The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1946
Page 5
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1, 104G BtYTHEVlktE (AriK.) COURIER NEWS pd Appoints Committees Lawyers to Study Suggested Reform Of State's Courts. Happiness on Deck M:i.\ • I^eHl. Ulythc\ F ille, newly ;1 im';lt!i'ii|. of the Arkansas As-'o-iution, today completed ,j b( -' ll "ti'Jii cf peitonnel to head lie vanous t -,:iumittces of the !M- U '. '"WiSz.-ition and said Hie .e»il;ers ivouicl begin at once on "«il:;imienls lor the year. >-' "If'l .study of sinneslcil i-Roreani/ii- nl Liu: ;,t ;sl ,. s judicial |,ro- -vliires. An outline of suggested re- 'I'liis was D-vseiited to the lawyers Ucmlun; llio recent stul- conve;:- Hi, The list of Mr. izcjd lollows: C.mver T. Owns, of blttle Rod:, hail-man <;r t!i e lOxecittis-i- Cs.n- "''. 'Mill otim- meniljers: .1. ie Rlicrt i,f Camden. S. K. ylllillll tif Kl Or:r.ido. Paul Silllins E Ci-oiisi-tt. j. n. tonkfitloo of Ar- )<h I'una, ciilton wade of Fayetto. -:Hie I':-Of!iL-Lo Committee is made. P 11 Mi. Hi i : i an chairman, Lnmar Viluainvr),, ,,f ^..nht-ilo, W. W. Oni'|i til lii-inkley, joe C. Bunelt of •sij.iro. Ten-ell Marshall ot II):, committees announc- . .The «>:nmit!c>:> on "Arksinsas Anns so Uic Amerienn Ltuv In- Pt'il:- H'siiitcment of the Law". Is '|inii::«:c(i ,,f Cicorse Host: Smith of .ill!': Hook, cluiinniin. Oscar Fend- !,r ;if HK-theville. Ciriirin Smith of .•uiV nock. Dwi^lil L. Savnge of Carlisle. W. II. Kngcl of Newport. M.'mbers or tlic Auditing Com- 1'au! K. Talley or Little The Navy won the race to bring Hie lirsl conluigcnt of wives nnd families to Vault occupation forces in Japan when the USS Charles Carroll recently docked at YokosuUa. Typical of the happily reunited couples arc those pictured above. I'bar. Male 2/c James Enrique-'., left, of Toledo, Ohio, with wifo. Belly Lou, and Radioman 1/c Richard G. Edwards, of Ailkcn, Minn., and wife Caroline. B. Mcrhvelher of FayoHeville, Leo P. Mcluughlih of En I Spiiii;;s.- Thomas Guuglmn o: Camelen, R. J. Buller of rorrest City, Tom W. Campbell of Little Rock. Richard L. Arnold of Texarkana. Legislation Committee mcmbirs are Hcartslll Ragon of Fort Smith, chnirmnn; E. J. Butler of Forrest City, James n. Campbell of Hoi .. ul *.,,...,. Eprinns. Pat Mehnffy of Little Jock, ehnirmiin; Martin' K. Pull: Rock, T. B. Pryor jr., of Port Smith, Litile rack. E. De.Matt Render- S. Hubert Mayes of Lit lie Reck, Clifloi nil of UUlc Rock. John B. Thurnan of Liltle Rock. • Thi: community Property Law -•oinmitlee is made up of Hsnry M. IrmiMcnd Sr. of Little Rock, chair- nan; Thomas S. Bu7l)ee of Little ?oek. N. J. Gmiit Jr., of Pine Bluff. 1^ Merrick Monie of Little Rock *ri O. A. Graves of Hope. TMembors oi ih? Constitutionnl 3b[iii'-'es Comniiilc'? arc C. L. PCIU-CC if Soa!'c\'. chaimMin; C. W. Norton if >-v>ripst city. u. A. Lovcll of Sliriniicialc. Kdijar E. Bethell nl j sprlngdale. c. IJoil Fmilli, Tom W. Campbell of T inl siii.|n« Lillle Rock. Cor.p«r Land of Hot S]>rins!s. DuVal L. Pui'kill.s of Warren. Arthur L. Adams of .Tonesboro. :i. K. frilllam ot El Dorado. A. P. Triol'll or Pine Bluff. A. W. Dnbyil nf t.itlle Rock. : Ciimmillec on Ki-forins -The (Ommiltce on Jurisprudence •in<t La*. 1 . 1 Reform is made up of litnry Kcrlly ol Searcy, chairman; I P. A.'Lesley of Ijiltle Rock. Sidney S !j. McMiilh of Hot Springs, Prank 6. Bridiics Jr.. of Pine IMllfr, E. R. Par ha n of.LitMe Rock. _C. E. pag- :/elt of Marianna. . The Legal Institutes commitlec ir.cinlK'rs are Euf^eno It. Warren ol r:-itllo Reck, cliairman; Maurice L. Rcinbergor of Pine Bluff. Edward Wad" or Fnyetteville. John D. Eldridge Jr.. of Augusta, is chairman of the Local Oruanina- tions Committee with other members, Bob Bailey of Russcllvllle. Kenneth C. Coffell of Bcnton, Everard Wfibiird of West Memphis. Al- .len D. Shelton of Hot Springs, Wade H. Kitchens Jr., of Magnolia. Seek More Members 'Hie Membership Committee is made up of .1. Prank Holt of Little Hock, chairman; ~ U. A. LovL'll of Floyd Huff Jr.. of Hot Springs. Dennis K. Williams .lonesboro. l-'ullcr llifjhsmlth ol Hatcsville, C. A. Cnnninuhain of Blythcville, Claude H. Clumpier of Kl Dorado, Kutli V. Hale of Little Kock, A. R. Cooper of Pine Bluff; Gnrvin Fttton of Little Hock, p. F. Hairelson of Forrest, City, 15. Fred r Jr., or Oseeola. Virgil Evaim or'Hot Springs, G. Byron Unlibs of Fort Smith, Nathan Gordon of Mor- rillon, Jeptlia A. Evans ot Boonu- ville. Memorials CominHtco is made up of w. Henry Hector of Little Rock, chairman; June p. Woolen of Little Rock. Prank s. Quinn ol Texarkana, George L. Mnllory of Little Rock, Charles II. Tomykhvi of PrescoU:. The committee on Vructic.c In Chancery and Probate Courts Is made up of Aclrain Williamson of Monticello, chairman; Edward L. Wright of Little Rock, Edward 13, Meriwcllier of Payetteville. Maurtci 1 ! Cathey of paragonld, Frank ft. DociBR of Lit lie Rock. t'rore.^sloual Ethics and Grievances Committee membc-rs are John Kaneaster Hodges of Newport, Will Steel of Texarkann, J. a. liurkc of Helenn, J. M. Smiilhvood of KnsS'.'ll- vllle, Roy 1'entx of Jonesboro. Members of llio Public Relations Committee are w. W. McLMnry Jr.. f l.onoki 1 . ehnirman; Jnmes I. TVsi- gue of Little Rock. (Jlaiidi! I- 1 . 3oopei- of ISlytbcvllle. Hoy ». Jampboll jr., of SlnUtjnrt. lipssle N. Florence of Hot Springs, 11. II, Mc- Aclams Jr., of Joneslxiio. On the Publication of Journal Committee are William Nash of illle Hock, chairman; Robert A. LoFUir of Fuyellcvllk'. clyile 11. Drown ol Hot SpriiiBS. H. C. Buler of Llllle Rock, J. Grahain Svul- bury of Hlytheville. I'liiii Ki'[rrihrr ('ours* Members or the Refresher Couv- s Committee nre Kiisene A. Matt- : liews of ll"l Springs, chairman; jou C. Dnri'ctl of Jonesboro. .liinies K. Hale of raycttevllle. Ashley Cockrill of Litiu> Rock, f:. L. Compere Of HI Dorado. The Resolutions Commute?- Is made up of J. Mitchell Cockrill of Little Rock, chairman; Dwli'ht 11. Crawford of Arkadelphla, Francis Cherry of Jonesboro. j. E. Gaiiijlmn or Camden, Verne McMlllen of Little lidck. Members of Ihe Special Tux St'.i- dy Committee are A. F. llousi.- i>- Lltlle Rock, chairman; Ike Mnrry of Liltlc Rock, filsljane Trimble Roy of Hlylhevllle, John M. Rose or Littlu Rock The Taxation CommiU»« nifm- bcrs are E. diaries Kidienbi'.tim of Little Hock, chairman: It. P. Daily of Port Smllh. l-'rank J. Wills of I.lLtb; Rock, ricnrue K. r;ra^ crafl of Helena, o.sro Cobb of Lll- lle Rock, Gordon K. Younu of Pine Bluff. Jlonor Arkansas Lawyers In U. S. Army Plans Artie Maneuvers Men Assemble on West Const for 8-Months Training, WASHINGTON, July 1. (Ul't — Thc Army is assembling men [or eight months of Arctic inunen7or.i Hint will extend »s fur as tlie Aleu- lliin Island of Adak. It was uls- closeil today. AmcrUan-uwneil Adak Is WO miles from Russia's Siberia, nutl u .ibaut »n equal distance, from llw Alaskan mainland. Tile War Department's first «:<>» spread cold weallu'r exercises will consume a in w ixn-llnii of n 310 000.000 fund fur field maneuver:; mill lire designed In test IlKhflnif force.! and equipment In far nmtlK-in climes. The plans were detailed to a Sen- ulc appropriations subcommittee, by Secretary of War Hubert P. Patterson and Clcn. Jacob L. never.-, commander of the Army around forces, in testimony made public today. i'litlcrson. In leadlm; a sn:ce.ssfnl fllihl aiailnsl n $:i,f>0(>.0()0 cut In funds for field exercises, wrote Llm commHice (bat fullnre to conduct, sucli a northern mission would en- NOT1CK OF GRANTING OF I.IQIIOK rKKMIT, Notice Is hereby uiven Hint the ZuinmlsslouiM' of Revenues of llio .Stale uf Arkansas lias iKsued n per"l, No. 1«0 to Welch Foster, l-'os'« llroadway Liquor Store, in sell Him dispense vinous or suhlluou': lliUior.i for bovRrniiP ill retail on Hie premises described us IOG Norlh llroadway, Ulythcvllle. Tills penult issued on the Isl clay of July, IOIII, iintl expires on Ihe 30 day of June-. 1947. Welch foster 1'ormlltee, CAKI) OF THANKS We to tlinnk our friends for Heir ({real. ktndne.s.i to us at the time of Hie rerent IrnKlc dentil ot our son. pic. We es- Uncle B«m receive* lAo tloiu for itovemmeni Job* •inlly \vant to I hunk C'obb Pun- cnil Hume for their kind Kcrvlcoi. Air. anil Mrs. K, H. Hay mid fnmhy. Driiitonfllus feed on horseflies. THB BEAUTf Mmrf>rH CLone Read Courier News Wnut Ads. World Wnr ri" is name of a miUec with these u cmliers: O. A. Graves of Hope, cl'.nnnan; Clmrles D. Prlcrson Sr., of .lonesboro, KnrJ fircenshiiw of Piivritlevllle, ncrt B. Lnrey of Tcxnrknmt. Scotl Wofx! ot Hot spvhuis. The committee on UnnuUiorlzert t'rnctlec or Law Is made up of Jor 1 C. Barrett of Jonesboro, chairman: Lctfel Gentry of Little Rock. Paul E. Gutensohn of Fort Smith, Henrv Armlstead Sr., or Little Rock, Paul Johnson ot Moutlcello. Willjs Smith of Tcxmknnn, Sam Rob'.iisor: of Little Rock. W. W. McCrnry jr.. of Lonokc, C. W. Norton of Forres; City, O. W. Gnrvln of Little Hoc*. daniter propi-r perfoinmnce of duly by troops In event of 11 "serious eiiicrijency," Men already nve assembling on the west const and at Camp Mo- C'oy, WIs., for |)rcllmliinry stiu'.cs In I be fnistblle c\)crnt!i)ii, Ocvcrs sal,I. Radio Service "I'lK" Anurl ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .1. W. Adams, I>l^r. iiono 2071 ;!(M;-WH w. Ainiu oke, WiiHei 1 II. Laiiey Jr.. of-C.'iimderi. Cliircnec L'int;acie or I.ltlle Rook-. John B. Chambers Jr.. of Diinvlllc. Tom i'. Dl|?by Jr., of North Little Hoc!;. Joe W. Rhodes of Oscruln, William J. .7. ElRcr of Little Hocic. The commlllee of commission on Court Reorganization W ns nnnounc- ed recently, rollowlni; a mcetHH; in Little Hock. Tho Kj-oii[>. U'lil<;i\ m- eludos one JitdKc mul one altorney from cncli of the seven conureK.>ion_ al districts with Mr. Held as rtiair- man. as nnlliorliicd by a resolution at the recent state conventl'in. has I'ncsc members: Mr. Held, eliu'.r- mun: Za\ li. Unrrlson of lilyllie.- vtlte, Czei-D C. liresver of lielenii, J. Piuil Ward of liatesvllU-, C. K. Ylntjllni; of Scarcy. Te<l Coxey 01 Herryvllle. R. A. Leflnr of fuyfi-i.e- vllle, c. M. Wofford of Rirt Smllh. Refrigerator Service I'wl l.mvlcr ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J \V. Adnias MKT, I'littiH! ami 21W-OH W. M.lll of Texnrknnn, J. M. WiUenim of A. Sherlll of Little Rock, chairman; A. R. cooper of I'lne niuff, Terrell Marshall of Little Roc*. Study ,Tudl<l:il CbanRKl ' The War Work Committee mcir- hers arc Leon n. Catlett of Littl Rock, ehnirmiin; J. n. need of I.on- ' celt. Rlchn'rd r Jp Arnold of Texinkuim. Lawrence O. Aulen of Little Rock. A. L. Harbor or 1 Kile Duel;, T. O. Pnrhnrh of Pino lllnlf, Ijiimu 1 WH- Boby Chicks, All Summer Heavy breeds, :i to :il) days old Pi'lces reiisonable, Ciootl supply feed; nnd poultry supplies. North 'llh a Elevator Feed Store. No Waiting/ No Delay! (n Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDRUW J. FLORIDA, Vice-Preaiilent PIIONE'210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas 1-illamKnn of Montlcello. W. A. r>peei i!'of Kl Dorado. I'niil .Snlllns of Cios- Fairg rounds lilvtlievillc. Ark. 4ih oi July Cefebrotion Two GREAT SHOWS 2:30 p.m. & 8: p.m. Gales Open 1 :(10 p. m. — '1:00 p. m. I'"Cii{iiriiifi In 1'cvson WSM GRAND OLD OPRY nilli BILL MONROE and His Blue Grass Boys ~ ROD BRASFIELD •'TcMIT of Tall Talcs" " SPEEDY McNATT World's Champion Fiddler and His Cumberland Mountain Hoys 30 Stars 5) of Kadio, Stngc and .Screen GUAKANTRKI) To bo Hie nicest and Host 1 Attraction Ever to Play Hlytlicviilc Buy Advance Tickets NOW Admission Advance Adults—OOc Children—30c Adm. al Gate OOc & Me ' Fed. Tax Inc. Tickets on Sale at OWENS DRUG STORE. Free r.irkiiiff—No Seals Reserve il ECT COMBINATION... 8 HOUR Cleaning Service with Ihe Fines! in Workmanship! Suits made over Army officer-style coats made over into civilian style suits Safe Storage Moth-proofing Dyeing Hat Cleaning ' New Bands — Restyling HUDSON Smart Sportswear for Vacationing and the I Store Closed Wed. Afternoon and All Thursday CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2612 You've Just All Day Tuesday and Wednesday morning (we close at noon Wednesday) to get ready for the 4th of July holiday. We are fortunate to have Good Selections in Panama Hats, Belts, Swim Trunks, Sport Shorts, and Sport Coats. Choose Yours at ISAACS! Cool Woven, Short Pajamas $5.00 to $&.00 Good Looking Cool Sport Coats ...... $16.50 Plenty of Swim Trunks $3.00 and $^00 Leather Sport Belts up to $5.00 Glasscine Dress Belts . $1.50 Also Summer Suits — Sport Shirts, T«e SSirts, etc. Helen Licbcrt Toiletries for Men, exclusive with our Store. Try Some Today! JOE ISAACS, Inc. Phone 3331 223 West Main StfMt Serving Hlytheville More Than '10 Years . '

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