The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1949
Page 13
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FAGE ELETBC •LTTHBYILIZ (AM.) COtTRIER HEWS Britain's Labor Party Warned Of Hard Times That Lie Ahead; Permanent Controls to be Asked BLACKPOOL. Bif., June ». (*)— Deputy Prime Minister Hei-bort Morrison served notice yesterday that. If tl, e labor (Socialist) government wins next year's parliamentary election it will impose permanent controls on private industry In Britain. An Ml jivtnj; the government the same peacetime grip over Industry and manpower that It held during the war expires in 1950. Morri*on said a re-elected labor government would pass a "permanent and version" of the law. «• Json outlined to the labor party's annual conference a program to nationalize six more Industries if the laborltes get another five-year term in office. The industries proposed for state ownership are meat wholesaling and cold storage, sugar refining, cement making, most life insurance, "all suitable" minerals and water supplies. Speaking with the fervor of an evangelist, Morrison deceived a far greater ovation than was given even Prime Minister Attlee Monday. Morrison is the party's political strategist. He repeated warnings of other government leaders (hat hard times stilj are ahead for Britain. . Wares, Salaries Must Keep Step "Wages and salaries must march iu step with production," Morrison declared. "Nobody must have the illusion that he can get things without earning them, that the state is a magical organization that gives things away." He declared: "Private industry cannot any longer be allowed to go just any way. Private industry or finance which indulges in antisocial conduct will be pulled up sharp by a labor government." Morrison spoke as the labor party its conference—discussion of Its platform for the next election. "If we have a high degree of religious zeal and public spirit we can defeat the tories (eonserva- ties)." Morrison cried. He said the "next election will be the fight of our lives" but predicted a laborite victory. Rank and file speakers, including several labor members of parliament, criticised of high pay for top andtninistrators in state-owned Industries and of the way the industries are being run. Most outspoken was Tom Shaw, a brakcman, who said the National Union of Railwaymen sent him to the conference with, specific instructions to voice their complaints. The rallwaymen are threatening a nationwide strike to enforce demands for wage hikes. i Shaw said railroad workers have not had a square deal and that under state ownership "things have not got better but worse." He was from many delegates. Several trade unionists and one 1>I INS cRUISt—Ready foi a 10,000 mile cruise, Stanley A. Deshew (right), 34, of Grand Rapids, Mich., stands with his wife Martha (lefti and son, "Skipper," seven, behind the wheel ol his 76-Iooi schooner in which he plans lo sail from Chicago, through the Great. . L^ 65 ail<l st - Lawrence River, clown the Atlantic Coast and through the drowned out by loud cries of -no" , Panama Canal. The trip will end in Sun Francisco after a cruise from the Canal up the Pacific Coast. He expects the voyage to take about six months. (AP Wircphoto). TRUMDAT, got down to the real business of ection platform, member of parliament demanded nationalization of shipbuilding and chemical making. The party's Executive Committee has promised to consider all demands and complaints before writing its final el- CASPIAX VlKI.ns BIG STURGEON' MOSCOW—f/Pj—A sturgeon more than 13 feet long has b°en landed in the Caspian near Baku. The fish weighed more than 1,130 pounds. It was brought to Moscow and went on sale in one of the local fish store. Widow Gets Letter From Extortionist WEBB CITY, Mo., June t. (*) — Uri. A. K. Moore, Webb City widow, ha* received an extortion letter demanding (600 in cash under threat of bodily harm to her two grandchildren visiting her from Tulsa, Okli, |t wit revelled today. Webb City police and FBI agents, investigating the case, set a trap last nljht for the extortionist, but he fulled to appear. Investigators were inclined to the opinion that tin extortion letter wu written by a crank, but the Inquiry Is continuing, •Th* extortion letter was typewritten and bore a Joplin, Mo., postmark, having been mailed there Monday or Monday night. Mrs. Moore, widow of a former Webb City streetcar conductor and real estate dealer, received th« letter Tuesday. It demanded, it Is understood, that she place $600 tn cash in a paper sack »nd leave It under shrubbery en a vacant lot near her home, saying that harm would come to her grandchildren about 16 and 8 years old. They are children of Mrs. Moore's daughter, Mrs. Lee Martin of Tuba. Police Chief William Callady called the PHI in on the case. Armed guards were placed at strategic twlnts and, at the appointed time Mrs. Moore placed a dummy package at the designated place. No one appeared tn an all-night vigil. However, as a precautionary measure, Mrs. Moore was provided protection a"d It Is understood the children are la be returned to Tulsa. Princess Plans Private Visit to America in Fait LONDON, Jun* »—(*)—Princess Margaret wUl make a 'private visit" the United States this autumn, source close to (h« royal family Id yesterday. Private sources salt! the princess ould visit Washington, probably « the guest of the British azn- Mssador, Sir Oliver Pranks. "The visit Is purely private," the ource said. There is no question Princess Margaret persuading er father whether she may go to he United States. The king has ever opposed her trip there." This referred to published stories sre and in the United States that he king's younger daughter want- d lo make the visit but was try- It to get her father's permission. The princess relumed last »eek- nd from a mouth's visit to Italy, wltzerland and France. Some officials of the labor jov- rnment have been frankly favor- (he idea of an American sit by s member of the royal arnlly, as a good will gestur*. WARSAW, Poland — <JPt— Polish •mployment figures have hit th« all-time record of 10,&3<,000 Arsons. Employment In state Industries rose from 1,669,000 in June, 1»«, to 2,708,000 In June, 1»M, Workers In farm Industries num- What's so Mr I on a day in June •*» V ~ •; V ti* T HE day is bright and the company good. Long ribbons of road, smooth and inviting, spread their challenge. Giant power purrs under a long bonnet. Your wheels—coil springing mounted all around —step lightly over dips and bumps. 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