The New York Times from New York, New York on September 22, 1918 · Page 32
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 32

New York, New York
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Sunday, September 22, 1918
Page 32
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Site Nnu fnrk Wxmtz . SUNDAY, CrO 22, ISIS. SPORTS SPORTS :Z3 FOLLAK GAINS .::al TEmie rouhd t- : r. Flayer Defeats NTiss Mr.niy in Three-Sst Match i .1 Ctcta Titl a Tourney. An Octet of the Notable Women Tennis Players in the Tournanicnt for Empire1 State Laurels BRIGKLEY'S CLEYEPi TOB BEATS JAGKII ... ForTntr Hrtrd FcctisJ: C Up to H. Old Then In ; -JILLS TEAM ADVANCES ARIZONA 13 VJCT'.!. 10 TO Z 'r. Creei and tvlrs. Morrl Near i-jilj iy D - 1.13 ';Mlss Winn a.-d Ms. De la JTerre. Crlaaaa &r.,ra Ctatri Lf Nal Trsnrart Cit.ta aa . fry a ' a at Mi -T s .. .. I : . . , - . ' m !llrr Fo'Iak.- on of the lead-I ts nrnur.,5 thh youngii- feminine .' .n -lasts r-r .Newyorfc. yester-, .1 1.. i . -if a9-iuar tjy In the path : :.:i- Wagner and lllse Bessie ' . n. all of hocn are endeavoring to - j- V.:r rsmfi on the f!rit wo-! . .Ww York tennis irKlee- cham- i ! p. In a b;t:-i!y fought semi-final J jlc 1 fit th New Tork Lawn . C.-.-b y. ii-rd-iy Mil PoUak de-j I l.i.tii Ht.uly., several times ; r, I 1 i him jon, ,at 2 8, 6 I r. o'-e w U ir.Ji.-nti a how closely t - o:rn wire niatchcil. Hardly lv- Juiing tiie tLr: nets was ; ti.i.'. enjoyed by' r .-f t: two cont tant to jive I..:,' :..ry an it.klzt.g a to the! ! .-. :'.t-r. WI.-3 Handy began with j . j. . . (.).;. d skillful placement and : ;t t: n-.'l con.:.-t:tiUy j to MUs Pol-J - ; ri.l. Miss Poljak admits to I -.'-. In this rr.-i.ct but she; J h m urn many of thu smashes, j I i i got a for!ainl drive at: t .:i JM Handy wj Invariably Ti firs. fPt filled with ; '.a! :; rii:it-s, and lnr,ofit every wi.-.t to tia c times be- :':. -r ,.ijer was jable to jet v . i a I r. lei inr stroke. j y.-. l which, tri) two women' ' ' i - j 1' -r t-.-an to tf4 In the sec-' ! ;-. ! 'i h Miss I!r-!y weakened .-. ! ui. i 1 -t v:ny point a through ' - t' l i in ruttn-.g- tiuii bll and in ; r i.t f I n i'.:it. I Mis Hindyj i t- f t!:at kI-.k wouii Im , t k n tn-t or-l i-t. and con-j i I.-r ci..ij;s tur lUi decisive! V Uer Cm Blar Xa. i yd tip by tir turw in the aec-l f t r -il.Ut tut a faster ul U tart if the third aet, and . t o r in l'nJ Uisa llaitdy. lead-) , iy -V3 b. f re hr more experienced! 'it mil!! break through at alL ' i. M iUh aimoxt oner Miaa j ; ' rrnuii kible aland, vol-i i t .; H.'t. r bail anl brc;t:t.r,t tlie 1 I .-a... J! iwfvtr. the "ffoi.t took ! t ii-if tHrr.ina ftorn 1 ai.-i h.-n Allan Poilak acaia I iip ti e attack he quukly ran ' lo i:H:taisry timet and the Mss care C&sse. i I - aw court ma.!e It Imposalble i.hi r th ir.rl?a or womvn'a 1 . ' -n ii ini f.rAl .althouah Mtsa i I ..nunate Alr. i'-rt y W !l-f- :i t!.t hunt aiui aivanc" to the I r " i ; -1 In t)i iri;lf. h will Snr-Kf and tii, winner will -- I tviay fur LZ9 cham- ;r t-.t-retlr!- an1 fAl rlaved i r if. i l irj yT. Hoir Stew-j - '. i ni-'i Mrs. L i. Morria In 1 i f f i iivlf!'in of th tonrna- i . .! .' u.l .M .Aa "art-irui Winn ', .;.-tr it i.-.l. Ti-rrif at 1. : . i.i-n wm fn'tn-ly too rajy- .' r l.- r i i i ..r.-i.tH ar-1 itra. - t . t,,-. ..i u-!i.-u .th a brilliant I r . h t t rai l--. Jl.i Vinn and i T-rre l K-ai. e.rrora !d ,' t ,t i:.i-ii,silvn. ; rrejp la Mlxrd Dklea. t f IS aftrr.oon waa jlven over t .kcI i!.)utila and tuth rapid mi!" that th four ueml-flnaj a 'rx f::v-d. It-milnlr.E in the f ::!. i:ir1 Wagner and EHIot n In t!.?.lIM half :f the draw .-:- (.;; r t. tif M. Goaa v ' .V-nii: llili are opposed ' V'. II. l'riti unit A'rwetit . !. rsii.iial -"" 'tampion. - -in p.nv I 1y Jn fina. .... c-r at.-I l:i:n.n nnd lira. ! .1 K: -!:rJ e.i'-h won two - 1 ; t ij ti-. !: Wjian'-r hi rr 'lel.-Tiil Mr H. V. 4- 1 ial" r Tttui.Hnl at l5!, . i i ir ! . ;r mat tii tiion dl- ' :'; II. . (Jrr-a an-1 Uuke IZ. , , t 4 H J. Mia. Green 1 a . i. .-'.!, tut Puko Thomaa .! .'-.a ui:al form. I i i.ioi n-l Vinrrnt Richards ! ..:- Ttirre And C B. i. 1 i i.-n f-ut M..- IMrJi Hrly .. out of tne running. t in in ij.t ofth touma-i in i .'.i-MC Ut ni'eht. to help i t i r . fjn l ik.n l to Intro- - 1 ii Thr refr-lfirnents of- U-Jtlprf l'r. ... B. ilr. Louis MANOR FIELD IN TRIUMPH. Final Cricket Match Goes Against New Champions. The final championship cricket same of the season was piayrd yea crday at Manor Field when the Manor Field nl Columbia Oval eleven met in the aeries of the New York and New Jwy Association. AiUioagh the Slanor KUM team won by an overwhelming rearifin of lit runs, thu Columbia Oval team won the 1 IS tltie by Just half a point. The winners ran up the big; score of 203 for the loss of 8 wickets when they declared their Innings ' closed. S. R. Bereaford making; top score with 60. while Li. R. Mllk'r played a splendid not out inning; of CO. Miller and II. Rushton did excellent ' work with the ball, and not one of the Columbia men could make any stand whatever. Rush-ton took 4 wickets for 8 runs and Miller 4 for 11. The score: MANOR FIELD. 8. R. Perraford, b. Kln... t G W. H. ynun, b. BnJth J. V. Irons, c. Coniacho, b. Miehaeiow kl O. Tur1Ile. b. Br.ilh.... F. . Hle, b. Miohaelowikl U. H, Miller, not o.t J 8. Ilret, c. Hall. b. Carty A. J. Tnttrrsell. run out R. M. lilba, b. yn.ith Andrew Hoi lnc. not out H. Huahtoo, did not tat Kit i ad tilma Z;ra- un-l ilis '-. I. :.l U.naen a - i . i: . J . Sun: f;. . .''.- 1 r..-:ie K. Jr li-h. ! I i- ' ntin, M.JM i. '. ' - it ; VVrav 1 n--. I'.m were indis to play . . n.r:g "f."nea ttxluy li.-.:; j n .a ari a ln to use i v .m l (.- ,i Tat, tajjlr auto- - -.- !.. .y. .'.;;; N-w V 'lt Sa! Fint'fa "hmplon- :!... Cum Mis Helene follak i ' i.. . ii Hriv. ; 1, ii 2, 7 ' ... . '!hi. Semi .final .- II. s .r-i tnj Mm. L. ti. !-) y. a I'aiwria Winn and i I I 1 Icrre. b 1. rt 3. i" r'ir-i Found Mm Car l ; I l-r-.i I'nria d'-f'-atsl MlaS :l t 1-unliu ar.U i- U. 1 U41, t 4, i ! ! '.:' Mar! Wnmer anj El-' - i .( .! Mrs. :. V. Lyrvh I t-r 1 .l. t. ! t. H Mra. l. 1 1 iilfi!j Jim Murtel i i J. S i) I ..!. V ; Mia i , r m,. VV. M!pl-ll defeated . i .: '... ! n J nl Jlaeira. 6. n m. . Ii. rrnci-arl a.n. V 'uicnt . M..a i.o.m , Hindy and , r- n. i i, T V ; i I . i-.v h Mr! M'ipw and FlMot .i. m Mra ft. S i iren and K. ... 4 . a l : M:n Marrarvt i.. 1 I'.rry J. S' Mlr.h ar-ipf (ral"l . 1 ,i .if ar-i V". t au.p1! 1 . 7 5, . V. H . l'i --'.rtia'd and Vinc-enl .. j . 1 d OrtniSe LV.Ia - u - N: .aa .iMr ioa and r ., I Ha I .;.f cid Mra. I. C. C'JLLET TO RACE AGAIN. , y '.' r.iisr Gets Furlough to Ap-p-ir in Newark Contest. -i I ; i:::--t. ho won the New 4 Mliy b!fil race, toanied with a '. i'.n. sn-1 a week after Joined the n " rt cf the United States n . 1 ti.M a 5-mile match race 1'ri-rk L. KrsnriPr a the Velo-ii Newark, this afternoon. : I !-;;'. firct aprvearartcw . i: tr. n ti'M sitHSon. l-'or i 14 I wh slut loned at Pen-i i . I it was recently trans-t i -u. ;. where t.t it stuilylnf . . j .--..r. in-iiiut nf Teiinology a rr, as a flier. Total (declared) COLlTMaiA OVAL., i J. Petrnlnr. run out A. H. I ovey, c. Tottrrsell. b. Miller.... H ComMcho. e. Miller, b. Rushton K. t'trty, b. J'.us.Von J. Insi- Ji. r. Hal-a, b. M.llrr n. Hell. c. Jloaktiuca. b. Huslitou W. Klnc, c. Hulta, b. Miller. .......... . C. 11I. b. Mill-r H. rpiiih. not out. 1'. WlchaeluwalJ, b. . Ituahton Ii. L'uer. run out... Corona :. ; - s i - , -1 " . . k V : 4 ... , '. J .; -;;; .v. i' . . v- -t-. rr w - : ' ; . A " i'- : 7 M R ... 1 l- r- I i ' ' ' j y "js v's-"f'- Ti '' C -v 11 '; . i ' : : !: -Cv -'-.::-...r V 'leA.!- y , - ?) I t rfV. : ,xj j AfJS rdth Mcy. ! S yrliss fleanor Gosj. 5 lha fcatvt4s MU f raimf. FOOTBALL SEASON OPENS THIS WEEK Cridiron Cama VVIII Prosper in All of Uncle Sam's Service Camps. :r la j:.'.-: JVrr 1-4 lit ) ( Im.4 U t-ra f ! mm rf J a ; 1 1 a r-.eii.f. &. JtM aa la aa aw data. n . fray ilat l - rv 4 LtVa aJ 7 ' a a.. i t t 'i4iaieiiui u c. a , Sa l e f a. f '.t la ( I - lay .4 aZ a-.-n Im Tm., . ba, t . ta.-i -4 Im 1 .. -. a f ( aJ a-i I u int -. aai a i ( . Uiii t ia .'a l- I . a 1 ... ..v. a. M ii I in ? u n i-i t a ta v ai . n-( a! a r.l ! I... 4 .n i -J a tt i4 a 1 il I Ii I. . I l mm tiA . , ikv 1 a. w ( ii 1 i- . . a lot a 4. 4 ti.ll Itaf 4 tn '.. I. -a at 4 ".I ta t .1 aa i Ii n ! 4 .1 a iil t t t 1 w . a. 1.11 4i-1 1 t.i pi r Sm4 . a a .4 9- aw lM 4, aMa a- 4 t a .. . v - m e 1 I . 4i.. a. 4 u a.' a a . f 14.. aa.4-a. Saraaakarr 1 aaw . HIGH SCHOOL TEA! IS EADY FOR SEASOIi r : : I a-rff4VM w d 'ia a-a un ef . ir wna i4-4ia a aa aMa k .14 i I I a 1. In another week the plpkln will be rollln; merrily over irridimna all over the country, and although many of the colleges have ' been compelled to curb football activities the game will be booming more than ever In all the army camps. The gridiron game in the past haa been ccnflned primarily to colleges and schools but, with so many play era now In the army campa and at naval atationa. the sport will be ' taken hp now by young; men who have merer had a chance to play the ffamo before. Ilundreda of youths who have only had a chance to be spectators . In the past will now be able to be active participants in the- fame. . -. ;. Many of the entailer collegea throughout the East and Middle West will start their seasons on Saturday. Owing to the unsettled state of affairs at the T j more important colleges, however. . It .203! W'U be a week or two before It la defl- I ?wM.wl In whit fi-iem tha mllttaev " tc re.t In tha a.m. II h.- e,. 3 ! authoritlea will aanction tha . gridiron befort game. From present Indications. It ap- 1 During" the conMna; tk half a dsn pear, that the army officer, strongly i t? j"! advocate the game, and It Is believed ball league, and the gairees will be that the authoritlea will be able to allow played on the. Crescent A. C. f U4.1 at 15a . . . VJ i. a. a . a ai i. Locil L't3n PractaCir.ijf Ottly -- a.-. - . aa f a a... . .nt . - r lor Lon- Ttar t Foj'.bill. --m a I . a ii . t.. 4- 4 , a4a.MMM a.. . a m - a. a. a . ... am a.4..4 1 a 4.HI ... ... a - 1 I 4.4 .aw 4 . 41 4 i.a t... J a f irf mmimmh.m a4t -.a . . . ta a.a a nil S 4 a. A - . w- ... 4 . 0 1 TTi U eier lr :;llfi tSl l llt . a 4 .. .-..) . Waa) ftvd.eMt rir U1 taaa Hi ""' S - a.... a a. . , , .... . a- la 1 Ji. owt raa4 1. Mae f U-r Sl ra" .. , , ,.4 rafwl a.fa wtn v4jrlasa "kw T'. w. a .41 !.... ar. I..k'. T-4 I. .. a .J I - . I . 4 4 .. a I 4 4 company games are sure to exclto an In- Total la Bowiirr Rt'shton. 4 for S; Miller. 4 for 11; Bmiih. 3 fur 71; Mlctsaelowski. 2 for . Vnder th auspa of the Manhattan Cricket Club, a game was played at the Prospect Park Parade Grounds yesterday between two picked teams captained by Harry Tyers and Richard Cook, respectively, which resulted in a victory for the latter by -tfl runs. The game waa for the benefit of tTyera, for twenty-five years profirsalnnal coach and groundsman for the rluba having: their headquarters at Prospect Park. CAPABLANCA IS UNBEATEN. Cuban Chess Expert Defeats 23 Opponents. The first of a aeries of three simultaneous exhibitions waa given by the famous Cuban champion. Jose R. yesterday. Twenty-three players faced the expert.&lthough the committee In charge had made arrange-rr.ents for forty boards. After scarcely three hours of play Capablanca had finished his arduous task, with the result that he made a clean iww-p by beating one and all of his adversaries. Amoni? the strongest players against him were J. I. McCudtlen, H. Boro-cliow. J. W. Erunnemer, C. L. Rand, S. H. Chad wick. W. IM. Woodbury and Charles L AVill. JThe second t-rf 01 m-ni Is sa-heduled for next Saturday at I'hiladclphta. K. .t.M.nt. at th. r-r.ll.. -res an hour or. PmJ inrot gnoul tna Mom. foot- " : . ; . . i oaii haa a so a day for three or fc-rr days a week for gridiron practice. The addition of the military .courses at the colleges will necessarily take up moat of the time which the aquada In the paat have given over to football practice. The regular coursea. however, will have to be curtailed on account of military training, and as all the youths will need recreation from their stren uous military and classroom dutlea, it la J believed that the military offlcera will see the necessity- of football aa a diver-alnn. Harvard. Tale, and Princeton have Iready be-en taken I'D by th soldiers with surprising enthusiasm, and It Is not pn-dictinr too much to any that some of thiwe camps will develop football elevens which will compare In playing- atrength with some of tha tx-at college elevens of the past. In all these camp there will be a wealth of material, for the coaches to choose from. At the Great lak'i Naval station at the present time., there are enough former football stars from the collegea in the West to make up an eleven which would virtually be an all-star aggregation. It Is not the forrner college stars, however, who are going to make football auoh a great game for the army and navy this season. It la the undeveloped material. It w-;n be the strong, husky youths who have never OUTLOOK IS BRIGHT FOR I1AVY FOOTBALL Coacj.Xj;!tn35bl9 HasWealth . ofWat'eriaLfar All Crid-iron' Positions. year s mi.rary tfaHwrf ha I r-a -t a'.l-dl tm thm L! (ti 44U. Se4r air If -a faa.'.aa tSat "ib'slxs Ii C c.4U we-11 Stft ll.- svdS '.Kai ( tha fw-rrlewlara la aatafi-4 3 iMm. at4r tha tvlant. fr-tKt,t til f l-a 'X Aawa (law twaJsrMy 4T IW a,Wt Utt Ml (l.r'iM. J. '.a-taMaa Ka t btn in.aial s4 tairlalaUa ff I. -.a aartvei iMm era at ad At aU ti acCoo llie Is lvpir-1 ll.vx.a.n ar4 ti ta id tkaa. a aM if. "He w Ul Ul.'f tiaun t.Ma tf C la at U-a aa a .' 44 aa t, ! .. ll I 4.1 f-a-a.4-4 a i 4a4 aa 1 1 f -w j I aarnnaa 4.aa I. a. 1 I i ill ..' -i II I a. .1 a : f i a i , 14 1 1 I a 1 1- el '-tu. rt wv4 1 . 4 4.M. iul was a . a - .. 4 4.4 4-4 tfre .4. m. mm r 4 y-' t i- a. 4 j . a ... a. 4 a... 44,. . w 1 - 4 4 -4 a ' 7 4.J a f aa a (. 1-4, PENN STATE SQl'AD SM ALll I : 'Z?:? FflZ.X?:2: tia 4 It tf.4. n4.'t 4 ... a a 41 .4. . a.tat4.r 1 m 4T-aa 4f .1 a-wa4 Mm I..44 ti e t H- .a I t. w a-Ml) tr I U. ll' 4l " ..a a. .U .i.ava 44 1 m Snw..tM f . li laaikti la a, 1 all-i.n 1. I 1m .' -4a cf t dstrwt wtrwa tt4i aa 1 1 .44 -4 t- r4 fca. i aa w a.4 lanuc 4 f trf. 14-a.l tvr aa.44.v4 1.--W 11a ir'i-4 4T a- 4 t atl t4Mta us . a -art f I a-a g t ltm I a a 31 la 444.44 I. v eitl n ! w4. Aft IS 1 at to.. lla I il I ! iiwum talnty aa to military drill nnu rnwuli . .Hairy 4 faiaa. . vu a-. n4 and ctaasroora work. IL athletic ad- -"f . . thorltle. ara delermlnedl p.t a U.a, J .i' "J: In the field. j . scKaaiaa 4 lana aaf IKi 4 1 H4 F1im. th War Iiepartnwnt haa pta-vt r v an t.a.i-4v. th. direction f .U t?-al ITJ,?. :TL.." ar-tlvl-.lea In tha hanli of th'.arw . a ai 4444. command ant a at th It. A. T. f. tn-l. ! f--1 i aSot4t Coach Hugs Btrdtk Starts Fastball Season -with Thirtten Candidates.,' rrATK coLi.rir:. r. . ivpt. -n.- Pnliir-lnary football p-ar-tlc was stat rl t-Is week at Me. with every eippriatloa 0 playing 01M th sihedul arranip-it. While the alia-1 atlon la tha otic Urtuas of th 11.1 i.iu, nil-, a Ii4j 1 noirivii I la . n . , .4. . .. . . . made no plana for the aeaaon. waiting jl0I" nd he t'l'Portur.lty of playing I i. cho.v lists ready. - i '1 Zr.xry cf Dags Expected in Annual Exhibition. l.!j f?r ti-e cominj Bronx K' ni.'-l Cl-ib Show are now In 1. Tl i event will be held at the ;l An.lli ry Afmcry. ISronx. Oct. 1. ritl 1 iA.ijificiition haa btn !, an-l with money jof'crvd In 1 .-- lre,M open to n.:i there Is t tl.cre will btjir.jre than 1 t 1. f.,v,.:r cf the sl-xiw win b 'ii r'nn 1 y a "f .. A r.ur. if Vtt 1 ' v.4 are .ntcnil for this X CVtLU T YANKS GET NEW PUYERS. O'Doul and Baldwin Drafter by New York from Coast League. The major league baseball , drafta which were drawn In Cincinnati yester-d.iy show only aeven playera who will go up from the minor leagues to "the majors. This Is the smallest number ever drawn In the history of the game. The Tan-kees got two men out of the seven, drawing Frank O'Doul from San Francisco, and Earl Baldwin from Salt Liake City. Neither of these players appeared In the averages of the Pacific Coast League last season and little ia known of their playing ability. The New- Tork club waa the only American League club to get any players in the draft. In the National League, Clncinratl drew W. Cell from Vernon, and Fltts-burg obtained from Los Angeles Zeb Terry. . The Boston Nationals had this player after the suspenalon of the Pacific Coast League season, and will, according to the ruling made by the commission on this sur Ject. some time ago, be riven the preference to this player's service If they do desire. Pittsburgh also got from New Orleans, Walter llar-bire; from Richmond, Va.. George W". Winn, (this man piayed under name of (leorge Jackson:) from Portland. Pacific Const. Siiff Lee. If any additional drafts are made up to the time of the closing of the drafting period the commission announced U.Ht a supplemental bulletin would be lssv.t J. PLAN BOSTON TERR. ER SHOW Many Prizes to be Offered at Annual Display. The Boston Terrier Club of New Tork show, to be held at the Waldorf-Astoria Oct. 28, from, the present Indications, shoul.l be a. event. Specials, cash, and trophies are to be offered In the various classes. Up to date there haa brt-ii over fyf offered in speclala. and, with the ailJisl money offered by the club, there is no doubt that there will be nearly 7iJ to be won outrteht. This will be given In aid of the Amer ican Red Star Animal Roller fund. . The, George O.- Heinleln and William Kinder, ture both experts In this breed .and will no doubt be greeted with the largest 'entry In the history of th Boston Twrlct Club cf IN'ew "lork (utaa on the deoision of the military officials. I luring the coming week it is believed that the situation will b all cleared up at Pennsylvania and they will be able to ko ahead with their schedule as planned, dropping perhaps only two or three of the games which would neceasl-tate long trips of visiting teams. At littaburgh. the football aeaaon will get under way this week under Coach Glenn Warner, and the military - authorities there have already advocatf-4 the play-lng of the Panther schedule as Jt was planned after last Fall. Football is already under way at Rutgers under Coach Foster Sanford. and at Brown. Williams. Colrste. Syracuse, the Maine collegea. Columbia, and numerous other institutions there la every indication that football will be the prominent aport on th Autumn program of athletic activity. All the Western collegea w ill go through with their regular schedules. The placing of the student bodies at all the colleges under military control will bring- tha sport under the Jurisdiction of the officers, but aa the West Potnt and Annapolis men have always been strong advocates of the game.- it Is believed that football will receive much encouragement this Fall. There will be no big games as in the past, but thre will be much mora playing for the aske of the jrame alone. The conditions which w'll result this year because jot war conditions will be closer to the Ideal which has been noueht bv the faculty director cr cfl- lee sport than tvtr bfore. There has si ways been more or lss objection be-csu.e so much time waglven over to football practice. At West Point and Annapolis it rtas been demonstrated year after year that t trons; teams could be , developed with practice three or four afternoons a week. Conditions will force the coaches to develop their elevens the same as they are developed at th service academies. The game will be more Irv the nature of a recreation for the entire student body rather than a speclacle In which only llmlte.l number of phyers sre trained to a high standard of playina skill by specialists. This 1 the stale of affairs that college athletic directors, have been seeking for a long time, and now the opportunity is at hand to put it into practice, and they will undoubted lr grasp the opportunity. It Is prettv certain that no eleven wHl be permitted more than an hour an afternoon for football prartlce at any of the colleges cr army Nor mally this would not be sufficient to round the playera ino condittcn l-r stiff comoetltlon. but with the add'.Men of military tra'nine- with its rlrou physical rond it Ipr-lnr Ihe drv'lonmenl of Ihe players will be tip to the mark. W'ti. the mn In rood phyinl tr'-n beeau of their mli'tary tra'n'nr the entire time riven up to practice can be vt!ltieri n Instruction In the finer pclnts of th game. Th-re should sl-o b a greats- orii-formltv among th- cMlr team this year than ever before as thv wW slo start on an even foot'nr. All th specialising whVh has vn d" In th nsst at the larger c1!r- "Hll b done away with th's erac"t end no eWen will have had the advantage of more ors-tlce than its opponent. Th" Inters Interest w-"-h ha alrasrlv b-on shown In football at thetrmT rsmn and naval stations Is th" rot encourae-t; feature of the co"-?-r sa-ason. In all csmps sre h'-1-of younr men who have been drilled In the rsm at rollerra and schools ard t will tike htit a short tlnv to teach the ram -to those who have never before had the onoort unity to vlay U. r-aptaln Krnr-K fines:, trie lormer Princeton emart-epivk l In chrr at Camn rnt'i and Sol Metsrer. the former Wssh'erWwi and Jef fvon oach will have char-re of footrU . it. Cam" nix. At both of these oimm thert wtu be scores . of elevens, and the . inter- dvjr the game. Te gridiron activity at the army and naval campa shoulj bo the greatest Incentive the game has ever known. Fornvrly, only the stronr and the powerful atudenta In the college have had a chance in the grUllron limet'i;ht. I'nder th new conditions, evrrybudy will have a chance to take up the game. APPOINTSTHLETIC HEADS. Dr. Raycroft Names Directors for Three Camps. Dr. 'Joseph E. Ray croft head of the Athletic Division of the War Department. Commission cm Training Camp Activities. "tod ay announced the following appointments:.' Edwin N. -Ilolrnea of Austin. Texas, as athletic Director for -ramps In tha vicinity ' of Austin. Mr. Holmes is a graduate of the Springfield T M. O. A. College. lie has aervtd as athletic oach - at Slotlx Falla College. Slogs Falls.- R. D- and William Jewell College. Liberty. Missouri. For two years he was Director of Physical Education at Mlddltbury College, and for one year h waa Director of Physical Training at Lawre-m-e College. Applaton. Wla. Dennla R. Bcar.lon of St. Paul, as Athletic Director at the Signal Corps Aviation Mechanics Training School at St. Paul. Minn. Mr. Scanlon .haa fur some months past, been volunteering hla services at the training ramp. Jack Root, a lightweight boxer ef Pasadena. Cal.. aa boxing Instructor at the Arcadia Balloon tivhooL near Los Angeles. PLAY 25 GAMES EACH DAY. Many Baseball Contests - Held at -, ' Camp - Travis. ';. On an average. twertr-flv rames of baeebaUare played daily at Camp Travla. San Antonio. Texas, according to a report made to Dr. Joseph Fi Ray-croft, head, of the athletic division of tj;e war uepanmem commission on Training Camp Activities by Bifl Goodwin, tli camp athlnlc director. In hla report Director Goodwin estimates that 11.810 aoMiera took part In the 500 games that were played officially in the camp in July. ThU figure, he declares. U greatlv aupplemented by many contests engager! In by the soldiers, and easl.y brings the dally average of games played at the camp to- twenty-five. - CADETS TO PLAY AVIATORS. Bowdotn Cancels Game, but Army Finds Substitute. ' WEST POINT, Sept 21. The Army team, having received notice of th cancellation of the rama with How. doln, set for the iienlrg of th football season next Saturdsy, will take on the eleven from MUchel Aviation Field, Hempstead, - Long Island, Instead. Th remaining doubtful dates on tha Array's schedule ara being taken up by other elevens and th revised schedule will be announced within a few days. The cadets were r.ard at work ou tare gridirons to- ANNAPOLIS. Sept. SI. Football has had a leeway at trn Navsl Academy Ibis week that It has but onc a year and for a brief period. Th members of th main aquad who rav up a week of command artt a at tha a. a. T. f lanl. ! swi-tvir 4o4t by IS ai their abort leave ia order to get ready f tutl. m4. Penn HiaU ha. rraan to rw- - L T" ' a L'2 Jorce. Maj4ir Jair4 Ha) U l. th lcal ,' eia..4r aw all 11 a a a. m i rommin-Jr, alreatjy lai gHea anur-f""" 1 4' 4-4 r ir ta, am of Ma stii-tiort of Inlarc- 1. siaia aaanei. Irvior aarw-nt w.U ta tiew St 4-) I f M SS41U4 a I T9 a4wa44v 4iaaiy aiiarra.. for th opening of tha aeaaon bav noth ing requreU of the-n In th "Way of military duties, so that they ran give all the time wanted to foot W 11. Therefore Coach Doble haa been able to hare them under hla direction Just aa he wished. Next week the regular routine will be. gin, and foolbaJl ran ' recelv attertioct only during tha abort recreation periods. Th old men have been going on th field In tha morning and early afternoon, and Dobl gtvea hla undlvkled attention to the big souad of nw midship men Later In the af li-rnoon. The mld.'hlpmen do not aspect any special change in 111 conditions under a!hl. t. . and iiaa mbmiim! hi 4a- lermlnatlon lo that football ia o- couiaa!rcl tre. Ill attUixl haa brs a booa lo lur H'l lu. State a new -1;re.-ir f pbSKt-al adiratloi arvt 'M'it.a. Ko far. th dally pr -1 K aorlndl 4411 given K-d. k Jail Ihlrtea-n llr Wea iik) a hanlfu! f frhmn rerruila. Th lattrr ar at:!l un-ler th roa.year ba at Stat r(.lea. an-l t-1 I . l!nd to Vp I Item lhre. U MS mora than l.lnfi frrshrtirn riaird (t ! m:tsr' 10 eoiW hi-t u ra-oaoa tept. 7i. th-r wlll.lva a grtrxily amount of (,roaierii 'varsity timber aaiUbi I or ine lirat nam. trS4t-l lo STatamallc -j T 4 3e esarria lliiough rurt.suailoR of th flra tear tla4 trim. h wiil act su(4t that tr.f rt'i D wa.veu. t.'iitnrtvrn'.ina 4444 hla maieral. la4S; all It d'.ubtbn rrmpwrwd fi4rably with tMI avillabl" I inoat eollaaa al this tlrort. II racartli II howrair. as cn id r bljr below th ruifmwis for a r.r at -r la as leam uo.I-r inrfnil c-iwl 1. lows. eniertalna rrta that anena varapy men frvn last 4aaMi will I ara un before l.n. , To date. n-H a neiU lrt-iriin la Is hi s)nt. II ha llaoe-r, gjrk, "sl!.' Farlay arvt Wll. a-r-a tro-n K iinneieami up eleven r f let and a faw t!ar proel4 rg lad a llrm.lek. a at V . . aw 4 a. a.l- ... which th game will be played this ar-a- j r-cammnditieei on th eitoi 4f son. On the contrary, tha situation i fhrnan iisl -J iv. 11 u turw ng lb . . , . I pr. t l-rm 4.r In h i miol. ail if t.l U4.-4.-.a. rinni that nwr 'ulmii w:i more interesting. The ordy gam which may be cancrled It that with Western Reserve," scheduled for Nov. 2, It is understood that Reserv will not pUy football this year. On th other band. Colby, which haa tha longest trip of all the opponents of the midshipmen, haa written to say th.t It will k-p Ha date. In making Ita schedule, th Academy management baa acte-f In com pi eta accord with the wishes of th Navy IV-partmer.t. and no clian.a Is antMpelerl. Th aasn begins ori 3 wlib I-b- anon Valley, tnl g-amre are for the Saturda). up ! and Including Nov. . It la ixpr-rle-l that gamaw will be arrange,! for Nov. IS and 21 also. The later date la reserved for th gam against th Military Academy. If tha authoritlea permit It. Th filling of th Nov. IS date depends Upon whether the Army gam ran b arranged. If it ran. the team will not ba risked against too strorg an opponent. If the Army gam Is not to b played, then a strong leam will be brought her on Nov. 14, It I thought that ther will be ltttt aifl-cuPy in filling ihewe data or any o4i4r which may oe vacate I wtth strong I'rr-c tea rrs. many of which w".l b wp.htn easy distance, or with c.ll'C team whuwe achHli.lea hav been d aimnced on account of lb new or-. Ser of iMn.a. The view haa been ear-re! thai recent drvelopm t have rr ar th gam between th Naval an-l Military A ra demy teams nior probable. Tb attt jd of th War lepart.-ent toward coW fcotb-4ll I urderstool lo b. not ori. of antagonism, but Insistence that It shall nl b permitted to Inter fee with the rerular rvu'in of training and stitdy. This haa al'aye hn the rule at Annapolis and Went 1'o nL If th gam Is played in New Yor. th army party haa a very short trip, and whll th navy contingent must travel for a longer period, tha trio can aaatly b axciin-pi'shad In on day. Strong comi'vtalona for th different roltlo:4S on t.e te-n S alresdr bng formed. Martin, full back ; von llrlnberg. ciid; ch-.Jhauir. g j.ird and IkV centre, ar bSt by a-railustlon. but there are a number of both o'd and new ran-dklatea for all lb pt-sttbma. For in. sn-i4-e. ther are fo-ir rl rantr. In Foter. ArtMur. and llrvey of laat ycar'a squad, and Iiraon. a new roan. Jit-ram. ItoOorta. Rutler. and Vhekrhl. all veteran, would f irm a good bark-field right now. but such likely young stirs aa Rawlinga. Alrord. and Severn of th na w rlaaa muni b oonslder-Hl. Ther Is a similar allUAtion with all the Mher position. ADDITION AL NEWS Of B-rORTS Ol r.tCE S3. MAIM XEWk scc-rio. WILLIAMS TEAM TO PLAY, i Officials Reverse Decision ts Absn. don Football. WI!44AMSTSWN. Spc SlOffVUla of Wllllama Colleg hav rt-Trad Uatr decision ta abandon football this Fall. Fortnwtng a ranfenc with Captain Caneday. In thart of th military training at tha M14.ler.t1" Army Tralnrag Corp here. It waa dertjed to ortlau wtth tha gridiron sprart along modified lie--. Th S4-i1uJ wPl h rhanged and loriff Ir'iva wilt awar.-'oeve-l. T. I aat'oet will remit lei the anr'iat rartve thh I'orwell at Itrara arvt I'vlw-nol at rw Vo-k heirs; ri. Ill off. William will plir rr.ert. t'slaai arvl Weeiryaa aa fe-- -o4J r rr r r 1 and other rime Wl.l be ba-r-kad wtth nearby Tr4a!h-r-a or err e twsna. PLAN HUGEJiELp HOUSE Croat Lakes to Have Enormous Horro for Athletics. Flans have been coert4etl for th erection of ota cf tha largest navy ft4 houses la tl-a cour.iry at tl tJrwat lexkea Tmlnlng Station, tlreat Lakes, IH.. according to an ar noonref-verit mad by th Navy IVpart-nrrt Comrnlsilaai on Training Camp Actlvl".!. Tr-a o4 of h building will (on out of tl gVOi".,,'-i apt r4--r-t .un ra-reuuy aa pe rt tlna r I 4 1 b a 4.1 laa 4 1 iiin 4"r-4 - r- - 1 . 4 rata t.a a HMue4 f a ar 1 1 . 1 : i howtur. wtii ) w iv-t 1 - ij-lj a wk Ul4l. Iw trt. i ta mil Va. - I 1 ialna, l-raaen a liaL ad Mrww-sd 1 i a 1 So-iwfcd la-ei w 11 b a tw gatta ' aa-a.b Ttr I V I'.l lll-4 l4n. i.J I . - - . til f.ftf ati.Ulaa fra-4n tl.1.11 I 'a I. la grklirua sral'rlal sal t. a ae.t,- .4 Mee Ik. aatl4 Lie4IMff brwher af las. ' a 4r!, iar-. ,JL'7ltl7I,'." t-a.l. kaa bee ..-t'd I l;a.n l 7. . . t-4, whktt will I4wl,4ji I -a 1 a. T 44 - ( A .a a 4-i lh a ea (. 1 f . -1 ar. Ii S-4,1 l, I ..-- 444 U l,. I 1 a I Wad Cra K4lk-d prliUr. Anr that uv4r .4il44 I 4 -f tiwe tJ a a.4 taviad ainvi.l Ui r 4 M 4 .4 4-f Al.auwa a a-a-a I t I. ) a- 4. I aa. k ay ! iff a 1 4 w al. 1 (41-a a 4 Li., ti. Jtvav.i' l 4 :r...j J 4 . a .iwl a-.' 4 4 1. , 4 1 4 T f -4-.. a I A.. I ' a 4 .ii a rt 4-44. 44 4 4 4 t4 4Hi4 l'M4 a I a a i44 4. i 4 I a 4. I. -"I l ag 1 1 7 a '44 4. -ft . a. a ii f v. "t 44 - J a e ,,.e-4 f 4- 4 I ili a J I.. -4 lr-r I4T.4. 4e-a 44 .a e- a. 4.sj4r. Kiam 4 . a ' - - l-a a - . la i44 I a." .4 4.4 I . IM I b-a..- war im..,i, a 44(411 4.4a f- a l444.i'.',-.k. I I f444 I4-4- f'l TV .- 4J4I-.I4 444d WIIA U- e-4- I 14 1 4a i.a 1 14 a 1 I la la 44 a,44ae-u. 1 a - 4 . ; W-aeW . lS.a4 II -r - lutnfri - 4.4 r"t T II art ar4 .trr a.4 1'iarwf r . 4.-4-4 4 444) 4ia-a 44.44 . 4T 4.1 I . 4.-4 4'. r 4-4 I4v Sail 4-4.r I e u. a. 1- . . - i aTl.ewar-4 S w a r-4 1 1 s a 1 ' t livd 1 .4 44 f J I .. I in , . 444 I lm fir4 4-.:.4 a - a ' I --4. l-a t . WW lt44..4 4-t 47 114 -v- 4 fi a 4 t al (44 IM ,.4-t-w r- f S ' a--. 4 I I. I I . I. t . .. . I. 14 ... V - i aaa-a-l a I J 4 - -4 44 44 a .. la n.1 rr atvl flltir'ta. irietiM af I al. ra-r.Mia-4. 11 s 4 iVaa -f a. a. - 4x i. .Hi a.. 4 4 , . M . 1 4. ..... . K 4 1 a la 4f. ?'4I444 mm -4 - 14. 4 4 44W4 I a. i t a .4 a rt '.v'hV e-:rv six elevens af.e vult.zd. asalaaa, Iweeta. rl4a ferih . al Iref4i4 tl4r ga i II at. ii trw4ilr : -. IV 44X4 f I4- f tar-i. ii. ( g4-ar t . l i4. 4a r l"lfrlt M 1 S t . I . i l V. 1 af H. A. F. aa a1rfsy. Kb (IvWa. Iml(lr a e T 4-a t. C- Iseta.aa-t.4wa r-V "Ieif F . fa.raa f. I" Sv.,-! x aa. ftewca 7 w'a it.art4aaa ! iXaWrwk t ai r. r aM n i. .f. tlaaata r. C- -f Jfcvs-.d. fl . J ia MrT H. St.. . It- -f " CT 4. . 4erl i44a. I4 llrnali; v iirwandi llimai Half. art-laal4 i4-a af laat ar. rn h. . r.l m.4 at ra a 1.4411 . f . m a 4 a, u w I ill raarva la l- a-- aiwal - r. ,..-,. 1 ae-va -f lis f- ea -4 ar la4 yrwsr. " ' Srtill-a -f ta ali.maJ Am -H" fan--'' ffl Ii eawrMlewl I Kr wi4 a a ra-- ( rawJ- Laaew. IS T ret r.4 -f w -4 1 11 ken 4 lb ,44r.dv4 rVewling -f l. 4 , , . ,. S,r- gasr tea., be- a-ej.4ei. , j ; wlJ nirt l-ll Mla-4r .1 t tw r 4 - I aa. t f iSayw b-r nf sa-rx.4. fvi b-e SWtKi 4W aal r'awa- c-a k Vj ae-, 44 I la. I wi.l a-iay etamferd It. ! tb fviirattg I t-a-g - - : W. at tr.l-T. --. e. , a. ,,4.. aea,.a a r. IH a4 vnium its r. a f - St Mall al nt INvat . IX. at M Ja . . . . . 4 4 e - - . 44 , . IT-; 4. 41. e . 4 m i ' 44 ,.(. I .a.ia4.4al 11. M. : Xe a, at Maarwal I Xtalr eg It. ; a. at sr--4a lt.j at K ra' .a i i ia t ier st it r-w ' r l anuj a-4. i i. ..- rea-rw I.I 144 t-aali wl Maeieae.4 1 a.fl.e w e44 lr t. - .4 ( Minal fcl wn Irli4s 4e aais yai (14414a 4 44 raw a . sKat- a rr-4b' ra-.e4i1 etai .-. ,aa. . 1 .4 at a. 44 . r. lb f a- iral be Ka bwl arwan Sew if a. VV"- 4a.4w 1 i. i,t rd dilia w4er Y rw rwotl fee lb' 4.iart.4T. rv-ie-r: 4 te-wiri, a. ' rvr-bk ar-.ed 14 we I aflaa J 4a-er44. ; Mar a a-eeet. 1 44 I e 1 4-r 4 e4 4 4. ,4ia si ar-a a- ee4 j . eee4ar-r 44 Iraarafar, V. Wbr k a la a 4TIM 4 r aa 1 J eari. wU fr4ofg -a"-- il r i.patrVa, avajaaex. L. a f A. 1 a mfftt 4ef - "- iS4 h waa (wad aa pe rt C l . rwriatrwr tltea tw i;r-t 74 - 4'i.-n The bulldltiC w ill la 44 lataalory f -4 .4V4ree failowi' fV-t ft al l'i swan 44 It. a ; II at r-awtie atvM44l. l-awnix V 1 ; l. al Iv-" at at ivisanal Pail, ja at Aa"ri. Nrv X -. al HM.i i. J I II : at Kw 1 r-r 4, I, at llasnlton lasilv. Si. 4ra : r t- 4irh.ra a 1T eswwrar Pi ( -4 II MM f '4- year r-eiren a ra fa aw-w-fvr Ww 4a. r 4 Ua t.f r 4 tmr rd44. TVa 4r44 lo'l-ida rt l.4. w4 wkU fa it lh lS-i J ra Marrrwia l f . 4a . a. and Vlia-wfcatt wiv 'T-I tarfsva T eria-taa aa a . tt IX. A 4jj-m Ac adorer: Nev X. N- l"lwl 11. : a r are Hal II ! I. Ma4jaad llrKrsU. I. Pt Jb""a PTP. Tw leant cf pys II. a wfTI Va al-mr-m e.tifeiy B4.44 4j af raw aaywrw ( 4r I y 4 nlrni waa rxur-a.g Ii ta J 1444 Ila ea. w ba Was ta 4 Ver-4 r a-lain T ap-r-44-. gisa wl.l f,4 li- leam sgai-it I" f aal a sV b. tl al Gar- Ilea rl r fWrrf I- I "war na al H l tarbawl r a r WlltllH CK 44' 1 Oak a-f arwi 4 rw baa e- f " 44 aaataa. . f - a . .erw-y. pi.. - I St J f . -va-1 44.4ewi . a ga. la 4 a w--la F. 4- 4V14K, l-waa. 4 klaaa, t . as y-a r.g.r , t-4---r aalllaa I 14 J 4. Till t U4M4; aaS U Maaai -1 '4 4. . PIXH LO'.G BELAY r.ACE. Arssy sad hsry adsy Via la fla'Ty Las a lnL JaOfTOX. Sa-j-t. XL A f' -4 T rwal rt -a frawa aa4-.ia4r-.4- ts lua' 4.W bn44i aa4 aary learn af 7' ar r.---i " 4.r t -aii.r--44w ta taaaa Wt'Jk Twa a44bf L'l.f a. aerart'sg ta 4vaa pat tat bar taal r. TV-s suav-ai aiar ill Urrrii IL K raa 14 iWir atkaMa i sa-a IHa 3a la I 4 a rvftan f ar rg r.-l V-rh 4V ta I - raie-ll t 1 a 4 ri ' r r rf 1 ha aaaai Ta 4 r4 I - 4S i -ll 1 a a d a a etructur. Z f e. t I '-r.r. and wuie. trne it (I. feature win ba a rrincret wtrnnlrg pool. 1 f by US feet with a vartlng ilpt,. 4-f four rlal't feeL S.'rtr.g bar i4 will be irartad on Iha b-4l or.l-i f O- firn arv.1 aarri4 floor af lb b4iii'llr.a. r4ar4ru taarher n-orat, ahosrr bw'.t.a and tlr.lng ruwtl alii also b emrte-l A gymnasium. HI by 41 ft. wHl omipy the west vitrlr of tlta aarw4d 0T. wlirh al ao will hat B iaXg luunai ixui and CurtB.toraia. rnerta ra f ISIl w a. 4e-. r p. 1 . bwi a great cheer t aaa-itctea fa itk iair.( afaaua. M wTta also Ul artgai a 4n4. Itiaaaiag It. baa baa U4 an by . W . - 4.. .4 44,1. a . . - . . .. 44.4 tiMiertal Aa rm.on ita f 4e- aa Tl 44.4 4 1 1 ila feel j a "ml b Aiiaed bas d la red b, will rare nan tw ttaa I 4 4 4 umiriie difflr-allf r.a 4ra4i4r4 S. la. e4. la asywwgtrf a sakaaala gear i-paw dai'i inaitS lmT a ra aati- X. tart X Nor. 3. ar4 Tb4 kit" te.g Imy. Vi--beri 04 laat vr Lira wu wiil twa ba a alia trie ar I --at Al'-a-d. -wlt4-a. HVeeahar, a "i rVodlard. w ba Ka ra aa-l-t 1 art.l.ery igifra-eta a4 a- In lraa. 4d Vail. WK efl la a-iwaa rlay fa tar Wwa-1 LavAa .Naval "Iral 1 sag bt-aUoav t 4-f Da A t .a 44 1 a ea4-4 al 14 ba I ii ii a r.44 a t - a I .. r .a ... e War 11 444 a la-' . 4-f 1 1 Satttn II 4a 4ttaai44 t v. I ' Va 4 ainn. 4e- 1 ia lla a 44444--aa 4 - w ta.e-a 1 4. fit 1.-44 Tif w ..... 4 ii 44 a . 1 a '!. Ita 4" a in Ia4 4- t 1, 1 4 4!t44a4. I ..14 1. .a. e T 4- 4. Sew 1 1 4 ea. Nw l aauaa-w. awg life Bad rlayer Htm a Wiju. ATLANTA. Ca, awra. tl a:r-w4 Vew eCwtwrta. f " 4a 4aa Imi aa I aaa b3 sAatrr. Was atnofg Da Ctj-i t si C4VSRS) 41a i. w Va baaa em,'4 I ba V4-r 4 ta b. t 1 a Ua 4l4444a4l leaf 44 4.4 aaga Aawarbtiaa La g wa n.

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