The New York Times from New York, New York on March 4, 1876 · Page 8
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 4, 1876
Page 8
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gfie gttu-jTmrh (umcs Saiurg, glarrg , 1876. -4 LOCAL MISCELLANY. i a rosoEws victim. DOW A f WIKDLEK OOT A KMf-TOBK BAXXKR IWTO TXOUBLB V XCBOPK. Mr. Oeorc M. Kalllaa, tha senior .amber of ' th firm af BJUna, Br4hr C, af If 3 Wall !. wa tRMto4 U Pasi. rinse, a. Wda v. Vr BelxlaB aletl, a chare af having attempted t gotlate a tb lira! Bowh fergsd ?Tsw Totk Cntni beads. Tharrtwss iaa4 by th lla authoritl with! having prprly hrvasttgatan! tba ea, a ad yeaierdav after-aooa tba Becma Caoani General telegraphed t at Mat Ipit ta Braela tm relsaa air. BoIUaa at ec. Tb facta ta refrne t th eaaa arc simply aa follow i Dvriag th month "f January last. Rjlllna. JirotarTS Cm. dvrtid for a part-par, Ihsr being a veoeacy ta the firm. Tba advertise meat was aawrd by a nui af very areatl. manly anyran, wh ti hla aa Chart L. Tarabem, aad id that althoergh h had aot say money, ha bad a larg amount of bona which ha was desirous of plseinc la aama reaponstbl Sim. ' By bis envratloa h speedily eouviacd tba members f tba trm that ha waa aa eecomplianed financier, and kaaw tba ssyeteri of tba money : market fufly aa wall aa they did. Ha gave them Mat gmdl boada ta aeJl. and aa gained their fall confides. Than ha gav then 910,000 la New-York Central bend, and thy loaned him f 10,000 o tbem. Tbaaa boada wera forged, aa baa atnc been ascertained. Mr. Rollins wn aboet lesving f.v KnmiM to el nee aa a loan of 600,000 which bad be etfoetsd ta Braeaela by bla European rerr-pondssl. ' Mr. Harmane, aad Farabam for l!)Uaiu said, " You can do . some. tblnar tt ma over ' Inere. ' I hare 1100,000 In haw. Tork Central, aad you. eaa place a ki en toem there to ltte drntg tlin ynu ran barn." Mr. Knlliae cheerfully aanred. and on tb morning of Jan. J Kara ham (or Williamson) Cave bim IHC.OoO in forged New-York Central nodi. klr. iUuKna eailed for Enrnpe the aame day. Mxirtlr betore 'arnham to Mr. Kullioa 117.000 worth of bono at the California and Or?oa Ball-ruau. on which a loan of t6,tM0 waa to be uUined. Tber waa aa everdae roapoa aa one i.f ike bonda, aad Mr. Burke, tba eoallilentlal crrk of the boaee, took tbia eoopoa tba baking-boueaaf Maara.Fuk A Hatch, wbere It .. waa vronouncod a forgery. 'arabam. oa coming diwntooaon tho 19th ot Felmary, waa arrrated by Capt. PtT, of tha First Freelnct. and taken to toe lumbal, where ho waa ideatined aa Wtlllamann. Km met Attoraar I'hrlne waa commaoicatod with. 4id Krabam or WtUiameoa. wboee real aame U I'kirUaJ. 1'nrrlna. waa at once armcoed to plead to tttlywo indlotmenta for rrgery, crowing ontof ale connection wiin uie Kooene,. uinew, ana Mieridaa bond forger la 187H. II la aow eonflaed In tha 'Jotaba. Telearraphio dlapatehes were at oece aiat Ur. KoUjn awDriaina him of Farabam a ar rai. aud toat iba bonda war loraeriea. But by that tint Mr. Uollie had endearwred to place the - bnHa la the Bml market, and bad lelt for l arla, aot bartag bora able 9 affect a loan on the hoad. While stopping, at tha Grand Hotel, in -J'uria, he, with Mr. ilaruan. waa arrested by tba - iMUjpaa delecuves. A XOTED SirJXVLER ARRESTED. CLXVta DKVICEA OF OEOBQE M. MAXWELL TO rSOCUKK M05ET THE MANNER IN WHICH Ilia ARKEST WAS EFFECTED. . One of tha most elevor, aud at tba aame time tost anfertaaata, swindlers la tbe City, was yesterday arrested by Detect! re Field and O'Connor, ' of tha District Attorney's offls. Tbe piiaoner first became knowa to tba authorities la 1870, when, nn-der tba nam of 'Howard, ha waa arrested for ewtadling Mr. Brown, tba Superintendent of tba Erie HailWtyl Capt. John WJey, az-sooater Nor-Vp. the lata George Middleton, aad a aambec oT other prominent ctUsenk, He waa held for trial, hut, awing to tba respectability of hi family, ass arn tensed to three months' imprlaonmant In tha Cfty IVisoa. Oa hla release authlng mora waa heard of hint until tha latter part af December, 28TL when he eailed oa Mr. George. Wilkes, of tke Spin f tits Timst, aad. gsre hla name aa C. Sowaaead, a reporter oCtho Chicago Tim. He informed Mr. WUkea that he had heard la waa en gaged' la a eoatroyarsy with Mr. , John , Jf. Cbamberlala, and that he eould giro him aoma yalaahla Information TegardiBg Mr. Chaaherlaia. Ha aaid that while ha waa employed aa bartender oa a Mississippi Klrer a team-boat Chamberlain, who waa also employed aa a bartender, broke Into a gentleman's state-room, and stole f9,000 worth of Jewelry, aad that Cham- Jhariain, then la company with a noted St. Loaia female, proeeededjto Ckldkgo aad opened a paael- 1 hoe so in that city. So plausible waa tha story that - Mr..Wilkee hollered It to ha true aad published it tn hi paper, for which ha waa arrested oa a charge ' f libel. U next appeared la connection with another attempted awlodla. A Mrs. Cartla who .wms soprano auiger la one of tba no-town ckarch ea died aoddenly -aader anspleioaa oireomataaoea, which broaght Benjamin T. Gregory, the organist. Into tba one. Howard eailed oa htm, and representing that ho waa a Hum reporter, offered to settle" tbe matter for M0. Mr. Gregory ordered him out of bla htm a. On May 30, 1815, he waa arrested fey Capt.. WUliama, now of tha Fourth Preciact, for " awlndiing police men by borrowing money trom thent oa tha repreoantaUoa that he waa tbe ana of G-eorge W. Mateoil. then President f tba i'oUoe - Board. For tbia be waa aeatenced to eighteen months imprisonment, and dlaobargad on Feb. 4. Tha present obaraa against him la of a similar character. A yoang ,sua named C A. Hawthorne waa committed by ' Jostioe Kilbreth for abandoning hla wife, formerly a Miss Lowndea. Oa Fab. 4, Howard called at the residence of Hawthorna'a mother, Mrs. Leo, at No. - 30 Warerley place, and giriag bla aame as Louis V. Deris, of Philadelphia, aaid that . Mis Lowndes bad prenouery married his brother, John Daris, aad that tba latter waa not dead when ah married s yoong . Hawthorne. He aaid that bo could procure Hawtborae'e release, but ' that It was ntueossiy - that be should bara hia atfldant taken by a etenograpber. At Mra. Lee's leqaeat Mr. 1'UUip tuner aooompanisd him to the . fiuproua Coort, wbicb was eloeed, and thaa to the law efflc bf Daly At Ferry, la Fark row, where Howard, aader tba nam of Daris, swers to aa affl-siavlt embractag' tba tact suited by him to Mra. Lee. He thea peooeeded with Mr. Stoaer to the residenoe of JuUic Abraham K. Lawreaee, and. tetl- . leg Mr. Sinner to tnasis ontsid. ea tared and aaw J adoe Lswrasas, Me represented himself aa a reporter, aad asksd tha Judge for hia decision la a re-Cfcbt eaa. Ha thaa earn oat and told Mr. btoaer that Judga Lawroaoa had promised ta rale Haw. thorne, aad lor hita to mot him la tha Grand HoteL-Ha came to the hotel la half aa hoar aad haaaed Mr. burner tba affldurit with tba following ladbrae-aicst, purporting to- ha signed by J adgn Lawrence i - Kalsssa prisoner Charles A. Rawthorne, aabjeet to ka mo(n sauce, a UXS A. M-, Fee. tt-i. l7d, in psa1l 1 MM, annreaae Omrt, Chameara. .. ' - - J uUic hunt ante Court. To Joag QruiX, Warden, 1 ambe. lit Stoaer nressatsd tkla to Drpoty Warden Fmley, who proneunoed It a forgery, and tha case Was placed la the hands ef .Detectives Field aad O'Counur. By Iba pabliratHsa af a decoy notice la aa evening newspaper Deteatim Field eacceeded , ta inducing Howard to rial a haaee la Varlck atreet yeeierdsr, aad arreesed him. Oa beloc ar . laigned before J ustieo Bixby at tho Toanb Tea let. day. Assistant District Attorney 11 erriag personally draw ap the attldanU arainst him, nnd ha waa aoMimitted ui default of aa,M)tf bail. The prisoner gave hia name aa George M. Maxwell, aad refused t' answer all oaestiona. Ia foayaraaUoa with a Tuta. reporter ho aaid that hia wile aad died of aul-pox"oe Feb. IX aad that ha waa compelled to have her buried ta Poller's Field, ewinaT to pororty. lie alee slated that a waa Starr la aao.had slept ia Bowery bar-rousna night after night. Oa taqairr tb reporter iearued irom tho detective that tacaa kuwaitata of tot ruonar wera traa, . , aw i ? ' &5 BIS ST MS" B DKSFAIX. Tbera appear to ho aoma ground lor tba Jrra which hare bees entertained am tha part of thea responsible for tha eara aad eastody af Paaaoh 2. BabaataiB, tho condemned murderer, aow awaiting sxooatioa la kUymaad Btrool Jail, that tha wretched maa would take kia owa Ufa before the tint arrire waich ana been Bxed for hla execution. It la aaid that potaon ana boa oyusojed aeroral time lecently- by mean of letters, aad yeatordsy aaoralng a new development waa mad which bowa that tha prisoner himself must maditat o thing of tha aort. Each prUonar ia far. alabed with a Ua coffee-cup holding aa tun aad Knhiaatcla M allowed ta can ta hia eell all tho ttmo, aa accouat af aiea to using aay article which ha boa eoaiam-laatod by ' tha touch of GoatU hands Yesterday aaoralng tha hsU-asaa dicoyrad that tba irea wire which term tke rim of Bubeaateia'a cap had ba rsmorcd. aad tha Ua poaaded baek lato iU former condition. A thorough aeareh af tha pria- - aaer'a cell waa made, aad In wtr waa lomnd amiad in the mattrea of hia boa. It had auarpoaed dowa to tha k sua eat peaat passible at Ma aad, aad tke other oad waa boot erer ia tba form ot a loo. That It waa tafaadod a aa laser, (neat of SAif -dee true t too ia aaor thaa probahl. A thorough axajBlaoUoa af all tha oookmg mtaaatls im tae oeil was thea aneda by Keeper Btenaoa, aad ' tho area ban I of tho prisoner' aoap ladl waa found to bar heoa remored. and was dieoorased oswealed to a ooraer of tha eell aader aoao aid clothe. Th priaoaar la aow watched mor elonoly than erer, aad hia yiaHora ar allowed to corner wiuh Mm only la Germaa, aad a German watoamaa la pianvd in the onmdor to oaforoa tha ardor. J4er heuatem still aerta hi Innooaaca, aad arer hi belief that I he murderer af Bara Alexander will bo diseorered in tiute to oar him from tho gllow. It THX PLYMOUTH TJtOVBZES. BxaoLCiioxd decxarino the actio of TBS ADTIaORT COCBCTL BIHDINO MR. BEKCHEB AGAUT B-EXOCNCES ALL . CBARGEA AS FALSE, FOCL, AXO FIKNDUR. At the dose of tba monthly boainea ami prayer meotiar ot Plymouth Charch last sreuisg Mr. B. YT. Bavmoad opened th adloaraed annual meeting by prayer. Mr. Edgertaa occupied th chair. Th Moderator aaaoeaaed that Messrs. Bope. Becomh, aad Cbrlstenaen had declined to aerre n th InrHga(ng Committee. To fill these racanele Messrs. Zena Caae, Aaron Healey, aad T. M. Mpellmaa were appointed, with Messrs. A. B. Daren port. E. C. Darldaoa. an I Dwight Ktndwell aa alternate. Mr. Shear ma a then aaid b wished te affer a aerlea of resolutions, because many wall-meaning persona, (mentioning Prof. Smyibe, of Andorer.) had mis-takea the adrtee of tke council regarding the power of tho church Examining Committee. The Exam-laiag Cetnmittse had no power to prevent any charge from being mail. Tbeee resolution aa follows : are 4 Jfsaomsd, That for th purpose of rerooring all possible misapprehension n pon tbe point, this church hereby declare that it baa always understood and believed that the advlre submitted ay tbe Advisory Council lelt t tbe church and ita committee no op-lion ta case cbarcee are pt eeented, except to forward them to th committee appointed by tnat council, tearing to tbat committee the sole respoosibiliiy of deciding whether aucb charges are to be acted upon. Second Tbat the Examining Committee are hereby mstrncted npon receipt by that committee or this cbnrch of any charge wbicb the persous presenting claim to be within th plan of the rona-. oil. to forward to same at once to the etmmsttce of th council, with th request that they take audi action a may eeeui Just, without consultation with this church or aay officer thereof. In support of tbese resolution remarks were made by Messrs. B. W. Kaymond, Horatio C. King, and U. W. Beecber. Mr. Bsecber mi la : I want to aay that I think it ia the most extraordinary thing In tba history of any church or anybody, that araat charch like tbia has been striving through two year to secure by every means in its power the development of facta and of lies, and baa called to ita aid at last alter a trial by itaelt of ita Pastor, after a alx months' ciril trial of the Pastor, alter repeated attempts anbseqnently In vartoua ways, falling not by its fault i after calling aa nnpsrailoled council, and ha ring mailt' it ao plain that aoVone man of the 300 ot them tailoii to understand tbat Plymouth Church, with its Pastor at ita bead, d.'aired above all thinga to bare an tnresiigauon, not by a rsmblinic, sell-constituted inquisition, but by a well-authenticated tribunal of any kind ; and that now, a larger part, at aay rale, no inconsiderable portion ot the presa of tbe United States, cues on representing Ply' mouth Church ss either seeking or putting itself in n position by which it may binder and prevent tha truth. 1 think there nerer has been the persllol oMiurh monatrooa ignorance, tor I will not say pur-posed mlsapprehenaiop. Their ryes arc henry that they cannot see. their ears arsilull that tnry cannot hear, and tieir beart ia wicked tbat ther cannot understand that we want above all thing 1 do. yoa do. nd you and I do all toeciber that there should be the moat Iborpuab, scouring investigation. We dou't want to hare anything to dj with it in any each relations ax shall be subject to nilsin let prelat ion upon the subject. In re card to tbe more recent aspects, called charges, which they are not, I deal re my remark a to cover them. I don't know that 11 la in order to aay what I aay tbat tbe eewvrage which has been runnlnic through tbe eara of ennoent gentleiuon is nothing but outsoouring and sewerage, and false in the beginning.. It has not iniprored through lying in tbe gulf for twenty yeara, false in particular, falso in general, false, font, fetid, and fiendish. Oi this 1 expect to have me further opportunity to speak. The resolutions were then passed. Messrs. Dr. Edward Beecher. Horatio C. King, and K. W. Ray-mend were appointed a committee to prepare faith publication of aa official report of the transactions of the lata Advlaosy Council. Tbe meeting thea adjoaraad to meet at the call of tha chair. AH APPEAL 1VR THE POOIL TBE TREASURY OF ST. JOHX'S GUILD EMPTY EXTRAORDINARY DEMANDS UPON CHARITY FOR FOOD. Cobuuttk Koons or St. Johk's Guild, HO. iU J&AST FOUKTUXTH nTKKJCT, March 3, 1S76. The moat trying month of tbe Winter now face tha poor ot tbe City, and they And themselves mora crippled in their resources than ever before. Tbey have exhausted their Summer sa rings ; there will be ao employment for them until warm weathrr, and for aeveral weeks to come tbey will aoraly need help. Perhaps none know their condition better than the volunteer visitor of St. John's Guild. Tbey have rial ted and fonnd in dire extremity tbia Winter more than twenty-flve thousand persons, mainly women and children, whom tbey have relieved, aad tha records on their, books are pitiful in the extreme. These ompnss the bulk of the City's deserring poor, and tbey are compelled to look to the Guild tor aid, ainre the Commia- aioaer of Charitie are giving nothing bat co il this Winter, and th Society for Improving tbe Condition of th Poor ha ceased ita operations. If the Guild should now be forced to leave the field, it would bo a mlafortnna whoa cruel conaequenoea' to Uie destitute could not no over-esumateu. lno of th recent Martha Waahlng- Keoeption go (aa waa advertised) to pay th debt npon tho jrionling Hospital of St. Jobn a Guild aad to ita Summer work among the aick children, the tv inter woik of relieving the poor ia absolutely dependent on th donationa of the public trom day to day- When ever these- generous gift cease, the work of relief must atop. Wheiher ancb a time has arrived now th pablie muat decide after hearing the atatement tbor is no money in It treasury tor to mor row' needs, aad no supply ot food in store. Whatever anawer may be made, I cannot endnre the thonsht of navina: to oar th door acainst tbe Kay era aad tear of thousands of women and chii-ea who are in utter destitution and terrible suffering, without making tbia aiatoment in their behalf. The detail of tho ess can be given to those who will call at oar head quarters and consult tbe rec ords, bat tbe on fact to be made known every where l that without prompt aaetstance from tne public oar doora ntost a doeed forthwith. ALVAii WIS WALL. Master of St. Johu'a Guild. XEPUBL10AX MESTIXQS. A meeting ot tho First Assembly District Republican Association waa hold at their bead-qoar-ten, Ko. 133 Franklin street, last evening, for tbe pmrpo of 'conaldsring th question of admitting now member to th association and to receive application for the saaae. Speeches were made by Mr. John Koblnsoa aad Mr. Pinckaey, the representative of tha County Central Committee, both ot whom apoko oa the prominent Issues now' before the country, and oa tba merit of th different candidate for tbe Presidency whoa name are likely to com be for tha Kepnhllcaa National Convention. The speakers man, raferene to tho disgrace and downfall of ex-secretary Belknap, and expreeeed their opinion that, aotwlthatanUmg this aud other facta, lb Bepublleaa Part will triumph in the coming Pioaidsattat election. Both speakers favored tue aomlaatioa of Hoav Koaoo Conkiing for to Presidency. A special meeting of th Third Assembly District Republican Association waa held at No. 8U3 Graad atreet last night. The only business transacted, waa receiving propositions for membership, of which a larg aumawr wer banded in. At a pociai meeting of the Fifteenth Assembly Dlatrict Republican Association last evening, at Ka. Sag Waat Thirtv-flfth atreet, forty names were enrolled, and a meeting wilt bo held asu Monday raaiag to act aooa th aoeontaac or rejocttou of the applications tor asemberabip. The BopabUcaaa of the Second Assembly District of Wastes ester County will bold n .convention at Maraa'a Hall. W hit Plata, on Saturday. March 11, for too purpos of seise Uac three delegate to reprseeet too district ia- the approacning State Convention. Tae Republican af the Third Assembly Dlatrict f Wra l chaster County will assemble in con Ten -ttoa at UUv Hall, Stag Hmg, on Saturday, March 11, to appoint taro aoiegatea to toe btate convention I bo held at Syracuse oa March 83. AS31TXKSJLXX Or THAT CHATIX SOME. Tba aoJUTOraaxy of the dedioatien of the Cbapta Homo waa eolehtaiad yesterday after ooa at tha iaatitutloa, in Sixty -alx tk atreet, near Lex-iagtoa avaamav At 3 o'clock religion orvico wer aaid, eooductod by Br. J. M. Pallmaa aad Be v. Dr. Parker. Bv. Dr, Chapia thea made a brief ad-dree, atatiag that tha home waa lnatituted for puxoly philaathropie purpose, aad waa entirely aaoeotariaa. It wa. h aaid, th aatgrowth of practical Christianity, aad each aa instita- eoald not axiat ear la a Chrhv land. H .waa followed by Bav. Mr. Lleyd. Bav. Dr. Armltaga, aad ether eiercymea or dlffsroat reogiaaa. deaomiatlnaia, all of wnom ox. pressed tbe asoat aoraial aympathy with th iaatiM-tioai and ta nurnassa for which it was founded. Arose fa exereise wr eoncludsd. a mi laita wa porta ran ot ia aao sp ansae aouag aau ec ta taatt-tatioa, aad the anartmoato of th - inmate, tba kite heoa, toro-iooaa. ate. wer ins poo tod by tha targe aamber ( viatra praaaat, aad found to b admlrabtr laa aad Beat ta their arrangement. According to the Last annual report af to Hmo of which Mra. B. H. Caapta la Piesideot t ov taiaa thirty-Mvea lamate. th total number rs et wad. from tha opening of tha iaatitutloa, Doo. Li fin from deb aad bae a email sadowat fend, be ajlta iraaffloleat t pay the aaaaal expeea, which eaa oely ao Mewtoatea ar ana-uat Htrntpu, aaftavAc Mra. Dl D. T. MerabalL Si lSTEaa Ukirtv -fourth atreet, la tha Trees ore of the Horn. THE REVIVAL SERVICES. LARGE AUDIENCES AT THE HIPPODROME TESTER DAY IKTEM PER ANCB AXD THE LEAAOX OF THE PRODIGAL SON THE SUBJECTS OF MR. MOODY'S DISCOURSES. A very large andiene assembled yeaterday at the aooa prayer meeting at the Hippodrome. A usual on Fridays, tha subject of tbe day waa " Intemperance." Tbe service were epened by tbe ainciag of tbe hymn "Stand np for Jeans," after which Bcv. Dr. Hep worth read tbe reqaeata to pray, . wbica were verr numerous. After a fervent prayer, tbe congregation fang "Oh ! bliaa ef the purified, bli of the free." Mr. Moody then roar, and after few prefatory remarks on tbe power of tbe appetite ot strong drink, said : If man could aave himself there would be no need of a Saviour. But be can't do this. That la tha reason Christ came into tbe world to aave men. When man wake np to the fact that be baa a terrrible enemy to contend with, then he will be better able to know tbe value of a Saviour. Man a worst enemy it himself. His pasalons and appetites, his old Adam eat ore, are those enemies that will matter hirp if be doea aot rry for help from above. If yoa read Genesis yoa will find that man waa lust the aame before tbe flood. Tbe Psalmist Darid mourns tbe Imperfections of man's nature. Oh ! the very beat man. th beat statesmen, tbe beet renerala, tbe micbtieat intellects, ail have failed becanee tbey did not tarn to God. They were powertess to mve themselves. Thus yon can go tbrongli the Scriot tires and find that everywhere man in hia own estate, 4 without God, is a failure. Ah. tnr hearera. we will find, sooner or latn-. that it ia better to treat God than our own d -critful heart. )u ! how often has that heart deceired us into belie vine that we could keep rrsolnuons without Ihvioe help. Ah ! all flesh la at enmity wrtb Ita God. We cannot do sot-thing of ourselves alooev Wa waat a new life. a new creation. a ' new birth. There ia no use of wanting oar energies trying to patch up tt)e imperfections ol our old Adam nature. We want a new nature, a purer moral conscience. Oh ! I would ui gire niocb for all your resolutions if (iod ian't at tbe baoa of them. It yon will partake of tbe Divine nature, if you will receive thar nature from God, you can resist ail temptationa. Oh! let us. then, place our expectations on Um to-day. Tbe power that cornea irom Him will bring victory with it. At the conclusion of Mi. Moody's remarks a prayer waa delivered by Rer. Dr. Hepwonh, after which the congregation aang. with much spirit, the bvuin. " I bear the Saviour aay." Mr. Moody then iurited three or lour reformed drunkards to relate their experience aince their conver-ion. Ai the conclusion of tbeir narratirea prayer waa delivered by Ker. Dr. Oruiiston. and the eervicee concluded with the singing of the hymn, "Jesus, lover of my soul.'' A nii'ut temperance meeting wi subsequently held in the main hall, and a women'a nieet-luif in the hall on Fourth avenue. The moeting in the main hall and the oreiflow meeting were both unusually well attended last evening. The service in tne largo ball was opened with the singing of the hymn, "God loved the world of sinners lost." After an earnest prater hv Iter. Dr. John Hall, Mr. Son key aang " Ninety and Sim-." Mr. Moody chose his text from the parable of tho Prodigal Son. in tbe illteentb chapter of St. Luke. Tbeie is probably, he and, no prodigal in the world lo-uig'bt that is not lauiilisr with the story. Oa, my hearrrs, when you read it do you ever ston to think bow uiaov prodigala there are ia your City. Uli! it Is full of tiieui to-night, young men who have turned their backs ou tneir God and hare broken th-ir parents' hearts, sending them in sorrow to an untimely grave. Oh, man.v young men forget that tbey must reap as tbey have eowu that, sowing the wind they must reap tbe whirlwind. Ah, - there are, many to-i.ight, who have, like the Biblical prodigal, lost their home and their ""birthright. A man away from Go-t baa no borne, neither baa be any claim on hia Father's mercy. Ah ! it ia when be wake np to tbe fact that that Father is tbe best friend be has in the world that he will return to Him In humble penitence. Oh ! sinner, return to y. ur Heavenly Father to-night, lie will forgive you. He will run to meet the returned prcdignl. lie will throw Himself upon your neck and weep for Joy. Ah ! lit will not op braid you. Dover upbraids a penitent prodigal. Ah ! sinner. God's forgiveness of yoor sins will be as divine as vour erring waa human. Oh 1 let me ask you tbat have, loved ones st home to-nigbt. let me ask yon to pray for those whose hearts are breaking, and wnose eyes are weeping for tbe return of their wandenug, prodigal children. Oh I pray for them lovingly, tenderly, earnestly.! At tbe conclusion of the sermon Rev. Dr. Ormls-ton prayod, and during the interral of silent prater wbicb followed, at Mr. Mood'a request a touching duet. " The Prodigal Child," waa suue by Messrs. Saukey and Thatcher. The usual wouie j a meeting and men'a pravec-meetiug acre held alter the regular services. UTJLIZATJUX OF SALf WATER. THE 8 U II J KIT DISCUSSED BEFORE A COMMITTEE OK THK BOARD OK ALDEItMF.N. The Aldermanic Committee appointed to con-aider tbe feasibility of utilizing the waters of the North and East Hirers for Military purpose met yesterday. Tbe committee consists of Messra. McCarthy, Billings, Gross, Tuomey. and llowland. Mr. Thomas Miller Brat submitted bis views. He referred to tbe fact tbat be bad aent a petition to the Common Council asking them to giro authority to have aalt water need for eleaoaing and fire purposes. Hia object waa to revive the movement inaugurated three years ago when a number of persons presented plana for tbe utilisation of the rivers. One fact waa admitted. Tba Croton supply was insufficient, ar d it could not be made adequate except at a coat of milliona of dollar. Tbe great fire in Centre atreet, some yeara ago, when' fire lives were lost, might have been checked but tor tbe want of water, and they could not obtain a better supply now for their Immediate necessities. Mure water waa lnt orer the Croton dam than waa need in tbia City. While tbey were thos suffering from tbe want of water, tbe great aea was around them, rolling at their feet. W by could they not use it tor fire and other purpose I Alderman McCarthy aaid that ordinance had been paased providing for laying new Croton mams, ao aa to give an increased aupply of water in cases of tire, or foe other purposes. Mr. Miller said Us waa aware of the fact, bat he believed that It would still be necessary to uae the aalt water. Ex-Corn iu odor Jonaa M. Levy next alluded to the bill be bad introduced in tbe Legislature authorising the " Salt Water Supply Company of New-York" to use the river watera for quenching ttree, and othrr purposes. He said tbe company did not want money from the city. They proposed to lay pipe, connected with tbe river, and also hydrants, throughout tne eity, and the only charge to be made waa twenty ceuta per lineal foot to the ownera of property. Tbe people in every house could then apply themselves with salt water for cleansing purpose, baths, Ave. By thia mean the necessity of spending millions of uollars to increase th supply of Croton water would be obviated. Mr. Frederick K. Pateraon alluded to the Holly system f water supply, which ha considered tbe moot advantageous ia cases of fire ia cities and village. Tbe us of salt water waa practicable, because the Fire Department steam-boat used It. Biver water could he introduoed by iron pi pea, and it was greatly needed in cases of fire a fact that waa proved at the conflagration oa Broadway. Tbe Holly aystem. which waa . la nee ia sixty cities of the United State, would mee the difficulty. He had a plan te propoae under tbat system, by which the City south ot Fourteenth atreet eould be pro tec ted from fire at a cost of a Jlttle over f 1.000,000. Tbe plaa was that a twenty-tour inch pipe b laid from Fourteenth atreet, along tbe atreet rergiag oa tke North aad Eaat Rivers, with pipes in every second street, aad hydrants on every corner on Broadway, and wherever pine and bydrauls ware needed for eonveying aalt water. He also proposed to borate two great machines, with emiine, one at Grand atreet, Eaat Biver, and the other at Canal street. North Biver. Eaob would have a capacity of 20.000,000 of gallona. By tbia plan a larg nnmbr of stream could be cent 100 I set high,aad aa be had stated, the eoet of the whole work would bo a little orer one million of dollar. Th committee then adionrned until MoaHay next, at 8:30 P. M when tbe President of tbe Fir Department, Commissioner Campbell, and tha Chief Engineer of hia department are expected to attend. FATAL JUSA-CLr OF A QCAKRSL. Franklin Ford, one of the principals in tbe duel fought with knives ia Jersey Ctty, last Saturday night, died from hi wounds about 7:30 .o'clock last evening, at the City Hospital. It will bo tosirmln 1 that he aad Joha Hearey became involved fat a quarrel ever a game of card la Wbe-Ua'a saloon, oa Washington atreet, and had some, warm words, each aeeuaing the other . ot cheating. Ford finally went out to an oyster stand on th oppoait side of th street. Hearey followed him and tho- quarrel waa renewed. Hearer seised aa eyster-kntis and stabbed Ford, whea the latter palled a knife oat ef hi pocket and a terrific etrog-gla aaaoed. Daring tha fight they got oat through tha door aad oa tha aide walk, whore Ford gar Heavev a blow which liana li aim to tail. Ford thea made hie way to tha boapttal. aad aoma men broaght Hev-y there a ahart time afterward. It wa thought at first that Hearey waa tha moat ertoaaly weanded of the two, bat ho ha heoa gradually recovering; mad It ta tboacbt now that b will surnra. ' Th Pwlie aa theritM. fearing that aa attempt would be made by hia f riaad to take him away, bav detailed aa officer to keep constant watch ovar hiss aatil aa baa leeorared tnctatl to pat mtt af hia removal to too Cesmtv JaB.- Should tke aatioisaUoa of hi ftaal recovery prove correct, bo will be pat oa trial focmsnslsnghtTi Coruaor Gaaaaa will hold aa CITY AND SUBURBAN NEWS. . Xew-yoek. Lenten aeivieoa are held dally at 8 A. 1L in St. Asa's Charch, Eighteenth street. Bear FIMi arena. Tba eoM aotnpaniea have decided to continue tne auspenaio of coal mining until Monday, March SOtb iastaan Ac a meeting of tbe grain trade yesterday four new rule were adopted relating to the Um of delivery la time con tracts. Mayor Wickham baa accepted an invitation from represents tire of various Irish societies to review the procession oa St. Patrick's Day. Rev. Henry Morgan will deliver a lecture at Cooper Institute, to-morrow (Sunday) evening, on the " Traits. Tricks, and Conversion of a Live Yankee." The New-York Bible Society distributed, by girt and sale, daring February, 2,83 Bibles and Testament smonr S.326 families, 1 10 veeaela. and 8,823 emigrant at Castle Garden. Rev. Dr. Foes, President of Wesleyan University, will preach to-morrow in St. Jame' M-etb-odlat Episcopal Cbnrch at Harlem. One Hundred and Twenty-sixth reel and Madison .avenue. Tbe Stevens triennial priz.5 was awarded to Emil Baaenberg. M. D . of this City, by the College ef Physicians and Surgeon, for a treatise on " The Ueof tbe Spe tooijm in it apollca iou to scientific and practical medicine," aud not. aa rapsrted, oa "the stetbescope. " Prof. W. E. Oriffis delivered a lecture last eveatag ia tbe lecture-room of St. Mark's Church. Second avenue and Tenth atreet, on tbe Social Life of the Japanese." The lecture waa the third la tbe course tnr tba benedt of tbe St. Mai k'a Cbnrch Mission Societv. Tbe next regular Charch Conference will be bel 1 on Monday next at 3:33 P. il., in the Sunday, school room of Calvary Church, corner Fourth areune and Twentv-first'atreei. A paper will be read by Richard De Mille on " The Foreknowledge of ou and the Free Will of Man." Alter tbe paper tne auoject will be open tor discussion. Sneak tbievea entered tho apartments No. 426 Eaat Sixteenth atreet, oa Thursday evening, aud earned off wearing apparel and Jewelry valued at I1U0. The apartmenia of Christian Gnhbard. at Frat avenue aud One Hundred and Fourteenth atreet, were entered by sneak thieves ou Tliur.dav evening, aud robbed of 109 worth of wearing apparel. William C. Prime, LL. D., author of Tent Lift in tke Holy Land, will give a lecture before the New -Tork Science and Art Association, on " Ancient Att and. Modern Science." on Wednesday evening next, in the K formed Church, c rner of Twenty first street and Fifth aveuue. Dr. i nine bae devotel many yeara to the study of ancient art. and his collections are among tbe most rare and ln-teresiing in this or any other country. A conference took place yesterday afternoon between Commissioner Voorbis, ot the Police Board, snd Drs. Chan Her snd Janewjv. of the B.'ard of Heetb, In reference to the racatinz of the rooms im the first and second floors of tbe Headquarters by tbe lstter board, in accordance with a request to tnat euucl irom tue ionoer. it ia oeueren by Mr. Voorhis that the matter can be soon arranged to the entire satUtction of both boards. BROOKLYN. The affairs of the Water Purveyor's Department were yesterday investigated hy the special committee, of which Alderman Kiwley is Chairman. Judge Dykmao yesterday rendered his derision denying the motion of coansel to admit Owen Tullv, convicted of niavbeiu, to bail pending the decision of the General Term on tbe application lor a new trial. A report that Rev. Henry Ward Beecher had died auddenly was circulated ynatorday. and caused much annoyance to many of his Iriends, who rnhed to his residence, wbrro they found the great preacher in sound health. James Keed, aged thirty-five years, residing at 698 DrKslb avenue, fell off the front platform of a car yesterday afternoon, while intoxicated, and tbe car passing over bis left leu. injured it so badly as to make amputation necessary. He was removed to the Long Island College Hospital. Detective Looncy yesterday arrested a man named Julius Jaoobi, recently in tbe employ of Henry C. Bowen aa a aerrant, on complaint of ono of Mr. Boweo'a eons, oa a charge of embezalement. Jacobi waa tormerly an actor. He pleadei guilty and waa held by Justice Walsh for indictment bv the Gritnd Jury, 'i he amount involved waa small. Annie E. Maxfield, who was arrested sev-i ' eral weeks ago by Detective Roche, of the Third Procinct, on a charge of robbing Mr. Hillgrovn and Miss More, at tbe residence ol the former, in tho Winter of 174. was before Jmttice Deluiar yester-Uv morning, aud was by him oomniitted to Kaymond Street Jail to awau the action of the Grand Jury. Coroner Simms held an inquest yesterday on the body of Ernest Hulig. a German locksmith, who committed auicide ou Thursday by shooting himself throuch tho head. T be testimony showed that Using waa a man of intemperate Habits, and tbat be had frequently threatened to kill himself. The jury rendered a verdict iu accordance with the facts. Coroner Simms waa last evening notified .to bold an inquest on tbe body of James Bullen, of No. 151 Hudson avunue, vetio had died from tbe effects of poison. The deceased had been aiok for some time, and was in the haoit of taking laudanum as a medicine. He waa attended recently by Dr. Pine, who ordered aa inquest, and suggested to the Coroner the necessity ot a post mortem. The Government recently seised a distillery . in Gold street, and among the property confiscated were sixty-live barrels of molaaae, wblch had been pnicnased of Crabb 6c. W ilson. These gentlemen sued the Government for the vaine of the molasses, and the case waa tried yesterday in the United States Court. Tbe Government claimed tbat tbe molaaae was sold by Crabb It. Wilson with tbe full knowlodge of the use to which it was to be put. Tne Jury failed to agree. STAT EN ISLAND. The steamer Sunshine, of the opposition line, which was yesterday reported disabled, waa simply laid over one trip, and ia now running regularly from tbe dock at Stapleton. The garrison at Fort Wadsworth is engaged In haoling ioe from a pond inside it lortifloationa. The ice u only a few inches thick, and tbe supply will hardly last all the middle of the Summer. Business is still dull at tho Quarantine Station, the health of the emigrant arriving oa the Earopeaa steamers being surprisingly good. , During tha past week there bav boea only ona or two case of small-pox to demand tbe attention of the Health Oflieera. Tea patient bava been admitted to the Seaman's Retreat Hospital during the paat three days. On of them. Capt. R. K. Baker, of the eebooner Annie Lyons, was removed from bis reesel on Thursday night, after lying sick on board. for aeveral davs without medical attendance. Tbe others were nra sailor from on vessel, sffiicted with scurvey. and three from European steamer witif tyidioid leaver. A publio ball is now in course of erection in Middleton. on Bay street, near Dock. It will cost Cia,000. and will be three atorie In height. Th prooerty ia owned by William S. Tynan, a coal merchant doing business in th villas a of Edge-water. The upper story will b fitted no as lodge rooms, which ar already ana-aged. The second story will be derotsd to the hail, and tbe ground floor will be let either for banking purposes or to the Siaten Island Gaslight Company. WESTCHESTER COUNTY. There are twenty-seven liquor saloons in the village of White FLaios, tha receipts of which are aaid to amount to $50,000 annually. Fifteen of the saloons are lioena .. while th outer twelve are not licensed. In aeveral ot these saloons gambling is aaid to be carried on extenai veiy. A man in the employ of Mr. McKinney, a farmer, near Kensioo, after disnoalng of a wagon-load of hay in White Plains on Thursday af.eraoon. drank too mnch liquor, and while under ita influence concluded to take a took at the ruins ef tbe burned railroad bridge about a mile below toe village. He drove bis team down tbe railroad track a ahart distance, waeu the 1 o'cliwkt train from lbs City came along and struck tbe horse, killing them, and knocking the driver into the river, but he escaped without aenooa injury. NEW-JERSEY. William Manning and Jobn Leary were arrested la Newark yesterday oa a charg of baring committed a burglary at the Midland Hotel In Wood side. Tbey war held for examination. John Sc anion, aged twelve yeara, tho boy who tumped from a moving tram at East Orange, Wednesday, aad who was removed to St Barnabas Hospital ia Newark, died of his injuries yesterday. Coroner Vreeland. of Newark, ia making a transcript of .Lb testimony la th Brcht abertioa inqaost, which will h forwarded to District Attorney Phslp. af Nw-Tork, aad by him laid before th Graad Jury. Yesterday a well-dreased yoong woman want taw Buxton's dry-goods store la First street, Jersey Ctty, aad asksd permisaisa to leiro a boadl there for a few mleate. Permiasioa wa graaiad aad a mid tne aaadi ea th counter and went oat. A few mlaat later tk buadl car aiga of animation aad it waa found to onataia a nowly-bora vi waa tho mother mt th child, that ita nam waa Grace, and asking teat it h take car of. Tha waif was r amoved to th LltU Waaderor' Home. . - Xoaaora of additional tax frauds were rife rn Patersoa yesterday. 'AH th IsformaUoa that coold be bad waa that tba Merchants' Loan and Trust Company bav paid ahoat four thousand dollars la taxes to ta dtv mor thaa apaoars Collector Alien' book. The matter will b tuvtigaa. Jame Hopkins, a resident of Homestead Station, waa driving along th Dalleytowa road, ia 2fovth Bergen. yterdav. whea his team ran away, aad be was hurled violeatiy to tbe ground, receiving serious and probably fatal in i arte. H wa conveyed to his home in an aaoaaacio condition and medical attendance aammoued. Jobn Cunningham, who, it is, alleged, mur dered Mrs. Kara in Stewsrtsvills, Warren County, ten years ago. and who wa recently arrested in Clereland, Ouio, oa Information furnished by hia wife, has been broorht to Bel rid ere and lodged ia the County JsiL He declares bis Innocence, and states that he was never in this part of the country before. The Jersey City Yacht Club have elected tbe following officer for tbe ensuing year : J. H. Ton-dy. Commodore ; A. E. Haghea, Vie Commodore ; James T.' Grady. Secretary; A. Brainerd, Treasurer ; Henry Searle, Measurer. The'' Board of Directors consists of the foregoing officer and Charles E. Gardner. Jobn A. Hilton. Isaac & Met tier, Frederick Grain. J. T. Roberta, and Peter Miller. .Harrison Parkinson, the canal-boat revivalist, of Wesbawken, was called for trial yesterday morning, in the Hudson County Court of Special SoMion. on a charge of assault and battery on It'iauk Csllour. roe evidence showed conclusively that Parkinson bad been guilty of the assault aa alleged, and tbe court convicted him. lie, waa remanded to the County Jail to await aentenc. A vatTunt was issued in Harrison yesterday for tne arrest of Deputy Sheriff Thomaa Gilnooly on tbe charge of h iving defrauded Mr. Holniea, tr-e proprietor of the Lodt Hoiri. out of $75, which the latter won playing " policy," and wbich Gilhooly, as aliened, collected fur bim. For some time paat Gilhooley ha been actively raiding on policy dealers, and it baa now been ascertained that be ia an inveterate player himsolf. Michael Mulbern and John Dewitt, Jr., be-came inrolred In a quarrel yesterday, and tbe latter Htruck Mulbern on the bead with a whiffie-irec. liacturiug his skull aud Inflicting injuries which may prove fatal. Mulhern was eiuuloyed on a farm at Union township. Union County, belonging to Hewitt's father. Dewitt flJ. but was a r res lei in Elizabeth and lodged iu jail to await tbe result of his victim's injuries. Charles iloll, a noted desperado of Camden, was released from tbe Slate Penitentiary two weeka ago, alter aerving a twelve month' imprisonment. On Thursday begot drunk aud violently assaulted bin brotucr, beilsig bim iu a brutal luauner. Later he bat an old man u?nl Lavi North. Afterward be quarreled with Alexander Peacock and attempted to shoot him, but waa prevent i I y a by-siauder, who threw up bis arm jut ss hn was abf.ut to shoot. Still later be met Coustaole H jean in tlie street, and, drawing his revolver, tired four shots at him, one of whica lougod in bis nip. The desperado was finally arrested and lodged in Jail. TUE POLICb ASD TUE COSCBRT GARDESS. While the Police Commissioners were in ses sion yesterday, tbey were waited npon by Auguat Kramer, proprietor of the Atlantic Garden, and several of bis friends, who in turn made formal ob jections t Capt. Lowery, of tbe Sixth Precinc', making that saloon a special ' obj.-ct of Sunday raids. Kramer's counsel made several speeches denunciatory of tbe conduct of the officers . who cioAed the place on tbe Sunday before last, and, as tho speaker alleged, neglected to deal in a similar manner with other gardens in I be saino precinct. The proprietor was wiiliug at any time to dose hia place on auudays, provided the law waa generally enforced throughout iLe City, nut be objected to oe- lug made an exception, fresideut Smitn assurea the delegation tbat the hoaru bad not issued a special older affecting the Atlantic Garden, and aug- gcsieu mat it it was tne ouieci 01 i qq neiegauuu vo pro I or cooiiilaints aaiust tne officers who made the raid, it would be neceiuutrv to make affidavits and preaent them to the Chief Clerk. Kramer's counsel was not auite satisfied with tbia disposition of the caae. ana wanted the board to remove Capt. Lowerv to liarlem, ou the irronud that ho bad made himself exceedingly obnoxious to tue people in the lower art of the City. A MAS KILLED BT A HA LOOS-KEEPER. Last evening, about 5 o'clock, an altercation took place between a aalooD-keeper namad James McC berry, and a coal beaver named James Smith, ot East Twenty-flrst street, which resulted in tbe death of the latter. McCherry, it appears, commenced the .affray by endeavoring to eject Smith from his store at the corner of Thirty-fourth street and First aveuue, aud having suooeedod in doing so. followed bim to too sidewalk and struck him several blow. The last blow waa a violent aa to ft 11 Smith to the sidewalk, his skull being fractured by coming in contact with the tingling. He was immediately conveyed to a drug store, and from thence to the Thirtv-flfth Street Police Station, where he died soon alter. Three witnesses of tho affray, who had pronounced it au unpro voked assault by McCbeny, were retained at tho station. McCherry was arrested and locked up Co await an investigation ot tbe circumstance l" Coroner Croser, wbj viewed the body of the dead man lust night. POLICE APPOIST11ESTS ASP TRASSFER8. In accordance with a provision of law by bich the Police Board ia empowered to notify members of tbe force of its intention to retire them from active aervioo on account of inability to pei-form regular patrol duty, notifications to tbat effect were ordered to be issued to the following-named officers yesterday: Patrolmen Ellis. First Precinct: Disbrow. Thirteenth Precinct: iisiadan. Twelfth Precinct; Taoor, Twelfth Precinct; Willis, Fifteenth Precinct; Schick. Fifteenth Precinct ; Doug-laaa. Eighteenth Precinct; McCormack. Twenty-thud Precinct; and Bennett, of tbe Saul tary Company. Doorman J. Walling (brother of the' Super intendent) waa transferred trom Head-quarters to the Seventeenth Precinct. R. N. Wrigot waa ap pointed to the. position in the Central Office, and tbe following appointments of Patrolmen were made: Jesse Hunt, James Behan, Charles Meyer. Jamea Breen, Daniel McGratb, and Charles Frederick. COSDITIOS OF EAST MXTY-IH1RD STREET. At the meeting of the Polioe Board yesterday Commissioner Voorhis, of tbe Street-cleaning Committee, submitted a report, in reply to' a recant communication of the Health Department, in relation to the filthy condition of Sixty-third atreet between Second and Third avenue. Tbe report sets forth that in consequence of tbe fact tbat the block mentioned is not pavod its sweeping does not come unJr iho tsxisdictton of the Street-cleaning Bureau, wbioh had, however. Just set about tbe taak of lemoving large piiea of ashes and dirt in front of teiieuient'baases. Commissioner Voorbis added tbat be had made a personal inspection of the place aud came to tbe conclusion tbst its condition was not. dangerous to lite or detrimental to health, as alleged iu the report of the Sanitary inspector. SVIC1DE OF AS VX KNOWS MAS. A man who baa not yet been identified, committed suicide yesterday morning Dy banging himself la a shed in Gregory's stone yard, at tbe corner of Washington and Ferry streets, Hpboken. Officer Hammond discovered the body about S o'clock yesterday morning and eut It down. Detective Mc-Dunough identified it a that of a man wbo, on the preyioaa night, had applied to the ferrvmaaier lor Eirmission to remain in the ferry-bouse all night, a weat to New-York on the 8 o'clock boat, aad on coming back paaaed out of tbe ferry-boose, after which he waa not aeon until hia body was found. Tbe body, which ia that of a man about forty or fifty yeara of age, waa removed to Crane' Morgue aud County Puysician Stoat notified. A SOT ED ABOSTIOS1ST. Dr. West, wbo was arrested on Saturday last by Detective Roche, of Brookla, charged with caoaing tbe death of Christiana Brecht, at his office, Jia. 43 Bleecker street, New-York, by malpractice, waa yesterday recognised by Sergeant Eaaor. of the First Preoinct. who netted him in Raymond Street Jail, aa Dr. Perry, wbo. with Mm. Von Bus-kirk, waa tried ia Brooklyn in 1871 for causing the death ot Emily A. Post ia th ama manner. At tbat time, through the eirennou efforts of counsel, be got off with two years in the State Prison at Sing Sing. ARRIVALS AT TBE HOTELS. Lieut. Commander George T. Davis, United States Navy, is at the Union Square lie Lei. Assemblyman George West, ot Balls ton, N. T-, is at tha Graad Central Hotel. II. 11. Porter, General Manager of the Chicago snd Narth-westera Railway, is at th Windsor Hotel. Ex-Senator Alexander Ramsey, of Minnesota, and ex-Congressman James F. Wiisua, ef Iowa, ar t th St- Nicholas Hot!. Senator William Sharon, of Nevada ; Inspector General D. B. Sacked Dulled States Army, and Jadg Charles Daniels, of Buffalo, ar at the Sturte-vsat House. Col. J. H. Baxter, United States Army; Senator &. Piatt Garoeater, of Poughkeapsi t x-Coa-gri'man Leonard Myers, of Foiled eiphia, aad Hon. Cbulo A. Wasbbura, af California, are at to Fifta Avsnoa Hotel. No Rxatxpy ExTsxr Equal DAixsna Maaicax, Faia Kxvaacvoa for all easss of sor.s, ?il, bar ua, aud euros. It stop pais isslantiy aad leaves a acac . Bold by droggft. lafifavrMwaMai, PRISTISO CLOIBS MARKET. TaWrTDabrLS, March t. Printing Cletha tdv and quiet at 4 aaa, and a &, thirty days, fur best not stating that PASSZS6MR8 MAILED. Orifflt. wife, aad eh lid. attas B. A fiuabam. Mi H Sa naa m. ttrunta, v. utuua a. appiesoa. vw, aa eoiia. a. a. aieaoi. sua, t barms McCartbv aaa two caiMr, C; aires lsii. wias. aad two daushaers. He B. W. Swsgu. A. C. Me Whorl er, Fraak L. Merrimann,A Graham, U. C Martin, Christopher Meyer, B. F. fcdger. jooa jeijtcorse, rl. n. loung. C J. Vsa Teas . taps. J. F. Crowed aad wifa, A. B. Bradford. Oeerr F. Weeks, Job 1. Curler, H. VV. 1011111. Chart Uirschy, Edward Bui wick, L Pom, Mrs. Job Btewart aad ehlld, '. Clrleb. bum Miaeie Bruastten. M. Voas. M. K. leek. Way Fsssaers James Faikaer. A Jam, Mr. torrwonse. Site Adnort. Mile W. . Bennett. J, P poor, or, Thomaa F. Bodrignea, wlfa, aad chiidrsa. bale a. asaoia. PASSSSGSBS ARRIVED. atesas-sAf Caia. from Ltmt 1 maaLf. Abraham. L. Armaad, C K. Bell. Jr., Mm. B Iou at. T. Boyd, Mr. aed air n. n. urviiev, J. u. o nek lea. a. a. arowa. a. u. Bujae, Mr. Cass. Uaucan Order. B. L Cam mi us. Mm. K. Oolen. O. P. Osno. Mrs. B. Dunn, tsme. V. Van Dvke. Mra. Ecktord and child. Mr. and afrt. M. B. d'Bngel. bronner and ebild. M. franks. Mm. A. French. Mute. U. Kierrt. J. P. George, tk. Gilmour. Miss U. lad-geon, P. Hoeritiria, ivar O. HaUatrom. Mr. od Mrs. H. J. Hunt, two chiidxaa and Bur mi, T. P. O. Howell, Mr. Issue, Mrs. C A. laanem tc, two children, and maid. I 'ountesa d Kennel, three children, snd nurse. A. Lister. A Mnyer. J. Msyer. Mr. snd Mra M. Molers snd three children. A. P. Morewood. W. Morrison. HDr.VMsMs. K. Perkins. J. B. rint O. Priddia, vt. g- Porves, Mr. Robert. Jr.", E. Boot. J. Oeott, Ott Spaetbe. Xr. -nd Urs. C eully, Q. Cor. J. Wilkin. Mr. and Mrs. T. Wlnalow. VHm-sAfp Ctty of ITem- Tart, torn Liverpool Hn. Mary ilinbara. VV. .x Bouuard. 11. S. Grove. J. 8. Glbba, J. Hvson, James William Joyce. Mr. Lswienee. Mrs. K. H. 8haw, Mra. ArUe dbaw and child. He v. V. Witting. Mr. Witting. MISIATVRE ALU A SAC Tain DAT. Sun rises 0:29 I Sua set 5:53 I Moon set.. .2:40 maa wsrea mis oat. Bandy Hook.. l:4tf I Uov.lslan l...-J:3H I Hell Gate. .4j00 MARINE IXTELLIGEXCE. SEW fOBX FRIDAY, March 3. O" CLE ARE It. Pteain ships Colon. Griffln. Asntnwall, Pacific Mall .Ftram-sbtp Co.: heouldlr, (Br.. I Porter. Liver ool. Ens., it. J. l'url,s; VitidicaUr, lioane. Putladelplila. 1'enn.. James lis d; Croft, (Br.,) Hodgson, Loudon, Kng.,J. n. Tucker a Co. Khlp Iron Crown, (Br.,) Tail, Liverpool, inf.. Bo veering a. Archltnd I. Marks Sreena P., ( Aust-.l Cherssnnk, Wsterford, Ire-l.iod. Moeovii b fc Co.; Charles K. Wa d. Jar. I.IsKod. Port.. Miller k. Houhtn; Janns. (Uer..l bteeaursie. Irt aien. tier. , If. Koop k Co.; Alma. (Nor.,) Wurbait, Glouceater, Punch, bdye 1. I'o. Briss Elisabeth, (Pr..) Renauf. flporto. Port.. Ldmund TJ.ik-ut; Kruevtine. Knight, Havana, "uta. Brett. hoa n Co.: Annie, (Br..i uJllh. il.isse Terre, M. ICitts. Cart wtulit k. Ilamaon : l ulu, IB'.. I Iran, Cork an i Kaimouih for ordi-rs. Blakealec a Caldwell: Jennio A. heuev. Any, Malaga. lPlu. If. P. Brown 4t Co.: Olrlis, Dsns. Buenos Avres, Abiel Alrit. Ho lira. Jamestown. Heyers. hictimond. Vs. . Slaiubt . Pettv; Outxrie. llowre, rtalem, mVhs.. Perruso i 4. VeMl; Portland, (iir., Cnftlll. Las Palinas. Uraml Canary Island. J. A. Horsey ; Kmersou Hikes, Msr.tou. Matanzaa, uh. B. Meicaif . .: UavbreaK. ULaae. ardr-u a. Cuba, J. K. W aril It Co.: Laura A. Welib. Johnson, B.iracoa. Cubs, B. J. Wenherit k Co.; IJattte Card. lliMJie, Jacksonville. Kia., Bemley. Uildermeeve k t o.: M. A. Puwera, WHIey, havauiiau. tia., kvaua, Kail It Co. ARRIVED. Fteam shin Cltv W New-York, ( Br..) '.orhead. Liverpool Krh. 17. an i Jili'-ntWi ISth,' with lilde. snd paaaeiuteis lo Jmiu 11. Ila. Pel. -3. M:t") A H.. 1st. 4i l Hi. Ion. 4J Oh. met a hark-iiged steaner lNuud E.: UHltt. I JO A. U., lat. 41 12 Ion. 44 (11, etrhanicml aij;nala with a Montreal atenner ionnd I..; same date, H i', M., lat. 44 15. iou. 4. oS. ezrliaav.e4l signais with ai Anchor Line steamer b-mud W.; '7th, 'Jnth. passed larv irelers ; 'JSth. rt P. M., lat. ','H, Ion. ftl M. met a baik riKKed steamer bound !.; '.1)lb. d: JO A. M.. lat. 4'J Iou. 51(il, erctfantcd siKnals with an Anchor Line steamer bound . Steamship Hindoo, (Br..i llhls. Hull Feb. II, and Southampton 15th, with mdfte. ami Tas..uger to Charlra l Wrint k C . Keb -'." lat. iii . j. Ion. 47 J6, fell in with beid ice, wniirb exteuded to hit. 45 llj, lou. 4-1 44. Hteaio-ahip Chins. ( Rr..) (iill, Liverpool Peh. IS, and Queenalown 2tith, with md.e. aud ponacntters to C (i. rrancklvn. Steaiu-suip Geltert, (iter..) Ietrenila. Ilam .urx Feb. IA. and Hvre lillh, witb mdse. au I paasengers to Kunhardt k. Co. hchr. Mary K. Amsden, Allen, Parker's Mr ad, with ice for etaten Island. So nr. NieplK-n Morgan, Gale. Parker's Head, with lee for Siaten 1.1 ind. hclir riuiibeam, Wilann, Kennebeck Kiver, with ice for .Newark. fcbr. Lemuel Hall. Trlno. Bath, with ie .to order. 84'hr. u. Mtandiah. Wi.der, Calais, wiin timber to John Boyntin's Hons. hchr. Nelsou Hsrvev. Brings, Sew-Bed ford. Pcbr. Forest City, Ho ittdon. Provide nee. - fclir. Isaac II. Borden. Baser. Pall Hirer, or. J C. Havens Allt-n, Jaineaoort. rlctir Thomaa W. Haena, Havens, New-Haven. !v;bi. Little Hand. Lewis, .New Haven. WI.1D Sunset, light, N. V.. clear. SAILED. Steam-ships Tynan. forGlatyow; South Csrollns, tor Pa i ivrji s ; tkiion. for Asoin wall ; ship Besnle Croaby, for B rsl: harks John Jomiann. lor Iter a!; Be gal, lor Liverpool ; Alms. Paoiina M., and Slavin. for Qaeenatown ; Penlu. lor Ilelfaat ; Hermann, lor Srduey, New Houtn Wal.-s; bnya ulot Kvrre. for Antwerp: Ruiuu. for tjueeaatowu ; hanlon, for : acbra. Mary H. Lack. GENERAL DEBILITY. GENERAL DEBILITY. GENERAL DEBILITY. Tbia conrcnient term includes numerous ill-donned and supposed incurable forms of disease, accompanied by general lassitude and exhaustion, without any aecertaiaable external or internal caose. The PERUVIAN SYRUP PERUVIAN SYRUP PERUVIAN SYRUP aenda ita renorsting influence te tbe inmost recesaea of tbe system, and baa reliered in our community many cases of supposed incurable disease. From iKt Tron Time. March 18, 1374. Peruvian Syrnp is a atandard remedy for building up and renewing broken-down or nervous constitutions. For dyspepsia, debility, liver complaint, kid-t ney and bladder diseases, or part of the many irregularities of th various organs of the human frame, it is a sovereign remedy. It is toole without aloohoL This medicine is too well known already to require any commendation from ua. It is only necessary for ua to aay to those wbo hare never given it a trial that it will accomplish all that Is claimed for it. Itow la the. time to tone up the system, before ths hot months of tbe Summer fairly set in. BOLti BY ALL" DRUGGISTS. THE SUNDAY EDITION OF " THE NEW-YORK TIMES TO MORROW'S EDITION OF THE NEW-YORK TIMES WILL COSTAM ALL THE NEWS, , FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC CORRESPONDENCE, THE HOUSEHOLD. DRAMATIC INTELLIGENCE, MILITARY GOSSIP, AND ' LOCAL REPORTS. TRIPLE SHEET. i i ( THE TIMES IS TUB BEST ADVERTISING HEDIUIL .. tf wards, fuc JatssaaviU i n. sierra W,. , Msry A. rvrw, tU aTrtS LA TEST MBIPFIMQ MMWt XT CABLE. WeUfer, aad Tev. . Art. est e the 1st hist., Martha V. Hail. atr. at a th 2djast.. Burry, Ophqr. Cast, o. sea. ataad. Mel. od Kdda. t"ts Arr. eat a tb sd iaak.. Akv aad llrsisn aid. Budsosk Laar Mnfn. K in ! J Ward. Anna, (Can. Umaders-a., Jaasa K, rb, ?4 Art. Tbossaa M. HUM. srcb . Arr. Teeole, rreuswlckskra. Cmste. (Ce. gnndaea.) essdtamasarra. W0w2! firaro. All. tUblan. Jl4, WtrsBKsrow, March I Th WbiU Star Lta i w.Ior' at 11 o'clock tbia aaoratnar Tb Issus steaasnip City mt sioatreal art. V. Twrk. "rp mJ so" 1W aid. say bwt The Cunsrd steam-sh'n Jsv. Caps. Marty. Kw. York Pro. -ii. arr. here at llaUltVh' Sl? aoen. n tbe way to Liverpool. . " Hiaaas Leo rw. li Th Amerteaa bark ti. beria. Cpt. gichardsoa, from ffew-York JsaTls lr bet to-day. Mha will aall for stnurwrla ss-marrew KIJ3IOVAL. C. C. Citber's S (LATE NOS. SO? AMD M BaOAOTTATJ HAVE REMOVED TO No. 184 Fifth avenue, (BROADWAY AISIK 25D ST.) T.FEMT-F01RTU A.XITAL REPORT OF TUB aUIFIi: . I.YiURA.vCE COMPAQ V af Mprigild, Mia, f Dac. 31, 1475. . tt.MM.SU OS Net assets, IW. .1 1.1 R74 . KEi KIPT8 IS 1M75. Pmrnlnm. l l.n n7 1 Int rest snd rents '376.714 :tj l.S39.3l at TtiTAt. d,76io752 DISBURSEMENTS. Policy claims .a416.8UU 54 lirid,uds to policy ui:0.-rs. . .. .. . But render rallies.... 1JH.6KI fit Total paid policy holder. 77,2I17 34 Retiuuram'e lll.titM ft j Taxea 111.174 ml All other eipt-naea 214. OnO 7l Total diahurtements Set assets Dec. 31. 1875 10l9.4 St SUBMJtTII NET ASSETS. First mortgage loan oh real estate.. . . Losna secured by collateral ..... United etatea e.Turitiea .1sli.uai nans stocks...... ..... . . $3.859.73S on -im,94 7 'JI17. J.I4 44 6, 1, 0.1 A nl . 301.411 94 157.0O4 74 H.navi liMw S4 . 9l,Xl g ti.osLiiuU Other stocks aud bonis K:.l esutte Preraiuin nofns ' Offli e lur.iiture (rosi Cltf.'jUd 611) BilM rectiivaoie, secured Cash on hand and Iu baiika Total ADDITIONAL ASSETS. Interest acerued 1 9.1.9:: 1 J Vo.un of atoi ka over coat .. . tt.Uld 75 Pieuuuuis det. rrnd aud in rod. cu m 205.700 10 balances due fiom agents.. ln.142 144 421,794 91 Qross asseu Hec 31, 1375 fi,10J,14 oi LIABILITIES. Beaerve bvMaaaachu.etts i,t.indard S5.3H2.520 00 All other liabilities 175,162 U3 5.537,882 93 Burplus SAh4.VlfT7 Ml' . by New-York standard, shout 970.a Increase or unt lunu Iq Id75.... SJ1J.27J 31 IneresM of aurplut, a out 7'I.IMMI U.I Increase of amount liisured. over........ l,2du.00D 00 Tbe atteatiaa af ta pablie I especially called ta the .a-lrJelcar law mt fttsssai ehaaetta, by vlrta mt which pallet la this Company tbat lap are eeatiaaeJ la tare aatil tbe reserve ipsi thea la exbaasted. K W. BOXD, rresidsot, AV1BT J. SMITH. Secretary. iiSCAd B IKKLAAD, Actuary. For further informstloa apply as abors. or to V. W. FoSTfctt, Ueorral Aifeut, No. 213 Uroalway, Xew-Tork. TWEMVrislXl II ANNUAL REPORT OK TUB CUARTER.01K LIFE IXSURAXCE CO. ' Of Hartford, Ooiux JAJICART 1, 1870. HECEII'TS. Premiums reoeired in 1875 .....92,995,045 79 Interest and rents received 7 11. 348 19 Total 9J.73o,tJi 94!MT!. Paid for death claims. 814.91 71 Matured endowment 9Z.920 70 Surrendered and lapsed policies 838,769 57 . Dividends to insured 347,152 06 ') Total payments to policy bolder 2.098,834 M Idvldeods to stockholders 8.000 04 Agents' commissions. 283,070 71 General expenses 194,334 IT 'Medical exajnlnetione...... - 11.S87 Taxes 68,530 tt Total 2,ol,437 M AHrtETM. Ijoana on bond and mortgage and real estate owned by Company Loans on collaterals. .e ..... Premium notea Bonda and stocks owned Cash on hand ....$7,677,000 4 .... 1,679.049 91 . 3,506.138 M ... 387.82s W .... 84.20 Due from agents t6,787 M Sent and Interest doe and accrued 476,508 M Deferred premiums 194.873 Tt Total ..13,43.443 9 L.I ABIL.1TIB. .. .... 1 99.49 90 ...TT2,487J609 Reserve Lease not due or unsettled. Total Harpla OrFICEBJ. B. K. WIOUIK, rrMidsnt. ' , 8. H. WHIT. Vi President aad Trees rsT. A. EL DllXOJf. Js.. Second Vie Prestdaah BAXSET 9TETKS9. iMrvtary. WX. U 0PlaMC Aaatatsnt 9crti H. J. rTXBEK, Financial MaaagM. I. C WALKXKT. Adriaovy CeaoMlr S. O. OOOOWIM. Osasrol Af . 9m 11 rdf- REPONE BRACE. Tba ka fCPE3iDKto U th Wnx aad th lauet aavalty mt M, Clark & .'Ikit . - jTar Bate f etailre. . J Sara i Jfavthar Hess .wranningji was aj .oaaoa .' - ,

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