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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 23
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan • Page 23

Battle Creek, Michigan
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THE BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER AND NEWS Sec. Two IT Sunday, September 27, 1959 The Date: Oct 17 Mainly About Folks 16th Wildlife Season Set i To Open with Rockies Film WHEN THE Engineers' Club of Battle Creek opens its 1959-60 season Tuesday evening, Richard C. Lind will take over as president. He was elected recently to succeed Claude C. Wall. The meeting will be held at Inman's in Galesburg and after dinner the Engineers will visit the Upjohn Pharmaceutical plant in Kalamazoo, the power plant in particular, but also other parts of also may be secured from members of the Battle Creek Nature Club, the Photographic Society and the Astronomy Club or tered the University of Wisconsin, majoring in electrical engineering. He was graduated in 1949 and began working for Ralston-Purina at Circleville, Ohio. IN APRIL, 1950, Mr. Lind came to the Battle Creek Ralston plant as staff engineer, be lft'WfWC" HI PSvii 0 'I- tl (- I ilf i hi TT)tfti The Wildlife Picture Series, sponsored by the Kingman Museum of Natural History, will open its 16th season on Oct. 17, with Stan Midgley's "Awheel and Afoot in the Canadian Rockies." This film, re-; plete with humor, is the first of a series of 12 all-color wildlife, travel and adventure films to be presented this year. I These films feature: Guatemala and the jungles of Panama in Central America; "Alaska, Our 49th State," The St. Lawrence Seaway and the treacherous Colorado River in North America; Norway, the "rooftop of the world" in the Alps, and Italy in Europe; Thailand, Singapore, Sarawak and Japan in Asia; and South Africa. A list of the year's programs follows: Oct. 17 "Awheel and Afoot in the Canadian Rockies" by Stan Midgley. Nov. 7 "Jungle Journey into Panama" by Murl Deusing. Nov. 21 "Norway" by Hjor-dis Parker. i Dec. 5 "Winter's Alpine Paradise" by Earl B. Brink. i Jan. 23, 1960 "The Mighty St. Lawrence, Seaway to the World" by CoL Arnold Maahs. Feb. 6, 1960 "Jets, Missiles and Man Made Moons" by John M. Goddard. Feb. 27, 1960 "Alaska, the 49th Sjtate" tsy Fred and Sara Machetanz. Mar. 12, 1960 "South to Guatemala" by Edward and El-mina Brigham. Mar. 26, 1960 "Grand Canyon Adventure" by Julian Gromer. Apr. 9, 1960 "South from Zanzibar" by Clifford Kamen. Apr. 23, 1960 "Italy a Tale of Ten Cities" by Curtis Nagel and William Moore. i Apr. 30, 1960 "Four Faces of Asia" by Robert McKepwn. Kingman Museum 1959-60 memberships, which entitle holders to attend all of the film programs, will go on sale Monday at the following downtown locations: Seventh-day Adven-tist Taberacle Book Store, Knight's Appliance Store in Ur-bandale, Camera Craft Shop, Krums, Grinnell's, Kellogg Cleaners in Verona and Preston's Shoes in Lakeview. They Woods Opens with Own Lake! III J. 1 Kulp (who was 86 last month), has been developing real estate ever since 1943 when he took over the "sleeping" Fox Park subdivision a bank and developed 96 north Hubbard street area lots. The next year he added Sanitarium Farms, three subdivisions in a row off West Goguac street and since has had 10 others all built up now. Mr. Kulp reports the $4,000 water frontage lot price, ex plaining three have been sold at that price and a fourth is signed for closing. circus. Among our performers, note Margaret Tynes, the Barry Sisters, Eddie Manson's Stephen Foster medley in an idyllic setting in the Gorky Park, Nora Kaye and Scott Douglas's Ballet in the gardens of a lush pre-revolutionary palace, Marge and Gower Champion dance, and much more. In Sullivan's own words, it's a "really big show." 7:30 p.m. on channels 3 and 6. VARIETY SHOW This is Roy Rogers' night with Audie Murphy, Edie Adams, and Connie Francis. Life on Rogers' Double Ranch and NBC's color studio feature square dances, a chuckwagon race and country singin'. Next week, Dinah Shore. (Tape) (Color) 9:00 p.m. on channels 8 and 10. al -ri CiiiHy i --T-'- JW i i i an i i in fi ii i in i ii ltlmi An i West Lake It's been better than a subdivision a year since 1943 for F. Bruce Kulp of Emmett street, and right now he's opening his 15th West Lake Woods," in Springfield. The name is apropos, too, for Helmer Creek has been dammed to form a seven acre lake, with a maximum depth of nine feet, affording choice lake frontage (at $4,000 a lot) for 26 lots out of the 121 lots in the plat. Two On Easy Street West Lake Woods has unusually toamed streets, entered from Avenue A which bounds the 60-acre tract on the south. The streets are named Fortune, Koyal, West Lake Woods Drive of course, and one that will be easy to remember it's Easy Street, and there are appropriately enough, only two lots fronting Easy Street. Four houses to sell for to $22,000 are going up I tkey the famous institution. Instead of meeting, at one place this year the Engineers will move around In- man's, Jack Howard's Escape, The American Legion Clubhouse, et cetera. THE BATTLE Creek Club now has 315 members. They are nnt all from this city but include Richard Lind engineers from Hastings, Cold-water, Albion, Marshall and other points. Some members are not even engineers, but belong to allied crafts. They are technically trained and most of them have college degrees. The club meets except in Summer, on the last Tuesday of each month. In the Spring it has a Ladies Night meeting. Mr. Lind has no particular club aims for this He hopes to increase the membership, with a good membership committee to help headed by Jack Gray of Modern Design. The club provides a scholarship to Kellogg Community College. Also, the club supports JETS, the Junior Engineering Training Students organization in high schools, sponsored regionally by MSU. The Engineers' JETS committee consists of Milton Keyser of Chase Surveyors; Phil Webb of Consumers Power and Richard Hyman of Kellogg's. The boys are encouraged to take industrial tours and study engineering projects. Central, Lakeview and St. Philip High Schools have JETS groups with a science teacher as adviser. The aim is to get the graduates to take engineering courses in college. AS FOR PRESIDENT Lind, he is a native of Cincinnati, where he was born March 17, 1923. His father was George Lind whose forte was graphic arts. His mother was the former Edna Stammler. He was named Richard Charles. He has a sister, Bernice, who is now Mrs. Wilbur Tauber of Cincinnati. Richard had his early education in Cincinnati graduating from Western Hills High School in 1941. He played football, was on the swimming team, played in the band, and belonged to the photography club. Then he entered the University of Cincinnati before he found himself in the Air Force. He was at Wright Field, Dayton, in the bombardier school, several Texas camps, (San Anto nio, San Angelo, Mission, Brady and Victoria) and Enid, Okla. Dick Lind was a pilot and re mained in the American thea ter as an instructor, spending three years in the service. After his discharge Lina re turned to Cincinnati but en during Radio and TV coming department manager, (shipping) in 1954. Later that year he was made superintendent. The plant now has 215 employes. While still in college (Oct. 24, 1945) Mr. Lind and Patricia A. Marion were married at the Second Avenue Congregational Church, Milwaukee the church to which the Rev. Donald Tarr went from Battle Creek's First Congregational church. Miss Marion had nurse training and was a registered RN. Her fath er was an Army colonel and Lind met her on a train trip when she was coming from the Presidio de San Francisco. THE LINDS LIVE at 333 Country Club terr. with Mark Charles, 6, their son," a first grader at Riverside, and Louise Ann. a daughter, nearly 3. It is no secret that they were adopted. The children know it and all concerned are satisfied, Since coming to Battle Creek, Mr. Lind has joined Kiwanis and he is now a board member, He also belongs to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is on the First Congre gational Church board and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Lind has been secretary of the Niakahta group of the church. Flying is a natural hobby with Mr. Lind. He flies from Kellogg Field in a 1959 Piper. He also goes in for photography with a motion picture camera and he goes fishing and golfing when he can. Mrs. Lind enjoys gardening. Though she is a graduate of Marquette University, with a B.S. degree and a registered nurse, her main interest is looking after the children. The new president of the Engineers Club is an all-around citizen G.B.D. Singapore is an island 27 miles long and 14 miles wide off the Malay peninsula. Try Viny I Bond Vinyl Lai ex Tor Walls Ceilings Free Parking at Rear of Store BAILEY'S PAINT STORE 88 E. Mich. Are. WO 2-6600 the week of three of the three bed room size, one with four bed rooms. Mr. Kulp's Personality Homes is erecting three and Joe Watkins Construction Co. is erecting. the fourth. Next to School The tract adjoins 6nly exist ing street, Avenue on the south. Springfield School district plans to erect next year an elementary school on 20 acres adjoining on the east. A Detroiter owns 40 acres on the west between West Lake Woods and American Legion Hospital grounds. Springfield City will hold hearing Oct. 5 on plans to serve the plat with water mams and fire hydrants, at a cost of $3 an assessible front foot on the 121 lots. The plat's water source, Helmer creek, flows from Hart Lake through the form er Don Stillson (Will Helmer farm to the Battle PROGRAMS consult the TV Handy Guide to be telecast in color. PROGRAMS 8:00 Showcase 9:00 Variety Show 10:00 Loretta Young 10:30 U.S. Marshal 11:00 Weatherman 11:05 News 11:15 Theatre WILX and WMSB-XV Channel 10 12:00 World of Medicine 12:30 Music for Young 1:00 Plays and Players 1:30 Physics 2:15 Game Parks 2:30 Fine Arts Quartet 3:30 Signs of Ideas 4:00 Khrushchev 6:00 Football 6:00 Meet the Press 6:30 Huntley Report 7:00 Riverboat 8:00 Showcase 9:00 Variety Show (e) 10:00 Highway Patrol 10:30 World of Talent 11:00 News 11:10 Weather 11 :15 Theatre 12:30 News Digest the stations without notice). presents the FIBS? OAJOIl CnMIGG in TIT in TEEI YEARS! TELEVISION For week-in-advance listings (c) indicates programs (Programs subject to change by the stations without notice.) published in your Enquirer and News every Saturday. GZS) SUNDAY'S JTKZO-TV Channel 8:30 Zero 1960 3:15 Christian 3:30 Travel from the Kingman Museum rr: We Are Very Proud of This Recent Award KOff i 2V4 MILLION PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED SINCE 1836 Toar Doctor will phons your Prescription to be delivered to your horns If yon request It I You wUl be glad you did! For 100 Health Assurance In Sickness CALL YOUR DOCTOR! For the Prescription he writes Million Prescriptions Filled Sine 1920 Vour Protection! BATTLE CREEK'S REAL PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY VBS TOUR SECURITY CHARGE! has to say about it! And here it is! BIGGER PICTURE-275 square inch viewing area. 23" picture tube, overall diagonal measurements. i SQUARED CORNERS No cropping of important parts of picture, as in ordinary FLATTER TUBE SUR-FACE -Easier to view from front or side. REFLECTION-FREE Safety glass is bonded to tube face, reduces reflections, eliminates dust problems. 5 At- AND TV SERVICE PH. WO 8-6167 ai I Science Time 4 :30 Talent Quest 6:30 Face the Nation 6:00 20th Century 6:30 Duffy Daugherty 7:00 Lassie 7:30 Ed Sullivan 9:00 Yancy Deringer 9:30 Alfred Hitchcock Loretta Young 10:30 What's My Lin 11:00 News Special 11:15 The Late Show WOOD-TV Channel 8 8:15 Christian Science 8:30 Faith for Today 9:00 Chapel 10:00 This Is the Life 10:30 The Christopher 11:00 Catholic Mass 12:00 Bowling 1:00 Feature .1 :30 Unit 8 2:00 Feature 4:00 KhrushcheT 6:00 Western Theatre 6:00 Add. Khrushchev 7:00 Maverick Lamp Unto My Ft 9:30 Look Up and Live 10:00 The Christopher 10:30 This Is th Llfs 11:00 U. of M. TV 12:00 Film Fatur 12:45 Football Klckoff 1:00 Football 8:30 Wrestling 4:30 Film Featwa .6:0 Lone Ranger 6:30 Lawrence Welk 6:30 20th Century 7:00 Lassie 7:30 Ed Sullivan 9:00 Theatre 9:30 Alfred Hitchcock 10:00 Khrushchev 10:30 Whafi My Una 11:00 News Special 11:15 Theatre 1:00 Late Late Show VTJIM TV Channel 6 11:00 The Answer 11:30 Cur World 12:00 This Is the Ufa 12:30 Christophers 1:00 Football Head what present toy smaller gray area. I i i lyj "'iwwa' Creek river. Mr. Kulp had conservation commission approval as well as department of fisheries permit to dam the creek with a spillway to form the lake. In the process Mr. Kulp thoughtfully netted an 18-inch German Brown trout among others of the specie from a creek pool and released him in the lake, now used by children for wading and swimming. Started at Fox Park Mr. Kulp, son of the former Calhoun Probate Judge Francis LASSIE Roy Campanella manages to hold his own to night with such veteran scene stealers as Laddie and Jon Pro vost. Story-line has Roy coming to town to help coach Timmy's boy's league team. When one of the youngsters tries an underhanded trick to get the pitch ing assignment, it becomes ne cessary for Roy to give a big speech on teamwork. 7 p.m. on channels 3 and 6. ED SULLIVAN "Invitation to Moscow." Ed's Moscow show is a humdinger. The most exciting thing about the show, as SApn hv vniir TV Kpu nrouiewpp is the wide-eyed enthusiasm of the Russian audience, whether it be for Conrad Buckner's tap- dancing skill at the U.S. exhibition in Moscow (moving almost literally amidst a sea of faces), or for Rise Stevens' "Getting to Know You" sung by Russian. Aside from the fasci nating views of Moscow itself, there are delightful glimpses of Soviet performers like the Obratsov hand puppets (watch out for their gypsy dance and a marvelous drunk), the Red Army dancers at a party for the Americans, and the amazing brown bear in the Moscow NEW LOCATION HEADQUARTERS FOR Flberglas and Aluminum OTTBOARD CRUISERS) See the Aqua Boat! Delton Sport Marine Toar Authorized Johnson Dealer DELTON, MICH. Industrial Real Estate Auction By Order of the Owners: 81,500 SQ. FT. SAGINAW, MICH. INDUSTRIAL PLANT To Be Sold On The Premises At 406 N. Hamilton Sh P.M. Plant Is situated on the Saginaw River, convenient to St. Lawrence Seaway shipping facilities, on 120,148 sq. ft. plot fronting on 3 streets. It ts of brick and steel construction, steam heated, with celling heights from 26 to '48 feet, extra high overhead doors, craneways and monorail and has a railroad siding which accomodates 6 cars Including a large storage yard and parking lot. 15,750 SQ. FT. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. MODERN FACTORY BLDG. To Bo Sold On The Premises At 1902 English Ave. Oct. 16th 2 P.M. Concrete block and steel beam construction on corner lot 5 minutes from Monument Circle and 4 blocks south of U.S. Highway 40. Reinforced concrete ground floor. Automatic overhead door. 2,500 Lb. elevator to second floor. Saginaw, Mich. Plant Will Be Sold By Jock Cordon, Licensed Mich. Real Estate Broker Indianapolis, Ind. Factor Building Will Be Sold by W. S. Oeckelbaum, Licensed Indian Real Estate Broker Brokers Participation Invited. Illustrated Descriptive Circular Mailed On Request Write Wire Phone SAMUEL L. WINTERNITZ CO. Auctioneers First National Bank Bldg. Chicago 3, III. STate 2-5908 oaay a51B3SPS522SE RADIO PROGRAMS bUn dob- CW IJl Xlv. 'TIGHTER VA SQUADRON" fX ON MORNING (Programs subject to change by SUNDAY ft tl.L ARV 140O 8:00 Sunday Melodies 8:30 News 8:35 Sunday Melodies 9:00 Weekend Mews 9:05 Sunday Melodies 9:15 Wings of Healing 9:45 Traveling Stars 10:00 Sunday Melodies 10:65 Weekend News 11:00 Voice of Prophecy 11:30 Sunday WBCK 1NU) 8:00 News 8:05 Concert 8:30 Revival 9:00 Calvary 9:15 Christian 9:30 First 10:30 Symphonic 11:00 1st Baptist Melodies 930 Summary Hall Time baptist Science Cong's! Ch. Gems Ch. JEyline 20-26 issue) I new sft'P viewin6, SUNDAY AFTERNOON WELL (ABC) 1400 12:00 Sunday Melodies 12:30 House of Prayer 12:15 Hr. of 12:30 930 1:00 Curtain Melody Lane Time 2:00 Sunday Serenade 6:00 News Summary 6:05 Bundav Serenade 6:30 You the Jury 6:45 Berenada in Blue TV B-AM-FM 15 WO 12:00 News at Noon 12:10 On the Road 12:15 Harding Choir SYLVANIA BIG PICTURE 1:00 Baseball Bandst'd 1:20 Tiger Warm Up 1:25 Tigers vs. Chicago BcoreDoara News 4:30 Sunday Melodies WBCK IN1 M30 12:00 Local News SUNDAY fV ELL ABO 1400 6:00 Morn. Headlines 6:14 Fishing Forecast 6:17 Sunday Melodies 6:30 Virgil Plnkley 6:14 Fishing Forecast 6:17 Sunday Melodies 6:30 Virsil Pinkley 9:05 9 :30 College 9:65 Weekend 10:00 1400 10:30 Herald 11:00 News 11:06 Melody 11:65 News Star-Time U.S.A. News Conf. News Sept. 27th Oct. 3rd 1 -1 0 I PI' I i II 73 S-ndav i i of Truth Lane 12:00 8Ign Oft IYB4 IN1 939 6:00 News 6:16 Guest Star 6:30 Search for Peace 6:45 Daydreams 7:00 M'morles in Mel'dy 8:00 News Summary 8:05 Sunday Bandstand 10:30 Stars for Defense 10:55 ABC Roundup 1Y1 VB-AM-FM 1S90 Sign On 8:00 News-Religion 8:15 Berean Voice 8:30 Rev. JC J. Horn Bible Time 9:00 Voice of Prophecy 9:30 Songs of Gospel 9:45 Mich. Hlway Pgm. 10:00 News-Weather 10:06 Weekend-Mich. 11:00 First Baptist Ch. St. srancts 12:30 12:45 1:00 2:00 2:05 8:00 2:30 4:00 4:30 6:00 6:05 Wash. Report City Report Light in valley News-Weather Sunday Serenade Light Ufa Hour Unshackled Old Fashioned Hr. Sunday Serenade News Stereo Program EVENING 11:00 News 11:15 Dreamtlme 11:65 Local News Rdp. 12:00 Sign Off TV B-AM-FM 1590 6:00 News 6:16 Let's Talk It Over 6:30 Here's to Vets 6:45 Manhattan Melod. 7:00 News-Weather 7:05 Sunday Serenade 8:00 News-Weather 8:05 Sunday Serenade 8:30 HI-FI Club 9:00 Lutheran Vespers 9:30 Songs in Nlte 10:00 10:13 Todays Hymn 10:15 Sign Off Melody Lane MORNING 6:00 News A Weather 6:05 Western-Aires 6:30 Back to the Bible 8:00 Farm, Home Hour 7:00 News ft Weather 7:05 Dawn Patrol 7:30 News-Temp. 7:40 Dawn Patrol 8:00 News-Weather 8:05 Sportslites 8:10 Dawn Patrol 8:30 News-Weather 8:35, Dawn Patrol 9:00 Family Altar 9:30 Back to Bible 10:00 News 10:05 Morning In Mich. 11:00 Home Edition 11:15 Obituary CoL 11 :30 Congratulations WTVB-AM-FM 1590 12:00 News at Noon 12:15 Farm Home Br. 1:00 News Weather 1:05 Muste In Air 1:30 Musie In Air 2:00 News Weather 2:05 Platter Parade 1:00 News Weather 3:05 Platter Parade 4:00 News Weather 4:05 Platter Parade 6:00 News Weather 6:05 Sports Beat i 5:10 Platter Parade 5:45 Top 20 Tunes 6:45 Top Tunes MODEL 23C20 Halolksht lowboy with new 23" picture. Three speakers. Deluxe wood tone finish grained in mahogany, walnut or blonde oak. 6:45 Sunday Music Hall 7:00 Speaking of Sports overseas Assign. 7:30 WELL Bandstand 7:55 News 8:00 Your Health 8:15 Musia Hall 8:30 Speaking of Sports, 8:35 Musis Hail News 9:00 Speaking of Sports MONDAY WELL (ABO 1400 6:45 Hymn ft Reeding 6:50 Sunny. Side Up 6:00 News 6:05 Sunny Side Up 6:30 News 6:35 Sunny Side Up 7:00 Local News 7:05 Sunny Side Up 7:30 Local News 7:35 Sunny Bide Up 8:00 World News 8:15 Sunny Stde Up 8:55 Paul Harvey 9:00 Breakfast Club 10:00 Peter L. Hayes 6:05 New 7:00 Local 7:10 Sports 7:15 New 7:30 Almanac 7:35 New 8:00 Local 8:15 New 8:45 Thought 9:00 Accent 9:30 Reflections 10:00 News 10 Larry 10:30 Gene 11:00 News 11:05 Kitchen SEARCHING WIND Robert Young, Sylvia Sidney LADY OF THE TROPICS Hedy Lamarr, Robert Taylor PARNELL Clark Cable, Myrna Loy FIGHTER SQUADRON Edmond O'Brien, Robert Stack THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS Dinah Shore, Errol Flynn BACKGROUND TO DANGER Ceorge Raft, Brenda Marshall GRAND HOTEL John Barrymore, Creta Carbo 11:15 p.m. Monday 10:45 p.m. Tuesday 10:45 p.m. Wednesday 10:45 p.m. Thursday 10:45 p.m. Friday 10:45 p.m. Saturday 11:15 p.m. OWN SYLVANIA 23' TV FOR THE SAME PRICE AS AN ORDINARY 21' SET! Pay News Edition Day Day News Day for Day Summary Collins Sh. Clifford Sh. Summary Klub 11:15 Lost Found 11:20 Kitchen Klub TV B-AM-F 1 590 Sign On CHANNEL 8 MATINEE Monday thru Friday at 1 :00 p.m. Monday GALLANT SONS Jackie Cooper, Cail Patrick Tuesday DARK HAZARD Edw. C. Robinson Wednesday WITHOUT WARNING Victor Varconi Thursday LAW OF THE TROPICS Constance Bennett, Jeffrey Lynn Friday TOP SPEED Joe E. Brown CLOSE-OUT PRICES! ON ALL 1959 MODELS 10:10 Sugar, Spice-News 11:00 EHHtie Frye 11:05 Sugar and Spice WBK (INI 930 6:00 First Edition MONDAY AFTERNOON i RADIO SALES 77 SOUTH 20TH ST. WKI-Lr ABC 1400 12:00 Paul Harvey 12:15 Mid Day Song 12:30 News 12:45 Fishing Forecast 12:47 Mid Day Song 12:55 Farm Report 1:00 Rural Rhythms 1 :55 News 2:00 Mell-O-Melodies 2:55 News 3:00 Mell-O-Melodles News 4:00 Mell-O-Melodies 4:45 Pottle Frye 4:55 News 5:00 Rollin' Borne Sh. WBCK 1ND 030 12:00 Local News 12:15 Midday Melodies 12:45 Show Business 1 :00 News Summary 1:05 Bill Gallagher Eh. 2:00 News Summary 2:05 Tempo 3:00 News Summary 3:05 Tempo 4:00 News Summary 4:05 Tom Mclntyre Sh. 5:00 News Summary 6:05 Tom Mclntyre Sh. CHANNEL 8 A Subsidiary of TIME, Inc.

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