The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1953
Page 9
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TUESDAY, FEB. 3, 1953 Gov. Cherry's Welfare Bill ll Introduced i Ac* Will Require ^Relatives to Aid £ In Support of Km luTTLE ROCK IV ~ A bill de- fljrned to require leluclont rela- Jyes.ilo aid In Ihe sunpmt of their Indegenl. kin was introduced in Ihe House yesteiday a pait of : Gov.- Cherry's mulir - measuie Welfare program. |' : lThe..;s(ale Wclf.ue Depaitment wpllld determine how nmeh relatives. — parents, children stepparents, etc. _ could contribute to, the support of a welfare reelp f»nt or applicant, .for ussistnnce £lf any relative who was deem eft able didn't assist he would be sued in Chancery Court, which could enforce its support orders i^Jlh • contempt citations. 1 ^Another bill would require welfare recipients to tleed to the state any real estate jliey might own, subject lo right to live on the property for life and lo certain other conditions, A third, measure was submitted to make membership on the 9- member stale Welfare Board conform to Arkansas' reduced number of Congressional Districts. Cherry said he believed this would empower him to appoint an entire new Board, although it wasn't-designed"fdr that purpose. He satd he didn't know who was on the Board except for one «nan who was unidentified by Maine, and that he would be retained If he wished.. s,A fourth bill would raise mem- ji.bership on county Welfare Boards ^from five lo seven with Ihe two additional members to he nominated by the member or members of the General Assembly living in the county. "•" Five would be nominated, as .now, by the five county constitutional officers. BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Look, Girls-You, Too, Can Be A Jane Russell in 20 Minute Reyno Bank Theft Suspect :ls Arraigned , f JONESBORO (yp) - Carl-.Hamlln jJr.. 19. was bound over to & fed- .-eral grand jury here yesterday on .«, charge of bank robbery for th •,-ther.t of more tlmn?»30.000 from i .•Royno. Ark., bank, /iixlliinlln. nrnifgiied before, u. S iGommi^ioner. Clara Browder, 1; J beln ghe;d in jail here in lieu o: -:a .^'O.CCO bond., * P3I Special:•Agent; M. -W.- Me jRrilirof Little Rock said yesterdai Cnmlin surrendered to Ffii officers Saturday and led them to recovers .ql S10.COO of the loot.. "cParlin said Hamljn told Win lie and Vernon Janes, 21,.both .of Peach Orchard, Ark., robbed the ^Farmers £z Merchant* Bank las Dec. 23. rj- Janes, still at liberty, also ha: •been charged with bajik robbery. lacheloTBiJI ^Withdrawn .Brufon's Measure Conceived as Joke l : LITTLE ROCK Wl-A bill [o tax •schelors, conceived as a joke but Iken literally in many quarters Iis withdrawn In the House yes- Vday. Vlie sponsor, Rep. James Bruton IConway County, •made it clear T measure would not be re-Intro K a ' |e bill would have levied .a l'«; year ta« on bachelors — Is. 21 or over unmarried or Jiving with thilr wives «nd«r H s deflnilion — for the oup- 51 illegitimate children who •rards of the State Welfare • tmcnt. Ire Bruton received consent IHouse to withdraw the bill, •solutions concerning. It had •UbmlUed. Brst, which would hove c«ll- Truton for a public apology, •Jed without discussion. I'.econd, which would have \ House on record as not 1 tht bill, was dropped ('as announced that Bruton to recall this measure. •fin in Mexico •yAJARA. *Mexlco (/P) — molng through the city Tried out 29 shops yester- rge waa estimated at a IK ($110,000). _ r«« im- ped, Bl.ddV, «oj diKom- r«duc«a in DbltrTKJ «fttr drink%» Mountain Valley Wjitr. !>elia'oui — deljT- RICHARDSON'S Super Market •«1 V\ .Mai riione 96)3 By JAMES BACON HOLLYWOOD CR-A plastic surgeon disclosed today how any girl can become a Jane nussell through science — and fool everybody but her surgeon. That means that girls whom nature has forgotten' need no longer stuff their bras with cotton. Instead, reports Dr. Robert Praiik- lyn. an inside falsie can be made with plastic, inserted under the skin. - . "A size 34, which is insufficient, can become 36, which is sufficient, and a 36 can become a 38, which is more than sufficient, even in Hollywood," slates the surgeon, who numbers many a movie queen among his patients. Dr. Pranklyri claims he has successfully performed • the operation on 25 women, some of them- well known to movie fans. The plastic', first developed by him in a soft form, is a sponge-like substance that feels fleshy. It can ajso be used lo build up hollow cheeks or chinless chins. The operation requires a surgical incision that will allow the spongy plastic to be pushed Into the spots required. "So far," he commented in an interview; "we have found it inert and well tolerated by the body. Tests on huinans and animals show it has .: no more harmful effect on the body lhaii air." He adds that it will not produce irritation to cells, major cause of cancer. Dr. Franklyn's work with movie people has led him Into the movie production business. Married to aclress Vanessa Brown, now starring on Broadway In "The Seven Year Ilch." Dr. Franklyn has backed such movies is "The Fighter" and "The Blue Gar- .denia." ~ But his value to the studio is more than financial. "Sometimes early in n picture we'll find that an aging. actress is showing her age loo much. A 20-minute operation can fix that." He performs a modern version of the face-lifting operation. This consists of an incision in the hairline, then drawing up the skin so that the wrinkles 'disappear. "Don't give Ihe cameramen and the makeup department all the credit for some of our perpetual ingenues." he says. To Make Own fireworks MEXICO CITY M>, •_ Mexico, which has Imported most of Its -firearmi and ammunition In the past from the United States, is re-* ported planning to manufacture many of Its own weapons of war In the future. A farm tractor attachment which burns weeds but does not hurl Ihe growing crops has been developed. The flame mos-es across the crop row, attacking the weeds, and do- Ing no substantial -'harm growing- crops. to -the ^ Sure, you get 3-point triple quick-hitch ¥ Naturally you get Hydraulic Touch Control ¥ Constant Draft Control of mounted tools ¥ Implement Position Control, too! f 4-wheel stability; row crop ability V Exclusive Proof-Meter fives you tne facts you need NEW TRACTOR Jufalee MODKL V Live-Action Hydraulic System, fast response ¥ Hy-Trol gives choice of hydraulic speeds V New Ford "Red Tfeer" overhead valve ¥ A bigger, heavier, stronger tractor ¥ New Live Power Take-off* V And many more new features V Plus'a low Ford price! •*>!•< Now on Display...Cotm In and &?$./(/ Snow Tractor Co. No. Franklin Phone S'Jol ».>« East Germany Denies Passes To Churchmen BERLIN (..pj -i. Communist East German uuthoritiei refused inter- zonal passes to .three members'of the Protestant Church council residing In their zone, the West Berlin Church Administration announced today. The three church leader's /had planned to attend a meeting of the Protestant Church Council for all Germany scheduled for Feb. u'and 13 In Munich. . • . ' .-. •No reason for the refusal was given. 12 Are Arrested !n Gambling Raid HOT SPRINGS (JO—Twelve persons were charged with" operating a gambling establishment and one with gaming following a raid by city police here yesterday. Chief of Police John Krmey said each made a »150 appearance bond. Ermey said warrant* .were issued by Municipal Judye Lloyd Darnell He said five clubs were raided. Rerfi Not Talking -'MOSCOW OF) — The Soviet press reported President Eisenhower's Stale of the Union message briefly —In 50 words—today and without editorial comment. • Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Tlir« building perrrilte vme IM- ed by th« City Engineer during the past week. Two were concerned wllh residences »nd one for the construction of i law office. H. G. Parllow tppllfd for » permit to build * four-room l«w office «t 313 North Second Street. 'Hie brick structure, v«lu»d «t M.OOO, has been contracted by George Glsh. C. 0. Councllie received * permit, lo construct » one-room addition to Ms residence at 1500 Walnut Street, Listed it * value of $1.700, the roon] Is to be used ai a den and living room. Normin Shields is contractor. Permit uas applied for by Jack Cuadrn for the construction, « a stated value of $1,000, of * one- room residence at 1524 Holly with Norman Shields fli contractor. Real Estate transfer* field during the past week include: Buoy and Leatha Owens to Charles Rose, for $5.000. the N\V quarter west of the Meander Liiie and east of Little River In Sec 22-T14N-R9E. (15 acres!. ; ' C. L. and Mary Catherine Lucius to Rayon and. Raye I-edbetler. for $3,700, the south 90 feet of Lot 5 Block 13, Bugg Addition. Holly Development Corporation to John and Marjorle Floe Burnett for 414.000, Lot 1, Block 4, E O Adnms Subdivision. Rayon and Raye Ledbetter lo Charlie and Louise Cain, for $3,000 a plot of land In the south half of the' NW quarter of the SW quarter of Sec. B-T15N-RUE. O. s. and Euia Rolllson to Horace D. find Dorothy Hnlford. for $6,000, Lot.21 according to the re- m YOU FUUr COVffttD? Smack in the Face If YOUR place burned, would It Mnacli you In the face . . . « tot* your Iniunnc* fully covert Replacement roslj will not Hltelj come down more than 10ft . YOU need full protection. For a Fre« Insurance Surrey cal' us today. RAYMOND ZACHRY MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY 111 North First St. - Mione M15 Bijlhtville, Arkanua plat of. the O. 8. Rolllson subdivision. J. H. and Katiiryu Marr (o Robert W. and Hazel Killlaii, for $10 and other considerations, Lot 1 and vrot 2S feet of Lot 2, Block 4, Country Club Area Addition. Hazel Fleeman Kllllan to Charles E. FJcemsn, for JiO and oilier considerations, Lots 17, 18 and ig, Block 1, W. H. Aslmbranner Addition to Manila. W. C. and jlmmle u?c Fleming Watklns to Holly Development Corporation, for S2M. Lot 13, Block 1, David Acres Subdivision. Fred D. and Margaret Bracken to Sterling and Clemle French for »lo north 60 feet of Lot 7, Block 8 Park Addition. Sterling and Clemle French lo Fred D. and Margaret Bracken, for »10, north 60 feet of Lot 6, Block 8, Park Addition. D. D. and LaiRli Flfppln to s. T Freeman, for $10, south 3 feet oi Lot 5 and all of Lot 4. Block n. of original survey of Dell. David T. and Eula N. Cooly to W. I. and Ruth B. Malln, for $9000 the south 31 r/cet of Lots i 2 3' 4, and. 5, Block 2, Domjnn Addition! A. O. and Mabel LJttlc to Dwight H. Blsckwood, for $750, a parcel of Inml 21 rods by 13 rods in the NE Quarter of Sec. 21-T15N-R10E. Reginald and Louise Hughes and flex W. mid Tlieliim Hughes ( 0 Rowena Albright, for $1 and other considerations, a lot containing approximately one ncrc In Lot, 4 ot the Supplemental Survey of the SB Quarter of Sec. 31-T10N-R13E H. C. and Artie T. Ulankenshlp to II. o. and Mnrtlm N. Pnrtlow for $4,500, a lot 50 feet by 160 feet on the west side of North Second Street in the SE Quarter of the SW Quarter of Sec. 10-T15N-R11E. H. G. and Martha N. Partlow to O. E. Keck, for $2,430, the north PAGB 27 feet along North SecomJ tin wHt Street lid* of ------- , -JHl.l;v 1--.VICJJUIUK west 150 feet in u,e SE Quarter of Ihe sw Quarter of Sec. 10-T15N- Norvcll and Geraldlne Lansing to \\. L. and Anna Mary Whitlakcr, lor $1 and other considerations, Lots 3 and 4 of the re-pint of Lansing Addition. A. H. and Llllle Harshman lo Armorel Planting Company for $1 and other considerations, ioa acres In Sections 11 and 20-THN-R13E Kate Wilson to Kittle Wayne Carol, lor $1 and assumption ot all Indebtedness against Ihe property, grantor retaining possession of the propprly for her natural life, Lots 6 and 7. Block 1, Hearn Addition. Odes and Roberta Young to Mrs. Dovie Ij?e Carter, for' »1 .Lots 3 and 4, Block 10, W. W. Holllpelcr Addition. Mrs. Dovie Lee Carter to Odes and Roberta Young, for »1, Lots 3 and 4, Block 10, W. W .Hollipcter Addition. J. L. and Mamie o'Stcen and Alice Gcrljer to Emraett and Leltle Coleinau and.Snrah Williams, for $2,000. Lot 6, Block 2, J. L. O'Stecn Addition. Mark L. and Ruth Miller Stewart, to W. O. and Mary Bernice Long, far $8,000, Lot 15, Block 2, High- plncc Addition. Tom Craven to Bucey Owens, for ?3,350. the NW quarter west ot the mcmidcv line ana cast of Little Hiv- CROUPY COUGHS* relieved with EJHST SWALIOW of DR. DRAKE'S er In Sec, 22-TUN-ROE (16 acrea) Lllitli mills to Alvln Wallace for $1, and other considerations, a parcel of land 63 feet by 660 feet In See .1-T15N-H10E. Trennle Plnkerton Dotson to FA and Llllle Calvert, for $1625 SW nuartcr of the south 60 'acres ot the .west half of the NK quarter of sec. 1-T15N-R10E, except one- half acre In the S\v corner Boys, Not Cat, Got Canaries CINCINNATI m-The cut didn't get the ciinmics nftcr aU. Four boys ranging In ngc from 0 to 13 got tliem, The cnnarles—13 in all—wero stolen from Ihe Cincinnati Zoo Saturday. Eleven of them were recovered yesterday after a woman reported the youngsters were selling the birds, valued at $50 to $75 each, for $1. Hie boys were held for Juv'tnlla court authorities. DO CRAMPS give you that.. monthly look? *hj III tt!|.|jlr oilterf, "etrm" ihi* la y«i itftj IXn-a y«jur mirror afiuw an a!i]ur-!ookini: d. 0 j'Jv' l "wKy n |^' > r,!Sn C illTt hoi'"*™''.T' jntterlnir troy monthly c" mp.?°Try°iJ'[i*U* Cardul cull rtsy as lhou.» ol »•«„,«,, <Jo. l.«l It help bullj strcnzlh and mliunu ,o you have lr» ami less mlstry t« c h monlh bonie KO through iilrioilj without fecltnK ftn>' dfuromtoi-u at a!], Alao he]pi relar 'oln»? e fnor«"n"" 'i'""' Lo " l: ' '«•'• tet CaMul. (Sayt "carif-aou-fvc").' MONtHlYCRAMPS CH1NCE OF LIFE TOP Performance.,, LOW in Operating, Installation .Costs! Tktn U DOM on tb* market ioday to 'taatl lh» EMPIRE "LO-UOY" Oo. Floor Fumac,. &jp.rior fcngmeerim—24-in. from lop to botlom—and now horliontal "ThrlflmatiC" Uurnir developed by l.Ml'IHE.proJucs heating efficiency nnd economy The "I.O.BOY" whip, all | 0 » model Ga» Floor runucee. Kita anywhere, buna «n/ (yp, rafc : . Bee rt today! - NO IKITI. •APFttS TO IUIN our )Veis Butane Gas Co. S. Highway 61 Pho. 3301 BlytheviKc Call For Free •Estimate!. Natural-or L^-Gas Installed EMPIRE "LO-BOY^ FLOOR FR G&s-FtO(?#-futiNACf-s Public AUCTION Sale THURSDAY, FEB. 5lh-New Madrid. ^gg^^:-g;y^ h ga !.» I MOTORS INCLUDED IN SALE 1—JI FARMALL 1— M FARMALL 1—M FARMALL 1—M FAHMALL 1—M FARMALL I—M FARMALL I—M FARMALL 1948 Model 19-JS Model - 1946 Model - 1946 Model • 1945 Model • 1947 Model •1945 Model 1—M FARMALL — 1941 Model 1—C FARMALL — 1948 Model 1—C FARMALL _ 1948'Model 1—C FARMALL — 1951 Model . 1—B FARMALL With Cultivator 1—B FARMALL With Cullivaior I—F-ZO FARMALL With Cultivator 1—F-20 FARMALL With Cuitivalor 1—KKRGUSON T R A C T 0 R With Cultivator Busters ' 1—W-C ALLIS CHALMERS With Cultivator & Busters I—A VERY TRACTOR Wi<h Cultivator S—M448 4-Row CULTIVATORS for M Farmall 2—C254 CULTIVATORS for C Farm- all 2—2-Row CULTIVATORS for H & M Farmall 2—HA! 240 CULTIVATORS for HA M Farmall 2—HM 238 CULTIVATORS for H* M Farmall 2— HM 221 CULTIVATORS for HA M Farmali 2—I-H 7B 6'/i Foot DISCS 2—I-H IOA 7 Foot DISCS MISCELLANEOUS IMPLEMENTS 1—!-H IDA 8 Foot DISC 1—I-H 9A 6 Foot DISC 1—DUNHAM '7 Fool DISC 1—I-H 19B 8 Foot DISC 1—John Deere 7 Foot DISC 1—John Dccre 7 Foot DISC 1—Case 7 Fool DISC I—Dunham fi Foot DISC I—MI 125 Sl'V COMBINE _ 1950 Model I—12-A John Deere COMBINE 1—IH — 42 COMBINE 1—Woods Brothers CORN PICKER I—IH No. 4 — 212 PLOW " I—HUME PICKUP REEL FOR 125-SP COMBINE 1—19-I7 KB-33/4 Ton INTERNATIONAL PICK-UP TRUCK I—SKRVEL GAS RE FRIGERATOR 1-1939 BUICK CAR 1—14 Foot WOLV E- RfNE BOAT & TRAIL- F,R With 22 H.P. EVINRUDE "MOTOR AUCTIONEERS COL. LENZIE JJECK COL. JOE Mc- CORD; CLERK: WOODROW BECK 3—IH No. 8 — 212 PLOWS 1—Allis Chalmers No- 4 214 PLOW 2—C-295 PLOWS for C Farmall -Oliver I-Botlom 14 Inch PLOW -II! — 2M PLOW -!H — .1M PLOW -HI _ 212 PLOW - IH — 3-Botfom DISC PLOW -IH 1-Row CORN HINDER -HM 9fi PLANTER -John Dccre TEAM PLANTERS -HM 100 PLANTER -Tenm,WAGON And IJED TERMS OF SALE: Hems Selling F or $300.00 Or More, Terms Can Be Arranged. Above' Hems Are Stibjccl To Prior Sale. W. L Ramsey Equipment Co. HIGHWAY 61 AT NEW MADRID JUNCTION

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