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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 29

Battle Creek, Michigan
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1 Enquirer and News, Aug. 10, 1980 C-5 ML si -o Photos by Don Nation Business and Professional champions, all of won their classes of the overallmarathon and were first in the Lake Swim, are, left to right, front row: Roberta Sugden, women 60-and-over; Cathy Ross; women 40-49; Betty Hansen, women 30-39; and Doug Trites, 50-59. Back row: Fred Opich. men 40-49; Fred Sherriff. men 60-and-over; Ann Harris, women 50-59; Steve Morse, men 20-29; and Mark Tucker, men 30-39.

Not in photo is Kathy Barrett, women 20-29. Youth marathon ond Lake Swim winners, left to right, are Mark Dornfelt, seniors boys 15-16 marathon and Lake Swim; Jeff Bailey.senior boys 14-and-under Lake Swim; Lisa Brandi, junior girls 11-12 Lake Swim; Kirsten Hansen, junior girls 11-12 Lake Swim; and Eddie Feld, pee wee boys Lake Swim. Winners not in photo were Stacy Dornfelt, senior girls 13-and-under marathon and Lake Swim; and Dan Brandi, seniors boys 14-and-under marathon. Record 179 swimmers batter records in marathon fjj W'irA tT 1 By STEVE MORSE Start Writer The Leroy F. Sparks Marathon Swim, a tradition in BattleXreek for the last 53 years, just keeps getting bigger.

A record 179 swimmers from ages 5 to 68 took part this year in at least one of the four weekly pool swims or the Go-guac Lake Swim, which capped the Marathon last Tuesday. A total of 132 completed all the age-group requirements, 1 more than in 1979, when 131 of 176 entrants finished. Nine swimmers broke 30 records during this year's marathon, which began July 8 at the Center. Roberta "Sis" Sugden, the second woman to enter the 60-and-over category, was the only swimmer to break all six class records. She set an elapsed time record of 2 hours, 39 minutes, 3.1 seconds, almost 56 minutes faster than the previous record.

Angela Bailey and Kathy Barrett claimed five records each, tallying four pool marks and the overall record in their age groups. Bailey, a Harper Creek High star, won the Janet Hattendorf Trophy, given by the Enquirer and News for the female swimmer with the best overall time. Her 1:09:57 clocking was nearly 2Vz minutes better than the 15-16 girls' record set in 1978 by Rosaltha Smyth. Barrett's 1:20:20.8 elapsed time knocked more than a minute off her own 1978 record for women 20-29. Jane Gage, winner of her third straight Lake Swim, broke four records.

She set marks for 400, 800 and 1,200 yards and her elapsed time of 1:09:58.6 bettered Debbie Brevitz's 1973 record for women 17 and over by almost three minutes. Betty Hansen and Cathy Ross each set three records in the Business and Professional division. Jenell Boodt broke two junior records. Lake Swim winner Kirstan Vanders-luis and runnerup Ben Harrington each established one pool record in the men's 17-and-over division. Vandersluis finished just six seconds behind Harrington in the race for the J.

Addington Wagner Trophy, given by American Legion Custer Post 54 to the overall male winner. Other records were set which did not involve times. Dale Wilson's record for completing the most consecutive Marathons now stands at 17. He is one ahead of two other veterans, Don Korten and John Baker. Three generations of the Tucker family completed the Marathon to establish an unofficial family record in the event.

Matthew, 5, and Michelle, 10, took part along with their father, Mark, and their grandfather, Harrison. Mark Tucker was the Lake Swim and overall winner in the men's 30-39 class. The Hansen family Eric and Betty and daughters Britta, 6, Erica, 8, and Kirsten, 10 took home several awards. Erica won the marathon and lake titles for pee wee girls and Kirsten was the first in her age group to finish the Lake Swim. Betty was first overall and in the Lake Swim among women 30-39.

Bob and Dolores Wright and son Charley swam all five marathon legs. Spike Sherriff came from New York to swim the lake with his father, Fred, and brother, Skip. Other parents who participated with their children were Dave Leach and daughters Heidi, Merrilee and Julie, and Cathy Ross and daughter Kim Rhodes. Four Brandi children finished the marathon: Tony, 6, Lisa, 12, Cathy, 13, and Danny, 14. Danny took overall first place in the senior class for boys 13-14 without win ning a single race, an unprecedented feat.

Aaron Cinzori, who won only one event, was second. In one of the more unusual finishes in marathon history, Jeff Bailey won the boys' 13-14 Lake Swim, yet still wound up last of the six boys in the group. The Dornfelts Stacy, 13, and Mark, 15 won lake and overall titles in their age groups. Business and Professional swimmers Steve Morse and Tucker came from second place in the pool swims to first overall with Lake Swim victories. Medals are given by the Enquirer and News to all swimmers who complete the marathon requirements.

Swimmers who have a pool distance to make up still may do so this week by appointment with Christy Halbert, Center pool director. Those who have not picked up their medals may do so at the Center. The complete list of elapsed times for the full marathon: PmWm Division (Totals for 25, 50, 75, 100 yards) Girls 8 and under: Erica Hansen 3:34.4, Kara Brazas 3:42.0, Erin McDill 4:40.6, Britta Hansen 4:54.4, Gina Basso 4: 58.0, Jessica Mason 6:49.9 Boys 8 and under: Steve Hamilton 3:29.4, Eddie Feld 3:31.4, Zachary Mason 3:52.1, Mark Hendrickson 4:07.1, Bryan Magoffin 4:07.4, T.J. Gossard 4:08.5, Curtis Blanton 5:03.5, Matthew Tucker 5:54.1, Tony Brandi 7:05.8 Junior Division (Totals for 100, 200, 300, 400 yards) Girls 9-10: Carrie Newlands 13:42.3, Kristen Bailey 13:43.6, Kirsten Hansen 14:13.6, Heidi Leach 15:27.8, Mary Beth Pio 18:06.0, Tiffany Os-born 19:53.7, Michele Tucker 21:35.3, Melanie Darling 21 :42.1, Amy Martens 22: 12.5 Boys 9-10: Chad Russell 13:40.5, Scott Moore 14:26.6, Scott Andrews 14:55.8, Brent Johnson 16: 26.8, Tommy Jacob 17:21.8, Tim TenBrink 21: 03.0 Girls 11-12: Jenell Boodt 11:18.3, Lisa Brandi 12:22.5, April Moore 13:07.5, Trista Gossard 13: 25.7, Chris Dinkins 13:36.1, Tracy Laing 14:18.8, Laura Roush 15:23.9, Kelly Kennedy 15:52.3, Julie Carman 17:14.5, Jill Conrad 17:41.3, Joy Conrad 18:13.5, Sara Ross 24:06.4 Boys 11-12: Allan Vandersluis 11:21.1, Brad Boodt 12:10.3, Brian Heeter 12:20.3, Charley Wright 12:31.9, Sean Crabtree 12:57.5, Jim imHI "ill irtiiilfftlMMii lliMttl'Wariwii ii i1 nrS Til nftirTlifTiHiMii, ilfci'Ili i n--m iiirmnn Rowers of boats receive little recognition, but without their efforts, there could be no Goguac Lake Swim Jasper 13:36.1, Tony Ross 14:10.6, David Goldstein 14:11.2, Randy Quick 14:47.1, Ken Hendrickson 15:41.2, Todd Jettner 15:52.4, Todd TenBrink 19:01.4, Scott Lewis 22:09.3, Corey Senior Division (Totals for 400, 800, 1,200, 1,650 yards and Goguac Lake Swim) Students Women 14 and under: Stacy Dornfelt 1:15: 24.4, Angie Caswell 1:17:56.2, Cathy Brandi 1:25: 06.6, Jill Barnard 1:26:14.3, Merrilee Leach 1:31: 23.2 Men 14 and under: Danny Brandi 1:16:27.9, Aaron Cinzori 1 16:47.9, Tommy Basso 1 17: 14.1, Matt Flanders 1:17:29.0, Scott Johnson 1:19:43.5, Jeff Bailey 1 Kenny Glidden 2:28:51.9 Women 15-16: Angela Bailey 1:09:57.0 (Record. Old record 1:12:26 by Rosaltha Smyth, 1978), Kirsten Kronlein 1:15:34.6, Felecia Newlands 1 19:30.8, Sandy Bennett 1 :20:48.7, Kim Barnes 1:21:02.7, Traci Fox 1:23:18.3, Angie Strole 1:23:55.3, Kim Rhodes 1:27:11.7, Julaine Pfander 1:33:16, Julie Leach 1:36:43.8, Diane Doersam 1:37:42.2 Men 15-16: Mark Dornfelt 1:07:38.3, Tim Moore 1:17:25.9, Todd Land is 1:19:06.9 Women 17 and over: Jane Gage 1:09:58.6 (Record.

Old record 1:12:44.8 by Debbie Brevitz, 1973), Vicky DeGroot 1:20:44.2, Lisa Fokken 1: 23:16.2, Amy Ewing 1:27:24.7, Betsy Wigner 1: 28:12.5 Men 17 and over: Ben Harrington 1:03:24.9, Kirstan Vandersluis 1:08:30.9, Chris Cunningham 1:07:15.4, Mike Kline 1:17:39.2, Chip Davis 2:07:23.7 Business and Professional Women 20-29: Kathy Barrett 1:20:20 8 (Record. Old record 1:21:34.4 by Barrett, 1978), Vicki Kempf 1:32:07.4, Christy Halbert 1:41:11.1, Karen Vaughan 1:55:09.8, Sue Paulson 2:01:41, Karen Williams 2:13:32.9 Men 20-29: Steve Morse 1:18:24.7, Tim Saye 1:19:41.5, Chris Micklatcher 1:27:34.9, Dan Parks 1:33:51.5, Steve Sweet 1:35:14.1, Chuck Lewis 1:42:12.8, RonMotzell 2:13:04.0 Women: 30-39: Betty Hansen 1:39:49.3, Pat Doran 1 :54 :55.7, Sandy Skarsaune 2 :04 48 1 Men 30-39: Mark Tucker 1 :25: 13.6. Doug Mar-kusic 1:26:57.3, Eric Hansen 1:35:06, Scott Felt-ner 1:37:45.3, Tom Cummins 1:53:07.7, Larry Forsyth 1:57:38.9, Jim Avery 2:04:16.6, Richard Franck 2:07:53.2, Skip Sherriff 2:13:00.1, Bob Wonlen -4: Cathy Ross 1:44:07.1, Dolores Wright 2:47: 15.1 Men 40-49: Fred Opich 1:36:14.2, Elmer Egel-kraut 1:51:55.7, Dave Leach 1:53:22.9, Dale Wilson 2:07:26.4 Women 50-59: Ann Harris 2:49:50 1 fr.50;5'1 Dou9 1:35:08. Don Korten 1:39:58.1, Bob John 18.4 Women 60 and over: Roberta Sugden (Record. Old record 3:34:56.5 by Ruth Hil-debrand, 1976) Men 60 and over: Fred Sherriff 2:12:08 8, Harrison Tucker 2 20 1 7.8 111 rfil I i JT Jil 1204 EAST COLUMBIA 962-3509 IP MIT EPI sweeps City League honors, places 6 on 12-man All-Star squad MSU LU ULD TRUE! Dave Steffee (Printers) infielders Tom PICK THE RIGHT "4" FOR YOU! WHITEWALLS AT LOW POLYESTER PRICES BLACK WALLS AT LOW POLYESTER PRICES FOR FOR P-165xl3(A) F.E.T 1.63-3.06 P-165xl3(A) F.E.T.

1.63-3.06 P195xl4 (E) 4104 P205xl4 (F) 4108 P215xl4-15 P225xl5 (H) P195xl4 (E) 4116 P205xl4 (F) 4120 P215xl4-15 P225xl5 (H) P235xl5 (L) By JOHN WILHEIM Sports Editor Champion EPI Printers dominated voting for the 1980 City Major League All-Star Team. The Printers placed six players on the team, to four for Ferrari Brothers and two for Hastings. Del Seat, EPI Astros, O.K. Wrecking and Battle Creek Bandits were shut out in the balloting among league managers and sco-rekeepers. The Printers also swept the top individual honors.

Terry Newton was voted Manager of the Year, Nick Popovich was chosen Most Valuable Player and Jeff Brandt was named Most Valuable Pitcher. Brandt was selected to the three-man All-Star pitching staff along with teammate Greg Butzirus and Jeff Paradise of Ferrari Brothers. Jeff Mast of Hastings won the voting for the catcher position. Popovich is the first baseman. Tom Popovich and Jeff Berg of the Printers and Ferrari's Mark Bailey comprise the infield.

Outfielders honored were Bill Humphrey of Hastings, John Halasz of the Printers and Dave Collins of Ferrari Brothers. Ferrari's Gary Johnson won the designated hitter role. Johnson and Paradise are the only players voted to the team in each of the three years since it was begun. Paradise has been named to the pitching staff all three years. Johnson was chosen as DH in 1978 and as an infielderinl979.

Berg and Humphrey were members of the inaugural team two years ago. Newton received 4 of the 9 votes cast for Manager of the Year. Terry Fitzgerald of EPI Astros received 3 and Paradise, winner of the honor in 1978, received the 2 others. Six players were listed on one or more ballots for Most Valuable Player. Nick Popovich was listed first on three ballots and two other ballots included Popovich in a split of the honor, one with Halasz and one with Bailey.

Bailey was runnerup with Vk votes. Four pitchers were nominated for Most Valuable Pitcher. Brandt was cited on 4 ballots to 2 each for Paradise and Ferrari's Jeff Dean. Butzirus received the other vote. None of the players were unanimous choices for the 12-man All-Star Team.

Paradise led the way with 8 of the 9 possible votes. Brandt and Butzirus were listed on 5 ballots each. A total of 11 pitchers received one or more votes. Mast became the third different catcher in three years to earn All-Star recognition. He had 4 votes.

Dave Clark of EPI Printers, the 1978 winner, was next with 2. Three others, including 1979 winner Dan Benoit of Ferrari's, had one each. Nick Popovich was named on 7 of 9 ballots at first base to outdistance the competition. There was little disagreement among the infielders, either, as Tom Popovich garnered 7 votes, Berg and Bailey 6 each. Johnson, the next-closest candidate, had 3.

The outfield voting was more scattered. Ten players were nominated and Humphrey led the way with 6 votes. Halasz had 5 and Collins 4. John Zuk of the Printers, a 1979 All-Star, and newcomer Larry Bentz, each with 3 votes, fell one vote short of sharing a berth. The voting for designated hitter was the most wide-open of any category.

Eight players from four teams gained votes. Johnson, the winner, was the only one with more than one. The complete 1979 team consisted of pitchers Doug Barcy (Printers) Paradise (Ferrari's) and Bobby Wade (Astros); catcher Benoit (Ferrari's); first baseman anarpiey (printers), Johnson (Ferrari's) and Lonnie Spencer (Ferrari's) outfielders Zuk (Printers), Don Wolan (Printers) and Mike Sowles (Del Seat) and DH Drew Buck (Del Seat). The 1978 squad was composed of pitchers Paradise (Ferrari Stylists), Buck (Ferrari Stylists) and Pondo Yosifovski (Astros); catcher Clark (Printers) first baseman Sharpley; infielders Marc Comstock (Printers), Reg Mahoney (Hastings S) and Berg; outfielders Humphrey (Destroyers), Tom Sowles (Ferrari Stylists) and Chris Dorr (Astros); and DH Johnson (Ferrari Stylists). The complete 1980 voting: Manager of tht Year: Terry Newton, Printers, Kerry Fitzgerald, Astros, Jeff Paradise, Ferrari Brothers, 2 Most Valuable Player: Nick Popovich, Printers, Mark Bailey, Ferrari's, 1W; Jeff Berg, Printers, Gary Johnson, Ferrari's, Tom Popovich, Printers, John Halasz, Printers, Vi Most Valuable Pitcher: Jeff Brandt, Printers, Jeff Dean, Ferrari's, Jeff Paradise, Ferrari's, Greg Butzirus, Printers, 1 Pitchers: Jeff Paradise, Ferrari's, Jeff Brandt, Printers, Butzirus, Printers, Joe Skinner, Ferrari's, Moe Bauman, Bandits, Randy Colburn, O.K.

Wrecking, Jeff Dean, Ferrari's, Brad Kast, Del Seat. Greg Lasky, Del Seat, Bill Welch, Astros, 1 Catcher: Jeff Mast, Hastings, Dave Clark, Printers, Rick Beck, Ferrari's, Dan Benoit, Del Seat, Jeff Hubbard, Ferrari's, 1 First Baseman: Nick Popovich, Printers, Drew Buck, Del Seat, JackMcCulley, Bandits, 1 Infielders: Tom Popovich, Printers Mark Bailey, Ferrari's, Jeff Berg, Printers, Gary Johnson, Ferrari's, Lonnie Spencer, Ferrari's, Tim Gourlay, Astros, John Mayer, Del Seat, Mike Sowles, Del Seat, 1 Outfielders: Bill Humphrey, Hastings, John Halasz, Printers, Dan Collins, Ferrari's, Larry Bentz, Astros, John Zuk, Printers, Tom Sowles, Del Seat, Randy Braun, Ferrari's, Randy Bur-gett, O.K. Wrecking, Randy Morrison, Astros, I.Mark Sowles, Del Seat, 1 Designated Hitter: Gary Johnson, Ferrari's, Dan Benoit, Del Seat, Larry Bentz, Astros, Mark Fredrlckson, Printers, John Halasz, Printers, Jack McCulley, Bandits, Al Peludat, Ferrari's, Tom Popovich, Printers, 1 DOUBLE STEEL BELTED WHITEWALL RADIALS SMALL CAR RADIALS vw 2) 5L44 FOR FOR P-175Rx 13(B) F.E.T. 1.98-3.30 (D) ....4172 (E) 4172 15 15 (L) 155Rxl2 F.E.T. 1.45-2.04 145Rxl3 155Rxl3 165Rxl3 165Rxl4 165Rxl5 P195Rxl4 P195Rxl4 P205Rxl4 P215Rxl4 P225RxT5 P235Rx15 Refugees struggling with Tigers' farm team exclusive a ooo wit ttEAO WEAR LIMITED WARRANTY ONLY AT DISCOUNT TIRE CO.

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8:30 to 5:00 I VISA' Ask About Our "Free Tire Replacement" Certificates The Associated Press LAKELAND, Fla. Three Cuban refugees who came to the United States hoping to start careers in American baseball have been plagued so far by communication problems, low batting averages and high phone bills. The three refugees, members of the Detroit Tigers' Class A farm club, have found it's a lonely life in the Florida State League. Eduardo Cajuso, Roberto Salazar and Barbaro Garbey left their families in Cuba. No one else on the team speaks Spanish and they speak no English.

When they signed with the Lakeland Ti gers out of a refugee camp, the team had a Cuban pitcher who could explain signs and pass on instructions to the three exiles. But the pitcher had the worst record on a fourth-place team and was released. "Now we're stuck," said manager Eddie Brinkman. "Communication has been a problem." It's probably merciful the players can't read their scouting reports. They say they can't throw and have only average speed.

Cajuso, a shortstop, is batting .189 Salazar, a center fielder, is under and Garbey, also an outfielder, is at .100. "Maybe we are rushing them a little too fast," said Orlando Pena, who signed the three Cubans. "They do have problems. "These men have gone through a lot of torment to get here and are trying to make the best of this chance at playing professional baseball in this country." The three lonely Cubans apparently have found someone to talk to. Tigers General Manager Jim Campbell received a call from the owner of their Lakeland motel, who wanted to know who would pay the Cubans' $290 phone bill.

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