The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1949 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1949
Page 18
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THURSDAY, JUNE », 194» ILT'lUKVILLE (ARK.) OOURIEB HEW! PAST! BETBNTEErf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms HOW WOMEN CAM O««SH FAST EACH OTHER KXJ A HEXv^y FOC> WITHOUT EVE& A COLLISION IS A , (AAEV6L TO ME.' I'M AFRAID TO VENTURE H' TRAFFIC/ j BORN THRTY YEARS-S3O SOON Our Boarding HOUM with Mo j. Hoople AMO HO* IMC CHO60S H»U AtlOlO f*NO»IT£, TVS SfXTC LUC/A — . ftfe +tessAA£ of rbe SOAP THAT for Rent Modern upt^ & caDlJOF 09 • we«k oj mcintn carp «TTIC« LflW Boy Couru >n mi siiu-pi-iiu flaan camenu for all occasions ^•K1'U<:NS bTUUlU Personal 1 flirty minute pAnfwtettc verrlc* O H 1 -KtN b 6TULHO i|«-C*-U Wanted to Buy HLghnt price p»Id for CHICKENS— BOCiS Ash Street Grocery Ai Market, 417 W Ash. 6[7 ck If For Sole •tor* on Weat Ash Ph "" 5[31 pk «|14 Salesman Wanted Bfl Independent. Sell Rawlelgh Fro- ducta. Uood locality open In Osceola or East Oralghead covinty. Write today. RkwlelKh's Dept. AKF-2LO-O Memphis. Tenn«ue«. 6,0 pk t[lQ • rnp« mnm i«-*rK» in>< !»in»»rii wanin Moll I* \m *•«}•? «»** *• Harrilftjc. Kvt (hat Mollfr do«•«•'! like H«r4i>K fc«ca**« he's •*•• f«H." FM and AM 7 Tuba* Plu» Rectifier Listen to the Rail Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5DOWN $5 A MONTH D R EIFI S IHglDreilui .. .WearHia XXIII r rHE night was inky black with a high overcast hiding any stars. Bea Cosgrove skirted the house, guided by fingertips running along the rough stone. Once inside the entrance to the storerooms she lit the single forbidden match. The feeble glow let her move directly to the plnce where she had hidden a flashlight when she was in charge of supplies. She began a systematic search of the openings on the high-hand side ot the corridor. The third room she visited was empty. Near the center, an irregular, darker patch showed in the light of her flash. She bent over, nibbed her fingers along its edge. The stone was still damp. She put her hand to her face. There was no stain and no odor except vague seen* which might have been soap. She had no warning. A huge bare arm snaked arounc her from the left, crossed her body and" gripped her right arm. At the same instant a hand, which covered her jaw from ear to ear clamped across her mouth. The flashlight fell from her hand to stone but did not go out. "Relax," Captain Oak said, do not mean to hurt you." It was hard, one of the mos difficult things she had ever done She achieved a limpness at last She staggered to a wall, leaned against it for support, gasping. "I did not want lo startle you, 1 POLICE OX HONEYMOON PARTS--(£»>—The newspaper "Espoir de Nice" tells how a honeymoon couple at Saint-Marc, near Brest, were rudely disturbed by police who broke open their door and dashed In with tommyguns. Apologies followed. It seemed that in putting out the light, they had accidentally sounded a burglar alarm conceded with the local police .station. Oak said. "But I wac afraid you would scream. Not that anyone would have heard, but when a >erson starts screaming it is some- imes difficult lo stop." • * * ITISS COSGROVE shuddered, ^ Her heart thumped, made her ears ring. She tried to control her wreathing. He picked up the flash, handed t to her. M It was fortunate meet- ng you here. 1 wanted to see you again before I left." -You—you're leaving?" Tor a few days. • few hours. There are certain things I must do jefore a storm comes and holds me on this island. But I'll be back. w. What are you doing down acre?" "I should ask that," Bea said irritably. "Ajid I might ask how you come and go as you please?" He shrugged. "Are you ready to leave? Would you like to leave Speare Island now?" It's a tempting thought," she admitted. "But no. And I'll tell you what I wa* doing here. I was looking for a trace of blood, or an empty cartridge case." *A good enough reason, perhaps. But it would mean you did not believe what I told you. It would mean you believe Mrs. Wa rren killed herself, or was killed, up here and sent down in one of the cars." "And why are you here?" -"A man must eat," Oak said. "All right," she retorted. "You don't believe my story, and I don 1 ' believe yours. As few eating, have you finished off the whole sheep already? Or did you just come ui for a few canned vegetables lo go with it?" ; • • • "''THE sheep? Oh yes. The blood and the wool on the cases o whiskey-" He reached out anc tilled her head until the Ugh shone on her face. "I know. You thought I killec Lilly Warren." "There was the automatic," h eminded. *I must go now. W* will meet again. If—* "Tf I'm still alive?" "That way in my thoughts." h* dm sited, "But I will leave my ;un with you since yon have lost -ours." "I've no place lo hide'rt. Kspe- ially one that size." She pointed he li?ht to the gun tn his holster. 'I'll hide it in th« cave near he gold." "The gold?" Oak chuckled, "There .5 som«- hmg you have not yet found out? /cry well then. I will bury the gun in the sand of the cave near he entrance.™ 'Swell.- Bea said. If I should need a gun. do you think I'd have ime to say pardon me while I run lown and dig for an hour or two n the sand?" "I'll think of something else. And If I'm fortunate I'll be back before the storm hits." 'You're no fisherman," she said suddenly. He took her hand again and directed the light downward toward his bare feet, splayed to grip i pitching deck. "Fisherman's 'eet. I am the son of a fisherman. 5ut a fisherman must have many sons. And nowaday? fishing is big Business, so one son must b< educated. I was chosen and now 1 am a lawyer. But still a fisherman it heart and in body certainly." "You spoke," Bea said curiously, 'as if you- too had been afraid. What do you fear?" "What do I fear? I am afraid of giving permanent injury to my family through some mistake of my own." The pressure on her hand tightened for a moment,, was relaxed. She stood. t straining her ears, heard only the soft rattle of a single pebble to tell her she was alone. She took hesitant steps forward, came out from under the overhang of the veranda. She skirted the wall, made th« turn, hurried up the veranda step*. Henry Harding sat alone at the head of the huge table. He turned, faced her. She watched a gradual awareness of his surroundings come over his face. "Ah, Miss Cosgrove," he said. "I thought you had retired." (To Be Continued) FRECKLES AND HIg FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Line Forma (• Right "You certainly improved the neighborhood, buying a motorized lawnmower, Jenkint—we were just saying we'd like to try it on our lawn»!" BCVTTER oAte Hea. / ICNGCR -100 FOB. "We POCka / LC*VE '9A H/INt> ON "HE • I'M SEW 0 MS GOPies THE SIXERS OH OUR usr AN TKCM FIRST COME. FIRST SERVE I'RISCILLA'S 1'OP Sorry, Wrong Number! HY AL VERMEER GOT TO TALK TO HER, WALDO.' I MADE A BATCH OF DATE COOKIES... AND SHE ATE. EVERY ONE OF THEM' DOESN'T YOUR CONSCIENCE TELLWU WHEN YOU'VE DONE A LITTLE VOICE, DEEP DOWN MSIDE OF YOU.. DON'T YOU HEAR IT? HEAR IT, ALL RIGHT.. ONLY N" TUMMY GROWLING.' Moments Are Precious BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE THIS AIN'T MY CONFESSION no phone in sight, and I could teat Fog running ap ttoeswrwoy '/«, "Saddlebag in the third . . , Tornado in tht fourth . . . GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION for quick confidential loam." 4% HOME LOANS Klbert S. Johnson fhe Equitable Life Assurance Sixuety Phone 6228 Eveninga PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete enlverU. 12 Inch to M inch, plain or reenforced. AIM Concrete Buildint Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump house*, tenant houses, tool shed>. We dellTer. Call us for free estimate . . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. WASH TURKS Not He, Easy—Shel IN 1HE UPSTAIRS FLOOR WAS HIDDEN BY THIS UUOLEUK. IFD FALL BftCIC »1 PVfcCE fkf-TEE HE WENT DOWN TO SNH OH 1HM PIPE! HOW THE INTBLIMt GOT AW<W.,. STOOD ON1HE DESK MOD CUMfc-ED THRU A HOIE IN THE CEHIWG WM11E I WAS WORKIWQ TO GET THE DC OPEN . BY LESLIE TURNER WHOEVER. J CRIWllNV! I OOTT* FWP SOHfentftl IT WftS Hftp f WAV MOffi BEFORE UUCIE JWCt PLENTS O 1 Tl*e V BEAT* ME TO IT! Trf OLD WJIIAIW TO GET AW*W ! X^GOT OUT* Tlf PEM VESTE4TOAY '. BUT WHAT M WAZtjlJ" WAS HE AFTER M TKAJ PIPE* Rent • Gamer* for Color Pictures The Ideal w«j to rtmemoei special occasion*. Alt* other types of cameras (or rant. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3K47 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL MAIM OFFICE- 'NTRACTORS NORTH TENTH Phone 315 .STUDEBAKER, Phone 888 Phone 88* FINE CARS & TRUCKS AT A FAIR PRICE H 1948..Ford Super Deluxe 2-door _ C 1948 Plymouth Social DeUixe 'i-rioor o 1947..Chevrolet Fleetmaater 5-Passcnger Coupe.. m 1946..Ford Super DeUixe 5-Passenger Coupe ., « y 1*41 IM»4eb«kcr Ji-Tnn. has radio, healer, and rack. 1*41 Stidebaker l',i-Ton in excellent condition. K ]»« r>»dre Hi-Ton Can and ChassH, has new moUr. m mi D«dre H4-Tou, a «owl tnck »ith an excellent U ft. »*dy. Manx Mar* farlitr Mod el t to C/toos* From Chamblin Sales Co. "You Friendly Stodebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 888 TUDEIAKER* BUGS BUNNY Kent It for I'icniis I KNOW... V BOUGHT IT WITH nrr HOW'O) A HUNDRED ,1 DOLLARS < I INHERITED FROM VW GRANDFATHER.' SVLVESTER/ \ IT'S AN ANTEATER... WHAT YA DO1N 1 J CONSUMES BU6S WITH THAT THIN6 ? J&}k GUV'NOR / BUT WHV SPEND WAT KIND O'DOU6yj KNOW FER. AN r;MC,6UV'NO«.' ANTEATER.V IF t HADN'T BOUGHT THIS... 1PK08ABLV WOOLO HAVE SPENT THC MONEY FOOLISHLY.' ALLEY OOP One That Got Awny I!Y V. T. HAMLW VEH. BUT I V.ELL, ^ CON'T SEE WE'RE THE BACK.' ITS FVO0A0LY AT THE FUEL DOCK..YOU CAN CHECK WHILE I WEkSH- «M WUK FISH.' HUNDRED I V/OW TKAT NUTS TO THE ITU- ,\ FISH. I FISH.' LOW,! THE SWAN IT'S.../ HA-5 NOT CCME IN.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES How? BY EDGAR MARTIN

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