The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
Page 12
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FACE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 1917 Army Suggests Reserve Units In Industries WASHINGTON, May 28. (UP) — The War Department i)roi>osecl today a plan for creiUlo'i of orenn- iaed reserve units In clvillnn industry to act as minute men in event of sudden war. The units would be In such divcr- dfied Industries as bakeries, telephone companies, Inrje industrial plants, railroads nnd hospitals. In event ol emergency mobilization, each unit would-be token Into the army and given work related to its civilian duties. - Thus, telephone company units would be placed IQ comr.uip.icnlionr; In the army; railroader? in transportation and bnkerly employes in the commissary. '.Secretary ol' War Robert P. Pnl- terscn and Gen. Divtght D. Elsen- hower, Army Chief of Slqflf, presented the plan to iiulnsdl:;! labor and educational lenders. They estimated that the fust of the units would be organized in three weeks. They expected that approximately 300,000 i>crsons would be organized in 2,500 units. . Patterson and Elsenhower said that if war comes agai'.i tin: nation will not have a "lime'cushion".In which to mobilize as it did in the past. ' The proposed unils will become :» part of the army's organized reserves, but will be mii!!Unin(\l on inactive status. Howe/cr, they will be given a certain amount of training. Quebec province, Dominion of Canada, is six times the size of Gre'at Britain in hrca. , n**/Tractor Landing Gear May Outmode Airports l&*7rr".*T3S 4 Still Missing in B-17 Crash in Nicaragua WEST PALM BEACH. Flu.. May 28. (UP) — Army authorities at Morrison Field here todiiy d!.s:lo;cd that lout- men were .still uiiaecoiin'.- eil In Die 1J-17 crash In liie Nie- ar.i^uan jungles. I'ivp survivors pcntcraliv.l the jungles to safety nml six 'ii'.'ii wore located near AlanilcnmlKi. Survival kILs were dropped lo Ihc niim wl'.o were advised by signals lo setup (.amp until n ground force reaches l-licin from Managua. ™ THK STOHYl I -*vnn «ifr In Wml into n dllbcr «i( cxt-ltrntfiit ovrr 1h* funcrul <>C young? lln- •nd the Tulllvt-r , n elnlmrate lu;;rd l>y Ills iii X had f Ik lrU 1 di-Tml Into PlcIy. * T 1' 1" Unit 1lnif, ir hrnril of lluhi'rl nr lhrr TolllviTK \vJu -~ -d liuchi-lorsi .Sa i Korljt-H. K«thcr nlso thut Mr*. Tolltvi-r Inid e nn him <r:i1ht>r) fur thu I came home from school in June I carried on my shoulder a chip as big as one of Gocr- irig's epaulets. Father met my morning train and \vns so and amusing, apparently so heart-whole and happy lo have me back, thai my sell-pily lessened somewhat >i. V " > --n., •"- '\r.-\fj •••After Leah had served us a truly umptuous breakfast and as he was leaving for the courlhousc, Father said: "I'm taking you over to the Tollivers' for supper tonight. They are all crazy to meet you, and it's Leah's day off. It will save you cooking supper." * "I-^don't:mind cooking supper, 1 I pirotested hastily, "and I had counted' on 'having you lo myscl: r one evening." "Well, that's sweet, of you, bu unfortunately the Tollivers hav< been basting and baking for lw< days; so we'll have to wait." Father obviously wns embarrassed, and all my gloom returned As I stood on the front porch a looked at the close-cropped cmcr aid lawn with MolJiir's lupine and columbines »ucl paiuics am •locks and sweet-scented pink nodding and smiling a wclcom from the long borders at the sides I was telling myselE that I'd d eforc I'd go lo the Tollivers' for upper. Let them baste anil bake, alher, no doubt, would enjoy the csuils. It wasn't me they \vere coking lor. 1 wouldn't be used as stalking-horse even if I .starved, uid Leah might have stayed at ome Ibis one aClcrnoon, when 1 ad been away so long. 1 (led up- lairs for a good cry. j.iy'*'jWr>.. AS'ASN'T alone long. Leah "*• bounced into the room with ome orange juice. "What's the mailer wilh the lit- le girl?" she asked anxiously. "Nothing," 1 snitTccl, "only I'm lot going over to those dreadful folUvcrs' for dinner my very first liglit at home in months." .•„ Leah put the orange juice on ny bedside table and sat down. "But you've got lo go, my daring. It's a surprise party, vasn'l supposed lo tell you. F.vcry 'ast one ol your friends will be here." - .- . » I was so surprised lhat I sal up on Ihc bed. - -~ - ••- • "Bnrt thought tfiat none of rnj friends—that no one had called 01 the Tollivers." •> .».-., "No'm, they haven't actually called, but they haven't said no to Ihc supper parly neither. It's bcwfay supper." "Do you mean to tell me tha i my friends — Maudie, Kay Charmc, Janet—Hint those pustnn; Tollivers have had the nerve Ic invite my very best friends? Pco pic the Tollivers don't even know Well, I won't be used as bait." "I wouldn't say the Tollivc girls don't know them to speal; U They mcel Ihcm at church ;ui here and Iherc. Your papa's al ways introducing Miss Flora nn IMiss Annabelle when he gels Ih chancel. Your papa's lukcn <iui1 a shine to them two, especial! Flora. You cau'l blame hii neither, they're so nice to him." ^"And how about Amy?" "Miss Amy's sweet. Your par could go a lot farther and fai orsc, ln:l he ion'l figuring on iirrying Miss Amy nor anyone, se, if dial's whal's bothering ou." Leah's observations usually were aind, and I was a liltle comforted. * * * 7OII (he parly Leah insisted I must wear my pretliesl frock, pale yellow moussclinc de sole 'ilh a bertha made of many rows f line Valenciennes lace. She ressed il for me while I took a ap, and later helped mo "hen she had to hurry otr lo the 'ollivcrs', where she was to help ut with the supper. Her last words to me were: Now, my darling, be sure and ct surprised." 1 was nol entirely hnppy, hut lore than a liltle excited as Father nd I walked over to Ihe Tolli- crs*. Lcali opened Iho front door vitli a nourish. "Good evening, Judge Olmstead ml Miss Olmstead," she greeted is. "Good evening, Miss Munson," ""ather answered. "Arc IVIrs. Tol- ivcr and the Misses Tolliver al by any chance 1 ;" Leah al- nost died at Ihis sample of Faher'.^ wil. "Here are the two Graces," :ah announced. I looked up. Coming down the stairs, a'-ms entwined, were Iwo o£ 'lie prcltiesl girls I had ever seen n my life. They were dressed -llike in while organdy, the bodices seemingly about to fall off Hie shoulders, bill held up by liny oufled sleeves, Ihe skirts rult'lcd from waist to hem. They were obviously twins, but with as many differences as likenesses. The blonde, whom I knew to be Florabclle, was pink and while, wilh eyes of a heavenly gentian blue. Annabelle was honey-colored, wilh brown eyes and dark bron/.c hair. Florabelle wore her hair piled on her head, while Annabcllo coiled hers in a figure eight on her neck. Aunabelle was an inch or two the taller. IJotli had the same hcarl-shapcd faces; the same large, round, expressive; eyes; the same long dark lashes. One uloue would have been lovely. Tojjclher they were exquisite. vJ.-.-; XTo I 10 Continued)' RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL.. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. ' PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co.! Slimmed Motorola Radio Saks and Service IOC Soulh First St. Today's free MGfll It coord Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. TJITTNER KILL WILSON ton. 1M7 Bt NtA SEBVItE. \HC. T. M. Rrc. U. 6. TAT. OFF. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy Cl at Slate Line Phone Ulylheville 714 Read Courier News Want Ads. 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Hoople Out Our Way / 1 HATEW^ THOT V^ ; :?x?M^^;i?/tF ' OR. ,-*/ FENDER. 1 -^-jf^^^*..i Th(fx ,em HftS GLARING A FENDER, BEtfJG GDMfc^' *; THE CAR, Mft^OR-^-/,; SAVES IE UOP *1OO OFF YOUR ASKASS6 PRICE OF ^00 BliV A GOOD WWEELCHftlR- FOR *100 Just lo Be Sure GANSON DIDN'T Aa TOO HAPPY, BUT IWATOOBHf £XP£CT? ROCKER, YOU HIVEN'I BEfN IN KRY YORK 10N6. BUI YOU ^E iriRNlW WUR WAY ABOUND. K U5TEN--THEMAO W JUSriEfTWOFflCE WAS NIFTVFtllX TO POT n OVER IN ONE NI&HT. MAY8E THIS K THE RIGHT TIME TO PUTA LITHE By J.R.Williams COSH, AUMTV.' 7H' COWBOYS 1X?-M'T H-XMG THEIfi STUFF DP QM TH' FENCE JUST PER LL1WCH-- / THEY "THROW 'EM \ TX5WW AMV PLACE;.' / ,/ I kMDW--BLJT THEY > tOM'T HAVE AV.L THOSE SILVER KNICK- KMACK5 OM 'EM.' THO5E THINGS COST 1 AL^/\, zoiizin^^'^-i zzl^. 3 ^— tyffifr ih'~^ 1-^1 y^mj^^^^ BEAUTV SOU LOOK BfcWEE. 71 THINK SO'. WE'll. SOOW KMOSN THM'S IT. DON'T LET THE PHEW! HOWSOO.k) ' BOTHER. SOU I WILL TH15 STUFF WONT I.AST LOMff! ftED RYDRR He Tulkcd Too Loud BY V. T. HAMLIN SMSIff FLJSSO5 TOR THE 5CHOOL ADDITION DEFEKSTJ5 AKLKY OOF HY MICHAKI, O'.MALI.KY and RAM'H T,ANE 1 WANT 1DU TO 6ET FRIENDLY WITH flllX. SPtND SOME TIME IV(TH HIM. AND WHEN H£ 15S'T lOOKlN5,XElPANtYf ON HIM. MAYBE IT AIN'T NECESSARY, COCKER, BUT I DON'T TRUST Mrtaff. IF I FOUXD OUT FtllX WAS MIXIN'AROOftD WITH-ANY BI&TIMECAMBIER5 I LIKE IT. i-s'5 RIGHT OOCLA^ CL'^/BfjT ALL \vE!v = -.- - ---.-• ' GOT TO DO ij. TOO TISHT TO £0 BACK THE AREA \ AND PICK / OCCUPIED BY BOTH MEN... ^^ By V. T. HAMLIN •IIIM 11" i v .- • ' i- X ' [ \\~iXTk-tE:?' ^'^•/..•^.•;i/£ ^ ^ ^^^' ? / ^V' // ' : '<) : ^^^ '''•—*> •w ; -^%r^4l^ •frllMk m^^SfiK^ -:«-*v/^i^|f- , .t.^;, ., fa ',>."$5^ •' .- - •'; " ! 'A"" V K-/ •"/J ve.'Sjil! •'•'••^•••v.^m .r.T.^. t C7 ; .iK:if;^|p is-ia ...•-•''''•."•<'::••••'. /;»: BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Good Advice M w'; BY KDOAR MARTHA: (M4O >5Ptf\\<\KG OF KVSQW, <i OWi S . OISR (A Oli\Tt f>:i \TtM.AO Rt^\.V7t IT. BUT f.*TP. 1>*7 hV M . ,T M I'.OK'it PVfX^i, WHVCrt OMt MSi- 1 *- 5 ?- V01H om '• P<"r«h>V\ *>nz, WGW. «>\_P THt ROVPIV aRU-irt JLViT DOVVT YOU %*&yfi. '^ -Win f---.-;-A ^-^til kl_^ac .11 ; i .T .

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