Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 27, 1946 · Page 16
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 16

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1946
Page 16
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I J , Oakland Tribune, Wednesday, Feb. 27,1946 SI Business Oppsrt&itiis I WONDERFl beauty salon, estab lished business; new equipment: (4000; easy terms. Getchell, attfti Castro Valley Boulevard, Hayward; pnone collect 37SO. l-iouxlOM lol, unuiiproved. corner of 12 and Madison street; win lease. Frank Steffenson. Metro politan Realty. 13uu Webster; GL co-court 8' 17. -v I 13-room hou.se. near Lake, tiains and- drug slre. Suitable for doc- tnnr offices. I E mplepar twiw. Bisiaiss Opport. Wanted ' I ALWAYS MORE BUYERS IThan businesses to sell. Phone today, get ready to leave. "Hill I Realty." 1616 Webster; 1 w inoalu 5TS2 ' I ACTION guaiaiiueed, list immedi ately; buyers waning, aparocr Company. established 25 years; GL encourt rt:3. j ANY going jHlsinesa, at once: eontt- dential; do Tea tape, ivc uogg 4-2822. I CHINESE client wants glocery. res- taurant. flat ana name. J. w. sing and Company, brokers, 550 Monl- f ornery Sireet. San I'rancixco: H tna I CLEANING and pressing shop wanted. East Oakland preferred. Box M17010, Tribune. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE BULK wine per gallon, sweet. $2.85: white, 91.85; red, $1.65: no Rale under 5 gallons. 5291 College, Qak-land. HU mbotdt 3303. BAKGAIN bundle of fine wallpaper for 1-2-3 rooms, bave to do. m Friedman Paint Company, 568 14in BOUTS, nam, 2 formal; boy hand-made sweater, never worn, knit' dress; miscellaneous. KE I- iQtTty 4-7725. BOXES. Army veneer, trunk sue $2.54); barrels, $1.25; packing craves. snipping. trucK and rail, anywnere. KE Hogg 4-4243. BiYE. aula. iie-war. very g i tod cond i t ion : accessories : lad y " skates, hize 7, pre-war. used twice. PF rkelev 1W7M. after . bLOCtva. k u o t I y. lough; uv lengths; also suitable for fireplace; tl2 cord, delivered. KE lloeg 4-4129 BANO tw Um4mu, jg Mtn. iw-iiw?!! sticker, 6-inch sticker, other cabi- net machinery, kk Hogg 3-4"x bABEE Tend safely chair. Chan. Mazzie. LOckhaven $-2241; Mac Arthur Boulevard. BELL cietei field bed, 2 matching chairs, 1 9x12 rugs, electric iron. SW eetwood (-904. I MAN. wan cash a figure- will mvMt take active part, small man ufacturing, processing or truck business. Box PI 32984. Tribune. 1 $ A1X neighborhood grocery store with living quarters, in s-asi ubk land. Box m 17474, -rnmine. I li'iVI1 in luiv re-1 .4 1 1 lumber aid: full information first letter. wi Rothehild Building, Portland 9 Oregon. INVESTMENTS I CAPITAL desired from three Intel ligent investors to become associated in patents, manufactures, dis tributions: with or without serv ices MacLean. TWItimm n. 55 Loans, Personal Cattsl I APPLY by phone (20 to $1000 loans; for quick action, pnone iirsi, vneu. if approved, come in lor tne money. Household Finance Corporation. Broadway Building, 1419 Broadway; HlKheate II iSL I APPLY at Personal wheie four out of five that ask for loan get it: $10 to $1000 or more quickly. Personal Finance Co., 433 14th. corner Broadway; GL encourt g'iHO. I CASH. J0-(1000 ask about new 18 months' plan to repay most loans, courteous service: loan on auto; furniture, salary. Dvian Finance Company, 5" Kith Street. Suite S05. TW inoaks 3HD0. I BICYCLES, and repair, 5 30. lllgligale 1753 after Bl 1LDLIU AND MA.NLFACTI KE.KS Attention. Can furnish asbestoa raw materials. KE Hogg 2-044U. ByBY hli chair. Traveled buggy, child's potty chair, bassinet, ballu- net. Tavlor-tot. 379 Elwood. H1.IMIS- VLNt'llAN Meliow-Lite steel Venetian blinds: free estimates. LOckhaven 8-21H2 BAKBLCIE gnlis (all ,f, made to order: 1-day service. 305 2b I h Street. off Hamsun. BOY'S jacket, 5-S221. jtiniur bicycle, Isi5: fur sue 1$, $10. LA ndscape BLACK die... xe ltj, green drapes, $15. -Hi77. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FUR coats, clearance: drastically reduced. Brill's, 608 18h, off Tele graph. GLNkHAIG- sIAKIEK Exchange; any car, truck. Miller Electric. 3141 Saa Pablo, Oakland; HU mboldt 7818. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE STEAMER trunk, 96; 1 suitcases, $5; door drapes. $7; blue overcoat, $i0; all used articles. 958 18th, Apartment 3. SUITS, 3, topcoats, 2; size 42. regu lar; cost to S uj each, almost new; :i 5 eac h. 624 Prospect A venue ; 1 E mplebar 5.i:0. Si lilts, MariM Eitiits CABIN cruiser. 30-foot, g-cylinder engine, sleeps 4, good condition, $2300. TR imdad 79fi5. Kt.ViUi.Si-: geai, $a5; Cuno oil iil-ters, $2.95. United Surplus Sales, Third. Broadway. GENERATOR. AC do ruble. itas driven, new three kwa hours- IttOtli 81 fcLL 1L1N4. C ABINET KPM fi.ur ccle. A510 Best Bu-1 Desks, chairs to match: steel itor- tane Service. GL encourt 42t;0. ("aiie cabinets. See Economy, 1306 GAS ILOOli ItRNAtt Dual-w all: lrnmedi; Nave Electric, 2323 MtfiDiablo, nut -Creek 4404 Franklin tbaement. deliveryrf SAVAGE Wai. GOLF clubs, matclifeki set, Mac-Gregor woodi and iro all leather bar $125. TH ornwali &43D, after 5 p m. HOSPITAL beds wheel chairs fox rent, filing cabinets, office f umi-ture. Harrv Berger. 7M 12th Street. .,h strong, good bow, case. 670 14lh SUIT, man's, gray, sue 38 long: excellent condition. TE mplebar 30K. HEATERS tkeruenei boutiiit. serviced; parts. Bill Dix. &U Broad- wav: TW inoaks 38H7. HOSPITAL bed. complete; wheel chair $70; camping iuipment. 2143 Ninth A venire HOSPITAL beds;, vaiy reasonable; vegetable Juicer, wardrobe trunk, AN dover 3088. HORSE Uailel, UK,; l'7-Uui Fold. express body, $40. 1337 Second Street. Berkelev. HOUSE o new; 20 52WO. ietauranl cubic foot. reii igeialor. TH ornwali SMOKE shop fixtures and magazine racks, reasonable, 6x14 folding iron pate. 4t 13th Street SHOTGUN. 20 gauge double barrel with shells, $25. 2510 California Street. Berkeley. STERLING silver service for three. Granada pattern. Phone LA ke- SEWING machines, portable electrics and treadle machines. 4231 Telegraph Avenue. STEAMER trunk, shghtlv used. $35 cash. After tf p.m. Tuesday, 3342 totna Vista. HEARING new: S75. aid. Ratiioeai i TW Inoaks aunoat INTERNATIONAL niiUe niiwoiiie. ter, l'a-12-inch with c.se, $9.50; iteel protractors, $1 ; Pacific Dial Indicators, 0 375, $4.50; drill gager. 1-60 and l-18-U,-inch, $1 each. B. Simon Hardware Co., Broadway at Eighth. INTERCOMMUNICATION back and forth loud-Kpeaking system; $42.a0, complete. TW inoaks KS30. ICE box, lOO-pouitd, for sale, 01 part payment on davenport. LA nd- scape 5-wwo. SAFES, iteveial sizes. See Economy, 13(15 Franklin Street (basement. SLOT machine, 1104 EaL Ilia Suvei. TW iimaks 2176. SHOWCASES, wall and llooi. Jones, 3"49 University AVenue. Berkeley. TRAILER parts, supplies: butane tanks, stoves, aluminum awmng rail, moulding, Flex-O-tJIoss paints, electric brakes, wood tsiien co, 1W4 University. Berkeley. 22-foot light cruiser, custom built, newly renovated, no bunks. Gray marine motor, $25. BE rkeiey 7UM3 or EE rkelev 2140J 19ob V8 $5 hoi-sepower "converted motor and reverse gear, complete --sady to install, $2j0. 4173 Broad way. Mosleal lastrits Waitt4 WANT to rent, aood phonocraoh preferably with changer, for two months, call Mr. Hansen, Tn ora-wall m!S, 4-8 p m. 6 RADIOS AUTO radios Replacement parts for radios or combinations; guaranteed; 24-hour service; delivery. Electrical Mart, 25th and Broadway. TW inoaks 65 HOUSEHOLD GOODS - A big idea when buying furniture . . . 01 reel o lenuai furniture, 15th-Grave, and Wilton's. ItiOO Harrison, and take your pick from carload stocks, selling without f a ncy display. Open Sundays. 11-5. ALL at Wilton s ltAfO Harrinou; car loads furniture, emphasis on charm. firacticabuiiy: living -room suites uxuriouj.s handsome Accessories; bargain prices: parking. ALWAYS ouUUiul.tuf Lajaaui. attractive bedroom outfit. $33.50; bed divan, spring construction, $39.95. Cut-Rate Furniture Warehouse. 816 Fa-t l'-Mh$ open evenings. ALAMEDA; table-top Spaik stove, nearly new: studio couches, rugs, chairs, beds. Easy washing machine. 1220 Union Street. LA ke-hurst 1-1410. ' ALL at Ceutial i unture. lMh Lirovr. unumiieo aeieciiiin uniiwm sets, living rooms, bed divans; selling direct; prices lower; open eve- hmp-'. TIKES lor sale: recaps. ueu; most sizes: 8-hour recauDine service Oak Knoll Tire Company. 9529 Mac Arthur Boulevard; LO ckhaveu 8-1.LTt. ICE box. luo-pouitd, 20 loiding chairs. IBM r lfth Avenue 1 11 kt-ii I Tubes, recaps, "used; many sizes; 1 1-day recapping service. 607 East Einhth. - 1 r;-. h. MCE skates. Phone OL ympic 4j7H. awvr vvav evening BOV S bic(.ie. 20-iiah wheeib. outi condition. Phone AN dover 47 BEND1X Mahci, g.KKl condition. upright piano. Call TH intriad 7452. BICYCLE, boy's, 20-inch. 24J Perkins. Aiiartment 3. after 6. BABY wicker cart, with bl. :i4H Grand Avenue. ke. y BICYCLE. bo s, HI ghuate tj44ti. good cuiidilioii. jlONEY for yuu; to '61000. Local Loan iff. tnira rioor. iimim Square Building. 508 16th Street, GL encourt 5522: third floor. Cen tral Bink Building, 43$ 14ih Street. TE mphar HMJ I MONEY Afcash loans, $2uto $lot0 on salary. afo or furniture; only one trip to office necessary. Domestic Finance Corporation. Suite 212. second floor. Syndicate. 1440 Broad- vav: HI ghgate INKED money on lusl deeds of trust. H. L. Bryan Company. Keal- tnris; KE Hogg 4-5711. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE I AUTOMATIC storage tank hot water heater, all metal,, thermostatic controlled; fully approved by American Gas Association; 20-gallon size. special, $4250; no priority. B. Simon Hardware Company. Broadway at F'ghth. BILLIARD Uble lui ale. 1436 Mar ket Sireet CUTTING blocks, "Tuk-away" tpe, for home or barbecue; handy, useful in preparation of meats, game or salads; Dempsey At Sanders, 24ih and Harnson. CLOTHING, used, gabaidme siuits. $7.50 each; tropical worsted uniforms, $30, $15, $15; short officers overcoat, $2; long, $25, siie 40. OL ympic tW79. JAPANESE Samurai swoid; etoan owner: S7!S. Box PI 34507 , Tribune, KITCHEN cabinet. ieel, baked enamel finish, wall and base types; immediate delivery. 3201 Telegraph, HU mhoidf 40HI, preserver, goveiuiuent. ap proved, kapok jackets, new, surplus stock, actual $4.50 values, special vac. Kelly's. 2525 Telegraph. ujKiana. LIFT truck. Gasoline driven gen erator. Baker platform type, 3-ton capacity. S13M. HI ghgale 7310; HI ghgatf 7:tH0. LOVELY mohair chesterfield. $35: dinette set. like new. $17. OL ympic VS32. Wednesday and Friday only, after 7 p.m. LAXY'S suits, gabardine. 1 brown. 1 grav; also one 3-piece brown checked suit, 14-1B. AN dover 4077. t. TLNTS, SxlO wail wjlerpioufrd. flame proofed. United Surplus Sales. 3rd and Broadway. TYPEWRITER aood condition, Undeiwood; immediate possession. TR inidad 27n. after 5. TKASU bunieis, lids, delivered. 3-181!. I1.1 ste size, with $4.30. LA kehurst TWO camels hair fur trimmed coats. 14-16. cheap. Piedmont 2117. TWO V-tt special nulled liiaii com-preisinn he.-idv. KE llogg 2-eieei. TOP soil: nientv. etc. ai.-u excavaliiiK. uase-LA kehurst 2-5821. I NfAIMt.l) t Alll.StIS Plywood, ready to install In any shape kitchen. Montgomery Ward Retail Store. ALWAYS laiissesl selection, amaz ingly lower' warehouse prices; all new chesterfield outfit. $U9; Holly wood 3-room outfit, 9. 816. East 12th. ALL makes, ladius, phonogtaphs repaired in your own home by University of California engineer; im- meaiate service; lowest rates. TH ornwali 8736. CROSSLEY super - tube table model, U.S.A. stations, fnreifm stations and police calls; $50. BE rkelev 4122 MAJESTIC radio and phonoeiauh combination. $25. 1361 66th Avenue. TR iijad 2440. NEW table radios. $45 up; portable phonograph; open evenings. 745 2Hth Street. ON Zenith console. 11-tub. radio aet $125 LA ndacape $-:W PRE-war Motorola auto radio, piac-tically new; model 301, with aerial and dials. LA kehurst z-8789 after 4 ::o. , - PACKARO-Bell console combination radio-phonograph, recording attachment. 2(0 PI edmont PH1LCO, 1K42. cabinet pusli button. perfect condition, ll tone, sa; rif 10th Street, apartment t II Tricks, CoamaroiarCars G.M C. one-ton panel delivery ex cellent condition; overhauled engine; exchange for sedan in good condition. (1875403). 1245 Fourth Avenue. HABHYS Used TrucKS and Cars, 4326 East 14th; one lt41 Auto Car diesel, H. B. Cumnungs; 35-foot emt van. a HARRY S Used Trucks and Cars. 4326 East 14th; two 1941 Diamond T aiesel H. B. CuTnmmgs; 35-foot van, semis. - f HARRY'S Used Trucks and Cais. 4326 East 14th; Peterbuilt, dual drive diesels, 35-foot semi vans; 22 to choose from. LAND yaL-iit, Luicoln Zephyr motor; built-in office, llvme. Quarters. JNo. 1-491P Nevada. PI edmont $bt)4. to t on IV for aonotntment. MA-AUTOS WANTED ALL AUTOMOBILES. ANT MAKE luo needed immediately, 1932 to 1V42 models; tor appraisal, can mz. rxe-lev 3200: evenings. AS hberry 7977. Western Motors. - 3u27 Shattuck, Brke'ey. AUTOitlOBiLE uigetUiy needed 1pajr caabi; top dollar; call any time. Please a&k for Art. Jimmy or Phil; days, PI edmont 47DV, nignty. TW inoakt 01 n5 ANY-ali converuble: Only convert- mie specialists nonn ox los An geles; we pay the mon; any mane, model. Bernheim'y, 3500 Broadway. ATTENTION I NEED HELP!!, Urgently need late model car: n cash; price doesn't matter. BE rke lev 3(i4W. TRL'CKS for rent: drive it your self; low rental rates by year, day w een, or montn. Telephone TE m plehgr 0203 or KE Hogg 2-1221. 1 iiuiLfc, speeo tjiuwn-Li pe, com pletely reconditioned, $100. TR mf-dad 8?g. - TRUCK winches, also power take- oils, new, used. Learners oarage, 3800 San Pablo; OL ympic 9182. UNITED Slates Government trucks. trailers, now for sale to the nub he. For information. Harold Reich, 3315 san Pablo: rI edmont 8228. RADIO tubes; immediate service on all radio repairs; we pick up and deliver. McKav Radio. 4015 Mac-Afhnr. KE Hogg 3 -am t RADlO-phonoKiaph, deluxe caninet, ALL should know about -.furniture savings. Central Furniture. 15th-G ro ve : show rooms, no fancy d is- play; carloads; low overhead; prices lower. A-l caiidition, Beautyiest inettress. springs; divan; overstuffed chair; niahoawny chair; Wedgewood stove; cedar chest: pillows; carpet sweeper MSB Lakeshore ACCEPT tins suggestion to buy furniture for thrift-prices at two display room. Central Furniture, I5th-Grove: Wilton'?. 1'iOO Harrison. ALL hours; Cenlial Furniture, lilh- Grove; Wilton s, ItiOO Harrison, open daily until 9 p.m.. Saturday until $, Simdnvs A I- I EMU RE, S BOOMS De luxe outfit, springs, mattress, rug. S25fi 50. Servants' Furniture Warehouse, 2if0 Grove Street. L'SKL) stair carpel, approximately 70 jard. Hoscils' Slioe Company, 475 41 ti street. AD J L STABLE baby scales. $5.95; cast aluminum skillet-;, $3.9.-1; Wiseman's Appliances. 2420 Shattuck, Berkeley; TH ornwali ANTlUL'E spool bed with box springs, Victorian walnut dining room set and commode. OL ympic 2H03. VENKilAN bhuos, steel, pre-war quality; flexible steel; quick in stallation, best service, direct from manufacturer; free estimates. OL enrourt 3153. Co.MFOit TABLE divan bed. iwli; , 7: . , eiy reasonable TE mule-nearly new; Keystone projector,! .iy rMM,nauie- -m Hi mm. camera. Creig editor and , . ... . n -,, . VENETIAN blind, steel, uuick de splicer With viewer. PI edmont . LAU, lul1 f"Ul beaver tout and jKery direct from our own factory. 7727J. , . rxtr"vll. vuuuiuuu, Continental Venetian Blind Um- OL ympic HU or KE liogg CAM Eli A, Leivi. F 1.5 Xenon ieps; ii. v cce?4eTi tes, including . Leitz , en larger, exposure meter, filters, eu Call alter 5 p in., TR imdad 744 panv, 2 81 ii(5 I AUTOMATIC electric heavy duty sump pump for flooded basements ; constant protection day and night; completely automatic, with motor and cord. $45.75. B. Simon Hardware Co.. 8th and Broadway. I ANTIQUES, sludio Febiuaiy clear ance; drastic reductions, furniture. I lass, silver, brass, figurines, mis cellaneous; afternoons, 1H13 Encinal Avenue. Alameda; LA kehurst 2- 5379. Al TO 1st AT CO V Lair 1000 sets; free Installation; choice I patterns; fibre cloth, gabardine; many leatherette trim; alo tailored to order. McCsrty's, 2024 San Pablo. 1TK mpiehar S7f7. . ATTENTION, machinists. StaxieTT, Brown 6s bharpe and Lufkin tools sold at wholesale prices, without priority. B. Simon Hardware Com pany, Broadway at Eighth Street. ClitC U LA TlNCa healers. l.UOO and 20akx B.T.U.; direct sales r installation; Radiant fireplace heater. KE ttofg 4-0524. CH1CKLN eguipiueul lui aoo chickens, garden tractor with plow and cultivator and b double rabbit pens. TH inidiid Wid7. 1 , excellent condition, LA kehui-vt 2-fi(i29. LINOLEUM laid bv the yard, rea- sonabie; free estimates. AN dover w EDGE WOOD Uble-iop. pie-war I1 aluminum burners, chrome han dles, oven regulator, incinerator; immediate delivery- General Appliance Company, 2425 Telegraph; TW Inoaks 130 MOUtRMK wnu Kll L -1 t.x Old cracked ceilings, cracked walls made like new; easily applied; free demonstration; $3 does average room. Albrile Paint Factory. 34a) East 14th. CANVAS COYEKS. Waterproofed; tarpaulins all sizes 5c square foot. United Surplus Sales, jra-Bruaoway, MATERIAL, pie-cut, build one 5-room house, cabins, garages; tow down payments. Contra Costa Housing Company, 6707 Broadway Terrace. WHECK1NO building. Bancrof t-Tel-ektraph. Berkeley; huge quantities plumbing, pipe, doors, windows, lumber, etc. See salesman at job. Cleveland Wrecking Co. CAKBOLOV end-null and clutteis, brand spanking new. at give away prices. Sam Ctar Company, 495 -id COMMLkClAL Kfc.tklGc.kA HON Reach-ins, walk-ins, home freezers. Aelna Refrigeration Company, TH oinwail 52tK, AIR matlrekses $7.05 canvas, chests. chain, diamond saws, engraving machines, ski caps, rubber boots, hoes. United Surplus Sales, 3rd- Broadway. I AWNINGS, new or recovered, solid color, striped selection; duality work and material; garden furniture. Bav City Awning Company, KE Hogg 2-BfWtl. lADHESIVES for waterproof con struction, slsalkraft building paper, water and wind proof, fiber, pipe. Special Materials Co., AN dover 4100 I AUTO gla.-a metalled while you wait; reasonable; factory methods. California Auto Supply. $430 San Pahlo; HU mboldt 1210; opposite California Hotel. i CAR top camels, ail steel frames; double vacuum cups; supports up to 4ou pounds, for skis, luggage. iseiiy s. z vzvt leiegrapn. CAN V AS Lovers: waieiuiouf tar- Lpauhns, sues 5x7 to 20x10; new Kelly s, ?2ft Telegraph, Oakland. I ALTO parts for all cai.s. motor re building, brake mung. arums turned. Hubbard Auto Parts, 2618 Telegraph (opposite Seam. TE m plrhar 3020 COW iiiAuuie, well lotted, ouc sack; vanaaien- peat mosr:, sj.va bale; cash and carry, 2tl32 San Pablo, Berkeley. CASH iegislei, rings to $0.1,5, will trade for good adding machine; we buy luggage. Stone's. 1586 Seventh Street: TW inoaks 4Jr4. COAT, biaik I'ersiau lamb, peiiect condition, $400; after $ p.m., GL encourt 2373 COMPLETE hatdwood cub, $12 30; table-chair model high chair, $8.50; good condition. 27fi'j 28th Street. COUCH, 2 matt testes. 6-year crib with mattress, Taylor-tot, Til ornwali 3942 CRIB, high chair. Tavlor-tot, rec ord player. 2230 Buena Vista. Wat-nut Creek. MONTGOMEKY Waiu ReUil Siuie has roll brick siding; no upkeep expense; ceramic granule surface; S3 75 roll cover 100 square feet. MONTGOMERY Ward Reinl Siore has ponderosa pine; wood molding. 12 patterns; quarter round; low as tWP 100 fret. WALL Ilk- r $2 69; black, colored enamels, 49c ctnart. Dick', 2M4H Knt Mih oaoer. oualiiv ualteins. oil; accordion clothes dryer, WAHDKOBE tiinik, guod cundilion. $40; red fox fur jacket, medium size. $50. 1414 41st Aveime, after 6pm MENS suits and uu-uuni., high Irade. alt sizes. Ace Clothing, 00 2th, between FiankUn and Webster. MINK coat, IikIiL blown, si.e 14, sacrifice, $3W. GL encuurt 4J,. WOOD, heavy pine. 45c hack; hardwood, 60c sack; delivered: we have fireplace wood. 2405 Filbert Street; HU mbold 4336: TW tnoak 5611. MANS bicycie lol sale. iUW ilar-risnn Street. & MARTEN scaif, s-skui: 1 nunKcape; reasonablv priced. HU mboldt 1381. NEW 1'lyiuouih mutois, snort block assemblies: motor reconditioning. unit complete, $120. Hubbard Auto Parts, 2bl8 Telegraph; TE mplebar 3(120: oppostTehears UokK MIOEK, LEA 1 Hi R And compoMtion; sale $4 95. si7.es from 6-12. 1007 Clay; TE mplebar 495U. WASHING machine, Thoi ; netdx fainting, otherwise excellent, $J5. 4lfl 153rd Avenue. NAVIGATOHS chromojneter, all gold case, excellent condition. $160, BE rkeiey OlfMH. N WARDHOBE trunk; il Jackson Street, NEARLY new 100 pounds de luxe cooieraior, reasonaoie. jvi, nogg - 451!. OIL drums, Ui; 50 gallon capacity; compjete with hand pump; cheap. 2052 San Pablo, Berkeley; near Uiu-verfTv Avenue; TH ornwali 2130 ONE iady s bicycle; good condi tion: reasonable price. KE liogg 4-f ;! . OLD violin, Ki5; ba.svinei, $15, kin- dergJtrten set, $?0. TE mplebar 804.. WHEELCHAIR, ball Uaung. almost new; babv high chair; lawn mower. TH ornwali 0fil2 WORK aboes, all sizes, t-iKo. United Surplus. 3rd and Broadway. BEDS, mattresses. Spark sluve, m-cinerator, kerosene stoves, painted dining set, dishes, utensils; 2 rabbit hutches. $6; miscellaneous; reasonable. AN dover 4.r BABY grand piano, medium sue; 4-piece Monterey living room set; green enameled double Jjd, spring, mattress, bureau, ches OL ympic 6322. BUNK bedh, 2, complete with mattresses; good condition, 1 '-year-old: $43: paid SUV OL encourt 7:'B6. EI UE divan and chair; nearly new, reRMmahle. Z2M Hicardo Avenue. beautiful tone: wood 4-179. reasonable. SW eet- R C A. console. IliO; phonugiaph attachment. TR Inidad 67J RADIO, 8x4, $3U: carry in a .ull-case 958 lmh Street. Apartment 3. VERY good radio, 2 .50. 5.01 Telegraph Aveaue; HU mboldt 0940; evening. Piedmont t44W. ZENITH console, 72 push button do- niewllc. snort control: late condition. $ro. wave, police, tone pre-war. excellent AS hberry 4B42 ' JN1TED States Government trucks now for sale to the public. Johny's Motor ale. llB rr.i.t I4Th street. WHITE. 1U41 cliassis, 110 hoisepower 132-inch wheel base. fitOO. 218 Ellsworth. BE rkelev 6069J. (N910Pi. 2-ton senil-tiaUer, good condition special $125. Bernheim s, 3500 Broad way. Bl A Commercial Cars' Wanted A BUCK Pontiac or Oldmoblle: ex-service man; cash, or will buy equity. KE 1- IQgg Z-l.tiZ ABSOLUTELY necessary 1 buy . 1 cars; price no object: call AN dover 8S37 between l-e: KE Hogg 3-3767 after I pm, 68A RADIOS WANTED ANY make or condition: also phonographs. 5501 Telegraph Avenue; HU mboldt 0940 TABLE model wauled, cash. KE 1-logg 3-3958 ' S7 AUCTIONS PIEDMONT auction, new location, 1150 East 12th Street; auction Tuesday. Friday nights, 7 p.m.; 500 seats. Wal!ie Kellev. aurttoneer 70 PETS FOR SALE BOXER, fawn female, white blaze, white stocking, 8 months, von-Dom breeding: winner San Francisco-show. OL ympic 6419, week dav BOARDING, training: heat air con ditioning germicidal lamps; Boxers, champion stock. Route 1. Box 79A. Castle Hill Road. Walnut Creek 84 AUTOS BUICK, 1937 convertible sedan; good paint, tires, radio, sum, warranted, within OPA ceiling. Bernheim's. Convertible Specialists, 3500 Broad-wav. BUICK 1941 Limited sedan, radio, heater, low mileage; original white walls. $3111, - warranted: Within OPA ceiling. Hammond, 3068 Bmndwav, convertible sedan $930 war ranted: within OPA ceiling. Bern heim's. convertible specialists, 3500 Broadway, BUICK. 193 T" good paint, tires: radio: d; v A BUCK DiSlfUBLTOIL Howard Automobile Company will buy your Buick or any other make car. row narrion. .gmpienar 34tq. ATTENTION. Private Owner; World War II veteran must have good car at once; sedan or coupe; pay cash. TR inidad 1321. ABJiOLlTtLY WE PAY MOKE Cash for your car. Murphy Motor Company, Studebakes'4005 Broad- wav. ()L ymnic vm.i. AUTOS wanted, all makes, paid for or not. Phone for highest price Reynold C. Johnn, Packard dealer: TW innak WHO. A Biuck, iy;.7 Special coupe; In Jood condition; for cash. Enign . Z. Taylor. LA kehurst 3-22O0. Exterution 441U. leave messsee. A -buyer alwa on dut; OPA information given. Berkeley Motors, Z!w MiatiucK: tu; rkeiey Zfi76 eve ning: Sunday AS hherrv A private party will pay cash for good late model car; prefer f-edan, consider any model. Box M 3005 19. i rinune. K new car dealer: Dalil Chevrolet Company pays limit; buyers sent anywnere, any time, with cash. TW Inoak I1. ?fi?o Broadway. ALAMEDA Chevrulet dealer will buv your car. Phone LA kehurst 2-9221. Garland Chevrolet Co.. 2424 Santa Clara Avenue. Alameda. AAA Private party pay cash foi late automobile. Daytime GL en court 5286; Sunday and after $, I K mplebar 70lfl. A veteran going to school lias cash for light 6 sedan, club coupe; no older than 1936. SW eetwood 6092 evenings. A See "Oklahoma Joe." Get most cash for your car. Free OPA rating Information given. TW inoaks 4404; 3055 Broadway. BUICK. 1&38, convertible coupe; radio, heater; $995, warranted; with in OPA ceiling. Bernheim's, Con-vertrhle Specialists. 35(10 Broadway, BOSTON bull pup, male, $45. LO ck- haven H-ti24i. COLLIE, male puppy, sable, white markings; champion Mock litter. A.K.C. registered. 1059 48th Street after 3 p m. BEOS, twin; chest; good vendition. BK17 MacArlhur. SW eet wool a.104. 66 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AT Buck's Workshop: perfect. layer piano; orchestra attachment for dancing; terms; free delivery, "Buck" Wilkinson, 6700 East 14lh. Established 1! ANTTWUE rosewood piano, biass candlesticks, fine condition. Fox Piano Co.. 560 14th Street, GL en-court fl?ti5 ACCOHDION. 120 ba.se. Colombo. Al condition, $300; owner drafted. OL ympic 2236. AT Buck's Workshop; pet feci up rights, baby grands, evuo Last MUi; ojit'ti Sundavs. 1 to 5 CANAJUES. beautiful nedigreed Ger man rollers. Mrs. Biddle, 2tw Jayne A -enne COCK LBS; beautiful, pedigreed puppies; reasonable, 2187 East 14th. ran L-eannro. 0KEU ouooies. legifelered. pedl greed; champion stock. 2824 Minna Street. O.il htnd: KF Hogg 3-SB?S. COCKEK puppies, stud services. Crest a Nldo Kennels, 1676 Second Street. Hnyward 37.W, COCKEU spaniels; ail colors, ages; male services. 1700 Foothill, ban Ieandro. CANAK1ES. pedigired, lolleis, male. female, readv for maung. many light colors. Show stock. 3(M5 Togan. COCKEK spaniel, red pediKieed. 7 nnt-i n(. !f.T. ?f)3 Chnrrh Mreet. A laig seleclion of lecurttiitioiu-d pianos, terms, r ox Piano C o., 5bU i4iti street, tiencfuri bm UOIiEliMAN PuiNilier puppien, 3 months old. trimmed, inoculated; champion tock. HU mboldt ?','47. BALOVvlN Aciuonic spinel; inaliog- anv case; March delivery. Baldwin Piano Co., 1828 Webster, HI ghgale 1(136 bAKO.N PIANO COMPANY For best buys; Sunday, too; 1-5 p m. 23?6 Fat 14th Street. KF llorg f-1922. aood condition. Hf ghcate 2264. WOOD, any lenglh, dehwred; top soil. SW eetwood 0350. W HEEL chair, hospital tpe. good condition. $20. Piedmont 5sfiMV. WEUU1NG sets: one platimn yellow gold AN dover 4077. WHr.hL chair condition. ?15. lur sale, excel A N rlm r 0070 ' heiit COCA Cola elect i ic cottier 1 4 -case capacity. baigain. SW eetwood 9:m4. 1 AUTO repair eQuipinenL tools. block and tackle. l-ton floor lark, table saw. 1-horsepower, etc. 33?1 Viola StrrVl-" I A LllLLNE AN1 OXIOI N liOSE 1 Csed, excellent condition; will 1 wholesale lot. Sam Clar Company. 4S 3rd Street. I ALL BABY HkMllRfc tA $25,000 stock; price much lower: eay to park. Howards, 5330 East Mm. ALIO LM.INks Chevrolet, De Soto, Dodge. Pontiac, -'ivmoutn. simas Bros.. I4v s4in Avenue AN dover 4247. ARMY fOLDINti COTS 1 Pillows, bunk beds, sleeping bags, (steel cots, mattresses, other Items. A R M V -N A V l ARPALLlMk Canvas covers, rain jackets, pants. Coveralls, other items. 10U7 Clay, TF mplehar 4f0. ARM la cLAJMl.U t O VI RALLS Vises, tools, socket sets, steel cots, garbage cans. 1007 Clay, TE mpie- ARMY KECLA1.MLD t-4.1 1 RIALS Clothing, canvas cou. Sleeping bags, tents, tarpaulins. United Surplus ley, Third- Mroaoway. CHAIKS, new, steel, folding, exceptional value. Abbey Ken is, tilh Broadway, Oakland. CAKPET. 240 yaids, $4.s5 yard; cleaned; all wool, patterned; 27- 1nch carpet. OL ympic 4WHI. COAT, gomeuu raucti mink ; cost $1500. will sacrifice for $4U5. Phone KE Hogg 4-1503. CAMEKA. photo euuipinent, bought, sold. 5425 College Avenue photo ,shoP ' C1KCULATING heater. 8& iird ONE-lou luKsaase trailer. 90; racing bicycle. 41P5 Funthill. If) to 7. PKE-W AK plumbing aupphes, basins, toilets, sinks, chrome fittings, furnaces, water heaters. Albrite Paint Factoiy, 343. East 14th Street. PHYSICAL the i spy equipment cabinet bath, metal;- 48-light Burdick colonic irrigator; Kennison. standard model; reasonable offers accented. HK Tkelev 0130. Jatiy. lif-inni, Eastman's magazine Cine kodak, carrying case, $101; Albert. 4x5 contact printer, $9 50. Days, TE mplebar 3103; evenings, KE 1- Ic.g 3-MSB 24 cubic UhA stainless stei froen food cabinets, custom built, reasonable. Box M17143. Tribune. Street: TE mplebar 819 DIAMOND ling, appioxuuaiely 4 carat, surrounded by 4 small diamonds in white gold setting. T ornwali 071.4. PRL-CL T 4' AKA-LS, AltiNS Small buildings; plans furnished for erection. Nelson Ac Kugg, LO ck- baen 8-!'-: 532 East 14th. PIEU.ioNT auction, new location, 1150 East 12th Street: auction Tues day. Friday nights, 7 p.m., 500 seats, j w;ui-ie ivenev. aiicTiorveer. 3u-nii.li by 45-uu.h aie (ilaniagedi, $50; Taylor sewing machine. Cor-ner. 47(11 Shntturk. Onkland J.;i2 San 8-piete caMri'ole et, $i.iJ. Pablo Avfnue, Berkeley wall IW3I. - TH orn- BUNGALOW piaiio, excellent condition: Sundavs. 1-5. 1242 Kith Avenue. CH1CKEK1NG Baby Grand piano in excellent condition. $1000 cash. 2801 Fulton, Apartment B, Berkeley, $- CONCERT Grand, Hobart M. Cable, upright, plain case, excellent condition. S2S0, BE rkelev 4R12. CONWAY piano-player, $150. Toyg 4-fjfS ' EMEHSON suuaie giand Brown, Si reet $150. Mih. upstairs at 2396 East 14th ES1EY upriktit piano. l-'HL'O after fi p m. TH ornwali MASON A Hamlin small uptight, plain ran, good condition. HU in-bold t 7574. MASON Hunt! in grand, excellent condition, terms. Fox Piano Co., 500 14th Street. TF mplebar 87 ORG AN b MALL EMtY Heed, natural oak, matching bench: perlect condition; bargain, $2ti5. Evenings. SW eetwood M25. 10 p-inl engaaeineiit ring, Folger Avenue. Berkeley. 23-jewe) lailioad vvatch, Walthaii), 3 month"" old, S7Sain nover i rn . DKEbSLS, coats, suits; variety of sizes; excellent condition and finality; extremely reasonable. 3tf50 Piedmont Avenue. Oakland PING Pong table-.; 5 ply toia naii.eiit construction; folding legs; Duro-st:iin finish; special $33.95. Kelly's, Telegrapb Avenue. Oakland. D KILLS, eieclnc poi table. unused hea y duty Black Ac Decker and Sioux, $45 KEllngg 2-4(134. FAIN I PA1M FAINT Sherwin Williams, General, Glldden pre-war. Ignited Surplus eWles, Thud and Broadway, SO Mi$ctllintoui Winttd ALL used building materials, plumbing fixtures; cash paid. Symon Brothers. 22nd Avenue, East 14th: KF, Hogg 2-3771, $U. lul PIANOS Beio.e buying, be suie to see our large selection. wa and up. Call for Sunday or evening appointment (free delivery. 3iK miles i. Cline Piano Co.. GL encourt V765. 12th-Wehster. PIANO, small 50-inch size. DACHSHUND puppies, icglsteied. KF. Unci- ,S-4(i79. r itl.Sll horse meal, lot pound, liee delivery. Call AN dover :Uili2 r'HKK oue-yeai-uid mat. pups. 1224 f!2nd Avenue. GRAND Lake Pet Shop, :t:i-J Grand Avenue. TE mplebar 1731: pups, parakeets, canaries, parrots, - mun-keys. ish. supplies; open evenings and Sunrlav. BUICK 1938 convertible coupe; ra dio, heater: 11031; warranted, with in UfA celling. Bernneim s, t-on-vertihle Specialist, 3500 Bmadwav. BUICK. 1UJ8 Koadinaster sedan: un der OPA as is ceiling. (1095. Albany Motors. Ford dealer, 836 San Pablo. Alhnr.y. BUICK 1939 Special sedan; pel tec t condition throughout; warranted. 11003, within OPA celling I7B902I. Leonard. ?RL0 B2nd Avenue. BUICK. 1940 Super sedan, radio: 11339. warranted. Howard's Cars in Albany. 9'9 San Pahlo. CADILLAC, 19.19 Special sedan; beautiful car, $1775; as is: terms; within OPA ceiling. 3624 Adeline. Emeryville. Mr. flake CliLVUGLKT 1929 sedan, $150, as is, below OPA ceiling: before 7 p.m. 763 Frederick ttoad. San Leandro. 197514SPI CHEVROLET, luh sport coupe; good transportation ceiling. As is. iSJNltiUP'. :i(lO below OPA Call AN dover (i85. CllfeVKOLET 1932 sedan: good cun dilion; needs motor work: (200. as Is: within OPA celling M470P. lllf!9 Bernhardt Drive A new Pontiac for your used car. See us today for details. Sharman Ray. Co., 2414 Central Avenue, Ala- meria. A Ex-serviceman has cash for clean oar, from private party; will pay the price. LU ckhaven 8-212B, Hich mnnd 5077. AAA Lady needs clean car badly from private party; SW eetwood 4Rno spot cash. ARMY wife would like to buy late model car; will pay cash, at is, ceil- Imr AN dover 79'14 A returned veteran desires a good used car from private party. HU m- holdt 1370 A SALESMAN MILL PAV Top cash for good light car from private party. AN dover B723. A A-l ALTO MOllll.l. Any late model clean car: cash; ex- servireman. KE liner 2-17fi2. A private partv wants good car; have cash. Call any time. AN dover SRfW A private party, pav cash, 1937, 1938, 1939 Ford. Chevrolet or Plymouth. I .A ndsrnpe. H-S13L A good used car wanted for cash; after 6 p.m. and Sunday, call AN-dnver 6W) i AUTOMOBILE needed at once; must be in good condition, KE HoKg 3-1106: nf'rr B p m.. PI edmont B778 MA AUTOS WANTED SALESMAN needs late model earl badly: all cash, sw eetwooq ob. VETERAN wanU 1842 Fleetline I Chevrolet, good condition, from private party; pay cash. TW Inoaks CHOI. VET iieds lata model car. as is: will pay cash. LA kehurst I-SMjl ef'er 4-30: principals only. VETERAN needs 1935 Chevrolet I coupe cash. Principals only. Box! Ml 7048, Tribune. Vit'TiiKV worker needs car badly: other car wrecked; do not call after I 8 pm. Piedmont VETERAN wants 1940 convertible Ford. Pay rash. AS hberry 3587. , WHOLESALER must have 2 good cars for business, price no obtect. Phone 8-. KEllogg J-1066; after .l rVKlloeg z-.ini. . VOU can get lop price for your carl by a call to Garland Chevrolet Co .1424 bana Clara Avenue. Ala- nirua. 1940-1942 model: must have quick! from private pOTly; cash. Charles, I HI gheate BIl. - S 5 COMMERCIAL TRAILERS i A-l factory-built luggage trailers; I 600x16 tires, all new parts, 4x6 box I full steel frames: $115.50; ton ca-i oacitv. Trailer Kin Manufactur ing Company, Tunnel Road, Wal-f nut t!eek. ANIMAL and poultry trailers. pull trailers. I KE More 2-1221. uto BAGGAGE trailer. 8 feet long. 41 feet 6 inches wicte, 37 inches high. 16-inch wheels; good tires. SW eet- I WOO(1 n.Vl KLNUilAAl. new semi-trailer vans, 2ti-foot steel van. $2195; 24 foot classic, (1099. Phil Dwac 154i I r-a-it i.tn street. p , LUGGAGE trailer: 4 foot by 8 foot. aieel frame; price $iou; e:wxl6l tires. 1412 Buena Vista Avenue, apartment "C. Alameda. JTILITV trailers, ail steel; braaes, tail light; suitable far contractors. I builders; (275. Don Tr Kimball. 1600 1 San Pablo. El Cernto. 86 HOUSE TRAILERS ATTENTION If you want vour trailer mnwit I call LA ndscape 5-1682, LA ndscape I a-ism; mgnt or day by reliable experienced trailer movers AAA Al ILMION Call Woodhouse to move trailers; It- censed, insured movers. SW eetwood l 22 13. LOckhaven 8-1299 N.SOl NCl.NG The new 1S46 all-aluminum Monte- I cito, built by Westrraft. cow on die-1 plav at 3)S Etft 12th Street. BIG stock new and used trailer I nomes: outstanding values: buv. sell, trade; see now, Brooksidc 1 Trailer court. 8519 MacArthur. Oakland: also Moody Brothers, 2061 sail r-anio. El cernto. BARGAINS in new and used trailers: terms; pay like rent 1127 I tasi iztn BIG de luxe Eastern built 1945. 17151 Webster Street. CLEAN brakes: Covered Wagon, electric I f)50. IVtqn Fast 14th S.treet. KIMBALL says: California's largest! stocK quality new and used trailers. Don L. Kimball, 1600 San Pablo, Fl Cerrttn: onen Sundays. LARGE redwood trailer-huuse. (100. 6214 Strobridge Avenue, Castro I Vallev. ROVAL hikae trailer. 20 leel, nearly new; htn-r, gas stove, oven: sleeps I four; electric brakes. White Spoil aiito t oiirt. walnut Creek. SCHULT 18-foot, sleeps lour, new.l exira neavy trucx tires, two spares. isin street at inm Avenue. AUTOMOBILE wanted, 1937 to 1941; private partv; will pay cash. OL ympic 7019 CHEVROLET 1934 bporl sedan; S450. condition (89D470PI. 2731 Adeline: AAA HI ghg.tte 1(10?. A lady needs a car; will pay cash. C.HI after 6 p m.. GL encolirt 2M. CHEVROLET 1932 convertible coupe. complete car, In good shape; (32, as Is: within OPA celling (7B911P). KF Hone 4 M?4 CHEVROLET k. 19114 Master, 35; good motor: as Is. within OPA ceii-InK. PE rkelev 0730.1. IHR"i(IPl. Salesman w&nts couoe or sc- dan: will pav cash. AN dover 7B42. A Chevrolet, f ord. Plymouth; clean pov well caeti, GL encourt 1194. GERMAN shepheid puppies, thor-oiiKhbred, 7 weeks, males (50. females $'t5. Orinda 3251. GOLDEN cocker puppies, thoroughbreds, healthy, reasonably priced. AN dover 3031 LOVE buds, ail colors, better bred, better value, (8 pair up; visit Aviaries, 2724 Viola Street; KE Hogg 2-79 TOA PETS WANTED GUINEA pigs wanted, any amount Hsvwsrd l:!?w wanted, PUPPIES, female Grove bird; canaries. Carter's. 2.02 Street: TW Inoaks- 4SB PUPS, buds. panoi!Taiid pariakeets wanted TE mph'har 1731. - AN11QLE auction connn Consntn vour antiaues tals at once. Piedmont Auction Studio HU mboldt 0tS0 iiung and O soon I rien- DCMP truck, ladies, complete, excellent condition. Sam Clar Com- panv, 4.1. 3rd Street, any, ara teeT, 4 LLLICAIESSEN relilgeiatui 1$ feet king: excellent condition; $4. 6215 College Avenue, Oakland. AKMY-Navy Mart; covemhs, field lac Rets; wool shirts, trousers; WAC coats; fleece, wool lined evil. 71 f a?t 12th. 2310 Broadway. DEEP freeze ne cieam c-tinet, t hole, white frigid aiie $145.- AN- doer HX2. DEL1CA1 E.SEN casei.. full vision; good condition. TH ornwali ??' , Di-eK, lovet.v. lishl color, $0. lNt Avenue. 1012 PAINT: Gray surplus, $1 gallonf enamel, $2 gallon; wall paper specials, 6c roll up. Koenlgsbcrg, 722 Clav. PhESblNG niacluiie. ' Piopeiity." copper; good condition; reasonable. 14s7 Fnntvale Avenue. PHACTICALLY new wheel thair. $25. KEilogg 2-32U6; 2214 Ninth Aemie PLAIJNLM lings, eng.eu.ciU. 1& diamond; wedding I; $Ju0. LA nd- s.nne S-5H33. ANY ainoiuit used ballilubs. sinks, toilets, basins: pipe, doors, windows. 2200 Cast 12th; KM, Hogg 2-0121. ANTIQUES, Oneiitais, furniture, rugs, miscellaneous. Pay cash. Piedmont Auctions, HIT mboldt 37RV A lgt.NKS, lIKLAEMs HAMLU Hi ghgiite b4'i A KM Y officei s clothing. Call eve- nrngs. Ff edmont 352 1W, modern case, excellent condition. 417 De-Joie?!, San Leandro, 2 blocks east nr rTuoi 73 POUITRT BARY chicks dally; best grade New Hampshire Feds, Rocks. croes, 15c each, (13 85 per hundred: Pul-loruui controlled. Garfinkrl's, 621 Wahlr-uton: TF lonlehar 3M0. BLACK loclilil. Cornish bantams. 4 fri7.e Brahma hens, labbits, 2 does, buck I.Orkhavrn 8-147S HATCHING eKa, by Match 20lh. exhibition quality, several varieties, stork, Oakland November show, cnminf TR inidad 0410 PIANO. Auellau, good condition, (17-a. Herman Miller. Buchanan Road. Route X, Box 43, Pltlburg, California ' I'lANOH SIN1 GL encourt 9703: 12th and ster. Cline Piano Compsnv Web- part; i Drive LEGHORNS, aHl for (1.25 each, ail or call any time. 7545 Greenly TR Imdad 2873 LAYING chickens. Rhode Islands. Rocks; seasonable: LA kehurst -1?n. HH Buena Vi.ja. Alameda PICKING, up to 12uo a day; 7c-lis. . 8746 Catra Valley Boulevard, Hay-ward 2V16 CHHVSLEH. 1940 New Yolker 4-door edan: warranted, within OPA ceiling. (15bS. 227 Shattuck, Berkeley. DE Solo, 1930 sedan 7HHJ25i. as u. within OPA ceiling. C75; good rubber, motor and body, LA kehurst DODGE 1941 sedan; radio, healer, fluid drive; (1428 warranted, with in OPA celling. "Pransport Motor 1 ompwny 3KM Fast l.tfr. DODGE. 1933 sedan; under OPA as is ceiling. (395. Howard! Cars in Albany. !9 San Pahlo DUKANT 1931 coupe UHB4i3Pl, (250 as Is, within OPA ceiling: food motor, tires, bod v. (12 East "th Street. HI ghgale (Sfis.3. FOKD, 1937, Supelcliaiger phaeton; radio, heater; excellent condition: (1300. as Is: within OPA ceiling I2K7570P). 5947 Beaudry, Emery- VI lie. FORD. ;9s0 de luxe coupe; ladio; warranted. (910. w ithln OPA ceiling, erma or trade. Webb Motor Co.. 2471 STiattiirk KURD, 1941. 4-Uoor l.n, radio, heater: warranted. (1128: within OPA celling. Albany Motors, 836 S.-in Pahlo. Albany, fOltD 19.13 Tudor sedan; overhauled: fine looking; radio: as is, (350; within OPA ceiling (1C7140P), AS hherrv 1689 FORD, 1941 super de luxe station wagon; (1119. as is, within OPA ceiling i9D648i; trade aedan. I.A kehtlt-t 3-3713. davs A dependable car wauled. Tit inidad 9538 after 8 and Sundays. AUTO, late model, for traveling snlesmnn. veteran. Hit mholdt 92H0. BE wise, see mc' fust! I pay top cash, why take less?. Walter Stanton, 2805 Broadway, TE mplebar 24O0 BILL a ALIO MART NtLDS Your car; why go elsewhere? East 141h Street. 400 BUSINESSMAN net-as car for ohlect if car la mboldt 1R?4 h?.c wife; good. COLLLGK girl needs light clean car, 1936-1940: principals only. LOckhaven (-6226, evenings LA ke- hur't 3-1753. COMPARE our deal; be sure you are getting top dollar for your car. Victory Motor Sales, 3735 Broadway. Piedmont 8573 CIVIL Service employee wants clean late model car from private party. KF More 4-7798. evenings after t. ( AMI IOk YOl K C AR Will pay top price, quick deal. GL rni-ourt 3993. OI, ympir 0088. CASH (or 19;:8 Pnniiac sedan good condition and fires. 900 Rodney Drive. San Leandro. TR inidad 7235. CHEVROLET. Kind, in good condition: I time r.nh. HU mboldt 5019. CLUB coue. late model, fiom individual Piedmont 54'4J. DON Lee wanls Cadillacs. Oldsmo-biles, other makes; pay top market Erice. uon ie, caoiliac, oinsmo-ile Dealer, 24th Harrison; GL encourt J4IK1 22-foot factory built, butane, electric I brakes, bath. Very nice; see this nargain. (1375. AN dover 1011: . "! r.asT istn streer. 1940 21-foot Plymouth house trailer,! very gooa cDnanion; reasonable. I Z'fl Kast 14th Street lb-ixn metal attractive, clean, ac-1 commodates two; brakes; (595. 15351 lQMri Avenue. 86 Housa Trailari Winttd ATTENTION! For quirk action, bring your trailer to 6455 Foothill. IX) ckhaven 8-1299. Rowe Trailer I ALL rasrt immediately lor trailer. I Urooksinef 8519 MacArthur; SW eetwood 6313. - ' ALL makes, models; cash: iiumedi- alely or consigned. 1127 East 12th. l r. mplehar 8j2B. AliOUr 12 feet, custom built, noli over (500 rash: private party, (6881 r.ar isin ntrecT. KI.MHAI.L PAlf TOP CASH For used factory built house trailer!. 1600 Sn Pahlo. El Cerrilo MX O.N wants trailers; will buy! youri or sell It for you. (622 root- nut. eetwood R5H5 WANTED small factorv-built house I trailer. 2701 19th Avenue. KE Hogg .-.wwi. 89 CARS FOR RENT CARS for rent, late model sedans. coupes, for business, pleasure or I .rips; we iiimisn xuei. 329 11th I street. TE mplebar n?n4 89 AIRPLANE AIRPLANE. Falrchlld P.T. IB: li censed months: teach fly; all I (liS.V Mr Hans. Hangar Number 5 Q;itnri.l Airrnrf SV ee'v-ood 8700 89 TRACTORS FOR sale, angle-dorer tractor: 40 1 horsepower; perfect shape: (2600.1 After a pm. Ht' mholdt inn2 EX-Army flier has flying job in Con cord and needs good car for transportation; will pay cash. KE Hogg 4-4P27 FuKD. 1937 sedan; auod condit buy equity $310. as is, within OPAihet de ceiling lettKMjafirj, .A n a scape S-H217 after 6 LA, si OAKLAND MOIORS M 1 DS vour car. Whv go further for your n2"n r.at inn. PIANOS, good selection glands, up- . PIGEONS, lacing, hornets, $1 each. rights, Piano some small sizes. East Bay 4133 Broadwav PIANO, KuiUmail, Ueinjo, excellent tone. 410 Cherry Way; Hay ward :iw- n PIANO, upnglil, Keller Brothers, for sale. Call after $:W, HU mboldt 8212. AU1,LNti 1Tl,'-i.H.PWk PIANO. Hamiiu upr.nrtU good con- ClbELL iron or donteitc sieain lion, in good condition. Will pay top price K Hogg 3-V'V, 1HV1V. Knvt, Mrt' rtav. nut t.l wheel chairs, chests, raincoat, wool t-l-lw " U1i ,ul"m. Mankets; wholesale, retail. JtJ7 East 1?th. 2T0 Broadway. At 'TO nuilon, ord. Pl moulh, tephyr, re boring, overhauling: all models and light trucks. OL encourt Hnl!dg4- 4tl 2fith Street. shop or office; brand new, no priority; Immediate delivery. Gen eral Appliance Co., Z42a Telegraph TWinoHk li:t0 PLASTIC supplies; 1m ne plexiglass. 2K04 San Pablo. Berkeley; LA nd- rape S-1734. A K001I(. PA1LB- PAINT &iterwi-Wank; waUu rrpelWsat , rope, tool boxes, clamps. 1007 Clay TF mplehar 4V. ALIO INOINLtt Fords, Mercury's, fephyr. Immediate Installation. Si mas Bros., 142$ 14th Avenue, AN dover 4247. . AM setti.ng etie; 3 beautiful diamond rings, asking $7 Ml. $300. $2O0: w ill arceot best offer. Dick Tyrrell, ? '74 Trl--irmrh INAHLL, $.U O ALL O.N Wallpaper, special; 10 cents roll up. D. J. Canty Co $5$ lath Street, Ttmptehar 71QB -. - ll.Hlk.lC IlKILLA, U-'s inch Electric screw driver. 12-inch skill saw, 4 horsepower bench grinder. Ji7 Clav. PAN 1 EX pies, late nuxiel. Vanity Box Cleaner. HI 1 m rmtrit 1 PAllt lit Mlver HI ghente 1777. oft lox r 6. w oi i b -ioo. slop LLLLIKIC lk ILL. AVAILABLE Thor V-1 s inch in stock. I' ni ted Surplus Sales, 3rd and Broadway. J.l.Ll'i T-J-nu.er bukKep.ng machine With large steel Oe-k. com- hmaton. $75 AS hterrr 7 t A1X sleet wa.k-in relt tg-iaUav dJ ten-perature. Displayed at 7tf7 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley AllO set co.eis, Lber. letheiette trim. Installation; open 9-12 bun- d.M B'Mfi Fat I4!h Street A-l COAT bAlfcl Frtun pr od ucer to you. oart TR tnidad fiF 25 cents ANTILLES, fnruiiure. ciutks, lamps. O fn. glassware, idee A-un m "p"t A1X steel ciotlies iotker, aie 22 kM. brand new. only M left. $2a 'r. .e-i. ?R3 Seventh FTeet A man s senuine Paigora navy blue cvercoet: nearly new; size 42; $4$. AN 1veT -rM At. Ml water piuuf canvas Navy hammocks; tents, rear Wi" i'H.t. 10th, A t t 1 dow n-ie-'h-r seepllg bgs. fieid Jjsckets. wool ftnri-.. canvas rr-i vS f,h. n""sr Wh-vr Ai'lii:i n 4 hunt Mrd. rented, "win Phllhi. A'r" ir C-L e eo'iri (vi. Itiu ed. l2u am FlI II Mbl s Bl ia anything that is available: eor-r.;ra.ed -f-eet metal Srding a'.d roof u g without priorities. Biackman-Arderson. lOSa 4nd Arenue. AN- S n i A rviiAhA Julias eiet(T7Tefceriy new cloth from moft erluve s'p: pore. lft.t$ E -rled Avente. PTKley; aie pes Tnursday eve- Ev Eh-uei nig kliAeny pin.t i.ti ale. 4Qo per d7en K E lloyg 2 S44 1 ELEVATOK. siUeslK t pe, u-lu! Travel TE mplebar :?4 ELNT A l N LAMP hental applies on purchase: tenwi. ai fine, 4-. Serv ice Co., 2002 University Ave- nue: BE rkeW 7iwa kl lkU.LKA liON ILLI' I KLLE Reach-in and walk-in boxes; sales I and service. Lee ' Refrigeration Service. 132$ Main Street; Walnut KEI HIOEKATOH, s t o v r. .ahmg nia-hine; walnut dining room set, studio couch, kitchenette "set. baby w aid robe, crvlt; cocker spaiuet KKM.trg 4-774: CANUV equipment, all kinds, lui nace. slab, kettles, etc. Call LA ke hui'T after ft pm- dittn. KE Hogg 3-IS-70 PIANO, upngni, exct-lletit coitUit.tii). $2"Q. After 5 p m.. TF mplehnfr RLMINOION pla ei UuiiHAM condition. 8- ln . 40 rolls. LO ch IKVIAl.t. oii.iulil . n. J ai.imuc een.. uiu wveral. variety makes-; alo Joan IirKe.s DfMignx, no rrtir nlannt Eat Rav a-io. 4!.ii Hroao'Bv LiA.ViU.0l gold, silv highest prices paid. lt21 Broadway, Jsfkvon .'-w-eler- DIAMONDS, the hgiie.-l pr.t. Jewele- 1701 Telef-ann. OsV-t.-trd MH,WAM HE IIA HI M paid. : Manv other famous makes. Fat Bav 1207 Bioadway, Oakland. MilterPiano. 41J3 Broadway. HU mboldt P MAXONIIS, IUL CAall A H E '. ' STL1N S AY, 7 loot giaiio. linsl Paviiig h.ghest prices in history!) new; musician; principals only. K'g Jweler. 1 1 1 Broadway. JJL.SKS, ihaiis, filing .aUuicl. etc., wanted; top prices paid. TE mpie-har ?W4 ESK8, sales and cilice euuipi.tant bought at highest prices; aee Econ- rmiy. 1?n5 Franklin t basement i . OocjD iifet-U .lUt'UMiii. Liuyiie loi $ voar-old bov PF rkelf v 4'M Eiehr-ticn uha and datio head SI 24 ind l-OUk ILKNAlLs, ALL auul Lb Complete installations from $75, terms; liberal allowance for old heater. Friedman s, TE mplebar 7377; evening Piedmont 3381 R ILOOI, . I ENALk! Hi. INSTALL Coleman-Fra r; earv payments. Goodwin's, Ai4$ Telegraph; Piedmont 8?75. (.uLLAsvaY Uu wan &eei tultiess n.at tress; also nurse's Gruen wnt watch with sweep second. Pled- fT'r.rt 5510 FLKNACE-S. ail lpes. water healer, floor furnaces; cotn plete lntai la-tinn: with or without thermontat. KF lWg 4 -A?4 FlNHINu UKkle. $.u. asMKlmenl; Bauach Ac Lotnb 20-d0 Ban power acope; 3 Coll Armr Special. . San- rl "i I 1-7 her tp a n. Alameda 1LIN 4btit-f. 4-ih-srt ietler lie, wood. $150: 2-orawer letter su-e. wood. $12 M. ee Economy. 1 'S Frarki'n St'eet t basement . LOU t I UN Al blkM T SAI L Double wall end panel ray heier: also prompt installation. KE Uogg 4"t BL1 K1GEKATOK. eieciric foi restaurant large home, brand new; guaranteed; pnee lesa tnan pre-vt ar HI ghgaie 3812. KAbBIT hut.nes, 2 does and a buck; lawn mower; Vtrtrota. 2"0 records; other articles. $2$ West MacArthur, HU mboldt 6481. IllljJiKSf pneit pid l.il gum., ant- muiutton, cameras, golf clut, suit. lugg-se. C. St W. Trading Pot, 41 F'r('1h Street SLii; fir . ii.ti. a 1?th. SKILLSAW, e TR imdad ty'71 TAVLuii-tol ivt t . p. 1fc-g. S vali. CL enrourt w ts aisled. Ltii. AShbeuy BENT ski equiprnent. sKia. bindirtgs, poles, $150 week-end; boots ?.c; ski pants $1 SO. jackets SL Kelly's. 2 Ti-tegraph; HI fgae VET EH AN neeus Mxdwotkuig Usa-cinnery of large Oelta sue or equivalent; aiso 12 - Inch planer. LA ketrirt 2 7'JJ f-f-rc W AaNlEO, Cinnpie.e ei p. lie in n er U-l Phf.ne TW tnoas-- QO'Q $ and up lor men irh and Frarkhn. suit. Coiner KADIO. sij. potlaOie LhorHgiaph. SISM; clearance sale houhoid T!IFWRITFBt L,a, Kr.f V" !-,. " PFMI WGTOIf portable. 1 eet . A nrt rnt OL rrpic 9225. VIOLIN. German maae, case and two bows; excellent condition $50. ?044 Santa Clara, rear house W 11 Y pay new prices lor used pianos? See our stock of bargains at Krliable Transfer and Storage. 2Hf7 f.Hh Avenue Miticil iRttrintiti rVastti AA Highest ea b prices won't last; sell your band instrument, acvor- lnsiruroents Una monito. Your best , 'J buyer is Best Munc. la Clay Street. OL encourt ?''33 up: excellent hobby. OL ympic 4hOO 100 white Jaymg hens!!' heavy breeti", laying heavy, reasonable. SW eet- wooa suz 74A RABBITS WAN1ED HIGHEST celling price paid for al liv e rabbits and .kins. OL ympic 301 or (H. yrrpic 7 ' RAblJlTS and skins wauled; we buy out rabbltries. Supreme Rabbit Company, 7717 Russell City Road. Jlavward K3JW. 75 HORSES FOR rent 100 bo stalls, with or w i ' bout feed; good place to ride. Phone Hnyward 2"2 HOIi.LS loo spilltt-d. must sell. 1 cowhprse. Western Riding aUablee, AN dover SJ:1 GNfc, J-ear-old guluen ' Palomino" mare: gentle but spirited; lady's SAN lJaiiio LivesuxK. Auction Yard, two carloads good saddle horses: also sun, ponies. (12a Dare Road, San 7ablo. 2 Moigan fillies, 2-year-old and 1-year-old: papers: mII or trade for tall horse KFllnfg S-nW. IS BEES BFES. hives: S supers, high tia supers and Iran, a, smoker, veil, giuves: t'ii. j;ul mil Ave- n-.e- K F !! 4 Ml TOKO, model A coupe, llstl, within OPA celling, (27G4M)Di. CLtn-eoin-t 3:i OL Tmpir OOafl FOlli) M-uaii. luMt, 4.i8 as is, witli- 0A celling. Hammond, 3068 nroanwav. OHAHAMv da lux. sedan; suiver-charger, radio; warranted, (7S. within OPA ceiling: terms, trade. Wehb "Mornr Co.. 2471 Phatturk EX-sccv iceman pceds lale model car; principals only. PI edmont 7878 alter 6 pm. I EX-sei in email wains car: needing repairs; rash. AN dover 4H9; nights. KF. llngg 2-OT81 GKT the top price for your car. Garland Chev- 2424 Santa Clara Avenue. LINCOLN Zephyr. 1K41 four - door aedan: Immaculate condition: within OPA ceiling, ( 1645.45. 2627 Shat- tnrk. Berkeley LINCOLN IViH limousine, (-passen- Ier IK20b2Hl. perfect condition, 136S as is, w ithin OPA ceiling. Bis- sonnette. n?fl 6?nd 5treet. LA balle la.7 sedan, will tlade, s,:.0 as is, within OPA ceiling (1CK924DI. Gl. encourt S. OI. vn'nie OoRH Jv ASH Ambassador Hi-ill sedan, heater, new tires. (1084: warranted wilhin OPA ceiling. Bcml'im's, Convertable Specialisu, 3500 Broadway Phonrite or rolet To.. Alameda. CLT OIK BIO On your used car. Transport Motor Company, .3851 East 14th; KE Hogg 2-4722 IMMLU1ATE cash at Scott s; use of car and cash 30 davs; option of sale or refund. Trader Scott, 2321 Broad- wav 1 will pay top cash lor a good re-liable car direct from owner. KE 1- loce 2-2244 days. NASH, 140 deluxe sedan; overdrive.- radio; svarraatoa. U27. wuhin OPA ceiline. terms or trade. Wrho Motor Co . 2471 Statutes: OLDwMUHILE, UJti. convertible coupe, &, warranted, wtlhiu OPA ceiling. Bernheim's, Convertible Specialists, .vww Broadway. OI.OsMublLE 141 I Inb coupe; hv- drsnistic. radio. (1523 warranted: terms, within OPA ceiling. 3W4 Adehre. Emeryville-, Mr Flake A Sludi-lils need Uuliipela. Clarinets, uxophones, drums, violins, guitar., accordions, pianos. City Xlu.ic House and School, Broadway, 2.!rd: TW Inoaks SV. ACv.OH10.N6. piatos and ail bar instruments wanted: highest r.s C.L encourt ;i. TE mpirbar 12Q1 Biva-LNkv & is oesnous of puntiu-ing foe cash, good grand piansis. Prion. HI ghgale 4343, extension JTi BL1 OivE aetiii baHo-mTlraiJ.f ills to others, see O MaiJey Music 6bop. 1108 Frankl.n biilot 6 in ii exit . e, 11 or P eitn l . iiU iu- O-MOTORCTCIES HARLEY 1(41 "1" o H V : want to bade lor car. Phone LA kehurst HJvLEV 1Ih2 4.'.. sioail heels, tl-1 ;ts. MOO l.A keh'irt J-Vi ,i LNOIAN Cl.ief 1J iwdei, excelul condition. (S0 cah. Carl Hoffma a Mnisis. VKI Fe( l?h Motorcycle, imi id n scout. food eonditton. Call after t p m. H t-idert 744 i ALnAis a a n m e. Nidiikiuiu . Bolbrook eood cond it irn LA k. I hnrn .inwo , Li Eoati. Minn Egpiaat "hlJCi.'' HiJsiUMJii pass up pniTi fr upright pianos; pm Its, grand. TR tn-rtd 6411 liLU tux ;a Kt-t. ie J2. and nnxel- RAhBli liutvb Utt wie. g-'. LO ctviiaven FL H ai aet. beauiif 1 nter fox: muff, rrat collar; excellent condition. 122 Viuon. Aiameoa. LA ke- biir1 J Ml i Mill' ?.... h-sn Htf, piv pen. b'. ttb, small foi ge sne and a ' -eah ng fur nare. eid rr rod . i-'it Evenings, BE rkeiey , ' I ic-. .iiS. !7-;eei U,;f.m,; i i .Mi. 17-eei ld s wetrh. $l SO; i 1 i .n rnp watch. tZZ Mk Ltick Tyr-) - T - k. A t L4 KM j any car irirt. M'TW r 3t saa Pt. OakiAAdg FI-OvVEH p.tts. fsnvy ! u. new guiinea. Gifl House. Grev e-Mac riv. atrit4st new tuiedo iuiu aiiet 35. 3, S7: very reasonable. Grays, 1?1 Pmftdwav j HfrXIKLE UIUN ( AK1.E Will ob off by the peund. Sam Clar f p , 7t1 ''et. f LhD ir..'-r l-.r sa.e. ii2 model Compkf' e with trann itnm and ail rr-"r.' I A keevi!-rt SkM. rkl-HU, BllkO&l Kidge-top $10 i-$35; pote. $2 99- cable bmnmrs. $4 5-7 V Ke-iy's, 2-2$ Tciegraph: Ui ghgale SAFES. d- i r.niM, pmw i ier. me jars- et. rpe. cana. man ne sunviies, reverse gear, c niiea aurpius ates, - RAsli.V PIANO tOwfANl Wnnf rir-- KF More 2-1? piH.e pe (i t.i ai t pe AN rtm-ee J4ii C O t iif.hCiAL lifchmg boat, miU. 0X PIANO (UMfAM S ECIAL 141 lUiiey "4 oerhed; blak. chrome, extras; KF li-.rg $.S"a GLlJSiul,lL 0 1441 sedan. Slim.; cleaned car in town; within Of A srianted reihng. Williams. auiS F-t 14'h lAi-KAKIl loo M-uan. ls-t, be-u-i.-ful. overdrive, radio, heater; $ltV5, warranted within OPA ceiling H-472Slit: trade.. GL encourt $Vt$, OLVT-nie f-tih8 FACKAKD Iwa LATE mixJtl car needed by bust ness man sedan or coupe trash i; will consider older model. Davs, PI edmont 4759; evenings. TW in- npl- ni(V wTTl LALY wauls laie pav vour price; K F 11"Fff 2-?f17 model cai, principals 1541 G.M.C. aemi-tractor-t r a Me r:l heavy duty throughout ; excellent I condition, ready to go. 134$ Whittonl venue. an joe. C LOST A small black dog, white chest. answers to 'Mex"; please return to sick hoy. GL encourt 8700, 1424 1 trrm nnve BHOW N and black dog. stands 24 1 inches; police, chow, husky, char acteristics of each; answer to I Poochy: child's p"t A hberry cHKS. I BEAGLE, female, 7 months, black, tan. white, vicinity Walnut Creek; reward. L. M. Parsons. Box 265. walnut Creek: phone Concord .713 , COHDE bag, black, containing bill I fold, 30: reward TR inldftd tW83. COIN purse, containing Kahn gift I orner. rv r. nnrg ,-trHi. DISCHARGE papers in leather case: rewara. Kobert day, GL encourt I S743 EAK ring, gold setting, star sapph-1 Ire. vicinity 19th and Broadway: keepsake; reward. Box Ml 7333,1 Tribune. FOX terrier and Chihuahua, light I tan, abort haired. Boatswain ; vi- I cinity 3435 Telegraph. Friday; broken hearted owner; reward.! PI rdmrnt !7R. FEILKKLING $ 2,'ix.O truck tire and I wheel, serial number OSftMWll, lost! between.. Jfnyward and Concord. I nnrnm 7v4fi. rewrn only. Lit-HI eeoan wanted Trade good i:4 Ford coupe, cash. PI edmont 3"PR e-enlng. MuhE ca-n at Trader Scott's "; his "know - how - plan" really pays. Trader Scott, Wet's largest dealirr, 23?1 Bmrdwav, TW fnnak i K A i r.HMTY pin. black enamel I with diamond: Sundav, East 18th I near Park Boulevardixawantl .,1. f-"r"iirr GLA.y-iLs, Jrather case, reward. I 2-23RS. jKOAiiS bwiss wrist watch, Fndavt OAKLAND OI IJLT U1ALEK Of fers bet prices for ued cars. Dai ley Motor, 4117 East 14th, AN d- over 10fe0 PhlVAlL p-ulv wa.its cto-ed seOan. 1SJK. l7. model T Ford, in Kood shape. I lrut,,LH,t $194U, S21 liol- night; sentimental value; Hp; rkelev 51MJ. reward. I KEYS, on 6o0 block Jackson Sireet; I Tinner pierce pnone TW Innak-; 283. LAUV b ioe aoid Bulova wn.t- w atch, vicinity 42nd and High f street or ronthlM pus; reward. flilV Alt lstt MalnS itif gud car; will call immedi-tlely and pay cah Cl.iivfiirl b p lOaT. e-iinse'- Tuetld, Fvtru- ary ig, heiween Ll Ceirr.o and Oak-!a'"1 t"t mboMt ?45 coi.veiiioie club H-i-i, Aiviv r.etds nit i in in (4 1 1 g ; war rani . Bernheim's. Convertible specialists, Rr-nadwav Phi'A- P-l IV nt-,l teh-il.av. l.t 1,1 car; call Andwver 27j after p m. J LOST LADi a uiuie gold wiim bich, vicinity of 7th-Mth Acnueaheeward. . 1 1 ajts i e ice I lent, j li.fM y 4s. K'Mid ctjHiOiiMm. 476 S Kenlitcky Avenue, iekee, from 3 to S PAt KAKi. J.4 convertible club coupe; clean; radio, heeter. S12.S6. within OPA ceiling:- warranted. Bernheim's. Convertible Specialists. 3VW Rm4wiv oL7 Ht I.j, 2-ctM.r sccictn: new paint, good tire, etc.; i.'iSl a Is. within OPA ceiling. Bern-hfim'. 3' w P mart wav. late model car for business; all cash. Phone Or- ine erter T p m. FkJVAlk I-AUIY Idust have any make or model 'that ru- r'-d: e-h. PI edrnnnt 5wR PKiWAIE pany needs pood used car, aedan or coupe. KE Hogg 1- ?'it anv time tru.k. Iw3 or Dewier KF tlorif l-iw, cr -ey cow near San Lo-1 renzo. Phoit LO ckhaven $-4)37$; rewft'-ff PA. EL fi net call LAUV S Lammru waich. broa band, vicinity Casper a; teward. ri 1 Cf me Q"M. MAN S biUfmd. between 4ta Avenue and Foothill. San Leandro: contains I moon ant ereieniii-1 finder please call TR lnidad4314. 1 m na en n-iKto; rew a rd rwrrk v?7 lii.-H ' 4j ' .erhui-d crtnpielel , tske car or cash, 21 1J Eighih Stresrt, rV"tie 1V41 Lo. a t 7 HsMM x t nit. guod tuo d'4n PI rKg V r7 years old; completely equipped, f Top C99h pme for" good rrands. s 11 .TriCkt. CBtrC!$i Cirt 1Q(Krn 8 1??, afer ff. y p n ' hr sS j ABafT THIC Ri FOR toe best aii workmanship and eeaworthinessi. aee our El Torn, rom boats and runabouts at 3J& tl ii jam -t 14. . pe; ti l CiMid.i rv"t ?"2 GaA V c' st-ui f il c. gao4. fe. vxbeap. SW eetwood 1S45 ImOeedlate doiivery; $75 14; all steel, fiiproof, combtna- finam If.. aTilr Si-Wtt. 1 11-1 Oe compartment, one wit lock. W.u.WiaclgV OltftOAKIig verted. I.o Fran-run. . JAveiiahle now. Tt- A Hrt rrnnant, saa- lan- 7? lrlsels. !'n.r sewtnf wsrnirvf t sm BOATS BY LMOK Con pany, Eat 14tn; KE Uogg ri mahout, aailbnats, eariy otlinprr; --TrTT mfOirateir priced T nomas Short. SI.IlJlr. .Mt nunfii m,,d Ii. : 7 s f -e--"t. Sin F Si-AIM- mahines. new. repair all Ownpsnr, 25 makes, t nrk eoaranteed: we buv cw n l'Nr X Kant two ptanos, ctap upright for country P'ce, baby grand or small studio piane for town swime. TH sn- triad 71 NEED g-Md used pa-rto Davs, irjad it KF lirtf -l4 Pianos simiu Highest cash price. Oine Ptan. Compare. 12th and Webster. GL e - Three left: 1 oe,; prices r1rit also CHev rolet pickup. Bernheim a, JVifl proa'lsi.v 1 ieft AKMY ton rucks, we have 2 left. ) Hi pnee. are right. Bem- J'Si P-nar1 IT bed. excellent. puuevs and lus Hi; step ladder .11 sires; buiidir.g. a- ?.! terials, Aibnte Uenina: quality psmts. Factory Branch. i3 ast HAL RLAX MlAbUbUK Installed m Bsnst ear.. IC1 V'rh Stre. 14-w.M. W FsUiilL KM Sot 4j - foot tmiiK - iimi cru.er: rn.hoeany csbins and de-k: 27'1 Ree at llttii Foothil Boulevard, PlANuS wanted leys y.Sr'.r F1A.VO warned aio in P.arHi Co . ': HI i-g'e A.N tv.J lial ss fi'l 11'h M iP u,n c.iI.m. ard. l ib frame, racist a"d pump, gocid condition, 7'i. 2s 2gte Avenue. Mi"tl --- PliMIAO. isol (722. wllKin . M-oan; ii u. i,..i.r I sun OI'A as is Howard a Cars in Alban. Is,. San ! K eic,eil Conie acre. nays most co-h for cars, equ'tles: out-of-Staie e; you 11 i clean cars fi" go.d watch witn name in-1 srnhed on back; reward. Phone ri ei -on cisit Sll UI.HAKLH ' S,x 3 Commander our. juM overhauled: (all warranted, within OPA ced-i" tsilham w: f j,, 4,h W IIA. S. llstl oe luxe coupe; exceo-tiooallr clean; warranted. 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