The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1950 BLYTHEVTI.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Bankers Alarmed At 'Shuffle' Plan President's Proposal To Change Executive Offices Hits ABA By Sara Daw*on NEW YORK. April 6. (^P)—Some bankers ire getting alarmed at part of the President's plan to reshauffle Jfa executive offices. They see In it ^re attempt of the camel of Socialism to get Its nose under the tent of the national banking system. Two bankers, representing the American Bankers Association; ,are going to Washington Tuesday 'to urge the Senate to block that part of the President's reorganization plan. It calls for the abolition of the separate comptroller of the currency, who monitors the national banking system, and the placing of his duties and powers in the hands QJ the secretary of the irensury. " ' Free of Control The ABA doesn't charge that Uite is the first step toward nationalization of the banking system, but few of its members : do. Ariel ABA does oppose the proposal and contends the nation's bank examiners should be kept free of control b; othei governmental agencies, par ticularly one with political ties, such as the secretary of the treasury is apt to have. Some of ABA's members go fur ther and see in the proposed shif a threat to state banks also. Arthu T. Roth, president of the Franklin National Bank at Franklin Square Long Island, who Js egging all bank ers on to put pressure on the Sen ate. says: "If the office .of. the comptrolle of the currency is abolished, th secretary of the treasury would tak the comptroller's place oh the three § " n directorate of the. Federal De tt Insurance Corp. State banks are members of the FDIC, and thi dominating position of the secreta: of the treasury would obviously giv him great influence over the stat banks as well as the national banks. Objectives Sought The. objectives the President seeks In giving the comptroller's dutii to the treasury are: Economy of op '. eration, and elimination.of overlap ping functions. The ABA contends that nelthi objective would be achieved. , Not all bankers are fighting th plan. One reason is, Roth says, tha some bankers think the shift of th comptroller's duties to" the treasu: Is part of the Hoover Commission reorganization plan, for which the have beneral enthusiasm. They d like to appear to" be opposing;'th plan, which has widespread popula appeal. : Roth tells the banks that th Hoover Commission made no rec ommendatiori for changing.the ata n*. of the C9mpt roller's;, office, this idea ,U entirely* separate, 'Was Included iri the" President's - proposal without benefit of the Hoover Commission's blessing. , Jonesboro to G«* New Radio Station WASHINGTON, April 6, CAP) ' — Radio Jonesboro, Inc., applied to the communicatSons commission yesterday for a new standard radio station at Jonesboro, Ark.; 1 .Operations on 97o kilocycles/ one kilowatt, daytime only, were requested. Commission officials said th« company indicated It will ask that the station be known as KNEA. R. H. Halbert, owner of ; Hotel Noble at Jonesboro, la president of the company. fajlywood Continued from Page S n R. R. pradnctien. ...!•* rrieee the theater lebby: -I w«n«er OH- many own their orenwtsl* ' * • . • Donald O'Connor's bow to the ule Francis. "She's home writing er speech for next year." . . , Ann Blyth's warbling of "My Foolish Heart." She's been 'asking to sing a' movie ever since her arrival in Eollywood. Dead Pan Zeno KHnker> whose name alone s worth a'laugh; has written about lalf.a million gags as writer for 13 ears for Edgar Bergen and Charie . McCarthy, But Zeno says be hasn't laughed In years. Zeno says professional gag writ- TS appreciate I Jokes Intellectually, nsicad of emotionally, other day :eno told a Joke to another pro- esslonal gag writer. He looked at icno very seriously and said: "Zeno, trat's the funniest atory i've heard In 10 years." . Not even a smile yet. But he en- ioycd.the Joke. :; .'-,'''•.• • .' • ' • • Dolores del Rio's agent, Ralph Blum, says her salary demands are lascd on the tremendous expense involved In keeping up her south- of-the-border mansion while she Is Hollywood. ... There are four different screen plays for'; Ann Sheridan's next, "Girl On the Run." Ann will have the decision on the one chosen. '.,.'• * * • - loreda Young lays she isn't firing off to Europe to peek at the camera from volcanic forks or flii» through Italian dictionaries to find out whether the director fe erter- ine spachctil or retakes. She told me: "Hollywood, U. 8. A., Is good enough for me. The point is to make as good a movie as you can and I think we made good pictures here. I like to work under conditions as familiar and as well-set-up as possible." • •'.*.'. '•'. 'Next big : thing Ida Lupino will tackle will be the morality in D.S. high schools in -The Restless Age." McCarthy Hoping Jtefs, KA Official Claim* BOSTON, April «. (AP)-W. Av- *riU Hurinuri, returning from »n economic mluiea to Europe, uld yesterday Uut Red chirgu made by Wisconsin Sen. Joseph • McCarthy PAGE KINK are "helping Communl«t« and con-! luslng our friend*." Harriman declined to elaborate and told newtmen h* lud,t prees conference scheduled for later today In New York. Hjrrlman, former ambassador to Ruscia and now a special representative (or the Economic Cooperation In Europe, said In an airport Interview that "Communism la being rolled back" in Wett- ern Europe! This U true, he said, despite the fact that Communist* are using pressure all they can. Mm. Formosa Soft for Year TOKYO, April «. (*)—Vic* Adm. Ruswll s. Berkey iald today in a farewell interview there i« little chance of. a Chine** : Communist attack this year on Formosa. "The Chinese Communist! have been unable to capture islands 15 miles from their territory which the Nationalists have used to base Important air raids," Berkey said. "I see no evidence that the Communists have the equipment, or logistic -support to strike across 100 miles of water to Formosa." Berkey's flag as seventh Fleet commander wu lowered' tod** aboard the heavy crulMr Toledo a* Yokosukj. He leaves Friday to become Navy chief of Information is Washington. , <• Crocodile inarea are weighted to pull the animal under water, when It drowni. Brown barf brogue wi* medallion tip NON-WILT 7ACOMA COLLARS Steals Funtral Expenses 'CHICAGO, April 8. &FV-A'young man vnUced into a telegraph com-: pany office and handed manager James Darby, 40, a telegram which read: "Mother died. Funeral. Please give-me $200 or |21S in 10s and 20S." . • . . ; Darby looked up Into a gun heM by the young man; The gunman took 1250 from the cash register and fled. Darby Void police. i The State 't-o!v _. • .n. •••*-•. •:- . • Financial Responsibility LAW Js Very Strict! Before you .have an accident/call 3361 for automobile Insurance protection. For small premium, we include $10,000 Persona] Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance Agency Right in Step . With the Easier Season... • D'ORSEY . . . . 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