Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated Hats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles. DEWENTER The Hatter and Furnisher. $15. WE WILL $18. Dissolve Partnership July i. And must have Cash for retiring partner, for that reason we make suits to order for $15, $18, $20 and choice of our Summer Suitings for $25. This is no fake, but actual facts. Tucker & Sharpe Co., Tailors. $2O. 3,5 Pear, Street. RED TAPE Can take your measure for clotliiug as well ns any other if it is taken right. Here takes your measure for a suit of clothing in the quickest, neatest 1 manner and turns you out a suit of clothing that is artistic in style, flt aud material a;t prices that wMI astonish you, when you consider workmanship and quality. Seoing is believing. 409 HARKET STREET. DAILY JOURNAL •SATURDAY, JUNE 13, IS'JO. Watermelon's at Foley's. Black raspberries.—Rothennel. Spring duickcais at Delteatessej), Foley is agcmt ifor sacramental wine. Money, to loan on city property.—Ben Fisher. Ladies' liueii collars wily Ic today.— Trade Palace. Some rare sliiirt waist bargains today at the Bee Hive. Geo. Harrison baa the ftnest line of hammocks In the city. Waist special today, 9Sc aud ?1.2.">, only o9c.—Trade PaJacc. HemisYlOfrf fast black,hose, 15 cents today.—The Bee Hive. Celluloid, Arlington and ilberloid collars, the 23c kl.nd for lOc, at Otto's. $2.50 duck suits for Sl.OS, and separate skirts for OS cents todny.—The Bee Hive. George Harrison bandies LaixJretb'i first class garden, fltwer and QeW seeds. Have you bought your spring suit? No. Them buy it at Otto's and get a ladies' watch free. \ Don't miss the ribbon sale toduy. • 51 pieces im the lot, only Ic a yard. They won't last long.—Tirade Palace. It's not a toy but an accurate timepiece, and it's neat a.nd pretity too, and free w-Hh suits—that ladies' watch an Otto's. The regular price for Cologne Bouquet soap Is 2i5c a cake. For the next three weeks I ivill sell fhree cakes for the price of ome.—Bon Fisher, druggist. Winamac Republican: Miss Grace Barker, an accomplished vocal musician of Logainsport, who sang so acceptably at the Sunday school convention two weeks ago, has oi-ga.nl/cd quite a large class here .to wham she is giving Individual or private lessons. T-herc , Is some talk of organising a chorus class also for a ten weeks' course. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. MOST PERFECT MADE. » p-<rc Grape Crenm of Tart.ir Powder. Fret I f Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years Ike Standard. MY YELLOW FLUTE. I have pleasant recollections ot ray dear old yellow I'lute, When I mnnried Its walling soothed me, wltb ray Jojs It would rejoice; And the fancies It awakened, though for rears disowned and mute, Rlso In misty retrospection at the waking ot its voice. Oh mj dear old rellow Mite, tnroogh all mj hcurt your quavering*, Echoed soft In dulcet sympathy with ev'ry wayward mood. On.fj-onr notes-t«<reaffeet 05 throbs of .'ova wbfn .- " Mollle picked the stringfl, ind tlie tinkle of her charmed guitar made (?nf- the laterlads. Long before my heart was bold enough to whisper Its tlenlgn, Dear oldllute. through you the necret of my lova nail been expressed; Ah, jou knew why "My Own Mary Anne" n t'av'rlto was ol mine, And my tender Mollle pitted me wbon she tho secret guessed. OhmyddjroU yei:ow flute, jour strnln.s wive thvllled in days tone by, For you sang of love and hope OLd home when 0ncle Joey flayed. Those were foolish, happy hours we spent together, you and I, Sounding but a vagrant rcho of the music lie had made, Tn the harmonies o( heaven all the rarest chorils unite, SO I'm Kind In tne belief that Uncla Joe's In par- iull.se. Oh he iioko tbogolden mora«nis ivltb un»peakab)» delight; And I fancy, when Hie bln« ul-ove Is starred with Jewels bright, He Is plii)lng "Vacant Chalr".whlle team full from the angels' eyes. G.S. AID FOR MINERS; Representatives of Strikers of Parke County are in _ Loffansport. - Messi*. Fred" Wl-uiev and W.-- -H. Croker of Ilosodale, a'. eo'imuUtiJa from the NatJomiil coal miner'.-; union o£ .-VinMca, are in the city soliciting aid for their .unfortunate bretliren employed Jn disfrift >'o. 11 of tlie W.tiimiiious coal fields of Indiana- In. Parke coiiuty, w.lio have been thrown'out of employment by the shutting do-wu ofilie mines- liecausu Ihey refused to accept a ruciiK'- rlon of S 1 /. per emit, to ' their ' wages. They claim -that -rhey wore reduced. 10 pur ceu-t. iu their wages and when .they were asked to accept SV» per cent, less for thoLr work, they fjuit,- as : IHe- wages paid in 1,11 is'State are the'lowi^t in flic mining districts of tlie.. country. Tin; uuinber out of ciiu-jilfiyiueni..is.esfJmated nt from. 3,000 to -.1,000, mostly inrti of families!, who are sorely In .ueed of ns- slsi-a.iit-o, having IHHIII out Cm- soim;'ri,me. The gt'irtlcnien came here from LaCiiy- iMte, where they wove met" with good success in their quest. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. THRILLING EXPERIENCE. George Kessling's Clothing Torn by a Shafting. George Keeling was caught, iu the. slralting lit (lie King Drill works yesterday morning, MIK! uarro-wly escaped a horrible death. Ho was repairing a pulley when Ills sleeve ea-usl't on a set screw, and in an Instant was belli;; wound upon tlic sli-afr, wbleh 1s lint a, few iiielies from the ceiling. The young man braced hi nisei C and resisted tliQ drawing of -l-lie tu.rtriuK sl.-afiiiig desperately and successfully, finally falling to the floor unconscious, ihe clothing having been wrenched from his body. Tlie workmen did not know of (lie accident until 1 the victim fell. SALARIES INCREASED. Mail Carriers Hay Get Shorter Hours and More Pay. A bill recently passed by the Senate and Jn a fair way to become a.law,-in- creases-the salaries of nwiii •-.carriers from JfSuO to if],000. and-requires t-hera to work but eight hours a day. This affects the* carriers in tliiU city..' 'The mail distributors -have bean well organized at Washington during the winter and succeeded In maUhig their -point-, dua'iu'g the closiag days of this session. of Congress. Loga-nsport has nine carriers. .., SLAYER OF GIBBS. Charles Kline's Friends Working for His Pardon. The petition for the pardon of .Ch-as.. '•Barney" Kline, who was given fourteen years for killing John Glbbs, is receiving numerous signatures. It' is said that Kline has been on his-good be- havJor duirfeog tlie live .years of his Imprisonment, The names, of four of tlie jurors who convicted 'Hie murderer are already aitlaclifd to the petition,and the friends of Kline think the paper should have consideration. They arc iiopeful of Ms release. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANS PORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing, ADDITIONAL LOCAL. ADDITIONAL LOCAL, Frank Fidler was struck 011 the head by a falling awning: yesterday, but the weight did not strike Win fairly, and he escaped injury. Choice of 50 taffeta silk umbrellas— steel rod, natural' sterling silver trim-mod handles, worth .fS.OO for $1.7,") today.—The Bee Hive. Hiss C'h-iistii-ue Markert was honored at the State Sunday School convention by being elected to tho position of Superintendent of tlie Home Class department. • ... C. W. Neal, of ithe insurance department, of -the State Auditor's office, who was appointed one of tie assistants of die sergeant-at-anus in tbe St. Louis 'convention, will not serve. The Trades Assembly held a nieefius Thursday uifrtit at their hall and made arrti-uKeinonts to Rive a dauce on the evening of .'luly 3d. An admission of. 00'cents will be charged to assist the-m im furnis-iijtig their new Lodge room, Mrs. Isaacl-Iipshire, formerly Maud Wood, aged eighteen years, died at 1 p. m. .Thursday of cousuuiptJon, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,T, ,T. Wood, of BC'thle-hem township. Sho leaves a husband and babe and rnnny friends to mourn hev loss: Funeral at 0:30 this morning, from the residence. Interment in Mt. Hope at 12:30 p, m. . The Brewer's union met l:isf nlsht a.nd elected officers. The Carpenter's union w-ill meet in regular session next Monday night : , The best quality of genuine' warp printed taffeta ribbons from !) to -10 at ISc, 2Sc, 33c and 40c tomorrow .at the Bee Hive. Children's suits, all kinds in all styles, nt Just about o-uc-htdf what other merchants will''charge, Including base'ball outfits. —Hurry Frank's, closing . out .sale. .... All .members of the Tiw.ali court 'of Ben Biir a.re requested to meet at the late residence of brother Kay on Nineteen rli street, to attend funeral sevvi- •ces. By order of ChJnf. ' Individuals tlnut purcilmsed -of 1 iis at QUIT "closing owt sales",in Flora and Delphi saved bte mouoy.'/ You lose if you fn.U ro bike advantage -of,tlie I.o- gausport sale.—I-Iairty Pi-juik. Ko-ya'l Center -Kecoi:d:--The I. 0. O, F. wifll decorivto the graves of ihc-lr fallen heroes .next Saturday.' An oration, suitable to the occasion w-ill be givou by a speakor from Logan-sport. The Antwerp Argus • says that t.lij> work of securing t'hc rlglit of way of a Wcphone line councctfn-g Hic-ksvlllt;; St. .Toe. Newviile, Cedarville. Lort,' Maysville and Fort Wayne, ha?- beorf coniuienced, ... . •/•. W-heelmen complain that a nmimber ot young boys to tlie uelghborhood;. qC. Broadway and Twenty-first street, arp Iu the .habit of throwing stones at pass-. ing bicyclists. .Thursday evening while the young son of William- Graffis was passing that locality he was thrown <vt by t-he urchins and-but .for the 'interference of friends would'proliably ha^c' been injured. - * : .'";" PEESONAL Miss Zula Richards is at Monticello. Miss Manic-Hanson is visiting at Detroit. Hon. S. T. Shoerin went to Chicago yesterday. Dr. E, Walker of Delphi was iu the city yesterday. • Miss Rosa Michael is visiting relatives at Marlon. ' Mrs, A. P..ny.nu is the gnest of relatives :at WrtMoji. •'••Mi's Ellen Cauty has returned to her home at Chicago. . IT. B. ^frendetson of ICoko-mo was i-n the city yesterday. L. M.- -Edwards was here yesterday Emm Kuightstowu. ••, Charles Bogort was here from Crawfordsville- yesterday. Secretary Earl M, Cook-lias returned form Columbus, lud. Mrs. Lew DeMuili and child return today to HimlLiipton. •P. P. FaJmian of Dayton, Ohio, is visiting refat.Ivcs here. . Judge tJ. /. Wiley returned to _his homo at Fowler yesterday. Frank Sellers, rho E:ist.iind. liveryman, wars at Kokomo yesterday. W.ilwisJi Tribune: C. S. Kraur returned from Logansport. today. Mrs. R. D. Collins has returned alter a vi-siit of a week at CrawfonJs-ville. Miss Ora Sa-la ;s home for the vacation from'her school at Tt.rre Haute. • Mrs. John Collins h;is returned from I.aKro, .where she visiied her parents. Miss Haw-let Stroufer of Wabash is tlie guest of .Mr. and Mrs. Cott Banictt. M-fes Sybil Stevens returns today from Franklin college to spend ilie va cation. . : Miss .Semans, daughter of the Itev. and Mrs. E. L. Semans, is at'home Cor the vacation.. , Mis.< May Rogers has returned from Terre Haute, where she attended Coitites college. Mr. Will .Hiicklebe-n-y is home from FiraiikliTi college at-' Franklin for the summer vacation. ' Miss.Flora. Shul'rz has returned from school at Oxford, Ohio, to spend the vacation m-cnt'.LS, Mi.ss CaiTjY'Ai'notVof Kentland is the guest of C:>i)t. Frank Swign.it ami family O'i>, rifeii-'stroet. Kwert liichards, who ;'.-ttended the wedding nt hi.s cousin, Clmrlt's Zinn, ar /Delphi, iiu.s refmiied home. Ml.ss Marie Wenton, of Grand Rapids. Midi., has- returaied • for .1 visit wilh Miss: Gertrude. Jitlfisejngha-m. Mrs, George- Cairr.ligan is here from Chicago for a, visit, witii the fnm.lly of Charles-B-uhi .-.of the Wt-stwide. Mr. and. UTS. George Oft. 'are tlto guests-tills week of Mr.'and Mrs. Mc- Cricfceii of- young America. .-. Miss Nettie MHi.t,hoi.ii of ltoya.1 Center wiio is attending school ac Indianapolis, has''returned fbi' l.hc vacation. • -.•;MisNCS:.Tune Layne.anrt 'MyrtJi.'Csinp- ,bel-l 'are here -from. Lebanon vlsltius Misses May Stanley-'and Nell William•so-n. . • i .. . - • . Mr. Gamble and Mr. Cunningham of Mia.inJ county were the guests of the former's son, George Gam-bio, yesterday. Ed Dre of Montk'ello was in tho city yesterday. .T, F. Clyincv of Silver Lake Is visiting iu Logiinsport. ConprressHKin Hatch is at liis liome in Keutland. musing- an injured kuee. Miss Edna Herron of Moutieello wlio visited Logansp-o-rt relatives, has returned homo. Ir. B. Green of Walton has gone to Milwaukee to work for Hie Buckeye .Binder company. 1 Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Keesllug have returned from Lima, Ind., wJiere they visited- their sou, Arthur. George Dunham of Biirnettsville has ret.umicKl from Ocean Springs, Miss.. where he speut the winter months. Miss ChrLstj-ne Markert a-nd .>fr. C. M. Cordell. with the Kev. .T. C. Kauffuian, retuniCKl- last night from Crawfords- villo. Miss Grace Barker, who Iws liecu at- tctidiiufc rhe Sunday school convention at Crawfordsviile, returned home yesterday. Miss Tu'ttle of Muucie'is in the city, having come to attend the Gibscnv- Tiittle wedding, the bride being hi-i- sifter. Frank Collins, the pijirUn- at rhe Muv- dock, was called to Marion Thursday by a muss-age tellimg of the death of Ills sister, White County Democrat: Mrs. Lucius Pierce of I-ogauPpor-t is visiting in the ciity -the guest of her sister, My. Eliza' Kendall. Peru Chronicle: Mrs. Frank A. Miller who.lms been vteiK-tig her folks at Lo- gausport several day.s, came homo this morning. Mrs. Am .Tones has returned to her home at Crawfordsvllle. after a visit wit.b her mot-hcr, Jfis. Charles Pcokham of High street. .T. W. Blaekford and Fay Chappclow wore ait Teru yesterday, begiuning the work of wiring the Wabash railroad hospi;t-al for eleotr-lc light. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ing-rain of the Wiiuwtiae Journal were here yesterday on -tliei/r way home from the meeting of the editors at Ft. Wayne. Denver Sun: Mi*. Dora Place of .1.0- | To the Ladies. Those who are interested in dermatology should cal-1 on Mrs. Stringham, vfhe is locatel in t.ho St. Elmo building on Broadway and be convinowl that dermatology it? \ybat every woman of m- telligence and refinement needs. It fe conceded by our lx}st minds that a beautiful -complexion L< a necessity of UIG Xhietoennh century, a-nd which civilization must have; and every worthy hus- ba-nd or brother will take interest it and (hose who are suffering from any cutaneous disorders such as eczina, tetter, freckles, acme, liver spots, birth- mfl.rks and superfluous hair are successfully treated. Bright energetic girls wishing to work for $10 a week should call and sell Mrs. Suing.ham's preparations. Catherine Stringhain, DERMATOLOGIST. CLARK'S Easy Message Treatment, Is composed of the finest medicated toilet soa.p,' tlie liuest heab'ug rocdicrLtea face, hands .and body lotion, and the liuest complexion cream ou earth. The couvw'nation is so perfect, and the results .so luinpy Uia.t no one will do without It. that has ever tried it. The ladies who have .seen Hie jwods this week, and all oiliers, will be pleased ti learn thai they 1 -will be on sale nt thc- Bee Hive in tlie future. >". B.—EemeinlKM- tliej are .fully warranted. DEATH OF REV. CLRVEXGER. Rev. B. S. Clown^ri.-r after a protracted JJ!iiiaj< isf over live yisirs, died .at' his home. No. 710 MJc-hisan avenue-. Friday ar. -1 u't-1-ock p. m., aged 77 years. The funeral will be hold Sunday afternoon! at iJie U. B. church on Hie Northside :ic 2::!0 o'clock. Burial in Mt. Hope cemetery. If it required an annual outlay of. :. was tlie guest of her parent.*. ! S100.000 to insure a fa'mily against :iny .7. T. Speck and -wife, a few days This week and returned liiome last Tuesday. ' The Rev, :ni<l Mrs. W. R. Wonc 1 * returned last jiig'M from Greoncasiie where they rtsiied their daughter. Mis* Eva \\'one«. who attvnds Pel'fitnv mii- vei'sily. Miss Worms' .•iccnmpanied them home. .V GAS EXPLOSION. Yesterday moniliiK rhe g'ts exploded i,n -che la rpe. base burner in the ollk-'e of- City Treasurer Baniott. 'and the ;;lass from (he "door (lew to nil parts of the room, and the louc pipe fell to the floor. The pipe was replaced and the jras re- hted 'ii-nd cveiTihi-ns: w'ns rhouihr, 10 be .all rteht when another report with almost the same results occurred. trouble was. a leaking pipe. The. serious eonscqueuces from au attack of bowel complaint during the yt-ar there are many who would feel it rhcir du.tj 1 .to pay ii; that they could not afford-to risk their lives, aud those of their family for sucl) an amount. Any one cas get this insurance for 2r> cents, that beluf: the price of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. la almost every ueijrljboir- hood some one has died from an atlaclr of bowel complaint before medicine: could, be procured or a physician summoned. Oue or two doses of this remedy will cure any ordinary case. It ncver.faiK Can you afford to take the risk for so-,sma!l an amount? For snlc .by B. F,. Kcesling. druggist.

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