The New York Times from New York, New York on October 18, 1914 · Page 85
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 85

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 18, 1914
Page 85
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TITE NEW YORK TIMES. SUNDAY. OCTOBER IS. 101 l.'i CnOOKLYM THEATRES. X:aJf::TIC TltKATUB ""I" ataey f tha luarjr. . Dm biet r al-dnmt which bM beea playlnc at Um Manhattan Opcrm IIoum. mtuttm oirec to t&la Chaatx taanorrow (or WMk'i visit. IS KAI.B THEATRE With la Ryan In tha rtMa of rate, th dolirMful crtmfly. " Pea; a Mr Heart." comas bark In Bronktyn at thla theatre, ITO.NTACK THEATBB Tte Dummy." fresh from tta lone run la afaa-battan. wilt tea Um attrarttoa at Um TbMtf for wefc an-mfrw-ln tomorrow aUrhC CnrilEUM THEATRE Tb lone vaulvUia bill thla imk m keauWd by Arthur Prlraca. tha . vsotriUxiulst; Jean 1. Laakya HtU mokcl comedy. TtM 8oeitT Buda." u4 A dele niiehlo I mm moo. BVHWICK THEATRE Tl il!a birt hers hmm as Hs toa-liner Adelaide an Iluirh,' tlM dmcrrs; B. A. Rolf' ana-art BB-irml comedy. " Tha Brtd 8hop. and iraka Meotomry. tha m. trilrxjulat, Trihern New Stock Manager. . A I Trthfni na Wea aUl I tnaa-a-a tha Keun Playara at tta Bronx Thfttr. epeatos on Oct. 2- TraiMrB formerly "coodii-l ft stock circuit Lor, Island aad later directed Stock rmiiiti fur B. F. Ktta at th r.rwupoui Ciwwt. an Busk wick Theatrea. ' . Jardin 4s Danas. : Thm slow orac an erlatnal oaoca, t? rr(ln of Evalya Ttiaar aad) Jack Ilffcrd. wm bo tntrodTtced by that .1TLM DAILY 25. 50. 75c 2.coo aioicE 5 CATS. 50c RBflAnWAV AND . B. F. KEITH'S PAL AGE TV. O BU3 SUNDAY CONCERTS BEGINNING TOMORROW MATINEE tit m nw HiNWrrri li a a jw nj..v r HOUDINI DOLLY&BROWN rmi4 dair IJheratne. ta Aaasta. ta rete mt aireast aa Mfetsry. JOaKPU U ART TOM LEWIS IM CO. (LATR STAB OF -HIGH S") C( "BBOTHM VANS." FANNY r.ATT TAR or FUToRSrTTKGOS FOSTER BALL & FORD WEST - A root. THERB !-- I , "tlSCI THE DATS OP 'I.- 5ATrK0USfcTlRQUPEf SENSATIONAL HEARST-SEL1G FILMS. ALICE EISMaBERT FRENCH In ESTDf BURLIlGH g Own Craatloa. THB PANCB OP THB TEMPTRESS " , "WILLA HOLT WAKEFIELD -THB UlDT AND THBlPtANO.' - CARNEGIE HALI SATURDAY, Oct. 24, at 2:30 P. M. iniristalbel SPEAKS ON TIME GREAT WAR Tu keta number- and raaervad, $1.00. Heaervea. 00e. and lUki. ., Iine to hold sis. from 10 upward. r,n ha (-Malned at JKox 4ffi Camegla Mall Fhon folumbua 1850; at Tvt ant l-ollucai KuaUty Assoc ttlloiv 13 Kaat elat fjtraet. Phon Murray HOI IX ".J. . - . : ! : . rm nvi a I aA I'ntlMa TV unie filf CRN TIIDAI. IMS A Sil. wrru t N-t. is.Mt. iHt, aa. 1 "r"tr "r et-t P-1n Dnnna. BLANCHE RING vi) ro. nH. re- e Wtr a PM1. EDDIE LEONARD JtST . MACLE RUSSELL Si ED. VINTON & BUSTER E.MMET DE V'OY c COT Hvmack: Brooks & Bon I WeKer a) I t aaiiela A Mart I 1 .AI.HAMBRASr tM l.Kr fU.V. t:IS at a-.i. tk m4 . IS. Mat. llally. IV. M l.tvt WHO ALWATlt WW . - ; brTce &. n1vi; 'Wills CRESSY & DAYNE TvrTi & Yoct Tb Lanndona r miprn n'Rri"TVAJiii'or vi 1 I W a h I4kt IK r ' ' ' i r IS Mtt Wl t Set. t il Tomorrow Eye. STRAND ,1' a - U Ufa llih M is If L.i i r Mil SL -V-afa la irn Avn A NATION couple tomorrow oroalna" at tha Jardin do Dmim. Ta addition, Mrs. Thaw and Mr. Clifford will preaaitt a aartea of acrobaUo riumbere. lionnla Olasa tia eralve4 Mveral paw danre la which kha appear nightly with Clifton Webb. Miss Ulaaa ta also bostea each after-noon at tha tb danaaat. - - At th Dana da Fwlll. Tomorrow venlm will uaher In tha twat3rftrat week of tha Zleafeld Panaa doa Follies atop tha New Amsterdam Theatra. whrth derates f Terpsichore hold forth In tarae numbers rary nlfhr and danr ta th playln of two alkernaUn- archaatraa. , - ' . , 8uggatlng a . Chang. Wlnthrop Amaa haa bean requeeted by certain members of th M Buy a Bal of Cotton Commttto to ehan- tha title of "A Pair of Silk 8tocklns." which t to fee th eponlo attraction at th Little Theatre, to " A Pair of Cotton Stockm-." to help th causa aioa. . Marshall Wlldr at th American. Th bill at Marcus LoeWs American Theatre dorlnc th week wQI be headed by Marshall P. Wilder, making his defeat wtth th Marcus Xxmw Circuit. It will he Wlldofs last appearance) In the Baat for elx months. Immediately aftr hl eaaaaement at the American he si arts on a Ion tour of Marcus Loew'a Western Circuit. Mmn Qraat and th War. Ben. Oreet. who at tha close of his Bummer open-air tour eatled for Kni-ti vriiM ta hla muinr. Lu M. Ooodstadt. .of hia war experiences In hta awa nna- or wnancon. w tloa to a daUy four hours' nolle patrol. Mr. Oreet la assisting la th eetablUh-mant and malntenanc of A Il?laa Hotel In ChartUn. where they era al-miiT carina , for twenty refuse ramuiea. Erery Night. 25. 50. 73c j I. $1.50 1.000 ORCa SEATS.! I DO 4TTH STREET ROZMKA MABTUf DANCKUND.- RerelaUaa . la apeetaeular Pradwetiea. rREajCNTB BRICE TUB CHARACTER COMEDIENNE. PanRKurst rader al Maassemant T.d. K. Pldeea BOSE GARDENS THEATRE S'kt U1 at. 4 Umm 4lv.; t. :. . :M e&, GREATEST MOTION PIOTCRB 8KN8A-TlON SVER HUUWN ON BROAD WAT. THIRTY ItAGUf S THE SEA Ppeeial Hrhoal Mats. Dally at Sis P. M. Pataraay Meealna atj:( stJSe lc fader Mala Msaaseeaaat Ed. C Pldsaaa fader Mala Msaaseeae ROSE GARDENS I trway, sa bi. IP.JX.M1AK. - Heart of Gotham's Gayety Where taa Xatleaa Oataer. Daaeln. Kateetalaaaeat da laie. IMalas Mimi3AT4!Tltfi UaXlta4.Qa AlfD VAL'DCVUXB. CONCKBT IWUAT 10-1 io- is. X sinw-aad Zrery. Aftwaeos saO- Msst. CABARET GIRLS Caaatry Star THday Slkt BKOOKI.TW AMrWKMKWT. PUrts Man.. Ore It. miiIim Wed, L ej. M.t ai M anta Kta. L ic n (Mirrors: a nrr win - . The Um Msrr tvl UaleUrtMa t - Lee aa War Jtrm. ea la New rork. The Story of the Rosary WA At" n ra ntyfraWi Wtth Aimle Maker. AVnd raosiler and Co. ef 10. The riiniaa Taeeira, Leaaen. wna. rtue Utea The Whle.T N. T. Times. ! -Baae tae Teatataeer." at That1ay. KmrsOrplaetirri CONCPRT8 TODAT. t :15 AND i:18 Weak Bacla'a Tomorrow (Mm.) Uf a-ia WOBLD-a GREATEST VKNTBUjOQLTST aARTHUR PRINCE ADELE RITCHIE I.n, Ch" CLAJUTat BERGMAN ta Laa1rya Buperh "SOCIETY BL'DIT' BARBER ClRLS j DARRELL 6t CONWAY ialloa. Melalyr I ( arrelll a I aketeni a NUm I tuuett 1UJ MONT AUK rr'- rair mat. wko. EVES. 8 AT. JUT, &Oo. to 1.90. THE DUMMY .A DrrrrnTB comeut Pr Barrey O'Hiswfna an Harris Pard. who wrote 'Tlie Ara-yle Caae." RTrECT PROM - MONTHS AT I M K M CDHJS THEATRE. N. Y.J """NOT ONB CffSNGB IN CART. . NEXT WEEK... .OlALNCKT OIXXJTT Tr VAI I) Bats.- We. Bat. tl . lit. fJUi tea. IV M, aa 1 1. a. if seo eacN. iiat. ivia. Ma. ,4UTa HinMUl iaaaia J. Stanley Maaaars' Baariaii Baoasss, WZQ Or MY HHARTf ' With KtBA UTAH aad X. T. Ca, Swxlay ConcerU fZ'Xn, 1335 Next Week WITHIN THB UW.M Hotel Aberdeen 32d SU W., Bat. B'wsy aal Bth A We are tnaklnf attractWe "" nV m - Maiest Dinincr on Danse in Berlin. same as in the mam dining room. The terrace a rangement assures an unobstructed view from every table. There is nothing to equal it in New York. Ventilation perfect; admission free. I.ADIES' ETNOHEON DANSANT at t P. M. KKCTOB'M INKXrCUBD CAHABET OP t At T Bvery ISvenlnf, Main Dining Koom Avid disappointment phone your rrrn-iHon now. Bryant ?Ttn HOTEL- BELLECLAIRC) NEWYOaXK. rway ,t 771k, SaVway 7fftk Moat conyenlently sltu- atad hlah class hotel on ' th uppar west alda Liberally . conducted restau rant. Efficient telephone and maid aarvloe. Fnaelal Inducements for yearly I a a a Tha nnoiceat atiite are usually rant ed by Nov. 1. An excellent selection now. Some with liver view. Re Vert D. Blackssaa. Manager. i M A Mttlas seaeeliMla of oar heme. , lea cas eaiaia aeta M. " I lira aait comfort of botelmta at laatrrniy reeiooem nm. we are p.xuoc but unmet WHY kot your ffllniaeninn rVjtaperior Amef lean Plan Table ' S02 West 103d 8t atnrwAT (t win too ft. wst HOTEL ENDIC0TT Columbus Ave., 81st to 82d St. Rooms with um of bath. .$1.00 With bath. . , . .$1.50 & $2.00 . Dancing Every Evening. ResUsraat 50 Leas Taaa Others. leaaaaa aad Oaatral Park. STATIONS OP "V sad Safcaay el Mtk at. A QUIET FAMILY HOTEL. Doable Xeeai I 7 AA h.. 1 Mnmh . aua I T aa" t cntnnsv? ? Balk, for lort ( Wi . Also S Room Suites, with Batk. eihaloe RaoBas and Batk. , t I avnu J bbiv m iv. Pkaa It Columbua J. A. J EPSON. Mar. 4lotel Bretton Hall DXtOLADWAY SllSsaV . LAJUJHOT AND MOKT ATTtACTtT TJPTOW HOTEL.. ana ib way eiu Elevated Statloa, Mth Bt (within two block.) lira? Quiet Rooma with Bata for transient or PeiTnajient rasldene. AlF tao aeaafarta af New wk CMTt iaT taTaa aaa-thlrd Uee astaa. HOTEL BUCKINGHAM 50th St and 5th Ave. Handsomely furnished. Apartments of any number of rooms desired, Dy day, month or season One anrnrt thre balks arnralehe Aoariiaetit rroniase on " " " - lateel liiimvamenla. D. C JONES. Manager. M O T B I. BERKLEY 170 W. 74th St CORNER OP AMSTERDAM AV. APARTMENTS Unfurnished by the year. - RENTAL! PROM 0e ANNI'M. RESTAURANT A I.A CARTB. HOTEL CECIL ABItoLrrTBVVk&I Conv.nU.ol te Cara. aubway. Klevated. IrtshtUlde Ro.. SI with Ex roll oat Bestaaraat at Popular Prleea. Parlor, bedroom and bath all fine rooms, ft to per aeek. Room with .fth. t t finale room. S jph HOTEL STRAND 32nd St. Just off B'way. Fireproof Hotel. $1.00 per day up. Same rate for one as two person tn room. HOTEL- BOHTA-NARRAGAHSETT Ptroadaay. a.ld to 4th Pt. Poleet rirenmn." rM-nlll hole! tor ra-jltee aa trarlf nt timta ; -ennerate ratea AMERICAN AMI KlRorKAN PI.AN. a. I to. MA. t-rsnasar. HOTEL IRVING N Oraaaftr Tark. V T. Mth St.. oar tth At. fimm Ynrk'a mail homelike hotU Aaierlcan and European plana. Uook let s apnlHatloa. Bre.. I'rooa, .V, Xaiitallaa, Uaart 4 - ' :v.: ; BROADWAY AT 48TH ST. A New Delimit the terrace in Rector's New Room will give you a new delight. It is the most magnificent ball room of its kind in the world. surnassinp: the renowned Palais de Cuisine, service and prices are the GREATEST PLACE IN AMERICA BROADWAY AND 30TH STREET EXCELLENT DOLLAR DINNER Beginning at Noon. We have just received via Holland a shipment of the famous li. B. filsener Beer, same as on tap now. ReservtYonr Tables Now fur the roll'lrklne "Bale of Cotton" Dance Next Wed. Jc Than., Oct 21t & 22nd Heape of fun! Cabaret a-la-hama: Hale r cottnn alven to beet dancer. rh BUSTANOBY'S On B wajf Phone M70 Col.) Table d'Hota IMnaer. eiJM. W ICTT FTfeis BEAUX -ARTS i -i tr REISENWEBER'S Table D'Hote Dinner (6 to 9) $1.00. Beefsteak Dinner $1.25 Mr. Sloane At Mi Morgan in Ballroom Dancea Nightly, beg. at 10:30 Complimentary Tea Dancei 4-7 c;."Jr.7rZr Dan Cailar'i Orchestra SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER (Noon to 9 P. M.) $1.00 saBssasaaaa l I Ptast Pea. . HvftWV . Catering, Eseelleat rnrlea, II iMJl MiU'm O Th' Parties. 5fe& H0PFilAN'S m Evenlna-. Tel. 2t5 Greeley. BROADWAY AT FORTY-FIRST STREET HHKHK mtav nvK tiiit 1h any iiNK urm FtG) I X yigfX JANCIN0 ErHtanranttuith. thp(rlrbratriillrurtiatt(6ariirn Noa. -S0 1'ark 1'le'ce. (formerly hi M It Turk Place) A bitter quality f tiettrr nvkrl foo.1 than any nthvr ilowntown reataurant. Lanrhroa beslaa at II A. .M. Luactteea, S CRAFTSMAN and $1 d'Mote Ope Fireplace CARDLN JUfPLIEJ DAlLT rUJ JT jJ 111 I yQ Broadway LJlI LJI nlJUJU a3 at 49th Street ateSkflkJI t NO ( Alt ABET. Jilri FOR 30 YEARS THE RENDEZVOUS OF REFINED CON. 40tk6A. NOISSEURS OF ITALIAN AND FRENCH COOKING. P(,wl?""' laack Hi. ill.NNES. Carlton Terrace SS IP TOIT Ml Yttt'R PIIOW Tiarr maxim MAXIM'S,. ii situ 42d St. Grill, 42d Opea Munrtaye Clak Breahfaat. Laarh. Tea. IMaaer. Alaa a la Carta, a A. li. to P. M. -1 -J ta Baal HUOKINO PEBB1TTKO llroadwar at 7tl M. I the enlre of New lark. WOMEN In Bualnass THE RUTLEDGE ,1.1.,.. New York' Ideal HoteU Holler, 36 Washington Sq. Earle, 103 Wtrerly Place. JnrJaon. S3 Washington Sq. t Van Reniselaer,17E.llth St. t Larated In the ' Heart of Thine. In the fammia Knlckertmrker Itertlon. In- Amr NE oroareealve manasemrnt. Modern in Everything. Ferepeaa Mas. M ta $5 a Week 1 r.. PI. a. SI4 I $70 Week . .m.m. of 1 to 10 rmtma. h fine ha ilia ami alioarra NlnKle rooma with rrtvata bath llooma with run VVa? IW KNOTT. Wlt.lJAM I. KNVrT. ..-. iifvrr.i. GRENOBLE 5STII aTKEET A TTIt AY'. FA llllCKAN IM.AN I'nder New .Msnnsemrat. Kediriilahed !! renovated Exriualve family and iranalem linirl Rooma with bath. $1.50 per day. Parlor Bedroom and Hath, IS niaard EiMClal ratea bv'iveekT'month. or acason. eprcw. BROEHXi aUaagsr . fix Ball ARRANGE NOW TO BE AT the fuwlnatlnc 'DANCE D'AUTOMNE' FRI. & SAT., Oct 23d & 24th Exceptional dam-Ins orp In entirely new ami original "Dance Det Feuilles Mortes " No extra rharcro "NEVER 1)1 1.1. AT ANY TIME." BUSTANOBY'S f.Vr. HVoy Phone 6780 Oreeley.'i Helertea Pamlly IMnner. tl.. Xji m ya&K sixth ir- it. i "wwj TONIGHT! ANO Special 40-5T. Beaux-Arts Dinner, $1.50 Opposite Charminir Music. RrVint DclixThlful Surroundings. Park 58TH ST. & COLUMBUS CIRCLE ii:on . ihnner si. a DURIM0 DINNIB ANO ArTtS TNI PLAV. RESTAURANT SfSS FROM CRAFTSMAN ARM 6 E. 39th Street. (week a so. llelldera a sundar. and Street CHEON. 60c. NCM1N TO tl.OaW. CAHAKKT A ITER :30. nt. St. & Madison Ave. A. M. ta 8:S P. M. V "TMt 0LDT a4 atraat. H0MC C00KII TMt OLDEST TEA yoalt. Am. vekee Cxaliralvaly II. IN TUB rONHEKVATOBV. A Hotel of Refinement aad Chi Herrlre a la Carte. Table d'Hota. Oanaaat Krery Kveaia. i Warilrolte 4 bar see N War Prleae, N COR. S0TII STREET LEXINGTON AVE. ...i.lda room. Uain- lluuili.. .wwiuwa. Tariff. Sit to wawij. uKiimua MsjUtPPPPRPPP.P.RP.P.e!eh -r PI REPROOF. V HOTEL 5 a' HARGRAVE ,B . a' a 110. 112 WEST 72D ST.. i Ronalns thryach to Tlst BE "oj Located between tfubwajr expreea and , 'ti" atatlona. one-half llock from each, w a' a A' Paniilv inH Trimii-nt lintel - m e e i t a r SUM 1 I HIIJIVIII a, a a' catering onlv to a Lmcriniinitlnj ' Cllrntele. . .... M a ni'M iM. k hi a' THE MONTH OR MEASON. S X1 "uner I or Realattrant a la t arte. tW liirea Moderate. Good Mualc. ir J. WAIIH MrORATII. Umt. .P Me1wBe1le1e1o)e1aTeta,r "Chez" Maurice NOW OPEN Ikflth atntl l4r. wnv. rrrtitrtv Iiiii tl- OaiiMk horn li:1" .t MAURICE kmii'km k WALTON nilf. M.w n rrt va i ra-. FINK HANI i:UI IHITK fl ISkN'R JOAN MUV.Eir PERSIAN GARHEN Hnxileay Aotli HI. (Knt. on Mtkl. I'hene 111 CoL n ... fraai !:. aalll alaala. tla. leal. Se4ar. MISS JOAN SAWYER .MoAraSi Dan aUldatas nana WaUM aawni.iiaaieat i t Band Ctlna FOR INFORMAL, AND DELIGHTFUL. DINING. 14th Street, near hoartn Are. The .Anderson 102 WEST BOTH STREET I nqaare to Ceatral Park FACTS .ay aad homelike: esrelleat charartor of aeota. Aaaerlean plan; meal at filed yrleea. q Cooklns hy womeo. whleh la- m r o wboleeomeaeea aad rleaallaeek q aafarntehed:) ha ire I wire the ru double tha aaneblae feand la two- ream apartments eieewoere. q per q Mlalmaim rata for meala aad t.Ukl .aariawat for two pereeae. S7 a week. A .pedal prlre of SO reata per -- - - - - dlaa la offered lemplatlas a reoldeare st The Aaxtc THE MISSES ANDERSON. Props. Fifth Ave. at 45th St. New York Apartments and Rooms with Bath, Unfurnished and Furnished, by the Year or Transiently. SAME MANAGEMENT APARTMENTS OF ANY SIZE Restaurant a la Carte EQUINOX HOUSE, Mv". nhaafaf Y.rwoet. Caaafoti Acceaaikilrfj Mowsrats Rata I Madiaoa At. at 49tl. St New York Suites of any number of rooms desired, furnished or unfurnished, on yearly lease. Furnished suites by the season. Restaurant a la carte; reasonable charjrrs. Uklet on requeat. S. C. CLAYTON. LARGEST AND FINEST Transient & Family Hotel UpUwa 7th At., 124th to 125th St. K HIH'K TO AMD S:BWAT BUaPAt-H CABS. ALL POINTS. AT UOOk Abaolately Fireproof. Single Rooma -Vtm Double Rooms $2.50 re DAY AO Ontside Rooma. nraaafaat. Me.; Lenrli. Mr.; Dinner. I.M. HINOI.K kOUM ANO BATH (per jaarl . ft t r.OOMM AND BATft. (par jrarl rte I BOOMS. 1 OR 1 BATHS. (SOT raarl . . .(I.MS Sptiml A'w As Mwi'l mni 5ejs jioaso li" rrp wrrs. T. M. LENPRICN. WAWAOSB. Phone. WT Momlnfalde. noTr.ij pit or city. Elmwood Hotel 43-45 South Walnut St., EAST ORANGE, N. J. Make your Pall an Winter arraosenienta now; S20 per week and up for two (3 people In doubts room; 132 per week far two people In suite of two rooma; I2 par seek and up for one; all rooma are elegantly fumlah.d. eleetrlo llsnted. w!lh rrlvale bathroom and rirat-tlaaa nieala. altn room, amuklns rmm, and billiard room; bouaa vaauum cleaned; alavlrlo lamp a dlnlna tallies alva homelike affect; 38 minute from Broadway d HI., or BroaJaay aad Sad at I'koae a." tanse. ""THE MARLBOROUGH Cor. Arlliis'"" A, en.l Wllliama Hlreet, Kaal lranse. N- J 1 Mhniir. frtttii ltrul'a v " An hil hmellkf Ataitmn lloi.l In Nn Ynrk'a Mxel lu-aul ir ill Mnlurl. I.tiaur loualy Furnlhel anl lerf(lv Amlnte-I. with eerMt e eoual in Ihe lei New 1 oi k h" lata lal.le -ll-iil. Parlor. Iletrnm en.l Private llalh. with board, for two ia-Hle. Via iwr week and up Take the I ji. k anna at llirtioKMl. Ii. .Hie hloi-k from Oraiure atatloa. Write ler Uooklst la W. T. RttAlMS. rrosv. SHANLEY'S Broadway 4rd to44tb$iret Superior Six-Course l-Xincheon,75 Music) Brctkf1S in Grill Room from 8 A M Cabaret Extraordinaire Twenty Acta verj Evening 7tl Restaurant' also in tKc SKoppin Zone-BnMKlw.7 EStL-OOtL St, APARTMENTS NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY IN THB ANDON APARTMENT HOTEL 33 West 5 1st Street Suites ranpe from One or More Rooms, each with Bath, to Five Rooms and Four Baths. Kach Room has Exceptional l.iRht. Distinctive Finish and Modern Equipment. RESTAURANT A LA CARTE. The location is the most exclusive in town. Superior aervice is maintained night mnd day. Rentals are moderate, and include electric lighL Write, call or 'phone manager for booklet and further information. TELEPHONE NUMBER, 8264 PLAZA The Langdon 5th Ave. & 56th St. Apartments of Any Size, Uaforaished, Ytarlj Basis Only. One Apartment. 8 Rooms, on 6th Floor, to Sublet on Favorable Terma. Designed especially for those deairing-the quiet Htmosphere of a well-ordered home, with all the comforts and advantages of a modern hotel. I nsportion invited or full particular went on rqust. ffS m Hotel Le Marquis 12-10 Kust 3 lot St. Comfortable aad EiclasiTt. Suites of Any Size, Furnished or UafuraUkei This well -established Fireproof Hotel offera superior accommodations, combined with faultless aervice and an excellent cuisine, at attractive pricaa. Inquiries Solicited. Under Personal Direction of E. H. Chatilloa. 66TH ST. BROADWAY Hul.a.v Klatlon at lr. Hurfara Located in the most convenient section of the city, within easy walking distance of practically every attraction. . A perfectly appointed apartment hotel so arranged as to meet the demands of the most fastidious. Apartments of any size desired, from one room and bath to six or eight rooms and upwards, each bedroom having its own bath. Large open fireplaces. Apartments to let unfurnished on yearly leases. Cuisine and service maintained at the highest standard. Under Same Management aa MtMIM: New York' Newest and Best RESTAURANT and BALI-ROOM lHraa4f, at 7tb Rl. l-heae, Hr lift.) ATOP THE STRAND ANMii m i:n tmk arrival or MISS JANET McILWAINE & MR. HOLTON HERR Itrslnnlns Unnilaj, I lift will ro la Muale k rrrrl tjulatrell and Hie On-hralra. JOHN ItlTTNr.K. free. TIIE IDEAL HOTEL FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE. iUartr J Antoinrtti? letnlrl Exceptionally AttracbT ApartaieaU Single or ea Suite At Very Reasoaable Rents tin A NO RAIAN rOlt WAN QIKTW. WFODINOH. KB-rrPTIONB AND PAWCIKO. Muata and naarlna OnrtaS aa raUuarlna Oloaw. ResUurant A Cafe.. 67TH ST. I'era. Kleva(el Road Statloa at ! AND nr our sueaia. THlt DANSANT Oal'ly. 4 ta r. M. miieviiou Mrllaataa 4 llerr.l w, a

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