The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1950
Page 11
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it. fclMW (ABC.? COURIER NEWS Nationalists See New Red Attacks ChiiMM Communists M«y Attack Two More Fring* Islands - TAIPEI, Formosa', April «. (AP)— Chinese Nationalists, malting a last-ditch stand on islands 'fringing the China coast ,today foresaw early Red attempts to conquer two of them—Chusan and Querooy. These two small but vital: island* are smack under the guns of! Com- .iiraunlst China. Chusan is 100 miles (•loutheast of Shanghai but only a .™few miles off the China coast. Quemoy Is Just a few miles from Amoy, Red-held city opposite Formosa. •' Both Are Important Both are important bases In the : Nationalist blockade of' Red China. • Their capture might ease the blockade and open the path to Invasion ' of Formosa Itself. The ' Nationalists - also expected the Reds to try again to win the southern island of Hainan. Defenders on that island last • week beat ' off two sizeable Invasion attempts. They said they killed 10,000 Reds. Reports here said the National.: Ists would send strong forces to bolster Hainan defenses and to prep?re R base for a counter-offensive against South China. Reports from mainland China told of fresh outbursts against the • Communbts. One said 15.000 pens- ants had. revolted against Reds In the Yulin district of Kwan^si province 200 miles west of Canton.-A V number of villages were reported seized and 1.500 Red troops killed. Confirmation Impossible Confirmation was impossible here How«tr, the Nationalists were having (heir own troubles with res- . Idents. Authorities said they hai smashed an underground ring last ; week 85 miles southwest of Taipei Nineteen Red agents were v setfd 'four were killed and three were in jflhired trying to escape and another ^feaped to death from a cliff, au thorltles said. T ! Bidding for support of Formosahs the Nationalists proclaimed smnes ty for all persons arrested in th Feb. 28, 19*7 revolt in which, 1,000 persons were killed. The prisoners will be .freed on bail. Defense Minister Denies Implication Of John Straehey IvONDON, April ». (AP>—Defense Minister Emarmtl Shlnwell tol parliament - today. the . position w«x minister John StracheT never mentioned during Atlanti Fact defense talks at The Bagu last week "I know of no discussion* and an ^suggestion' had. been made to me, officially ;or unofficially, .-regarding the, integrity, or loyalty of Mr. Strachey I would have reoud- .ted It atjOnce," ftrunw,ell declared "DOLEFUL DORETTA-A Picture of dejection, bemuse «he Jailed to cop a prize at a San Francisco dog show, is Dotelta. a pedigreed English bulldog. ; hloly Year Pilgrims May Worship Near Burial Site of St. Peter U. S. Considers Sending Wheat To Hungry China WASHINGTON, April «. (AP) ; — Secretary of 'state Achesbn said yesterday the State Department is considering whether to send surplus wheat and other comomdltles to famine areas ol China. Senator Knowland (R-Callf) recently proposed ..sending surplus foodstuffs to China, estimating that up to 10,000,000 Chmese may be near starvation. Acheson told his'news conference the pioposal already has been discussed w4th Knowland and with members of the House Foreign Affairs. Committee. The secretary indicated that If the United States'goes ahead with such aid, it probably will be through private organizations. Ache-sori said U.S. difficulties with the Chinese Communist government have been so great: It is hard to see how this government itself can do anything which would be effective. With the Courts Chancery Pearl Hall vs. Edward Hall, stilt for divorce. in the House of Commons Labor Party supporters of the Criticism of the Strachey ap- Attlee government cheered. polntment came earlier from the Conservative.Daily Mail which said he should not have been made war minister because of his previous .pro-Cpmmunls^ \tritrngs The Greatest Show on Earth Opens in Madison Square NEW YORK, April «.•(»} — A Brooklyn bofetojr-soxer walked up to the steel-barred circus'"cat" cage and gripped her girl friend by the elbow. :', >.: ' "Geeee ... lookit <u kowww-gerl" Couger or "kow-ger" (It was really a leopard), it was part of opening night for the "Greatest Show on.Earth"! at the traditional Manhattan premiere In Madison Square Garden. Fresh from winter quarters In Florida, the RlngUng Brother* and Barnum and Bailey circus filled the big sports palace {from basement sideshows to trapeze rigging lost among the roof girders. More than 13,000 New Yorkers, who'll run to a circus as fast as any one else, flocked Into the cavernous Garden last night to see what the "big one" ha* t« ofier this season. .-.'..• . ' : ,After a month here, the show moves on to Boston, goes under canvas for the first time In Washington, and then zig-zags west to Denver and back to Miami for the November closing. . •':.. Nobody wants'a circus to change much, .and nobody will be'disap- pointed.The 1»SO model may have a high gloss polish, but: It's still the same old circus. • It has clowns and cotton candy, fancy hats and souvenir canes—and plenty of that good, rich elephant smell that spells out C-I-R-C-U-S for you with your eyes closed. Peanuts and Elephants And those elephants, all 28 of them, will eat your peanuts as fast as ever. , , The sworrt-swallowcr.i and the fat lady are back. So are the tallest man and smallest midget. And there are lions 'n' tigers 'n' everything—Including cassowaries, hippopotami and enus. Also present was the' ghost of Gargantua the Great, i The famous gorilla, the top attraction for 13 years, died last November. In a nice gesture, the circus PAOBltlTBH placed his air-conditioned cage, empty now, it the vwry center of the sldwhow, Old friends came as they always had. this time to mourn and look it Gargantua's placid widow, Toto. They »]jo stayed to see her two adopted babies, Gargantiia II and Mile. Toto. These Uttte apes are In the play-pen stage,' and have a big rubber ball and Uttle red »agoi> to play with. The crowd felt n certain kinship. The gorillas were non-committal. Upstairs, the 60 acts of the main show—11 01 them new—stepped off briskly but still stretched over three hours. The htgh moment belonged to Harold Alzana, chief of the high wire Alz&nas. Whether he was playing to the crowd, or whether he suffered from opening night roughness, he had several partial slips iS feet above Hie sawdust—and no net. The last eight feet-of his. aerial bicycle ride with (our girls stopped the crowd'i breathing and brought an ominous warning to the cameraman over the loudspeaker—"No flashlights, please I No pictures!" But he made It. And the sigh was like a big wind. Ztbras Won't Work Because of Laziness NAIROBI, Kenya Colony (AP)— You can tell a zebra-by his stripes —and they mean he's lazy., wild game authorities here, say that though the rcbra In many physical ways resembles a horse or mule, he has proven worthless as a domestic beast. A lebra can be harncised, they say, but just can't be induced to pull a load. He has no heart for the task and gives up without trying. Thousands of zebras are running around free in the African wilds, unwanted by humans because of this lazy streak. OFTEN NEED A LAXATIVE •yrup of Hlack-Dnu<ht I* Meal for children ne*d1nc » Uxallve btcaiue of Irregular eit- Ins; or of aluKglithneM due lo e»naUf>aUon. Syt-up of BLacV-nrait&lil la cleasant laatlne. It li pure; nudt of fine Imjxirled Jierbs lUboralorjr *x«HroH#d for uniformity. Gain ITIK itctdlljr ID popularity. Grown-ups take powder*"! or granulated Black-Druutht— popular with four generations, coats a penny or !**• * ,IOM. Ncit time get this reliable tuillve. JIMI kik your rftaUr for SYRUP OF BLACK-DRAUGHT National Cora High-Yield,• 1949 Champion Is Raymond Farm , of Biscpe, Ark. HIS RECORD WAS: 218.98 BUSHELS PEA ACRE Ho grow more com en a measured acre:-than any oilier reported In the na- lion! His seed corn was! Peppard's FunkG-711 VATICAN CITY, April «. TAP)— Roman Catholic IVoly Year pilgrims STOII will be able, for Hie first time incc early Christian days, to worship at Ihe S!»t where St. Peter is said to have been buried. \ A church announcement said that the ancient Vatican grottos under St. Peter's. Basilica upon which excavation has been underway for more than a decade will be inugiirated as places of worship in ceremonies late next month. After that, Vatican Informant* said today, mass and otHer religious ceremonies very likely will be celebrated daily in the underground spaces. Five altars have, oeeri erected, using fragments of the Basilica that the emperor Constantlne built te 337 to mark what now church archeologlcal cxperU believe to be the final resting place'of the apostle. Vatican sources said there is room in the grotos for about 5,COO people. These grolos ore part of what was once the first St. Peter's Basilica which bad been built over ancient Roman cemeteries. They are divided into thre enaves, supported by massive pillars. "OW at 40,50,60?" ^ Man, You're Crazy ^I^E^SS^T^MS O=l rei Tonic T«blrt* tor p«p jowtiw IvHUS. ia* : ren; dir. New ••,* «e u Wnl«l" ,1*. rif K*. At all drug stores everywhere — tn Blythevlllc, at Klrbr"' & wood! Drug "Soy ft With Flowers" Blylheville FLOWER MART Memphis Hiwaj . rhMe MM cm row sot wn*IF.i • an tM»a Aran is i*> tOW 10XDOWN WTO « MOHTW H> WIT ' Trade TiresTodoy and SAVE! Ouwf OptnHng Action F.AI¥.«Arr»w" l«"I^WMlMI«w«r IM 1.25 «.»•> OEC »»w, W^M, *-*•»» • twrw itoGfp tfttfaf fn*9t • Pr*c;'*>n mftllm*J cmt r*rts • Air tnltin tint Mooem *tr«arnllned desi«^i and dependabl* qoality at a pop- alar price. Rubber tire*, rubber covered roller, eloee meshing precision cast gears and improved adjustment of cutting blades reduce operating nolaea to a ia»i» whisper. Mororefo 169.95 Sere's a beauty 1 Big 10* Broadview screen, 2 single con- irols. Smart mahogany cabinet CHKK THESE SPKU1S1 OH»»J» . aa HM VNW MMIOK I«OT [,*•«•*« 9.93 A SMALL DtfOSIT HOLDS ANT ITEM For Trimming, Pruning Grassnip The*e aH-parpote «h«mr« trttm grass, djg weeds, prone ihraba, Smooth, «T«n spristg actkw. Heary *ity. B.F. Goodrich Phone 6331 MONEY DOWN! Massive SPACEMAKER fium New 1950 Standard Low Cost Operation Latest GE Features DOWN PAYMENT Goodyear Install iance on These Terms—No Down Years Ranges Washers Ironers Clothes Washers Toasters ixers Available on the Easiest Terms TIRES GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 West Main Phone 2492 >-' "**''"-. ,,) - I , •' ^ -' ' f ,V"l- ' * s S""~-~* * . '&&<$&$:$, • ,'r M. . ,>\ r-j^ '.•-, • <

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