The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1949
Page 12
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TEH USDA Plans Mammoth Attack On Grasshoppers; Planes to Spread Poison in Two States l»jr Htn Funk DENVER, June 9. MV-A new grasshopper plague is threatening tn «, belt. To keep It from happening. ,„ MfM , ask ,„,.„ wju ' " next week from Sheridan, Wyo., loaded with 'hopper poison The Urjet. of the 30-plane armada will be a 1,500,000-acre slretcl in Wyoming and Montana which the U. s. Department of A e.lls the worst grasshopper nesting ground in the country g ' K " ""' The Job will lake about 30 days * The goal will bt lo wipe out a big, ~~ ~ — hungry, growing army at migratory ""Ihlna; belter. He'll 'hoppers, u left alone, this army soon would become as formidable as the one that eobblrd IJSO.OtO.OOO worth o( crops in the northern plans slates a decade ago. Grasshopper pla°nes occur about once ere) 1 }' !en years. If the cycle continued, (he next one wouldn't b* lar o(f. "The 'hoppers have been growing in numbers (he iasi three years," says Jim R. Dutlon, chief 'of Ihe USDA grasshopper control division. "If »-e didn't do something right now. next year would be tough. To Prevent Future fUfans "But we're K >i«g lo do plenty. We dont intend to ever allow Rrasslioppers 10 reach plague proportions again." The USDA doesn't know why the sparsely-vegetated area lo be bomb-' eel with poison happens lo be such »' notorious breeding ground. There isn't much ,'or the voracious insects to eat in that vicinity. But l^ie worsl armies oi 'hoppers that ever attacked the grain belt came from lhe''e—Hie big. lough babies who have been responsible for some of the worst agricultural catastrophes i n hlsto'-y. When they hatch out, th 'hoppers eat up everything in the im- even tackle your newspaper or nylon host I hats why the government is sure hell lap up the poisoned bran. Cotton Squares Displayed By Grower from Hear Deli The second cot (on .squares of the season were exhibited In Blytl-.e- vilJe yesterday by Mrs. M. W. Lewis of Dell. One stalk of the Stoneville long staple variety planted April 27 was displayed. The cotton came from a 30-acre field planted by j A Bauehman. who operates Ihe farm" for Mrs. Lewis. The first squares of the season were displayed more than a week ARO. mediate neighborhood. Then, when their wings develop, they take nlf in swarms for croplands where the pickings are better. In plague years these little Wyoming and Montan monsters have devastated crop from the Canadian bor-ier to Texas The aerial attack Is being stageu by the USDA in cooperation with the state and county government, •nd the farmers. All of them wil ihar« the cost. Bran that looks much like you! breakfast food will be sprayed ou of the planes. Instead of sugar anc cream it will be sprayed with chlor- »ne an toxaphene. These new in- •ecticides are so potent one-third o *n ounce in five pounds of bran l! enough to kill all the hoppers 01 an acre. Happen Will Eat Anything Plans for fh« big offensive causer •ome uneasiness among sportsmen who feared game birds mlg^t be destroyed by the poison. The USDA renjjed that, the concentration or poison would be so slight and the tame birds' taste for bran so scant there wu no danger. To prove the it. the agency experimented with the poison's on 30.000 acre.s near Sheridan, pish and wildlife experts, who witnessed the work laid game birds and animals wer« not harmed . But the 'hoppers snatched up the br»n and dies quickly. Heading the aerial fleet will be » C-« which will carry 9,000 pounds of the lethal mixture and Is capable of "dusting" 1,800 acres in •even and one-halt minutes. The TJSDA his a few smaller craft and will contract for about 22 private plant*. The grasshoppers Ihe department •specially wants to get are the youngsters already feeding on Wyoming and Montana ranges They haven't yet laid eggs or grown the wings that will carry them away io lushtr croplands. A grasshopper will eat anything — from corn to cactus. If there's Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS III June 9. /.<P,-<USDA>-Hogs 9000- barton's and jilts unevenly steady n ••-.-. tiuj ,-JlCAU V to 25 lower than Wednesday's aver. bulk late market mostly 25 lower- Ibs 21.25-31.50; flcrlv fop 21.50: late sales mostly 2125- some bids down lo 21 00' 240-oirj Ibs 20.50-ai.25: ni^st lots MO-ieo Ibs 3000-21 00: occasionally 21 25 on 160 Ibs: HM-IM Ib plBs 18.00-19.50- sows steady to 50 lower- bulk sows under 4(K) Ibs 17.00-18.50: heavier kinds 1450-15.50: slats unchanged 1250-15.00 according lo weight and condition. Cattle 1400: calves 1200- E ood heifers and mixed yearlings 250026.00: common and medium around 20-00-24.00: good cows 1900-50' common and medium beef cows n.00-18.50: canncrs and cutters largely 13.50-16.50. Nothing new has been added ALL KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY tTYLI I . KF.NTUCKT SPECIAL SALE of PAINTS TOM SAWYER PAINTS AICQSI ROLllsON LUMBER COMPANY TENTH STREET CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS SALE SjiEl"TO"i5 + Paints -Ail Colors : WOOD < CONCRETE OR + Best Quality GUARANTEED TO BE AS GOOD AS THE BEST Manufactured at Blytheville by MARTIN TRENKLE, Inc. SOVIET AGENT—Andrei Schev- liemko (above) was identified by Mrs. Joseph J. Pianey o! Buffalo <•'. Y., in testimony before the House JnAmerican Activities committee, n Washington, as the soviet agent •ho tried to get wartime secrets of ain jet engines at Bel) aircraft lanl in huffalo. (AP Wirepholo). BAG THIEF RACr.ED BANGKOK—OP)— In the morn- ig, two men posed as rcpresenta* ves of a business and made off legally with I.CM gunny bags val- en at ,5425 from Chop Seng Hong That same afternoon, the same wo men tried to .vll the same bags " Ihe samp, chop Seng Hons Lee. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Silver Foxhole for Servicemen Gayer Now During World War 2 By Hal Boyle PARIS. June 9. Wi—Gay Pares the "Silver Foxhole" In wartime 1 gayer than ever now—as wide-opei s your pocketbook. 11 Is odd to come back and se it as thronged with tourists as I used to be with soldiers. Your mem ory misses |h e color of khaki And your mind goes back to thi war years when it was known a< Ihe perfect foxhole, it was the dream of every soldier to get here thousands rolled into town from he front lines in Germany, Bel glum and Holland. They were often unshaven and muddy and a lillle "punchy" from combat strain and the weary truck ride here. They had only a 12-hour eave—a brief reprive from danger. They cleaned themselves up and made Ihe most of what time they had. They spent it in different ways. Many went excitement-fish- ng in Monlmartre. They spent their money, and when it was gone they went back o face death with empty pockets. Variety of Knlertainmenl But there were many quiet boys larved for something else—beauty nd peace. Paris had that, too She harj something for every man In the world. So they drank in her antique beauty on sightseeing trips went to church, shopped for small Rifts of perfume and silk for the (oiks at home, These wartime (oiirisl.s from the front were a kind of living repoach to the natty troops who headquartered here In safety. The lamied and gawky combat men embarrassed them nu-rcly bv their presence—a reminder that all foxholes in the war weren't silver. Paris had a strange effect on many combat men. They wheeled i ..."' ^'-rough, boisterous laughing a mtte hysterically 1 hey laughed because ihey thought that for 72 hours they could forget But many couldn't, it was In them to the bore by then. In a ew hours—or a day and a night^- tne newness wore off. The exhilaration died down, they were like a country cousin who goes to his Park Avenue relative's cocktail pnr- y and finds after a round of cock tails that he is out of place. Having no one to talk to who 'ealty understood them, the combat men ganged up | n the Red Cross eave centers and talked to each ° lh "' , The y "Poke a language that could he shared only by mr-n who i»d known hardship and seen nends rii>. Silver Tarnislies And as they talked Ihev began to •orry about their buddies at Ihe ront. They missed the eossin of' the battle, line, the banter of their 1 own platoon males. And all at once the Silver foxhole tarnished They wanted lo be back with the men who knew (hem. They were homesick to return lo the loneliness Ihey had left behind. So they climbed back Inlo their (rucks, some laughing and eager, some silent, some resentful at Paris and the life Ihey had glimpsed there. And Ihe trucks carried them back again to a comradeship that meant more than the risk of death —Ihe comradeship of men in common dancer, welded together by love and fear and dependence upon each other. These combat pilgrims of wartime were the strangest tourists Paris ever knew. She didn't make them happy, as she has made so many, but it wasn't her fault. There are different worlds In war Just as there are in peace. And the happiness of those men wasn't here be- :»use their hearts weren't. If Paris did little for them, they did rquch for her. With their blood Ihey helped her remain la peac what she was in war-the Silve foxhole ol the western world. SOVIETS MAKE SEALSKIN SHOKS MOSCOW_ OT _. ni(! production >I stylish shoes" from s«al skins h ; 15 .. 5tarted here. The laboratory ?' , the , Central Scientific Research institute made the announcement NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to Section ] of Act 291 of 1945. notice Is hereby given that Letters of Administration on the Estate of Raymond English, deceased, were issued to Ihe undersigned by the Judge of Ihe Probale -ourl of Mississippi county. In the itate of Arkansas, on the 10th day of May 1949. All persons having claims against aid csfate are therefore notified o exhibit tile same to Ihe under- igned. properly authenticate, wllh- n six months from 1a.e oi first publication of this nolice or they hall be precluded from any bene- it in said cslale. * Leone English, _ , L y»n. Arkansas. D. Leonard Lingo, Attorney, Valmit Ridge. Arkansas Use Our Easy Budget Plan-Shop and Save i i RENT A CAR Hrlve, Anywhere Von Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 $ 25 or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD&HOKE Appliance Co. Reg. 1,195 Farm Trailer TIRES Sale... .only 5 left 8.50 Four Way RIM WRENCH Now Only 1.19 Sensational Value » Cu. Fl, Elecfric Refrigerators $239.95 Men's Qualily STRAW HATS Now Only 25c Mop Wringer & BUCKET Only 2.89 Seven Piece ALUMINUM SETS Reg. fi.52—Sale 4.88 3 i 12, Reg. 9.25 Linoleum Rugs Sale 8.69 5 Burner OIL RANGE Special 94.50 Reg. 29c, Rockford SOCKS Sale 24c I All Steel, IB" Cut Lawn Mowers Reg. 22.95, Ball Bearing Sale 17.88 Re*. 5c Water Glasses Now 2 for 5c 21 Gal. Size Garbage Cans Now Only 2.89 Double Door, All Mela! Dish Cabinet Now Only 19.95 75 Lb. Enamel Finish ICE BOX Now Onlj 49.95 Rubber Tires Aluminum Wheelbarrow Only 15.95 Blue Chambray WORK SHIRTS Reg. 1.59—Sale 1.39 55 Lb. Roll ROOFING g. 2.3.9 Value—Sale 2.19 Reg. 3.35 Roll Builders Felt Special 2.65 •1 Fl. Joints Pump Pipe Each 1.59 Wheelbarrow SPRAYS With Pressure Tank Now Only 41.95 16" Cuf, Wood Handle Lawn Mower Reg. M.95—Sale 12.88 25 Year Guarantee Garden Hose 50 Ft. Now Only 8.50 Service That's Our Motto! We spare no effort In providing in EXTKA everyday prescription service which means extra con- venlence to you Peel tree to can on us at any time Prompt delivery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE Lawn Sprinkler Now Only 1.15 PRICESGOOD3DAYS FRI - SAT - MON .Mm Brown Premium Grade MOTOR OIL Reg. Special 2 Gal. 1.69 Penn. 60(1 s ifi TIRES 12.95 plus lax _ A A A A Straight Run CHICKS New Hampshire Reds \Vhifc Rocks Per mn 10.95 The SECRET of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHRBCKDRUGCO. PHONE -Hot GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Refrigerators Household — Commercial • • . • Air Conditioning • Radios—Record Players * * * • Washers • Gas Engines We Pick Up & Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. :06-J»8 W M>in t*r Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Pbime Nichols Drug STEEL BUILDINGS! t C. .4. Tant Construction Company Authorized Dealer for Butler Sice] Buildings —General Contracting P. O. Bov 83 |. hone ggs Blylheville. Ark. Say It With Flowers THE FLOWER SHOP Glencoc Building Phone *101 or '^747 Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosowbo ^SWIFT'S PREMIUM i BRANDED BEEF if We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH Fresh Channel Calfish Fried Chicken Roast Park Roast Beef Chicken & Dressing Steak & Gravy Three Teje(able» Special 60c Special HOT DOGS ,5 HAMBUKGKRS . .. } CLUB STEAK, FK. FRIES 8 Choice T-Bones i Sirloin. "Where Friends Meet and Eat" the NICKLE STAND Vickie Saliha, Prop. 103 W. Main a' shoemaker aided bj modern equipment »nd finest materials brings new life to worn footwear here. H-flLT€RS " IflLiry SMOC SHOf RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY SHEET METAL WORK -OF ALL KINDS „ ^* •-•••fc ixii^iy^ Custom work for gins, alfalfa mj|| 9 , oil m ills. Custom Shetnng up to 1/4 inch thickness 117* Simmo "s Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Pno £

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