Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 11, 1949 · Page 10
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 10

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 11, 1949
Page 10
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Oakland Tribune, Monday, July 1 11949 Pensions Not Cut by Vote a n n n 10 n . ... - P If ' ) By WAYNE HAEBEKT I SACRAMENTO, July 11. WP) ! The amount of money California's aged and blind pensioners get every month would not be changed if Proposition No. 4 is repealed at the j November 8 election. J . . .... a .A But trie new proposition, auneo at tipsettinghe rest of the Social Welfare Department changes voted last 'Novemberwould make plenty of changes of its own. The latest initiative is really an Initiative to give voters a second chance to "yes" or "no" Proposition 4 except for that portion which v boosted pensions to the aged from $65 to $75 and the blind from $80 to $35. Those voting "yes" will want the Social Welfare Department run as it was before roposition 4 became part of the constitution. Those voting "no" will be in favor of continuing Proposition 4 as the law. not so simple But the point-by-point issues are not so simple and they will become more complex as the controversial Proposition 4 issue is developed to a new climax by the campaigns. tinder Pronosition 4 the amount of the pensions cannot be changed by ; the Legislature because the figures were written into the constitution. Only the voters can change the constitution and that means an election. If Proposition No. 4 is knocked out the Legislature will again be able to vote pension increases or decreases. Proposition No. 4 gave Mrs. Myrtle Williams the job of Social Welfare Department Director. It wrote her nam into the constitution too. That meant Director Charles M. Wallenberg, appointed by Governor Warren, had to resign. If the people vote repeal, Mrs. Williams would most probably lose her job. The Governor could re-appoint Wollenberg or anyone else he chooses. BACK TO COUNTIES Proposition 4 specified that the state must mail out the pension checks. Repeal would mean the job would again be the duty of the 58 counties. (Most of the counties have continued, under emergency contracts, to process the payments because State officials were unable to assume the administrative job in so short a time.) Before Proposition 4 went into effect the counties contributed $5" to each of its old age pensioners and a varying amount, averaging about $6, to ach blind pensioner. Counties also paid half the local administration costs. Proposition 4 required the state to pay the entire pension and all administrative costs. Before Proposition 4 became effective an individual had to be at least 65 to be eligible for assistance. Proposition 4 cut the age limit to 63. Before Proposition 4 a child or husband or wife had to contribute to the support of a pensioner. Proposition 4 knocked out all requirement for revive responsibility. PERMITTED $600 The personal property a pensioner can own and continue eligible was also changed by Proposition 4. Here is what was permitted a pensioner before the change: Six hundred dollars in cash or negotiable securities, excepting personal jewelry, if it is not valued more than $200, but including an automobile; life insurance policy I with a paid-up $1000; burial policy not exceeding $500. Here is what was permitted after Proposition 4, including moderations required by the Federal Government for continuation of its support: Fifteen hundred dollars in personal property, which may be all cash but it must include negotiable securities and paid up value of life and burial insurance policies; automobile, providing it is necessary for transportation (meaning most pen-; sioners are permitted one) ; personal jewelry, regardless of value. Proposition 4 also eliminated relative responsibility for the blind afid j liberalized personal property pi-ovi- j sions. Both would be changed back by the repeal initiative. Water Shortage Faced In, Merced District MERCED, July 11. Merced Irrigation District officials again i tare urging larmers to conserve I water as much i year. Irrigation officials say that Ex chequer dam, storage facility for the district, has only 238,000 acre feet of water now as compared to 211,000 acre last year which was considered a dry year. They also report that the river flow into the lake now is only 330 second feet as compared to 710 second feet at this time last year. West side canal companies in this county already have established "a system of rationing their' irrigation water. Road Project Slated MARTINEZ, July 11. -Bids for the resurfacing of Pacheco Boulevard between Brown and Jones streets will be opened July 20 by the Martinez; announced . today. ' Rm Blended Whiskey. S0.5 proof. 60 grim value not exceeding. ' as possible this feet at this time; City Council, it was J Li . in- 1 SAN FRANCISCO Al'a B-l-18 Star 4836 Third St. ABC Drnr Co. 1501 Polk St. A 1 Delicatessen 1439 Haftht St. Are Floor Corerinr Co. 1227 Fillmore St. Aeme Buildinr Maintenance Co 535-A Broadway BU Acme Drat Co. MM ISta St. Aceve. Grocery 229 Ninth St. Aeme Market 2909 Mission St. Adam' Grocery 194 Geary Adam' Lanes 3234 22nd St. Alamo Club 80A Fulton St. Alaskan Cafe 3137 Mission St, Al eman y Food Mitt. 82 Onondajrm St. Alexander's Liquor Store 1320 Fillmore St. AlfrVs Co. 1210 Fillmore St. Alhambra Bottle Sno 2348 Polk St. All American Cigar Store B03-A Cortland Aye. Allen's Grocery 1061 Buchanan St. Allied Smoke SnoB-Iiqaer Store 1399 Fillmore St. Almyra Pharmacy 4298 24th St. AIooeo's Tavern 3472 Mission St. The Alpine Tavern 1793 HatKht St. Amazon Droit Co. 981 Geneva Ave. American Food Stores 101 Fillmore St. Ames Grocery 499 Douglass tK Lena Andre Studios 1815 Polk St. Anita's Shoe Ben. 4SOS 3rd St. Aper Market 899 Filbert St. Apex 1488 Valencia St. Appliance El . 3293 22nd St. Ara's Market 2979 Washington St. Arcade Pharmacy 1094 Bnsfa St. Art's Market 249 San Bruno Ave. Ashbnry Furniture A Appliance 1466 Halgnt St. Ashbnry Heights Bakery 1432 Halght St. Avalon Grocery 3344 23th St. The Avenue 2579 San Brnne Ave. Avenue Sweet Shop 2949 San Brnno Ave. Avenne Variety 2011 Mason St. Avenne Club 1607 Ocean Ave. Avenne Shoe Store S5 San Brnno Ave. Philip Asool Grocer 2539 3rd St. Babalo Club 1801 Folsom St. B St C Hardware 2900 24th St. Baireuther's Market 3 Preclt Ave. Bakery. S. Cancilla 279 MiftiionTSt. Balvieh Infant Shop 4614 3rd St. Baiter's Grocery 1400 Guerrero. Ban kg A Brooks 1355 Webster St. Barber, M. Vidmar 2651 22nd St. Barber Shop. L. Laeas 1701V Buchanan St. Barber Shop. P. Hardy 906 Pine St. Barber, A. Garcnile 725 Columbus Ave. Barber, C. Hermasillo '4342 3rd St. Barber Shop, R. Rosen 918 Newhsll St. Barber Shop, B. Hallenttelner 881 Post St. Barber Shop 1410 Turk St. Bar B-Q Pastries 1942 Fillmore, at Pin. Baskln, . 1132 Fillmore Bayard, R. 1400 Eddy St. Bay Bridge Grocery 2969 24th St. Bayslde Market 658 lanes Ave. Bay State Market 1661 DtTisadero, Bay View Cleaner 4923 23rd St. Bay View Inn 4636 - 3rd St. Bay View Shoe Shop 1626 Oakdale Ave. v Bay View Wine, Liquor 4716 3rd St. Bella, A. V. 3420 S2nd St. A. M. Benedict 2762 22nd St. Benny'? Market. Pratt Dept. 1735 Fillmore St. Benny's Market 1735 Fillmore St. Bernat Jobbing Service 800 Cortland Are, D, Bermaa 4009 Third St. Berry Grocery 1105 Fierce St. Beat Cteaaer 113 Cart St. Best Detieatessea 3267 24th St. ' Bl-Rlte Unnors 2066 Fillmore St. Blossom Shop 1607 Halght St. Btoe Bell Market 6299! Third St. Bond Liquors 525 Valencia ft. Boston Shoe Bepair 666 Larkis St. The Bottle and Glass 3288 2tnd St. Boy's Camp Director 409 Cortland Ave-Brennaa's Smoke Shop 2797 Mission St. Brenner Pharmacy 1401 Geary St. Brite Spot Grocery 1316 La tuna Si. Bir52 IWlt.M Broadway Coney Island Best. 846 Broadway Broadway Mart 392 Broadway. Butcher .3400 Mission St. Bvtcher 991 Genera Ave. Batcher, G. Petemoa 2400 rchnora St. "We own or operate stores In the neighborhoods of the San Francisco Bay Area, We normally get our supplies from the warehouses which have now been closed for 26 days. "We don't propose to take sides In the dispute between the Union and the employers. Each of us has his own opinion about it. But, we do propose that this dispute be ended NOW! "The fair way and the right way to end this dispute $ to submit the entire case to an impartial third person for settlement. Bsstey Efff 117 Market t St. Bymee Sarvae Co. 1070 Howard St. 01 H Groceteria 1401 Baker St. Caesar Attell Jewel Box 1203 Fillmore St. C. B. Grocery 798 Hayes St. Calif. Pharmacy 2801 Calif. St. Canton Market 1027 Fillmore Street Carella Cat Rate 1907 Ocean Ave. Car gill's Market 107 So. Tenth St. Carls Barber Shop 3166 22nd St. Carl Grocery 2951 - 23rd St. Carnation Club 1S61 Fill St. Central Market 429 9th St. Charlie's Bar St Restaurant . 2660 Geneva Ave. Charles A Bills Place 1898 Folsom St. Chauffeur's Cigar Store 3233 22nd St. Cherokee Bar 453 Cortland Ave. Cherokee 45? Cortland Ave. Cherry Blossom Bakery t Coal 1573 Halght Street Chinese Village 702 Grant Ave. Chun Siting Rice Co. 1401 Grant Aye Cigar Store 366 Columbus Ave. Clark's Spot 381 W. Portal Ave. Cleaning A Dyeing 4734-3rd St. Clermont Hat Works 485 Goerrero St. Cleveland Grocery T44 BraeH Ave. Cleveland Market 736 BrasH Ave. Clover Club 47-6th St. Club 500 500 Kearny St. Cole Dry Goods Store 945 Cole St. Cole St. liquor 906 Cole St. Coleman AtteU's 1513 Fillmore St. Colombo Market Grill 626 Front St. Columbus Cafe 562 Green St. Coneffe Grocery I 1600 Castro St. Constantino Grocery 400 San Jose Ave. Continental Liquors 1641 Halght St. Cooper St Vami 1093 Pine St. Cortland Ave. Dry Goods 605 Cortland Ave. Cortland Grocery 1001 Cortland Ave, Cortland Market 900 Cortland Ave. Costello's Grocery 29 Predta Ave. Costanttnl Hardware 3000-24th St. Community Barber Shop 2479 Sutter St. Confectionery 3380 Mission St. Cordova Market 5 Cordora St. . Cork A Bottle. 4007 Club 4007-24th St. Cow Palace Market 2461 Geneva Ave. Cresent Service Station 701 DlTisadero St. Crlvello's Food Shop 2659 Mission St. Crocker Grocery 98 Crocker Ave. Crosby's Shoes 2088 Mission St. Oyer's Market 6811 Mission St. Crystal Club 2491 Mission St. . Custer Grocery 657 Waller St. ,- D D k A Grocery 600 Fillmore D. Z. D. Produce Co. 1175 Market St.: Dept. 229 Daily Market 1522 Fillmore St. Dan's Liquor Store 118-6th St, Dan's Richfield Service Station 801 Bryant St. Daves Liquor Store 1704 Fillmore St. M. A. Dawes Grocery 101-A Hoffman Del Mar Cleaners 718 Columbus Ave. Delaney Barber-Beauty SaJOB 1674 Geary St. DeUte Quality Market 2898 Folsom St. Del Monte Grocery 748 Douglass St. Del Monte Grocery 2249 17th St. Denike Grocery 1599 Calves Ave, DeVote-Rebiszo Farmers Super Market 448 Cortland Ave, Diamond Cleaners 4005-24h St. Ding Dour Tavern 1678 OTarrell Dinty's Market 3404 Mission St. Dinty's Market 3400 Mission St. Dor House 1693 Fillmore Douglas Grocery 4200-Uth. St, Dress Shop 1943 Divfsadero St. Drngt Castro RX pharmacy 1301 Castro Drug Store - 917 Grant Are. Dry Dock Market 4513 3rd St. Dnane's Dry Goods 1754 Dlvisadero St. Daffy's Cafe 690 Third St. Dnnn's Liquor Store 4522 3rd St. Eagles Sent 6099 Mission St. SAM DeUeateasea 399 Valencia. BAH Coffee Shop 3221 Geary St. Economical Cleaner 819 Cole St. Bddy Scctt Market 1162 Scott St. Edward Grocery 2701 Sutter St. EXcy Fredxy Food Stores .,2487 Saa Bra Ava. Egbert Club '1419 Egbert Art. El Annie 21 Utk u. ' D liu L2) U u Lm (This Brbow Boom 1351 Polk St. Bl Camlno Cafe 3192 16th St. Bl Ganeho 1582 Folsom St. Ellis Ss Webster Liquor 1498 Ellis St. Emanuel' Tailoring Cleaning 919 Fillmore St. Encore Liquor Store 2212 Mission St. Ernie's Grocery Store 329 Richland Ave. Ernie's Liquor Stores. Inc. 2441 Mission St. Henry Ernst Sons 551 Hayes St. Essaff Bros. Grocery 1201 Dlvisadero FJtalo Market 2716 Stn Bruno Ave. Eugeno Market 1325 Dfrvlsadero. R. H. Evans Books 1157 Sutter St. Evelvn Bar B Q 1567 Ellis St. F. J. Groceries 2848 23rd St. F. M. Variety Store 3771 Mission St. Fair Trade Grocery 464 Broadway Fair Oak Grocers 3649 23rd St. Fairfax Grocery 1302 Fairfax Ave. The Family Shoe Store 1205-07 Stockton St. . E. Farralls Shoe Store 960 Geneva Ave. Farmer's Poultry and Co-op. 1618 Fillmore St. Drug Store 590 Valencia, Favorite Bar 2350 California Fevrier & Ferrone Drugs 1260 Stockton St. Fifth St. Market 372 Sin St. Filing Process Serving 346 Sutter St. Fillmore Camera Shop 1231 Fillmore St. Fillmore Furniture Co. 2000 Fillmore. St. Fillmore Page Grocery Fillmore and Page Sts. Fillmore Pork Store 1340 Fillmore. Fireside Electric 718 Columbus 5044 Club 5044 Mission St. 625 Club 525 Seventh St. Florence Ravioli Factory 1412 Stockton St. Florida Grocery 2983 26th St. Fontanas Market 2901 Taraval St. Four Mile Cleaners 3373 Mission St. 49er Market 4500 19th St. 430 Club 430 Columbus Ave. Francine Cleaners 729 Diamond St. Francisco Grocery 2065 Powell St. Frank's Cafeteria 200 Drumm St. Franks Fish Mkt. 801 Cortland Ave. Frank's Lodge 4 10 Geary Blvd. Frank's Market 2790 23rd St. Fred H art re Grocer 3550 22nd St. Freed's Food and Liquor Store 2462 San Bruno Ave. Friendly Grocery 4049 18th St. Fresh Food Store 3483 Mission St. Fruit and Veg. 910 Cole St. Fruit and Vegetable 951 Geneva Ave. . . . Fruit and Vegetable Market 1112 Fillmore St. Furniture 658 Vallejo Gabe's Gun A Sport Shop 3185 Mission St. Gadd's Market 3939 24th St. Galant't Liquor Stora 1100 Fillmore St. Galdieri's Pharmacy 412 Columbus Ave. Gallagher's Market 298 Coleridge Gallardo's Market 1501 Revere Ave. Gallen-Kamps 1478 Halght St. Garten Co. 618 Fillmore St. The Geary Drug Co. 18th Ave. and Geary Bird. Geary Service Statloa 1398 Geary St. Gem Barber Shop 1192 Foleom St. Gene s Grocery 1123 Folsom St. Gew's , 5178 Mission. Geneva Delicatessen 919 Geneva Ave. George's Corner Grocery 1223 Scott St. George Liquor Store 3290 Mission St. Robert GhirardelM 101 Westgate Drive Gilds' Millinery 1117 Fillmore St. Glen Park Grocery 666 Cheaery St. Glen Quality Market 2808 Diamond St. Golden Crust Bakery 624 Fillmore St. Golden Cleaners 2417 California St. Golden Gate CInb 1200 Fillmore St. Golden Gate Heights Market 1799 10th Ave. Golden Gate News Agency 66 3rd St. Golden Gate Red Hots 2755 Mission St. The Golden Shoe Repair Shop 5141 Mission St. Grand Cafe 1801 Post St. Grant Drug 798 Halght St. Grant's Place 12 Clay St. Graystone Wine 41 Liquor 4100 24th St. Great Western Store 3050 Geary Blvd. Green Mt White Store 101 Fillmore St. Green St. Italian Grocery 416 Green St. Grocer 4396 - 24th St. Groceteria Buddies 696 Chenery St. Grocery Stora 1189 Turk St, Grocery 3249 zstn as. 959 Geneva Ava. appeal is signed by the following retail Aroeery Store 51 Lrese St. Grocery 480 Green St. Grove Market 761 Fillmore St. Gus's Grocery 26 50 22nd St. . -H- Halght Bootery 1524 Halght St. Halght Cavern 538 Halght St. Height Hardware 1615 Halght St. Halght St. Pharmacy 1601 Halght St. Handy Market 3101 San Jose Ave Happy Club 2140 Mission St. Happy's Wine Liquor Store 73LColumbus Ave. Harbor toffee Shop 25 Embarcadero. Hardware 1234 Geneva Ave. Harrison St. Grocery 400 First St. Harry's Wagon 1921 Post St. Hayward Catering Service 3210 Geary Blvd. J. Harris Liquor Store 1207 Fillmore St. Heal Son Grocery 330 Hayes St. Helen Coffee Shop 3266 22nd St. Herb's Grocery 2601 Diamond St. Herb's Shoe Renew 4119 19th St. Hlbernla Grocery 1601 Army St. Hlldebrandt's Grocery 1 10O Dlvisadero St Hill's Cleaners 166 O'Farrell St. Hoff St. Market 302 16th St. Holly Park Market 235 Cortland Ave. Holly Park Pharmacy 3399 Mission St. Home Grocery 2801 22nd St. Hone John's Cigar Store 1694 Fillmore St. Houghton's Associated Service 22fH Turk St. Mr. Hot Dog 3815 Geary St. Hotel De France 780 Broadway Hotel Da Midi 1362 PowhI St. House of Chips 54iO Geary St. Ha go's Shoe Repair 4039 18th St. Hvmes Lock Shop 70 Mission St. Iavarome, F. 405 Kearny St. Iceland Creamery 219 Hahn St. Ideal Wine & Liquor 237 6th St. Immaculate Cleaners 797 San Jose Ave. Independent Mexico City Care 1792 Halght St. Insurance Broker 847-A Fillmore St. Internationa Market 998 GHman Ave. Irvtng's Super 745 Valaseo Ave. J & J. Market 1431 Ocean Ave. Jack's Barber Shop 1601 Waller St. Jack's Tavern 1931 Sutter St. J. Jaffe Variety 433 Castro St. J a me Cafe 1340 Stelner St. Jamke Radio Appliances 231 Cortland Ave. Jerry's Corner 503 Valencia St. Jessens Toys 1126 Valencia Jewel City Market 5499 California St. Jim Grocery 1201 Turk St. Jim's Shoe Shine 3172 22nd St. Joe's Cafe 1880 Post St. Joe's Grocery 134 7th St. . Joe's Shoe Repair 1004 Cole St. John's Grocery 928 Geneva Ave. John's Liquors 2490 SanjBruna Ave. John's Liquors 373 3rd St. Johnny's Cafe 500 Goutfh St. Johnson's Cafe 559 2nd Ave. Jones Market 1305 Castro St. Joon Bros. 1555 Fillmore St, Judah Food Center 2JU0O Judah St. K K K. Liquor Stora - '651 Lark In St. Karl's Shoes 1537 Fillmore Earns Grocery 1908 Post St. Katten'f Dry Goods 2815 California St, C. Kazarlan Grocery 140 Marietta Dr. Kelleher's Grocery 69 Diamond KeUa Radio Service 75 Lobos St. Kiefer's Grocery 44.50 18th St. Klnr Furniture 2317 Mission St. Kitchen Cupboard 2929 24th St. Klean Foods Market 1688 Sanches St. Bee's Sundries 500 Church St. Kerns Grocery 1600 Lark In St, A L Kreuseberger 3178 22nd St. Ky Cleaners 1914 F illmore St. tB -Liquor Shop 2101 Bush St. L. St M, Grocery 355f 20th St. L ft L Sonnet Drug Co. 1669 Fillmore St. La Cabana Restaurant 2931 16th St. La Casa Cafe 523 3rd St. La Fe Store 1052 Folsom St. La Naekmal Grocery S81 0th St. Larry't Lunch 1908 Fillmore St. Launderette 1338 Ocean Ave. Laundry 915 Fillmore St. La Superba Bakery 653 Union St. Lee's Market 2709 22nd St. Lee Ray Market 1348 Grant Ave. Leo Le Noeea 1752 Bay Lercari Market 1499 Thomas Ave. L E W Auto Repairs 1375 Golden Gate Ave. Lewis Liquors 1001 FUlmore St. Lewis Smoke Shop 1001 FUlmore St. Lippi Bros. 543 Columbus Ave. Liquor Store 1261 Stockton St. Liquor Mart 115 Post St. Little Bear Delicatessen 5351 Geary St. Little Giant Market 3374 Mission St. Little Giant 3374 Mission St. Little Giant Super Grocery 500 Guerrero St. Little City Repair Shop 522 Columbus Ave. Little City Market 570 Green St. Little Man Grocery 1318 Fltigerald Little Village Market 1450 Sunnydale Ave. Lloyd's Distributing 19 Embarcadero Lloyd's Pharmacy 500 Presidio Ave. Loop Barber Shop. The 7 Embarcadero Loyal Liquor Stora 1400 Halght St. Lucca Grocery 4591 Mission St. Ludden Foods 237 Church St. Lyceum Delicatessen 3356 Mission -St. Lyman & Sons Market 1425 Octavia St. M M. C. Cafe 286 Brannan St. M L Grocery 667 Broderick M M Market 207 3rd St. Mac's Grocery 3668 26th St. Mantilla 1446 Halght St. Marathon Grocery 394 3rd St. Marchetti's Liquor Store 1758 Fillmore St. . Margo Cleaners 4530 18th St. Marie's Breakfast 4 Clay St. Mariner Cafeteria 2520 3rd St. Marinos Bros. Market 200 6th St. Mariotl. M. 3639 18th St. Martin Grocery 2680 22nd St. Martin's Hole-fn-Wall 2048 Mission St. Marty's Grocery 1201 Noe St. Mary's Cafe 2576 3rd St. W. C. Matheson Co. 290 9th St. Mail's Bargain Store 1246 Fillmore St. Mayer's Drapery Shop 737 Diamond St. Mazzoni Winery 1537 Powell St. Melnick Men's Wear 932 Geneva Ave. Melrose Record Shop 1256 Fillmore St. Meyer's Store 5 10 4049 24th St. Middleton's Lunch 603 7th St. Mike's Club 1347 Folsom St. Mike's Market 1721 Grant Ave. Mission Baby Shoppe 3049 Mission St. Mission Health Food 2585 Mission St. Mission Market 3279 22nd St. Mission Pharmacy 3354 Mission St. Mitch Bee Grocery 47 Powers Ave. Mobile Gas 3059 Geary Blvd. Model Shoe Shop 1409 Polk St. Modern Cafe 2222 Mission St. Modem Paint A Linoleum Co. 2055 FUlmore St. Modeste Shoppe 1314 Ocean Ava, Monroe Cleaner 4416 3rd St. Mont-Blanc Market 1145-49 Grant Ave. Monte Carla 1082 Folsom Monterey Gift Shop 2379 Mission St, Moore's Grocery 1 Hollow ay St. Moose Club 3053 16th St. Mosk Jewelry 1002 FUlmore Moultrie Grocery 700 Moultrie Mt. Vernon Grocery 6298 Mission St. Murray School Store 586 Guerrero St. Johnny Murray's Tavern 1581 Ellis St. Myrtle's Liquor Stora 1816-A Post St, Me Barber Shop 4116 24th St. Mccarty's 699 3rd St. McCIore's Service 2398 Pine St. McFadden Radiator Rep Serv. 1286 Folsom St. McPike Drug Co. 201 6th St. N Kat's liquors 2310 Mission St. Jfew Bay View 8126 3rd St. Kew Columbus Market 801 Greenwich St. Kew FUlmore Market 1406 Fillmore St. Jfew Folsom Grocery 1141 Folsom St. Kew Granada Cafe 100 Golden Gate Ave. New Lakevlew Market 42 Lakevlew Ave. New Lexington Grocery 3465 19th St. Kew Light Market 1416 Halght St. Kew Radio Market 3169 Jones St. The Kew Yorker 900 Fin more St. Ulekel Plate Cafe 798 Brannan St. "It would give each sidel chance to present Its arguments In a calm and considered atmosphere for a fair judgment. " would start warehouse supplies moving immediately "If the Union and the employers are unable to reach an agreement to arbitrate we propose that the city officials of the affected communities step into the situation and bring about some kind of agreement to end this dispute. "We need thote warehouse supplies so that we can supply youl" Motto's' Grocery 399 Cortland Ave. . Wina's Lunch 899 Golden Gate Ave. Ktnth Street Meat Market 282 Klath St. Kite Owl Cafe 1721 Halght St. Nona's Delicatessen 4k Ravioli Factory 288 Connecticut St. North Beach Grocery 1968 Powell St. Novelty Jewel Shop 2609 Mission St. Oak Hill Market 497 Oak Ocean Mar Cleaners 1441 Ocean Ave. . Ocean View Drug and Gift Snej 145 Plymouth St. Ocean View Infi t Restaurant 2937 San Jose Ave. O'Connell's Grocery 117 Farallones Olel Franklin Market 1559 Franklin St. Olympia Imp. Co. 298 3rd St. 192 Club 192 6th St. Ors Electric Co. 5128 Mission St. Ortejra Grocery 815 Russia Ave. O'Sheas' Market 4071 24th St. f r & i Market 801 Kansas St. PVS Home Service 2633 San Brnno Ave. Page Fillmore Grocery 400 Fillmore St. Palace Barber Shop 3155 Mission St. Palace Market 471 3rd St. Palm Wine A Liquor Store 698 Haight St. rantry" Delicatessen 2046 Mission Psppas Grocery 766 Howard St. Paradise Club 3391 Mission St. ParadluM. A. 1601 Powell St. Paramount Cleaner 407 Kearny St. Park Presidio Grocery 701 lltb Ave. A. Paraventi Market 1601 Powell St. Park Grocery 2901 Harrison St. Pay 'N Save 1398 Leavenworth St. Pay 'V Save Grocery 599 Guerrero Street Parma's Cafe 501 Broadway Pedersen's Cafe 449 3rd St. Pedersen's Restaurant A Bar 499 - 3rd St. Peerless Pharmacy 863 Cole St. Ferric Shoe Repair 1933 Post St. Pet Shop 480 Height St. Perry A Paul's 654 FUlmore Petalnma Grocery 2138 Mission $t. Philip's Hotel, Tavern Rest. 201-205 Ninth t. Picclntni Grocery 1201 Kearny St Pine A Jones Market 1100 Pine St. Pine Taylor Market 996 Pine St Pine Market 1191 Pine St. Pioneer Delicatessen 3318 Mission St. Pioneer Wine Company 4200 18th St. . Portola Hardware Appliance' 2563 San Bruno Ave. Post Office Grocery 4072 24th St. Post Market 1637 Post St. Powell Market 1601 Powell St. Powers. W, H. 1012 Golden Gate Ava. Poults, i. P. 168 28th St Presidio Ave Market 508 Presidio Ave Pre!i!o Sandwich Shop 2241 Chestnut Progress Cleaners 790 Bush St. Progressive Pharmacy 4700 Third Street Pure Food Store 1800 McAllister St. Quality Grocer 401 Capp St. Quesada Ave. Grocery 1380 Quesada Ave. R Radio Repair 701 Dlvisadero St. Rain Bow C. Shop 6045 Mission St. Rancher 1718 Geary St. Rasmnssen's Market 1300 Rhode Island St. Barber Shop 1494 Valencia St. Ballmer's Csed Clothing tore 955 Fillmore St. Ratio's Grocery 2400 Folsom St. Rawtplur Sales C. 59 Grace St, Rav'i Clrar Stora 3530 20th St, Real Estate. Melortn 1360 Webster St. 87 Clav St. Liquor Store 87 Clay St. Bed's Barber Shop 3359 Mission St. Reliable Grocery 249 Cortland Ave. Retail Cigar Stora 1480 Bush St. Retail Drag Store 2398 Bryant St. Befall Meat Market 825 Halght St. Revere Market 1490 Revere St. Be.ves ts Nieto Grocery 51 1 Crescent Ave. Rhytbm Record Shop 1980 Sutter St. Rickey's Tavern 1265 Stockton St. Rtrran's Pharmacy 2600 Sutter St. ROey & Romero Grocery 1397 Revere Ave. Rlnmette's Grocery 4398 17th St. Rio Grande Service 998 Potrere Rio Liquor Store 1609 Clement St. Rooming House 2061 Bush St. Rossi Drug Co. 1600 Stockton St. A Rossetti 2235 Chestnut St. as .- merchants) Bwy St Sons Grocery 8378 Mission St. Royal Cleaners A Hatters 28-A Precita Ave. Royal Radio 6265 3rd St, S SAB Grocery 1004 Post St. 8 S Lunch 1056 Fillmore St. San Giorgio Lunch 325 Columbus Ave. San Bruno 5 & 10 2488 San Bruno Ave. San Bruno Liquor Store 2460-A San Bruno Ave. Santa Fe Grocery 240 Taylor St. Sanitary Market 3186 16th St. . San Francisco Five Ten Cent 1427 Haight St. Sani-Way Market 1862 Dlvisadero St. San Juan & Son Grocery 1998 Bush St. St James Meat Market 1005 Guerrero St. Sam's Grocery 500 29tb St. Sam's Market 1005 Fillmore St. Sam's Shoe Store 4634 3rd St. Save-Way Grocery 3353 26th St. Savoy Cafe 1167 Scott St. Sehomer's Grocery 3149 24th St. Seotty's Market 1044 Folsom St. Seotty's Liquors 998 Gil man Ave. Seotty's Radio 5139 3rd St. Schumacher. Wm. 3367 Mission St. Sea Star Sea Foods 4712 3rd St. Sel Rite Grocery 3886 17th St. Seventeen St. Restaurant 1233 17th St. Rheinberg Pharmacy 5176 3rd St. Shoe Repairing. W. Sterling 941 Cole St. Shoe Renew 2924 24th St. Shoe Shop 4340 3rd St. Shoe Shine Parlor 1827 Sutter St. Shntwell Food Store 101 Shotwell SUvestri's Market 815 Cole St. Simpson Cleaners 1604 Ellis St. Sinaloa Mexican Restaurant 1416 Powell St. 622 Club 622 Green St. Sixteenth Street Liquor Store 3055 f6th St. Sixth St. Liquor A Del. 143 6th St. Skyline Radio Service 248 6th St. R. P. Smith 5 10 Store 4083 24th St. Smith's Market 900 22nd St. Smokey Dog Cigar Store 1201 Fillmore St. Solari's Market 4424 3rd St. Sonoma Mission Creamery 1435 Stockton St. Sordelll Bisondl Grocery 6350 Mission St. South Basin Grocery 2847 Ingalls St. Southern Grocery 357 3rd St. 8 P Cleaner 2834 22nd St. Snarks Radio RCA Sales and Service 855 Dlvisadero St. Splendid Meat Dept. 1055 tiirmore st. Stanley's Paint and Hardware Co. 2469 San Bruno Are. St Cloud Grocery 164 6th St. Stella Pastry 446 Columbus Ave. Steven's Cleaners 1 1380 Eddy St. Sterling Cleaners 699 Webster Steve's Barber Shop 108-A Cart St Steinberg Electric Co, 1344 Fillmore St. Stevens Cleaners M701 Eddy St. Stockton St Liquor 1308 Stockton St. Strand Radio A Anplianee 2841 Mission St. Sunshine Grocery 2800 Bryant St. Sunnydale Wine Co. 2936 24th St. Sutter St Grocery 1300 Sutter St. gutter Music Co. 1971 Sutter St. Sutter Baker Mkt. 2601 Sutter St. gurila "Pasty" Houm 2765 24th St. Sutro Market 300 Moraga St. Sweet Meet 700 Diamond St. gwinr In 1346 Fillmore 8t. System Cleaners 4057 24th St. T and T Buffet 440 Castro St. Thadd's Variety Stora 1683 Baker St. . Third St. Market 390-A 3rd St. D L Thma Grocery 4319 3rd St. Tipton Grocery 601 Tompkins Ave. Tennessee Meat Market 800 22nd St. Tony's Place 5163 Mission St, Torino Market 4830 3rd St. -. Trndewell Food Shop , 701 Fillmore St. Transfer Tavern 3225 22nd St. Traveler's Liquor Stora 22 7th St. Treasure Island Sea Food 279 Jefferson St. TrtebePa Pharmacy 1101 Stanyan St. Trio Produce Market 233 Church St. Trio Market 233 Church St Turk St. Ten House 1420 Turk St. Twin Pines Grocery 2595 Post St. 22nd St. Grocery 2848 2nd St. 32nd St Fotrero Pharmacy 1000 Potnero U rotund's Delicatessen 3457 18th St. Union Laundry 1252 Stockton l i lu uJ Union Market 991 Wisconsin Union Mimeo. A Offset 718 Mission Dotted Radio v 4040 24th St. Universal Shop 2856 24th St. Uptown Clothier 1360 Fillmore St. Uptown Pharmacy 1900 Market St. U. S. Restaurant 431 Columbus Ave. Valhalla Lunch 294 9th St. Vallejo Delicatessen 650 Vallejo St. Variety Store 1004 Fillmore St. i Variety Store 2859 24th St. Variety 901 Cole St. Venetian Grocery 1100 Tennessee St. Vergara Market 2201 Bryant St. Vic A Tlllte's 4031 24th St. Viceroy Barber Shop 2623 San Bruno Ave. VIck's Grocery 1496 Oakdale Ave. View Grocery 601 Cortland Ave. Villa Club 1297 Turk St. v Village Market 110 West Portal Ave. Vln's Barber Shop 302 Leavenworth St. Vlftorl Bros. 3820 Mission St. Von Husen. Carpenter 274 Parnassus Ave. V-W Richfield Service Station 1200 Stelner St. TV-Waller Brook 3447 22nd St. Ward Boys Liquors 2201 Clement St. Washcrette 2847 Mission St. Richard B. Werener 1001 Green St. Welcome Inn 148 Redwood Ave. Fort Bragg, Calif. Weldon A Oies 2839 Mission St. Western Liquors 1642 Fillmore St. Western Poultry Co. 3360 Mission St. West Portal Market 16 West Portal Westslde Mkt. 2401 Post St. White Grocerv Co. 859 Bryant St. White House Lunch Room 297 fth St. White Rose 1747 Polk St. Winetrub's Grocerv 1460-A O'Farrell St. Y Toung Grocery 1549 Dolores St. Tork Club 298 6th St. Tour Home Market 1226 Laguna St. EAST BAY A Allen's Grocery 1410 Adeline St., Oakland. Al's Market 14507 E. 14th St.. San Leandro. Andronekos Grocery 51 37th St.. Richmond. Art Liquor Store 7219 E. 14th St., Oakland. B A i Market 3365 Lartina. Oakland. Berg's Liquor Store 4125 Telegraph. Oakland. Bianebl Shell Station 4500 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Bohemian Liquor Stores 1538 Market St.. Oakland. Brown's Lounge 5927 E. 14th St.. Oakland. c Central Liquor Store 4815 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. Charlie's Cafe 2525 San Pablo. Oakland. Cbanslor Ave Grocery 1534 Chanslor Ave, Richmond Choice Meat Market 1818 Alcatraz Ave.. Berkeley. Clarence's Tavern 80 10th St., Oakland. Clinton Grocery 799 17th St., Oakland. Clipper Club 1808 F. 12th St.. Oakland. Cottage Baths 550 Central Ave., Alameda Cottage Grocery 2114 Ohio Ave.. Richmond Cue Cafe 1414 Market St., Oakland. Custom Cleaners 4115 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. D DAM Uqaors. Inc. 3823 San Pablo Ave... Emeryville. The Delleateth and Groecrette 4009 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Deluxe Shoe Service 1759 Aleatrax Ave., Berkeley. Dick's Grocery 3704 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Dor House Cafe , , M 503 W. Mac Arthur Blvd.. Oakland. E Ed win Chang Grocery 2729 Grove St.. Oakland. Eds Cafe it 2206 Grove St.. Oakland. . F Famf'y Grocery 1701 Parker. Berkeley. Family Market 2619 San Pablo Ave.. Berkeley. Fine Food Market 802 - 16th St.. Oakland. Font's Community Food Shop 2053 64th Ave- Oakland. Food land Market . 2401 Adeline St.. Oakland. Frank's Oasis . , , 6500 East 14th St, Oakland. Gaieway Liquors 5940 San Pablo Ave-, Oakland. Gene's Pharmacy . . 2501 Sao Pablo Ave-. Berkeley. Gil's Shoe Store . 1247 Wash In r to Ave. Saa Leandro Golden Bear Liquor Store 2136 San Pablo Ave,, Berkeley. Grocery Store 611 Sehmck Ave. Richmond. Calif. Grocery 1835 Ohio Ave.. Richmond Harry's Buffet 2541 Seminary Ave- Oakland. lim TdesrAPh Ava Oakland. Boat horn Pharmacy 1400 Market St.. Oakland. Paul Henrieksen Barber 1839 Alcatraz, Berkeley. High St. Pharmacy . 4245 Mac Arthur Blvd.. Oakland. Hill Cash Grocery . , M 1531 67th Ave.. Oakland. Joe Drug Co. 3301 Adeline St.. Berkeley. John's Club .- 1015 luiverstty Ave.. Berkeley. J. H. Johnsen Shoe Shine - 4053 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. Jones St. Louis Playhouse 909 12th St, Oakland. Joyce's . , . 1200 13th Ave.. Oakland. Thomas Juarea Shoe Ker'r 4227 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. K Kellv's . , . 40O5 Telegraph Ave., Oakland. Kennedy's 4051 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. Khega Furniture Co. 4640 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. J. M. Klnnian Appliances 2400 Grove St, Oakland. K18h18MWkFlorifla Ave.. Berkeley. LAW Food Market 1524 Market St, Oakland. WKcampbeIlSt, Oakland. Sy-VWvS?- Berkeley. t Irvine Furniture Co. 2353 San Pablo Ave.. Oakland, fnard's Pleasant Hills Shop. Cntr. Pleasant Hills. Urn's Grocery , , . 1539 Campbell St.. Oakland. Loekwood Market , 3T88 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Luke Bros vwiJ.a 4911 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. Lurkv Bait Shop ,,,', 6608 San Fahlo Ave.. Oakland. 1 "MVeArthur' Telegraph. Oakland. Lockev's Smoke Shop 1O40 36th St Oakland. Lum's Grocery. 2837 Grove St., Oakland. M Market St. Grocery 1102 Market St, Oakland. MeGowa Meat Co. . 4530 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. McPhersnn's Barber Shop 1704 Market St.. Oakland. Merinio Shoe Repair 4999 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Alex i Meuwlssen Barber Shop 1430 Market St.. Oakland. Mills Bros 941 12tb St.. Oakland. Monument Groe . Contra Cost Hwy, Concord. Motor Service Co. 493 40th St.. Oakland. N New Mac Donald Market 3828 MacDonald Ave, Richmond, New Rit Bar , 3986 San Pablo Ave.. Emeryville. Nicholl Market . 3431 MaeDonald Ave, Richmond. Ntiles Restaurant 3914 San Pablo Ave.. Emeryville. P Permanent Wave Shop 269 12th St, Richmond. Peters Wilson Co. 2324 San Pablo Ave.. Oakland. Plantation Pkg. Co. 4700 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. Plea"nt Hills Shopping Center 102 Asterio Dr.. Pleasant HITlf. Powell's Lunch 4140 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. 0 Quality Food Center 430 San Pablo Ave, E! Cerrlto. R Ramos Grocerv 10-0 71st Ave, Oakland. Ranchlto Market 201 Barrett Ave, Richmond. Richmond Hobby Shop 3803 MucDoneld Ave, Richmond. Rn,.vclt Drir Store 2900 San Pablo Ave, Oakland. Roval Food Store 913 Camelti St, Berkeley. Sewing Machine Shop 4231 Telegraph Ave, Oakland. SkHlorn Shoe Repair 1728 Market St, Oakland. Skinner Grocery 375 Center St, Oakland. Sohn's Shoe Repair 4803 Telegraph Ave.. Oakland. Star Market 3003 Market St.. Oakland. Sun Fair Market 3700 Nevin. Richmond. T T H Market 1651 14tb St, Oakland. Taylor's Radio Service 933 12th St, Oakland, Tlmm Grocery 2634 San Pablo Ave, Oakland. Tom's Laundry A Cleaners 3916 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, Ton 's Market 1102 71st Ave.. Oakland. Trtengle Meat Merket 592 Wt'i'ams St.. San Leandro. THmiitc Market mi Williams St, San Leandro. Tnnnel Inn 6041 San Pablo Ave, Oakland. u U. N. P. A. Grocery 1759 16th St, Oakland. V Victory f Jquors 6604 San Pablo Ave.. Oakland. Welter Vance. Real Estate 4709 TW-rh Ave,. Oakland. W Winters Cleaners 3078 24Ih St.. Oakland. Y Tenor Radio Shop 957 14th St, Oakland. I Zax Pharmacy 3443 San Pablo Ave, Oakland. f OTHftS Date Sweet Shop Marin City, Calif. Marin City Drug Stora Marin City. Calif. VIts Groceries 2205 Middle field Road Redwood City. Calif. MANY on 3 p 1 be C V a vej vt G; t

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