Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 12, 1947 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 12, 1947
Page 16
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yi 1 . rT'"' - t 16-A Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Jan. 12 1947 ,1v s I i I 4 i- 4 7 : 1 i - .4 x ; , ' 9 ai W PP W 1 P t 11 t a' ' W P ' : . ; 1 KlL-UI-OUEI , , v- i-' "f 4 f , i . w' f ' r ' 111 v! . . t . . - , - - - " ' ' ' - - 5 - ' ,9 ; ' . H j "' V it' i 5 1! 3 1 (' J , 4 I t The Perkins home in its heyday, bom a drawing which ap- place home of U.S. Sen. George G. Perkins, already repealed In the 1893 edition of the "Illustrated Album of Ala- nowned as the scene of lavish entertainment The gate in meda County." Brand new at that time, it was te"show- the foreground is at Vernon and Perkins Streets. Doom of Home Closes An Era By DAVE HOPE "More than a home, more even than the home of the late George G. Perkinsgovernor and U.S. senator from California is doomed bv the sale of his estate at Vernon an" Perkins Street, preliminary to apartment house development. A way of living, the gracious! warmth and lavish hospitality that ( the bpamsh Dons oequeatned to their American successors, fades an-1 other step mto the past as Mrs. Mae Perkins Mackipnon, daughter of the1 statesman, prepares to leave thet home in which she was born. Already it's lonely. . Its 22 rooms, filled with treasures from the four corners of the world, are silent. Its statuary and pictures xeem to be meditating on glories of the past. Tall windows are boarded, and the only light, of gorgeous hues, filtered through intricate designs in stained glass, casts an aura over the plump-cushioned chair where Senator Perkins sat in his library. PUNCHBOWL EMPTY A vagrant breath of air tinkles cut glass chandelierr that once threw sparkling ligr. on parties where the elite of Oakland paid homagfe to great men of American history. The huge kitchen, where cooks and bakers prepared the banquets over which the senator presided, is vacant, its great -old range bare. The cut glass punchbowl on the built-in buffet is empty. The three magnificent pianos in the music room are silent. Fifty years ago, every one of the 11 bedrooms had its occupant. Music and light and the glow of fireplaces in every room augmented the chatter of voices and clink of glassware. Dignified civic leaders' and their elaborately gowned ladies strolled through landscaped gardens, walked along wide driveways. Birds nesting in the palm trees, looked down across broad open fields toward the bay where a cluster of buildings formed ,the village of Oakland. It was the Perkins place, home of the former governor; the man who had just started what was to be a 22-year career as U.S. senator.. To it came statesmen and business executives, to be feted and entertained as visiting royalty. SENATOR'S SELECTION Perkins himself selected the site, on Vernon Heights, designed the home, and superintended every stage of its construction. Over the objections of his wife, who thought they made it look too much like a sdhoolhouse, he installed tall win- 4 Lowered itarch and Many Report FKii( 100 Settar fa 2 Wert Berry Juice, a ruild neeoeo fl.aiinm Add extra Iron, ralriuni, phosphorous and ' iodine to your diet. 12 Cheno Tablet aupply TOf. of daily Calcium re q olrrnien t; SO of phosphorous full dally requirement of iron and 4 time .dally require ment of loUiue. methods. Thousands losse in weieht, and skin and muscular tone. diet. Your energy increases and yon feel better as the pounds come off with the Plan. So why be fat? Don't put off tatting on the Cheno Plan today. Products for Complete Plan: Bon of Cheno Tablet...... $1.00 Box of Cheno Tea $l.00 Bottle of Cheno Berry Juice $1.00 CALIFORNIA HEALTH FOOD SERVICE .1926 Telegraph Ave. Telephone it l.tH.AL. u-rtcK WakaPaaW ORDINANCFJ NO. C.M.S, . AX ORnrN'AXCK .APPi'.OPRrA-TINtf TIIK Sl'M OI $700 TO f)K-. FRAT THR KX'PRNSKS Or LIKl'T. WYMAN AV. VKRNQN TN ATTKND-IXO THAPPI C I XSTtTUTK AT -NORTHWKSTK RX UNI VKRSIT T B IT ORDAIXKI by the Council of the Titv of Oakland as follows: SKCTiOX 1. The- sum of 4700.00, r a much thereof as ma.v be necea-"pary, is herfb" apprnpriated nut of the Gene' Fund. Police Depart-ynent-Or- aitlon and .faintena nee ATiprfpriAtlon of the Fiscal Vear, ' 18f 5-134-7,- to defray the expenses f w srtf - ju . . n 1 s ,, S ' i 1 Hardly altered by its half-century 0f life, this is the Perkins home today, on the eve of its razinqj to make room for apartment houses. Only the trees show! the passage of time. dows, reminiscent! of his boyhood home in Kennebunkport, Me. He spared nothing in its construction, using huge; timbers, thick planks. "This is tc be my family's home." he declared. And it has been.! No other family has ever lived there. In it Senator Perkins raised hisl iamny oi six cnuuien. nitie ium, wife died in 1921, to be followed by ' him two years" later. Mrs. Mac-' kinnon, who had left home upon I her marriage to the late George G. Mackinnon, returned shortly after: her mother's death, and has since lived there. i j SOUND AND STURDY The earthquake of 1906 toppled brick chimneys and; cracked the tile facing of a fireplace. The huge Henry Longfellow mosaic window on the second floor landing isi warped but unbroken. The home is as sound and sturdy today as whenj Senator" Perkins jsummoned his friends for the housewarming, back in 1893. I Mrs. Mackinnon, alone since .her husband's death two years ago. will J ou o arid FEEL LIKE A MILLION With ihe Cheno Plan Created by Famed Hollywood Nutritionist Ifrou arc. fat and flabby, you can lose weight with the Chen Plan which makes reducing simple. There is no reason why you can't reduce with the Cheno Plan if you have no glandular; dysfunction. 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Passed to print for two days by the followiriif voter Aves: Council-men llaler. McCracken, Moroom. Peters. Shattuck, .SlavUh, Youeli nri President Beach 8. Noe -None. 'Absent: Councilman D'Arcy CHAS. M. DON, City Clerk. ' '359 Jan. 10 (2t " Ms.' - ' , - t - lit ' ' , ft leave1; soon to establish a new home in a Marina apartment in San Fran-cisco.j The old house will be Tazed. and oh its grounds a group of apart-ment houses will be built. Another fragment of Old California becomes a memory. . il- f Contouring Steam Cabinets Physio Therapy Easfanoni Studios 2764 7 3rd- Ave. SW eetwood 4240 at MacArthur Kathe C. YVelner ADVERTISEMENT Does Coffee Give You Acid Indioesf ioni Thousands of ufferr from Aetd Indigestion. Gaa, BloaHuR, Heartburn, Belching, Sour Stomach and resulting poor slep, due to exeess ctomacb acid, have been delighted to discover that the Doctor's formula called Diotex starts dissolving In the stomach in 5 to 10 minutes, thus helping In these four ways: 1. 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BK IT OP.DATNtCD by the Council of the tlity tf Oakland as follows: Stxri'tOX U The sum of $3600,00 is; hereby transferred from the Ceti--rftl Fujid, Ktnerfrency ' Appropriation of the Fiscal Y-ar 1346-1947. to the General Fund, Mayor and Council-Operation land Maintenance Appropriation of said Fiscal Year. SKCTIOX 2.i The sum of is: hereby appropriated out of the; General Fund; .Major and' Council-: Operation and Maintenance Appror priation of the Fiscal Year 1346-1 147, to pay the cost of the actu-; arial services as authorized by liesoluti5n Xo. 1700" C.M.S. ' Jn t'oitnctl, Oakland, Calif Jan.j 7, 1147. i : ;. passed ito print for two da va tv the following ; vote: Aves: Council- ; men Haler, McCracken. MorcOm. Peters. Shattuck. Slavieh, Youeli: and President ; Beach 8. Nop None. Absent:. Councilman D'Arcy! ' CiTAS. M. 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