Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on September 11, 1919 · Page 5
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 5

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1919
Page 5
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5. BATTLE CREEK, MICH., THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 19I. THE ENQUIRER AND EVENING NEWS. OF LOCAL INTEREST i Returns From Chicago. L. J. Montgomery has returned from a nusinens trip to Chicago. Able 'to Be Out. A. T. Allen, of 13 North Jay street, who has been v-ry ill at his home for the past five week?, .a able to get out of doors. Was in Lansing. C. F. Wright, of the Mead Motor Sales company force has returned from a trip to Lansing on which he brought back an Oldsmobile truck. Broke Arm in Fall. Sam King, Ooguac lake, while getting off the street car at the lake fell and broke his arm. The fracture has been set and the hurt ie doing well. Is Now Improving Mrs. George Ilrockway, who has been confined to her home at 142 West Prairie avenue; for (several days with a serious attack of erysipelas is improv-i ing. More Officers Discharged Captains It. H. Lillard, Quartermaster Corps, and C. H. Gauss,, Medical Corps, both stationed at Cnmp Custer, have been discharged, their discharge taking effect Monday. Go to Lansing. Mayor Ryan and 2ity Sealer Barnard left at an early hour this morning for Cansing where it is understood they will consult with engineers relative to the new lighting system for Kernen Drive. Bought New Cars. Bruce Hart, of Union City, purchased a Hudson Hpeedster, Howard Rosso, of Kalamazoo, an Essex touring car, and it. A. Custer a five passenger Olds-mobile touring car from the Mead Motor Sales company. Closes for Inventory. Operations at the Advance-Rumely company will be suspended for two weeks beginning Saturday, when the annual Inventory of the stock and equipment will be taken, the company starting its fiscal year October first. (Joes to Newport Miss Winifred Forbes, business secretary of the Camp Custer Hostess House, has transferred to Newport, R. I., where -she will continue in the same capacity for the Y. W. C. A. She expected to leave the camp today. Had Arm Torn Off. Charles Run-i!l ti farmer living four miles north of Olivet, met with a serious Accident, while filling a silo. While removing the belt connecting the en-sijie and ensilage cutter, his left arm became entangled and was torn off below the elbow. Will Open (jarage. George D. Rosso, of Kalamazoo, will open a gijrage in the building at 153-155 West Main street. The building wa.s rented from Charles L. Mead and was formerly occupied by the Shouldice brothers, sheet metal workers. Discontinue Officers' Mess Headquarters officers' mess at Custer hii.s been discontinued, and the only officers' t mess now maintained at 'Camp Custer is that of the 10th Infantry,' all otherg having been discontinued and combined with that of the infantry regiment. Secures Commission. K. J. Nielsen has secured a commission from the state empowering him to issue hunting licenses. Mr. Nielsen will issue licenses from the Bauer gun .store on Jackson street. The store will also have on hand tomorrow a supply of enrds carrying a copy of the new game laws. Dropped Dead on Grounds. While walking away from a concession at the fair grounds at Jackson where he had purchased and drank a glass of cider, William Miles, nged 60, residing at 302 Clinton street fell to the ground and died of apoplexy, Wedensday evening at 6:00 o'clock. "Patsy" McMahon to Return "Patsy" McMahon, formerly boxing instructor of the Camp Custer commission on Training Camp Activities who recently was ordered to Indianapolis, Ind., for discharge, is expected in Battle Creek today where he will remain for the next ftsw months at least. Attending Fair. John Bauer is in Jackson attending the county fair. Mr. Bauer was at one time a resident of Jackson and in his opinion the county fair there outstrips the state at Detroit. He will Return the latter part of the week to be ready for the rush of business in line win the opening of the duck season on September 16 . Held a Joint Picnic. The Rotar-1 i.ina and the Kiwanis club of Kaln-rmizoo held a joint picnic at Gull lake Tuesday. The day was featured with all kinds of athletic games which are prevalent at such affairs. The Rotarians lost the ball game but won the tug of war. Col. A. H. Gansser of Bay City was a speaker. Rheumatism A Home Cure Given by One Who , Had It. In the spring of 1803 I was at-tjkul ly Muscular and 1 11 flam -n:ato:y Kheumatism. J suffered :is only tiles.; who have it know, fur over three years. I tried rem-! iiftcr reiu-.-dy, unj doctor after 'loit-ir. but such relief as I received wns only temporary. Finally, 1 found u remedy that cured me i- inoletcly, and it has never returned. 1 have given It to a num-bi r who were terribly afflicted with . i;he;:tnatism, and it effected cure iu every caae. 1 want every sufferer from any form of rheuu.atic trouble to try Hits marvelous healing power. Don't send a cent: simply mall your name iniu nddiess and 1 will send it free to try. After you have used it and it has proven itself to be that lonar-looked for means of eur-injr your liheumntism. yon may sen.' tl-e price f it, one dollar, but uuderstnnj, I do not want your moncv unless you are perfectly niixi 'l to send'jt. Isn't that fair? h sufifr any longer when positive re'h-f is thus offered! yo;i fre? iK.n't delay. Write today. Mil rk 71. Jackson, No. M1F Gur-nv Illdtf . Syracuse, N. Y. Mr. Jarkson is responsible. Abuve statement true. An informal lunch was served from lunch boxes. Alaskan Seal Higher. An increase of 25 per cent in the price of government Alaskan sealskins was recorded at the opening of the International Pur exchange in St. Louis, when 9,055 skins brought $825,000. Blue fox advanced 135 per cent in price, 695 skins bringing $140,000. The total sale for the government up to noon today was in excess of $1,000,000. , ...,, , . I'lans to Hy Here.-Mr. and Mrs. Don B. Erwin received a letter from Sid A. Erwin, who was at one time a resident of this city but who is now a Detroit attorney, to the effect that he expected to fly to this city in the near future in his new Curtiss J. M. 4 aeroplane. Mr. Erwin will probably land on the grounds of his son's place adjacent to the golf links. Session Closes. The get-together meeting of the managers and office men for the F. W. Woolworth 5 and 10 cent stores for the Chicago district held yesterday at the Post Tavern, closed last night with a banquet. T. J. Lotz of Chicago, presided at the banquet, and short business talks were made. The meeting was attended by nearly 50 representatives of the Woolworth stores. Closed for Repairs. The Camp Custer lunch room has closed its doors to the public and carpenters are engaged in malving repairs on the interior. It will require about a week to complete the work and the cafe will then open under the new management of G. Johnson and T. Drelis The restaurant will still carry its present name and the business will be conducted under the name of Johnson & Drelis. Lt. Garratt Discharged Lieutenant Harold Garratt of the air service, who was stationed in New York during his period of service, and who was one of the aviators to act as escort and fly over the funeral of Major John Mitchell, has recently been discharged and has resumed his position with the Elliott-Fisher company in Detroit. Mr. Garratt is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Garratt of Pennfield township. May Re-Open Olivet. Plans are on foot for the re-opening of Olivet college in 1920. Alumni of the institution are interested in the movement. The plan to take the college from Olivet to some other city seems to have met with little favor. It was talked that it might move to Grand Rapids, but tho alumni there gave it no encouragement, saying the present location was far better than Grand Rapids could furnish. May Have Guard Company. Capt. Percy L. Taylor of Jackson has been commissioned captain of a Michigan national guard infantry company. Capt. Taylor believes this action of the state military department is preliminary to orders for the organization of a military company In Jackson. Capt. Taylor has acknowledged receipt of the commission, and his further action depend.- on orders of the military department. Expects a Good Team. Chief Nevitt, well known here as a former player on the old Southern Michigan aseball team, the "Crickets," and former coach of the football team at the Mt. Pleasant Indian school, is now football coach at the Central Michigan Normal at Mt. Pleasant. Nevitt is quoted as saying that the normal will have a team this year which will be a contender for state honors. He has a large field of candidates from which was to select his team. Blames Manufacturers. The retail clothiers are out to swat the MAVFEVER Malt VapoRub in spoon and inbal tb vapors. vicrcs VAP0R1 ."YOUR.BODYGU ARO" iOf. More convincing than pages of type is the Quality and Flavor of SENATE COFFEE Go today to your grocer and ask him for Senate coffee. While he is wrapping the package, ask him what he thinks of it. His opinion will make your purchase as pleasant as the coffee will make your meal. DO NOT DELAY : At All Grocers J. F. Halladay and Son 6QjH30 profiteer. In closed session at the Hotel Sherman in Chicago yesterday afternoon the members of the National Retail Clothiers' association determined that the present high cost of clothing is caused ' by the manufacturers' greed for heavy profits." By a unanimous vote they resolved to investigate the clothing makers from horn they buy their stocks, with the idea of uncovering profiteers. Farmer Hanged Self. Argus Wahl, well known Jackson county farmer wafl dead in hig barn Wfrinesria v mnrninir hanein? bv a I - -- - o t - o - . rope from a rafter. Mr. am was 65 years of age. For the past several years, he has suffered melancholy spells. His wife and son, El-roy Wahl, were absent from the home since the first of the week, being connected with an exhibit at the county fair. He i3 thought to have been dead since Tuesday, as that was the last he was seen. No Sunday Funerals. Sunday funerals, in Essex and Union counties, New Jersey, will soon be a thing of the past, according to an announcement made by the Funeral Directors' association. The decision had the backing of the ministers of the two counties. '"We have been informed by ministers of Newark and in other towns of Essex and Union counties that they will support our association In this reform. With the ministers on our side, we expect to be able to say that funerals on Sunday in these two counties are a thing of the past," said an official. Is Chosen Moderator. The Rev. W. H. Phelps of Battle Creek, was chosen moderator of the Lansing v presbytery at the annual' meeting hel din Morrice, Mich. It was decided to hold the next meeting in Albion. About 30 ministers and elders were present and addresses were made by the Rev. W. V. Walt-man of Lansing, Dr. W. S. Hall of Chicago, tho Rev. C. G. Sterling of Lansing, the Rev. W. H. Long of Brooklyn and President Harry Means Crooks of Alma. The Rev. A. E. Cameron was eelcted as clerk for another year. Too Much Publicity. Acting upon the request of the Jackson county fair management the exhibition of the giant dummy, dug up by Oriel Nierman of Jackson in his back yard last Friday afternoon, was discontinued Wednesday morning, Mr. Nierman signing a release of his contract under which he displayed the alleged freak. So much unfavorable publicity has been given in connection with the fake that it was deemed best to discontinue the exhibit. The dummy and the tent which housed it have been removed. Stating that he wished to enter other business, Mr. Nierman resigned, Wednesday noon, as a patrolman on the local police force. Michigan Guests. The following Sure Relief 6 Bell-ans Hot water Sure Relief E LL-AMS FOR INDIGESTION Are Hot Wate start your furnace. Installed ready to use $3.00 with order It Hi ami Bafttle Greek The One About the Orchestra Which Wasn't in Tune with The Picture. HUSH held sway over the whole house last night as the audience sat tensely watching the picture "The Worn- Me" at the Post theater. Even the orchestra had stopped to watch the picture and Lizzie and her friend Mabel who up until' this time had kept up a steady chatter about what he said and what she said had settled into tense attitudes with fast working jaws biting into Wrigley's very own. Just as the good looking hero folded the better looking heroine in his manly arms in that part of the picture before he causes her no end of sorrow and trouble, everyone was interested in the picture and had given up trying to find out what lt was the orchestra thought it was playing. But the satisfaction was not to last, for at the critical moment, when soft tearful music should have been the order of the day, the orchestra banged into one of the popular jazz pieces. Mabel jumped half out of her seat at the sudden way in which the music started, exclaiming, "My Gawd, Lizzie, why will they ruin the picture?" from Michigan cities have been guests at the Post Tavern: P. L. Montieth, E. J. Fitzgerald, A. L. Hamburg, H. D. Tilford, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hathaway, M. C. Hamilton, Roland H. Taylor, J. Donovan, Detroit; J. E. Ransdale, R. H. Freeman, C. F. Mason, Frank D. Meade, Grand Rapids; H. F. Eddy, Jackson; Charles Egeen, M. E. Sherwood, H. A. Dudley, J. E. Walker, Lansing; O. W. Bishop, Alplna; W. W. Wayne, Cadillac; Arthur Dave, Flint; J. C. Voght, Saginaw; Marietta Carle, Coldwat-er; Mrs. C. W. Haynes, Mrs. S. G. Ducetts, Los Angeles, Cal.; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Luther, Mrs. E. S. Vanderloof, South Bend, Ind.; Mrs. J. W. Sevier, Jr., Seattle, Wash.; Mrs. T. C. Benson, Portland, Ore.; J. S. Kelley and family, Bing-hampton, N. Y. Talks of Seventh Day. "You can no more take the Sabbath out of the Society Women Use New Wrinkle Remover Since the discovery that a solution of ordinary eaxolite and wltrh hai has a peculiar effect .ipon wrinkled j skins, it Las been learned that in;my ! prominent society women all over the country le bred this simple home treatment with great success. The formula Is. powdered saxolite, ene 1 runee, dissolved in witch hazel, ojie-haif pint. Use dally as a wash lotion. Th lieneficlal fiction of thl wash Is felt at once. There's an t:grco-j.!lc re-f rephing sensoMon and fe.i of e.-l-ilar.-ition Flabblness and all wrinkle are irrmedlately affected, and the skin soon becomes firmer and more youthful looking. No woman need hesitate to fret the incrredients at the drug store and make the remedy herself, for there are nci harmful effects whatever. Adv. You Going to Repeat Last Winter's 1 Troubles? Your furnace coils will lime up just as fast this winter as la stand furnace coils will cost more this winter. You, no doubt, will pay more than a Humphrey Copper Coil Tank Water Heater ' ' will cost yon for new furnace coils this winter. A COTTER COIL GAS WATER HEATER WILL NOT LIME UP Order your Tank Water Heater now and get it installed before you Gas Co. and Plumbers 1 V 4 seveiun uay or me ween, man 3x aj.u opauiuia urucieu iwicis 'u j ui nitr inuinuuais i-unicrncu, uui 11 can tell the moon to stop shining or remove their property. The foreman is understood he bases his claims for tell Lake Michigan to dry up," said cf the gang went to see Mr.-Porter to j damages on the fact that the men the Rev. Serns last night before a pet his permission for them to use ! dropped material through a couple large audience at the Chautauqua 1 the land Porter leases from Spaniola. j of skylights in the rear of the Portent on Maple street. The speaker Mr. Spaniola has started proceedings ! ter market, and if the amount he maintained that the Creator did not cuu 1113 vviriJV U IL Lilts d-iala mj in the eense that there was nothing more to do than had been done in making the earth and all things therein. "The Sabbath was made on 1 the seventh Cay of creations acts of God, namely, resting upon the day, blessing the day, and sanctifying the day (setting it apart from all other days as his holy rest day)," continued Mr. Serns. Referring to the fact that after making man God put him in the garden of Eden, so ! havine- made the Sabbath he nut it an Thou Gavest,into the seventh day, the speaker said that every time the seventh day of the week comes to Us it is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God. "Notwithstanding the clear and definite inspired record of the fact that the seventh day is called the Sabbath of the Lord and was made for man, there are many who claim that the Sabbath was made for the Jews." Fruit Caused Trouble. Battle Creek Roofing company figures rather prominently in the following story from Charlotte: "One day last week Charles Spaniola in the alley back of his father's fruit store threw some bananas to a gang of men em-p'ayed by the Battle Creek roofing company, who wero engaged in re-roofing the Geddes building next door orcupied by the Ives & Sylvester furniture store. The men failed to catch the fruit and then Charles threw up a rotten banana. This was caught and promptly thrown back. Charles' younger brother, Pete, then threw another rotten banana to one of the fellows, who caught It, the former edible product smashing in his hand. He threw it back the ban-na struck Pete in the eye, which quickly swelled up and turned black and blue. The lad's father, Vincent Spaniola, then called up the sheriff's office and Under Sheriff Glenn Dilley responded. The men on the roof had their outfit and materials on the land back of Bert Porter's meat market No. 2, which is located in the south part of the Spaniola building, between the fruit store and the furniture stone, and as he owned the For Itching Eczema, Old Sores and Piles "1 sruarantee my ointment," mjs Peterson of Buffalo, "to cure eczema: to sti: tbe itching at onco and nnv reliable druggist will cheerfullv refund your money if PETERSON'S OINTMENT doesn't do everything I t;ay it will do." William A. Carley of Franklin. N. Y., Is surely a wise man. He writes: "i used PETERSON'S OINTMENT ou si little boy suffering terribly with eczema. It did he work." Then there is Alex. Louttel, a brave fireman of Buffalo, who is glad to write as follows: "I had an old sore on my leg for many years. The best doctors failed. PETERSON'S OINTMENT entirely healed the sore quick-ly." And from over in Canada comes 11 letter from A. Blockeby, statins: "The best thing I ever hit for ItchliiK piles Is PETERSON'S OINTMENT." A Ms box for 35 cents. Adv. OPENS MONDAY September 15tK Studio of Oratory and Expression ADA T. LEWIS, Director Graduate Northwestern University, Chicago. Bell 1360. Studio: Room 5, Kapp Block. We SbTarpen Safety Razor Blades Any Makes Central Drug Store K $28.00 $3.00 per month. j against the roofing company, instead Keep it at home on A GOOD cold bottle of Buck with your meals; or a bottle at bed-time with your favorite sandwich! It's a great drink this delicious cereal beverage that will delight your palate and make your heart glad. Buck is pure and wholesome, with a familiar flavor you'll like. A different process of manufacture makes it a rich, finished, grain beverage in a class by itself. Try Buck; see why it is "the preferred soft drink." x FIRST FOR THIRST V U J TTTr7 i Cai tt ilame ,11m j IFtfDF Silllflli $l rf i He took' our advice and laid in his winter supply 'of coal. Now he does not have to worry. No matter how. scarce coal is this winter he will be warm and comfortable with his cellar filled with our 1 Nice warm weather we're having now but you knowthat in a very few weeks the old furnace or stove will have to be fired up. Be forehanded and get that order in now while you are sure of having it filled. t ? $ , , This is not mere talk. It is facts. And it will cost you less now than it will later. So WHY DELAY?, iTHAPManfirh pud COAL COMPANY 93 S. Division St. Citz. '4445. Bell 345 1 ' ! cLvms for damages Is not paid by NATIONAL SWINDELL-TAJfLOR CO. LVAY COKE "or Ji WEST VIRGINIA September 15 he Intends to take the .matter into the courts. Faith may move mountains, bur It takes more than faith to stop them when they get good and re.i-dy to move. BEVERAGE' COMPANY, CHICAGO; WhoUmaU OfMributmrt a COAL? nTV 1J ice mw.: rr. - T ,1 & t

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