The New York Times from New York, New York on October 2, 1904 · Page 10
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 10

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1904
Page 10
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5 ( J ' i: I. THE? NEW : YORK ; TIDIES. SUKDAT, 'OCTQBEI. " ISOia 10 FOOTBALL TE4HS IH . - FIRST DEAL G41IES Columbia Shows Improvement in J - Contest Against Wesleyan, u SOUTHERNERS EASILY BEATEN -I : : . . . Vi Ytle Roll Up Large Score Aotinet Trltv I ItywHarvarct Opened Her Season v . In the Now Stadium, j Nothing: of a aw-prlsin nature marked tb football situation a result of the guw 'ef yesterday. Tha so-called hie" teams won pretty much as they were expected to.nd while It la too early in tha season to make any prediction on form, -certain conjectures will jbeaaade nevertheless, and subsequent ,'T 7u so's f will be fortbcomlnofTthe strength of the de duction made evrn aa far foaelc in tne sea-on seethe . games chronicled bare. ! Tha principal aoorea ot tna aay ibuow. ' Colombia. It: Waalajraa. O. ' Tata. 43: Trinity, O. . ? '- film a irai la: flwalawn. O. , rnaylraala. M: Catveraity at Virginia, 0. f : Harvard. 24; WUUama, O. S ' Indiana, I: Oattraburg. a . . OocmU. 29; Jtocbcstar. . J- 5 5 COLUMBIA, 16; WESLEYAN, 0. Columbia showed possibilities ' of having a good football team tbla season, when Ita eleven defeated Wesleyan College by a aoore of 1ft to 0 at American League Park yesterday. While- this tally waa not; particularly large it waa. considering the circumstances, promising- m that Columbia displayed strong offensive powers and a defanaa that, was the beat of the season. While the dafenaa waa rood It nevertheless , had ita decidedly weak momenta. This waa i particularly true In the second period, when Wesleyan, setting; the baU at the : local ' team's 40-yard mark, advanced It to the 5-yard mark. - There, however, Columbia presented so sturdy a defense tUat her men . recovered the ball on their 2-yard mark and rushed It by straight plunges 63 yards. Columbia . men were pleased - with? the score, aa It showed only one touch-down 1 less than Yalo made only last Wednesday. ' Had the first half lasted only a minute mora Columbia would have scored another toucn-uown, as wnen me wnuue ui-w ball waa only five yards from "Wesleyan; goal. Again. In the second period Columbia, without, nause had rushed the leather sixty-five yards to Wesleyan a forty-yard mark when tune waa up4 Columbia's best playing: was done in the first ' half, when she scored twice, almost tallied a tain, and at tha same time allowed ' Wesleyan Its allotted distance only once.. In tha second period Columbia did not exhibit nearly such good form. The Inexperience of some of Columbia's p la vers was clearly saown when Wesleyan rained thirty-seven yards on delayed pas sea, and by thla style of play came close to scoring;. Columbia's maun weakness a sain seemed to be with the ends, who were practically powerless to oope with the delayed i pass. . charred better than they have previously, -and also helped the backs more efficiently in tr-a way of tormina; interference said in .. opting up holes , In the opposing; team. The showing taken all In all waa promising, and seemed to civ evidence that Columbia has an eleven which, while It is developing -''slowly, should be In splendid shape when it meeta Ita more Important opponents later In tha season. Une-up: Columbia, IS. Position. Wealeyan. 0. . Orlswold Left and Eyater lirowa Left tacala -North . Ecaaverrie, . . ... - 1 Landara. ....... lft ruard Woodhaad Flnaarea. ........... Centra .In etanclaaa.... Riant guard .....Cola. Bras XlsvlUnsar......... Rlrht tackle ....... Dearborn s Mulr Rlsht and ......... .Onthrui CataentlUB........ Quarter back .Wolff XaaU. Left half back ...Van Surdam ; CLoua-hlin. y ji Bnall Rlsht half back ..ter , riaber, Llndaa. . .. FuU hack ..... .OilderalaeTe Wears Columbia. Itl Wa!ayaa. . O. Touch. dowas Duell. .) O'Loushlln. Ooal from touch-downs Dual!. Referee-Mr. Hush Wblta, I nU varaity of aflchlcaB. rmplra Mr. T. H7 Hall, Tale. Time of halves Twenty and flftaaa mln-' tttaa. AUandanca. 1.50O. t x ' I HARVARD, 24; WILLIAMS, a Sttttat U Th Nt York Tim. CAMBRIDGE. Mass.. Oct. 1. Harvard opened her football aeaaon. and scored "her first victory within the new Stadium to- day by defeating- WUllama in a fast, anappy frame by tha score of 24 to 0. - in almost every particular tha work of tha Crimson .. eleven wss most encouraging-. The line charred fast and well, the men played aniendldty tore t her, and the t rame waa devoid of fumbling-. Une-up: ; Harvard. Position. '. William. Blardan.... Left and Elder Hrlll, Melsr Lvfttadkle Murray Wilder........,' Left ruard .Elilrldir -yCunnlff. Parkar-.. . . Centra Eldred "'liaradden.....; Right guard ..Campbell, t Muf f ett 'xiutrea, Ovosoa. Rlrht tackle ....BJxby, Marvhall " Moota-omry...... Rlcht end .Btrx-klnr Noye. Karnaa. Quartar back .Millar "Nicnola. ' Keamlth...... T-ft half baok .Brown "-flarler. Means. Rlsht halfback .Wataon JJilla. Hanlav. .. FuU baok ..Bataa aeora Harvard. 4: Wiillama. O. Toueh-doanwMllla 3.) Hanlay. Ooal kicked " from touch-down Noras S.) Kernan. Umpire Iteggla Brow. Raferaa Jack HallowalL Linesmen Meeera. Jrorbee and Muffctt-. Timekeeper ; Mr. W0(la Time of halves Fifteen minutes .' each. Attendance 3,000. YALE, 42; TRINITY, 0. I fk.'.l a- n,- VL. . NKW JLA.VEN. Conn Oct. l.-Tale had 'an easy tuna with the Trinity eleven hero -to-day, winning; a game that waa filled with . rapid plays 42 to a At no time did Trinity ' make the least effect on Yale'a line, the Ell substitute eleven in the second half holding; , .the visitors easily. Line-up: : ; Tata. - - V FVwittkm. Trinity. Oetee, .Btevena. Left end .............. RohrtK ' Bioomar.H. Turner. Left tackle ..........Donnelly Klnnejr, Smith... . Left guard. ........ La uduburn Horaback.Cartwrlght Centra ..Buths Tripp, Hockenhel- tner. flora back-. Right guard ...... .."Went worth ' hosmn, Ktnaon... Right taokle ....... .Dougherty s Har. Hyatt. Ortmerar Right end ..........J. Morgan a- Rockwell, Hutch- inaoB.. ........ Quarterback ...Fond. Hubbard Hoyt. Room.... Left halt back W. Morgan Morse Right half back ....Cnnnlngham - ahevun. WhMe.. . . Full back .....Ladrfleid Tourh-downa Quill. .) Hyatt. . White. O Ttooma. - tioala from touch-do waa Rockwell. 5: Hutchinson, g. Vmpira Xr. Hammond. Rerarea Dr. Wurtenburg. Linemen Dr. Hull. Time of waives Twenty and f it teaa .salnulea. Attendaaca 1.S0O. ; ' . i' , ? WEST POINT, 12; TUFT 8, 0. Cam1 fa Tka A'eca Kara Tu&u! ii WEST POINT. Oct. 1. West Point won ' her first rame of the football aeaaon against Tufts' Caller to-day by a score of lz to O. . In the first half the cadets did consider able fumbling, which was at time costly. ' The visitors could do nothing: against the 1 strong; defense of the soldiers, and not once did they make their dlstance'and reaorted to kicking. The high wind made the hand- Ihig of punts uncertain, and there was much misjudging thertv. The visitors put up a good defense. Jbut tha heavy line of the : army tore groat hola in it. ' The roaches put in almoa't a round of auba during the rame.- On -the grand Stand with Gen. Miles were tha -Archbishop of Canterbury and Assiat-- ant Secretary of War Oliver. A grand re view waa given in tneir nonor oetnre tn rime, and accompanied by J. P. Morran. they marched around the entire battalion of cadets and Inspected them. Line-up: . Weat Point Pealtioa. - tufts. Haaunoad. Rockwall. Laita. .......... Leftend ... . .....Know It nn Phuta, fieagravas. Left tackle .......... .Kernolds Ahraham.. ...... Left guard ............ .Prlnca . Tipton Ontra .............. J. .Hall t OllNa. ......... Rlsht and ......... ...aulltvaa JeakUui...4....-r TUght guard ........... ..Jooaa s Orax-aa. ......... Rlsht tackla ............patarln ; Wauga, Oaary. . Quarterback ........... ...Dada fimltb. DavU... Rleht haU" back Burton J H1U. Prlnca.... Left half back ............Orewa, - Torney. Watklna. . PuH back .Catler Tooch'downa Oraraa. 1; Tornay. 1. Ooala from teaeh-dowas Oravaa. X Cmplre Mr. Moric. , Returea Mr. Ofcesoa. i ' PENNSYLVANIA, 24; VIRGINIA. 0. PUILACEXJPHXA. Oct. L Tna CTni varsity . of Pennsylvania football eleven easily de--feated tha University of Virginia team to-day on Franklin Field by the score of 24 , to.X Pennsylvania's play waa a great improvement over the work done tn the two pre vie us ramea, while Virginia waa decid- f- 1 . - . . ' r ; : i . ; u . ; -y :. ' . fr-:f; : . . ; - -:.-:;-.V .j- t ' - ' V -. Vv . f . feliil ; lis mi n m 1 m a tei " '-- l s . . t ! 8TAXGLAttl COLUMBIA I edly weaker Line-up: Pennsylvania. than had been. anUcipated. Position. . Virginia. - i rWelBengar Slnklar. Drake...... Left end. .L.Soringer. Blake. Butklewlcs, Rooke. .Left tackla.. ...Johnson Plekaraki Left guard i. ...... .Kite. Hall Taylor Centra . . ; Jjabney Zletrler. Junk.. ...Right guard.. ...... .....'.Cook Torry Risrht tackle .. .........Council J. Hoi I en beck. Weeds. Right end . Neal Corson Quarter back Pollard Rhebla, Reynolds Left half back Crawford Bennla. - . W. Honanback Right half back St Johnson Smith Full back ...Lanrfcrd.BaaaeU Referee Mr. Weymouth, Tale. Umpire Mr. .Fharpe. Tale. Time of halves Twenty mlnntea. Timekeeper Mr. Langford. Yale. Touch-downa Ptffkaraki. 1: Smith. Z; Torrey. L Qoala from touch-downs Corson, 4. PRINCETON, 10; GEORGETOWN, Ot Special t Tht Ktw York Timet. . PRINCETTON. N.' J., Oct. 1. Hrlnoeton played the heavy Georgetown team here today in the second rame of the local season. In the first half the battle waa fast and furious, with no scaring on either side. In this half the visitors held the " Tigers " for downs only twice and made their downs only three times. Notwithstanding- this poor showlna', the Georgetown eleven planned their braces well, and the two downs in Which they held the Tigers were on the ten and five yard lines. On the whole, the Tisere played a, far better rame than tha visitors both on the defensive and offensive, notwithstanding; Georgetown nas the advantage in weight t ner man. but nothinr y several pounos could withstand iTinceton's terrific line plunges.' Une-up: I Princeton Crawford .. Cooney .... Raf ferty . . Position. ; .......Left end.. Georgetown. Lux ......Left tackle........... ......Left guard........... Carroll Ortno Iutcner . ..-enire .... Olvcu ..... Nelll . Maboney . McCarthy McOettlgen .a Larkln Short. Browne. ...Rlsht suard...... Htannard Right tackle...... Miller Right and....... Burke, Belter ...Quarter hack Wlilock, King ... Right half back.... Foulke, . jr. Hammlll ......Left half back. .... Richmond McCormick, Bard ..FuU back; M artel Referee Mr. Underhlll, Princeton. Umpire-Mr. Bergen. Tlmesmen Mr.- Dillon. Princeton; Mr. Booock. Georgetown. Timers Mr. Flegeia, Princeton; Hr. Doyle, Georgetown. Time of halvea Twenty minutes. Touch-dosrns Short, Foulke. Final score, Princeton, 10; Georgetown, O, ' i CORNELL, 29; ROCHESTER, 6. ITHACA. N. Y.. Oct. LCorneU made a poor showing; In the first half of the same arainst Rochester to-day,' but with fresh players in the second half succeeded in defeating: the visiting- eleven by a score of 29 to 0. Line up: 1 t Comeu. Poattlon. , Rochester. Bheldon.Mlddledltch.Le(t end . ..Wilder, O'Connor Petersou.Oderktrk..Lert tackla Priest Schoellkopf.Wllder.Left guard' Clark Hart, Llea Centra ..Baynolds Jordan. Purman.. Right guard ....... ....Gilbert Halliday. Smith.. .Right tackle. ............ Pryor Vanorman. Mlddledltcb Right and. Slater. Jassup Lynah, (Captain.) Bird. Booth Quarter back. . .TargarMCapt.) Rloe, Gibson. , ; Sullivan, Jaasup. Marlines Left half back.. Slmmooa Birmingham. Dewey Right half back Langs low Cox, Wahlheim.... Full back. Stare Cornell. Rocheetar. a. Touch-downs Dewey. (S. Birmingham, Bird, Wahlhalm, Langalow. Goal from touchlown Halliday. (3.) Birmingham. Langalow. Time of halvea Twenty minutes. Referee Mr. vana of Williams. Umpire' Mr. Ward of Princeton. - . LI neamen Cornell, Hackstaff ; Rochester. Winter.' Attendance, 2.60O. : Scores of Other Games. At Chicago Chicago University, tt; University of Indiana, t. - At Iowa City Iowa, tt; Cornell, 0. 'At Providence. R. I. University of Maine, ; Brown University, 0. At Mlnneapoils Minnesota. i; Carletoa. S. At Fordham Fordham. SI; Webster Academy, 0. iAt Lewlston. Ma Bates, ft; Holy Cross. . - At Hamilton, N. T. Colgate University, SI; St. Lawrence University, 0. ' At Blacksburg, - V a. Virginia Polytachnie Institute. It; Richmond College. . At Lexington. Vs. Agricultural sad Mechanical College of North Carolina. Virginia at ill tar y Institute, ft. 1 . At CarlUle. Penn. Dickinson College, IS; Albright College, . S . At Ann Arbor, Mich. University of Michigan, SI; Case Scientific School of Cleveland. 0. At Rochester Rochester East. High School. Ii; Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, ft. , ' .At Syracuse Syracuse University, ; Clark-son Technical. . j At Hanover.' lf. H. Dartmouth, IT; Msaaa-chusetts Agricultural, t. - IAt Amherst. Mass. Amherst. I; Wllllston, . At Brunswick. Me. Exeter. 11; Bowdoln. ft. ' At Chapel HUU N. C University 'of North Carolina. SS; Guilford College. 'At Springfield. Mass. Springfield T. M. C A. Training School. 27; Rhode Island State College, . -. ' At Columbus. Ohio Onto Miami Unlveralty, O. : University, 80; 1 At Cincinnati. Ohio University of CinHnnstl. SS; Georgetown Ky.) College. O. j At South Bead Notre Dsme. 13: Wabaah, S. At Champaign-rllllnola. Ill Knox College. O.- r At Minneapolis Minnesota. 63: Carloton al. lege. O. . '' At Kvanstoo Northwestern. MjNaparville S4jN At Madison Wlsoonain. 43;. rbrt Sheridan sol. At Kalamasoo Kalanaaxoo.' 2T; Hillsdale College, o. , j ' At LafayetteUid. Purdue, 28; Earlham, 0. iAt UncobrNebraska, 46; Crinnell Collega, O. iAt Carnsla. Penn. CarlUle Indiana, .41: Gettysburg College,' O. i . Long lalamf Schools -Football, j Those sterling football teams of the Long Island In terse holestie League, from which many ot the eoUegaa draft their men in later years, begin their contests on the gridiron to-day. - All ef the teams hav been carefully coached aad are In the beat of condition. The schedules follow; Boys' High School. Brooklyn Oct. - L East Orange H. S.. la Brooktvn: Princeton. 1808, In Prtnoeton. N. J.; 13, Webb Academy, in Brooklyn; 22. Fiuahlng High tiichool. ta Brooklyn: 211, Pratt Institute, In Brooklyn: Nov. a, Erasmus Hall H. S., at Waahtngtoa Park; 12. Hotchklaa Bcbool. at Lakevilla: 19. De Witt Clinton H. 8.. at Waahtngton Park: SB. Polytachnie Preparatory St-hooL at Washington Park. Eraamus Hall High School Oct. C Flushing High School; 8. Centenary Collegiate Institute: IS. De Will Clinton High School: Is. Pratt Institute; 23. High School of Commerce: 2K Poiy-techalo Preparatory ScaooL; Nov. a. Boys High School of Brooklyn. - Polytechnio Preparatory School Oct. ft. Manual Training H. 8.. at Prospect Park: S. Pratt In-atltuta. at Prospect Park; 12. Paufa School, at Gardea City; 1ft. Mohigaa Military Academy, at Mohlgas Lake. N. T.; !.: Hoi brook Military Academy, at Oaalnlng. -N..T.I 2X, Hackley Hall, at Tarrytown. N. Y. ; 2. Eraamua Hall H. 8.. at Waahlngtoa Park; Nov. b. Mount Ptoaaant MUltary Academy, at Oaalntaur. " N. T. -It, Rutgers Preparatory School, at Waahiortoa Park: IS. Newark Aademy. at Newark. N. J.; 24. Boys' High School, at Washington Park. Klushlng Hh School Oct. L Eraamus Hall High School; 22. Bora High School of Brooklyn; 2ft. High School ot Coaunarce; Nov. ta. Da Wilt Clinton High School. St. Paul s School. Garden City Oct. 1. TafV at 'Watertowa. N. T. : a. Horace Mann School, at Gardea City: 12. Polytechnio Preparatory School, at Garden City; Is, Tata Freshmen, at Gardea 1ty; 22. Princeton Preserataey, at Gaeden City; 2. Lawretioevllle School, at Lawrencevilla; 8. Newark Hlh BchooL at Newark. X. J. ; la. Iwight School, st Garden City; IS. UotcJutias a Garden CUar. j CAPTAINS OF SEVE7J . .. t JSURXST a J9AKCAr - JJEW HDRDLE RECORD at n; y. i. c; GAUES Harry HillmanJlan the 440 Yards Event in 543-5 Seconds. SCHOOL TEAM: COMPETED Hammtr Throwers Had the Field: Event to Themselves When Their Was O Flanagan Won. " One athletic event, the quarter-mile hurdle race, stood out with marked distinctness yesterday In the seventy-third ramea of tha New York Athletic Club. It was remarkable because Harry I Hillman, Jr., made a world's record by 1 8-5 seconds, without any practical competition. Hillman. with easy stride, covered the distance In 54 8-6 seconds, thus lowering; the figures credited for two years to Harry Arnold, Union Battlement Athletic Club, of 56 1-5 seconds. '. Hillman had no field to compete, as Tale's "filer," Clapp, and Ketch urn) and Cairns, formerly of Cornell, did not go to the mark. William .E. Finley, another of the Mercury Footmen, was the only runner to go over the course, and he did not push tha new record breaker, wbo easily had mora speed than he was called upon to develop. It was an enthusiastic assemblage that gathered about the Travers .Island track to watch the ramea. . Every, point of vantage was taken. Upon 'the stands and the embankment over near the .Long- Island 8ound. where the old clubhouse stood, there were bright patches of color, where many of the women congregated, wearinr in moat cases light-weight rarments apropos of outdoor ramea. but opposed to the actual atmospheric conditions, for It was quits cool and exceptionally windy. More than one dash of unofficial measurement was made after hats which the playful wind took unwarranted liberties with. j J As if In deference to the memory of the unfortunate lad who was killed on Friday by GllUa.! the New "West Side's hammer thrower, a hush came over tha spectators when the muscular giants came out for tha hammer-throwing event yesterday, and all else waa stopped. j ; The tyrf field waa cleared and the greatest care j taken that the flying- . weight should cause no darn are. Twice it fell near small groups, of spectators and singularly enough both were throws made . by , the champion.! John Flanagan. I Bm rather easily distanced his field from tha scratch mark, making; a throw of 169 feet 4 Inch. In nearly all of the handicap track events the advance men proved too groat for tha back-markers, p. J. Walsh; was beaten out cleanly despite a rame effort In the second heat of the 120-yard dash, rettirar a poor fourth. George Bonhar of the Greater New Tork Irish Athletio Association made a great race out of the 1.000-yard run, and. although he pushed his wayt; through the fleet-footed bunch of ' thirty-seven runners, he was unable to get up to better than third place, and ' that only by a hair's breadth. i , - The best relay race of the day proved to be the Interscholastic Instead of that for club and college teams. First place was won by the High School of Commerce boys. ets, Rugs Inlaid Ijnoleuml 'The newest desirna of hardwood oacx, maae oi pure unseed on and cork. High! 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Eraamus j Hall of Brooklyn, and the runners of this Morris High School. Bronx, .kept' well bunched throughout, in the relay for the bis; fellows the New Tork Athletic Club men distanced the runners of the -New West Side Athletic Club by nearly a Up in the. two miles. ' . - , . - ) A. Lw Newton and W. R. Lee,' Who had bean, announced - aa .finishing; -'respectively first and second tn the obstacle race, were afterward displaced because the judges de cided that they had not properly' crawiea under the nett ting obstruction. The first prise was therefore awarded W E C de Loiselle, Pawnee Athletic Club, end the second prise to H. B. Warren. New York Athletic Club. Summary; I .-Quarter-atlla Hurdle Race. Won by ! Barry J. Hillman, Jr New Tork Athletio Club; WUUant E. Kin ley New Tork Athletio Club., second. Time 0:M S-S. ' . i 120-Yard Dash, Handicap. Won by 8. B. Hatchings, Mohawk Athletle Club, lo feet (Arthur jonnson, nnaxtacned, Ttt reet, second; Jo J. Denaher, - Xavler Athletio Assorlslloa, feet, third. Tims 0:11 4-5. leph fa One-Mile Invitation Interscbolastie Relay Race. Won by High School of Commerce teaja John Connelly, Kenneth alacAlptn. N. Pfletschlnger, and F. Childs; Erasmus Hall High School ' team Tale, Meleny, Kopke, and Bmlth, second 1 Morris High School of Bronx, third. . Time iao-Tard Hurdle Race On Orasal Handicap. Woo by B. 8. Jones, New Tork Athletio Club, 4 yards; L. W. Merta, , New Tork Athletio Club, B yards, second; P. 8. JCerr, New West Side Athletio Club. 14 yards, third... .Time o:ia l-a. - i 1.0uO-Tard Run, Handicap. Won by T. H. Al- - bars, Brooklyn Central Young Mea's Christian Association, 75 yards; James J. Farrell, Star Athletio Club. Bo yards, second; Oeorge Vw Bonhag.. Oraater New Tork Irian Athletio Association. IS yards, third. Tints S.1S g-a. Two-mile Relay Race. Wen by New Tork . Athletle Club team Alexander Qrant. T. Mc-Meekhi. Jr Harry V. VaJenHne, and P. H. Pilgrim; New West 'Side Athletio Club team H. James, W. H. Dawaon, W. H. CrConnau. and J. W. Murphy, second. Time 6:48 a-a. Pole Vault for Height. Handicap. Won by Louis Mang, Mohawk A. C.. (12 inches,) actual jump ef 10 feet; Ward McLaaahan. New Tork A. C. (scratch.) actual Jump ot 1 feat 0 tnchaa, sea-ood: C Kins, New Tork A. C, (8 Inches.) actual Jump of feet S Inches, third. Putting le-Ponnd Shot. Handicap. Won by H. M. V. Connelly, New Tork A. C, feet.) 46 feet 8 Inchea; Leola Mang, Mohawk; A. C. (g feet.) 49 feet 6H inches, second; J.I J. Ryan. St. Bartholomew A. C. feet.) ,45 feet inches, third.- ' - . I Throwing 18-Pound Hammer, 23 Feet Limit. Won by John Flanagan. Greater New Tork . Irish A. A., (scratch.) actual throw 109 feat 4 inch; Jamea S. Mitchei, New Tark A. C. . 20 feet.) actual throw, 141 feet 494 lacbaa, sec- - ond; H. M. V. Connelly, New Tork Ax C, 125 feet.) actual throw 1&2 feet SU Inches, third. 800-Tard Run. Handicap. Won by F. R. Warner. Greater New Tork Irish A. A. , yards;) C 3. Ferden, Franklin A. C. (IS yards.) aaoond: F. 8. Kerr. New West Side A. C, (34 yards.) third. Time 0: 31 1-S. f Running High Jump, Handicap, Woo by 8. 8. Jones. New Tork A. C ( aerate lv) actual Jump, 5 feat S inchea; J. J. Ryan, St. Bartholomew - A. C. (4 inches.) second; j. R. Krakowar. New West Side A. C. (6 inchea) third. J aoo-Tard Run, Handicap. Won by Oeorge .Underwood, -New Tork A. C. (scratch;) J. A. Miller, third. New Tork A C.. (18 yards.) second; H. A. Sadley, New York A. C, 124 yardaj third. Time 1;1S g-a. . .. i Obstacle Race. Won by H. C. de Lolsella, Pawnee A. c: H. B. Warren, New Tork A. second. Time 5:38 1-6. , Many, Events for Crescent Qolfsrs. . There waa plenty of goU at the Crescent Ath-lUo Club links yesterday aa the jqualifyiar round for the club championship and. a general handicap were played. In addition to the thirty-six-holes final ; match for the - Kryne-Cup. la which C. B. Van" Brunt and Thomas Horende beat W. H. Qoodmsa aad J. L. Beard byg up and e to play. I l. In the qualifying round for the champion shin, played from scratch, Jamea M. Rhett ld the field with 80s J. O. Dattmar did SI; Thomas Horenden. S3; Lowndee Rhett; 87; C B. Van Brunt. 88: H. Kryn, 89: O. C Caaaeus, SO; H. O. Parscna, SI; H. 8. BBowns, 92: W. P. Pickett. a; W. B. Rhett. 3; W. B. Bottler, tt; a. E- Cummlngs, M: J. 8. Longthom, 04. James M. Rhett and W. B. Butler tied for first place hi th ejnb handicap, with T atrokea, Rhett making tn best gross score of the. day, SO strokes. . j .- arid Linoleum, Manw Parfn: T?ytt1ar hr floor tile efr.rta. - The ! mr lrtca (eon. All Pure Worsted, All Bordered Effects. Sizes, Size 4.0x7.0, Reg. $10 for $4.93 Size 5.0x8 0, Reg. $15, for $9.93 Size 6.0x6.0. 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L Commodore - Morton P. i Plant of ' the Larchmont Tacht Club returned from England yesterday -on the American liner Philadelphia, having; signalised his first term as bead of the ' popular Sound organisation hy . maklnc its j name as well known abroad as It la at home. - The debut of Mr. Plant and hla club Into InternaUonal yachting war made with the -'remarkable schooner Ingomar, which the Herreshoffs built : last year and which only - recently arrived at New. London after victorious foreign season. . - . Of .the .Inromar's career in British and German waters Mr. 'Plant .waa loath to wpeak. : Inasmuch, he said, as the cables had kept in close end accurate touch with her doings. - He expressed himself as fully satisfied with . the way be waa treated by hla racing; rivals, even with the fact that the - Germans .in one . regatta, pulled- a turning buoy two miles In after the race had started, and when the . Inromar waa considerably ahead. : In view of the fact that his schooner won nineteen prises out of twenty-tour-starts- twelve firsts, four seconds.' one third, and. two specials. Mr. Plant la disposed to let let things go at that, although.' as a matter of fact, some little friction developed both la England and In Germany. - "' "- Altogether, the Ingomar won twenty-one cupa."all of which are In Mr. Plant's New London home, except one, which he brought over with him yesterday. Ingomars score Is a foreign record for en American -yacht of any aire, and to celebrate the boat's victories. Commodore Plant's enterprise, and Its own Increased fame,' the lArchmont Tacht Club has planned to hold a big welcome for Its Commodore.. . L"."." ' . While Mr. Plant waa in England, he saw Sir ' Thomas Upton. . W discussed -the America's Cup." said the. Commodore; "hut what' hs said about it, of course, I am not vt liberty to telLM , ; , ; Mr. Plant evaded also the quesUon as to whether he would undertake to build e defender In the. event of a challenge from Btr Thomas.. The fact that Commodore Plant has the services of. the veteran cup skipper Capt. Charles Barr gave color te the report that the Larchmont Commo-dore'e i ambiUons were . tending America's Cup ward. - ' ' ". I won't cross the bridge until I come to It. he said. " It might faU on ma". ' It was called to his aflabnUon that yachtsmen here, were so certain that Sir, Thomas waa about to send, a fourth challenge that reWfaree defender, havtaken Imagto-Ztorm. The Inevitable Herreahotf,-ae-cordlng to rumor, ha. the plan, of defender drawn. . - .' J . . ' From another source cornea ww - who owns the ateam yacht Great Vnrrt. frw 75c. Yard. 1 t inlaid Linoleum, colors through to the Made in Two Toned and Size 9.0x1 10 Reg.$40,for $243 Size 9.0x15.0 Rcg.50.for $29-98 HALL RUNNERS JUST 1 : ;; HALF. PRICE. . - : 2.6x9.0, R Tilsrly 19.00. for 14.98. 2.6x124); Regularly S14.00, for 16-98. 3.0x9 o. Rerulaily $ 144W. for 6.98. 5.0x12-0. Rerularly $21.00, lor 39.9$. . r - - - . i . w27-9S aajrju m'i ' ' Oj 1 and Silk . and ', et Hats, r : v lees than $2.75. for . ; .45; ' J SavingSef 9.0x12.0, for $18.98. 44 INCH ALL, WOOL PIN ALIA ,-. CLOTH, 73c. YD, . COLORED BROADCLOTHS, 90 54 inch, all wo 1, auperior onaUty, every desirable color. a - ' - VoO.,iiS.f asdf 1.79 per yd ... . .S ; tlXSTtar JtrcMTJur Taurus, will have Gardner dV Cox design a defender to be sailed by McHanans two sons. Addison-and Wllsner. -who are the best amateur Bailor on th Sound, and wbo have done some really remarkable racing their Gardner A Cox 43-footer Asm rant. Lastly It Is announced from Boston that Burgess A Packard want a chance to design a Boston defender. Mr. Plant would not con seat to bring a spark of fire out ot all thla emoke - by enlarging upon Sir Thomas's pup intentions. He contented himself ' with .the comment. " Well, they bad better wait until the challenge comes." The Commodore seemed to take some satisfaction out of the fact that his boat and crew,. were absolved of any responai-blUty for the collision which occurred between the Ingomar and the awl Navahoe at . a- regatta off - Cowea.. The Navahoe. which once waa owned by Royal Phelps Carroll and Is now the property of George Wat Jena, probably the best known of the German yachtsmen, was commanded by Capt. Sycamore... who aailed Shamrock IL-in the races here. - Capt. Barr, who aailed Columbia aa-alnst him, . was at the Ingo mar's wheel. There was no Indication that the rivalry of the two a kippers had subsided with the cup races, and there waa a collision. - The affair was referred to the committee," said the Commodore, "and It not only decided tn Iagomar'r favor, but added that Navahoe had been- recklessly and carelessly sailed. . - . . With the latest addition to his fleet ot steam and sail - craft, the ateam yacht Venetia. which' he- purchased not long before-sailing to thla aide. Commodore Plant la greatly pleased. In ell probability, be said. - ha j would make a . Mediterranean cruise in her in February. ; Goaalfof the Baseball Field. t - - Between "the first and second s-axnes at the Polo Grounds yesterday a watch -charm of battered sold and circular la form, about the else of a half-dollar, was presented to Manager Mc-Oraw by Joe Humphries oa behalf of s syndicate of free ruaty " root era." eotnpoead of Harry Fs ssett. Mr. and arra.' Charlea Wilson. IHck So hell, aad Loula Manh. - On one aide of the wtedel ta tha tnaorlptUm, Champions, lo&.'' set la diamonds, aad on the other side, Presented to John J. MeOraw, ' manager of . the New Tork n Baseball Chu.'- v While the -St. Louis- team was at tha bat In the sixth Inning of the second game yesterday Mike Grady, catcher, and HiL the left-fleMer, almost came to blows en the players bench. The interference of a policeman waa all that stopped them. . . -; - . ; ' f Mertess Indifferent playing ef lata Is said to pa sue to a loiw t uu inn wwuw oa aim at aeaaon as a saemher of the New - Tork team, and that ba would be eschansed for Rheekard of the Brooklyn team. It to believed, however. If such an event occurs that Mertes wlU to play In .Brooklyn, --v-;-- ; 26 to 42 Flatbush Ave Junction Fulton St., Broddyn, Imiported Half - An jtmportant Dress Goods Offering - Absolutel new, S4 inches wide, a remarkable offcrta;. 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V were eweot by tha high wtatd. aad tL put the Creaeeats off their game to boks tant. althoush It operated practically wVr teraas for all competltora. D. VTadswonh W,- ? fr J?'fm0i,J J " h et7u off la the first set rather poorly. Thai begaa to Play the ball etraiabtaJoeg theen toark Of Dr. Wadsworth s court, sad far aT- . ' t'""' aeessad good eaough ta wta. 1 " " mwi wnun BtS eoK St S V. T fr aaeerter nisitlai I- eeeelovd eanstde ranle speed asaiaat W Putnam, repraaeatlng tha Creaoenia, aad at me mates at a a. a u riaher aad Har. eaperlenced sx difficulty In eeorlng erar h i and Putnam la tea doublee, wlanlng oa aw. court ahots aad paaa down tha skta liaea. ' The seriee, tha nrst ta the history at tht MetropeUiaa League, la sow completes. a i their aaason at aa end. The eaamplonahlp luctr and tha trophies were woe by tha Kings Cour r tt Brooklyn, with twenty seeee ytetorlas aad ai dafaata. . ', Henry W. Mollenhauer displayed eeet-fcetinj xseoaeeefslness yeeterday aad won a taTSaf rlo. tory hi the eeatlauatioa of the Astuma tan i tnumsaianr ef the Kins, County Teaala auk ea Its eoarts as the Juactloa ef Bargee Si net ani Xtngstoa Avenue, Brooklyn. Hla apeuesat ni the Canadian ax-champ ton. .PrsesilLk O. Aaacr. aoav uraaas Mollenhauer dareated T the art a T, e S. B 7. A. Anderaoa a ability ta dn In f tha ball at top speed to Moiieanaoer's back aM for passes eausad the latter to play the return stratgnt at tna reet ot tne lorroer itiai iv Thla na did wnh such good effect that It apn ui many f Aaderaoa'a shots, aad eauaed his ttru defeat. The ether matchea pi 4 renal iluaa tatereat, especially that la the cluh ehamtnflcMK g ferries, la which 8. A. Westfall dafeated Wuiui,, la three straight seta, la . eaaa et which Use ramea want So deuce. The nummary; Men's Round RoWn 81nglea,--Reary W. Mo!!m---.kauer defeated Ftederlck. Ow Aaoaraoa, S-I :' e-x. 5 I. 7 S. ! Second Claaa eiagiea. Martla defeated PraiC Third Claaa. A 8. Westfall eafeated Msrilhea. 1 a a, S ; Edmunds def aated .W est. a (, 4 tl ; Perrls defeated Hammett, e L a . Men's Club Championship Singles. 8. A. Wait. ', fall dafeated Wllllston, Sa, a-d, g-a. 'i. . .. Crescent Teams at Lacrosse. The dee Id las laLraaas game for the ehaaiplea-shlp of the Crescent Athletle Club waa staye4 yesterday at the country grounds ef the ehife at Buy Ridge.' The teams were called the Reds and Blacks, end the latter team' woe Try the sears ef t goals to I " Boh Wall. Captain ef tb Blacka. scored 4 goals for his tram, which w mainly responsible for the SlaUs victory. Line-up (- ! ""Blacks. y; '-;positloa. . . Beds. Alleai.'., ......... Ooal .. . . . ..... Hg . Moaaa.... .-. Point ......M....I)oyie Keller.. ..i ..Coeer point. ........... Mli.rr Veeey First detfensa.;M.....Jrorrext W'ardaU....,.....8eeond drfM... Varley 8. Kennedy...... Third eefeose....Da Osaaaeva CRourk..u..i .Tblrd defense.. .....ulre4 D. Ktnndy...v.w, Centre Paraoee Wall. ......i...... Third attack......... .Simp a MlUer.......,....aecond attack....... Onl Parkinson.. ......Outside heme .....Stoba Ooala Well. 4: 8. Kennedy. 1: Miller. 1; Fmrk-fnson. I; Parsons, 1; 6lmpaan. 1: stoba, I. Ooal Vrapiras Charles Wilson and B. P. B. Klcboit. Beferee Dr. IL Tune ot aalres-JThtrty sun-Vtaa. - - - - - I SMOKY FI REPLACES MADE TO DRAW OR NO CHARC2 i .aTseaimaNmta end geMeHrfrS Ye. - TRafsreaees Was. W. Aster. Joa? H, Wait JOHIT WHITXJET. (.klaaaes- nls atari. tia raltoa SC. Brookrjra.1 M. T. TaWptusa Teat flinsasf awsaarsi ; . . -. Sell for$I;25 -morroWy 69c. m m4 e.eia r,Ml -WW" Mak Jaejlsj, Cmmtww TsmMstw . .. .. ! With lone Jackets, loose front, strip t cross back, la tent's wear mix tares tnd plain cfeevtots, exeeUsfit as colors tad sizes. $12.95 TO SELL TOR J20.OO, AT Taa celer, strapped, excsaent qnillty, lined wUa fine trade tan sal In, veU tailored, perfect ta ft, ad r MADE TO SELL fOX $lttO, AT, ' ! $11.95 Jost 75 iatbi . Almost .an different, feecaes they . wcrt made of short lee it 5s of Ciothsi mixed and pata fabrics. The style Is oat oi Autumn's firo rites. AH -leniths. I Ct HC. REAL VALUE tS f JjsOs OURMUCE f pOa3 ? - Its elasticity, j It is In white and catural, Fcr ' . ' : ," - ' to inuu, iwii vr acj w- .a n seam. .1..... wICi' Women's mediaa wttrstshapeirlitej Vests, Ions or short sJftves. Drsvers vitk rrrath hands, knee or tnUe r 0 leDth . V l i

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