The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 27, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1944
Page 8
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/ WlGE EIGHT Cotton Ed Smith Is Badly Beaten ', Long Senate Career Of South Carolina Leader Is Ended COLUMBIA; s..o., July 20. <UP> —Governor Johnston's lead over Senator Cotton Ed Smith In yesterday's. Democratic primary 1ms remained steady as tabulations continue to come in. With returns complete from 1,442 of South Carolina's 1,540 precincts, Johnston has 125,947 votes to 83,765 for Smith, a margin of more than 42,000. Johnston Is still some 18,000 votes ahead of his combined opposition. Epps has 1,625 votes; Daniel, 13,307, And Merrimon, 2,850. At his Florence headquarters, Smith had only tills brief comment to make on the primary that spells the end of his 36 years in the Senate: ,.-•••.' • "If this election meets the approval, of a majority of the qualified voters of South Carolina, I abide by their decision." Close Call On Nantes Mission The big 13-17 wobbled drunkdily over th e murky waters of the English .Channel .and Staff Scrgt. Joseph S, Scapellato, son of Mr. aiid Mrs. .Charles Scappellato of 336 Chambers St., Clairton, Pa., waist: gunner, now nn Air Crctv Trainee at the BAAF, tried not to let the strain get him. •-Two motors • were gone . . . ravaged by German flak in a raid over . Nantes, France, and Uio mighty roar of Ihe Fortress was reduced to an Irregular, • hacking cough. J "Prepare to bail out," cried Ibc pilot. "The third engine just went." • Scauellato/looked al. his fellow crew members and saw they were as tense as lie. . Suddenly . . . "Jettison everything'* you can," shouted the pilot. "Maybe tin's old baby'll make it after nil." . Feverishly the crew worked, throwing guns, amriuinllion, anything-they could move, out of the plane. . "There's the coast!" shouted Ihc pilot.. "Stand by for a crash landing." ' the crew braced themselves and more than one prayer was silently offered„ in that moment. Thc wounded eagle faltered earthward. Then, with a jaf that threw crew members violently from their feet, the big fortress hit the chalky sod of' the :English coast and skidded to a stop. ,' "Ir-never thought we'd make II," says Scapclliito, a 24 year-old Pennsylvania!? who returned lo America early in 1944, after completing 25 missions in the European Theater. "I took part In the big raids on Schwlcnfurt, Hamburg, Stullgart, Kiel .> and Wilheltnshaven, but I never had ns closs a call as 1 dirt on that Nantes mission." Now, Scapellato, a former clerk in Clairton, Pa., is working on thc line nt the BAAF while (wailing his call to pilot's training. On thc •breast of his dress uniform he wears :thc Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Air Medal with three • Oak Leaf clusters, but he Is totally unimpressed by his honors. '"Veah, I got the DKC lor 'extraordinary achievement'," he grins. The .'extraordinary achievement 1 consisted of managing to live through those'25 raids. BLYTHEVa.LB (AKK.) COUKIEK NEWS HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Pacific War Brought Home; Mr. Glencannon Is Revived Reading War Correspondent Joe the city-am! nil over Mr. Glcncan- Jaincs caster's book, "Through the non. He Is mistaken for a British Perilous Night" (Macmlltan: $2.15), admiral, and In company with a Is like reading a running newspaper young American uiival officer who account of the first four major Pa- also Is taken prisoner, sluggers clflc iiavnl actions in Ihc eight through a series of complex nml months following Pearl Harbor. hilarious adventures which ought Old, old history, ns military events to mid new names lo the lone ros- go, Unlled Pressman Cuslcr's eye- tcr of Glencannon fans, witness stories about Doolltllc's To- • • . kyo bombing, Guadalcanal landings, GHOUN1) HEROES' raids on Wake and Marcus Islands, '"r|, e GUVS nn (ho Oimimi" i,\, and the Baltic of Savo Island fair- Cap t AUreV Pr eml?y IDuc ly jump out from the pases, so In- siTnne & T'earce S2SO) v ves „ delibly etched In the author's brain f ol of credit where it"s due mul are his memories. overdue. In interesting and Inspir- On hami In Honolului when the ing n , 1( , cdolc thc > H * Um . ^, s Japs struck nee 1, 1941 Ouster the vital part played by men ot the was in bed sleeping off nflecte of Air Service Command at their sta- a Saturday n ght party A! hough tlons all over the world. Yankee a seasoned, alertreporter, he re- Ingenuity was never teller displayed used to believe the Japs had at- _, akc ,' or ,, lstnllcc (he lnclim ? o! lacked. Not until a bomb narrow y the ASC ground soldier who linprol missed him and another reporter vised Rcncrator nhius from Im nrk did he shake the opinion that It ho,ns7a,f air tase 1 nd a and was just another Army maneuver helped keep 'the loili Air Force causing all (lie noise and rumpus. fl y [,, B A eood iiluir for n anna of Evidently the fortress at Pearl uns" ng hcroe \ \ e , pU g i »g Harlwr was so strong that its seem- . . . ' " bb '" b ' Ing Impregnability lulled those on I.OWKH MATHKMATIC'S the islands into even greater com- r, , ' . ' , , . placency than those on thc main- i, 0 " ,„ "*, n , t )>1B , s cnr ls How Inixl Many?" a book for juveniles by Jane Tokyo radio had cause to taunt ^ lOT y. It's a prc-book item for little '"Is designed to teach tlicm primary . .mibers. Number 1, for instance, Is j; Illustrated by the figure- and one rooster; Number 2 lias two rabbits; Custcr sailed with the remnants of that Navy. On the destroyer Ben- hani In tho Doollttle rnld, on the t n carrier Enterprise In the raids on Wake and Marcus, and on the cruls- er Astoria in the landings at Quad- alcanal and Battle of Savo Island. canal ami name 01 Savo Island. e aro mxes musc an It was the latter that most, of tho ™i"'<ler again in "Dralh Drops De'"ah" E , book is about. It, In effect, Is the '"ah" <E. P. DuUon: 52), and the s au. , n eec, s e . . , e story of the last, battle of the As- conl l'0sltlon clicks mainly because of '- toria when s death. ast, battle of the As- cs many ecause o he was pounded to an Ulll( l llc niethod of slnughtcr and 'a lechnittue of creating suspense. :a. reang On the Astoria, the long night Tlle Iftltcr makes up fo f her valiant but losin battle GILS- W " B ' unforlunate use o , of her valiant but losing battle, GILS- tcr sutfcred a shrapnel wound under cr sutfcred a shrapnel wound under t 'y o °" c urey Mc- hls left eye and siibseqiiently lost Burn «', described as "a slangy, the sight of it. cheerful redhead," but who writes Corp. Starling Bunch Returns From Overseas Corp. Starling Bunch, son of Mrs. Kale Bunch of Ynrbro has arrived back in the United States after more than two years foreign service in the Southwest Pacific. 1 Tills news was contained in n telegram lo Mrs. Bunch from her fan, who informed her that ho would be a patient svt O'Reilly General Hospital In Springfield,' Mo., for the next two weeks before coming here to spend his furloxign. He was scheduled to arrive In Springfield today. A member of nu Army ordnance company, Corporal Bunch has been in service in New Guinea and New Caledonia, as well as other Pacific battls! zones. the sight ot it. While playing down whatever modest part correspondents have in military alfalrs, it Is Ouster's articulate expression which makes his book. For In his detailed, human fears of suffering ami pain; of mental anguish aggravated by unfounded worries, lie speaks the part of any wounded soldier or sailor. ' If you like your current history straight from the shoulder you'll like "Through the Perilous Night." • * • GLENCAXNON'S BACK Friends of Colin Glcncannon, bibulous first engineer of the British tramp Inchclille Castle, have no doubt been wondering what's been cooking—or .distilling—with thc incomparable Scot since the war broke out. It had been feared In some quarters that the shortage' of Scotch whisky might have killed him off, for as anybody even remotely I acquainted with Mr. Glencannon knows, his very life blood is Duggan's Dew of Klrkintllloch—"a superior most exceptional product— the unvarying choice of discriminating connoisseurs in clubs, bars, private homes and In fact wherever an aged, mellowed, and truly Scotch whisky is appreciated" That Is his favorite quotation. Well, Guy Gllpatrlc has brought Duggim's Dew's best customer back, safe, sound, no more, aged but just as mellow as ever hi "Mr. Glencannon Ignores the War" (Diit- ton; 52). Wo meet him again confronted by a grave crisis. No Dew. He Is aboard thc Inchclitle Castle, at anchor In a Slngaporlsh-soundhig seaport and goes ashore to stock up at the moment the Japs swarm Into Scene Is a summer opera school speech also is hard lo translate, but Is pardonable because of her foreign extraction. The students, an Invalided marine, and a couple of German agents make up the rest of the cast. Throughout the book n marvelous vehicle moves, alternately referred to by the author as n "dump-truck" and a "wagon." An | Services of the American Red Cross extend lo 687 Army and Navy hospitals in the United'States and overseas with 4.86G Red Cross workers. You no longef need to" use any of youv precious points when you buy all-vegetable HumKo. THE N ine ^^ EAT Soothe nnd relievo tho !iot burning sting nnd ilch ol licnt rash, cool burn of painful Bunburn with Mcisurm, tlio soothing, incdicstcd [wwdcr. Ctmlnins ingredients E|)cciulisls oltcn uso to relievo thcso discomforts. Coats little. Demand Moisano. CHICKASAW Wesl Main Near Zlst Bt Sat. starts 12:45; San. starts 1:45 NlfTht shows 8:*5 Except Monday, oftn* 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Son. Last Time Today Double Feature "THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON" with Olivia Uclliiviland i Errol Flyim and "MOONLIGHT IN HAWAII" with Leon Erroll Friday and Saturday Double Feature "LITTLE JOE THE "WRANGLER" with Johnny Mack Brown & Tex Kilter and "NIGHT MONSTER" \vlih BcU Lujost SERIAL: "Adventures ot Ihc Flying Cadcls." Comedy. on a tree. Published by Henry Holt & Co.: Queena Mario mixes music and ' pense. or a some- of passages from tllc tlilu 'y of °" c Audrey Mc- ,, lloc , , llllve llcr s ' )e11 At the Hoipfols lilythevllle Hospital Admitted— D. C. Elder Jr., Kclscr. Dismissed— Wesley Lcc Cnlhoiin, Warden Mo. Mrs. Thomas Eskrldge, city. Mrs, E. R, Lancashire, city. U':i!I.s Hospital Admitted— Mrs. Johnny Hoffman, city, Kftthcrlne Austin, city. Mrs. Guy Roundvllle, Keiser. Jerry Baker, Tyler, Mo. Mr.?. En'rl Hnll, Cooler. Eugene L. Wadklns, city. Mis. Eugene Lnsc, city. Melvln Ludlow, Luxpra. TJobby Gene Roclgers, Car'ulhers- villc, Mo. Barbara Ann Gr'unow, cl'ty, Charles Gurnow, city. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. w. C. Colston, city, a, son yesterday Dismissed— Carol Tllman, Tomato. Robin Gill, Dell.'- , ' ^ iHcmpMs Baptist 'Hospital Admitted— J. P. Elmore, Osccpla. Mciji|)hls Mclhotilit Hospital Admitted— Born to Lieut, and Mrs. Herschel Carter, city, n son. Temperatures . , , High Atlanta 94 Augusta 97 Birmingham 95 Charleston . 59 Charlolte . \ .94 Chattanooga 95 Chicago '. g] Cincinnati 89 Denver gg Detroit '.' 81 Jacksonville .94 Kansas City '. .91 Macon 99 Memphis 99 Miami .....80 Montgomery 95 New Orleans 88 New York San Antonio 103 Saviinmih Tampa Washington . ... Dallas Houston 91 89 Little Rock Shrcvcport 102 98 95 93 100 low 10 75 72 77 75 73 K 69 CG 73 08 77 00 75 73 78 Russians pay about one-filth of ihcir wages for armament. on of this mechanical marvel would add much to the book which is fun reading despite its rough spots. ' *-»-e ^svwltl^Af nulfl • - MOROLIN WOULD YOU UKE TO BOY THE HERO OF THE J9S8 WORLD SERIES A DR. PEPPER 7 ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. We have rHree expert seamstresses on duty at all times. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—-Clothier FARM 0 LOANS 4% —No commissions to pay on the highest per acre farm loans available in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. 1 Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE NOBLE GILL AGENCY "Complete Insurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 Grandmother In,Uniform ' P!c. Erncst'lne C. Nix, of Hot. Springs, Ark., tin automotive clerk In thd Ordnance sHcpair Shop at (no BAAF, is the only soldlcr- urandmothcr at this station. Private Nix' grandson was born a year ago, while his /athcr was serving with the Scabecs In thc CarJbbena. If he roltows In the footsteps of the rest of the family It won't be long before he too' will be In service. In addition to his father and grandmother, he also has a grandfather In uniform Chief Ship Filler William Nix, a veteran'of 'naval service in World War 1, has been on active d»ty In this war since December, 1942. and Is now in the Soulh Pacific KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H.lp 15 Mil., of Kidn.y Tub*. Flu»h Out PoUonou. Wwto TO" ^5 ml f«*of ¥ T ° f "V^ i" your Mood ; ' . n* d.y and ni t ht lo help Naluto rid r,Um o( erceja acM, „,,, „<&„„„„, u When disorder c( k dnty functiontw ™ '™ n indictiM nnd d'iitir.c..i. tYSw/nl o^inn?i! iMMStj with nnutini; nni! Imrnini ,ot°£ j' 0 Tl:Hn^'or C bM,lo 0 , mcU ' i ' le WIOI>8 ""- .Mv"SScSu l ' c l?' h ° Ba , r ° OMbowi!U ; "'".'Jj^J,"' 1 }' 0 " 3 i (o r, °? c "w Jijuafrheir lush out Pill, RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Open Saturday & Sunday I p. m. Evenings 7 p. rn. Selected Shorts and News Thursday and Friday 'YOU CAN'T RATION ; LOVE" i - : with All-Slar Cast Paramount News & 'Short Ope n 7:30 ghow Starti 7:45 Last Time Today NEWS OF THE DAY Short .Friday and Saturday Arizona Terror with Don "Kcd" ISnrry SI'IU.U,: "Desert Hawk." Short * * " —«-^—•^•New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System . Last Time Today "LIFEBOAT" with William Bentllx Fox News & Short Friday SWING FEVER' with Kay Kyscr .SKUIAT, >fc SHOUT- TJIUKSDAY, JULY 27, 1944 QUALIFIED TO FILL THE JOB W. W. -Buddy' WATSON Candidate For Sheriff & Collector MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARK. His Past Record Qualifies * 42 Years of Age * 2 Years College Training * Taught School 5 Years * Deputy Sheriff of Mississippi County 2 Years * Farmer west of Osceola for 10 Years * Your Present Tax Assessor With an Enviable Record COMPETENT

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