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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 70

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 70

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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rr Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Nov! V1 71948 8-S iOakland YWCA to Hold KOREA TO BE CLUE TOPIC Centennial Fete Friday Dr. Gail Clelahd," former4 chief ol Montclair Birthday Stirs Memories of Early Das hill are Mrs. Jonn Leas, Mrs. Jonn puouc opinion ipr me u.o. govetu- Reminiscent of the days of 49 Hastings, Mrs; Lester Pheips, Mrs.

jnient in Korea nd Japan, wl ad when beans were a dollar a plate, a Centennial carnival will be held 1 A. Zimmerman, Miss Olivia. cress Arlington; women's ciud are -Mesdames R. S. Edwin 'loyd, -next rnaay evening ai vne ua 15th and Webster Barker, Miss Cora Lee Veith, Miss, current events section at 10:30 a.m.-Marinell Mr.

Buss' Buc- Tuesday at the Arlington Avenue lland YWCA, Frank, Oscar Hoffma Elmer Morrill, F. H. Robinson. Stewart C. E.

Van Duzee, Edyie Barita and Mifssi' MarV Seeb.V i.ssimmuniiy v-enier. Streets. There won't be any beans avail-aWf hut a favwav is beins set UD in with 7 Donna Pratt, Miss Naida tim, Mrs. Hays. v- Russia" will be ihls subject.

the second floor gym, and the Dorothy Bendel, Mrs. Myrtle Ma chen. Miss Gertrude Miss The book section, meeting at 2 As Montclair Women's Club prepares to celebrate its 25th nni-i vers ary Wednesday, charter members till active are commenting on 1 the tremendous changes that have come to their neighborhood in the past quarter century. they first moved to Montclair they felt like real pioneers, settling in a sparsely inhabited area in the hills, with no public trans prices will be terrific in bogus money Plans for the festivities intfude issuing inflated money to Dorothy Bellero, Edward IP.m. rnaay at uie same piace, wm Bratsett and Mrs.

John Jensen, hear Mrs. Laurance Cross revieyr The festival marks World Fel- "The Cleft Rock" -by Alice Tisdale lowship Week for the local which Hobart ioins with YWCAs in 65fnations to I Hostesses5 will be Mrs. R. all members and friends of the socim Montclair Women'slub took its present name in 1924 when; it became affiliated with Jie California Federation of Women Clubs. Section activities were tgun the following year, and nownclude home arts and crafts, worldaffairt, book review, bridge.

Red ross, garden, dance assembly, creatie arts drama and choral. 1' celebrate common purpose- icrwifc jtvirsj. yx. i.fireat. YWCA who participate.

Program numbers will begin with Mexican dancing by members, of Las Inditas club, include square dancing by members of the Ya folk dance jgroup and a swimming program" by members of both the JACs and the Ripples swim clubs, and acrobatic performances. "MAQIC FLUFF portation flnd very few neighbors. Because the isolated life sometimes lonely for the women, the club was formed in 1923 to provide 4 a social outlet and to assist in com I if 1 munity development. It was known then: as the Auxiliary to Mrs. Clifford Bumhill is general HAIRCUT rf 4.

the Montclair Improvement Club. i On Wednesday in their own clubhouse-built and furnished through their own efforts, the 200 mem 1 Shapes your hair bers will have a birthday luncheon chairman, Mrs. lerreu is in charge of program plans, and Mrs. William Rockwell is busy With preparations for refreshments. Clubs at the which will participate Include the Knots; the Ts, the two swim clubs, Las Inditas, and all Teen -organizai tions.

-Asked to serve with Mrs. Burn- and program. Leona Mourton Nelson will te i guest artist, presenting one of i her popular dramatic readings, and Mrs. to make the most of your curl. 1 Featured by Charles Franklin, historian, will review the club's history, Mrs.

Hay INVALIDS TO V- Gal OF '52-- CLASS EAUTY SALON A -V' 1 1 a5- 5 i EXHIBIT WORK i i I Handiwork done by, boys in the Merchant Marine Hospital will be on display at a meeting of Oaklanl Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Tuesday afternoon 3221 Foothill Blvd. Open Wti.i Fri Etenirt'is AN 1-3742 HOW DO YOU DO? BUY'LiNESl by MncySasser ByS MERRIE MEADOWS I at the home of j'Mrs. Charles H. The president is a tall good look lj eyerie soprano, will contribute songs from the past Mrs. Charles Horn and Mrs.

W. S. Carey will be co-chairmen of the luncheon. Of the 19 original several are still active and have' contributed much toward the development of the club. Mrs.

E. S. Hays haf'been a spark plug in the Red Cross section for many years, serving as chairman on several occasions Mrs. Edwin Frank, one of the past presidents has maintained her interest in the welfare of the group, and recently introduced the newest section, ereative i Mrs. Charles Blesse, another early member was president in 1935-36, when the club sponsored tha proposed Montelair Park on Moraga Road.

Dedication ceremonies, were held five years later, when the park was Mrs. Mattie French and Mrs. XlsiV Medina were among the first members whose contributions continued effort were rewarded with? honorary life memberships. tDthers who have won the honor Marsh; 1214 Paru Street, Alameda. Mrs.

Charles Rost chairman im? AlDha Kabna Lambda. th v. p. 1 A Wkly SpomorwJCoivimi of Thntgs dvrtld rid.lntrtHna beams a brand new-Phi: Kap pin JANESVILLE, November 7 Harvest-time in Wisconsin is pure Americana counties artists bate shown us. But ii addition to the beautiful, tidy loojk of the land, lve had the most interesting and unique experience watching Unmaking of Patker QUINK! fs that 'miracle' ink'il've been telQng you the kind that actually stops pen troubles before they get a chance to start! And I've found out that' the I I 1 and the yell leader has more ideas than a femme fatal in Leap Sure, we're talking about the new frosh class that has been quite active during its short sojourn at U.C.

Dick Clarke is the gavel wielder, Sue Morrison is still hunting which clothes Walt Gardner's pin shows best on and Dick Johnson is the overwhelming yell leader with the incomparable drive. The 'iDo class of '52" hadn't rested a moment since they filled out of immigration service, will be guest speaker and will bring the exhibit Co-hostesses with Mrs. Marsh will be Mrs. Milton Wehr and Mrs. Henry James.

Auxiliary Prepares Holiday Festivities -Plans for holiday festivities will fill the business agenda for the Woman's Auxiliary to the Alameda County Optometric Association Tuesday evening, following a dinner with the men's association at the Berkeley Women's City Club. A demonstration of contact lenses is planned for the program. i reason is the addition of a special and secret ingredient called tolv-x prevents guiiming and. clogging of th el Ink in the pen. That's -i-hy QUINK, the only ink containing promises, quick registration cards last September.

Frequent trips to the Big by these eager freshmen turned our golden Berkeleyans wereyenerous with the new clothing and linen they contributed tithe Berkeley Needlework Guild' annual Ingathering at tl' Century Club. Upper. Mrs. Walter R. Mead, esident (left) and Mrs.

E. A. Knott display articles for the CIdren's Home Society. Mrs. Frederick E.

Romie Inspects amas for Arroyo Sanitarium. Gifts were distributed after ted. starting and smooth, eyen-flowing writing action eijery time you use for. it cleans your pen writes, as well as pretenting metal corrosion and rubber rot caused by high-acd inks. Result is the elimination of many expensive en repairs! Make it a golden invited you wouldn't Want to miss THAT!) People who are working hard on it are Atjin Denney, Eleanor Ann flessing and- June Warren, i 1 One of the cutest things heard in a long time Us the wire recording of unsuspecting Shirley Mannes and Half Steinj'studying." Nardy Silverman's the- culprit who did it.

i arv electrical engineer, wouldn't ydu know it! Shirley's reading a newspaper and Hal trys to distract her-you get the idea that perhaps Halj is planting a peck on Shirl's but the crackling newspapers make it sound like the most flaming forest fire on record or wirej recordpig! MORNING AFTER HAY It's clean-up the Alpha Tau Omega hoise this morning, hay everywhere! The decorations for last inite's BARN DANCE were strictly out of this city. Square dancing and the hay loft were: the popular pastimes of pledge prexy Jim Boynion with Lynette Towe, Bob Mahan with Gloria Zerby. yalter Yost looked terrific in a brifht red shirt with Shirley Olson if ASUC pres. Jack Andrew took a breather from his executive dufies and had a big time with Carol Wilson the newly pinned Bill Marshall dated Barbara Whittier, Reichert was with Midge, Andriese. symbol a shining shamrock while all their energies were summoned rule to use anct only yuiJNii.

ior your pen saxes for their victorious role "in the KEVA don't le A tmle of beauty is a joy forever so don't lejt ugly smoke tar "rob you of yours! I Smoking does and if HEARING OCIETY'S BAZAAR you'll blow some through a hankie, youH see the sort of dark smudge thattclings to your teeth! Luckily 1L 1 Vm.W, IV FIESTA DE ORQ IS SCHEDULED Continued from Trout Page gift will be offered. 1 Mrs. J. Hardy will preside over the Grub Stake, while Mrs. Carroll George and Mrs.

Jack Smith will be co-proprietors of the Variety Emporium. I Others assisting are Mrs. Kenneth Mohrhardt, white elephants; Miss Yvonne Crump, decorations; Mrs. Constance Wisecarver, telephone, and Mrs. R.

W. tea tooth. -or uienss aj uu Diuyijr vi iuu vosw niut lOTYErVT KO 9.1 TUvelnrtr hr a rfprtMnf MnpHallv tt EiUblished 19M Mattress Renovating Box Springs Retied Fret Eatlmate No Obliatint New Mattresses, Box Springs, Beds, Piffows, Roltaway Beds, Couches, Springs and Studio Couches. TO OFFERGIFT SUGGESTIONS remove smoke tar deposits, this refh-tasting, minty- Frosh Soph Brawl. .1 Dick Clarke states that "Our main purpose this semester is getting all freshmen acquainted with Cal and above all acquainted with their class!" WEEKEND'S JUST BEGjtfN rSo-Ho the Freshmen Sunday Suppers is today his very afternoon at 6 over at the Phi Gamma Delta Jin the corner off Bancroft and Durant.

The scintillating entertainment, dinner dancing and new people beckon, for wonderful evening, don't imiss "fPsst girli, the Frosh Football turn's been flavored tooth paste reveals tne natural sparkling; Collectors and Chrinas shop- RaJwfitan, Mrs. C. L. May and Mrs. luster of your teeth i letting you smile prettily.

pers will find what thejvantl at the IF. A. Miller, food; Mrs. Eleanor tool So if you smoke, use IODENT-NP. 2 regularly! IODENT NO.

1 Both bear the fall bazaar of the East by Hearing is for 'non-smokers" and easy-to-bfignten teetnj Good Housekeeping Seal all Drug Stores. Society, to be held Satulay ajt Nor Odd Sizts Madt to Ordir Bellmer and Lucy Hubert, white elephants; Mesdames Edward Eccleston, Belle Wise and Ada Searle, varieties; Mrs. Sherman Kellogg, candy, and Miss Dorothy way nan, 3828 Fieamoi Avenue. Articles for the gift poths have iter's fatm It your nair is yray, streake dull of faded. OLympic 2-5522 5396 Claremont To Each Her Own" is the theme been made! throughout le year by about you're bound to look old So why noedojBomethin, SewineiLucas, greeting cards.

I of the fashion show on the 17th, i the society's Emmal It for Instance, use HERBOLn POMADE I Besides i fvirs. x.mei ijiiiiewooa wm nave featuring. sports wear, tailored and; Club, which has comped a wide grooming- and conditioning tytmr hair, this unique hair i the "penny and Mrs. Mar tnernoon aresses, coaia, eveumjs seictuun oi unens, aprq ana nov dressing irora iioiiywooa rapiaiy aarxena to its natural-r elties. i.

si gowns, suits, gloves and bags. Mrs. looking color making you look years younger 1 Farther- more. It easy to apply, completely and abso gie Peth will feature a skirt. Mrs.

J. V. Cromwell iwill be chairman of the luncheon, and Mrs. Ann Verde of the dinner, Mrs. Eccleston is taking reservations for the IF THEY'RE SHOES FROM ROCS I THEY FIT lutely even on a permanentt I know yoi'U be delighted, for HERBOI4D POMADE is puaranteedl to darken, gray.l streaked, dull or faded hair to youthful-like color or M0NEV BACK! Just write Nancy Sajsser, 271Madison Avel N.

Y. 16; N. Y. Greeting cards, home-fede cakes, pies and candy will alsoe on sale. Special events of the will be a luncheon at noon at a roast beef dinner in the everig.

Mrs. Sophia Lehrmals general chairman of the bazaarkrhicb will HIGHLY SKILLED SHOE FITTERS TO SERVE YOU COURTEOUSLY Leo Esser will be chairman. Merrymakers will sponsor the refreshment periods during- intermissions at the variety show, and to add to 'the spirit of fun will distribute mustaches to all the men guests. Follett to Talk At Oakland Club latter. BP WC Breakfast Date Remembtr how Irritated you were Gie other day when you found oe open xrom a.m.

unijo p.m.: -o. BAmAAitai hjlnfl em a Aif KCaA.t. n.11.. Heading committees Mrs. ire Laura 'Miller, formerly of Canada Lela Peart, Mrs.

Emma aub, and and now a member of the San Fran Cisco Business and Professions lose Tape? well, next time you gojto the store, get sereral -rolls. Keep oile In the kitchen for yourself, another in the desk or sealing packages and pro Mrs. Minnie Hoelzeli. Mrs. nsJ C.

C. Cromwell and Grace Women's Club, will address the uss Caughey, aprons? Mrd Christine Oakland group at a breakfast meet tecting their addresses and suchlfke. Put one in Dad's workroom the kids vould lore ja roll for their very own. too. Belsure ybu aret that real.

Sutherland, potholders; A. F. rs. ing rriday morning at xenicotes, transparent. sUeks-at-a-t ouch "Sco tell" Brand Tipe in the ray 3 puua aispenser.

ask ior 11 loaay; i Oakland's future development will be described to Oakland Club members Wednesday afternoon by Don Follett, manager of 1 the Oakland Chamber of "Oakland Through a Crystal Ball" is the title announced for his talk. Thm program, sponsored by the public affairs section, will follow a noon luncheon and will precede the November business meeting. Executive board members will meet at 10:30 ia.m. the same day. very mofher knows that baby's bajplness depesfls a lot on how 4 FKJAL OEOPEUIFIG SALE comfortable ma "undies" and this goes for the older toddlers and teen-agers, too! That's whyI urge you to outfit your of whatever age, In E-Z IJnderwear they assure perfectl fit and can'tibe- ts; equalled comfort Here's why.

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