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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 11

New York, New York
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Saturday, April 22, 1916
Page 11
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THE NEW YORK TIMES. SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1916. -1 . J I SHAKESPEARE Ml IIIPOSTOR Jud-s Rules That 1 Was the Author of ;s Card's Plays. DAV-ACIS IN SUIT . .'da S3.0CO to CoL Fa by an Controversy with a Moving Picture Manufacturer. in -"-! to Tmr V Tsr Time. .. April That Winiaj -ax was an Importer and a uor to whom had been In-; i y Sir Francis Bacon, aa to . i manuscript of th playa that centuries ktra bora Shake-i uim; that these manuscripts a istrusted to Shakespeare .' - the purpose of presentation i'3t. and that th authorship piara retted In Bacon a) on ia S .lai as pear, la tha obiter r : Judge Richard Stanley Tu thill v .cult Court of Chhragn. Judge ... fc-.m'.f a Shakespearean -, rendered thia decision today n Tresses hia belief that Bacon and kepeare wrote tha playa which : ar!r 30 year have been gener-a r-t'I bv th world at large as vcrii of the Bard of A.'oo. Tuihlil award to Colonel - 1.1) an of Chicago, who U - .' ' th firm of Blia. Fabyaa York. Chicago, and Boston, i commission Kerchaata. tha ) damage. Colonel Fabyaa ived tha theory that Bacon 1 aulhor of Um Shakespearean . t; fchakpr waa merely . : y Bacoa ta tatrprt thss - rk.a. Judge TlthiU awarda because William N. Sell. . netui e . aaanufacturer. had : enjoin Colonel Fabyaa from ; the facta which ha alleged to i , .-session showing that Bacon ..ikespear wrote the play. yn haa spent hundreds of vC uoliara aim, haa employed i e.ra tut expert alaft of lil-i . vererd m ShaaeapeareaJi 1 1 'i Cie aid of a cryptic code. taeurie. -stood that the Bella inter. -n dissatisfied wit a JudaT . i -.-nlon -and that they wiU t miner ta tile hianeet courts. '1 l'aL'.vn, on the oliirr hand, aays . i ta sv too UK-md of the truth of x --..tee that" be ia prepared to take ' ta trie L'nlted (Hates Supremo U r rccaa,ry. l.j urviaioa Judge TuthiU aaya in . t W"i;;ijm t-hakespesre waa born . . Kr; that ho went to London t I -; or l.'.sl. that for a time there- it tiia laving- working; for - -. he later became an actor . e Theatre and In traveling . -i rorri-aiuea. tltat h retired J fp lui to live in t rat ford r,r ha encaged in business i n. of hla i-atn on April 1 that iUr waa not an l t.i .:t. are allegation which the i tru. o ;it further find that Francis . .s lorn Jan. i.vsj; that he ii not only In, English but . ltin. iLaiiaa. Verman. and -noral eduralion iual to or - to any one of his axe; that he corrpiler of a book of lMl r-i t nraeea aeiected from the ;i!ir aad books of ail rime; -touth literary people were ' -.ri ia Enciand. but in ParU 'vfit were in the favor of , notr, and literature waa rntiMc. Bacon went to in rarly youth and apent r la true jlmiwnbrr. i t ourt taks Judicial notice of ai lafe ami fata well known, ( r: it t(it there ba ben for alty a C" I rrn over t(M author- . f -rtn wofrt whk-h were pub-I :,or:y a.'t-r th death of iiliake- - r. J atrributM to rhakeapeare; t h n iMsion alwara haa been an i'ii,jn amonc aholar of equal n tanjiri(r in the world of . I.i'ntur. and knowleda aa to .1'iorMi r of the above mentioned and that a raat Hhllocrapay. e.i hv (noe who are in a poal- 11 know, at r".o volumes, haa -r :q la aiacuaston of the Texod PRINCETON BOYS WELCOMED Clee Club Givea Ita Annual Concert at Whlta Sulphur Springa. Bperinl ( Th -Vrw York Ttmtt. WHITE SLXPHCR SPRINGS. W. Va.. April .21. Sixty Princeton atu- deata, members of the Princeton Glee Club, who arrived thia morning- at tha Greenbrier on their private car. received a rousing- welcome from tha younger set. and many were entertained by friends at luncheon and dinner. They ga-ra their annual concert this evening; In tha Greenbrier ballroom, i which STRIVE TO UNITS NATIONS. BOY SHO0TS BOY AT BUY. JOHN H. SURRATT DEAD. Churches to Confer en Way to Heal Curiosity About a Gun May Result Last of the Alleged Conspirators in t War's Breaches. in Victim's Death. ' Lincoln Aaaaaalnatlon. Efforts to heal the breachea of . war WHITE PLAINS, N. T.. AprU 21. BALTIMORE. " Md.. April 21. John through religion will cbaractarUo thai Thomas Conroy, XI yeara of are. la In I Harrison Surratt. last survivor of the program of tha World ' Alliance of the I hlta Plalna Hospital wtth a punctured I corps of alleged conspirators tried for Miss Mar-carat Wilson's Idaas I Churches for tha Promotion of Inter-flunc shot by David Lucaiorta. another I Implication In the plot to aaaaaalnate I national Friendship, which Decins aext 1 17-year-old boy. . I Abraham Line WANT CITY CONTROL FOR PUBLIC CENTRES Adopted in Main by Na-. tionaJ Conference. Lincoln, died at his home here Tuesday morning- at Garden City, ao- 'Conroy with hla brother Francis. 14. tonight In hia seventy-third year. Ha cording; to tha announcement made yea- and two cousins. John and Richard retired aa general freight agent of the terday by the Secretary. Many promt- Harmon, sons of Chief of Police. Her- Baltimore Steam Packet Company re- nent clergymen are on the list of speak- '. 'Sh nUy d had lived bare for many era. . . i I rvtmintrlr Piu. ia vaiara nf an. Tha I yean. ' Tha general them of tha first session. I six stood for a few momenta talking. I Mr. Surratt'e flight from thia country ureennrter ballroom, i which s'ltAar3n Itrane laJ Tur CIOLJI ne general memo or me nrsi session. I six atood tor a lew momenta taiaina. i Mr. Surratt a flight from this country crowded, ami there wa dancln after- "KD -tAD5 IN IMfci MLiM I I Tueaday m or nine, will be The Church '"",d. .n!?? I nd hla subsequent capture and trial r4!trlio,T,My,wiU rpeal ,h. concrt al ' ' and the New Internationalism.- . The hoVliwonSd im br iM st I trZ Uu on t th moit thrllllm lnddnU springs U weal tomorrow evening too -it and ahowera kena Mtnr nn. in this afternoon, when the la dance waa given in the ballroom. Playins; bridge were Jlr. and airs. William liaylea, Jr., Mrs. liorillard Spencer and Lady Rosa, Mr. JoseDB, Pulitaer. Mrs. Leonard Hwvla. Henry Phelsa Case. Mfs. Pred- erick M. Xavlea. Mr. and Mrs. W. Ie Lancer Kountxe. and many others. Amonc thoaa entfrtaining at tea was Rev. Dr. Junius B. llemenanyder, I but he would not let the othera try tha I of the yeara following the civil war. -Collier, Spokeeman for Faction Do-1 Chairman of th Commission oa Peace I l'J?-r ' ... Daring the war h had been employed and Arbitration of the federal teuncll I i.,,r-.,nrt rnntmu.H tTT.hooi .t th. 1 In the Confederate Secret Service and mending Complete Independence, Makes Concessions. Efforts were mad yesterday at th third session of th National Conference of th Churchea of Christ In America. will wHl Ross logical th II. P. Luoatort continued to ahoot at the tree. Conroy had gone about ll feet when he I carried dispatches from Washington. iTtslde. The devotional exercieee I'"',' w. ... eTrnSi it a hSuis Zid Baltimore, and other Southern cities b conducted by the Rsv. Dr. J. thh " hollaL " wherVT w- K .MoL? P.anada. Steveneoa f th Princeton Thee- I found that the bullet had entered his I i ,P: Seminary. Other speakers oa naca aMWsW lunc tm pnyal- fed of "hi. death fronTth; nVwa brocram will b tha RT. Dr. Wash- 7 . " 1" T. " . . . pers. 11U friends advlaed him to flee. t . . .- iw i . '.i I pers. his ii iajv. luiia wvb tu & ii v irJi tvJW iiaiivn . . . .. .. . - . with th other bora and told of th9l""'l"ZDWr ., shooUnar. The Chief of Pollc decided U I M.JJtjri'l f1' bit IrVft' I waa an accident and did not hold Luca-1 R"' n.l ."v. ,ior. h,', " ITTV Mrs. Thomas Motley of Boston. Her I - . .t.. I Inrtnn Gladden.' tha Rev. Dr. i . . a oa tuinQiuiii l v iem u esas- uciu erne. sni VWTZ:. r-J? rfLaAU?: hm.i tA rtrn nn th., difference. Tnunt. Prertdent of Brows Umrorrtty, lunrbeoa at tno ColonieU Club and it I ovtr coutrol of th centre which had I n Joan iu Atotx. uonerai oocreurr ox I torta. sfiwa a ttnn. Wa... I aSak Tvaktv Sk fMAaw, sTKwla. I sa Ob BsTawA a. 1 even:nr ' I arisen r-etween ue western iu. J rt n r II a DM D a O nr t Tnn V I .' recognition, lie adopted, th nam of Ww uunilW I nimULW IUUniii'llu - aim rnuiiij aucr went, iv rtome. wner ft enlisted ln-th rapal zouaves. where he apent a few montha. Fearful Ices and Then Dine. The Old Guard veteran battalion will Here he aerved for aome time, and was finally recognised and denounced by Henry Benjamin Sle. Marie, who later came to this country and testified bav. ita annual parad today. Th L- triaJU Ui. that Surratt w.s of mareJi wiU be from headquarters. S29 tnr further was heard of him for aome Auru.tus 11 eon, believed that th centres should be states - will be discussed by the Rev. " " T. na"uflf, ln further was heard af hint for aome w, .nS ,lr,T . . At Tr Sldnev La Gulick and Th Task West Fifty-first Street, down Broadway time .although all th Lnited 8tate SSd M LbiTo !XoHlt si ThJSS b -W br uFsbXt. rtok to Forty-fifth Streat. and then to Fifth "hfnhwo'forhT VlLand ller PubUo. authoriUea. and ahauld b ..h. Addresses will also be dellv- AvenueT where the command will aUend TbI2 Jwo42.jT Wml tfc- eii. ana ner- .-.-a v nhln funds. Collier took 27i K tka Re Tr Charles ft ' Mar- ik. .i..iuik numwll u. On Dec 8, ISM, - Charles Hale, the Mr. and M.' Franol I. Hirw. d wno spokesman was Jvowara J. ara i Th tik. r,t rurM H. Grer. Pro Mi Isabella Ide went to Hot SnrlnKe I of th Vnlted States Bureau of Sduea- I eetant KDlsconal Blahon of New York. for luncheon, ilia Marie - Baldwin and tion. and John Collier of th New Tork U JT n n "ff! J "m".. vZZ Veterane Will Attend Church Serv for luncheon, and at Elmhurst Fsnn I Tralulna School for Community Centre WorU Tagk of tn Chwrch-a PracUcal were- Miss McKee and party. Mrs. I worxers. leaaer or in so-cauea xwasi- program." xn services wm o con-Leonard ttaVta arwt Mr. ainH Mr! -W ill. I - V ..urlal a I dtlrted bV Ul RV. tT. C F. WoelfklO. lam L. Kies rode over Valley Vtw Trail I v ... . i., u... wn. f th Fifth Avenue Baptist thia mornlna- and over O Firrell a Trail w " . Churcl " Th Task In th United went rrancis h. Curtis, Thorndik. and E. H. Payson. tin X: TimA lut An mA ... ..T . . . -. I tuw VHVUV. . " T w A Vr.B.a will .Im tia H. IV. 1 A . ..V. A . . . m. n will a w uu i t v .,,1.11. e.,. r.iiia. tk rr.rv- rw ?- i vj -i . c r , . . l zr.z z i on Dec a. ism. . rrhanea naia. tha bert Poiitxer. W. Alston FlaaTsT. E. ti. I vwa "J yuwuu vr ivr.. t, . v iianr. d. . I"' nunutui iimiiKMri iiicinunai uni- ,, . r,' ,1 i it.. I.f. .nd OoMon ck rooa over I the Tlew. assorting that they fartanf. , ereJ L t.!7 f t.,rl: l ?h- c?Ti ? th Heavvenly Rent, i7"'? C.IU5 Vl . w. a .... w : . a i - i . . i na a sraawYi ;i i ntisiai"iTB win asvi ea i as uaai ia a utvaaa riar. KiwionKBT. ani man wm o sr i - a . tamo. neat. James barren mm.viu i AUer a lively debate. Luther n.uu- - ' Vt Vv ..h. v afternoon, and l'Tl'.Z" ZrJZ-xVJZ. rV.-'7 Washington before Judge worge P, Addfson Fordyce. Mr. and Mrs. Burt pumk. weri adopted; kVst.. that ubu ..hvteVun n''"iAn hA . . xlTswh.1 Sr.' in tl Trti I Fenner. Theodore K. Hostetter, U. buildinca in xrntiral should be available r.T" v-.ul vC-- tC.i "T"- '.f ."T. 1 1.- tv, i j .l- .,.ir. it ntfni inaieaa ai dii . . . ' - . i . i ..'n " 1 i . l .v . . - j a .. .?r . .rr,rT rl "l l th officers of the Old Uusrd who were 7"" h,r J' ' i'".. s-th Methodist Church. I. on March 15. Th Adjutant Oef 10 hl " hl dlaagreed. after beln Arhur J- BnWB Ural, with Brig:. Oen. John O. Eddy and et for mor than seventy hour. The ,,-k. . Ti.. . i.k.n all l.v... - .k.l i,-. I. ik "l" " """? ... .. I tn nir. UT William. Will r KUeaiS Or I - . . - New :hicaao amvaia inciudea iaui u- I nltr centre, l&ee concessions were i .t, avaninr whan I . i . . m.. Kelson. Mrs. F. T. BuUarand Miss hailed aa a victory b Ward. I Jwi iLr -111 w. a k. iLn.a aaJ I I os. uotsun, v.msi, wies wnuueniy, LucU Mr. 1 J. lu Lee Fisher or Baitimor. iocx- I to rote anoinar eoaierwno i JTTf I the Ray. Dr. Nahemlah Bornton. pas born B. Scott of Waskoda. Manitoba: Harry A. Lfpky. a mmor or tn cm- 1 1 . th, Clinton Avenue CongTega-Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Roberu of Wollas- cago Board of Education, was elected tionaS Church In Brooklyn. The prln-ton. Mass.; Q. C. Corkerer and Stuart President; Mrs. Mary Ortoe. Vic Pre- rddreaa. " Toward International ur.rTTr( i, ui iuw v ,1 j 1 wuu . 1 ""wv, w v.. -( ' n iioaitiiar. an. i.ienn suwur. Air a. 1 1.1 ih. nami. aa a. W. M. Humphrey. Miss Marsuerit I pernuaalon; second, that community , mi. Kennedy. Mrs. C. V. Vsn Vleck. Mr. I centre should b. administered through I ,hi i2Tv Dr snd Mrs. W. T. Roberts. A. H. Bar- I rMpoosibl publie officials, and. third. I i.vVrr. n the PbJlhar-suddenly ' last Cx-VVifS Induces Court to Take Intent as he M about to enter hla r.h.m. a Dallnnuant'a Affairs. bom, at 75 w eat ivinety-rixtn otreet. H. Mees and Miss Marie Mees of I Paulino V itherspoon. ireaaurer. -rea-Philadelohia were usonr todsy'a ar-1 ident Wilson wsa elected Honorary rivals. Mrs. Jonn u. rsennett. mm 1 i-reiuen. no ar. w..KHw.... Misses Sarah and Jane Bennett, and M. G. Henderson cam from Pittsburgh to spend taster. Government." will be delivered by Dr. ed to go to Washington to iniorm mm nr tha fact Round table discussions en various nhaaea of the movement were held after the election. Talke 00 delinquent Church cf Providence R. I children, voi aUonftJ training and Iroml- I a.;vniii iiia.iwv.v. - " " - I community cm ire anu mranai PROF. JENNISON MARRIES. 1- . uk... n....k. Ua T..k. I was held, at wmcn Ileal m commis- I aloni Friends of Lynn E. Jennlson. Profes- aor of History of the Bayonne High School, and Mrs. Mary K. Crane of 17 West Thirty-second Street. Bayonne, were surprised yesterdsy when th an- aloner Haven Emerson presided. Dr. Samuel avepetsay o 111 .ouniy Medlral Society declared that If each community had attached to It one good physician, wno coma aavise iu peo ple medically. It might become a taluabl aaeei. nm ma nui - buw, Ha waa a. native of Austria, and waa In WMITR PLAINS. TJ. T Anrll 11- Ta I v.i A.aWK nv Mr. riotaoh for- T.lmlt Wllllama. Dean f th School I w. . I marlr ntaved with Victor Herbert's Or- of Journalism at Columbia University. I. .n- M -. rtnoVfiey of chestre, and was a member of the Arlos " The Spirit of Jesus In International aumony, Mrs. Alma L. Pinckney or g,. H WM unmarried. ftelstinnsnins Will oe aiscuseea Da lurrnmoni loaay isuioi oi""i vun Thursday mornina. and among th I Justice Ilstt to name a rpelvr for th snesknrs will be th Rev. Dr. Gaius G. I property of Orient C. Plnokney. Hecre- A IK Ins. pastor or tne wonfrsfsiwssi I lary 01 in iiimrun wuiiuavuiiiiii .wu nany ox new 1 orn. Mrs. Pinckney in her application aet forth that In September last she received a divorc from flncuney ana tnat n was ordered to pay si "3 a month ali mony. She said h was in arrears ana that tha court ahould nam a receiver. so that th alimony would b assured. Judge I'latt named wesiey at. Atesser- smith or rsew lork NO NEW WIFE FOR H. K.THAW Too Buay 8tudylng Real Estate Literature to Think of Marriage. Harry K. Thaw, who la in New Tork on business, waa occupied last night In denying rumors. Ha seems Improved In health and appearance atno his last visit, and spent yeaterday automobillng In Westchester County. He returned to the McAlpln at 8 o'clock to find an army of reporters waiting. Thaw went early yesterday mornlna to the automobile firm that furnished the car for his escape from Matteawan and hired a machine, which he drove through White Plains. Bedford. Mount Klsco, Katonah, and other places in Westchester. He spnnt some time with former Sheriff Doyle, his custodian during- th habeas ;orpUs proceedings, and also visited th Wstchstr County Jail, where he was Joined by Wardea John IL Hill, who drove with him part of th afternoon and left blra at Hastings. Upon his return he waa Questioned first regarding the possibility of hls remarrying, but that subject he dismissed at once. " I have no Intention of marrying- at all." he said. " I cannot even find time to read and atudy. Real estate literature seems to require all of my time, and I find It very interesting." Thaw said he came to New Tork to look after real estate transactions, and that possibly be would take soma action to fl-ht Russell Thaw's claim to kinship, which has been, made through hla mother, Evelyn Nesbit Thaw. Thaw issued Ms usual statement, which reads: " In Sacramento, Cel.. last September, I stated I would aay nothing about my divorce. Now that It Is over I can only say that t wish Miss Nesbit food fortune. It Is only fair to say In extenuation of her errors that ah waa illtreated shortly after my arrest, ten years ago, by som lawyers. 1 wish to stsle at thia time that from the day she was married there was not a word to be said against her until after lawyers had neglected her Intereata. Several seemed to think more of helping the then Dtatrlnt Attorney keen secret the names of over twenty of Mr. White a associates than of standing by her. " Aa to the story from St. Louis of some on there suing me for divorce It Is all rubbish. I never sar the person in my life. X waa not In Buffalo, where she claimed that she was married In 1WA at any time In that year. - It. IV. I MAW. Thaw will remain In New York over Raster. CALLS POUCE POOR TOOLS. Dr. Potter Says 8tory of His Talk with Hebberd Is Laughable. Dr. Daniel C. Potter, one of the witnesses in the charities investigation before Commissioner Strong, whose telephone waa tapped, issued a statement yesterday In which be called alleg-ed telephone conversation between himself and Robert W". Iletjbard, Secretary ot the State Board of Charities, testified to by a detective, as " a manufactured etery and very poorly don. . The alleged conversation waa t th effect that th person at on and of th wire, supposedly Mr. Hebber. ad-vtswd the peraon at th other end. sup- f'oaedly Dr. PHtr, to " lie low tint il he Inquiry was over so that he would not have to tie a witness. "Arthur Woods." aaya Dr. Potter. " ahould be Intelligent enoitsb to use tools of auch calibre aa would not stamp these frame-upe as wholly incredible. Really, ther ought to be'aoroe probability in a story to give It a ansae for success. No detective can tell a yarn Ilk this on me and make It stick. 1 var nothing for th alleged conversation. It Is ridiculous, laughable; It never happened. But I shrink from a portrayal that makea me appear to be aa Ignorant aa the poor toola whom Arthur Wooda ordered to make this case. " If w mtiHt submit t bavins; our rights and privacy Invaded, if our con-tracta wtth th telephone company vuaranteelns; a safe and private service are worthless. If proved .perjurers can certify that we are about to use our phones ror 'criminal purpowa ana we ere helpless under our miscalled city ' government, which in this outrag I th resDonsibel authority, may w not dar we not ask, though feebly, that when our alleged crimes are described by our raardlars and officials that at least they will do us th favor of not charging us with usinr the laog-oag of tgnoranc and ' detective 'f EMMA GOLDMAN IN JAIL Will Clean and Sew for Prisoners in Queens County Prleon. Emma Goldman.) who waa sentenced to serve fifteen dsys In the workhouse In Special Sessions fey publie advocacy of birth control, waa lodged la th Queens County Jail at Inng Island City yesterday. She waa received by Warden Joseph McCann and escorted to the women's prison, where Mrs. Mary Whit- ' aker, the matron, took her In eliarse. The prleoner aKi that she Intended to observe th restrictions nf the priaoa. It waa announced that she would be put to work In the mornings with th sousd which cleans up the Jail and in the afternoons would join the women who make underclothing and other garments for th prisoners. Jferrteee and deals n(ice Intended er tnaertion w The Wet- Tork rims wty tslssaonsd to low fryenc New York Merchants Find Scant Encouragement at Washington. Special t TU Sew Tee fiat'. WASHINGTON. April 2L Scant en Couraaement for release of shipments from and to Germany and Austria now S?arrtfD. Laa Island. REV. DR. A. B. LEONARD DIES. ' " ' ' . ' ; ... iv.. ... I however that th best service could DVUDcrmriii " I -. w ll . wi. I T - - . a b.jw- had been married by th Rev, M. v. wisinw ... - I held by Great Britain was ootainea to-i oecretary sminm oru rvf Boverd at th noma oi tne orwe tnurs-i' ;vf.r"V; ......a .u. I it.y by a mmmlrte of New Tork mer- . , aval i si a .ii i ta n a a. n am oa aiies aiain w m - Mr" Jennison was a widower and his Street Settlement said it vrould b wis, chants at a conference with Counselor bride a widow. They -met first when I in eatabltshlnr health service in eon- I poi 0f the StaU Department and For- "Ta trS;X14U BDROHARUT. - AprU ia. Rldtewoed, Mljr surgunii w Arthur Vlanareati. RtlCH ELoHEIMBR. A-prll 20, nailua. Jarru teicn.ianiiiwr w Samuel Kiel. sign Missions of M. E. Church. JDlfU. The Rev. Dr. Adna Br.dw.y Leonard . TWD--Os Livee'..VcJri. ut c,irt farther finds that br th 1 and irkngM(t4 works of f 4con there Is given a cipher i i -on devl.Hl n his esrlv vouth I sris. called th bilstersl cl-' witnea. Uizabeth Weils snr! "d that cipher accord- ,:re. r:ort left by Francis Bern f.ind that th nam and - S !.keFpeare were need as - v- 1 rn-i Karon to publinh .1 far, -stories, and stat-i --kii! iff to the literary rn-- i m!iI whl-n haa been lb a mvl.l -irt furl her finds that the ' I frWt"e ef rranrte Bacen i the author of aald works of re. and th facta and ctreum-i th rsj bibliography of th v over the gutwion of aa-I the proofs suhmitted herein the rourt that Francis Bacon ' or t allured that the publication ten.ima to prove that Bacon - h Make pear play would ln- i i ti-. proten ef wiaklaa raov- a of piaya commonly attnb. k mp re. - nv"-h d'wnsslon tnls efTer-ce Tjthtil's division. James -m. aa associate professor of rotvfnj; of th ghake-knenierire ef J'tdxe TuthllU cad that tha Psmn-Shak. nir.ireraw has finally, been i . a IrlnmpAtM vindication a lKnellv and gives Chl- irt Judrmenta The liiat of the luminary who at sme Chicago real estat 't yrni 4e Rerterec.' I - I can t remember th nam - the real estate aarent er the . h it 1 am vir w shall all - Jn.ire T-uth H-a.-. iMon must bav absolutely-o the controversy," said r A::-rt if. Tolman. "Judge . t"v iiit hv known anything x r xi.r. r1 befng forced to make l. ti 1 tr beft he could. - If v - n-' t-aka.peare'a works some , I rave to soow who wrote , a. h suaa it la certain that th '. are not bv the aam mind. ar- ali.-l;v different." 1' lir. xk. an Instructor of Engllah, i Hat tne entire matter waa very and another authority, who I l hi Mm be withheld, said "I -rsl" cipher could ba.tteed -at Facon er any one else ' w-er.ty-tnird Palm. ' 1 la a ef the beet known ; lino's. H haa Ions; been ' Kis liierarj" attainment aad . a t u.l r f Fhakespeare. Hla . "e from Vermfnta H wia n County, 111., In 141. i:tted to the bar In 1d t . nn. He cam to Chicsjro elected tity Attorney of and a Judee ef the Cir- lv7. He la a leading Mason t of the t'nion Leajrue mtHon. th Illinois, snd i.own t'hlcago cluha. He i .ny year a close friend of , - i.-r.eral Ican, ia whoa dl-i rf t:.e srmy h eerved during; this r. lie a.s also on terms of with iTesiilent Chester A. Mr.. Jenniaon called upon Airs, cran to 7"".. "rtT: elan Trade Adviser Holder. n.:-F:: .r ih riVc.. h;v m. New to,, who studies. The voune woman is one of the observations, she aald. had caused her I tn, a-called BUtmere brightest ef her new father e class. I to believe that Pfopie resemea in in- xtndd conference w MISS VAUGHAN ENGAGED. Itruslon of specialised Inveatlgatora I , 'nnMi..lfsn.. I'mtram anolca bi In favor of the community centres aa a I meeting ' apparent! are members ef Committee, had 1th the Bute but left th Secretary Emeritus of th Board of Foreign Missions of th Methodist Epis copal Church, died yesterday at hla home. Sat 'Van Buren Street. Brooklyn, In hla aeventy-nlnth year. Dr. Leonard . . . . .. iiur Daughter or wpt.w. a. ana ivira, i relation with Viuohln to Wed Milton J. Daviea. I physician. UBIUn VS sy-r-s-,e " a. --a a t'ommlasloner Kmeraon spoke brieny I ifpsnmeni oniciaia. i "'i.' I-... i. M.honinr rVtuntv. Ohio, waa favor of th community centre aa a I meeting apparently convinced inat tneri ,K- i ininn -niiaaa ni.n hv which those needina medical Mas little possibility ror relier at tnis "f-T. "Vhu Tod waa ordained Into ittention. could be brought into direct tlm front i tne rulings oi tne otum ft.. Methodist Episcopal ministry In the hlshest type of Ordera In Council. IWJO. He received hla degree of Doctor reanh.?erncT ThVr aS weo ana yaiB. ommw . Hannaa W. and Joaaphlns ttiamberlln Atwood. runeral eervlce. Saturoay even-Ins. lra, at l Kdsecomfc Read, ror nar leith Ht. BKARD. Mrs. Ira, (Isabella Bhaw,) formerly ef Brooklyn, at ler late noma, aaonaiain LAkea. N. J.. Friday. g:4 A. M. Funeral services at house Saturday 80 A. at., and Cllntoa Avenne Congregattonal Church. Brooklja, J: P. M. lnisrment ia sAergresn. Captain John Albert Vans-hen and Mra lVILL OF HOWARD T. MARTIN, hood of Tlrn uid i Vprntativ of I.wa. Bachelor j sf Art. C -West Seventy-fourth I . I bing sent to Londnn to discuss with I Arts "vni "" uJZZL Vaughan of 202 Street, announce the encasement of their daughter. Miss Harriet Elspeth Venetian, to Milton Judson Davtea. Mis la a sister of Dr. John Colin vaugnan of the College of Fby-sicisns snd Surgeons. Mr. Davles is In charae of th Institute of Arts aad Sci ence of Columbia University. n..ra Twaa I. laarn of tha Ilk. II. I SltV. and ft alSO neiO BKSTMS Of iwor BLACKMAN -At ew lors ,ity. sm : -- . -. . - - : ,T . I 9 1 RanKalnr Arts, and alaatar i.i, fl t tinioa t-oucse. Before coming to Bi-ooklyn twenty- aia t I a aWa. tn.U-k. a " a.. aW Bulk af E.tata I. Left to Town.end 0YtT.&u Martin. . Son. h--- estate ef Howard Towneend Mar- J. Cunningham, Emll L. Strobel, M. B. I candidal f t!rVi!d l I -anitarlum In River- Schmidt, and Carl W. Stern. . Dr. Jtiar. ho died In a sanitarium in Kiver- CourlM,or rolk pointed out that there of Foreign n Aug. 20 Ust, will be appralsea ntrC4ta diplomatic negotiatlona to I t.plaoopal The tin. who dale on rfin f ereiicea. ranHidat for Oovernor of Ohio in 18H5. tiard was Hecretsry ot, in nosnj rn Missions or tne ateinoaisti Church from 18X8 to 1912. and Mlse Qulmby Weda I D. Bangert. Miss Ethel Lel-hton Qulmby. daughter of Mrs. Martha Budd Qulmby. was . . .. . . i. w I i , w. .k.. ... i i I .urinr that tlm had vialted nearly ror transier tax purpose. . 7 'Tl "'ZT , mission under lu control In all th simaiuii who was aoDolnted yesteraay i -" -tl". -"- .7". -"i; - i-., ..t-. t - - - - i i.k.n lie inoioatafl mil i nia imt. i h"i.f.m - .. . . . by Burrogat Schuls of th Bronx. 1 woold ronalder sending a special I wi rriv.-DWlJrf "Zt AiiZL huanand at Iran C. Blackmao. M West inia u suosnu services aad lnisrment private. Suddenly, so 'April 50. 116. W.. baleved buaband ef JCllxaaetli w Rraca. In kla kltti year. riuwral services St his late raaloam-a. tIS tMli A.. Lng latattd City, a Saturday evening at a a'ciock. Fuaaral Sunday afternoon at t e'elock. Interment In 8C Miohaal s Cemeterr. - KAed lslaaa papers pleee opy. BUTtDBTT. At hla kern. Rlchtnene. Va. April SI. t narlee l. vuru.K. lermsriy wi ayeaDa. S. J. I ii. ji.. k w.a a'rltlzen of th earliest opportunity. I 4 .V 1 1 xi.T.i-. I f!AA VoVA. Suddenly, en April 0. Joa. N.. married to Louis Daniel Bangert of i-nitad otstea residing In the City of Tlie representations of the New Tork L-T.. 27 ih. iuthmii.t kduoomI beioved husband ef Manilla ae ia Torre, la Nowata, yesterday, at th. hVm.f the Jjpl tt2PX&2S' Ht&J" ',.7' gT,Tn.'y rn.- brid . mother East Orange. N. J. ' h V.'. VlT KSZ fTwd Omt BritaC to Vnsur safe MtV.VW: is't ' it'JT Th Rev. Robert T. Graham performed tCben Bertram! Croger. Treasursr of arrival In thia country of IS. ton. of ? r. Vir. p: - the ceremony. The maid of honor was the Metropolitan Trust Company and dyestuffs. which Germany haa eon- JjJ , , th; work. of th Women's For- CASKT.-On Thursday. April 20. RVhsre P. Miss Lillian Qulmby. a sister ef th trusts of th estate, was appointed by aented to ship here for use In the tea- ', Mission in Cleveland, Ohio, and cassy. aged h yeara. Funeral from hla bride, aad th beet man was Gustav ju,to Grenhaum of th Supreme tile industry. , . " . two sons. A O. Leonard of thia city and . late restoaace, 4S1 etth St., Broekljn. en Bangert. th bridegroom s brother, court a committee of th person and In the ess of th dyestuffs ths Oar- R.r Dr Adna Wright Leonard, Bunday, April S3, at S P. M. Albany aad After a short wedding trip the couple nrooertv of Mr. Martin, he reported that man Government made th condition ih. Vlni Methodist EMsoooal Trey sapara 4eaa oy. hla taiiti, eonarsted enureiv or iwmon- inn uivy n. ueeu bt Kimrmn menu- i ......a. i. b..ii . waahina-toa TMU, ran, . .i at taia at hia s,a. laa will Uv in Morris Plains. Mias Dorothy Robblns Engaged, Mr. aad Mrs. Philemon W. Robbine ef Hartford. Conn., announce the engagement of their daughter. Miss I re ify, and amounted to jU.Hm.W'J. Of facttirers and not allowed to fall into j lrmBt wui be in Springfield. Ohio, his smount $;..,) was Inherited under! the hands of Great Britain or her allies. I rOT7" 0. 0. Montagu-Whlte Dead. a thl , w.hhia. Aa k dsn ta xi art- requested to use In biij-ing a memento, i Robblna mad her debut la Hart- Tn will- explained that Mrs. Martin In 1012. Dr. Jarvis was araduated w.s not further remembered because I Tale, claaa f 'Oft. and from Johns mhm haj ampl mean f her own. Th afai-ttn-a un Townsend. bv ' hln first thy Robblns. to Dr. Henry Gildersleeve I J"; -S! ,VauVhTf th. Jarvis of Hartford, aoa of Mr. and Mrs. I Bts Colonel Johnston IJvlngston de Cbariea L. Jarvla of onderaleeva, Conn.1 Peyater. received, which she waa Misa ford from Hopkins Medical School In 1010, Frl aatate I to remain in trust, snd yeung Ih laat three years ii lias been prao-I vi, .tariln la la ret-el v a only the Inonilia tiring tn Hartford and associated with I unll he Is years old. when th prln-the Hartford Hospital a assistant sur-l m to le turned over to him. If geon. No date nas seen set ror inei he dies un,inarred and Inteatate th fund wruaing. I Is to go to in Ainanv I to he used in memory Mlaa Mary A. Eaatty ta Wed Th ns;acemnt of Mlaa Mary Arm Itag Eastty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank s Stephens Eastty of Glen Ridge. NV to Clifford Estea of Babylon. L I., has bat a announced. Mr. Kate ti.a win af th late Frederick Townsend I The Knxllsh Government will be asked Siarini, itio uv,T,:i. ,. . . -f I . . a Tt-- J .V. n,. hi ik or tha estate is irr tn Mr. i nwnt. ana tnia ia axnaciao in nnen ma uuuu.-t. aptii 4,-iiw urak. way tor consideration or u cargo i sutb Africa ef O. G. Montagu- v. nite. now neia unoer tb uraers in counciu I 4, th. Rr wee went to th W MWk WSSSIB " JOHN D. STARTS A FORTUNE. Gives Little Qlrl Pries af a Quart af Oaoollne for Hor Bank. Cells Goldman, who ltvee with her fa ther and mother, Mr. and Goldman, at 1.434 Bryant United States to enlist sympathy for the Boers, ia announced. Death waa West loitb bC. William H.nry Close, aged TJ years. Funeral private. COHNTTJ On April IS. The FrellngkurssB t-erneii. sea oi tn late itev. rmn Frsllaghuyae Crnil. I). X)., and Elisabeth 0. Cornell. Kuneral from his la is residence. Nsrtbwaod, aetnervUle, N. J-2. SO P. at. Saturday. April 22. CarrUses will meet C. R. R. of N. J. Irs la snaviBg Uaerty tn. at ! C ai. lu .ff.'i" JrheoLmf1, W'cn I CROCKER. April 11, Charles M.. aged tt, were mis take a for mushroom. Obituary Notes. imWIM BCMOrteXn, a retired msnufas. Mrs. Hyman mambar r iita ueas, N. 461. If. and A. araaua tha I at . hih h. .u Maiirstarv. died ea estate m lunti i " - l . . ' c : l. -..-a.. u lospltal and la Bronx, has avn Wight pennle (Ivan USEES. RsTm KUrkmiT. of the father It. hae hv John D. Rockefeller. Utile I nMun,onla. air. rk-boflalj I - . . , 1 . , , ,...11 . 1 I I i r . , ,,.w lTVeTo,p;C.Tmy uTt ifthr'riSn;- Pd Ofjhe ?- j corjiormta purposes or for th erection I coins aa ah would be if they had bean I , of a rnarate building. the goldplece Papa and .Mamma Oold- bara seventy-six yasrs ago In Hslmflrth, Terkshlre. Enrland. and bad 0a W twooa- lor alaty-flv jraara. Mrs. ISABKU-A SltAW BICARD. fannerly r ai -ian ( or riravaiyn, .nr. The other benuesta 'aagrexat about man first thought they were, but still I Z". .LrrT tmiiin Of this smount 110. Is to be one ahould n t took a gift coin in the I .ha ... an active member t th Clinton used to endow two beds In the Albany race. ana. oemaea. tnere prooaoiy um t Avenue Coogreee In th idet son of Mr. and Mrs. Webster iaies. Mias Kaatty la the I granddaughter of th Rev. Robert Bay ard Snowaen. - former rector or John's. Fort Hamilton. The weddi will take plac ia June. of his brother Fi Bradley . j- . -' jt.i,Mh AlmJl aatar. i - " wwmtj mu . I a ran US onsrvs.k.wia. .-- . j - .., . ... I another little snrl in tn Hronx who owns la.. ha. hmn. In MouBtaia I .axes. n. j.. ertck. The widow of I on penny given to ner by th rich Mr. I In bee alnatr-fourtk rear, aiw is aurviTea Xfarttn. another brother, re-I Kockareller. to say not n Ins or seven. 1 1. a sens. Janiea T. aaa uwt . neaim. Iloirpltsl In memory rade ar- eclves $tkQ. and her two children re- Th story as told by the Ooldmsns CHABLTS HKSRT ACkEwiAK. iSLtrZ hkZu St. eeiva IltTOO each Other nephews and hegln at Lake wood, where the family sld. a watebmaker. died a Thursday at hi. Roh. ."T . Brlj "J ntecea recely Tthe aalnVamoubt. went for an outlna aome daya aao. One bne. 4T cbaunosy street. Breokiys rra-n rRE eua N D -Un, niece receive tne same amount. afternoon they Strolled over to the Rock- heart disease. Ha was a eoa M ' th lat Funeral Chnre j." 841 l In Church en Good Friday. 'Hal fs r rn far rissea. "LA IR. N. J April M. An ob-s ef Goad Friday somewhat out --ilnary took place here tonight. ' r!es Rann Kennedy's drama, TerrMe Meek." was given In O. rch. Among those taking part r y were th pastor ef th . Fv. Ei-ar Swan Wlers; Fr'-e. and William Coaa. - t"a r ir a musical prograra r lit d.rvcllon of Mrs. i .va. a s...i.. c...k. at a AS ok a lafeller eatat. and aa they stood watch- 1 Caariea . Aeitraw, a '"""'"a mra. wutiwr a a...... v ..-.v...... ... ... .i.., . k.n .,.k fUa-. RIVERHEAD, L. I- April .urre- Mrs. tloldmsn on th lea-. On of th sirs. rRAKCXS. M. riOSAJ. w14 w V man came runnm up to Inquire U she ,i":.T,. ,a." ho. -f inheritance tar Upon th. eatat. of Cor- .7S-.hlV-7.ira Jam-. ... Brewa. U Waed nelia Stewart Butler of Manhattan snd a."iV. Tvtattra .t.n.d ... th. I havan. i. t. en inurwr. J. D. Wooters ta Wed In Chicago. Announcement baa been made of the .... Hirtinr ,,- filed a decree fixing the men came running- up to .... . . . . . I I . . l ...... ft , . ru angagement r asias trans staioney, a daughter of R J. Maloney of Kenwood. Chicago, to J. Duke Wooters. who fori St. James at $at..P7. The groaa value I ,.kad them to wait a moment, as Mr. several rears haa been associated with I of the estate waa $1,452,877.67. Ita net Rockefeller wanted to eee them. - the firm of White A Ce.. bVr. ,f L''.irl.!.rS!lL.M?j;UT,nn ..TJrh! ill' i y"i"v aa,aisjg yje iv-n a ana . iwwi riiia) essaF nsa net sees this city V inula Ohio.- Hit en. Th it ii nil. ta v.v, pwiRfri, vi t , ' -, , and U manager of th Fll YrmJ f"" ui. family Is an old Maryland f land for a pubue park at St. Jamea, hurt h addressed Miss Celts. . "..TacTtt The principal .eftciari;.. er Law- -Tdttl. Wf," b. said, -hi bav yen a Kenwood late thia month, and Archt- fT" 'S .Ti CS ? 1 ! ' were I eome- xi a wvii. i. - h. beat man. Th. vn. .'"v"-.. y--- . i tcina ror you. boneymoen is to be spent in Bermuda. . VIneent-Cook Engagement. " ' .serial H TU Vets Tork rimes. MONTCLAIR, - N. J.. April 21. An-1 aousoemeot baa' been made Of the engagement ef Miss Helen D. Cook, daugh ter of C. Alexander Cook of 10t, Park Street, and th. Rev. Harold C. Vincent. pastor of tha Cnlon CongreraUonal fer the fiscal year, the Kingdom ef Ba l ouroa IB . nuraifiiiv, i. tr. t in- rent la a graduate of the Union Theological Seminary. V- Susan Ioulse Huntlneton. daughter, I r. wmM not till the Ooldmana had left $422,, snd Prescott Butler Hunt- the group behind and la th privacy of I f his twwty-fuVth rr. uiston, a w". th lan aaa examined, vneir a au enters , nniimt mrrtt . .ari. n nr i ni i niinnv avn t-vek aaa 1 1"""' . I taacber. of Dover. 1. J., aiea aa Tnoreaay BAYARIA SHORT $9,500,000. represented the price of a quart of aao- nTtbT Pt.rwa Oeral Hospital i jnniiH Karrrjft ajh- a numaf er naMta, J.. died yastareay in bis eigaty snin REBTV1C a retired whslssal dry goods merchant. iei en i"ii" ' hla boni. lot mm Street. Moa N. In his slstynrst yaar. raiain w MRACK. a batldsr and far active In ItatMibllcan polltiaa In Qu.sns. ikd on Tharaday at bis bssn ta Aatarla, ta I BILL alauwIcX Marshall, husband ef Era his ststy-etsntB year. i Atdrlcb aaa eon er tne lata Caariea S. nmsat n&Virti KVQUaif.' eaatala af I aad Caroline O. BJI1 of Newark.-N. J.. tha Salon Hall t'slla. baaebail team, died I dlsd ea April to. runjrai at 4 vaaiarday tornlns in the oUes laflraaary. I clock, at vn ciraaa at-, btvarx, X . At ka. V.O., unit, April w, isie. Fuaaral ebapel Stephen Merrltt Burial aad Ownatloa Comoany, 11 8tk Ar CJerasr lata M.. Sunday. S a'clavk. OIOIM aff. N.w T.rk, April la, mint Ulcoman. r unarm i . -a iwf - t P. M. st 411 Wast Mth St. Intaraient private. DKETrOtra. Oa Tburaday. April 10, 11. la Oilcasa. ' sea of Iks lat Joseph A. and Allda Dreyfeo. DtTRTEK At East Orange. N. J.. April 50, 1IS. Anna alar-la Hoiwts vanca. wiaaw f ih. Hv. WUIIara Hank In tmryM la bar etith year. Funeral a-rvlcr. will be held st her home, 72 Harrison St.. Mon day, April M. at 11 A. M. Relatives and Intimate frienda ar Invited t attend. WOX. MUdred. suddenly, on Aortl SI. Fu neral aervioas Monday. , s olava. xj lyu- Th 241 West 23d. (Frank Campbell UuiidlngJ Sunday afuraoen. S-SV CMCB. OODOON. fr. a. H.. fonntniy ef New Terk City, asa n yaara. runerai vmi, A aril XX at hi. rMldenra. llarnsen -an- Hudson, at S:so. Train leaves Ursnd Central B tat Ira tor Ilarmuo at S P. M MO EVAN. Os Frldsy. April SI. Andrew ajwuaaa, bslsved su.oaad er ursx Head and eon of tka lata Ttiantas M. and Jenala W. Has. man. aa 44 ars. Fsnaral fmm hia lat rsoldence, T.M lth A v., Brea lya. en aiooclay. April aa. at S r. at. Difb REEVEAI Montclslr. N. J . on Thureda April to. lain. K1ward. son af tb lata llanry and Harsh Reave. In hla Slst year. Funeral services it III bs bald from bit boms. 101 Elm ft., flaturday. on arrival of train leavlns Hobokm at 10:61 A. M. RYAN. On April tt. atari Draeaasn. blord .if. ef I'. J. Itysn. at her lata rid-iw-r 4W Riverside lrlvs. Funeral sarvlcaa from rpua Christ! Church en Monday morning. SEARI.IC Pranklln E.. died aa April 22. 12:8.1 A. M., at hi. riHdenca. 443 Rler- ai'l. Drive, runerai notlra tatar. du . v t l... ........i.. . fn ar T 1mi IS. Harokl A., b..ved buaband of As nr. Small, na. Wobbn. snd son of Helen and the late William C. Small. Funeral from tha reaidenre ef hla mother. TI Morton St.. Manhattan. Ruturday, April XX at I SO P. M. interment. Calvary. SMITH. On Wednesday. April IS. ISIS, ef pneumonia, I- Haynrd Hmlth. In the TTth ear of hla as. Punarai rvlose prl-vsts. In MorrUtowB, N. J. 8TADLUR. Harah M.. wife ef A area M. tltadler. ea Thursday. April 1)0. lsl, after a ahrt lllnaw. Servtraa Sunday. U:S0 r. M.. st rv.ldenc Abtng..a Paad. K.w i.ardens. lateimetit Mount Plessant Cemetery. Trsl. lesvtts Oraad Central 211 P. M. Cincinnati and Mouat Vernon (Ohlu) papers pUaa cep;r. 9TCINBKTU1. April 20, Rata nialnW. Pu-neral Dusday, 80, from Rem far Aged Hebrews. STOCK W KM At A.havllle. N. 1? Aprn IS Jan Lillian, dsughier of ths lata Lsvl HpMtr Stnrka'ell. irunanU aarvk-a at th ' Chapel af tha liit.ivn.ion. Rroadwky and lBotk et. Haturday. April 22, at 2 P. M. TTJRK. At the home af her brnther. Hanry M. Turk, en trtday. April SI. Klliaaeta Hi Ion. daushtar ef the lata William and Abbs H. Turk. Services at St. Mlrbasl's Church, aeih Pt. and Amsterdam Af., Haturdsy. st 4 r. M. IntM-taent at 8am. ra. N. X., Sunday. AprU XI. VAI.KNTI.VK. lura C. en April 31. 11. KuiMral servlcas at hr lata residence, 2 ' West IZJd St.. on Saturday evenlag. at - e o'clock. Ithaca, N. T. VON ACBKN. April 31 Hellen E baleved oaujhtar ef Jennls L Vea Achen. aad 24. JTuneral ohapl Stephen Marritt Burial and Oramatiim Company 11 fcth Ar. corner lath St., Sunday, 2 'clock. WALKER. m April l. Jennie Corbit. b. lovaa wife of. H N.tana Walker, at bar reetdmce. truneral servlcM Saturday venlng, April 22. at S s'elaek. 13 Prospect Bu, Vrwtn.ld, R. j. Train leavss font or Liberty St, T P. M. Jersey Central Railroad. Mlse Jean Guthrie Betrothed. Mrs. George Outhri of Wllkee-Barr, Penav, annouacee the enaaeineat of her daushtar. Miss Jean McCUatook: Guthrie, to Joseph Warner Swain. Jr.. j of Rrlatol. Penn. Miss Guthrie is a f.tar of Dr. Malcolm C. Guthrie of r atored Wilkee-Barre. I The little Raxon city or oeonats la hailed ea a white raven By tne Berliner C V.nderbllta Ca ta Hot Spring.. Va. yorwart. r.A)- . ... Kingdom's Tax Rata to ba Increased Nsma Soholarshlp for Mlaa Duror. iairdyasV. S3 Per Cant, to Meat Deficit. At a mUn of the trustees of Barnard I A. WAl.nw-K, a pravtaton daaiar r iw I ,, ... , - ICaat Bishty-tibith atrMt, dlad suddtaily yee- College bald recently th name of the I ay sjrt.rnooa la front of aa Front Street. oraauate awiiowsnip. awaraea eacn year I wALTKR MORRIS, a rsttrad Poisbe Um- vsrta seaa Itself compelled to inc lu tax rate 5s rer cent., aocordlnr ft . 1 UuMt Amm ( , ft. th Diet by t -inane Minister von '"rF ' Pt1dA.cPJL!?r1J nra RAKE, wh Tild various eetmty Breunis. and summarized ina Munich llil.i7mlilik orrior f or thlrty-nin. yaaim. died on Thora- dispatch Printed In th Frankfurtar freat prom- Ml" Dujr waaduated I him u am man. N. T, U hla Zsltung or aiarcn . tn nxwing up i ,u t,: 7.;.Vi,T..- 1 Wst.ti'-.'niftl yar. sccounts for th year, it was, taken ror ; "-, . . ;,,.VLi,i . -Tu . i I PATRICK ft CARFBT 1 Trey. N. T. .nniai friar tna . war wouia na oyer i " . r . . ai-a - before th beginning- of 1817 and that 1 2l2aidMIWM Cawy" Thmu EroMtl! .nn..i condition, would aaota ba I President M. Carey Tnomaa European r nivwniiiirs ras vm as was. aa i navf W la., ahe waa killed, oy a train. raaal to the tnOSt promising Scholar In th tenant who sn-red ror forty years baAr ra- I K, K,,Nf, . rwmm .,,.,(, han.a to r.M. tiring Sis years as, died a Thueday at hla I mMZ! Vruia . . to a rraduatlng Class, was changed to Caro- K it51 Urnd Cericuiwa, tb Brsas. la , , .lJ? uTesvsnty-flrrt y 7 tJ?LUl,1 Qlri Puts Out Cathsdrsl Candlee. A voame woman, wh aaM aba waa . I ,AAA l.k.kll..!. m lk.1 a I - 'v"'" ."rT .h.rTrTr. Anna Hunt, a -errant of 15 East Fifty lv. Th reus of thia phenomenon la I third Street, waa observed tn St, Pat. LSn V lmnia. I1DK DDniUI. " - . . . a a - aas.l ... . a a . ai . . where they will remain over the Eaaier -- .T. "Z.Tl.T ViTh-V rM.,...r."y. 7.f."'7k'7i and Miss Grace Vanderbllt have laft I w New Terk for the Virginia Hot Springe, where thi holiday a. r a i ik.-tk o. " "ft . , ... who RI.H vestsrday. aced TO years, for thirty years bad been master maeoa of the entire ueiaware a nuasm miho.. aysiam. n,a n.r. anonav eams bbrrian. pastar f th West N.p York Presbyterian 1 1 Tlurcn. aiv twiwhj ta -i" i v awwiv. Jorssy city, in me tniraein ys rantsln HEN RT J. GRAFT, a veteran ef I the otvii war. la dead at hla borne la Soars- N. T .. tu nia eisnty-nnn year. Mrs. CATHERINE R EDDrVOTON. the el (last woman In sortbaaaUm Pannaylvanla, Paaaengera for Europe. Among the passengers salUn for Europe today are the following: FH1UADEUHIA (for lverpl Mlaa Maad Alias, tb dancer; C H. Van Inra, rrsMt Bird. Mrs. H. U. Bruee. Mr. and Mrs. Edmond S. CornptMi, Rev. J. R. 1omlag, Samuel Hill. Hanry Jnnnstaae, Andrew B. McCrsary. F. Oraham Vmika Captain Mora, Psros Treoohtne do Ttaabenberg. W. P. Willis. Frank Speaight, aod Mis. Helen Fits-Randolph. . KRISTIANftAFJORD ffor Btrftn)- Alfred wnn vwry tit. . 'Ty rrtle Patrolrnai MalToy was THRunOKB rRETUNOHUTSBM COR- ataARTHUl.--Tburaday A April tl.-Dr. J. 2Ji yj"? yJ,inV J." ii 4 SKI J. 4 years old. aotlva for many years . 'hrt. il .."TL. w-M-tt,,. VtzJZll i Vi5iJi.L wk.JI iha la rlvto and aoclal life In Somarvlli. N. J.. - J-t.aaad ifeeeoT Emeritus of moved to Beiievue Hospital, wnere she dMd ku -jd.nca. NonhwoadTia that aorvioes at bis lata rs ee of the University wsj plar In on, of the special wards reaiaanoa. nonnwooo. tnat P. M. Train I- Or. J. William Whlta Vary III. PHILADELPHIA. William Whit. Professor c-urgrry aiiu at at...... w. -"J I t..,., fih. I. ! .. -ft. . . . Iftf .,. Li. I V. .ft ft...-..-. r. OI rennayivania, ta trrikiomny in .k .iw I , home her, lie na oeen vinuauy neip- i PITV DOClITTCC less with a disease of tha vertebra sine I . . Will DnDt 1 1 ICO. he returned from Franc laat December. Pneumonia developed yesterday, and i.wi.. ..-t.. .v.,.. .v. -it. . land aa inveterate pip aovoksr. died et bar linsuieuin vu. '. P.... Tkunil.. Bha u-l... .h. waa AnMllnn-jf uv -fhomaa I . . ....... - ' Dunne, the s.xlon. aha ret tled Inco- I "".1!".! plac Mra. CAROLINE ACOt'STA WII.aON. widow of Hanry Suydam Wilson, formerly a I member and omoar or tn w.w 1 one ntoca i Eschanr. la dead at ber bom. 81 East - Josephine C, wife ef Iks lata Edward Pay son Mollay, or pneumonia, a4 st yeara. Fuaaral eervicaa at bar lata raalasnos on Saturdar. Aarll XX at I H P. M. JXNKlNa. Aaalo XV. sudiani. aa April 20. ruaaral aerviee at aome or ner sister. Mrs. E. O. Kattsrmana, xsv Wart Btaok-well SU, Dover, ti. J.. on arrival of 1 o'clock train from New York, Monday. April 24. Frieads ar requested to emit now hla rsald.noa. BllsabaUi. N. 1.. vtmlss, April St. llonry Uuyen. a lata Hanry and Eilaa Quyoa sUaglD. NoUo at lunaral barsaxtar. JC1NO. On Thursday. AprU SO, David H. Kins, Jr.. in tne "(in year or bis aaa. at hla residence, 513 th Ax, latatrmant private, risaa emit flowers. UDDEUk-auddanly. on April 21, 181k. William J. baoaou. suaaaa Of joa A. Laddell. in hla 7vtb year. kMnaral aervioas at bis lat raaldanca, 30 Oakridge A v., Summit. N. J.. oa Sunday. April SI at 2:30 p. M. Intsrmout private. LEONARD. Rsv. A. B. Laooard, D. D.. HecrsUry saianraa twera sr f--orsign Missions. Methodist Episcopal Church. Friday. AprU 21. at S 10 A. M.. la hla TStb year, at bis lata resldsoco. 2f Van Bursa au. Brooklya. Funaral asrvloe at tb Sumner Avenu M. E. :hurra, oarnar of Sumner Av, and Van II u ran au, saturdar svsolng. at s o'clock, ia-t.rmsat at Uprlnifl.ld. Ohiit, MoARTHUR. Thursday. April to, at Ms Artaur. ar Klv.r yaara. Funeral residence, Sunday, ant ate station. Jarsay City. returning, arrtva Jr- sey City, 8:3. intsrmsnt on Monday, at Hudson, N. T. Hudson and Orseawich, X. T., paper pieaaa copy. - physicians in attendTnce said tonight hla """"J hbta.tra.S a condition la extremely grave. He went JJL SiT -IJ.- ?!.! I ,. -, ,. K I giaty-ntnth Strwt, ' In bar aoventy-oevanth I NEWMAN. Su.ld.nly. of pneumonia, on Frt-wiitises SI. ytoyt. senorai asant er tae I , , I Anrii 1 iota at ao Viik ihi,,m 8ho waa bora here and la survived by aatia-ntar. - t , , r - ft i n nnnt ainnar ,i,m id mm or in. ra luraa I iremeiy Kit va. xia wtui i : . . ' . ... i - , . a UftAniau st 1 Ii.t ..i . rl..i-,a- .1 th. I snen Of tne y tm siotioay yrming at tne I rwicron inuaii. Hsuno.o, . -1 ",7, 7" .T" Vlr Hottl A at or. Mr. Uoyfs railroad service old. died suddenly of heart dlaraas yesterday Philadelphia Committee for the A.roer- . ..ya -. iuw -t tw. r.H. I.iim... mhii. drivtn. .ion. xroad ntrt I rant Hammond. Franc la U. judd, I nas Amouunct tiospiiat tn i mim. inu ada Southern rut Fralcht Lino. He entered I Newark, tn a nmbui automobile wblch ba KIP Pert I t-iiuci ,u uiuut .1 tii. av im. w.imm.w i in. sal ic. at L. uouia lino, in tne .a I gwiwg, n. .... ... m ramus M.if aoldlra. era Tasssngsr Axvat ox tb Missouri Pacific tanty-av ysara. BMrsrt. K. T. Bala. Rodney Ewan, W. W. iter. Grant Hammond. Fran r la L. Judd. ramurl McRoberta. Judse Alfred K. Klppart of CiacinaaU, aad Cbarta. V. Rica. day. April 21. 1P1S. at 40 North ArUmrton A v., Kaat urarga. H. J.. Fran, beloved husband of Emily G. Kswmaa. Kotlc. of funeral later. OLftORrNO. Suddenly, Friday. April 21. laid. at sat Jefrsraoa A v., Hroosirn, atarlaana ldrlns;. wife of Henry i. Oldrtng. la bar let year. Fuaaral private. ...... ALI-ARO.-Tr.rn. April IS. Funeral. 1.017 Tremont Av., Bront. RA ER. Agnes. 211 East UIMh SU. April 20. ased tK Funeral April 24. BALa'lt.-Hslen. 2,4H 8tk Av April IS. Funeral today, 2 P, M. BOSCH EN'.-rrederlck A.. Great Kllla, S. L, April 20. aged Sa. Punarai tmrrw. RCRKK, Jatnas. 1 West 4th Sc. April I. CIKKK -Ellssheth. TtS Wast End Av., April SO, as 14. runerai Unlay, JO DAviuu-N.-Ro!e 40 East lBlh St.. April 20. Pun.rsl tomorrow. S SO A. M. DOI.AN. John F.. .-4 Jamea at.. April IS h-uneral today. 10 A. M. DOILK.-Thomas J.. 131 East lth St.. April ; .". runerai tomorrow, 1:40 r. m. Dt'FFT. Barbara. East 125tk Bt.. Aarll SO. ased 27. funaral Mi-rlra tarfa. Ul l llAHt. Kmlly T.. N Woot lefth SC. April 19. Kun.ral today, 1 ao P. M. HA 81 Bla A ugusta, Cotioord, a. L. April 1. HENRy.-Kdaartl, t7a Toiler Av., Bronx. April l. Funeral today. S P M. HOtLAIf AN. Jane. 171 East -Oth SC. April' X 1 il!''!-Y -ft "T B.. April Is. ruaaral EOERTEL-Hannab, 4T West uath Sc. tEDfJT.-Annla, S28 Csat 4sd St. April IS. runerai today. 3 P. M. U . 11. w. a Krans, April IS. 'rnaeraj May. .e MoniVNET.-Orare V.. SU West lSBfh SC. April 120. Funeral tomorrow P. M McNAtXT.-Prank. 411 West 64th SC. AprU 2"- Fnnarai tomorrow, 1 X p. M. MAMA. Katie V.. SAM Wast 2Kb Sc. April 20. Funeral tomorrow, 1 SO P, M. RCNMEIJ. Allison I)., Load rmast Aeu Hronx. April CO. SMITH.-John E.. S4A East eOfh Bt April 20. at ad ea. Funeral today. S P. M. Brwakfya. ACK ERMA N. Charlaa H.. 40T Chauaoey St.. April SO. Puaeral today. S P. UT, BRADf -Oaorro K.. Oig HjumwoV SC. April Sil. Funeral sarrlea today. BRRNXAN Sdmuad. 822 EuaUd Av Aarll IW. Pnnoral Anrll 1(4 CARCHRIB.-Margarat M.. 28 Oaffaa SC. April 18. ad ai. CXMTiaAN.-Hoborc t Java SC. April IS. ar-d rrt. Funeral today, 9 P. M. 1X111 KltTT.-Jsmas i Wyekoff Sc. April Jlk hl.ftj.1 .Mftt.ft. B, U DUOAN. Kathry. lis Cnnovor SC. AprU ip. m uo.i.1 tuimrrrow, . r. st. PER DON. James, 206. t!aratoga At. April ia. as-d as. OLTNN. Patrick. - 81 lath St.. AprU IS. a sd 12. runerai today. 8 P. V. OORMAN. Margaret M.. 185 St. Mark's Av.. April 20. Punarai today. 9. u HANDLE" . Ploreaca, a 4th Plaos. April ! 30. F-unaral tomorrow, 8 P. M. HANSCOAT. Ellis bath A., East btb St. and Church A v.. Aorll 18. KIDDER. Benjamin, 1.038 East 40th SC. April 0. k xTHOE. Mary a., ai I4rn vc, April 20. ared TO. Funeral April J4. 8:80 A. M. UN NT. Mercedes A., 157 Leonard St.. Ajjg ruaerai April 24. K.ELLT. Patrick. 28 Rt. Mark's Plsee, April fttv. riinorai toony. a t . j. . KRrJt.'SSER. Brt!ia M- R 81 st St.. April So, ased 2. Fvnsral totnormw. s P. M. UNDENITEI.SER. Emma. 100 Washington av., aprn vi. im ex. Funeral April 24. METER. Theresa, 818 Stags SC. April 18, aged 30. runsral today. I 30 A. M. MOROVKT. Mlcha.l. 84 1st Placa April 10. kMnaral Aurll 3. NBlJON. Jannl M., I.eftO East 42d RC, April SO. ruii.rml aorvtc today. OSBORNE. Theodore, 81 Eaat 21at -SC. , April 20, ased 28. runoral today. 2:30 f. M. RAT HAG AN.-Jamea 110 Bedford Av.. April , 10. ased S3, runerai today. 3 P. M. BCIIOriELD.-Edwln, 733 Eastern Parkway. 1 April 20, agsd 7T. Funeral tomorrow, 2 P. M. - 1 8EI PE LT. Henrietta. April 18. aged 88. i runerai, 133 Newell St., today. 10 A. M. SHERRirrSft-Alex. OS South 2d SC. April 20. Funeral April 24. TROUT.-Joanna B.. (118 East 20th St- AprU 21. Fun real notion later. TtrrrUC. Catherine, 41 03d SC. AprU 2. . s-uaaral lemur row. 2.20 P. M. VON DER PCHM1TT. Elisabeth. ne Mc- Denouah St.. April 2, aged u. runerai tomnrroa. 2 P. M. VON IKYLEN.-lora A., .na East 32d SV. April 2u. Funorai private. WAtJtH.-Mary A.-1.071 Daaa 8t April 2L Knnwal April 24 WIICHACII.-Aim. t.l 6ib tt , April 2. acod 72. runerai to-lay, 2 P. M. ZAUN. Joaapn. lai Park A v.. Ami 8S, aged . Funeral tomorrow, I P, It Hebakea. Jersey City, aad Newark.' BERNHARDT. Jseh. Hjhokrn. Arrtt IS, ased 43. runerai UMnorrew. S P. at. BUWHSIt-(-hriattaa. I OlS W1I1.W Av- Mo- boksn, April 18, aged T2. Fuaeral tmor. row, 8 P. M. COPKET. Marua. IMA Hopklaa Av Jor- sey City. April 30. D.. 4TS South ISth SC. N.aark. April SO. FACI A N. John H.. 450 Marrtte St- Jtr.ay . city. April J. Fun-ral today. a. at IXRR.-Eitaabeik U, 78 Aoadsmy Sc. bs- ark. April M. M EM MOTT, Albert. K 9outk 48th St, New. ark. April 21. MOESB. Henry. T2 Oeea. Av.. Jersey my. April SO, ad 2. PuiMral today. I P. M. MT.-RTHA. James. 840 . Commonlpaw At., J.rsay City, April 20, Funeral April 24. NEW lCLL. oars h. 131 Railroad At- Jorssy City, April SO. Funeral today, 2 P. M OTTrTlf Wllllaoi It.. n THrlaioa at Be- bokon. April SO. aewd 8. RXNNERT. Mlra C- Newark, AprU 18, aawd SO months. STMON8. Kvotya, Mltler Sc. Newark. AnrU So. ruaaral today, a A. at. WTI it. Mary A.. N.wsxk. AprU SO. Puailai today. IS A. M. WE RTKETM. Sophia, Fsrrast SC. Jersey aty. April SO. lawg lalaai. CHATPTRIA. Mary A.. Rick maad Hill. April 1. DOR AN.- Franc a Waadhav. AprU SS. Funorai todsy. S r. M. OORno!. F.mlhr U. Rw-bssMd HIT. April X. arad M. rvmnl a-rvl.. today. KORRHCIt-ttettlteb. Astoria, April 18. Pali, ra I toSBorraw. 8 P. M LANt'K EN, Earths. lushing. April 20. aged 40. In St?rmorttm RBirp. I. snotnnry of etiv tWrly belovea motnor. Annie Harlan brook wh antorod IK eternal April n. JobaW. Lraa ,1- sbuaw svww,rwi THE WOODLAWIf CEMETERY 2d SC By riarioea Trsta aud by Tistlraa. OUtf 20 ikaat Sod ac. Aow 2rw Lata ad amall saaa fas aaaa PnMb fWis.n and riaral aikuta. a , Itwred sroeiptlveM z aw akt snrwher. I nllad starts ar Caraila. Irol prtraa.- . amrnan laiit MMlnatMa aad atMirc Sn-Slm, Hk.. a-i Manaak lanitMtaJ . I .ml a .ftft. 1 Broad. N. V. CIK. 1sissa Cart, 148. j!UJSajf Qwrw) .1-IL- lv ,-v-fir.w'vc Now Ready Bernard Shaw's New Book otPlay ANDROCLES AND THE U0N OVERRULED PYGMALION Shaw sever Has been s ttriBlaat. so profound aad so finely hams, as he how himasli is Ihis. his la brat. baok. Th Preface t "AndrocUa" is perhaps I ha wisest atateavtat about Chnsbaatfy which thi ge aeration has rvcerestj. It is s book for ct tboJy to rsact. 12mo. Cloth $1.50 net At all BooUtllei EASTER Fine editions of the English poets. Prayer-books and hymnals. Devotional books. Easter cards on Second Floor. On Second Fluor - DUTTON'S 681 Fifth Arenas, near S4tk SL 1.

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