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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 7

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 13, 1906
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THE YORK TIMES. SATURDAY. JANUARY 13, 1900.' V FOOTBALL COALITION' y FINALLY SECURED i Two Bulcs Committees Unite to Enact Uniform Code. . PROF. DENNIS THE NEW HEAD BBBBBBBaBJBBBBBBBBBaa Harvard Repretentatlvt First Joint Conference and Is Elected Its Sec- reiary No Executive Board. The gmalgamatlon of the old and new football Rules Committees ai effected early morning at the Hotel Nether-land. Th ni'mbrs of both bodies cam to .ew York to their respective meeting last evening primed for this action. Ther4 ere much discussion and uncertainty over the method of bringing about the result. Tbe suggestion of the new Conference Committee, for ja Joint Com-gUttee of Fourteen wii g-enerally" approved, but the further proposal for an Executive Committee - of Five, which would receive the real power of action, wftJ generally vetoed. A counter su reatlon of nine members on an Kxecutlve Board wm better received, since It did not compel the elimination of some essential members of the old body. The conclusion was finally reached by them to effect the Junction of the two bodies and eliminate the line of demarkation between them, leaving- the question of the constitution f any working body within th Committee of Fourteen to be later determined when coalition was actually effecjsd-. The ultimate decision was to act as a Committee of the Whole. When the two committees formally vot-td to Join, they agreed that the new Cnaii-ntan snot-id be selected from the old Rules Committee and the Secretary should be chosen from the Conference Committee- Cm ballot .Prof. I. M. Dennis of Cornell was ei-ct-d as Ch&irman and ft James A. Babbitt of Haverford Col-, lege as Secretary Dr. Babbitt then Immediately resigned In favor of Dr. Wlll- lam T. Held, Jr.. of Harvard, and the members of the old Conference Committee proceeded to elect Dr. Held. This was not accomplished until midnight, when they Jointly proceeded to consider the question of how many should be necessary to constitute a quorum, with the probability of nine members being considered sufficient to act. and that to pass legislation two-third? ot the members present should effect any change. The whip hand waa that of the new Conference Committee. Even the members ef tbe old committee admitted that, but tV. James A. Babbitt acting Chairman of the hew commtttee. .was udvised not to use 'his power unless forced to do so, and declared this to be the wiser plan. The new body received the advantage by the defection of Harvard from the old committee. Dr. 'Wii 11am T. Reid, Jr.. representing Harvard, telegraphed on Thursday eacn individual member of the old committee, announcing Harvard's intention to withdraw. . He also telegraphed Dr. Babbitt that he had been instructed to represent Harvard in the new committee, i In followrnir- this purpose' he. appeared at the Murray Hill Hotel and sent his card to the committee In conference there, but he Semalnrd In tho corridor of the hotel until after the Invitation of the old committee to meet with it had been received by the new.. - ' The question of admitting' Rrdd to membership In the 'new committee was then acted on by the delegates. It was decided that it wai the sense of the conference that appointed thorn that .they should amalgamate with the seven member of tbe oil Rules Committee in any way that thev saw (it. ar.d that a partial amalgamation wsa within their prerogstive. They therefore amalgamated with Dr. .Reid InJ dlvidually, leaving the question.-of amalgamation with -the rest of tbe committee lor later consideration. " lr; James A. Habbltt ot Haverford College was the first on the scene. He arrived with F. Homer Curtis of the t'nl-versrlty of Texas, about 7 o'clock. Prof, C V. Savage of Ob-rlln College waa the next arrival, and thn Lieut. Charles IX Daly of West Folhjl. : Finally K. K. Hall of Dartmouth' arrived, but Prof. James T,Lees of the t'niveralty of Nebraska aud lir. Harry L. Williams of the University of Minnesota, were not present. Dr. w Ill-lass had notified Prof. BapMtt of liis Intention to be-ubserit, and Dr.-Babbitt berime the committee head. Negotiations between the two committees were started py Or. Babbitt. He telephoned to Walter Camp at the. MolcJ K'eiherland and a.ked where a comtnurii-ration might be sent the old committee. A letter was then dispatched 4o that-hotel containing a new proposal of amalgamation, and the new committee was promptly invited to meet. .the old at the Nethtrland. - - -.-; " . - . The old committee went Into session tilers at 8 o'clock. Walter Camp waa the first to appear. Half-an hour later Dr. Paul J. Da hi el of Annapolis arrived, and then John C. Bell .of the University of Pennsylvania and finally Prof. I. M. Dennis of Cornell and Prof. J. B. Fine of Princeton. Dr. Alonso A. Stagg of the University of Chicago, and. of course. Dr. Re!d of Harvard were not expected. When the Conference Committee appeared on the scene. Dr. Reid with them, the members went at once to the committee room.- Yeraained cloeeted , for fifteen- minulea, .then, withdrawing, eacn to con-idr tbe propositions exchanged. Messengers were sent from one to the ether-, committee rooms with , inquiries frou time to. time. John C. Bell representing the eld committee in such fx-rhargrs of views, and Prof. Savage the hw. At midnight on . agreement vas tinailv reached, xnd the new committee Joined the old and the election of -ofcials iuUowed. " . . ' ' Pastime Game for St, Patrick's Niflkt, Aeterding .to the programnte. thus far arranged the games or the Pastime Athletic Club, to be held Is Madison. Pcuare Garden on the svaalng of St. Patrick's Day. March IT. will s&doutilcdly bring oat the best performers la tke metropolitan district. Among the-events 1H be four Amstear Athletic t'nlon cham-!atuhio affairs, a C-yerd mn. l.ono-ycrd run. ttrusing -pound welgnt tor height, and put-Una tb X-t-pounl shot. Then there will be fb .Ofrmpta competitions, metric distance, wn a Vm-ter dash. -trtVmeter handicap, har.rilc-art a-ktlometef race, . tabout mCca,) handicap, ana aa 800-meter run -for sot-fee j lis Jateroa'.lonal . tug-of-war contest, which Wwd. a feature of last year's meet, will also held; sod will be o-n to teams represent-f all, nations. Handsome prises will be anxrded t first, second, and third men In .each event. ' ' T - j r- . : . 'i ' ' V Qreicept Athletic Club Nominations: 'Tie, annual mMilrg of the Crescent Athletic C"- or Brooklyn will be be'.d In the gymha-"na at Ue City Club hoiuo on Saturday ewn-t?t Jam C. at SpV'.ocI: to receive the reports t the f--lrr.t und Treasurer, .to -elect six eabere of the aovetnlg Committee and five mbrrs of t.e Norchiatlrg Committee, and. to "-'t aach' other hutlncas as may core be--. metinc. The Kominattius Committee ret-omraetuied the oiii,ir.; memLent of r 'rnin Committee for iar c!aM of 1MW; c- Man''lilK. teoi.ard Uztk.. Camp- C' iiroua, Tht.tiui liovenden. Jny 44. Jones, tharica J. i; cl -erntot t. r -Diembers of -fcanatin ( rr.mitl- of 10t. E4win V.'. r. 'JKtait y. crxpsey, Wtilutm H. Kord. l!:ii u. l.olden. aru JacVo S. iangthoro. Yacht Club Officials. t-r-b:nrnt Yarht Club Is ta have racing men each of three flag posttior.s this seo- t. t ii.iee.l Albert C. IJostwlck Comtno-tM tt U,-jC Uarahall raa bee n came!, and the A"1a-k 1 tj return front Europe for tbe espe-tttr-,M of csrrrl-ig bis flag. at r. Kar- Who Im na An mav la Kurooe. Will f"-o l-is tmt in Nice and ir.K-ed on lour Mi-itonariean. but that tour will lh -r;eat. aa originally planned. U US cut V..rf 1 . r, Am ,.. nKI I ho C not but "om- f-re 10 teturn to America in May. Pred t Hurt hca b-ea nm 1 for Vice Commodore. ... ,!,XjP laele will carry his fiaa. m hlle ; "-iot ,f Hear Commodore will be occn-l?Zy?K by KteJertca LTwter of the LC?nar Klmlna ,;r Arthur F. Like with the Coroua. Plans for Basket Ball Tourney. TV Protective Casket Hall Association has L t0-c:njMt ' cbamplooshl? tournament , "" 1T-.ere will be two classes, hesvy-c'rht and ll(Mweight. the dividing line be-f ! pountfs. - The committee having tte af-i'f. f.hrs la ao-sr trying to aecure a surt- all ft IS, x.mes. and all" Wds will tm tvi the.iwxt meeting of Ue aocta t.H -Th,rb w;; be held at Krt Thirty w. 00 t .-vtnlng of Jan.'l:. F.ntrlee uTsau'J1 Uoc a Ft.- wetb Thowsaj TAIR. DAYFORFAYORlf ES. aaaaHwaaaw a- , .r Steeplechase Jockeys' Thrown at Doth . - New Orleans .Tracks. . - ' NEW ORLEANS. Jan.' IX-Heaey golag at the rale Grounds trsck - to-day accounted f.jr the defeat of three favorites, Pamela. Simplicity, and Atwoed. Mr. Jack.' thoroughly at borne la the going, was tbe most pronounced Xarorlts of the- day and was run ts? to f 1.3U0 after bis race and bought la. - Ivubeck. la the fifth race, unseated bis rider at tbe poet, ran asray tare antles. and' waa vltkinara. - fluwmarr: . FIKST RACE. Five anj ce-half fcrlocgs. lss KrrrU.. pun..l. i He well. m to I. won: lrt lrmlura. li. (Parrlne.) 11 to 1. second; Odd EUa. luu. IMortUnd ) 4 to 1. third. 1 iiu 1:12 4-&. ltuliK;k. lxrd Kent. Ereijn Garth. Catherine R.. Uaniel I'., ttewchwuod. Pamelm. am atetry Xtelle also ran. EtUNU RACE. riva furionga. Pity, 7 J"Hand. (U. Johiwon.) 2i to 1. woa; B-terlln. I5. Moreland. t tn 1. aeeond; MorCel i", wT. rperlilra.l )o to I. third. Time 1 :o 8lr Hugh. Irani Gieen. Will ttnlelda. Voltsge. Maggie Leber. Hernlt-e. White Marab, Prggy, tn-.e fleairy, sad Simplicity also ran. TH1RI HACK. rive fur lung a. VB Kees. 112 poenda. (ONelll.) a to 4. won: Go id em! th, IPerrln. lb to 1. aeeond; lJ"ir Henrietta. 1. (Chandler.) 13 to 5. third, lime 1 :U4 2-6. AVakenlns. cielle LMxon. i lend la a. Arch Old-bara. Chaties ireKee. and Hie Cure also ran. FOCRTII , RA.'i- alrle and lve furlongs. Mr. Jack. lO; -oUnl. (sewell.) 13 to ft. won; Captain HoN, la. iifXelll.) 2 to 1. second; Sonoma Bella, 108, (W. Rabbins.) 4 to 1. third, lime 3:OI l-o. . liandaplnnt-r. Murmur, Frangible.' Goo Goo, Aurumaster, and lee King also ran. FIFTH RACK. Five and one-half furlongs. Deaxtemps, IOA, tCrimmlns.) 7 to ft. won; Joe Colaon, tr. iPerrine.) IS to 1. second; Hitter Hand. .S3. (Perkins.) 1 to 1. third. - 7lme 1:11 4-5. ' Ktrena. Delmore. Third Alarm, and Harry tcott also ran. Liubeck was left at the post. SIXTH RACK. Mile and a sixteenth. Katie Powers. M pounds. (Moreland.) 5 to 1. won; Colonist, 101. (Freeman.) 18 to 5. second: VI-pertne. OS, (Johnson.) . 10 to 1. third. Ttroe l:oa 4-ft. Iady Fonso, Sea Voyage, Utahep Weed, and At wood also ran. Firs favorites finished first at the City Park track this afternoon. Merllngo and Rockaway. the two beaten favorites, had the reasonable excuse of a heavy track and considerable Interference. In the steeplechase II. "M. P. outran and out-Jumpd hie field. Wreath of Iry fell at the seventh Jump, and Conclave unseated bis rider at tbe eighth, nummary: FIRST RACE. One mile and seventy ysrds. Gold Coin. Ml pound, (Barrett.) 0 to J, won: Galiaeda. M. (Koemer.) 2" to 1, second: Ma-rimbo. 85, R. Lowe.) 4 to 1. third. Time 1 :S2 S-S. Southampton. Danuia, Oold Bell. Mrilnaw Filler. Minnehaha. Alsonquln. Merry Acrnbat. and l.sbr llell also ran. SECONl RACE. Short courae. steeplechase. II. M. P.. 137 pounds. (Carter.) 4 to 1. won: Alice Douaherty. I.t5, (Pemberton.) ft to 1, second: Rush Reuben. 137. (Powers.) 8 to 1. third. Tim :.' 2-5. Onyx IL. Conclave. Loncflo. Reulanus. Wreath of Iry. Parnassus, and Orlnls also ran. THIRD RACE. Fire and a half furionite. WeberfteldB. IIS pounds, (Obert. ) I Is i. won; Danseuse. 101. (Povrera.) 4 to , 1. second; Oceaner, liXl. C. Worrla,) 13 to 1. third. Time 1:113-5. Norn de Plume. Flamboyant. Apple Sweet. Horewell. and Kllla also ran. FOURTH RACK. fovea furlonss. Monet. 112 pounds. (U. Smith.) 1 to 2. won; Uause. 4. (Wlshard.) 4 to 1. second; Coruscate. li. (Melntyre.) 2o to 1, third. Time 1:32. Willie Newtr.mb and Tinker also ran. FIFTH ' HACK. Fire and a half. f-Jrionsw. rwirvce Mvalc. 101 pounds. (Perrett.) to 1. won; P.ockaway. 115, (J. Daly.) even, second; Vlvat. 107. (C. Morris.) Ihtrd. Time 1:12.- Don Alvsro, Albula, Precious Stone, and Bert Orra also ran. SIXTH RACE. one mile end seventy yards. Pouble. 10J pound". (Nicol,) 11 to 5. won; Handmore. Via. (Wlahard,) a to 1. second; Tryon. lo7. (Melntyre.) 0 to 1. third. Time 1 J12 1-5. Kvsaklll. t Nameokl. . Poeskln. Flying Charcoal. Harpoon, and Hig Bow also ran. SEVENTH RACE. One mile and seventy yards. Dsrlng. 4 pounds. (R Ixrwe.) 8 to o. wen; Foretaner, lot). tMcManawsy,) 8 to 1. second: Thistle Do. 100. (Ashworth.) 13 to 1. third. Time 1 :.M 3-5.. , Harpy Jack. Eclectrtc, and Juba also ran. . 5 . . . i " Ringing " Case May Maka Trouble. ' When The Jockey. Club issued Its recent'rul-Ing In the cae of Tbe Fiddler, the horse that was " rung In " at Morris Park la 1903. it unwittingly ' stsrted ' a row that may result In insktng trouble for racing In Arkansas. T. T. Cromwell, owner of -The Fiddler, is a resident Of Pine Bluff. Ark., and a close personal fiierd of Gov. Jeff .Davis of that Stats. Those who know Gov. Darts and his friend-Ship for Cromwell sre si ready predicting (hot if tbe ruling of The. Jockey Club Is respected 1 Arkansas '-the 4Chlt-f Eaeeutlve will surely make-the racing associations suffer.' Cromwell is known to -bare .visited the -ovemrr' In. relation to -the case, sod -the predloilon is -that there will be lerislatlre retaliation should there be a refusal to accent any of the horse owner's sauries for the coming sesson.. Barney " Schrelbef'a 'Turf Winnings. . rrney " s SfcUrelber Js on a fair wsy to break all Winter ..records ' with his "big atr'.pg saetng at SJtn Francisco. . Already his stable has earned over JIS.OOO. with the meeting not yet hslf over, ilo re-entry offered $12,000 for '-contract on : Jockey Radtke. but the offer was refused by Jack Keeoev-who bas the boy. 8chretber now haa a-oond call on tbe services of the populsr Hbtwela;ht- . Another Herreshoff Mystery Solved. ' It became knn yesterday that , the steel centreboard rvcing and cruising schooner which the Ilerreshoffs of Erlstol. R. L, stsrted to build several weeks ago U for J. Rogers Maxwell of . this city: The boat .will be about 120 feet over all. Ols 'set at. the water line, with a breadth of 24 feet and a draught of 14 feet 10 Inches. The contract calls for delivery about June 1 next. .The boat will be entered In all tbe leading acbooner events of the ysehttng season, and will I compete for the special Cup prize offered by Kiner Edward of England. . . " ' 'This is the same boat over which there has inn .I JnMn, the nut I been S3 mucn " .L ! several weeks, rrojr .workmen t the Her- yTcht wS to'lJe buiu! b the Harre.hoff. d cllned to discuss the question of owaershlp In ao" way. Kumor ascribed th; ownership at to Kmperor William of Germany, and STter to M?. Miwell. but n -t until the definite Announcement was received y"'. TJ-thing certain known. It Is P",'a tnt- t:,e keel will be laid n-lthln a short Urns. . Automobile Notes of Interest. The second annual speed rarnlval " boats under the sueplces of the Pslm Wfscn Pw Beat Aasoc'stloru on Lake Worth, Palm Beach' Pi". Jan: SO to Feb. 2. Is now an as-i-.uorc... ss the entries of tbejcdlnwlng hVah-srd bosts have been received: Dixie, simplex III., Allen. Mercedes L. rf. A., blx Sboorer. Clarke, and White Fox. - This vesr the exhibit of the famous Olds Motor Work Is more Interesting than ever on account of the arrival of the two-cycle car. ThV exhibit of the Olds Is a notable one com-riSlrTi- elaht pleasure vehicles and a full line Sf comerVial cars. There I. a r ashed ch.js.a "I it,! new four-cylinder palace touring car and I compete model of It flnl.hed In French grsy. mim a wetl-sppointe.1 llmeualne and a four-eyl?nd-r ronlbSut glared to fifty mile, an hour" Of the two-cycle cars there Is a chsssls and a complete model. The latest of the large companies to sn-n:unce Its removal to -a location In the so-Mlled New Tork automobile district is the Sld-ri. . n lawman Automobile Company, tho Amerlcsn s gents for the Clement-JJayard cars. Now iocJied st BO-52 West Forty-third Street, i He -coniTiar.y will tnovu on May 1 to Its new frory-and-basemcnt budding at -3-2T.1 West Forty-ninth Street, 200 feet from the Broadway corner. '"one of the Interesting slffhts at the forth-ccminx show st Madtson t-ouare Garden will be the Ppve-IIsrlf j.d car. In which Secretary Walke- of the Pope Manufacturing Company. ith different salesmen of the company, haa hen vlsltina their prtnclial acmcies.- This " , Hartford some weeks asro and is now Vet again, after covering 12.0OU miles of all kinds of roads. -'..' During the automobile show a meetlns; will be bei.i by sorce of the prominent (uod roads men of the country. The purpoee of this meet-In- wiu be to outline a campalrn for the coro-1ns- year, and active messures will be taken to nuait - -le good roads movement throughout toe country, and especially In the East. Tbe Hart 'or 1 suspensions are now the regular eouii-n-t-nt ot many cars, lacludlne the Mathe-aun. Popo-Toledo. Pierce, and lK-o mobile. It . rstenttd devlrw that nakea rldlna'over Aata eay Increaaee speed, and aavea dam-oe tn mechsnlsm. The sua pension will be exhibited at bath shows. From :y to 55 per cent- Is what the Increase ot the Uoa production over that of llKi will be in the opinion of K.' Bmith. Vlco President and renal anager of the Olds Motor Works wul-b foe years has produced more ers t'hsn sny other one concern. It Is his ijea tin that tbe medium and low priced cars will be the blcxert sellers. Beslnnlng Monday a week's session of the American Automobile Association will be he, J In the new Sixty-nlntb Regiment Armory, where the Automobile Club will bold Its show. On Mondsy there will be a meeting of the rsrlne- B"r4. Tuesday the IMrectors will meet, srvt on Weiaesdsy tbs open convention will begin. Tn. perllet will be one of the most Interesting cars at the Automobile CluO show In the Slxry-alnth Realm nt Armory. It waa -hiwra froai a list of half 41 dcaca of tbe bet French macblnee for duplication In this rour trr bv the eng:n-rs of the Asaerlcen lromo. tK, Comraay. The cars to be exhtblted have a v - a A .a aar-1 II Ka aahstav sa aw Itltasf ( Ts rrtTJ. smuu w- id .v -w Vsa .(SJ main Poor. There will be ft i horse- Sdruletwtth" KeUner, body.- and a 24 borne-pj we r open touring ear. The Packard Motrr Car Company wrlll go lat- the ehew-sold out. and unable to secure even one car for a eurtomer. It will shea- by terremi coheres e poof that ere ry tbrnuchout the coemtry has also beea so.d oat. as all refuse 4 bones per car., . .. LATHAM BEAT STANDING IN COURT TENNIS MATCH - 4xssnaBixeaasx-asBBxssaxeBwjBB Britisher Defeated Local Professional in Two Straight Sets. LAST GAME OF THE SERIES Former Champion Closed Brief Tour with Brilliant Victory Salle for ' Homo on' Carmimla .To-day. . - Peter W. lathutn. the Knarllsh racquet and court tennis expert, scored an easy victory over George Standing yesterday at court tennis. The match, which was played at tbe Racquet and Tennis Club, attnicted a big- gallery, and proved to be one of the tet exhibitions witnessed dur-insr the brief tour of the Kritlahcr. Tbe match was best two In three sets of eight games each. ' Latham conceded to standing; one-half of IS.' Standing missed the odd came, and took 15 for each even game. It was Latham's last match of the series, as be sails for J-Jverpool this morning on the Carrnanla. During hl Tlalt he has played two four-handed and two single matches In this city, winning; one of each. He also played at Tuxedo, Boston, Laxewood. and Philadelphia. In tbe flrat set Latham started off with a bl lead of three games, but-Standing; pulled himself together and made the score 5 to 4 In favor of Latham In the ninth game. - The visitor kept up his good work and won the aet 8 to 5. Latham and Standing were even at the end of the second gnme of the second and deciding set. Latham from this point was Invincible. Although deuce and vantage was called in several carries. Standing waa unable to stem the tide, and Latham ran out with seven straight games. The summary: FIRST SET. Standlrg-O. O. 15. 80. SO: Latham 13. SO. 30. 40. (Game.) Latham O. 18. 30. 40. Standing 15 15. 15. 16. Uame.) Latham 15. 15. 15. 16. SO. 40; Standlng-O. 15. SO, 40. 40, 40. Deoce and vantsre four times and same.) Latham O. 0, 15. 15. 30: Standing- 16. it SO. 40. . ('Game.) Standing 15. 16. 15. 15: Latham-O, 13. SO, 4rt. tOame. ltham-O. 15. 13. 30, 3: Standing. 15. 15. W, 30. 40. tiame.) Latham 16. 80. 3. 80. 40: HtanMnr 0. 0. 15. 80. JW. Oame.) Latham 0. 15. 13. 15: Btandlna 13. 15. 30, 4. Game. Standing 15. 15. . 40. 40. 40; Latham O. 15, 15, 15. 30. 40. (Deuce and vantage three tiroes snd game.) Standing 15. l.V 13. 15. 3. 40; Latham 0. 15. 3d, 40. 40. "40. t'Deuce vantaae and same.) La-. tham 15. 30. 40; Standing O. O. O. Oame.) Latham O. 0. 15. 16: Standing 15. So. HO. 40. t'Qame.) HUndlnr 16. 15. 13. 30. 40. 40: Latham 0. 15. SO, 80. 30 40. (Ieuca ". and vantage and game.) Latham won, 8 3. w . . SECOND BET. Latham 13, 80, 4". 40; Standing. . O, 15. Game.) Latham O. 0. 15. 13. 80; Standing '15. 30. 30. 40, 40. I'Otmt.) Standing o, O. 15. 13. 30; Latham 15. 80 SO. 40. MO. 'Deuce, v antes, snd same ) Latham 0. 15, '80. 40; Standing 13. . 13. 15. 15. CGane.) ' Latham 15. 80. 5". CO So W. Standing 0 0. .15. 10, 40. 40. (Deuce, vantage, and game.) 1 at ham 0. 15. SO. 30, 40; Standlnc. 15. 15. 15 3. 80. lRmt.) Latham 15, 15. SO. 80. - 4oi ; Standlna- O; 15. 15. SO. 3U. 40. . (Deuce, vaniaae. and game.) Latham O, 15. 15. SO. 30. 40; Standinr 15. 15. 8. 30. 40, -40. - ( Deuce, vantage, and game.) Latham O, 0, 0. 13. 80. 40; Standing 16. 30. 40. 40. 40. 40. ('Deuce and vantage twice and game.) Ithatn won. a 1. Referee Charles . E, Sands. Marker John Hammond. ; . ' ' Skating ' Rink" Sanctions Refused. Tha tardiness of the management of the Clermont Avenue Skating Rink of Brooklyn tn delivering medals 'and cups woo la skating races In the rink' has resulted in the refussl or the Racing-Board of the National Amateur Skating Association to Issue any further sanctions HO the' rink. The mstter culminated last Wednesday nlrht. when the skaters entered In the novice race left the Ice and refused to compete until the rick was reinstated by the association.' ''.. At the .meeting of the Racing Board It was decided to withhold all sanctions until all back medsls had been delivered to tbe contestants who bsve competed in the various events, and a satisfactory guarantee that prises for future contests will be available at tbs Urns or soon after the holding of the contest. The drastic action was brousht about through the Insistence of the manscement of the Clermont -Avenue Kink to attempt to bold an unsanctioned meet. The action of the Racing Board will be acted upon by the Executive Committee ot the Skating Association at the next meet.' In the -meantime the rink will be su attended. 14a rarer Moaner of tbe Clermont Avenue Rink said yesterday: " It is true that some novice prizes won st our rink are still undelivered. bi:t ss soon ss we can arranse It they will reach the hands of those who are entitled to them. I am not In a position to say just when this will be. but we sre at a loss to understand why the Racing Board should adopt tbe course It haa. I do not cars to further discuss tbs matter. . N. Y. A. C. Shooters Honor Gus Greiff. Gvs E. Groltf. Chairman-' of the Shooting Committee -of- the -New York-Athletic Club, received from the .members of tbe shootln cor.tlnc-nt of the club a handsomely destgnel loving cup, which was presented to him at a dinner at the clubhouse on Thursday night. The testimonial was entirely due to the efforts of Chairman Greiff In popularizing the sport of clay target shooting at the New Tork Athletic Club, and from a few men who formerly appesred at the. traps at Travers Island the turnout now at tho weekly competitions will compare favorably with that of any amateur organisation In the country. The men who were present at the dinner J were J. W. Hlbbnrd. who presided; F. It. I Itnbinaon. tcorwe aa. inowwii, i. r. iveuer. Jr Malcolm a. MacKay, inanes jacoo, ur. O. D. Hsmlen. Fred Vllmsr, N. I Buchanan. Dr. F. B. Deusch. Capt. J. N. Bor-land. J. 8. Sutphtn. Jr.. Charles S. King. K. Hendricks. v u u-ktt. rnrn V Wuehler l Hliv- V a TTiireins XV. I- - Brldrmtn. Dr. i K. R. De Wolie. George Bacbtei, Dr. K. Jonn- son Held. Frank uarnes. rt. K. ueoacser. C. W. Billings, snd James D. . Foot- 4 Brooklyn Latin Boya Lead, at, l-fockey. The Brooklyn Latin School hockey team -defeated the seven of the De-Witt Clinton High School by ...the score of. 6 goals -to O at the Clermont Avenue Rink, Brooklyn, last night. The Latin boys started . In - vigorously, and scored three goals In the-first-half -"by Tilney. Crittenden, and Brinsmade. In the second hslf Tilney added two goals and , Brinsmade one. Line-up: Clinton. 0. Position.: Latin. . U-oods?!:... Goal Kalbflelsch Van fleet Cover point ...Little. Taylor Crimson. Crulkshank. Point- Best a prank " Forward Vanderhoef Jenkins........... Forward , Tilney Miller. .......... Forward .Crittenden K patrick -- Forward ..lirinsmsde Goal a Tllneyl 3.) Crittenden. Brinsmade, (2.) Keferce J. B- Smelxer.- Poly. Prep." Clarke House Beats Yale Freshmen. Thm basket bail five of tha Clarke House Settlement played a hurrlcans game against tt,e Tale I'nlverwltr freshmen on tbe court at ZM Rlvlnnton Street last nlsbt. and won from the collegians by a score of 2 to 10. The play of the Settlement teem was not only rapid, but etr-an and skillful In a preliminary came tbe Clarke House Mldeets defeated De Witt Clinton Hta-h School Midgets by 10 points to 6. Line-Dp f the big game: Clarke House. CO. Position.- Tale 100. 10 nemsteln. Cohen. Rl eht forward ..... -Allen Bllllg Left forwsrd . . . .Strawbrldge l-antor - Centre Van Meek Olnnertv Right guard Wak-ott Henry. Margolles..Left guard Carrlraa Ooal, from rteld Ooben. Bernstein. Cantor. n , cinnertv 2. Marwolles Strowbridew. Van Vwk. x Walcott. Goals from fouls Tale. 8; riTrke House S. Referee C. H. Warner. I'm-p're-Mr. Chapln. Tsle. Tiros of halves-Jfwenty and fifteen mlnntes. . , . Tigers " to Play Association Football. Princeton's team of Assoc 1st ion football players will play the Staten Island Football Club teora on the bitter's grounds at "The Covs," Staten Island, this sfteenooti. This Is Princeton's first eaaron of Association football, but they nave shown gjod form la the matches played this season. Another round of ths Ttfetropelltsn Association rootball League rhamplonsbln will be contested to-day. The Sew- Tork Thistles, leedets In the competition, ore paired with the Weet Hudson eleven of Nwark. X. J. -Tbe -game will be plsyed at Macomb's Dam-Park. Tbe Brooklyn Tfclstlaa will plsy tbe Holiywovl Ina tesm st Tonkers. The-Csled'inlans are drawn aaatnst the Cam-eronj, while the Fsterson Rangers and Bronx Kanefs. taking sdvsntsre of tbe speclsl league rule, bar . postponed their match until u-uunsv. . Oar method of Ii tins:, our strenuous life, oar lore of excitements all tax oar physical resources. Supplies the stamina to witfi-stand the strain. Hotels. Clubs. Restaurants and Saloona ATHLETES UNDER CHARGES. Pearson Suspended for Six Months for Bad Language in Games. Among the recent decisions of the Regla-trstlon Committee of tbe Metropolitan Association ef the Amateur Athletic Union was the case of F. M. Pearson of the New Tork Athletic Club, who was charged with using Improper language at the County Fair games la Madison Square Garden on Dec 30 last. Pearson wrote a letter apologizing for his course, but tbe committee suspended him for six months from the date of his competition " for conduct unbecoming a gentleman." Xa tbe case of C J. Clark. Adama. and Hut-ton, tbe committee, after receiving a letter from Dr. Gulick. concurred in the action taken by the Ptibllo Schools Athletic League and cancelled the registration of the three men in question. There wss a long discussion In the ease of K. J. Clapp. tbe Tale runner, the allegation being that he forfeited his amateur standing by assisting In the physical training of students st tbe Tale Summer School. Committeeman Stell stated that his case w-as similar to other training teachers, who save physical Instruction to others. They received no monetary consideration, but received the equivalent in tuition, and from time to time they were supposed to show their physical development and achievements to students, they never received any pay therefor. The committee wsnted mors time to consider the matter, and it was laid over until tbe next meetlns;. The case against Martin J. Sheridan was further postponed st his request. The attention of the Registration Committee having been called to the fact that organizations had received sanctions for games and had not lived up to the conditions, as announced In the official entry blanks, the committee hereafter will insist on a atrict enforcement of the rules by refusing sanctions to such clubs or organisations violating the rules. In future, entry blanks must classify exsctly the prizes, and they must be properly inscribed. Brown's Catcher Signed by Phillies," PROVIDENCE. Jan. 12. It was authoritatively stated here to-day that William M. Hls gtns. tbe Captain and catcher of the Brown University baseball team, has signed with Hugh Duffy to play with the Philadelphia Nstlonsl League Club next season. Hlgglns Is a senior. Yale Captalna Guests of Alumni. Walter Camp and the Captains of last year's track team. nine, crew, and football team, as well aa tha four Captains for the current year, have been Invited to tbe dinner of the Tale Alumni, which will be held at Sherry's on Friday nlsht. The speakers sre expected to- be President Hsdler. Secretary of War William H. Tart, Col. N. O. Oaborn of New Haven. Amos Parker Wilder of Madison, Wis. :. James Wsdsworth. the newly elected Speaker of the Aaaembly, and Herbert Parsons. Republican leader of New York. TEDDY-B EiSBbIbsbbbbbbSsISbbs The second installment of "The Roosevelt Bears" will appear in THE SUNDAY NEW YORK TIMES to-morrow. The Bears are now galloping over the rlhountains on their way to the train. Don't miss the picture of this-race. y TEDDY-G, the grizzly bear, will be a great favorite with the boys. He gets into all kinds of comical scrapes. TEDDY-B, the black bear, is a wise old philosopher, honest and square, but always taking his chum's part when TEDDY-G gets them into difficulties. s. ? s v & TEDDY B Qmltl a KfoMev fs7 'neoensewted.- V all over Part rAuto Eakm It's Mer cedes. " Mercedes pat- f tern this. Mercedes style 1 that." Many copies, tea I original. Entire esclu- . slve 1000 Mercedes . erency foe V. & Canada. 4 Exclusive Agents. Manufacture of 1906 Mercedes. S. & PI. Simplex. Paahard. ReascIL V-ers Ann Licensed Automobile Msmtftn'TS TIME ALLOWANCE VILL STAND In Spite of Yachtsmen's Advocacy the Scale Will Continue. In spits of the general feeling favorable to a change In the scale of time allowance la yacht racing, so as to reduce the allowance from 70 per cent,, as It Is now compute!. to 60 per cent.. It seems highly Improbable that any alteration will be made. The mat ter is tn ths hands of tbe Atlantic Coast Conference., and haa ben delegated by It to a sub-committee, which Is Investigating the general conditions very carefully,, procuring exact data of races and comparing tbe results to ascertain absolutory mathematically whether or not there be cause for a reduction. This committee has not completed Its work, but what has been ascertslned by Its Investigation would lead to ths belief that an alteration would be 111-advtsed at this time. ' The question arose through repeated victories of small boats over large ones in races between the two. and was brought to a hesd In ths squadron runs of the New Tork Yacht Club, when the Mlneola, Yankee, and Syb-arlta. end all . other yachts of the larger claasea were compelled to allow two hours and more to the thirty-footers In forty-mile runs, and Invariably were beaten by the little fellows from 30 to 5 minutes. There waa an outcry against ths Injustice of the conditions, and a statement that tbe big fellows would not consent to race ' their boats at big expense If they were to be robbed of their reward by a little thirty-footer. But the com-plainanta lost sight of the fact that in every case the big boat waa an old one. penalised under the new rule, and the little boat, which won, was a new boat, built to the new rule, and having every advantage on that score. The committee having tho Investigation of the subject In charge has reduced the figures obtained from general races to a uniform scale, and as often ss the same courses were sailed by big and little boats, haa been able to gain some definite Information. Unfortunately, these occasions were few. and such data as they do provide is sbsolutely conflicting, so that It appears Impossible to draw any accurate conclusion, favorable or unfavorable to a change. In view of th'- condition. It Is probable that the sub-committee will advts. and the conference accept. Its view that no change be made until after anotber season of exact and convincing Information la secured, but that, meantime. In order to prevent a repetition of the unfortunate conditions where victories of the smaller boats were inevitable, a change be made tn tbe rules for all races such as squadron runs, where big snd little boats meet on an equality, so thst the squadron is divided Into either two or three classes, and the big fellows shall race only the larger classes, and the little fellowa only the smaller classes. By placing that dividing line at .48 feet, a very acceptable solution of the whole difficulty Is secured. Bill to Bar Football. RICHMOND, Va.. Jan. 11. Delegat. R. S, Powell to-day Introduced In the Virginia Assembly a bill to prohibit tbe game of football In Virginia- A penalty of from (30 to $100 Is presence0- Iur nen wienir. WHOLESOME FUN FOR OLD AND YOUNG The jollies! Bear DON'T Place Your Order To-day for THE SUNDAY NEW YORIf TIMES 1 1 f f 7niform Quality ie$a 3R Tlie Perfect Havana." The 1903 sales of this populur Clear IJnvtint hear were double those ot 10O4 that's how good JLu Mugnlta Its. AH the kadinf brands of Imported and Domestic Sears, Clf arettea and Srnokinr Tobaccos. w wswtcenceswewssaa lis gsBa f Vgo- oiAaToriatt'2aAr SSa srsaa Umwvt . COLUMBIA DOWNS CORNELL. Ithacans Easy for Local Basket Ball Team Score 38 to 8. Columbia's basket ball team lowered the colors of Cornell last night, taking the Ithacans Into camp to the tune of SS to 8. At ths end of the first half ths Blue and White led by SS to 4. and with the gams well In hand, substitutes were sent In for the second period of tbe contest. The offenslvs tactics, as , a result, slowed up somewhat, but the Cornell players could not get more than four points during the half. The game waa so easy for the Morn-tngide collegisns that It became uninteresting. Columbia scored fifteen of her points before Cornell could chalk up a tally. The local players started the scoring after only a few seconds of play, Moore caging the ball on a foul. This he followed by a. pretty field goal, and It waa evident Immediately that the contest was going to be a one-sided affair. Columbia showed greater speed than Cornell and combined team work with - deadly a hooting that awamped the Ithacans before they could even get ataxted toward their opponents' goal. Line-up: ' Cornell, Position. - Columbia. Lyford........ Right forward . .Ryan. Cuthel Dlckerman, " ' Moore, Whitney Left forward ...... .R. White Root. Dlckerman.. Centre .......... M. White Brlnkerhoff Right guard Fettretch Whitney. Oood win. Left guard Hurley Ooals from field L.yford. Brlnkerhoff. Goodwin. Ryan. Moore. ti. M. White. S.) Hurley, (2.) R. White. 2.) Ooals -from fouls Moore, 2.) Lyford, C2. Official Mr. Lochmuller. Time of halves Twenty minutes. - - Story ever written MISS IT 22-z: cm, L4 Dwight Won at Basket Ball. Ths Dwight School basket ball team yesterday defeated tbe flva from Collegiate School la a well-played gams by a score of 90 points to 17. Line-up: ; ' Dwight, 20. Position. Collegiate. IT. A monle. Stanton. Right forward. . . . . Bluroertthai Berrlana Left forward. Bna$eM Boughten Centre i;; Yf Moultresh Left guard. . .... . .. ,-KloP.t.ko Macaulay Right guard Vantlne, Hliey Goals from field Amonle. 4: Berrlsns, S; Dough ten. 1; Moultresh. 1; Macaulay. 1: '-menthal. 4; Ueggerman. 2. OoeJsyrom fouls Amonle. 2; Blumenthal. t; Tucker. S: eger-man, 1. Referee C. J- Allen. Ath. Inat. Dwtgbt. empire C. Jsrdtne, Timers Messrs. Clark and McKsnna. Time of halves Hftaea minutes. Secretary Sullivan Not Notified. James E. Sullivan. Secretary of the Amateur Athletic t'nlon and President of the Metropolitan Association, has not been notified of tbe action of Judge Leonard A. Glegerich In ordering a certified copy or the rales of the Amateur Athletic Union to be produced la bis court wlthla two days for evidence In tbe disputed cases of Athletes John J. Joyce and Frank R- Castle-man, whose entry snd competitions in tbs metropolitan championships were forced by an Injunction of the Supreme Court, t'ntli he has been legally advised of the order Mr. 8ulllvaa wit make no move. So far ss the Amateur Athletic Cnion ts concerned, the case remains In the same position that It bas been In during the past three months, and officially the organization Is ignorant of any 'change. TEDDV-G TEDDY G

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