Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan on October 12, 1990 · Page 35
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Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan · Page 35

Lansing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, October 12, 1990
Page 35
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Television Lansing State Journal D Friday, Oct. 12, 1990 FRIDAY'S PRIME-TIME TV 7:30 p.m. $ NHL Hockey: Hart- ford at Detroit. 8:00 pan. ; CB Major League ! Baseball Playoffs: National ; League Championship ' Series. Game 6: Pittsburgh ' at Cincinnati, i ( IS 18) m Quantum Leap: Sam leaps into the life of a not-so-successful nightclub magician and single father who is struggling to keep custody of his 12-year-old daughter. CD (8) C4i) Full House (if) m 3 m America's Most Wanted: A Wisconsin man suspected of murdering his former girlfriend and her new boyfriend; a paroled convicted murderer, wanted for the murder of his second wife. S3 Washington Week in Review ARTS Life and Loves of a -She-Devil: Ruth's revenge I comes in the form of per- sonal success as she be-I comes a businesswoman, embezzler and she-devil. Zsftf Screen Scene CNN PrimeNews Icspn Event of the Day -DSC Wild Things: Apes - in Borneo that have learned Mo swim and catch fish; government-protected monkeys of Corcovado. ISPN NFL's Greatest Mo-I ments: Warriors, Wizards and Wonderboys. am Beauty and the Beast hbo Tales From the Crypt: A middle-aged man and his polio-stricken wife hold a young woman prisoner at an isolated farm. liri L.A. Law max Movie: "The Karate Kid Part III" (1989) Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita. A young martial arts student goes against his master's wishes when vengeful competitors force him to defend his local title. '. MTV Street Party nick Dobie Gillis NSH Texas Connection: Asleep at the Wheel. TNT Movie: "Raintree County" (1957) Montgomery Clift. Elizabeth Taylor. An Indiana youth falls in love with a Southern belle and marries her, deserting his childhood sweetheart. uni Yo Com pro a Esa Mujer USA Murder, She Wrote WON Movie: "Ordeal by Innocence" (1984) Donald Sutherland. Faye Dunaway. A research scientist in England sets out to unravel the mystery behind a woman's murder. WTBS Movie: "Airport" (1970) Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin. Dangerous weather, a demented bomber and personal frictions create tense drama on the ground and in the air. 8:30 p.m. CD (52) Family Matters: Steve Urkel takes the blame when Eddie crashes the car into the house. SS Wall Street Week: "The International Scene" With Jean-Marie Eveil-lard, SoGen International Fund. BIT This Week in Black Entertainment hbo Dream On: Martin's ex-wife calls on him to calm her premarital jitters. nick Bewitched NSH On Stage: Mickey Gilley. 9:00 p.m. CD (B UD OS) Night Court CD Q? SS Perfect Strangers: Larry is afraid to speak up when Jennifer begins dating an old college flame. ) DEA: Nick and a corrupt cop are assigned to apprehend El Loco, an assassin hired by the Cali Cartel to avenge the attempt on Rafael Cor-dera's life. (23) Off the Record Electronics AMC Movie: "Wild River" (1960) Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick. The Tennessee Valley Authority faces many conflicts while attempting to build a series of dams. bet Video Soul CNN Larry King Live DSC Carriers: Testing of aerial attack. DIS Movie: "High Road to China" (1983) Tom Selleck, Bess Armstrong. A flapper hires a former WWI ace to help find her father. ESPN Great American Events: Carnival Games. fam Beauty and the Beast HBO Movie: "Black Rain" (1989) Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia. A corrupt New York policeman plunges into the Japanese underworld to locate an escaped prisoner. iife Movie: "Blue De-ville" (1986) Jennifer Run-yon, Mark Thomas Miller. A female adventurer convinces her straight-laced friend to join her on a crosscountry trip with a mysterious young musician, NICK Green Acres NSH Nashville Now: Minnie Pearl. SHO Movie: "River of Death" (1989) Michael Dudi-koff, Robert Vaughn. In the heart of the Amazon jungle, an adventurer battles a Nazi scientist who plans to infect the world with a deadly virus. TMC Movie: "Fright Night Part 2" (1988) Roddy McDowall, William Rags-dale. A quartet of vampires arrives in town seeking vengeance against the two men who killed their leader. UNI Mi Pequena Soledad USA Alfred Hitchcock Presents 9:30 p.m. 33 (8) Wings CD Going Places US) America Goes to War The Home Front Landmarks & Legends: Bryson Rash shares stories behind some Washington, D.C., landmarks. DSC Firepower: Various attack aircraft and new technologies. nick Donna Reed USA Ray Bradbury Theater 10:00 p.m. CD CD Midnight Caller Jack encounters mercy killers when he places his ailing surrogate father in a nursing home. CD (3D 2020 My Talk Show 3) Fresh Fields: Julia McKenzie and Anton Rod-gers portray Hester and William Fields, a middle-aged couple coping with the empty-nest syndrome. This episode: Hester cooks up more than she bargained for when she spices up William's dinner. 147) 21 Jump Street ED WON News Moscow's Man: The story of Kim Philby, who infiltrated the British Secret Service as a KGB agent until forced to escape to the Soviet Union in 1963. 8 Hunter ARTS Inside Track With Graham Nash CNN Evening News dsc Hitler The Whole Story: The evolution of the rise to power of Hitler and the Third Reich. SPN Horse Racing: Meadowlands Cup. fam 700 Club MAX Movie: "Heathers". (1988) Winona Ryder, Christian Slater. A high-school girl becomes disenchanted with her fellow members of an elite social group. nick Best of Saturday Night Live PASS Hoverworld uni El Show de Paul Rodriguez USA Hitchhiker 10:30 p.m. Hardcopy (3) Fawlty Towers nick Femwood 2-Night NSH Crook and Chase PASS This Week in CART USA Swamp Thing . 11:00 p.m. S) GD CD (3D CD CD 03) QD bet News d ArsenioHall: Actress Jasmine Guy. (23) Movie: "Indiscretion of an American Wife" (1954) Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift. Before returning to her family in America, an adulterous wife meets her Italian lover for' a tearful parting. 2S Love Connection M.A.S.H You Must Be the Husband ARTS Ted Shackelford at the Improv: Comics: Larry Wilmore, Ron Darian, Ron Robertson, Bob Zany and Mike Dugan. ' AMC Movie: "Ten North Frederick" (1958) Gary Cooper, Diane Varsi. A middle-aged lawyer, prodded into politics by a domineering wife, finds his personal and professional lives falling apart. CNN Moneyline CSPN Event of the Day DSC From Monkeys to Apes: Examines the orangutan. DIS Movie: "It Happens Every Spring" (1949) Ray Mil-land, Jean Peters. A chemistry professor discovers a formula that turns the baseball world upside down. espn SpeedWeek fam Bordertown HBO Movie: "Bat 21" (1988) Gene Hackman, Danny Glover. During the Vietnam War, a downed 53-year-old Air Force colonel must rely on a daredevil pilot sent to rescue him from behind enemy lines. life TraceyUllman nick Alfred Hitchcock Presents nsh Texas Connection: Asleep at the Wheel. PASS Indy Car Racing SHO National Lampoon Comedy Playoffs: National I j I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r i 1 1 1 n-h I CU H 6:00 I 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 t:00 wwmt News CBS Current Preview MajorUagueBaseba J CBS, K'loo 3 - News Affair Championship Series - Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds. alities Tonight ,' j woiv News NBC Wheel of Jeo- Quantum Leap (S) I Night Wings I Midnight Caller (S) News Tonight Show (S) Instant lletter- nbc, Oetroit j j ? Newsq Fortune pardy! g q Court q (S)Q q Recall man e wnem News g NBC Night Cosby Quantum Leap (S) Nigh! Wings Midnight Caller (S) Newsq Tonight Show (S) Late Night With" . 0 nbc, Saginiw - - Newsq Court Show q Court q (S) q q David Utterman wlns . News 5S Current Ent, Major League Baseball Playoffs: National League Niwi Person- I America Wiseguy (R) , D CBS, Lansing 9 3 News Affair Tonight Championship Series - Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds. alities Tonight ' 7 wxyz News ABC Ent. Fuii I Family IStran- I Going 1 2020 g News. Nightline Challen- Kojak 1 abc, otro -To Newsq Tonight House Matters gers Places q gers a wotv News I NBC Inside Ent, Quantum Leap (S) Night Wings Midnight Caller (S) News Tonight Snow (S) Late Night With. - 8 nbc, Qr. Rpds 8 - Newsq Edition Tonight q Courtq (S)Q q David Letterman jn wilx . n News NBC Wheel ol Jeo- Quantum Leap (S) Night Wings Midnight Caller (S) News' Tonight Show (S) Late Night With . IU nbc, Lansing 4 10 Newsq Fortune pardy! q q Court q (S)q q s " David Letterman j wjrt - News ABC Jeo- Wheel ol Fuii (Family Stran- Going 2020 q News Cheers I Nightline Into the Night ' iZ ABC, mm 12 12 e Newsq pardy! q Fortune House Matters gers Places q qs Starring Rick Dees 7 wxmi Hogan Belved- Cheers Golden America s Most DEA (S) Q My Talk IHard Arsenk) Hall IS) Dance Movie: "Gloria" ' l( IND.Gr.Rpdt j Family ere q Girlsq Wanted (S) Snow Copy 1 ' Trax (1980, Drama). mWkad Asia Business MacNeilLehrer Wash. IWallSt. Off the IGoesto Fresh Fawlty "Indiscretion of an (Off Air) li pbs, MSUE.L 1313 Now Rot. Newshour Week Week Record War Fields Towers American Wife" C wevi IrumP Family I Current Major League Baseball Playoffs: Nationa League Love" I America Wisequv IR) FNo a cbs. Saginaw - - Card News Feud Affair Championship Series - Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds. Connect. Tonight . Place" ti wuhq .e Taxi ABC Challen- Prime Fuii I Family IStran- IGoing I2020 q M'A'S'H High School Football: Schoolcraft at 41 ABC, B. Cweli 16 Newsq gers Time House Matters gers Places Mendon. wsym Growing Who's Head of Night America's (Most DEA(S)q 21 Jump Street Arsenio Hall (S) I My Talk ILove l"Gaun- ti ind, Lansing 7 4 Pains Boss? Class Court Wanted (S) Show Connect, tlef - wkbo c Growing Family Who's Preview America's Most DEA(S)q News M'A'S'H I Preview Hunter Fall Guy INQ, Detrort 5 15 Pains I Ties q Boss? Wanted (S) g ' c wrvs . . MacNeilLehrer Business Neal Wash. IWallSt. Off the ILand- Moscow's Man You Movie: "fv artvi: (1955, . "Norm 3D PBS. Detroit 10 25 Newshour Rpt. Shine Week Week Record marks Must Drama) Ernest iiirgnine. Star wsmh Belved- I Mama s Hard Preview America's Most DEA (S) q Hunter Arsenio Hall (S) I My Talk lAuto From the inp. Flint JJweFamify Copy Wanted (S) Show Snow HiP'. ' AMC Movie: "Charlie Movie: 'Ten North Frederick" (1958. MoweTWiloTirverlS Am. Mov. Classics - 37 - Chan Contd Drama) Gary Cooper, Diane Varsi. Montgomery Clift, Lee Remick. Drama) Gary Cooper, Diane Varsi. ' River" A&E . Avengers Wilder- World of (Life and Loves ol a She-Devil (Part 2 ofTTnlidelrack With" fed"Shickelford at Life anT Loves of a She-Devil Arts-Entertainnwnt 33 28 J ness Survival 2) Graham Nash the Improv (R) (Part 2 of 2) BET Video LP ISoft News Personal Screen Enter- Video Soul (R) News (R) Personal Midnight Love lEnter- Biack Enieriainment 32 - - Notes Diary (R) Scene tamment Diary (R) tainment CNN ., a World Today Money- Crossfire PrimeNews Larry King Live I Evening News Money- Sports Newsnight " Showbiz News Ntwot 24 8 line ime Tonight Today CSPAN - House Viewer Call-In (Uve) Event of the Day Event ol the Day House Debate Public Affairs 28 - Contd ' DSC Beyond 2000 IRendez- World Wild Things (R) Carriers IFire- Hitler: The Whole Monkey IWildlife Pacific Rim to the I World Discovery Channel 35 9 vous Monitor (R) power Story (Part 2 of 3) to Ape Chron. Serengeti Monitor ESPN .. Sports Sports- Sport- NFL NFL's Greatest Great American Horse Racing: Speed- Sport- Baseball I Auto Racinq SGCA Sports Channel 23 16 America Look sCenter Moments Moments Events: Carnival Meadowlands Cup. Week sCenter Tonight - FAM RinTin Zorro(S) Maniac BigBro. Beauty and the Beauty and the 700 Club Border- Beauty and the Beauty and the i Family channel 27 34 Tin q Mansion Jake Beast q Beast q town Beast (R)q Beast (R)q . LPE P Super- BR (R) E.N.G. L.A. Uw Movie: "Blue de Vfe,T7i986, Orama) "" Tracey Molly On the Esquire llmrJove:- Liietime 21 35 market Jenmler Runyon, Mark Thomas Milter. Ullman Dodfl Air merit . MTV Dial MTV Guest VJ Street Party Dial MTV Music TV 30 32 I NSH . Video PM Cont'd Texas On I Nashville Now Featured: I Crook & I Texas Oh" Nashville Now Featured: Nashville Net 18 j Conn. Stage (S) Minnie Pearl; Dawn Sears. (S) Chase Conn. Stage IS) Minnie Pearl; Dawn Sears. (S) NICK Cant Do Make Inspector Looney Dobie Be- Green Donna Sal Fern. 2- Hitch- Patty My3 I Mister IRoom-. Nickelodeon 22 28 on TV Grade I Gadget Tunes Gillis witched Acres Reed Night Night cock Duke Sons Ed Daddy . TNT - Gilhgans Bugs Bunny 4 Pals Movie: "RainrreiTounry" (1957, Drama) Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Movie: The 25th Hour 1S67, Dramat Turner Network 34 5 Island Taylor, Eva Marie Saint Anlhony Qumn, Virna bsi. , UNI Maria de Noticiero Amanda Sabater YoComproaEsa Mi Pequena El Show de Paul Noticiero Mowe:""'" "" ::; Spanish Network 29 36 - Nadie Univision Mujer Soledad Rodriguez Univision USA Cartoon Express MacGyver Murder, She Wrote Hitch- Riy Hitch- I Swamp Miami Vice (S) '"iMovie: "Rockin' RoadTwT. USA Network 25 11 Q cock Bradbury hiker Thing S) (1985) Garth McLean. . WGN Charles- Abb. & Jeannie INight Movie: "Ordeal by Innocence" (1984, Newsq Night lEischied I Super Force T ind., Chicago 1718 Charge Cost. Court Suspense) Donald Sutherland. Court I . WTBS Beverly Andy Happy Jeffer- Movie: "Airport" (1970. Suspense) Burt Lancaster, Deari- NWA Wrestling Movre:':"Battie Beywtritrie ind., AHama 1117 Hillbillies Griffith Days sonsq Martin. Jean Seberg Power Hour Stars" (1980. Science FtctioJ DIS Fantasia: Creation Movie: "Young Harry HoudmT (1987, Movie: H-gn Road to China' (1983, Movie: It Happens Every IOzzie& Fantasia Oisney channel 15 31 ol Classic Drama) Jose Ferrer, Wil Wheatoa Adventure) Tom Selleck. PG' Spring" (1949) Ray Miliand. Harriet HBO . . Movie: "Millenium" (1989, Science Crypt """Dream Movie: "Black Rain" (1989, Drama) Movie: "Bat 21" (1988. Drarfii) Gene 1st " Home Box Office 2 1 4, Fiction) Kris Kristofferson. (S) PG-13' q Tales On (S) q Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia. (S) R' Hackman, Danny Glover. (S) R' q JTen . PASS nn Racing Ron TRerj INHL Hockey: Hartford Whalers at Detroit Red THover- CART Indy CilWack-'" iNHTRcckiyT Whalers at Red PRO am Sports 26 29 Cont d I Mason Wings Wings. From the Joe Louis Sports Arena. (Live) world Week Racing side Wings MAX . . Movie: "Breakm' 2 Electric Bcigaloo'' Movie: "The Karate Kid Part III" (1989, Movie: "Heathers " (1988, Movie: "Immoral" (1983, I Bund cinemax 14 26 (1984, Drama) Lucinda Dtckey. (S) PG' Drama) Ralph Macchio. (S) PG' q Comedy) Winona Ryder. R' Adult) Sylvia Lamp. NR' Fear ' 8 SHO Movie: -"Matt Helm" (1975. Movie: "Back to SchooT Movie: River of Death" (1989, fNaTionirLampoon Movie: "976-EVIL" (1989J T Showtime 30 Adventure) Tony Franciosa. 1986) Rodney Dangerlield. Adventure) Michael Dudikoff. 'R' Comedy Playoffs IStephen Geoffreys.iSj R' a TMC Movie: "Manequm" Movie: "High Spirits" (1988, Comedy) Movie: Fright Night Part 2" (1988, " Movie: "DeadToets Socie tr 71989," "Picas Movie Channel - - Contd Peter OToole. (S) PG-13 . Horror) Roddy McOowall. (S) R' Drama) Robin Williams. (S) PG' q jTrigger; I . I C: represents Continental Cablevision, which serves most ol Lansing; U: represents United Cable, which serves East Lansing KEY MO ViS nl Meridian Township; H: represents Horizon Cablevision, which serves most ol the outlying Lansing communities. I I Please tee Sunday's TV WEEK tor Horizon and Eaton Rapids cable conversion listings. Q :Close Caption; (R): Repeat; (S): In Stereo. ' Lampoon celebrates its 20th anniversary by crossing the country in search of tomorrow's hottest comics. tmc Movie: "Dead Poets Society" (1989) Robin Wil liams, Robert Sean Leonard. Students at a New England prep school find their lives changed and minds challenged by an unorthodox teacher. uni Noticiero Univision US Miami Vice WON Night Court WTM NWA Wrestling Power Hour 11:30 p.m. m (71 Darewuntiae 09 Tonight Show Nightline Q2 Cheers Wiseguy High School Football- : Schoolcraft at Mendon. ; SD Hunter Movie: "Marty" (1955) Ernest Borgninei Bet sy Blair. ---s?. Finally, Fridays offer somethings worth laughing about : ' Not long ago, TV assumed we ; didn't need comedy on Fridays. '."- If we really wanted fun, we'd go 1 10 bars; people giggle there. If we ;ere at home, we probably de- served "Falcon Crest." X But now that's changed. Fridays : and the rest of the weekend ! strain hard for laughs. That starts at 7 tonight with an "uneven "Maniac Mansion." It : concludes Sunday, with a movie ti- tied "A Quiet Little Neighborhood, " A Perfect Little Murder." We'll look at those in a moment, but first let's eye the network fa-ceoffs in-between: 8 p.m.: This is easy. "Evening Shade" (channels 3 and 6) has witty writing and gifted actors; "Full House" (12 and 41) has neither. 8:30: There's no easy pick. "Bagdad Cafe" (3 and 6) and ABC's "Family Matters" (12 and ;41) have good people with so-so material. I 9: "Perfect Strangers" (12 ;and 41) is a comedy machine, out- running its material. "Night .Court" (8 an 10) has its moments, v - 9:30: "Wings" (8 and 10), witty iand well-played, is several steps ; above ABC's well-meaning "Going Places" (12 and 41). !; : MANIACAL COMEDY: When Joe Flaherty heard about this week's "Maniac Mansion," he had his doubts. "I'm distrustful of comedy people doing sentiment." That turned out to be fairly well-founded. The show's finale, a graceful ballroom dance, works well; the rest of the episode is only moderately funny. But one of the joys of "Maniac Mansion" is its freedom to fail. "This is a good time," Flaherty said. "All of the networks are falling all over themselves for something different." He knew that freedom early, with "SCTV." From the distant world of Canada, fresh comedy . was being created. - But then he crossed the border. I "I've been working in L.A. and I TELEVISION By Mike Hughes . was thinking in that groove. You start to get into that predictable way of thinking." That's when he got an offer to return North and work with top people. Eugene Levy, Flaherty's old "SCTV" partner, produces "Maniac Mansion"; others include David Flaherty (Joe's brother) and Michael Short (Martin's brother). "Rarely do you get a chance like this; it's a real freedom thing." Flaherty plays a mad scientist with an odd family, including a brother-in-law who's a fly. It is sometimes very funny . . . and sometimes exercises its freedom to fail. MORE CABLE: That's part of a mismatched duo Fridays, with the light "Big Brother Jake" at 7:30. There are other choices on weeknights. At 11 p.m., cable-viewers can catch stand-up comedy on Arts & Entertainment or "The Tracey Ullman Show" on Lifetime; at midnight, Channel 47 has the delightful "My Talk Show," And the cable bonus tonight is the "National Lampoon Comedy Playoffs" at 1 1 p.m. on Showtime. There are glimpses of 31 comics, including Detroit's .Norm Stoltz, with longer views of some. That includes a wonderful turn by a newcomer named Amos Ew-ing, plus good moments from others. "I talk too much," Evan Davis admitted. "I've joined a self-help group called On-and-On-Anon. Our meetings go forever." SUBURBAN SATIRE: What happens when former activists move to suburbia? They have trouble finding their home, which looks like all the others. They also have trouble telling their neighbors, most of whom are named Don or Judy. At least, that's what happens to Robert Urich and Terri Garr in "A Quiet Little Neighborhood, A Perfect Little Murder," at 9 p.m. Sunday on 8 and 10. "It's a real cookie-cutter community," director Anson Williams says. This would seem like Williams' home turf. After all, he grew up in Los Angeles; he played middle-of-the-road types in everything from McDonald's commercials to "Happy Days." Still, he insists he's not all that suburban. "I grew up in East L.A., before we moved to Burbank . . . We were one of the few Jewish families there." It was a quiet reminder of what the fictional characters find: Life can be uncomfortable, if you don't fit the cookie-cutter. Williams' directing career has had too major boosters. One is his wife and business partner, Jackie Gerken, a former studio executive. "We met on a blind date, believe it or not." The other is his friend and former "Happy Days" colleague, Ron Howard. He's the one wheieon-vinced Williams that young acjors can become old directors;-"nbw he's just a major movie mogul." Mike Hughes is the Lansing State Journal's entertainment editor. His television column appears Monday through Friday In Today. Where to write: Mike Hughes Lansing State Journal 12t E. Lenawee St, Lansing, 48919 Vf WINONA JEFF RYDER DANIELS Dinky Bossetti is about to find out what legends are made of. WELCOME HOME "CLASSY, CRACKLING SUSPENSE." Pilar Trtnm, I0UM6 STONE PACinc mi l PMiKuil'ilrriMl'nnml 35IQ0i0l FRI. (1:00 3:05 5:10 $3.50) 7:20 9:30 11:30 NOW PLAYING 15 If cfj k4rMd hy TWvNirth I mtur? Fro aMil M 321-3300 ml i PrinUhyHEUXL" 1 JV-' ''" '''' " ' C A R M I C H A E l - Jt's good to want things. PARAMOUNT PICTURES PRESENTS AN ITC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP PRODUCTION WINONA RYDER JEFF DANIELS "WELCOME HOME ROXY CARMICHAEL" LAILA ROBINS DINAH MANOFF "S1H0MAS NEWMAN &.1KARFN LEIGH HOPKINS "IKAREN LEIGH HOPKINS "PENNEY FINKELMAN COX JIM ABRAHAMS A PARAMOUNT PICTURE: DO! I TODAY'S TIMES ED t ipf B "Stunning, brilliant, frequently hilarious." IXlvkl ren. NKVX UK "Funny. Sharp. Fast. You have to see it twice." -RuhjnH .Kliv.. I I.Mh "Breathless and brilliant. Riotous and beautifully cast." -Vimvra Jill. I NK SKw" Y K I IMK (ioodFelkts RESTORED TO ITS ORIGINAL BRILLIANCE -Tiai WAlt IKK COWVMV.. iQl' (W$W'S CLASSIC TH Exclusively at Meridian Outer MERIDIAN MAll I 349 1700 PG-1 3 PMENTS STRONGLY GaUTIONED SomcWltftHMtelinpTopTitelotChildtgnUnJcrl3 Outside Meridian Mall " 349-4104 Welcome Home loxy Carmichatl Winona Ryder Fri. (5 00 S3.50I 7:30 10:15 IPG 13) Henry I June Dolby Stereo Fri. (4:30 ( S3.50) 7:15 9:55 (NC-17) oilcarftt frem riw Mm Meryl Streep Fri. 14 45 l $3.50 7:30 10:15 (R) Stale of Graft Sean Penn Fri. (4:00 4l $3 501 7:00 9 45 R) Presumed lMeirl Harrison Ford Fri. (4:15 H $3.50) 7:15 9:55 (R) a 1 Fri. (4:30 8 $3.50) 7:00 9:30 Animated IG) Funny About love Fri 4 45 S3 501 7 15 9 45 Gen Wilder (PG-13) State ol Grace Fri (6 00 rf S3 50) 9 15 Sean Penn W Wekemo Home Roxy Carrnkkoel Fn 5 15 S3 SU) W a 3 Winona Ryder IPG-131 CoedFellai Fri 15 45 S3 50) 9 00 Robert DeNiro (R) Ghost Fri 16 00 S3 50) 9 00 Patrick Swayze (PG-13) Pacific Heiahts Fri 5 00 S3 501 7 30 9 65 Mtchael Keaton (Rl Harrow Margin Fri (5:00 . S350) 7 30 9 55 Gene Hackman (R) Death WarranT Fri. (5:15 n S3 50) 7 45 9 55 VanDamme (R) w Merita) far Death Steven Segal Mr. Dettiny James 8elushi Soacial Enaaaement B Fri 15 00 : S3 501 7:30 9:55 IPG 1 3) m awl n .- Fri (4:30 tf S3 50) 7:15 9 4,5 (PG 13f f vVMte Heater Meek Heart ciint Eastwood Special Engaqement iFnJ430ii3070rJPG EMemellit OeHe Special Engagement fri 14:45 S3 50) 7:15 9 45 IPG 1 31 i Fri. (4 45 - S3. 50) 9:45 T Kevin 8acAt Robetrt - DesNiro 5 .r S3 501 7 0O 9 55 IRt Mirki Rnurfcer Fri. (5:00 $3.50) 7:30 9:55 Fr. (5:00 $3 50) 7:30 9rB5 (RJ,

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