richmond 8292M. ;' ' TKAlLtR, i$ feet, $wo- 8043 Ter- ; ' race Drive, S3 Cerrito, , afternoons and eventnes. L Vagabond. "24TooT7steelTexceT- jenv : conoiuan; r imiumrc, uuvinc, W dolly, electrte torakea. 15981 Xast 14U Ahlanf.i - -: - - 3 - 1943 - model Trave723-foot. two rooms; butane stove, electrte brakes, oil heat,! insulated, good-condition: $1250 cash. 2990 Dam, Road. San PaMo. ' J : luuv; cuaumyi bukit 3o-oot trailer! butane range; fine condWon; owner must seU. 1950 East 26th Street. KE Hogg 3-4463 evenings, all day Sunday. ' - i - -. - 27-foot Alma 3-room house trailer, like news full equipment: also new dollies.. 4Y7 Whittier, Tracy, CaU- fnmia. - ' 16 feci, 11H4 models good condition; . $500. 410 Superior, Saa Leandro; TRinidad S-397S. . 18-foot house trailer, sleeps four; famished. 3400. 1831 Jefferson. 1947 21-foot Universal, like new; ' i'P four. LA ndseape 5-S43S. 147 Mauuiners like new; sleeps 4; equity reasonable. LU cerne 2-2139, tS K:hj Trailsri Wintal CASH for house trailers, any make, model or condition. For action see Aee TraUer Sales, 1643 13th Street, " Sn Pablo. ---- -; :f Vi.Tt.HAMS equity in 2-bedroom home ; furnished; trade for late model house trailer 27 foot; seen after : p.m.' week days; all day Sunday. : 182S- Cedar Street, , Hay-ward. - "" ' 1 . - 1 , WANT 'to buy good used1 37 foot traUer house HI ghgate 4-12S8. E3-TRACTC3J FCH SALE DAVTD Bradley Randhnan Junior garden fractor; excellent condition, - complete with all cultivating accessories and sickle bar, $300. 9938 Michigan Avenue. LOckhaven ; s-ffftsa. ' - - - - ib.MOalrlATOiu; excellent con-dition; 9 horstpower riding; complete with tools. 847$. 1131 saa Pablo, 1 t-E rkeley f.2?. ' JOHN Dears (Model L tractor and equipment, electric 1 horsepower water pump and accessories, pipe and fittings; best offer takes all. Richmond 6203R; . 2oi Broadway, Rollinewnod. 1 - - ' - ' iiOTOilLLEii isiightly used) and 4-yard dump truck (1937 Ford), accessories; S90Q cash. LO ckhaven " . T1LLEX UUer, excellent condition: 14-inch cut, 8-inch depth, $350. Call Walnut Creek . 4358 or tilghgate 4-1.1'if - fc.MALL. CicUsc. Al cuiwiAwn; best offer rnve 4S0. Ltf cerne ,1-8833. TD18 with angle blade Hogging' wtnclt 'available ) ; 16 International diny rear tires, both excellent con- . dttiOn. .Howe's Tractor, 64 Porter ' Drive, WataottviQe, California; phone e&CARS FCR RENT DRIVE them yourself; all types; sow . rates by hour, week, month ot year; with Insurance; open nights, 1515 Webster Street, Oakland, Call TX mplebar 3-0303. C3 TRCSKS rCH HIRE DRIVE them ' yourself; a!l typed low rates by hour, day, week, month or year; wixh insurance; open P-ights, - ' . 1S15 Webster Street, Oakland; T mplebar 3-0203. S3 TRAILERS RENTED CAMPING trailers, reservations taken; sleeps 4 plus; Ice box, stove, lamp, hitches furnished. 1147 77 ih Avenue. TR idad 3-6717. I Lfv.iHjL Teardrop sleepers; " small hoiuM trailers, tents with lux- -gage trailers, completely equipped. 5.H8 ValleJo Street OLvmpic 2-S536. MOUSE TRAILERS WANTED ATTENTION trailer owners.- will 1 trade equity in lovely iive-room view home and fire rooms of good furniture for good three-room, late, model trailer; home Is six months old; tile sink and hath, hardwood . floors, dual furnace1, large lot: low .. payments. I3i Highland Bdule varu. nayware, UiHOnUS. m a. varn. m-i m wst sat-ee ar -as 1 1 Aensa.4 aa ' - ' . , . : . .,, t s house Trailers FC3 REUT . . 3-5674 0t ymj C3-1a!RPLAKS FCR SALE Jicowd. xeellrit nditiori: Dow Airport' . IS, m'L00 Asrport; free tie-own. 24-hwur watrhmaa. mit tail ervice, aircraft repair; ' srwdi T K LOrvCKAi'X oe " luxe" is )i pn lft- hn.!rx IjA w;:JJfsa , .rf bargains; low prices"; Lttscombe deaier. Moreet Vbrtng C tCST. V0n Preet. yn Weno - 8-344Q. P3edmrm Sj&i-- KBnotrWfjr ; ktL month , eM; reward, KUmboJdt r"ff 4lso. Esto,!4 Building; Hi gh V, lviaT watcb. Sr-Tan" ward. TW tnW d 4-3fXt:Mt0n weesfTlo f GRATIS NAL Ai?rel?ct Haa. 143$ Wevt meyftne Jrme M. ". ?L?f -3481; fClarentre R. Mel flntDclal ry. All dow Ne-t rneewtre;. Jnlv g. Per jour convifiitnc THE TRIBUNE maintains BRANCH OFFICES' in ...! BERKELEY 2040 Addison Street . SAN FRANCISCO 681 Market Street Room 597 ' Mooadnock Building H AWARD 756 Smaller Ame (off E Utk) WALNUT CREEK 1534 Bonanza Street ADVERTISING EDITORIAL and SUBSCRIPTION DEPARTMENTS Read the rib-tickling adventures daily of by: p - r . '--Vf - - Dave Gox . - Exclusire in That v MO U La i2UU Comics Lcrmiaes, -Ldy s; in downtown 1k- rfune 17; trrvktlxm- F3 l:R fli VITAL STATISTICS DEATHS ARCHAMB Al't-S la Oakland. Jue . 18. iS44, Macs;aret, srtfe 4 the te orfe S. ArchaTnbiit, tovirt mother Clirfoed S. Aretiawabeyrt ' .end Georre Andrew ArchaibeniH and Xirs. tLet;t,a Frank J. Creede, A native CKena. El Dorado . . County, Caiifowiia, ged 43 y-rs. Fneetds ere savftied t arteW Smca at the Teiejerar. Ave-njie Cipel of the Grai b. MiJJer Mortuaries Itssw Ss50 Telegraph Avernere, Oakland. M:tday, June 8L 1948, at e e otock p m. teter-meM, Wood laws MensoruU Park. ;' "Alanteda,' Jrne It.' .ma. Rum EasUi beloved wife 4 tt Xrail A. Kaaths and Krein . m'!ir Lenaj Amgnt,us, Go4de B. Dunn ad the ite Clyow Raatha. smd sister of Eiiwibeth Ftelas. A member tut tne Alameda Seventh . Day AdvevttM Qiisrth. A native of Iowa, affed $7. i Fnend are invTted to att'ko' he" funeral eenrvices Monday.. Jib 41. at, 3:39 pnv, M live Ownel of Fewrer-AstderstMs runerei D- retors. 244 Santa Oars Avenwe, Alameda. BOfftV-U Alanrneda, June IS, 1948, John rrancts Bowen Sr, beloved husband of Marie Bowen n loving father of John Francss Jr. Gerry. Miles and Sandra Ines Bowen; eon 21 JJfT Bertha Men a end Frank B. Bowen: brother of Mrs. Virginia Potter and Mrs. Marie de Maria of San Fra?iciacat California, and Edward Eger. A member the Alameda rtrtswaV Aasootetaen; a T Nevada; aged 41 .years. Friends are tnvtted t attend the funeral aervicee Monday. Jtne ai, M48, t 4:34 sun, from the chapel Smy and Geitagner Co-, 44 IS Oak Street, Alameda, thence la St. Joseph's Chm-ch. Alameda, where requiem mass wta he celebrated for the repose? f his soul, commencing t 3 am. Recitation of rosary Sunday evening at 4 ottock. BOWMAX-Ia Oakland. Jwne 17th, r - '1344 Gerre Patron EowraarH be. loved husband of EsteDa Wants Bowmenj father of D. W. Bowman of Ogden. Utah, W. H. Bowman of Pueblev Colorado and Mrs; J. J. Seale of Piedmont; tan of Mrs. A. B. Horsley. Idaho Falls, Idaho. - A member , of Elko Lodge Ko, 15. !. at ACr erf EDro, Nevada. A -- -tSveof Ogden, Utah, age 60 years. Service and interment at Ogden, Utah. (Albert Brown Cowpany. CADWALLAtR -In Oakland. Juno , 18, 1948, William . Henry, beloved husband of Mayme O. Cadwalladert "'Tovin father of Francis W. and David L Cadwallader; brother of Sophia X. Runckel; grandfather of 11 grandchildren ana greetxgrand-father of five gnat-grandchildren; at native of England. Friends are invited to attend the funeral services Monday, Jwne. 31. 1848, at 3 o'clock p.m. at the Chapel of ( Oaks, Oakland . Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue. - COMPTON 3i Castro VaUey, June 18, 1344, James Edwin Cowptdn; be-' loved husband of Mae A. Compton; loving brother rW Frank A. Compton; native of Calrfemia. A I fe member of Pasadena Lodge No. 672, - Frlertds are tnvtted to attend 2:20 o'clock p.m. at the Trnrnan 1 vnni vmptj, letegrapa Avenue at 30th Street, Oakland. BCRBEBTH Suddenly in YoeewiHe Valley, June 17. 1948. Frank W. Herberth. beloved husband of Frawcee J. Herberth; loving father of Lieut. Col. Frank W. Herberth Jr., U.S.A.; a native of Cincinnati, Ohio; , aged 63 years S months t days, A veteran of Philippine Insurrection. Friends are invited to attend the services at the East 14t street chapel of the Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, Inc., 23T2 East I4h Street, Oakland; Sunday, June 20, 1948, at 8 o'clock p.m., under the Joint auspices of T.. H. Liscura Camp No. 7 U S Vf V., Fountain Lodge No. 401 T.O.O.F. and Emerv-wille Industrial Pnst No. 1010, V.F.W. and mnitary servteee at Golden Gat National Cemeterv, San Bruno on Tuesday. June 22, 1948, at 3:30 p,m. . BtrrLE!TON.In Richmond, Cali-frtmia, June 18, 1948. Leora Ethel KuddXeston, wife eg John H. Mud-dleton of Richmond. California; mother of William. Paul and Edwin Huddleston, aTI of Sacramento, California; Mrs. Cat ma Camphvn, Mrs. Vesper Wrightsman, Mrs. Lu- , Haines, Mrs. Dons Baldino, and Miss Ruth Huddleston. all of Richmond.. California. A member of the Church of Christ of Missouri; a native of Daviess County. Missouri: aged 82 rears. Services vU be held from the Easf Bay Ilcmcrial Co. Ileoorials, Ilarkers Chat. 2V. SturU 4435 Piedmont Ave. Phone PI 5-3626 OAKLAND, CAUF. Olympic Florist Open an sceMmf if ulephont. Personal, mention girtn to . Ph on Orders 150f MacArtKer Bird. AN UHM y Phone Pay or NrgKt 0KODO4OCS0 imcY-imiiiii? noaTUMiY ZsUllhbeJ Sin'tt 2925 Alameda's Newest and c 5 Most Distinctive Funeral Home 48 SI ' - asa, ' " t-entrai at Vtft St, c ALAMPDA fl j U 3-5821 j 004S04000 - - ' ' ' SUNDAY WANT ADS TO INSURE PUBLICATION Should Be Plced EARLY In the Week TE mplebar 2-6000 BEFORE YOU WrTEAWANTAD ; ASk YOURSELF ... WHAT OR WHERE .WHO WILL RENTr BUY OR USE IT? A WHY WILL HE DEATHS Wilson r Krataer Chapel. BiweTl Avenue 4 7th, Sichenond, 47a ii-forma, en Tuesday, June 23. 1SS t 3 pjB. Corrrrcuai wiii Nlcw at Sunset View Osnetery. For far-t?er nf3rmtioa please telephone Richmond 5700, - JWXES tn OnktandL Jim 17. 154,3, E:sb-h K. Jones, wife f tke h Willram J. J one, mother Airs. Lylan Batemen of San Fran-fiscn, Mrs. Grace Cowtn at Oelc land, Mrs, Bonnie Geaca of Sast . rrnwl-wn, Mrs. Wiima Jaxrobsen o Oekttsnd, Mrs. Muril Wrrh ton of Los Angefes, Kusrh Pryee Jone of Yuha Csty. grmlmt hee ef Mrs, Beh Brown. Mrs. Mary - fcdiabeth Ne-lmn Arthur Schott-. n. CyriL BiiL Msm and Jean Worthtfiirton, June and Glenn-re , f?1 grandmotner ec Ji;i - Werthmirtn anr Biii Nelson. A Swansi. Sontih Wales, eed 74 years, 4 WK-mha, day. A member of the First Methodwt aktK!U Sun fV. wee Jfrt ee tavfted to attend awrvices Monday, June 41, Is48. 4 rZLZfX pm- 5. Truman Coioniai Chapri. Telegrapb Ave at 30th Street, Oakland. In-terment, , Mt View Cemetery. Revred Frank M. TootAa4 LJ&? CkUnd. June n, 1943, Cecil W tevmet hfsbaitd of far-,nara Lanar: beloved eon of Mrs. Annie Ltrera MecDtiff; brother ed E!- 49 A member of Boilermakers smien Kcat number Foneenl Wonday at n t.ls. frmn Mee Flder Kermy CNapek. 1965 ?LP??tciat!5 . !rt,"n Cypress Mwb Memorial Park. tXBra fIA)nt Wn Alameda, June lttA, 1944, Afbert R. Lerme 5r . AW K -. beloved tewsbeml ed Mary Lerin;; Jewmg tafher of Fen. ton Lonng and Mr. Jhn X. Barnard; brother .of WllJiam Lortng; grandfarher el James Lering, Ger-i Snd,JoMI Barnard. A naUv-e , . rfflnote,' 4eel 81. Friends are tovited to atten4 the rtmeral services Monday, Jun Slet, t 1:30 p.m., from the Chape'l of Smiley and Gallagher Co.. 1415 . Oak Street. Alameda. California, interment Mountain View Com .tery,, . if... RfeCALL In OOkfend. June 19. 19. " Charles W. McCatX of Bessie M. McCall. loving father of Charles Gordon, Kteharu v.u... and Elixabeth C. McCall, end Mrs, James H. Clark. A native of Otik-! land, California. Friends are invited to attend the services Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 1948, at 3:30 o'clock, in the Chapel of Albert Brown Co 3474 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland. MEXiSAt,l,rn Oakland, June 18th, 1948, Thomas, beloved father of Mrs. Louis Belmessierl and Mrs. Andrew Pollastrmi; grandfather ec Mario Belmessieri. Mrs. Elena Chianpefene, Roland end Ivan Bel-mesjueri, Mrs. Iris Bussi, Dorothy, Gladys Andrew and Thomas Pol la- . strmt; great grandfather Of Martene and Andry Belmessiere; brother of Mrs. Eaira Pardt. A member of St Louie Bertrand's Church. A native of Italy, aged 8 years. Friends are invited to arand the ' funeraf service Monday, June 81s at 4:30 a.m., at the Elmhurst Chapel ' of the Vjsrertce N. Cooper Mortuary, 8901 East 14th Street, thenee to St. Louis Bertrand's Church, where a requiem mass will be celebrated for the repose of his soul, commencing at 9 a.m. Recitation of the rosary Sunday evening at 8 p.m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. MORRrN Of 733 Arbor Drive. San Leendre, June 17, 1948, Earl H. Bob Motrin, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Morrtn; loving brother of Laurence Morrin: grandson of Mrs, Helena Marshall. A member of American Society of Mechsnfesl Engineers, American Chemc3l Society, and 'Engineering Society of U.C. and a member of the faculty of U.C.L.A.; a native of California; aged 29 years. Friends are invited to attend the services at the Estudille Chanel of Santos 9c Robinson. 164) F.tudiTh Avenue, San Leattdro. Monday, June 21. 1948, at 10:30 a.m. (TR mi-dad 2-8274.) BINS In San Francisco. June 18th, 1948, Charles Sins, beloved hus- band of Mary C. Sins; loving father f George C Sine, Mrs, Lrafre Cam; grandfather of Edward C Sins and the late Mertiam Cain. ae 71 years.' A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, honorary member of Glaziers and Glass workers untan, local number 169, A.F.L. Friends ere Invited to attend the funeral Monday, June 31st, at St. Dominic's Church. 2390 Bush at Steiner Street. .Where reqniem mass win be -offered for the repose - of his soul commencing at 10 a.m. Friends may call et Gray's, Dt-visadero et Pot. San Francisco. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. SF-UGSBERGETt In Oakland, June 18th. 1948. Adele M dearly beloved wife of the late Leopold SeTlgsberger: loving sinter of Mrs. Palmire Stem thai: sister-in-law of S. Seligsherger. A netive of Alsace Lorraine. Term Haute, Indiana papers please copy. Friends are reeoectfnriy tnvtted te attend the services Monday, June 21 t, 1944. et 14 'cVe am., at the Chapel of Albert Engel & Company, 3830 iTrlejtrsph Avenue end 37th Street. (Kindly emit flowers). 8TAEBI.EK In' Oakland. June If. 1948. Clara Staedler. wife of- the late Charles Staedler; beloved mother of Mrs. Lav-erne Allen. Mrs. Susan Matthews. Harry N. StaedMr and tiie late John G. Staedler ot ValleJo: loving stepmother of Mrs. Hazel Preslev of Sacramento end Mrs. Ethel Barnett of Alameda: sister of Mrs. Amelia Krieg of San . Jose. CaHfornia, and Mrs. LUlie Olson of Berkeley. A native of San Francisco, California; axed 67 years. Friends are Invited to attend the servicen Monday. June 21. 1944. at 3:34 o'clock p.m. at the Gothic Chapel, in Mountain View Cee-terv. Friends mav call at the Truman Company until 3 pjn. Monday. STKANE In Ltvermore, California, June. 15, 1948. Madeline Ruth, be- . loved wife of Hernandez Strane, loving mother of Gwendolyn Le Grand and Hemandet Strane Jr.; daughter of Laurence and Alice t)u-pree, kister of Mildred Keith, Helen Newsom, Thelma Woods, Doris Roberts, Laurence, Gerald, and Geraldine Dupree; a native of Oakland, California, age 26 years. Friends are tnvtted to attend the funeral services Monday afternoon, June 21, 1948, at 1 pm at the North Oakland Baptist Church, 32nd and Linden Streets. Interment,. EVer-srren Cemetery. 1 ' Teleprtana Orders Receive Special Attention . i36 Tclegraeh Ave. HI safe 4-2630 ta.servmj Oaklaml and Eastv btj area for om t$ years. mstuHtJentSe BEETUROVsTU MORTUARY i.,,. 474 rtseeoftr anHeaaua nureeet n tea sat -et r.LVKn.aaw v " . T f Mil tj. ( Oakland Tribune, Sunday, June 20,1943 co Dll BUSINESS FEARS RAIL RATE BOOST i;icc,DEciS!o;i Ciyagw BaOy News Srvfc WASHINGTON June 13. Bum-ftesse which use the railroads aaxioasly await the outcome of a twowbixiion-dollar case before the Interstate Commerce Comwission. They're afraid ICCs decision tuight bring additional frtjirht rate increases. - ActuaUy, there is a series tot t7 cases before ICC in whkh fee Jus-tice Department asks the comaiis-JLL make railroads' refmA $iCGQ,CC0,Q(X) ia . wartime freirl-i charr to the government. ICC is receiving; many complaints against such action from shippers Ihrou-Hout the country. "If the ICC ahouid do that" rpokesman for the Association of American Eailroads said, -we'd be a Urritle shape. We'd have to have more than one freight rate Increase after, that EOADS PAXTN'G OFF The railroads, meanwhile, already are paying oft. Quietly Working freer wartime- fntif-K v general aceCunting office hag found mistakes wnouhtin to $250,000,000 wnsca has been refunded to the fidvernnieint. 1 With further tracing. GAO experts expect to pick up another $100-000,000. Congress is jfivintv them more money for the job. GAO's work.' however, differs from the Justice Department'. GAO is finding mistakes made 1 in the wartime shipping rush," many ef them by Inept personnel. The rail-reads, shown proof of the errors, re paying up. ( -HUGE REFUND SOUGHT . Tht Juatice Department is seek-5 Ing a twrbaKon-dollar refund and says the Wartime freight rates charged the government were "unreasonable-" Those, rates were charged mnder the Transportation Act, which directed government officials to pay transportation bffls before they were audited- ' Tederal Government spending on tnsportation runs In the neigh- - borhood of $1X50,000,000 a year. GAO how U Uglitenlng up . iu transportation charge inspection - machinery. In reply to Justice-Department charges the AAH contends tht wartime rates were not "Unreasonable. It argues that they were made in good faith with military officials. In every case they were- lower than similar rates charged commercial shippers. It adds. Ce-pyrlght, 1348, Chtesge Party Xowt, tno. Police Rescue Boy From Between Walls JERSEY CJTY, N.J, June 19.W -The police emergency squad last night rescued a 14-year-old boy who had fallen between the walls of two one-story buildings while chasing a ball and could not wriggle out.. ' The squad worked for an hour to demolish part of the wall of one building before the boy, Eugene Demarest, was able to free himself. He was taken to Jersey City Medical Center, treated for. superficial cuts and bruises, and taken home. Aid for State Sewage Plants Favored SAN DIEGO, June i9.-5;-C6r rect Operation of community sewage plants in California Is needed, a representative of a legislature com-mittev a1r! Cecil J. Geraghty, executive sec-, I re vary oi . me assembly committee on water pollution, told convention of the California Sewage Works Association the committee. had discovered a need for more state' assistance in the operation of such plants. He said the committee hoped this would be done by the state' health department ' Ginny Simms May Drop Divorce Action HOLLYWOOD, June. 19. Singer Ginny Simms indicated today she may drop her divorce suit against her architect-husband, Hyatt Deb.iv We'll talk Awith out attorneys Monday, and I think there may be Some definite news then," she told reporters. "Hyatt is a wonderful man and we still love each other. It seems foolish not to give our marriage another, chance." Dehn could not be reached for comment. She sued him for divorce June ?, claiming he insisted that she give up her professional career. Argentine Police Jail 200 Community BUENOS AIRES, June ld (fV-Federal police detained 200 Communists today on a charge ef holding a public political meeting without a permit The arrests were made in nearby Avellancda. A Communist Party statement called the arrests unccn- : etitutional. Radical Party Deputy Oscar Lopez Serrot, a member of the government opposition in Congress, asked the police to free the group. Communists gaid the meeting was part of a fund raising campaign. Strange Wounds Inflicted On Three ViHits Residents WILLITS, June 19. If) Three Willits residents suffered injuries in " odd Accident today. . Randolph Brown, & has a marble wound on his forehead. A playmate, using the marble as a .baseball, batted it to the Brown boy, narrowly missing his -eyes. He is under a doctor's' care. Bus Shuster, 42, hooked a tree with the corner cf hi tractor. The tree fell over on him, breaking his baclC and causing ether serious internal in juries. The accident took place near Branscomb. "Ed Trotman 23, got t 10-inch wood -splinter through his hand w-hile adjusting a band saw at a ceaj-Dy snake mill. Charles! McCall Architect, Dies ! Funeral services will be held Tues- day for Charles A. WcCalL of" .837 Santa Kay Avenue, prominent Oakland- architect, "who died Friday t at a local hospital. ' 1 : McCall, at native of Oakland, Vas ' the designer of the Wakefield lied--ical Building, the Alameda County! Insurance Company, the Blue Trij angle Club of the YWCA and San Francisco's Hobert Dollar Building'. As a boy of 8, McCall left Oakland tvith his "father for the Guernsey i Channel Islands X)ff the Normandy I" Coast He later 'went to England where he was educated at the Per kins Academy and the Dourrerrioutft Institute of Science and Art -J ' - He returned to Oakland while in nis 20's and practiced architectura 1 ntil last year, when he retired. J Survivors include his widow, Mrs, Bessie M. McCall, and four children, Charles Gordon McCall and ' Mrs James tt Clark, both of Oakland! ! Richard Cluett McCr-ll, Alameda, and Miss EXizabeth C. McCalJ, Southl i Dakota. ... ,i - . l j He was a former member of the ' San Francisco Chapter; of the AmerJ j lean Institute of Architects and thel r society of Architects of Alameda I fs, County. Serviccit Will rw a .- H, m sWisi y,j,4,- a ! day at the Albert Brown Funeral 1 y-uajiei. io jfieamont Avenue. RED CROSS SWIM REGISTRATION FILLED The registration 'is filled for th Oakland Red Cross "Swim to Live",-program, which will open at the Lions Clubs Pool in Dirnond Park1 ' June 28 at 9:15 a.m., Dale Roe, di-lor of safety services :for the Red Cross, announced yesterday. I However, , children between the) ages of 8 and 15 Who Wwe not able to enroll at the Dimond Pool course, 'will be able to take the Farrelly Pool course In San Leandro, which opens at 10 a.m. tomorrow, Roe laid, The program at Dimond Pool M -sponsored by the Oakland Recrta-' tion Department the Red Cross and me ariDune. instructor of the course is Virginia Hoyle. Soviets Planning TVA on the Danube LONDON", June . 19.-W.R)--Thi Soviet Foreign Ministry has announced that representatives of five Eastern European nations will meet , at Belgrade, Yugoslavia to discuss . plans for establishing a little TVA in-the Danube River Basin, Radio Moscow said today. ! Countries involved in the plan are Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Czechoslovakia. The Danube runs through all of these countries into Western Europe. ; They reportedly ate considering a sweeping program f exploitation of the Danube River Basin. The project calls for a little TVA, new and expanded use of inland waterways for cheap transportation, food control, increased exchange ef farm end mining products and expansion of industrial facilities. , Roebuck, Co-founder Of FFirrn, Dead CHICAGO, June l&.-tfV-Alvah Curtis Roebuck, m, one of the co-founders of Sears, Roebuck, and Co died last night f He was stricken while visiting hit daughter, Mrs. Raymond H. Keeler in suburban Evanston. His home was tn Tujunga, Calif . , - tt was from his partnership with Richard W. Sears In 1831 that the huge mailorder business grew. His survivors, in addition to his daughter, are his Widow, Sarah , Blanche Lett Roebuck; a son, Alvah Curtis , Roebuck Jr . of Tujunga, and a grandson, Malcolm Roebuck Keeler, Evanston. ji Funeral services will be Tuesday In Evanston. Malta Fever Rises to j Epidemic in Mexico 4 - MEXICO CITY, June ia,(r , Officials of the Government Health Department said today 12,000 casei of Malta fever had been reported in the Federal District (Mexico City). "A state or emergency" hag been declared. . --j Doctors said the fever cdujd be fatal if not treated promptly. A! cure it difficult, they said. And the , fever is recurrent even after weeks of treatment with insulin. ; ' The. fever was first reported in1 April. Two week$ ago the depart ment said tt had reached epidemic1 proportions. - .; Eggs Not Air Tight ): ST. RAUL, June IB. (U.ft IgjV shells may hold water, a University : of Minnesota farm school man finds," but many things can. pass through1 the brittle cover anyway. W H.' Dankers said the shell is not foIid.i Dirt bacteria and strange odors tan, rwiss into the white and yolk.i he said. He suggested keeping uncooked' eggs away from oniens or other strong-smelling foods."5 i i -i-i i-fiv t i- r- ' twM.n .- i jit .-; B.. - . ...-if-" ICocTi's Niece Dies MODESTO, June 19.f ) l Mathilde Louise Koch, 69, niece of ' the German bacteriolcgist, the hle Robert Koch, died yesterday near,; Oakdale. She Was the authoress of several books. One is a, biography! c' Dr. Koch who died b 1910. It Will be published soon ' Dublin Writer Dies LONDON, Julie ld,-OV-The. death of Conal lIolms- 0'Cdhnell" O'Riordan. director of Dublin Ab-:". bey 'Theater, was announced last rtifht. O'Ricrdan, 75, also a noveli&t! and playwright died at taling near, London. He was born in, Dublin, ; " - i- 1,,. Porlc Boundary Issue- ' WASHINGTON, June 9. frj-i.-Cogressiohal committeei will look " .Into the question of the' boundaries ef the Olympic National Park in -Washington, late this yea, probably in wovember. ,

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