The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 3, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 3, 1949
Page 8
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f PAOE BIGHT •LYTHEVILLX UKt) COU&IE* NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER S, 1949 Springfield Hit By Five Strikes C«t> Driven Latest Group to Walk Out; Patrww Run Creamery , MO., s«pt. — Springfield had five— count 'em — 4trlk«» wider wty today. AttccUd art transportation, 9*<nf»ptn, the world'» largest • ilk plant, * flooring factory and * bottling firm. Latest to Join lh» walkout par- ad* were Yellow Cab drivers, who •truck «t ( o'clock Ult night. They'r* demanding that the company pay half of the gasoline bill for the cabs. At present, the gasoline bill la paid by the drivers. Rotcoe R*»ines, president of the e*b company, said the rirm's 34 autoi "are locked up and won't be operated until this thing Is jetUed." Other cab companies were flooded with calls last night, and they reported they couldn't begin to meet the demand for service. Meanwhile, It was business as iinual— almosU-at the struck Producers Creamery Company, where 16S members of the CIO Packinghouse Workers Union left their Jobs yesterday morning in a demand for more money. Pad-am Take Over Farmer-Pairons immediately took over the struck workers' duties and company officials reported yesterday was almost a normal day. About 300,000 pounds of milk were received at the plant yesterday. Jt was cooled and processing began in the manufacturing of butter and powdered milk. Farmer-patrons were still on the job today. Producers Creamery Is a unit of the Missouri Farmers Association. A negotiation meeting has been arranged Monday between company and union officials. Sitting in on the meeting will be Claud Hawley. a commissioner lor the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Other strikes In progress here Include the walkout of union print- am at Springfield Newspapers. Inc., on. July 11; tht walkout of employes at the Cloud Oak Flooring Company two weeks ago. and the strike o£ city rout* drivers for the Pepsi- Colt Bottling Company last week. The newspapers have been published almost normally since the strike began, and both the bottling and flooring companies ar continuing to operate. Rotary Clubs Offer Year's Study Abroad Through the International Rotary Club's Foundation Fellowship and the Blytheville Rotary Club, * college student of this area may receive g. year's advanced »tudy abroad. William R. Lawshe, chairman ol the Blytheville Rotary Foundation Fellowship committee, said today his committee is preparing to help any student who Ls eligible to receive the fellowship. "The candidate for a fellowship," Mr. Lawshe said, "must be between the ages of 20 and 28, inclusive. His scholastic record should be excellent and he should have a good speaking knowledge of the country In which he elects to study. Any young man or woman i& eligible but applications can't be mnrte until the student has entered his senior or final year." Bach Rotary district will select a candidate for one of the fellowships. Blytheville Is in the 200th Rotary District which embraces the major portion of Arkansas. The district, governor wilt examine all applications and the most THI NATION TODAY Secretory of Defense Frowns On Hooting 8i//s for Senators By June* Mftrloir WASHINGTON, Sept. 3. W)—Defense Secretary Ixniia Johnson, «. biff man with * bald head, caused a lot of grins in Washington with the jolt he h*s just handed a bunch of senators. When Johnson, a businessman himself, tcolc over the defense de- Ijartrnent last spring, he said he'd "knock heads together" If he had to, to make the aimed forces work all right. Since he has been In office, he* Obituaries Cfty SUM to Collect Overdu* Ton, has heard senators preaching the virtues of the free enterprise system and the need for economy In government spending. Nobody has to tell Johnson about the free enterprise system. He's a great believer in It, himself, having made a lot of money under It. He's quite loo, and when hand at economy, he hears senators promising candidate will have his application sent to the secretary of Rotary International in Chicago. This year, 56 fellowships will be available to students Irom 20 conn- tries, Mr. Lawshe said the Blytheville club may endorse only one student and pointed out that application must be In the hands of the disc- diet governor not later than December 15. Information concerning Ihe fellowships may be obtained by contacting Mr. Lawshe. Fulbright Okays Use Of KA Funds for Trade WASHINGTON, Sept. S. <AP) — A «««stlon that part of the economic Cooperation Administration's fund b« used In liberalizing European ha* the approval of Senator Tulbright (D-Ark). Fulbrijht told newsmen yesterday he WM "particularly graUiieo" willi BO1 Administrator Paul G. Hoffman's insistence that 1150.000.000 be set aiide for the trade proposal. Fulbright last year proposed an amendment to the EGA bill which would haw required the same pro- Mdnn. It wu voted down. Blytheville Kiwanian Injured in Softball Game With Dell Club The benefit Softball game between the Blytheville and Dell Ki- waulans at walker Park last night was marred by a bit of tragedy but outside of that everyone seemed to hai'fi a good time. Bernard (Cracker) Graham, a member of the Blytheville team, fractured his right leg, just above the ankle when sliding into a base and had to be carried from the field. He is at Walls Hospital and his leg WHS put In a cast this morning. Both teams are claiming a victory but nobody seems to know what the final score was. However, the score was close, reports said. Proceeds from the game are to go lo the Under pi ivlliged Chlldreiu Fund or the two clubs. Ticket sales had not been tabulated this morn-, lug. preaching it he tafces them literally, it seems. Only recently he announced he was filing 135,000 civilian employes or the armed forces lo save around 5500,000,000. The Senate had whacked $1,400,000,000 from the money the House voted to pay tne expenses of the armed forces this next year. They chopped $800,000,000 off the money for the Air Force. Then Johnson got a letter from Senator Elmer Thomas, Oklahoma Democrat and chairman of a subcommittee of the appropriations committee. Seems in his letter Thomas told Johnson about 11 members of committee wanted to lake an "official " Inspection trip lo Europe and some wanted to go around the world, and please would he send them around In an Air Force plane Suggests Use of Airlines fSince this was to be an "official' trip, it would be at government expense anyway, whether they wen by Air Force plane or one of thi airlines or by boat.) Johnson wrote Thomas he wa sorry bub there was economy U worry about in the armed services And It cost about $130 nn hour t HAYTI NEWS Mrs. F. L. KHlj Two Killed When Plane Crash-Lands in Marsh TAIRFIELXr, C«W., Sept. n. '.^)— A pilot and his co-pilot tried to l«nd * crippled C-82 "Hying Box- cmr" on « marsh and were killed l*t« l«t night after six others had parachuted to safety. The giant Air Force plane crashed in flames. Two of the survivors Tvere crewmen and four were passengers. One of the crew members, T-Sgt. K*rmit R. Carlson, reiwrted the accident to the Fairfield-Snisim Air Force base by telephone shortly after he reached the ground near Bird's landing. He'told officers at the air base he believed he was the last to jump and that the pilot and co-pilot remained with the ship. Names of the two tilled were not released. Miss Back Hrrt Today Mis/; Mildred Back, niece of Mrs, Connie Back, was to be wed today to Pfc. Paul E. Ball at 8 p.m. The , couple will live at Camp Campbell, Ky., where Private Ball U stationed. 'Baptist W. M. TI, MeeU Mrs. A. G. Sander was hosUvs lo the regular Wednesday social of the Baptist W.M.U. held at the Baptist Church Sept. 1. Members were grouped according- to months of their birth and each group presented a ikit repre.snting its month with othr members attempting to guess the month. Re- fre.'ihnient.s were served following this. Hmnr Milkers Class Mr*ls The Home Makers Sundny School class with their teacher, Mrs. Harry Gailher, met at the home of Mrs. A. G. Shirey this week. The merlins was conducted by the president. Mrs. Noble Cut-sincer. Mrs. Wood row Enderson RWS elected president to si'cced Mrs. Cutshiger. Airs, Kuhn Hostess Mrs. Halman Kohn entertained members of the Monday Bridge Club with a bridpe luncheon Monday nUrnxxm. Mrs. Conrilt EntcrfatiiK Mi's. Lsonora Condit entertainer! 30 pue.sts with seven • tables of bridee and a dinner Monday evening. Mrs. liiimar 'llsomp.son won high. Mrs. Joe Kohn. second. Mrs, John Mohrstadt, third, and low prize went lo Mrs. ,1 B Buckley. Out of tmvn guests included Mrs. Ida j Bernstein of Mnr.shaKown. Ta.. ami Vteep a plane in the air on such trip, and would they Just g< by commercial plane. In short, h said no Air Force plane for th serin tors. Then he put in the little minder about free enterprise: " have felt that I could not justlf placing Die armed services in com petition with commercial car riers ..." Thai's another way of .saying, lha since the government Is going have to foot the travel bill fo thfe senators anyway, let them spen it on regular airline planes whic .stay in business carrying passer gers. This must have been a shot to Thomas—the Air Force Ints a ways jumped when congrtssme wanted to make "official" tiipj for he said later "I know senato •will not be pleased." Every year when Congress close or U near closing, as this one senators and representatives scan per off in all directions around tl world by plane or boat. \Axi\yrrm Fo*»l tht Bills When they g o—singly o r groups, as a committee—on "ol- ficial" business, it's flt government expense. Which means that you, the taxpayer, pay for the ride, hotel, meals and so on. Newsmen who cover congress year hiJaiul out estimate that l)fl per cent^of al! travel by congressmen and senators abroad ts tvt government expense. One veteran House member, who j hasn't missed a trip abroad [or j years, predicted that this year a- i round half the 435 House members | will be out of the country by the i end of the year. i One House committee sailed a ! week n£n on the Queen Mary to \ .study "i>opulntion trends" in Europe. Other planned trips include: One lo study medical progress in Europe; another to study military morale on the continent; and other trips are scheduled for Puerto Manila Schools V/// Open on October 24 Manila schools will not open until ct. 24 this year In order to uer- ilt older students to work through le cotton harvest. Superintendent V. W Fowler said yesterday. Usually operated on split term, he Manila schools' summer term cancelled because of the polio lildemic and the school board ap- rovcd the last post-harvest open? dale. The Manila Consolidated School Disiricl 15 will begin the fall term ilh five faculty vacancies. A home conomics teacher and a band f ll- ector are needed on the Manila acuity and a principal and two eachers nre being sought for the acuity at MilliBan Ridge school. Teaciiers who will be employed n the .Manila High School include Vlr. Fowler; Hobart O. Reagan, iriiicipal: J. P. Adklns, boys' coach ind physical education: Mrs. Frieda smith, girls' coach and physical education: Bernice Billiard, commerce; Fraiicys Faulkner, study mil; Annie nae Jennings. library: Sherrel DC Burk. agriculture; Mrs. Sherrel De BilVk. home economics: David Smith, mathematics; Thelma Fowler, social science: Ruth Homo. English; Mrs. Elizabeth Miles, study hall. Teachers at Brown Spur are Mrs. Geneva Brown: Miss Velma McDonald and Mrs. Wanda White; Btackwater—principal, Raymond D. Erby, Rose Kenkle, Julie Reed. Inez Richard Hoeott Dies lit Lot Angeles, Cat. Funeral service* were conducted in Searcy yesterday for Richard Hoeott, 54, of Los Angeles, Calif., who died last Saturday in his home In California. His mother, Mrs. R. T. Hoeott, and » brother, John P. Hoeott, live here. Other survivors include * brother, Ben Z. Hocolt of Lansing, III., and two sons, Rich- arid and Paul. * * » Mrs. J. H. Sanders Dies; Burial to Be Sunday funeral services for Mrs. Katie Viola Sanders, widow of J. H. Sanders, will be conducted at 2 p,m tomorrow at the Cobb Chapel by the Rev. Lirn» Harrison, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist Church Mrs. Sanders, M, »T- born In th' vicinity and had lived all her life near Tomato, and died at her home there yesterday afternoon. Her hus band died January 19. She is survived by four daughters Mrs. Mrs. Johnn; Maxine Melvtn, of Tomato Curtis of Promise' Land, and Misses Katie Lucille am Emma Christine Sanders, of Toma to; a son, John Thomas Sander of Tomato; and t»'o brothers Prank and Gene Lowery, both BlytliBvllle. Burial will be at the Dogwoot Ridge Cemetery. FREE TRIP Tut City of BlytlMvUl* h»n W«l ult - «»almt FarrU Simon In Chick»sawb» district, MUsUdpp! County Circuit Court, charging th« lef«nd»nt owes Ihe city »802.50 for mptld privilege licenses, w» ind p*n»HIes. The complaint states that the defendant owes the lets tor » per- od covering 1948 and 1M». Mr. Simon appeared before the City Council June IS and explained he was withholding payment of fees to the city until a deb, he claimed owed him by the city was paid. At that lime he Jald the city owed him to- labor and materials M had provided for the repair of curbings. The matter was referred to the Council's finance committee. Man, 65, Gets 30 Days In Walking-Stick Fight JONESBORO. Ark.. Sept. 3. (£•)— John McGIasson, 65, who engaged In a bloody walking-stick duel with a close friend, has been fined (135 and sentenced to 30 days in jail. The other participant, Ed C. Reynolds. 72, was freed after a daylong municipal court healing yesterday. Municipal Judge roster Clarke adjudged McGlasson guilty of assault with a deadly weapon, public drunkenness anti disturbing the peace, AlcOlasson said he would appeal. The fight occurred Monday night. Oklahoman is Killed In Arkansas Accident NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Arx Sept, 3. MV-Two Camp Campbel Ky,, soldiers were injured, one fa tally, and two other persons in jured In a highway mishap nea here today. Corp. John H. Fuller, about 28 McAlester. Okla.. died of a broke neck. His wife suffered skull, le and pelvis fractures. Her conditto is critical. Sgt. L. F. Moore an his daughter. Veberley Jean, swt fered less severe Injuries. Mr Moore escaped with minor hurts. The car in which the five were riding left the highway and struck ! bridge abutment. Continued tram Pat* 1. tors ride the commercial airlines, fhich, Ihe secretary wrote, have ffice* In Washington. Thomas had supplied the defense ecretary with tentative itineraries or the Inspecting Senators. But Johnson said a flight via onimercial airline from Frankfurt, Germany, to Tokyo costs $867 and ,. if pinht senators decided to around the world the "total by commercial carriers would be less' than $7,000 to Tokyo." From Tokyo, he said, Senators 'could return to the United States >n our daily scheduled Militarj Air Transport Service," rather than specially-assigned military plane At first, Thomas Indicated, he considered a hot reply. But h» lei- .led on a formal note, briefly UU- irur. the secretary that he wu pu«- ng along the information and iu»- gestion to other Senatori who eon- irol the nation'* puraestringa. Army Surplus WE SELL.IN JOB LOTS • Mattresses • CoU • Comforts • Blanket* We Buy Good Used fiolhlof ANDERSON SHOE SHOP & CLOTHING STORE 318 E. Main Blytheville Whitney; nelty Willyard: Shady Grove—A. R. Garner, and Mrs. Essie David. At Redmond will be Vada Neil Aclklns and Velma Bartholomew. Mrs. Martha Bell will be Instructor at Milligan Rltlge. Teachers In the Grade School st Manila, Mr. Foivler snld. will be Roy Ashabrnnner. principal; Miss Clola McCormick, Ruth McCormick, Mrs. E. E. Byvd. Mrs. Flora Tinton, Hetty Home. Mrs. Zora Phillips. Mrs. Ellen Brown, Mrs. Eva Dawson. Mrs. Fairest Hart. Mis. Francos Lnyne. Mrs. Dclvnna McK*iley. Mrs. Lucilee Wilson; and Miss Catherine Grable. Mr. Fowler nlso said that a new high scho' 1 will be erected on the school campus beginning about Oct. I. Four new homes for teachers have been erected this summer. The Brown Sliur school Is belli* rebuill null repairs are being made on all the other buildings. The trouble started when McGlasson accused Reynolds and his wife of eating a plate of Southern fried chicken he claimed belonged to him. A chair and a glass jar of string beans were Ihrown; then the two men decided to have it out with their canes in front of the house they shared. Salesmen Wonted Printing & Stationery Salesmen Wanted to sell on OPEN ACCOUNT—no down payments; no C. O. D. charges If customers have satisfactory credit ratings. Good territories ave open for live-wire salesmen, " Stationer; * Printing Si Lithographing * Furniture & Filing Supplies " Christmas Cards -Decals =' Raised Process Stationery * Menu Covers * Loose Leaf Write today for a full description of our line. Please give your experience, Our 50th year SKINNER t KENNEDY STATIONERY CO. Depl. L. 416-418 N. 4*h. St. St. Louis 2, Missouri Watch for the Opening Announcement BLYTHEVILLE'S NEWEST SHOE STORE With the Courts Circuit: City of r.lytheville vs. F. Simon, suit to collect privilege license fee Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo Mrs. Tex. Ben Antwcil, of Transport Plane Makes Saie Emergency Landing ST. LOOTS, Sept. 3. (.-!•>—An Eastern Airlines transport carrying 23 persons made nn emergency landing last night that proved mieveuUul. The instrument panel indicated tiie landing gear of the two-enpine plant was not in a safe condition for landing when the pilot prepared | , T . 1Mdl , v C lm, Tuesdav evening lnd R The trans ort" was in" route' wWl a dK - srt brldse ' M ™' M ?'" from Atlanta to St. Louis. | hprn^o^'aml^Vs. 1 EarTwimteriy. Fearing the landing gear might |"..,"_ collapse, Taylor shut of! all his electrical equipment a moment before, landing to avoid a possible fire. The landing gear functioned perfectly and an examination later Rico, Japan, farm areas of Europe, Panama, and Mexico. leave next ^'eeV. lor Dallas, Tex., where he will enter Southern Method Lit University as a pre-medical student Jack Thompson, of Dyers burg, Tenn,, and a student at Murry Col- lepe, Murvy, Ky.. Ls the giiest of Mr. anrt Mrs. A. G. Shirey. We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty ol Parking Spar* Mrs. Club Meets Reed rn entertained Locals Henry Daw.-icm Wells. Jr.. showed the ttovsble lo be in the Instrument panel. Awarded $4,834 Claim UTTLE ROCK. Sept. 3. (API — The Arkansas fiscal control board yesterday awarded $4.83480 to T.A. Smith Jr., of Beech Grove (Greene County). A former SUte Health Department employe, he was Injur- jstructiori of the hospital yesterday, (rt in » highway accident, May 10, | Harmon Construction Co., of Lit- 1947. This was one of 15 claims dis-j tie Rock %vas awarded a genera p<w«i of by the board. I construction contract lor 4673,40. Ground-Breaking Rites For Hospital Planned WKST MEMPHIS. Ark.. Sept 3. (AP)—Ground breaking ceremonies for a new 9C-betT Crittenden County hospitnl will be held here Tuesday roanur.R. County Judge W. K. Ingram and St.ite Senator Lamar Rodpers. county building commissioner, contracts totaling sl.112.555 for con- NOW OPEN STIRES BEAUTY SHOP 309 No. 5th St. Permanent Waving—Mackinclcss, Cold Wav« $5 and up Phone 3356 for Appointment LACY ST/RES, operator I'm free Of Washday Worries! 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No l r»f«r»nc»i No m»ti»r LIMITED EDITION TWi firil •ditJon of 4K* CALCULATOR ft llmltad. and i.printi -ill f»quir* moithi; arde> your copy TODAY and «vo!J Jiiappolntmtrt. TELEPHONE 4474 Nu-Wa Laundry-Cleaners Six Service Truck* W« Give Eagle Stamps »!•( you «r» paying tbir* !• :>MPUft t«bl« for yo-jr uinei. ARES AN EJIL GIFT •»DER TODAY r ... ; STASO.M j r.o. n«i • ARD Oil,, | for refund j Jff, f oittq* i* PRi =PA1D. oth.r- ^* COD. RT> PRINTTNO CO., IHpl. A-l r\i nit eof"1f o( tH* n«w 4TANT)- il*tt.r »t • p«r ropy. (»Jd 3«s MlitltFtt \ Tf\*7 r»l\)f» th« C*Uu\»toi within !•• d«r*- .Ch«lr or Von*r Or^*r «*c4ofl*<. JIM** Mull OOft rn 1 1 « Mtr* •*•>•• "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" Kour fcjitisfactloD assured on all photographic «urk. LacladLug commercial and portrait. FAUGHTS STUDIO' South First Night Phone Phone 6011 FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 Aulumobilr (all forms) Burglary Business interruption* Dyers & Cleaners extended Corerate Fire General Liability Marine (all forms) Personal Property Float*.** Plate Glass' Resilience Liability Tornadfl Truck Cargo Windstorm Workmen's Compensation W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soalh Broadway Phone 2851 We Hove o Complete Stock of Gin and Mill Supplies • Goodrich Belting • Clipper Belt Hooks • Woods Gin Saw files • Steam Packing • Pyrene Extinguishers and Recharges. HUBBARD HARDWARE Co., Inc. West Main Hillbilly Jamboree & Dance Legion Arena Sat Sept 3 Those Who Like to Square Dance are Cordially Invited! — Featuring — r •!• ' p II 1 ii'ii Smilm Eddie Hill and the High Noon Roundup Adm. Adults 75c — Children 25c This Adm. Includes Both Show & Dance Amateur Show All Types Amateur entertainers Eligible. Those desiring to enter must register at the Legion Hut Saturday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. LAUNDRY-CLEANERS »T AT £ Wanted: LICENSED BEAUTICIANS "We cannot supply the demand for operator*. Wt hav" • list of Arkansas and Mississippi shop owners who need help. If you are a Graduate of a Beauty School and arc interested in employment, call EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL fhon« 3262 BlythcrilU, Ark. Adults who want to learn Beauty Culture, enroll 3 12 for next class. Low Tuition.. -Interesting Work Gl Approved

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