The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY L', Jl/M' 1, 19'1G BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THRU Statistics Show Copulation Loss Arkansas School Data Uses as Guide To Trends in State. I-ITTLE ROCK. Ark,, July 1. u J-Population (lf Arkansas us s M ' b - v lllc "umber of school between (he uses of seven 'HI 17 years is showing a ctCilnile wnwiml t rc , 1( i p llcco ,. chn ,„ ag . s released today by Clifford S. • 'HI 1 |*wn Jres r 'kliurn, director of Die division clmlnlstnitlou of the State Dc- iiH'nt of Educutlon. ic figures showed a reduction approximately 6,000 children of school ate In the state this spring th| i were Iri the state two years nga. The education department has completed compilation of the school census figures In 51 of the slate's 15 counties, with n loss so far &t 4,452 scholastics. Union County showed the largest drop with 468 scholastics fewer than were in the county two years ago. Hcmpstcnd county was next with a drop of 449. I'ulaski county showed the greatest Increase with 334 more reported. 13 lack burns figures showed 8,383 Hot Dogs—By Radar A$ Advertised in "MADTTS1tJ] 3 fcLET' 1 ?V,. MAKE UFS 6ASX WITH •\-^X . \ ••_ l x v x » LAZY 1 llli'.l lilork. All NVw! l-.ll ;in7, >•">• Imiiiy wllli |.,,1. t'l^»|i 11 /Uii si. |'|H.I, C ;nou. i ..... I llri'llii't. ccitn |ilrkrr. New. 10 I'l . KIKIII drill. t ,»,, blH .,l >IIBr | ....... ,, ,\.[ riuiilllliiii. lliti nr) < |,oi'. KOU>| ("million. r> KIKIC! IITIIL vKirotii; I Lull lYnl mill: I'll!!' I ..... I mill: .•> ini-l»l wnl^rlui; l'i'v iiilll« mi. I li.iMi.r-.. |iru[i.rly N. 1 1 11 [i n,ul ,-i-tl In wiil>T|>!ui>r rooFA , Lin >:nlu,nU,'il juitt rnU rintriiir: Ijlvra you i, rlo.-ir lii Id »n. I n r] ..... ,-,• In ' Ml. HI-CI..KII Cnpitnlizlng on the wonders of modern science, John Gasney, Beach, Ciilif., snack shop proprietor, h;)s opened a "Itacliir DOB" stnnd. Meal, relish »n<l bun arc wrapped in a napkiu, in.sei-tcd in a hcal-rcsistant glass tubo, as pictured above, then slid Into the machine. In 30 seconds the "radar dog" emerges, perfectly cooked • •--i .by hjijli frec|uciicy radio \v;ives. ...--*" I'llilll «i Si. ro^i ni,a iii^L.ilHliT)' Ilioro It (!I,,T lli«u Him r-'nuui, ll»> ii-nlirir r,,flii, rl4-Atit>r. Finn 1'iiinik r ,h'v,-li>|iiii,-nl. U.-itl'n iirr Storo. 101 H. Klr>l «li-i. anil Mi. '!'. (I. .P<iru^ uinil,. |[17:I li, ...... ini>i>lli, MhLli^ I'. C. l-:llltitl iiviiL,' >••! t?i70 <n ....... i-r.liT. It )'»„ nil' H Oi-ll.T )(,„ mil ,lll U> V.-ll C.MII tnl-M.Hi. |s«iu-.l .Inllr mill Ih.-n- tin. i,» rli:ui;» l,,,ik<. I .ill i-ii'ill! tivi'i, «u .ill mull ,.,.l,,x I),,, |,,iulinl I,,,, I, ..... I uu II... n...rl..<l .«..,• Ill >,-,.r, l,«. IHitVL'll JIM \v,u1li, \Vrlli- nt i>ui-i> l"r il.-|jill» »lil'. ...... rllnry U «llll .ILH'". \V>- lir.-N-r EI;'|I)!I i,n1^ IIY.'. -In, l'.,i,.nl lilnli'it I'l.lnl Si ViuuWi O.l|,,, I'li'V," liui.l. l)),l,i. 7|1 |.l-^ S«rvlc«s Hill Mil .s,,i,, r ,u, ulirmi.iui rOMlnliiliiu liii'iii-y ntnl VNlinilil.- |ift|i.-r*. llrunnl. I'liu.iu 3'M1. VI, K l,. Mnrlln. l-|.k-'J II,HIM . i".,.ol nn,I I ,.l,.ll»,,« i,'|.:,l,.'4. Cnll !:'-' nr h»i I' l'i,n-k,-ll. IHII, »i,il Vlu.'. 1il.|ik»|i .SY*]< ,!i',',.r»r,-.l «|,,1 fililil-l...l l.,.lr.'..iu fiiiirriikni l u l,»|ti. Ill) K. A>li Time Has Come to End Wars Says Congressman at Bikini Saddle Oxfor'ds by "LAZY BONES" The Very Best Shoe Made WHITE ELK— Tan Saddle — itcd Rubber Mule Misses ____ §'1.50 Several Other Styles to Select from! ABOARD TUB USS PANAMINT OPP BIKINI, July 1. CUD—Nearly all the United Nations observer*,, scientists an<| coiiBressmen auoard this vessel were disappointed today because the atom bomb blast was not more spectacular. They were unanimously agreed, however, that history's lourtli atom bomb detonation was "a heck of a big thing" as congressmen Dcae Uillcspie, R., Colo., put It. One man was outspoken in awe of mnns' inlBbtiest weapon. He was Rep. Jack Anderson, R., Calif.. one of lour observers who climbed up the Panamint's IreaU'lieruua mainmast ladder to a precarious lookout post 100 feet above the water. "I was flabbergasted," Anderson said. "I believe Ibis is the most magnificent spectacle man ever ha.-, created." One of 13 members of Congress viewing "operation crossroads," Anderson said later he thought tiir results of today's test will be "Uc- W m -.SHO %-i o « i *• pupils in Garland County, an in crease of 307: li.750 in Hcmpstcnd n drop of 449; 5,147 iii Independence County, a drop of 201; 11,10' in Onion county, n drop of 4G8 5.808 in Jackson county, a droi of 200; 32,007 in Pulnski County, ai increase of 334; 3,410 in Polk conn ty, an increase of 130; and 5.SO in Crawford, county, a drop of 55. Blackburn snid llic reduction i highest among Ncgio pupils vrli apparently me moving to highly In dustrializcd cities ot tliu uortU ani east. Get Set!... For the "Fourth" and your Vacation! We are! With a swell selection of I'luy Clothes you'll need . . . at Savings! Glamor Girl Shorts and Bras . . . Swim 'n' Sun Suits . . . Slack Suits . . . Crisp Cntlon Dresses! Choose Your Holiday Wardrobe at FEINBEKGS . . - I'ocket the difference! SPECIAL! Rayon Shorts-Bras Regular SJ.OO S'i.'ia Values " Catch your sun-lain in these bare little Separates. Superbly styled and tailored ... in chetks, plain colors and smart patterns. Ilig buys at this spc- :ial reduced price. See them tomorrow U . . endously valuable to the House aval AJfaii's Coininniitlee," ol lileh he is a member. "In my humble judgment, the .00.000,000 cast of tills project Is Hircly justified, particularly when e take Inlo account tluit is co-its o more lliiin one Iowa-class bat- cshlp," he snitl. "From what I s;iw this morning.' .nderson snid. "I would say It 1- bout time for Ihc nations to i;c ogetber and fhul n way to en< U wars. Civilization ciinnot slan he l[ii])iiet of the blast th:H sUoo 3tkin| on July 1, 104G." Skynx'kcls, Komim (,'nn- rik's. Will be orH-u JULY •1th! }iuch«nan's Slure, North Highway lit. SALESMAN WANTK1) )j>l>t>rliiLLll]r kiini'ks nl ovi-rr niK.rii ili-nr .nir<\ Ili-ri>'H Elm rllHIlfl- [o M-U vvilli- <nil r.^lrklUin.> (11)1)11V K.I II l.lquM II,'.if C..nin t in (:,chili,',. v,»i,-li,.i,,..-.. linli.Mrl.l r l,[,lt. rlnn, hu. ,.rUn,il~ FLUSH KIDNEY URINE Benefit wonderfully froa UIUQUI «/<Ktor'» diicoverjr Ihtt relieve* backache, run-down feeling due to exceu acidity in the urine PfOyU •vi'TfwhiMe r.i« finding MrnHtliVf relief from iiitlnhil lymutoniB of bUdilcr Ii.lUIInn r.u.,.,1 tiv ,.,,,.., arMllr In 111. ui'lno. DR. KlI.MklCS SWAMP «OO i .cl. In.I niMht kl.lllry. 1i. >•••. ill>ci>m(oi I by I'.oim.llr., iho How of mine. Thli ]""« hcrl.Al incdlrln* I, , ,|,,cUl[,. .rkome »hr,o M.,]J,| IrrJIntlim ilil. In .icrll «^ldl!y I. recoil.ll.lo lor 'Vtllni up «l >lfl>1." A orclullr hl.mltiT couili'rMloil • t 1G Wrlia, tool*, V*II<U|J|FB. tjaUkini Dr. KMinrr'a ci>ntnlun nothing hatiK, I. ah• ofurcty h.i.h.Mt fornilni. J.i.t lonrl In- grrrllratt. l>int Tiiany »nv hftv* • marrttiut «//«CC. All drii(«l»ti ••!! Sw«mp HogU . ANNOUNCEMENT! MR. LEO P. STEPHENS and MR. BEN. D. HAMNER Are Now Associated with RUSSELL E. RIALES and will SiR'dall/.e in the Sale of City Property and Businesses Hoth of ihcsc mr" have been tnfAftd In Bilet Ai'tlrlKc.s in this Hcrllon for u number of yean and nrt'il n» fuitlirr Introduction to the people of Illytlirvlllr uiul Mississippi County. They are will- hit to Serve YOU. II You Wunl u lletter Deal I,ist Your Property or KuslncMs with THE RIALES LAND CO. HALK BU)(;. Opp. City Hall MemphianPays $1525 tor Jersey Heifer MEMPHIS. Tcnn., July 1. (U.P.) —Top prire ]>aitl at the ixmuui West Tennessee Jcr.sey Hi-coders A-ssodnlicm snlu wns $ir>2!> for Obsevver Bet 1'eercss, It xva.s rc- vealctl today. The liclfcr was purclinscd by 15 J. Thomns of Memphis. The snlcs totaled $17,175, ni cvcrugc of $301 per nnlrnnl. Too Late to Claaify For Sale Beauty Pageant to select New H-room iind 2-room dwelling houses. l,otH 50x100. Well lornted. Priced to sell. If you w:ml to sell your properly KCC me. I hiivc cash buyers. J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. :. 7-l-pk-7-9 ' G ft. McCrny intuit In: LIFE Has a Schedule In Keep! Is Your Financial Train on Time? It Will !'av You to Call "MISS BLYTHEVILLE" Wednesday, July 3rd 8:00 P.M. HALEY FIELD Music Music By Stof^ i.-vvfc..!,. : ,>>J-c:.:..:^.,fe-r' ; >v-, ••. ,;-.. V .';.. :K'-^ i .;•"'.'• . .;.< ADMISSION DANCE FEINBERGS FASHION SHOP 315 West Main St. Blytheville Ark. Jack W. Powell Insurance Counsellor Mississippi County Representative NATIONAL LIFE I N S'l> RASCE COVO*NY -V C OV T .%'L',S VERMONT Phone 38Q4 or Write Box 604 Blytheville, Ark. National Life wns the FIRST Life Insurance Coinpuny to introduce nn endowment policy with Increasing i guaranteed benefits. " Honoring "Miss Blytheville Wednesday, July 3rd -10 til! BLYTHEVILLE ARMORY HALL COLIESTOLTZ And His Orchestra ADMISSION-$2.50 STAG OR DRAG Tickets & Table Reservations For Sale At Kirby Bros. Drug Co. ',>• SPONSORED BY — . Blytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce

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