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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 18

Battle Creek, Michigan
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13 THE ENQUIRER AND EVENING NEWS BATTLE CREEK, MICH, FRIDAY, JTXE IKS I FOREMEN WILL HEAR COMPANY FINED $7,000 ON WAGE-HOUR CHARGES Fewer 'Nomads9 Found On School Census List FLINT MAN ELECTED CHICAGO (jP) Lee E. Attrldge of Flint, was reelected president of the American Retail Coal association at its fifth annual convention. All others officers were also ANNUAL CHURCH FIESTA IS ATTENDED BY 1,200 I DOCTOR HONORED FOR BOOK CLEVELAND JP) Dr. C. O.

Sapplngton of Chicago has received the award of the American Association of Industrial Physicians and Surgeons for the last year's "most outstanding contribution to industrial medicine." William S. Knud-sen, General Motors Corp. president, is donor of the award. Dr. Sapplngton was named specifically for his book "Medicological Phases of Occupational Diseases." FORMER 'BRAIN TRUSTER' IS GUEST AT SANITARIUM Bed-Ridden Girl Scouts Do Dance with Puppet SEATTLE (JP) Up at the Children Orthopedic hospital, a Girl Scout troup of 30 youngsters courageously learns scouting.

Some are unable to walk more than a few steps, some are bedridden or confined to wheel chairs, but they learn folk dances just the same. They use puppets, manipulating them with childish hands. Practising swathing dolls with bandages, they learn first aid. Hospital heads offer facilities for them to learn to cook and sew. Mrs.

J. W. Loe is troop leader, in the group's fourth year. To Talk at Meeting June 20; New Officers of Local Club To Be Installed. First Congregational Carnival Features Motion Pictures, Food, Music.

rocks, of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber national program chairman, will speak on "The Foreman's Position in Industry Today as Compared to Yesterday." Motion pictures of work at the Carborundum Co. plant at Niagara Falls will be shown by E. D. Bowman, advertising manager of the firm, who also will give a talk. The new officers who will be installed are Russell Miller of the Post Products plant, president; Leon D.

Jones of the Rich Manufacturing vice president; B. U. Sanders of the Kellogg secretary, and Joseph David of the United Steel Wire treasurer. Mr. Miller succeeds J.

Leonard Foster of the McKay Laboratories of National Biscuit Co. Mr. Jones was secretary and Mr. Sanders was treasurer. BOSTON Fines totalling largest ever ordered In the Boston federal court for wage-hour law convictions were imposed upon the Fisher Shoe Co.

of. Hudson, and Max Fisher, its treasurer. Judge Hugh D. Mc-Lellan also ordered restitution to all underpaid employes. The company and Plscer were charged with failing to pay a minimum wage of 25 cents an hour; falsification of records, failure to keep required records, and interstate shipment of goods produced by employes not paid required minimum wages.

Parents of students in the public schools did less moving from one house to another during the last school year than in preceding years, results of the 1939 census of the schools show. Compilation of the survey has not been completed, but the reports of enumerators show that approximately 200 fewer families changed their addresses during the last year than the year before. Miss Rebecca G. Bamhart, director of pupil personnel and research in the schools, who is in charge of the census, said she expected complete results would be available early next week. Dr.

James Harvey Rogers, professor of political economy at Yale university and a former advisor to President Roosevelt, is a guest at the Sanitarium for a rest and physical check-up. Dr. Rogers served for some time as a member of the Roosevelt "brain trust." He formerly was a member of the economics committee of the League of Nations. Two national officers of the Foreman's clubs will speak at a meeting at 6:30 p. m.

Tuesday, June 20, in the Postum clubhouse. New officers of the local club will be installed. F. J. Schaeffer of the Republic Steel national president, will give a short talk, and A.

C. Hor- AFTERNOON PARTY Mrs. Isaac Caniff and Mrs. Leo Porter of 612 Northeast Capital avenue entertained members and friends of Eureka camp, Royal Neighbors, at a card party this afternoon instead of this evening, as previously planned. More than.

1.200 persons crowded the of the First Congregational, church house Wednesday evening for the annual Fiesta Carnival of the Women's society. They roamed about the grounds, visiting the various carnival attractions and eating ice cream and home-made cake to music furnished by the Croatian players, a group of four musicians in native costumes. The scene was illuminated with colored lights and other decorations were multi-colored balloons, which pave a. true fiesta appearance. There The term "flapper" originally was applied to young ducks ROB SON Co were numerous carnival amusements to entertain the visitors, and for the children there were special "Our Gang" motion pictures presented In the portable church school building.

Soft drinks, home-made candy and popcorn balls were much in demand. Some 200 persons were served chili ESTABLISHED 1888 con came, potato saiaa, nam sana wiches. coffee and milk at supper. One of the principal features of CLEARANCE OF JUNE BAGS You'll Carry This Summer the fiesta was the snowing 01 motion pictures of the Lacandone Indians of Guatemala, last pure remnant of the ancient Mayas. They were shown by Harland Danner of the University of Michigan, who ex READY-TO-WEAR plained the various religious rites $295 and handicrafts of the tribe.

Mrs. David F. Greenawalt was general chairman of the fiesta, her assisting committee including Mrs. Rudolph Habermann, Mrs. John Jachalke and Mrs.

Husted Jones, all representing the Mary Chilton circle, which had general charge. The cooperating units of the Women's society were the Emma Denham Miller guild and the Centennial, Con-serso, Priscilla Alden, Dorothy Bradford, Betsy Williams and Catherine Carver circles. DRESSES $700 DRESSES $500 ft BETTER DRESSES $1295 A wide variety of styles in one and two piece and jacket dresses greatly, reduced for clearance. Plain crepes, sheers and prints. They're ideal for vacations, too.

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Formerly $17.50 to $22.50. $1695 A petition for a declaration of rights under the will of the late Harry B. Parker of Albion was filed In circuit court here Thursday afternoon on behalf of the Security National bank, trustee under the will, and Mr. Parker's beneficiaries. The petition concerns an agreement made in 1931 by Mr.

Parker and Warren S. Kessler, now deceased, with. Daisy V. V. Flint of Pasadena, CaL According to the agreement, Mrs.

Flint was to make Mr. Parker and Mr. Kessler joint tenants of two houses owned by her In Pasadena In return for financial support during her lifetime. Mrs. Flint has survived both of the other parties and the trustee has requested the court to Interpret the agreement.

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Sizes 12 to 16. Formerly $1.98 and $2.98. It is with real pleasure that I welcome the announcement that Camp Ben Johnston will open for its annual season June 26. No finer opportunity could be provided for boys than even a short stay at this attractive Scout camp. It is not only a fine thing for the boys who are able to enroll, but it is a fine thing for the community in general.

I wish that all parents of boys, whether these boys are Scouts or otherwise, would take time to visit Camp Ben Johnston during its season and see first hand the fine work that is being accomplished. Geo. B. Dolliver, Sr. r- Ji CtaabW -b.

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