The New York Times from New York, New York on September 13, 1918 · Page 12
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 12

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1918
Page 12
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1:11s. X1XXJ 1 U1U 1 l.iik?. L Ull'.k J , oi,, 1. U SEPTUAGENARIAN GOLFER IN FOREFRONT AMONG PLAYERS IN SENIORS' TOURNEY i ( 7e salute all men 18 to Why r.ct put your feet in tr :tt.z first? "VcEtpointcrM shoes ::z built on the last offi-ci '.'.y approved for West I'J.r.t Ccdcts. Thousands of pairs now c! rervicc in France. I '72 Tcziy to 0. The sturdiest sort of tan ! thrr. Still at last year's ; .ice-$7.50. White cheviot shirts. Ilhr.hi shirts. Stocks. Wool underwear spe--.!'.;, desirable for over t ' r 7" The Rogers Pcet Camp Toilet Case. Compact. .. r b ie. $o.oO. Cc.::r.p:ib!e bath tubs, f j : 1 a j bags "every-tl.'n z the' man cf c6mmer-ch.l t.utL:cts ha3 devised f:.r the prosecution of the -C" t-'-l T-a.ira:k. Hcglto Pcet Company Grcadwpy 34 th St Fifth Ave. at 41st St. it 1 Four Coner; 1 1 . jrrcn r Underfoot You rr.n have no idea of th tha famous ft .-'t . ! cork cushion makes; to our bodily comfort until yo'i r.ctuaily try on ft I :!; cf t!icn shoes. - i r-V-P tt p .:;-"- of t!ic Dr. A. R. -,; i'-jv'oi F'.vce stores today e-'I lit in :.: you. Wa! around t'" -.' re ;"h- r,(-w fhos. No-t..r ;!... ' f with which ti.ey c v. r t"-,e sensitive parts o:f V r- f " Natiee the yieluinjc, . i? r.t support to your ole. I'; is tlie features that make our fh-v: ,uh poo-.l ruardians oi 1 .-.! h. fCLO ONLY AT 2'2 r-oJwy, at 37th St. 12 r..-'- T.'tcc. Woo! wort It BIdg. (' .fs . . T . ve"Ver' w- . r- ee - - t . - y T ""OITC Fee e- Ma-deb1. j.?.s::.TMcica ;:::::::::::::::::::::::::: .";i.:;u:jal cfportukity ; v . V.. .D.i 7 mcnr . .$S500 7 rassenrer t : j car, ictoru top, $4400 MUr.riAY, overhauled, e::I'.'ei drive limousine .vi 7 ras:ens:er touring. a: CAHRIACES by Brews-t:r. i.;:.irau arid Hooker. r:cn-rc:j v. smith 1! Vet 44th Strt "! 1 1 3 S .V.urrav Hill. rZDHTvAL TRUCK DEPT., 133 V.'ett S2dl Stret '! -:-.'-!vme 926 Circle. rnmroVje Delivery ' CUALIP IS ECONOMY : ; 1 - t CLOT! I IIATS CZc tq $2.S0 ::::::::::::::::::::::::i ' Back i up our - ,e ' Filter,! : AGED GOLFER IN TIE FOR BEST HET SCORE Colonel Brent Arnold and Five Others Finish with 77 In Seniors Tourney. HASSE HAS BEST ROUND Philadelphia!! Turns In S8 for Leading Groea Laurels Team to Go to Canada. Six veterans, "one pst the th.'ee-pcore and ten mark, tied for the best net at the end of Uie first elahteen-hole round of the second half of the Seniors' Golf Aiuoclatlon tourniir.ient at Apawamis yefterday. The lea.dlrg arxtette were t'ol. Brent Arnold, I'iiu-innatlone of the. oidext men in the tournament ; J. William Smith of Bellevue ; Addlaon B. folvln, fJlena Fall.' : carlea Cooper of Oard-n City; Capt. S. H. Heap. Phila-tielpiita. end Georire IJ. Munson of New Haven all returning 77. In the competition for rro. wore honors. E. J. Ha of the hilndelpliia Criiket Chib le-1 with a round of h. By comyarlnon with tlie 2 by W. K. Trueodell on Tuesday,'a wore Inoka rather hlsh. though it was only two atrokes irore than the S3 returned by Col. J. E, Smith, the leader on Wednesday. The aelfH'ted aeore winners tot the flrat two day ate as follows: Clans A. ii. I Hart, 82 sro. J. R. Marshall. 6" net; CUa B. J. C. Head. rroas. It. D. R. Robertn. 68 net: Class C. W. O. Henderson. S3 fc-ro:s. J. H. Duffy. 70 net; and CIses I), W. T. Uunmoro and A. S. Nlcholii tied at S5 aroas. while A. S. Worthinston won the net prlre with 67. ' The veterans on this tide of the border will be reprfr.ted In a team match with the Canadian Seniors'- Golf Association at the Koyal Montreal Golf Club on Wednesday nxU At the annual meeting held at the clubhouse Wednesday nitht the challenge from the Canadian aoli'eta was read, and a motion of arx-rptam was made. Frank Pre&brey was appointed Captain- and he Is lo round up a team to po to Montreal. The competition will b- tor a cuj presented by he Duke of Ievonhlre, Governor General of Canada. Walter Brown of Montclair. the Treasurer, was the4 only fficUl to resign his duties, the others belni? elected for an-o'lnr year, as follow: Horace. 1. liutc'ikisK. Honorary President; Darwin J'. Klna'l'v. president : Justice Mahlon Pitney, Krt Vice President: Judse Mortcui J. O Fricn. Second Vice President: J. A. Hvnn. Treisurer. end W. H. Hal. iiccretary. T1-.e Tournament "nmmtt. consist inr of Frederick J. West la. Chairman; Dw irht !. Elinen-dorf and Winthrop Sarajent. will serve for another year, and the clcht Director, whop terms had ei pired. were reappointed for a period of three years. Thev are as follows : T. B. Boyd, w, O. Henilerson. ITornce I.. I'otchkiss, n. if. N. Johnson. Darwin P. KJngfley, Henry W. Ijimb, William H. Reed, and Georje Tie scores yesterday were as follows: C"lor.t Frrnt Arnold. Cinctnnatl. T".) fK o 77; j. wt'Mam Snrtth. P.i-!l-vue, Ii. jiH, 2 77: Adrtlwn IS. C'olvin. C.Jena J'alls If". TT: rhrK-a Cooper. Titv, (3 t IK TI; Captain 15, H. H-ap. I". t. N.. l'hl!d.!ilila. II. W 1i;7- oorce D. Munaiin. New Hitm, B V. fT, 2 77. V . H. Beaon. Orertrook, A.) !. II .: ;. II iati. Fox H'ilM. (E 103. SV 7 Krnrt A. tj-offrv. Fort llil!. iR.I 1". Ifi m: inr! Vn K-rrn. Knilwwt, A. 1. 12!: V. 8. Fuitht-we. Kn-s'.e-woaMi. il W. IS SI; F. II WatMns, AMtrnii, .A.) P5 ' -I M : Ram Macdonalrt, rri.-Hurn itl 1".-V7 V-re Ff. Apawamis. B. 102. SO 2: KWhard FKr. Uknixxt. A.) H IS Si: F. M. Ciut. f:etd-n CHy. IA. 101. 1 "Ctj fbarles Hnpl. Ifaltusrn). A. 103. 23 S3; J'l.Ttlr- Ulilon Fimey. Chevy Chase. A, 23 M: krs W. Ptatrrll. Arono-mlnk. (H. T. 14 83: tleor C. Austin, :nlpoud. (A.I PS. 13 S. Arli-r H P'Wit'i;inn. vtb Mills. fA.l H 14 K4; F. W. T. H'lls. Fnrt Hl"l. A.t lOi. 1 A4 ; F. J. !. Philadelphia 'rtcli. fH. M 4 M : R. 8. Nash. Apa-mrmm. D. 1W. M; Tanll larrrff. j:-v1-w. (H.i 04. lO 4; It. Wenrill C l-.ill!p. ramwoodlo. B. 104, 2o M : John --. Ilarrood. Kltab-!h. (A.) 100. !; F.ian A Ixtr. prlurf leid. I A.) I'S. 14 84: Vorton Aldrn. Wo lnnion. KM. 2094; t ui tl ISrrUm-T. Jr. tnnL-mood. A.) 114. 3l 4; 'rorx W. Ixjan. Oiwn lw.k. (H.J 100. IS AS: :rt.lvrt li. Ooff-. IvnwoMl., A. 1. IS x".; J. J. Cimh-ln. Colw County. (B.) tH. 2.1? W W-l-.-r F. Hodjnm n. 8t. Andrew's. P J01. IV-Ji; 11. H. Trrman. Ithaca. B.) 99. 1 Ilrrtof P. Sn-l-h. NVshvill. P. 103. IB 7: Francis II. A!ltn. Proo' line. (D.i 11.V H ST: A. C Frif rclf. Cpp Mon clalr. (A. 101, 14 $7: lxtthnr W. Fwr. Hlrhmond Cminiv. A.) 117, S7; H. f K-ll-v. Fi-nd Brook. (P.) 107. 10 7: 'VnillaTn M. n rtronm. Wvk fryl. ' (A. '07. 20 7: Kr n-l !'. Ttir nt-r. Onoe Brook, (A.l 103. If 7: M'Tinr n. B rrn. New Havrn, 103. 13 Mereitt V.!nl. !"r-dn Cfrv. Il. 10. ?o lr Bliss Stewart. ICcVrnsaok. ill. 103. l." : John t;. Twl. l-pr-r Motn-.rlrlr. 07. O : Hd-ruin Mr I do. F.nrWoo.t I A.) B7 1 I. K. Whltr". Aflnnlic Hit, (A.) 100. IS: "hil" H. I'orl'-'f. Now Haven. B. Urt. 17 if; Edwrrd V. Jtcknon, Foreet Hills. u7.l 104. !.-!: TV. W. T.yona Fjws rouii r. tB. J12 1.1 R: F. A. Wriicht, I-airuaml. K I PI. '.: Daniel Boly. Vouniw-h. cll. 110. 21 fit J Tl. nil!"-i.n. liciT, (D.l 100. 1000; V M. IV1 nifl-r. Aptwsni'a (A. 112. 2? :: Churt- H th waw. Fax luunty. " I lo. 1 "0 lr'dnv I' An'1"ron, wvkruvi. iC.v 102. i; .'0: j. n otti-. Nassau. iC.V 112. 22 :K: T. J. Je-non. -vrry Valley. (B.iilK. !.': Y"!.im -rk. M:sqtitmH-u. (l) 07. 01 ; '"rd-frirK Pon. St. Andrews, (tt.l t07. 1 " ; H-'sr Adtnirs! F. F. Ili-tcher. Chevv e, (K. 107. 1 01; Henry S. Jennings. Twaclfukt!!. d ia3. 12 Ol; S. SS. (jj). lord. Forrst Kills. A.) 111.- 20 fl; J-ms H. rlir. KnIewood. tC.t IIS. SO 62; W. A. Hammond. Ithaca. 102. lO !2; A. H.-ysn Alley, Ap w-jr.s. A. 110. 17 M; Iir. Wl(r 8. WdsMngTon. Foreo'f Kills. V lO". 1503: X TT Pulsifr. 1C. UK. 2.. W3 ; Urwt F. Abbott, Bonn Kin. lA.l 115. 22 f3: Uaurtns P. Ksder, Nas-su. IA.I 113. 2003: J. Check. Tin Whistles. (IX 113. 2104: A. i. nit-ertrilae. Apswamis. B 124. 30 H4: T. Kawnor. Wykaayl. P.) 124. 3o 14; fTtsrla W. Hsrewn. Wykaeyl. (A.) 110. IT, i3; Ocorac S. 0"F!.vnn. Creseenf. A. 101. t 0.": Gtfonca A. Sutr. Uykeayl. IA.I 124. 1? Od: John B. Cairlr-gtoa. New Ha-vn. (O l lis. 2o f; John C. Wood. St. Andrew's. iB.I I1H. 20 Oh; Wllliem O. l-o:r-r. Fairvlew, iB.I 12 , 2 :H: Fi-ed i T. Durkius. Frankfcrd. C, 1"4. 2 lOO; IP. J. H lev. T Invl. (B 127. 27 !; ! Fre'er)ck V. I'miw1. Calunx-t. 1A. 1-0, i l j(rj; Creorse W. Dlcklrfsnn. Brltusrol. SC. 124. 30 104; Vorse t?. Irnurn. New tlavrn, tlV 133. SO 103: Judge John M. Tier-icT. Pir-snow. IA.I 133. 30 lr: f. Vfinston. llunllngdon Valley. B.) 102, 22-110. Dundee Boxes Tonight. Johnny Dundee, the local Italian lightweight, and Frankle Nelson of Koboken are ready for their eiht-round bout at the Jersev City Baseball Park this evening. The contest has attracted considerable attention among followers cf the sport and Indications point to a large turnout if the weather is favorable. BELMONT PARK ENTRIES. F1RT RACE. Northampton Selling Hand-lean; for ll a?s: six and a half furiongs: 1 main eojr. Regal Lodge. (Imp, I lis ! rounds: Arrah On On. 112; Buckboard, 10;; t. r.i i.u. i 11 ,i,nM nr. l tin. 97; Annchen. $'. HECOND RACE. fiteeplechase, selling: for four-year-olds and upward: about tto miles. Bachelor. 143 pounds: Man Slsyer. 141; North Btar, 141; Kentore. 13; Toppy Nix. 133. THIRD RACE. Cedsrhunrt Handicap: for three-vear-olds and upward; one mile and a sixteenth. Slromholl. 12H pounds; Regal Ixlxe. i imp.. I 306: Franklin. 104; Gloomy Gua. 102: Daddy'a Choice, H8. FOCRTH RACE. For three-j-ear-olda and tipward. claiming: one mile and a quarter. Bcckboard, 117 pounds; Ellison. 101; Iieck-ttiate, 100; Starry Banner, 104; Mr. pecs, i 103 : Wooitliruru 101; Miss Fannie. 100. FIFTH RACE. For maiden two-year-olds; seliing; five furlongs, straight. Rol Craig. Imp..) 113 pounds: Pallor. 113; Ilindooatau. 11-.; Young Adam. 113; ily Mm, 113: l"m-baia. 113: Stiletto. 112: ilround Swell. 112; Antoinette, itnip.. 112; Vtrago, 112; rtar::ghl J07. ?1 XTH RACE For twe-yearoldi; conditions; five and a half furlongs, straight. Mad Hatter. 115 pounds: Bright Lights, 113; Senator Crow, UR; Polygon, (imp.,) 112: Kiaa Acain. (imp..) 112; 8ketchy. 112: Merry Prlnceaa. lmp..) 112: Peter. 109: Htnn Kemer. (lmp..l 10S; Hlndoostan, 109: Sem Way. lOtt; L'Effare. (imp..! 100; Delaware, Ii. Var Maak, 109; Maggie MaiUand. 106; Minuet. 10H. Apprentice alioarsacs dalrael. ROSS H0RSESAV1N BRACKETS Two Lead in Races Over Havre de Gract Track. IIAVr.E DE GRACE. Md.. Sept. 12. Commander J. K. I Boss's horses were in good form at the races today, his recently acquired Dottie Vandlver capturing- the ilermald puree for two- car-olds, while the following event for three-year-olds was woa by 1 'ore tf round. The victory cf Dcttie Vatidiver ivaa mCdly surprisinc. as among; the also rans was J. It. Boeaeter'a Paasing; .Shower, a stake rrinner dt Saratoga and a greatly fancied candidate for the Mermaid, The failure of Paaslnr Shower allowed two outsiders. Duchess lace and Ambassador III., to ret tn the money. The fiummuncs: FIRST RACH. For two-ysar-olda: purse. TOO: five, and a hslf furlonprs. tt. vjuentlw. lis pounds. (Senoe.l S.i.40. 12. CO. 12.30, won; Tummywaae. Uft. (Johnaon.y 2 ho. $2.40, srond; Hylvano. 110. iChrroIl.l J2.70, thini. Time I :()s l-.V P.iiltne , talry Prinoa, tid C. Keener, and Twilight IV. also ran. SKCOXD RACE. Steeplechase: sel'ins: for fmir-year-olds snd upwsrd: purse. STtU: ta miles, lyi'o note. 144 pounds. Hi. Will-lams) Stl.70. 4 10, 3.M). won; Turmoil, 1:7. (l.rndty. $14 M. $10. secoftd : Mrloa. 1.(4. (Wltyniark.) IS. SO, third. 3 :39 2-5. llhomb. AIdon. J. C. i;walt. Favorite Article. F.ale Thistle. Bessie Fitzfiugh. and Bob nedfleld also ran. THIRD RACK For three-) ar-l1 and upward: purs.-. 1700; sIt furlonta. Milkman, 111 pounds. (Esll.i S3.90. S.'l.Lli,, won; Choir Master. Slid, ( Jo in two. i S4.90. 13.40. second; Korfahge, 110. i r'neldmsn. ( .l fm, third. Time 1 :14. Ccbalt Lass. Goblet. F:sme. Quen Blonde, Ha Gull. King Johr, Uncle Sand, and Cobidt also raa. FOCRTH RACE Mermaid Purse: for two-ysar-olds; purse. PC; six furlngs. Dottla Var.diver. 112 poundi. ande.) 100, '.'.' i .M, won: Duchesa Lace. ltd. (Alex.i $14.4 S(.20. ond; Amliassedor ill., lllVlolea-aorth.i n.H;, third. : Tinir1 S-t. Passing Shower, Cciincilj. and Lilii. rliau ais ran. s FIFTH RACE. Fcr three-year-olds: purse. I7O0: one mile sr.d 70 yards. Fnregroucd. II! pounds, tSande.) S3 M, H.70. 17.40, won: Aur-nn. 112. (Collins.) 4 0, I3.::o. second: Tombvln. 112. (Mclntre. J1.H0. third. Tims 1 :44 3-3. yuleluils and Key LJ I leaaantan also ran. SIXTH RACE. For three-year-elds and upward: a:lng: puiae. ST'C: one mile and a quarter. P!aeant lneams. IOS pounds. tJterlinr.l JlOfO. H.0, '..K, won; Win-ken. 100. I Vr.slT ) .'i. rwd: Bar of Phoenix, 104. 8t4lkr KJ.iO. third. Time 2 :ue .-1. Toctaia jid D.'.n also ran. SEVENTH RACK For three-year-olds ard upwrd: purse. 70 one r.-lle and a furlonff. Popart. 120 pounds. (Domlntck.l 112 -TO . I.YrC. 4.."C, won; B?n?vlflt, lit. Stalker.) J3.;o, 4.V. second: Handlul, 113. IKlckcns.t S9.3i, third. Tinw 1:66 1-6 Arl.ltra.oi-. unntro, I.ytlo, Monocacy, anil Tranhy alje ran. TROEH TAKES TRAP TITLE. Western Gunner Scores 100 Straight Breaks in Shoot. ATLANTIC CITY. Sept. 12. F. M. Troeh of Vancouver, Wah., smashing; 100 targets without miss, woa the Westy Hogan Amateur Championship today ia the second . day's shoot of the twelfth trap tourney of the Westy Hogans at the aviation grounds. G. N. Fl.'h. of New York and Charles Newcomb of Philadelphia tied for secon. and In the shoot-off Kl.h was the victor, running twenty straight. Newcomb misved his third bird. Fish had high score for the dav with 138 out of a poofible, 1G0 target. "Troeh fcrnashe-l l.'d. and Newcomb VA. In Class B. G. S. Becker. Pennsylvania, was high man with 130 breaks. W. B. Severn, ulao of Pennsylvania, was second with 149. n. R. Msjor of Ohio created a big piirprhe in Class C. amashing 131 birds. C. It. Klnd'.g. another Western was iiigii man in a lass l, witti ..o. The Kast rained 14 points over the Western team, rtlnchinr further Its hold on the Intersections! honors, acquiring a I iwai ci 1 ne westerners nave a tital of l.rno. The five hirh men from the team of ten representing the two districts were : . Fftst WrlBht. Puff-.lo. 133; Fish 'New Yrrk 14S: Newcemb. Philadelphia. I VI: Torw Irn Ptnnscrove. 113, Herman, lckhavea. I-enn.. !.. Wrst vlbum. Ohio. 133: Tro-b. Vsn-rcm-er.' 130: Yule. Akron. Ohio, 144; Dial. Pittsburgh. 147: Smith. Indiana, 131. PLAYERS DIVIDE SPOILS. Boston Regulars Get $1,100 Each from World's Series. BOSTON". Sept. 12. Members of the Boston American League baseball team, winners of the 1818 world's championship, received J.0.837.45 today as their share of the gwte receipts from the world's aeries. Manager Bdward Bar w. ithe, fr.,rtri- Doir rrir'U sd 'rind Luhi: j. eh received $l.i"8.4- while Infielder i Mr ppee,. Rose et Au row ea Fred Thomas, w ho obtained a furlouah from the Great Lakes Naval Training Station to (lay for the Red Sox, was vot-d $7". Various soma went to other playera now In war service, the trainers, ground keepers, and others. The check did r.ot include ten per cent., which it had been voted to donate to charitable organizations, and the players instructed Captain Harry Hooper to obtain the amount from the commission and distribute It among Boston war charities. GRIMES IS ORDERED WEST. Former Dodger Star Unable to Pitch for Navy Team. It generally was believed that the Erooilyn Navy Tard Intended to pitch Burleigh Grime, the sensational twlrler cf the Brooklyn Superbas. In the Army-Navy game at the Tolo Grounds tomorrow. Orlmes won't be on hand, as he has Just been ordered to the Oreat Lakes Training l'mp and is now on his war West. Instead of Orlmes the Nsvy hopes to play Jeff Pfeffr. who has Just been ordered to the Officers' Trslning Caran st Pelham Bav. Rube Marquard will pitch part of the game for the Navy. In all probability Rube Dressier will work for Camp Mr-ritt, the Army team. ARMY ATHLETES FOR MEET. Former Heroes ef Cinder Path to Compete in Nationals. Three more of the nation's army training camps have notified Amateur Athletic Union officials that they will have representation In the annual track and field championships at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Sept. 20, 21. and 23. They are Camp Fremont, California ; Camp Zteh&ry Taylor, Iouis-ville. Ky.. and Kelly Field. San Antonio. Texas. Lieutenant Alma Richards, Olympic high Jump champion, will head the team from Camp Fremont, which will include six of Uncle Sam's fighters. Edward Reeson. a former member of the Olympic Club, who holds the outdoor high lump record of feet 7 fr-js. inches, will be another member of the team. Yearljngs Bring Low Prices. Tearling thoroughbreds from the Keeneland and Bashford studs were sold at auction last night at Jjurlsnd's. The prices were renerally small, the highest sum, SViO. being paid by Fred Burlew for a brown colt by Luke McLuke-Mloaela. Last 2 Days of AT BEAUTIFUL BELMONT PARK f I ' A X" he Cedarhurst Handicap I () II J Y A 2 MIe Steeplecha$e The Northampton Handicap AND S OTTIF.ll HIGH CLASS ETENTS--FIKT RACE AT t:M T. M. T0-M0RR0W $30,000 FUTURITY gpeclal Race Trains leava Penn. Statlen. Ureofclyn. at 12:SS and at Intervals up to Sipertai I are Reserved fee l-adle ea all Race Traiaa. GK-D ITANO AN U T AJJLXJC sw. $SS. LAD IKS. Sl.Sa, lacladlac War Tax. PEN ROSE CREDITED WITH RECORD TIME Fleet Filly Runs Five Furlongs in 0:55 3-5, According to Belmont Park Officials. Many astonishing things happened at Belmont Park races yesterday, not Uie least startling being the hanging out of 0:53 3-3 ss the lime for five-furlonga when the Triple Springs Farm's speedy Pen Rose defeated Harry Payne Whit-ney'a Pigeon Wing In the owning dash. This mark will in all prcbat-Uily take a place amors t!e records, but like several other performances on the books It will be doubted by conservative sportsmen.' Many trainers snd other clockTs timed the race, and not one of these could be found who made the figures faster than II 2-3, while r.ust uf the wa teles showed a fifth of a second slower. It Is true there was a stiff breejie favoring the runners, but even under these conditions the time Is remarkable, a three others in th field finished within three lengths of the winner. Thus every one cf the leading quirtet would have broken the track mirk of 0 7 1-Ci made Oy IV n Itoae In the Sur'.ut; as well as the American record of tlv;1; made by 11 aid Marian at Morris Park In 14. I'en Kosc'fc time, if correct, a Urn equals tne world's record made on the exceedingly fast turf at Ipsotn Downs, TUe presence t-f St. Isidore In the Nassau Selling Stakrs at a mil was suf-f'cient to cause the scratching of five of the overnight entries, leaving only Whimsy as the contender in the feature event. S:. Isidore win as a 7 to 20 favorite) sliould, and tills wa. the only-time during the day that the talent manured to select a winner. Willi the Ht. feature a dead letter the all-agrd Tand.cap at seven furlonrs provided t:," -e.t tntet and also the greatest u.r., "-ught sbout by-rough ridini on th jari .f Jockey nice that earned fcim a suspeiuivft for the remaining two days -f the mee-. A. K. Macomher's Star Master, w ith IaT s "in the saddle, was the gtod thing whlc . was a k.-d d.wn fi-om 7 to ." to to 10. Loftu was following the psce s-t by TomMcTaggart until niartng the stretch, where he elected to take a course to the outside of Tom McTsggart. Rice steered over Tom MeTsgtrart when Star Master tried to go by and kept on with these tactics all the way through the stretch until he had forced lfuus mount sl-niost to the outside rsil. I.yke took advantage of this with Sun Flash II., and creeping up close to the rail managed to boat the favorite hy a neck. Tom McTagjrart'a mimher was tsken down after he had finished third and that pos:lion ewerded to the 4(1 to 1 shot. Valor. At the start of this rac Red Kox stumbled and threw Jockey Apl. but the boy was not Injured. The steeplechase was won In a gallop by Mrs. Walter M, Jeffords's Babcoek. with J. IT. Wldener'a Kxpectation. an equal choice with II. 1 Pratt's Nutmeg. se'ond. Babcock's rsth to victory was rnado easier h"n Nutmeg unshipped Lis rider at the second lump on the back field, an accident t.iat result-d In a b.f lten collar bone for II. Crawford. The summaries: FIF.KT RACE For tw-year-lil fillies, nna-minntrs of tZ.Zf. other than s-Mlinr; pnrse fm7 50; five furlongs, straight. Time 0 :33 3-5. Fen iitc, '1 rip Sprinrs Farm's b. f., 110 ootids. Sweep-Ianrse. 13 to &. 4 to 3. and 1 to 4. (E. Taplin I", Pigeon Wing. II. P. Whitney, bc. f., ion, hy llanihunc-Dovelet. 2 to 6. and out, F. P.oblnsnn) .'. Jt Looklnx V. J. K .ladden's b. f., 1. b Mir shM-Lad- Hubbard. 2 to I. third, (W. KnlMM SH Ophelia, Keoots. TilmneT Malft. and Toy a'so ran. War Kiss, polygon. Kiss Again. Minuet, and Vsrcliesa II. acrau hed SECOND RACE. Whitest one Kteeplerhaee Handicap; fcr . three-yea r-ol-la and upward, by sitheer'ptlon of $10. with $7'a) added: about two nule. Time 4: IS l-fr. rtabrork Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords's hlk. .. 4 yea rm. 140 pound a. by Waterbury- Pbantasma. IS to 3. even, and out. (W. Taylor) ! Fvrec;lon. j. k. WUtener'a b. a., aa-ait. 14S, by Kllkenan-Tapaola. 2 to S. and out, (I). Byer) 2 Gul flla-ht. V A piMe's b. or br. rn.. a. ISO. by Seahorse II.-Follow On. to t. third. IB. Buahl S Nutmeg hast rider. THIRD RACE. For three-yeae-elda Bad op-ward; selling: pursa S1.067M; ens ml. a aad a aixteenth. Time 1 :4 4-5. r.lsht. W. H. t'eugdoo's b. f.. 4 years, lit pounds, l-y Fair J"lay -Mirth. S to I. T to 3. and 1 to 1. R. M-Crann... 1 Barry Shannon. Qiilnry Ktel.le a ch. g . 4. 10, ly Voter-Tower ot Candles, to t. 3 to 3. (A. 8huttlnert 21 Vi la Man. S. C. Hiidretb'a ch. h.. . by t ;'.antrwm-Magne:lne. out lor third. (L. i .V Judxe Wlnafield. liappr Valley, Water- er also ran. Autumn, and Wbippowr- will scratched FOCRTH RACE. The Nassau Selling Stakes, for three-year-elds snd upward; by sui'srrlpttoa of $23. starters to pay $23 additional: guBrsitU4 value $2.Uk, one mile. Time 1 :40. St. laldcre. Flward Arllsatoa'a eb. g.. tears, lid pounds, by Iaidor-Onaga. 7 to 21) and out. Ki. Watta) , I Whlm-. 'evelaad Ktabie's br. g.. 1. 114. bv Burgomaster-Whinwilcal, out for place. i.M Rowan) tsnly twe starters. Torch bea rr. - Regal Lodge. loarlKr. Wyoming, and Annrhra wrttched. pt KTH RACK For all aee; handicap: by subscription er w-'tn ai.ou.o- mix; ar Mt lurlo:ir; u.aln cctire. Time I :2b. S:in Flash II.. t. C. Hlldteth's br. c. 4 year. 121 pounds, by Sunhright-Kaptha-lia. U to I. to 3. and I lo X I.. Ike).l Star Master. A. K Vi number's ch. r.. 4. li. by tttar Shoot- I'he Lady in Blue. I to .1 and out. U. Itt'jai 2a Vslor J. t. Ward's rh. e.. 4 !V. bv Pal-lr-t-Mure. 4 to I. third. (11. TtioHieri. .3 1-ntn KU l jr.:r! rinlted third: etBuualiftad for foul. I'anla-er Tot also ran. P.ed tkii lost rider. Salves- ra scratched SIXTH It ACE. Flosh'ng Handicap: far lw- y,ar-o!ia; by subscrip'ioi of $10. wttb !..'. TO ailed; rive ant a balr s:rslght. Time t :OA 1-5. Lord Brit h ton. Brighten btahle's ell. e.. 12'1 pounds, by Baliot-Mlss Crittenden. 9 te 3. 2 to 3. sad out. U. Ms) ...I'Vi Q:ieailomialr. Kdward Aillngton a br. r.. lid ''T Zue-Frances. 3 to & and out, ttl. Walla) 2a Tableau d'Honnur. W. H. Kilmer's ch. i . 103. by Mordant-Ardvise. 3 to 1, third. iT. itico 3 Viiidix also ran. Stickling. Mad Hatter, War Kits. Sundial 11. ard LeUar scrwtched. Wtather cloudy; track fast To Sell Sanfbrd Yearlings. The thoroughbred yearlings of John Sanford will be sold at auction by the Fasia-Tlpton Company at IXirland'a Riding Academy tonight. Saratoga Vichy 'An Unsurpassed Table Water.' Imported Hosiery Fer asea and weenew la war aervlea. All aolid eelera. A linalted aapply ealy et the reliowtac anaaaal prireat )ir.N'4 WmI berk UI. btecklnss $U. MIIMFA H Wool blackings f t OS. All alaes, Mall atrwera flUed. Stewart Sporting Sale$ Co. 425 FIFTH AVE., (38th St.) N. Y. Autumn Meeting S3r4 Bt. ard 7th Are., also riatbusk Arw, 1 :4 P. at. Aleo rearued by treliey, LU PRINCETON TAKES TROT. Cox Pilots Favorite to Victory Over St. Frisco. SYRACUSE. X. T.. Sept. I2.-I.U Princeton. Walter 4"o's sensational trotter, won a stirring lu-l from tl. Frisco, driven by i:N K. 4;n-a In the-free-for-all tr.rt that featured the third day of tl.a Grand Circuit rare meet her this afternoon. Cox lost by t ru.s. In Ihe rpeniTlg heat after a thrilling dash to the wire, but In the second he rame from kvrl.ttxl at the start to wiu by a lead after a brilliant dilve from tie three-quarters mark. Lu I'rlnieton nexrr was I.eade.J In the final heat and won by two lengths. The aummarlcs; 2 13 Tl!' T. Petrvx. iMurphvl ttarar Wans, ill)4et Hollrood N.-oini. iCrad Minnie Arthur iiinnwi liana Stout. rttout l .'n.idotte. )U'lKiiifcld t-llkobeil. lCox Palsy P. liii-kersont Time 2.I3'; I irm. 2:1-T'. FKi:!MK-ALI. TV.'fT. Ill .13 3 .17 2 .3 3 S . .7 4 :. . Sdr . ds l.u Princeton. "ol 81. FiiSi '). leers 1 Tlnc 2 I fv,; :.u Ml Via iv. Inis Jay. ( Wilkes lu-aaer. ilef livlay's 4k sale. tox Knyal Mr, (Murpt.yi B rear-Is . tP.r1ney Ai Maeic. iV.'aniitu Kpersna. n;eeri Ross II.. (W'r hl Time 2 :, ; 1 .0' ; 3 Ot ; .2 I .1 S 2 ' f .3 I 2 .. T I ..I 4 a ..2 3 7 .. 5 4 ,.S a a ..4 3 3 . .7 8 NEW OFFICIALS FOR A. A. U. Obertubbesing Refuses to Serve Further as Secretary. Several new officials of the Metropolitan A. A. V. are to t e named at the annual meeting Monday night at the Glencoe A. C. of Harlem. The Important changes will be In the Sec ret a ry -Treasurer' a office snd on the registration committee. It sJeveloped yesterday that Herman Obei t jbbeeing. for seventeen yeara M"nLled with local allil't-t' l, has de'lin'i to arceyt r-iiiiiipatl-n. Cbertubbrsing m as elecleil at Ust year M meeting, after hating b-n handUaprx-r for the lochl distti-t lor aeen years. Previously he had eeryed as Secretary. Treaaurer for ten years. The retiring Incumbent declarta business conditions liiis actlnr. J. Mclnerney of the St. An'-ltn'a A. C. a nwniwr of the r gietrallon t.tntiiite. hss been tied" Ins ted to tilvrturv- bealng as Secretary -Trenanrta. Another aspirant for the offW Is Charles Elbert of the Anchor A. C. of Jcray City, a former member of the registration committee. In scouting around for official to fill vacancies on th rrritriM..n committee. considerable difficulty been experi enced. Two old members of the committee still remain, in r're.1 A. Nile. Jr.. Chairman, and Martin Klein. Adolph Arnold,-Pastime A. C.. wss ee - lected to au-cced M' liiernr), but de- rlined. and ..n Ievy. ;lett-oe A. C.. also declined a bertii on the committee. Alex Aro. Brooklyn A. A., has accepted lite nomination, with Tim SulMvan. Mo-; hawk A. C. and Ben Owens of Newark. I b: t- ' ' '. - '-','..-''! l-i llllJlaIai.Lu? Wf Use mopef 17 fo iU 1 LknJVJ !V fj save meJjU ittpnjrVipH-HH Open your , L aw r -SV .aw mm . z . ... . :s- i i i :r j i ' :-.: w i .'trnZr ' V..IT" II Iff P it" V.:.. COLLEGES MAY DROP FOOTBALL AS SPORT Suspension of AH Schedules Requested as War Measure by Washington. CHICAGO. Sept. pw.lrd.f I i.f II HT,'1 'jpeT.len .f f w, -.ha M . In a'l ltt.;-..trtai! coll'gee n- tr.;cil. I Ilea I tl.e country as a war me .u.e. I Ioo;iie tp .tr-rxlv ir.n'g'-t a a rsull j f tl.e War Iw-pa-tmer t's e ut Hat r 1 Fall gridiron k!:!'. W- wr-ar.d by edu-t! nai lrHtu'i..ns lln iw.rul , arnr 1ranlic 'rrs. T"iere st 4'i!,m j! tar'e IWfl' a t.'ilt uniteraltira ai.d 1 ollr a .llrrei through the lountry wit'.i tul"nl cr. All tf tl.e big unttersllie in t.'.e Middle West had alrwadi mult plan fur tarrying out the 114 a. Sev1u. an I the request for the ahartdnstenl cf tSe I ! Interc-ollr g ets sport carue ai a d'allrtt surprise. !ra-t'r was have started in the big len " rcn'--e next l (jday, and similar ptare f r the prince ; i season were unde.- way in the Ml.utl valley ronfe-ence. Ki'tvs srhedules had been arranged h.- esrjr Important institution, mat.v cf the games being i at hedulel aith servl elevens. Officials cf the Unlvrsity of ilcag I 4 said the War lepartlnent' r-qi.eet un- j doubtedly mrana thai all spare lime of ' tahe students will be ?evt ted l military instrU).'lion instead of s-hletics. snd that . there would he nj tine fr lii detcl-'i.- : tnent of f'Slball. I ' I'very a bl-b!'cd atu-lcnt will he- en. ' roll. l In the mtlitarir unit a n-l w'll hej exactly under tratn.r.j camp ..t 1 1 mn deottng fotirte.-n hi.irs lvJr i mill- j tary drill snd fertv-t.r Imurt weekly la acMdemic atulies on rtii'tary problema." j said latld A. r.ottt-n. secretary t! I'rel.lent Ju.laon of tl.e t'niversitt rf O.hSBO. ' I'rxlee IKal prxgiam titers! will t" rn tine- f I.xii;i It woul-l j be itrtposelhle t spare tl.e I i;i;e ,y tisin J lli'n f c the game. ' The great rie. of tnu-se, I I lie J.. velopr-tept of officer for li e rm. an I If fontlMill Trust b glt.n up there will be no other cotitte to luratte." A. A. Stagg. ti e ,-!eian coach al the I'nlveislty cf it icas was sutprl at the reoti-st. as be una'rrtnnl that the nuli'aiy program w.i,tl r4 Inlerfnei ilh the ganic. lie We t. ),e fa t that In tne ilevrli-iHiani ft f.xttball at West Point the idaea i.tned lee. I tiian an h.ur a !? t ra tU c. sr,. , that he would att-r.i:-t to build a team j under til same c Irr-umatancee. j Starg raid: " I in rxa pasn j for the suspension ot t'ie .pott !'.,. I ball undoubtedly wnil 1 make barter of J fleers. Every tercb.r t.f the IW13 I . j tcr.lty of Mlnnes-ts rl'tr-i. b-ttli rtu- lar and sub.titttte. a an ifii In lle armr ami they are clttnr- a guoal ar. '-.tint ot themselves In IraPie lurinrr 'atare of CMregVa f-wtbsll field ale- are maklrg good a of fk era.' i Tlie absn hmment of the game w !1 1 reeult In heavy 1 1 --a. aa tne ! proceed ef the srtrt usiaillv pet be deficit in baseball and 'rtiier oilege games. eseeN! . USE more eggs to save meat that's what Mr. Hoover asks you to do. And you're glad to do it You know there isn't a better breakfast than two poached eggs on toast seasoned exactly right Of course, the cooking gives the flavor. There isn't much interest in a raw egg. The "cooking" does it for Lucky Strike cigarette gives a delicious flavor. It's toasted. . J .-J ' ::. i 'i ii r e-rejt FEW SCHEDULES ARRANGED.! PENN HOPES FOR A TE ''. Csstern CsHrfrs Not Lsct k'Ouskerg St. II rMsseie i' Hjm a Request on FoM.sU. Fsetts'l tt- p-oktov. Keft. t: -i4inrisi ef i iiiri.!i.:j-ti . s-t-. ::- lealst fo.'Wall as a war rrv ur . I ih1 the t 4 1 i ) .' a rrrtrri H to-lar ,v tl mr I t- n - Ks r M sws al S' 1 1 V,r T- ndl, wUI et vir-et ar.y Hux Sas by tr' fr Is .!-. ". r m f ?.- " lUsfrn and rtlfje ,K, M r I Brawn, t e1rtojiJ. C.Jie. " 1 It ftmt I mm i-Mm. . -.... " . I nlre!l ut IVeiasDant ansa ( , ..'T : 1 '. l t lit l'ftai:e ar..iv..s set. so f.f it . f , t A" I ?'a.'C r ' kttoan l-e. r- it te ..we are .41 1 . n,,i it.-. ? e-- wlr w a . v ' n ,r,,.j njer ws. w i.nm. rmr. rnt. iivi ij 1 , e t u n 1 r'-r,r,4 ;..ta - t. .f t- rl -fr. .el ..--r ,,f,tB (ri I l i st l!ar r.. ' t r-. - ir-' t -i r-s m rwii tf ite)an4 KtMliME 1 1 e iMnf ff Im , t r, T, l..,.nn tf l'pv. I . W t.ioei f mat.r knu'hna 1 J. ge-a I g t e iif. f dot b 11. Our Season-End Sale of 4aTeTaTaTaTasTBBTaTaTeTeTaaa fBVaTaTaTaTaTaTaararaTaastTaTaT4aTaTaTaTaTaraTaraTaTa fasssaassJfsjassasjBaTaTa 4SBBBMM Suits Terminates Saturday September 14th The suit offered are of the regular Weber and Hellbroner stock of fine wool fabrics.' Many are of the medium weight preferred for all year wear. Weber Heflbroner Fit e Clothing Stctes 30 Bread 24IBia4.ay " I I 6 J Crete way 44iV and Broadway 421 anal T JtkvN A Great Red Cross Golf Match i Sunday. Vtfmbr Isihi 'Qiick Evans and Bobbv Jones trill play Jack Dow ling and Tarn MacNamar.i At Scar5dalc(...!f& Country Cub 1 Un vJalr. N'.V. Pa. tjrt si J P. M. 'i : n Ica'ea titand trntial at M tt. I; ard i t;. Uub House mt llariadale Station. in:n.i (ii ii n Utu'. st Club Ki -t . ie-fJ. e ) AS . . - ' ' i - I - mW , ' : . 'sf U !' . Lie. V ' fm V L : - Srm ha Utfl frees Lailf ?ria Oaaretaes aatd rre at leLbe St ad Crwaat - Hi' ' . ; - i l C V e, ' sisaL. iff aVa '-'."a-ai ii ii. Tlifni Ksrars-e a' l'i ,m,- .i im.h- t-.r t -- - : r 4 t-e ( 's ,f 1 . . t- tr.e v,r ... w.. ...t : .. I .fi f -k h at ! t . -. i m-r ,--r g m wf a iea t m a 1 ' rier-.1 CMt I mtrt ' 1 r a ' V '. e d.1- to a.-r1. r;.t t - a ...... ' rw I s't.e r m a d 'y a 1 . : f 1 f ir.l f' 9 li. Ir4 It r . C i:oi C"raf'J ard i r J! . a .1 st.C.ft fiiiti'i. eft""'! ee a J a- J''t t; lua ana :r p i: t I j lit n it tr use tec. t J 3A A. v . Vi- 1 . - -1 ,i - e.- 1 ' 3; 'A: J

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