The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri on January 2, 1910 · Page 6
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The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 6

St. Louis, Missouri
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Sunday, January 2, 1910
Page 6
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A A r. vm SUNDAY, . TIj i ffT. LOUIS STAB JANUARY 2, 1910. FLAT VACANCY IS DIMINISHING Real Estate Exchange Report Shows Optimistic Review of Y ear's Condition. POPULATION GROWING. Secretary Scott Submits Fig-, urea Proving That Old City Is Growing Newer. it G00DFELL0WS," IN AMBULANCE, READY FOR EMERGENCY WHILE ON NEW YEAR'S ROUND Six of "Exclusive" Set Prefer to Return as They Start, Rather Than to Abandon Carriages Verses Announce Their Appearance. hifA ' tvry$ f-fcf t, I ' ' i f T f 'J The annual report of the St. Louis Real Estate Exchange, compiled by Secretary Raymond G. Scott, furnishes nioBt interesting data for the students of municipal conditions. The veal estate sold in 1909 was a trifle less than in the preceding year, ( but tnis can oe annuuicu w .oa... that many deeds are recorded at only a nominal fee. The transfers show a gain over 1908. The loans show an enormous increase, demonstrating that the average investor is seeking this field for securing his money. The statistics of the Building Commissioner for the last j year establishes a new record, a notable fact being that twenty-four mercantile and office buildings were begun in 1909. A number of the building permits were for structures costing over $100,-000. Permits for municipal improvements will run nearly five million dol-'lara. ! FEWER VACANCIES IV FLATS. ' Mr. Scctt gives enthusiastic reports ' the Million Population Club when ,he writes that there are fewer va-1 cancies in flats and dwellings man there were earlier in the year, evl-d-ncir-p the fact that the population of St. Louis is gradually increasing. The complete report of the Real Estate Exchange follows: a review of the conditions for 1909 - shows a gradual and constant increase i ..-,. .m naa 'inn i .iniLeiiuiai yr experienced an aroused public! our city already famous for the num-rntin-ent and soirit of progress, and.ber and beauty of its fine resioences. lone3." ale inaugurated -A 9 to maKe lor mo b"" .v. v - - The "GoJdfellows." a social organization limited to i membership of seven, observed the annual custom of making New Year s calls on the friends of the members Siturday. The "Goodfellows" had the edge on many of the other New Year's callers, who start out in a carriage or auto and come, home in an ambulance. They started out !n an ambulance a nice, new, bright, shiny Red Cross ambulance. There were only six in the party, the seventh member John Hogan, being out of town. At all the houses visited they paid their respects in the following yerses, printed on a card bearing their photographs: Our little friend, BUI Sanders, Who falls in love with ganders; Who falls in love with ganders; He is only the size of a kid. Caused by selling the famous Von Skid Here's to am Faliey, Always lively and gay; Whereever you meet him, He never forgets his turn to pay. Her?"a to Jimmy Smith. The dear, sweet little boy; Every time you meet him. He is full of life and joy. 5-i . t. Z -5 ' ' t' 1M .f;'WW ii. 1 JrK v;; I as 4 V X '4 This is about Bode MeLain, ' Who thinks it is an awful shame; That! little Sanders and Smith, Are too small to play the mei A little verse about Al MrHcnry, The man with the terrible memory; Let us hope that he won't get doped, 1 And tell on us those awful Jokes. At last we come to Art Mc-Lain, Very poor and very plain; Every time you see him. His smile is just the same. Western Slanufacturers' Building Company, which fe?ds a ninety-nine year lease on the property, dating from 1902. i The t"alk estate was the owner of the ground. The consideration was JS7.500. Ths Mortgage Guaranty Trust Company loaned the purchasers. 1 125,000 on the property. The Bern's Bros, Bag Company acquired 130 feet on the west side of Fourth street between Poplar and Cerre streets, last week. The purchasers will erect a large factory on this property. The former owners were Julius "Walsh, Edward Walsh, Mary W. Geraghty, Ellen Humphys and Sallie Sawyer. C. A. Price of Beebe, Ark., pur chased the Paramore Apartments last week for $80,000. The deal involved the transfer of property valued at $115,000. This apartment house was the first one built in St Louis, and rents for $7,200 a year. Another apartment house was sold last week. "The Savoy" at 533o Del- S WORDS SHINE AT BIG BALL Gilt and Lace Mingle Prettily at State Reception by . Gov. and Mrs. Hadley. M. N. G. IN HONOR RANK Many St. Louisans and Society People Throughout State Enjoy Night's Festivities. JEFFERSOX CITT. Jan. 1. Governor and Mrs. Hadley gave the annual rerentirvn sinrl hnll tn t no inili- mat -avenue was i?W by John J organ!zations of the gtate at the Wedemever for $aa,000. The deal was made by the Holbrook-Blackwelder I Executive Mansion tonight. The at- Real Estate Trust Company. J tendance was the largest of any reccp- The Lincoln Trust Building was re-tion of ,he kjnd ever hed m thg Ex christened Saturday; This building will now be known as The Guaranty ! ecutlve Mansion. Most of the officers Trust Building. 1 of the National Guard, the Missouri ! Xaval Reserves and of the Governor's Franoisous & Kuiiz. . personal staff were present, as well as Franciscus & Kunz report the fol- lowing sales: I the soclcty Peol'le o Jefferson City. which are sure of the city and further ennaumiuci of its real estate values, and make the city attractive as a place of residence and a place of business and its future growth is assured, "The building of new streets, schools, churches, libraries and municipal buildings, the improved lighting conditions of the down-town districts, the early completion of the Free Badge and elimination of grade crossings, and a decided stand by the allied business Interests for the freeing of our city from the grip of a monopoly which has long discouraged its commercial hopes, are great and forward strides for our city's advance- ) THE STATEMEVT FOLLOWS. "Tho last year has been one of de- v cided conservatism and while the records of real estate transfers for the ' vear show a gain In numbers over the year 1903, the grand total shows a small decrease. This latter showing, however, may be the result of a growing practice to name in the deeds of transfer only a nominal consideration In place of the real, and which is often Jopted even In the larger transac ts. . 1009.' 1908. Ko. No. Amount. Jan 47 4T3 I 7!7.97t Feb R.VI C5 l.H."i7..T March ... 64 1,143. 1.txH.4b April .. .. 9Z9 em i.0t3.2n May .... TOO - S7S '. 1.SS0.7OT June .. .. Ml' 1XKI 1.W2.WS July .. 8M f4 4.7M.3J8 August V. WW ma ; 1.415.4 Sept.. ... 81 KV1 1 4St.0t Oct S'JA , 709 S.2SO.VJ Nov.. 611- KS ' ' l,SW.Stl Dec.. .... 679 S25 l.:.4S9 1!W9. Amount. S 1,124.219 2.170.O11 2.075.087 3.679,m) 1,823,920 l,ni1.234 2.O06.O09 ,92.1r.9 1,74,01 1.20B,(m4 1.4."S.10 803.868 'ions. . , -a .nmnlete and comparative state inert o the real estate transfers fori the years 1908 and 1909 follows: eb.. arch pril . Jiy .. ine .. Uy . ugust t.. No. 020. f.4 1.12 l.ixt 1.211 1.IV74 1,2H1 1.02:i l,t4 1.115 91 1,120 1'JOU. No. t7S l.r.uo .1,2! 1.117 1,200 1.1S9 1.1172 l.'rsa 1,110 1,1V. If.i. 190S. Amount. J1.816.S2S 3.32.Ol 3.24".43 4. 72,.H0 5, !)e,0:!t 4,2!8t.3" 2,nss,7.-.r 2.t"3.S14 2 7H3.120 2.sis.7(m 2.71W.747 a,i2e.3''.7 9.113 ,871 21. 100.339 f23.654.4CT "The following permits for buildings costing over $100,000 were issued during 1909: ,1 " '-FIGURES OV BOLD1VGS. Mid City Realty Company, 314-28 North Grand avenue, six-story theater, $100,000. , ' "Board of Education, 1640 California avenue, brlplt school, 5103.948. "Clive Realty Company, 1727-31 Locust street, seven-story mercantile building. $115,000. 1 "Board of Education. 2745 Merameo street, two-story school, $109,589. "Board of Eduction- 7417 JJermont street, two-story school. $126,000. "St. Philomena'a Orphan "Asylum, 1025 Union boulevard, four-story orphanage, $138,000. 1909. "Avenue Corner Keaity .omiiaiiy. Am,4M' 1603-09 Washington avenue, eight-4's7i'2iH ttforv mercantile building, $158,000. 3.js.wii "Shaplelgh Investment company, jaecaae ana divided as follows: al'iioicP 701-03 Washington avenue, brick mer- Real estate $411,833,860 n;7:it'.7.-.s I cantile building. $175,000. State Board on railroads. . 34,266,681 l "w44' "Equitable Building Company, 401-1 Personal property 92,729,670 2.2SO.1.-.1 : 07 North Sixth street, addition to oince 5-SrtJibuiiainfr. $180,000. 2.717,381 BOara OI tuuranun, on v.u.i SKY SCRAPERS ON INCREASE Good Earnings of Office Buildings Assure New Structures for 1910. RECORD YEAR AHEAD welfare of the inhabitants of our growing city. CITVS BEST IVDEX. "There has been a downward tendency in rents, more especially applicable to flats, modern dwellings always finding the ready tenants at a rental in keeping with their value, location and condition of repair. The closing of the year finds fewer vacancies throughout the city than were to be found during the earlier months. and this notwithstanding the fact that- during the year there has been erected in addition to numerous flats and dwellings, more than twenty apartment buildings, each containing from six to twenty-four apartments and costing from $20,000 to $100,000 each. "There is no better index to a city's growth in population and business than the records of the Clearing House as to the increase in clearings and of the Assessor's office as to the increase in its taxable wealth. It is a fact sufficiently phenomenal to challenge the world's attention that the city has made this year a new record in that the bank clearings for the last six months ending December 31. 1909. $1,-802,074,775. exceeded the highest total for the same period for the record year of 1907. and the total for the entire year of 1899, and the assessed valuation of all real and personal property-rated at 1899 at $374,588,490, has increased until the present year shows an assessment of $538,830,211, an In crease of about 60 per cent In a single conditions. A perusal of the figures compiled Dealers and Investors Welcome Return of Normal Conditions Trading Active. Modern eleven-room residence, 4356 Lindell boulevard, with all conveniences; lot 50x213; sold for Mr. II. G. Elchelberger of Staunton, Va., to the Jane Realty and Building Company, represented by Weisles-Gerhart Realty Company. Modern single flat. 4017 Lexington avenue, with lot 30x112, containing two modern fiats with separate furnace and all conveniences; sold for Mr. Carl E. Lund to Mrs. Elizabeth Schnell, who purchased for an investment. Lot in Lindell place, fronting 30 feet on south line cf Palm street, for the Catherine Investment Company, to Daniel Becker and wife, who will improve same at once. Lot on Ashland avenue, west of Warne avenue, fronting 30 feet, to the Alice Realty and Building Company, for the Lindell Fair Grounds Com pany. The Alice Realty Company will improve the lot at once. Lot on south side of Lexington avenue, west of Warne, sold for the Lindell F G. Co. to Mr. Joseph Schnell, who will improve same at once. Lot fronting 40 feet on the south side of Palm street, west of Vande-venter avenue; sold for this same company, to the Misses aBuer, who will improve same at once. Also lot fronting 30 feet on the north line of Lexington avenue, west of Warne avenue, sold for W. Vail to Charles Boehne, who will improve at at once with modern residence. Also another lot for W. Vail on the Adjutant General Rumbold wts the head of the receiving line, and introduced the guests to Governor and Mrs. Hadley and the members of the Governor's staff who composed the i line. After the reception dancing followed until late in the evening. About eighty officers of the National Guard who were present attended the annual meeting of the National Guard organization this forenoon In the Senate chamber. Adjutant General Rumbold held a school of instruction, with a general discussion by members of the organization. At 1 o'clock Governor and Mrs. Hadley gave a buffet luncheon at the Executive Mansion to the military officers and members of the Governor's staff. At 2:30 o'clock a public reception was held at the Executive Mansion, the Governor and Mrs. Hadley keeping open house to all who called. MANY ST. LOUISAVS PRESENT. Among those present at the military ball tonight were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Kiel of St Louis; Miss, Pearl Mitchell of Colum- I bia. Mo.; Miss Hattie Gordon. Mrs. N. J. Nally, Miss Ilene ally, Mr. ana H. W. Meuschke, of Sedalla: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Manly, Capt. and Mrs. G. R. Collins-, Kansas City; Lieut, and Mrs. J. Thomas Plllam, Kansas City; Lieut, and Mrs. Harry M. Berger of Kansas City; Judge and Mrs. W. W. Graves, Ludwig Graves, Frank Ludwlg, Miss Hazel Ludwig, Miss Leah Weiner, TOM JOHNSON STEPS DOWN More Conservative Era Expected Under New Cleveland Executive. WILL REST FOR A WHILE Man Who Won Long Street Cf Fight Says N jthing or Future Candidacy. 1 1 2& f f 5 BY GATY FALLEN, The present year promises to be a memorable one in realty circles, and the annual report to be punished a! year hence by the Real Es: north line of Lexington avenue, west Dr anJ Mrs c P Hough. Miss Leena of Warne, to Mrs. Alice L. Jones, who Woodsoni jir. and Mrs. E. Simonson, will erect a modern residence. ( Mr and Mrs Lafe Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Sold 45 feet on the south side of ' wiuiam c. Hoeffer, Miss Adelaide Lexington avenue, west of Warne ave- j Branaenberger, Frederick Schott, Mr. nue, for Lindell F. G. Co., to John C. ; and JIrs Robert W. Morrow, Miss Grenlich. who will Improve same at j RacheJ Bradbury. Mrs. Electa Pull-once. ! man. Mr. and Mrs. Charles O. Bt unk. The firm reports quite a demand for ! of gt Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kort-this addition, and have but a few ; , . Tr.. si-, r.ouis: Miss Pearl McCoy. ! scattered lots left Almost every lot ; st Tjiuis. Mrs. W. A. Dallmeyer, Mrs. - -r. j purchased in the addition has been , Cassjus jr. Clay, Miss Emma Mueller, "ate improved, and the improvements are ; JIrs Frank Hiller, Col. and Mrs. John TOM L. JOHVSOa. CLEVELAND, C, Jan. 1. Th tempestuous administration of Mayor Tom L. Johnson today gave place to what is predicted will be a conservative era In municipal affairs when Herman C. Baehr, a Republican, assumed the duties cf city executive. The passing of Johnson and the induction of. Baehr was accomplished without incident. Johnson turned over the records and retired into private life for "a six weeks' rest" It is understood he intends to undertake a tax reform campaign as soon as he has completely recuperated. Former Mayor Johnson did not reiterate his previous declaration that he will be a candidate for a fifth term at the next municipal election. He. simply smiled when asked as to his present position. Some of the achievements of Tom Johnson, during his nine years a Mas-or, were the winning of a long fight for lower streetcar fares, abolition of "keep off the grass" signs from public parks, elimination of grade crossings, reduction of electric street lighting from $87 to $57 a lamp a year and reduction in the price of street lighting gas from $32 to $12 annually per lamp. .ncaau.. MiiW Wwr,,lulv "' ...-.... $210,000. i:t.3.17 REALTY liOAVS THE GO. "Patriot Realty Company, 1601-09 change bids fair to nearly double thej0niy first class residences and flats. , jird, St. Louis; Col. and Mrs. A. H. figures of 1909. The new Fairground Park lias nau a Timmerman of St Louis; Col and Mrs. Conditions in every line of business tendency to increase the demand, and. jfartin 1. Collins, of St Louis. have returned to normal, and the Natural Bridge road, between Warne I stagnation caused by the financial and Clay, directly opposite the park, j .Do jt Now," is a good motto, and flurry of -1907 has been entirely for-1 will be restricted xor reameu gotten. poses only. There is already quite a Confidence has been restored, and ! demand for lots i nthis block, the most conservative statistician can! On and after February 1, the firm prognosticate nothing but optimistic i will be located at 02 Chestnut street. directly opposite tne present jwuuuu. Itcynon & Co. Bevnon & Co.'s business for the be restricted for residence pur-, mear.s to commence now to save Star I Coupons. bv the Real Estate Exchange for the past year evidences sufficient material week aggregated $80,ouu ana cons,isi- to anticipate a rejuvination in the real i ed of the following: estate business in St Louis. I No. 4361-63 Maryland avenue, a Total $5.18.830.211 Several large skv-scraners are be'ncr' rouirh stone front apartment for four film filjir "YE" t-t- t 'r- i nromoted for the downtown ritatrirt. ! families, six and eight rooms, with "The rate of taxation ,,nnn thl mn ' and 11 is more than probable that St. I hot water heat, etc. Lot 50x240, rent-Vn temvTl Ze as last Louis will have at least two more of-iing for $2,520 per annum, was sold to i r-atnoi j-ictuij miau?, .nee cuuumgs wumn me next lew h ranK anu Anna najivet iv v-u,v "The year 1909 has demonstrated . Washington avenue, ten-story mercan- ' . 'months. cash, for an investment. v,o nvprnee investor is turning tile building, $285,000. ..wnr. tntamnrpal "Public Library, 1315 Olive street jnore than ever before to loans on real , four.story brily . $1.32T.267. .state as ideal investments, affording , is not inciuded in the above is they do the safest and most desir-any statement of the buildings erected ble investment with the largest aver- j through the offlce of the Bofcrd of net return and absolute control Public Improvements, in oroer mat School City ., 17 i .60 1.45 ?e 'the security as opu i ,hlch m,Kbt aecruc fnm pubUshed rms of security therein the invest- j rtg o buiIdmg operations the Real has only a small Interest and in , Egtate Exchani?e has at various times my instances . , , made nefrectuaI erorts to have al, -JD'JP'iT'.K Total $2.22 "Property is presumed to be assessed at about 65 per cent of its real ' value. There will accordingly be paid j into the City Treasury the totni sum I The financial showing made by the No. 6740 North Market street, a Wright Building will have a tendenc-v; five-room frame, house, with lot 30x to boom this class of investments. Tlie'iso, renting for $15 per month, sold Wright Building Company has wiped ' for Thomas L. Shelton and wife to out a second mortgage of $115,000, sterling P. Bond, for $2,500. and is now on a paying basis. j xo. 3836 Windsor place, a nine- XEAV DEALS IX PROSPECT. j room brick residence, with all modern The deal for the proposed new; imnrowments. lot 30x150. Rented for the last year 'here have ftfcen 13,569 loans made upon real es- 3lte involving investments in this sin-'e line of security aggregating over afS'-three millions of dollars, exceed-ng in the number of transactions the ccord of any previous year in the ilstory of the city and in volume, very year save one, the year 1905. i'The prevailing rates of interest ,oa building loans and medium size ans has been 6 per cent, and upon e larger loans 5 per cent There l plenty of available funds seek-? Investment at the present time at r above rates. Among the largest ans made during the year was one r $300,000 for three years at 5 per nt on the northwest corner of lighth and Locust streets, known as ictorla building, and one for $250,-C0 for three years at 4H per cent a the eight-story brick St. Regis; .partment building on the south side j of Lindell boulevard eaat of King's Highway boulex-ard. DEEDS OF TRCST. "A comparative statement of deeds ,:ust for 190S and 1909 follows: of almost $12,000,000 to be aporoprl-' "u""l tu'" ' per montn. so.q ior r to th ro t-.l ", Sixth and Olive streets, will probably , ters. t0 Louis H. Newton for $5,000. .T V . be one of the first of the big deals! y 4409 Henrietta street, a five ,nu .... .. v v. fc ' tjr schools 110 uc cuusunmieu mis jeai. permits for municipal work issued J llc ' The Bank of Commerce is very- through the Euildlng Commissioner's, BASTi CLF.ARIXGS. I anxious to secure the space occupied office, but same has not bn custom-i 190S j, Q-4 s(j(. . ! by one of its tenants. This lease will ary and they have .-not. tbu far sue- j 1909 .! 442 349 002 expire in a few 'ears- and 11 is au" eeeded. 1,000 V',oo' .' thoritxtivelv stated that it will not EXTER THE FIRE DEPAI 18s9 - 1 eta tQA on -"XT. ,.T. mov KA r, f htCFAOf In V. "A statement of municipal buildings nrctlon to know tnat g Louis has Hi. . - ar,ol,t boo miles of paved strets, "Municipal Courts Building; t house various divisions or csmrw. the P- lice and Health IVptrtnKilt, be room brick cottage, with lot 25x145. Sold to Frank P. Dyer, who is occupying same. Sold for $2,500. THIRD MURDER IN SAME SPOT Cincinnati Police Baffled by Slaying of Woman at Scene of Former Crimes. be renewed at any price by the Bank Louis S. Yosti Mourned. Great sorrow was felt in real estate thirty miles of which were completed romnlfM 1911.. i K0.000 "lnane A5vlum annex and present main bulldlnK for .-arw of tnsan pa-' tlent now connnrt in anw institution where city Is bearing expense, will accommodate palteots. to be completed l!Mt. cost... during the past year at a cost of $1,- 569,000. "ft has about 200 miles of paved alleys, of which 16.1 miles were com- . j 1 .1 . pipicu uunus tne past year at r.n ap- of Commerce. This particular lessee circles last week when news came of will probably occupy the majority of the building to be erected at Sixth and Olive streets. The proposed CINCINNATI, Jan. 1. The discovery today of the body of Miss Anna Lloyd, 36, secretary of the Wiborg-Hanna Lumber Company, added an other woman to Cincinnati's famous "murder zone," and forced the police to the belief that a man gorilla Is abroad in the city. The body of Miss Lloyd was found or. a fill of the C, H. & D. Railroad, in Cumminsville, a suburb. Her throat had been cut and a gag had been forced into her mouth. The marks on the woman's body indicated USE LADDERS TO SAVE FIVE Firemen Take Two Families Out of Burning Build ing. ESCAPE IS CUT OFF Early Morning Blaze at Market and Tenth Streets Occasion for Thrilling Rescues. the sudden death of Louis S. Tosti, which occurred last Monday. Mr. Yosti was born and reared on the old twenty-two-story 1 yosti homestead near St. Charles, and them until the death of his passed by the Municipal Assembly, ls!fathel some twenty years ago, when came to this city 1 -. 1 . c , - 1 3; I uuuuing lor wniun an uiuiiiaiitf lived ' Two families were rescued In spectacular manner from a fire which partly destroyed a threc-sitory building at Tenth and Market streets early Sunday morning. Mrs. Nellie Boepple and her two sons, Willie, aged 12, and John, aged 10, were carried from their beds on the third floor of the building. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hiffmann were taken from their rooms on the second floor. The first floor is occupied by the grocery store of W. Wlch-elman. The fire started in a clothes closet on tho second ftoor. The blaze was discovered by William B. Mason, brother-in-law of Mr. Kifiaiann, -ho w&s awakened by smoke. Before Mason could avaken the Hlffman family, the flamee had attacked the stairway and the escape of the occupants of the building was cut 1 that the murder was the work of aj passerby turned In an ilarm and regenerate 01 ternoie strength. In almost every detail save, the cutting of the throat, the murder corre-sjcr.ds with the murder, five years ago, of Mary McDonald, In the same firemen raised ladders to the windows and carried the two families to the ground. Mrs. Boepple, wife of Deputy Sheriff Boeppls. was carried from a third story window by Harry W'lson. 4465 West Belle Place, who was in uio vi- fB t srch . prtl ay -tne ilr .. iSJst VH.. t.. .. "The l'.x. .. . ."1 . 1 .'.-. . l.::T . 1.2T: . 1.2TS . I.IOT . W2 . 1 fTX . 1.20 . pss .. Mrt li.srjj year looe. No. i'TT i7 1.334 l.Sn MTU 1.23a l.l '. 1.111 l.H 1.2?! l.t'T-.1 1'. 19IW. 11H19. 1 Amount. Ainount. ' t S Oiil.fS $ ;t.44tj.4tU 2.H1.7SS ;.41.".4! 3.4M.5;i 4..VW.12T. 4. Ml.,iUS 4.4ii.2;r. 4 314.270 5. "M.35.'J S.S7t2.10 "..-t.s-- 4.0-(0.Si3 ,2S!.T:!t 4. WM.BS7 ! ' T.A12.S7:. J .s.:s:r 2.4,-!.2;7 ; 5. -iM.Oi! -3.5oti.:4 :t.s ;.!.-,.) 1 3,57ii: -i V!.56S S43.C51.TIS $,1S.133,T3. : 1909 has established a'. .f'-high rsoord for the number oft tiding permits issued, with a total : 9.2T1 for this year 1.143 being j ued in the month or March alone, e sum total for the year. $23,656.-, being exceeded by only the for-r record year of 1?0S. when they rfohed the grand total of almost $30.-000,000. "It is, however. 2 noteworthy fact that there were begun or completed twentv-four mercantile and office S buildings, eight of which each costing Manlaoal building? tor violent lrne, to aci-ommodate pirtlntH. cost.. "Power house and stable for Insane Asflum. cost "City Hospital, administration and two ward bufUilngs i.r principal' oftlc of hospital ami housing of ail patient.t an.! attendant, contract 1ft 1909. to be tiniatiM 1911. oot ..-V-.--. "nreproof main buildlnic. Poor House, work carried on for past two years, present contract to complete fame. $47.v, and entire work oot-Inc J12ft.t) 'New frame stable. Female Hospital, completed 19"., cost "Rrcine House No. 47, completed IwV. located on Florissant a-enut near Calvary Cemetery, cost "Knfflne House No. 4'J. completed l:sd. located at Magnolia and Shawmut place, cost 'Knictne H'.use No. 40. complted located at Mafimolia and Van.lerburp avenue, enst '"Enine House No. 37. at Baden. ' Contract let 100. to be completed 1910. cost PARR DEI'ARTMKNT. 'Park entrance and public comfort station. Carr Square, contrac !et and work complete,l 19. cot ''Keeper's house. Hyde Park, om-crete bulldms. completed cost 'Toncrt'te cellhouse. to accommotLite prisoners T ''Onlinance passed In the year 1M aijpnjprlatinir $.t.5flO.OiW for th cv-n-structton of a municipal bridffe. Contract for Tiers and superstruc-t-ne for channel span awarded after a delay of over five year, and work to be compitete.1 1111 This work inc'noes four piers and three channel spans only, and to tost still in an embryonic state as several!. came t0 tnis cjtv. For the past purt of the city; the murder three nrnxlmnro -nt of t?5 nno. c.o ., owners o property en w men tnis pro- ,.., x, hum l.lpntlfiorl vwrs aeo of Alma Steiniwpir. anrl tho I I v -s iiuit-s . - . , ., , . T . .. . .i. r(!nrat nr. puseu ERj-sutaprr is to uC ncucu CI c I with the. real estate business and was murder, two years ago. of L,ulu Muel-jcinity wnen " holding out for a larger price. I t he Ume of his death with George ler. All were found dead and strange-i rived. . The railroads will continue to be ,. ,., mutilated within a short distnnre The firemen extinguished alter a ... v,i.vH'-.. 1 - ......... .... .... . fSromort The KtOOk ptominent in the early days of this j was discovered. "itv the old Missouri Gazette having It was established In the cases of l.ioo.oooj of public. Joint and distn.-t sewers, . a wkt.i. t c t : i i . 74,000 i OL Aua iniiKs nave 03en com-: ', ' 'Dieted within the last ten vear at m ! 45.1SS eost of $348.095 .49. ! 763000 4f.0 5.41 larco nil reliil era tHis vpar. 3tld trip ' J Cill CMttti; IIUIIICKI 111 . i I . iwuivo j most promising. GROWTH WAS STKADY. "The following statemen: of real The building statistics ror Jast yeari - frenuentlv In business I Miss McDonald. Miss steiniweg and estate transactions for the last ten i showed a material increase over 190S, trancactlons o that time. Mr. Tosti) Miss Mueller that they had ben ap-j-ears will show conclusively how im- ; anl ran over the $2a.000.000 mark. amnv connecUon and ! proached by their assassin while walt- These figures win easily te Deaten in. hia mQtPrr,i sa to i Ir. for a Soring Grove avenue rar. Tn in the grocery was almost jmplete!y destroyed. portant and steady have been the in. creases ror tnis period and in .which many minion ortn , Morrison famjIy of Gaiena. m. each case the girl had been dragged r.r wr5 no iisures not " " " : "T" , I Mr. Tosti won the. esteem of all with i to son ;e secluded spot. luiu svni-in uvii ui estat : irans-; '-1j actions. Rolfes. the lumber mag-! I7.oo i V irvi 2S,oortj i lss-l l'....-t 1 1 ' isoot,Q"r j I Art Transfers. S.".(C!.iW.- 4.MS.1.TO 51!..12r. 42. :. 2.V! Tn.trw.r.-ti BTi.teilASO r.,i.2tws.i.t: .-H.1.44 5S.723.KH Dee-lS of Trust. 1.12.-..17 a.47.ll 2.:;4!.2. X117.S7S 27.7on."7; .'7.17'. ."2.K.-nl..lx'i 4."i.7!i:l 2r. 4t..-,l 71S S3.13.1.7SO BuiMinit Permits. 5.'.il.'..!s4 1.1. 2 .7.991 12.M.3."( 14.S44 4.TO 14.07S 7!"4 2:t.4.i4..!4 2.r...! 21.i.S 1.-.7 21.1Vi!t .. .1 . . t n.n4nt wh,hoe In I w 9 ' . nate. while discussing business conai-; - . , K . . r. r t tinns with the writer Saturday, stated j r -";- , " .7.7.rZL H, J .V". ' "e'" I Ut UaillL), Hl KtMlLltrilCJ-, 'io uninitiito tuinu - ...... . ... ....... .jta.,. that In his opinion building operations; courtesy and kindness. j His funeral took place Wednesday j for 1910 would be the greatest in the I V, Jofrt,-.- knIMinff ,n this oitV f VK """'"B , . e, O Money will be much easier this """nuns, w. e., wi.. vear. as the large Eastern insurance J Mark's Church. He was 4. years of companies are preparing to increase; nd unmarried. their loan business in this city. The t Clip them out and save them. The growth of our city h-is been teaaiast anu soua. it is a record of flh!ch we are proud. No ground j thich it gained has ever' been lost. ii4oA! Past achievements are tht safest it than bt. Louis real eit.ite. The j of our great State be-uin? upon estate and transactions n conuet- t t-nn rnerewttn are unpTre-'i.ii r,--.- L 3o,.xk' liig alike landlord and tenant bor- -6Ti.47 Insurance companies tn New York are i Natural to want to better our eon- j now compelled to dispose of their mins. rou may oe one 01 tne nrt i ' , -u"'i pffootivp i- i 1,1 getting the assistance of our Want stocks, as a law becomes effective in raSe Ads I PICTURE SIGN INCITES MOB New Tork State prohibiting insurance' companies from investing munej in storks. This will force millions of ex of its future greatness. i dollars to be invested in deeds of There is no bettej or safer invest- i trust. The actuaries of these insur- SETTLEMEXT IS PREDICTED. Conference in Washington, it is Thought, Will Result in Amicable Adjustment. WASHINGTON. Jan. 1. The con- j Kansas City Crowd, Aroused ! bv Susrp-estion of Lvnchins'. j 90 -or Threatens Negroes. KANSAS CITT, MO., Jan. 1 "Do It Nov," is a good motto, and means to commence now to save Star Coupons. CRAZED, KILLS WIFE AND SELF Father, Drunk, Also Wounds Son and Fires Bullet at His Daughter. PITTSBURG. PA., Jan. 1. Win-field Gibson, aged 49, a well-to-do resident of Munhall, a suburb, tonight shot and killed his wife, wounded his 14-year-old son, Howard, and fired at his daughter, Grace. 15, but the bullet missed her. Aftar a struggle with an older daughter, who endeav ored to take tne psto uu Gibson turned the weapon on rower and lender; thus decreasing tha burdens of alL" Total St. VS4.000 The new Post Office building to oc-j cupy the entire block - bounded byj seventeentn. Kignteentn. wainu auu over $500,000 and four each costing Clark avenue, is now undei- ronstxue- over a million dollars: while during ;tion ana win oe completed irii. xi the year 1909 there have been but ; occupancy only ;- tne y rost tiace .... ..i a.mi.a for rit7ilrlin! , aitl offi.-lnls ronn.clted t iprpwith will i ' luii.. . . - - - - " c-u . i 7 . costing $100,000 or more oe a new oeparture i nt we on?. f ;g- arrested BUMS OUTRANK ACTORS MEMPHIS. TENN-, Jan. 1. A "Of these, four were far t thk rPvoT- Kniiincra xh-" ?it states I ST&cea tne pome utcKei xor me ear- , 0.vt u- not r-x-r lie Library at Thirteenth and Olive Government paid $J5.000 for the site ! 1909. They lead the list with the ex-. b aiirjng the holi-tstrik' ILnv.F'm? , h,vntpr one fn.!.n4 .h Ktiri-r, -ii ii rtr motion of the "bunw- of a-hieh isz'Pcte(1 to De acule s . i reached, the Erdman act will be in- an orphanage, and the remaining five over $1,000,009. I have been an-ested. Thespians have for mercantile- buildings. The build-; "The foregoing figures show an ex- never been known as flagrant law tt3 activity has been confined chiefly j peuditure of public funds of more j breakers, but managers of local the-,o the newer residence districts, I than $3,000,000 for enterprises whose j aters. In their endeavors to operate where many, new nod costly homes j only purpose is to contribute to the j upon the Sabbath, are responsible for f ie been completed, adding luster to educational advancement and material ' their arrest. . , . i r j M nnce companies are most favorably dlsposed toward this market, for St., .or i rpai eraie ie Luiiamcivu mr . U1S . . a .i,M. Kltinhation of the conference between Ztlcnzn Knann of the Interstate 'Aroused by the suggestion contained!" lvoi . - . . , . - . , ..,. in valuation it merely enhances m . Commerce Commission. United States a 5iK.. UCwi ... xuii, himself, dying in..t lorft-prtirin a Dicture showir.a- the I nihon is neneveu i u Irie ii.u ixreu eui and wa The family . , - v .iin"P oi trip. I it r i ' . ... ... ! i ii.rc3ti.nin? vviiitma anri t .. ! m mat ti! ijiiim i " - " " wonu. in ii: r ; i switchmen who are striKing on me c"'J ---; "- M St. Louis real estate, "is the one best. , ds betwcn Pt Pau, and the tiolds. the negroes held m the County . drinking man. but toni t . bet." ; Pacific coast, was postponed today j Jail charged with attacking Mrs. W. F. j :parently crazed with ''1'" , . i 1 : 1 , I r- U .Sll.'l Irl.L vt;civ. I tjiUSMJIJ uicv " ' - ii. 1 ui " , T. . . ; " . ,, . . ; 1. r. cum rpnn r.vprv whifo man . ! i.i smKir e i i 1 11 u . : rnloa t-e,r vim. - - - -.. : 1 1 .3 T T T. . . i . i . . . - . . , . j. nnr I om iilss iimir n . : 1 1 ! 11 . i n. i ; ir 1.0.-0 ani- rrnlus money, in- . , . . r,. ;i-niiin? of a numoer of nesrroes. a tpmnoiarilv insane. : . i. o. r,.i. estate, for it i ..... . . ' ,.v, nf apvera) hundred men thin aft- I ninrn! in Alexandria, Ia ii ii 1:1 ci. i partmcnt OI tne American r euerauon , , . . - j - - , , ,,.,,. : is the safest gamble in the speculative . v Tabor who is representing the .emoon gathered before the place, an- j home for tl.e holidays. KE.VLTV KESOIE ! till next Monday. the conference will on Monday be able to agree on some plan of settling tne days, yet there were several important : yoked in behalf of the switchmen and deals consummated. . The most im-1 the strike will be arbitrated. portant trade of the week was the sale i . f thp fpp in the Furniture Exposition i Natural to want to better our eon-" I ivrt,nih un i t .w-nst ! dltions. Tou may be one of the Srt Building at r ourteenth and Lucuht ty UIa Ula assistance of our Want streets. The fee was purchased ty the ! rae Ads. r.he When houId see how justice is administered ! she turned to T an. a geeona Du.iei to the negroes." j struck her in the back of the head Charles Whalen. with the assist-land her body ronea cou iue tuu. r,-p of a souad of patrolmen, removed S The children were the sign and dispersed the mob. then fired on as 'they fled, and before the eldest daugh- 1 1 Star Coupons ar- published in allj in at crib nearby, co aid ne re- editions of the d::y and Sunday Siar. jvolver from her fatfc?r, he ended tnv Clip them out and save them. lown life.

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