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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 8

Battle Creek, Michigan
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BATTLE CREEK, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, llt. THE ENQUIRER AND EVENING NEWS Try a Classified A.i for results. TRY A "TLASSIHEP A TV' TODAY Vie Cnred In to 14 nays Prifcsrlsts refund inooeT If TAZO OISTMKNT fails to cure ltchlnp. ltllnd, HleeJinj? or Protruding riles. Stops Irritation; Soothes and Heals.

You can pet restful slen after th Carter Glass Goes to Senate Many Now Anxious to Become New Head of Treasury Costly Quarrels "Confound those feminine squabbles! They cost me a lot of money." "How?" "Whenever my wife quarrels with another woman the gets up a big dinner party sa as to nub the other woman by not inviting her." New Haven Register. first application. Trice COc. (Adv.) SIT WILSON IS PHYSICAL AND MENTKL WRECK DONT Forget to see th fin Stationery Christmas Cards at ETHEL CARPENTER 10 X. Jefferson Ave.

Jl. Ford Decorating Co. lations committee of both houses of congress have pledged Lansing their support. Senator Townsend of Michigan is firmly convinced that President "Wilson ought not hold hia office. He believes that the president is incapacitated.

Under the constitution the vice president shall assume the duties of chief executive of the nation when the president is disabled. But, the question in the mind of Senator Townsend is, "how are wo to determine that disability and who has the power to do so." So far, no legal authorities have answered. There is no precedent. The president is equal to the United States senate DRESSMAKER GOWNS, COATS. SKIRTS.

COATS HE LINED. 59 West Main, rtoom 4, Upstairs. Bell l'honc 33:6. declare that with the president Incapacitated and congress openly hostile to the administration, the situation at what is admitedly a critical time in American history, Is far from reasuring to say the least. Bar AH from Bedside.

The news is rapidly spreading through the country that the optimistic reports which emenate from the white house every now and then as to the marked improvement of the president's condition are not being supported or corroborated by any relaxatuon of the impenetrable cordon which has been thrown about the executive mansion by the direction of the attending physicians and Mrs. Wilson. SV' SC' CATARRH a Pleasant, Healing; Just Breatbe It Quickly Ended by Antiseptic Air. Complete Seclusion Maintained for Hira, Not Even Cabinet Memisss Being Admitted. and to the supreme court, and if he i does not care to declare himself un- 1 iv.

The little hard rubber Hyomei inhaler which you can get at Amherc Murphy Drug Co. or any reliable druggist ran easily be carried in pocket or puree. It will last a life time. Into this inhaler you pour a few drops of the pure healing oil of liy- The tact wax me prtu.n. Ue tQ do the work there is no Sr fH v.

4 not been auowea to see ur of his cabinet members for manv days, and that Senator Hitch visable means to compel him to resign and to let the vice president have the riegns. LANSING IS AT THE HELM omei. TMta a ntiQnrhfd tn sanHapn-l cock was unable to see htm as late KEEP STRONG One bottle of pure, emulsified Norwegian cod liver oil taken now, may do you more good than a dozen taken a month hence. It's more economical to give your body help before resistance to disease is broken down. A very little Scotts Emulsion OF PURE NORWEGIAN COD-LIVER OIL goes a long way in sustaining strength and keeping up resistance.

Resolve that you will buy a bottle of Scott's as last Saturday, more than offset MINISTER WANTS TO HELr in the public mind the statements Js only naturai tbat one Wh has that the president is rapidly improv-j been relieved -from t)uffring shoum (feel grateful and want to lielp others. in- Itev. W. F. M.

Swjndole, SIS Elm Lansing at the Helm. Macon, writes: 'My kidneys pave mucn trouble before I took Foley Not since the Mexican situation Kldney pniS- My 8leep is uot di(i. i taroinrv 1 turbed now and my back seems to Secretary of State Is Handling The Mexican Situation. Backed by Congress. nHi'it i iu.

ii i. i tie pause within and now you are ready to breathe it in over the germ infested membranes where it will speedily beyin its work of banishing ontnrrhiil perms and ending Catarrn. lTyomti is made of Australian eucalyptus combined with othe antiseptics and is very pleasant to breathe. It is guaranteed to ban'sh catarrh, bronchitis. Influenza, tousilitis.

sore throat, croup, eouphs and colds or money back. It often cleans out a stuffed up head and opens clogged nostrils in 'two minutes. Complete outfit. including inhaler and one bottle of nynnifl, costs but little, while extra bottles. If afterward needed, may be obtained at any druggist for a few cents.

(Adv.) 5tV UUVC guiicu luujyicicij' writ. uiu It'll cinalib A wnnl T.nnsinir had an aucuence .4 111' 111. 1 hy suffer rr ruil Mlxfer. TTasMacton Tlfpr'- i.m:.'v.- -f the Tnquirer nrnt Now. I President Wilson.

This statement is for Foley Kidney rills." tv, rnntrv' nnd from aelies and pains, sore I most astounding to the country ana or di8turbi muscles. tl.r r.ton. IVc, C. Serious dif- Washington.

One of these may bo the now Secretary of the Treasury to succeed Carter Glass, just appointed U. S. senator from Virginia. They are above, left to richt. Representative Swagar Sher- to leading senators.

r. i der trouble when vou can procure has been compelled to take sole re- suh a good remedy (Adv.) Emulsion at your druggist's on your way home, and start protecting your strength. The exclusive rrade of cod-llrer oil used in Sctt'a EbiWmi the faaiona ''S. B. made in JJorwmy and renned in our A erica Laboratories.

It is a guarantee of purity and palaubiiity uniaryassed. Scott Bowne. N. J. 19-2J ice the nation in sponsion ity of a situation wneie M.

si crisis. The- subject ro- Try a Classified Ad for results. Try a Classified Ad for results. firni TYiTiifl Tfniwr Pnmniis. and sioner of Internal Revenue; below, Charles S.

Hamlin, governor of tha Federal Keserve JJoard. i of the branches of v.rnrmr.t, but eidences of 'v inside of legislative and friendship of a sister repuouc threatened. The notes which the United States have sent forth have not been seen by the president and Secretary Lansing can only hope that the president will approve his course of action. However there is one bright joy upon the international spectacle. That is.

the foreign re- of the govern- -utivo branches 'XtH" me dei are seen. iwpuunwus in tho senate axe both tiA the executive officials hirh oir.cers claim that Prefi- Stvse etui3 horible muddle of the Mexican situation. "What the United States ought to do," said the Michigan senator, "is COMPANY IF SHIN BREAKS OUT 10 ITCHES APPLY SULPHUR to back up everything they say with men, guns and ammunition." Visitors to Washington from every section of tho country have all brought the report that the continued illness of the president is the cause of nation-wide concern. They "Oh Mama! Mama! See the Dolie" Remarked a little girl as she was going to Schroders' Baso ment. She fell down twice while getting there.

A grown person would have been carried away to a hospital if they ft(l on the stairs twice as hard as she did. Did she cry? Not much. It was the dollies she saw. The unbounded joy that she felt upon seeing the Toy Department was tho universal antidote for all aches Hmmps, and everything else. She forgot.

If you see It you'll remember-how you were a child once then you will remember your own child, niece, nephew or neighbors child. It's a joy to all try it. Easement at Schroders' formation that Carranza was massing bandits on the border in pre-pration for a murderous and plundering foray into the American border towns and ranches. Another democrat, Senator Shields of Tennesee, called the senate's attention to the belief that the Arizona senator did not make his case strong enough. He suggested that the resolution be one declaring war upon Mexico.

Townsend Incensed. Senator Charles B. Townsend of Michian is incensed at the "inactivity and mismanagement of the whole Mexican situation. He stated that since the democrats had been in power they had made a wicked and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIC is a jmiysicat anu mui nirffk, and that the nation is vt without a president. War Department.

Tuosdaj. Senator Ashurst, from Arizona accused the war department of mismanagement troops in their efforts v. ect the lives and property of within the bounds of this He said in part. 'I have urged for eigrht years that the war department perfect their attempts of protecting the vvs of Americans front Mexican murderers and bandits. But I have f'ailtd.

I nm tired of going to the war department and pleading with ofTicials in The only results I.avr- been the excuses of urgent business but I find that these of-f. go to the country and play golf in the afternoon, instead of studying and making efforts to correct their mistakes. I hate to pay this, because these officials are democrats, men of my own party." Forsees Another Raid. Whereupon the border senator introduced a resolution calling upon the War department to provide adequate protection for American lives within the United States. He said that he had just received serious in- Just the moment you apply Men-tho-Sulphur to an itching, burning or broken out skin, the itching stops and healing begins, says a noted skin specialist.

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Does a dry cough keep you awake? KEMP'S BALSAM will stop the tickle, that makes you cough GUARANTEED. drug store. (Adv.) "It Make the Meal" Perfumes for Christmas A nice bottle of perfume put up in p. handsome (Christmas Box with fancy lining would be a very acceptable present. The Lord Baltimore Perfumes in a nice assortment will be found at the toilet jroods counter.

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Toilet Goods Counter Main Floor For salads, hot and cold Ski mfmxAA meats, fish, etc. Urder a bottle today. Your dealer has It. Hlfftilt ftNB OUAftAWTCEO BY BEN T.HOSKING BROTHER CHICAGO Safe Milk is tic jorau A COMPLETE ration mada by Call at the Art Shop the new line, of CHRISTMAS CARDS, SEALS and NOVELTIES. ART and GIFT SHOP CONNER AND WAY 17 North McCamly Street dairvmen for dairymen perfectly Warm Hosiery for Frigid Weather There are a great many people who want to w-ear warm hosiery during this chilly weather.

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