The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri on August 1, 1921 · Page 9
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The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 9

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1921
Page 9
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EDITORIAL SECTION St. Louis, Monday, August 1. 1921. TH T.LQU STAR I EDITORIAL SECTION Editorial. Woman's, Sport. Comic "Want.- FLED . WITHOUT WHISKY A prescription for a pint of wh'sky, issued ostensibly by a doctor on North Twentieth Htreet, was present- Ladie3 Keep Your Skin Clear, Sweet, Healthy With Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Talcum ' de at the T. C. Shepard pharmacr. 4900 Laclede avenue, at 6:20 p. m. yesterday. II. S. Meinomen, the pharmacist, examined the preacrip- tion and. believing it to be a forgery, questioned the man. who replied: Suce it's good. I paid a dollar for it." He said. Meinomen reports, that he bought the prescription in a pool room on I)eimar boulevard. After making this statement the man fled. Meinomen turned the prescription over to the police. MRS. GLENN RUSSELL of , .Goodfellow avenue, who has departed for Blowing Rock, N. C, for a several weeks' sojourn. Assorted Chocolates Summer Chocolates; cool and tempting; creams, chips and caramels. A box of deli-ciouenetss. On sale Tuesday, at pound OOK. Tutti-Frutti Layer Cake A light, moist three-layer Cake with a fluffy, creamy tutti-frutti icing. ' f Tuesday only.. . The New Tea Shop 512 Locust Hvashington th most annetlztng salads and sandwiches, cakes and Ice creams are served in the most delightful way imaginable. The Tea Shop is at 706 Washington avenue. We Ship to All Vacation Points Parcel Post Missouri Centennial Half Dollars We have a supply of the newly-minted half dollars, which commemorate the hundredth anniversary of Missouri's statehood. Following the rule of the Centennial Committee we will sell these at $1.00 each the premium above face value going to the Centennial Celebration fund. Our Savings Department offers V A Way to Get One Free While the supply lasts every new depositor opening a savings account with $25 or more will be given one of these historic coins free, with our compliments. Mississippi Valley Trust Co. FOURTH and PINE Saving Department open Mondays till 6:30 , Accounts opened on or before August Sth draw interest from August 1st, Mail Deposits Solicited. Five per cen t for your s a v i n g s Onr Savings CerUflcates are issued for any amount from $1 to $5000. They yield you 5ft interest, are absolutely safe and are always worth what yon paid for Uiem. Ask us about this ideal savings plan. INDUSTRIAL LOAN COMPANY J14-718 Chestnut St. St. Loais, Mo. Capital, $300,000. Hours: 9 to 4-Saturdays to 3-Mondays to 7 P. M. r7 U J SOCIETY ! Of paramount interest to society this week will be the marriage Saturday of Miss Dorothy Walker of New York and Prescott Sheldon Bush, in Kennebunkport, Me., at the summer home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Herbert Walker of New York, formerfy of St. Louis. The marriage ceremony will take place at 5 p. m. at St. Anne's Church by the. Sea, Dishop Tyler of South Dakota officiating, and will be the occasion for a smart gathering of St. Louis society folk who are spending the summer in the east. The bride will wear a gown of white net, heavily embroidered in pearls, and fashioned along straight girlish lines. The tunic is slashed at the sides and filled in with cascades of lovely duchesse lace, a deep flounce of which falls from beneath the edge of the peart embroidered net. A single row of large org'ange blossoms with foliage forms a loose girdle de fining the lowered waistline. The bridal veil is an exquisite creation of rose point lace caught In the coiffure with a circlet of orange blossoms like those in the girdle. A filmy tulle veil will cover the bride's face as she enters the church, to be removed as she leaves the altar. The maid of honor. Miss Nancy Walker, will be gowned in soft cream lace made over lavender charmeuse with a sprafr of blue wistaria flowers falling from the waistline.- She will wear a large cream-tinted lace hat to match her costume, and her flowers will be an arm bouquet of pink Ophelia roses and blue larkspur. The bridesmaids, the Misses Ruth TJon-berger, Martha Pittman, Isabel Rockefeller, Mary Koeck, Hope Lincoln and Elizabeth Trotter, will wear gowns of cream lace over pale blue charmeuse, with bats of lace trimmed with drooplngf-clusters of lavender wistaria blossoms. They will carry arm bouquets ef Ophelia roses and blue larkspur. Mr. Bush will be attended by his brother, James S. Bush of Columbus, Ohio, as best man, and ! the groomsmen and ushers will in clude the bride's brother, G. Herbert "Walker, Jr., her cousin, Potiter Wear of Philadelphia, John R. Shepley. Richard Bentley, Henry S. Feniraoro Cjper. Henry P. Isham, S. H. Clement, Kllery S. James, Samuel Dur-yee, Frank P. Shepard and Knight Woolley. The bride-to-be was one of the most attractive and popular members of the younger set when she resided with her parents In St. Louis, and after her marriage shu will again make St. Louis her home. She is a member of the Junior League and the Imperial." Mr. Bush ia an alumnus of Yale and a member of -several of the smart clubs here. Miss Mary Harris, daughter of Mrs. F. Mlnnis Harris 4952 McPher-son " avenue, will depart Thursday for Colorado, where she will spend the remainder of the summer at Layman's Ranch. Later she will go to Estes Park, returning home in September. Word has been received from Mrs. Isaac Cook and her daughter, Misj Augusta Cook, in Paris. They will return home next month. - Mr. and Mrs. Charles von Brecht and their daughter. Miss Eleanor von Brecht of Forest Ridge, will leave Saturday for Chicago. Mrs. William C. Christy of Belle-view avenue, Richmond Heights, has departed for a sojourn at the Chicago Beach Hotel, where her daugh ter-in-law, Mrs. Eugene W. Christy, ' and her two small sons have beenl spending the early summer. I ROUND-TRIP TO n o War lam ixtro. Tickets Good Going on All Chicago Trains Saturday, August 6th, 1921 Good returning on all trains leaving Chicago before midnight of August 18th. Children under 12 years of age half fare. Baggage will be checked. Tickets good in chair cars and coaches; also in parlor and sleeping cars on payment of usual charges. Chicago & Alton Chicago & Eastern 111. Illinois Central Wabash Store Hours: Daily 8:30 to 5; Friday, 8 230 to 5:36 Olive and Locust From Ninth to Tenth Wonderful values are here for your choosing the combined result of the lowered raw fur market of a few months ago, our advantageous buying and close marking. , Prices are guaranteed until December 1st Long fur eoats are greatest favorites, appearing in a wealth of (luxurious models showing the new style tendencies in the Tuxedo Coat, the Flaring. Coat, the Directoire, the Dolman and the Russian Blouse Coats developed of perfectly matched peltries of Alaska or Hudson seal (dyed muskrat), caracul, mink, squirrel, mole, Persian lamb and beaver, attractively priced. Other sJiort sports and fnU leng-th fur coats and wraps In squirrel, $447.50; mole. $398.50; near seal French coney). $145.00 to $250.00; Jap mink, $525.00; natural muskrat, $145.00 to $175.00; brown marmot, $150.00, and brown and kit coney, " - $57.50 to $98.50 $198.50 to $355.00 . - ---- , V YVi wi,' J Men's f nr-Uned overcoats, Fur capes, throws and neckpieces charm-in ply styled, of stone and baume marten, Ko-lisky, beaver, Hudson seal (dyed muskrat), mole, Hudson Bay sable, skunk, lynx, fox, Jap mink, Australian opossum, fitch and fisher, at a wide price range. Fur Shop Third Floor. After-inventory sale in the baby shop Children's organdie dresses Formerly $4.95 $8.95, now ryIXTY Organdie A" Frocks for two to six year olds with cunning picot edged ruffles or hand designs and hand stitching in colored floss. Colors, rose, maize, brown, navy, Copen. Children's pique coats C r and a year sizes) Reduced to Vz Price Former $3.00 Pique Coats, now $1.43 Former $3.00 Pique Coats, now $2.48 Former $10.00 Pique Coats, now $4.93 Baby bonnets at price ' Former $5 00 fl- bonnets, now )iDJ also a number of babies' first size Caps at price Babies' first walking dresses at V2 Price A splendid group of dainty Baby Dresses, made of fine nainsook with tiny lace edges or hand stitching: Former $5 Dresses, now $2.50 Former $3 Dresses, now $1.50 Former $2 Dresses, now $1.00 Baby Shop Third Floor The August sale of new Fall coats Offers remarkable . values and wide choice of authentic fall fashions, materials and colors at the special August prices $59.75 $62.50 $79.75 $125.00 'T'lIIS is decidedly an out-of-the-ordi-A nary collection of Coats at the above prices and a noteworthy buying opportunity for you! " By selecting your Fall Coat now, you not only have a comprehensive, large, new showing of luxurious materials, lovely color tones and smart styles-7-the premier assemblage of the season for your choice but make a substantial saving over the prices that will prevail later in the season. " "Wooltex" coats are especially directed to your attention! Remember The August sale of women's new Fall Suits. The August sale of women's newFall Dresses. The August sale of women's new Fall Skirts. The "After-Inventory Sale of women's and misses' Summer apparel. ' Third Floor. We ate featuring a splendid collection of Sun and rain silk umbrellas Priced from $10.00 to $22.50 . VOU w-ill find in this g-roup supreme values of regular Vandervoort character. AU We covered with pure silk of excellent quality, and have .distinctive handles of bakelite or leather straps and the tips and stub ends come in bakelite to match. Ask to See Them Umbrella Shop First Floor. After-inventory sale of silk undergarments Offers three special values $0.98 $0.98 $y.95 Crepe de chine envelope chemises, $2.g8 Attractive styles in good quality flesh colored crepe de chine, bodice effect. Silk envelope chemises, $3.98 A lovely assortment of trousseau crepe or crepe de chine Envelope Chemises in lacy or tailored effects, strap shoulders. Crepe de chine nightgowns, $4.95 Sleeveless crepe de chine Nightgowns with wide double strap shoulders and double band at top, trimmed with tiny 1 rosebuds. Undergarment Shop Third Floor. Smart new Fall hats In our popular-priced millinery shop $g.oo $y.50 $075 A LARGE and attractive selection of charming Fall 1921 styles in Felts Duvetyns Velvets All handmade, soft and easy to adjust smartly trimmed in the shiny new materials and feathers. Millim ry Shop Third Floor. Gossard corsets reduced Former $8.50 models, as illustrated, now SAM THERE are about 400 Gossard Corsets in this very specially reduced group, which features a- beautiful pink broche model suitable for the slender to average figure, with elastic section at back and medium hips; splendid for Summer wear and an excellent value. CorKet Shop Third Floor. Women's knit undergarments Very specially priced for after-inventory clearance sale Former $1.25 Kayser Knit Vests, with upper part made of glove silk; sale price, 89c "Former $1.25 black Bathing Tights; sizes 40 to 44. 75c Knit Underwear S Swiss Kibbed Lisle Vests in pink only; sizes 36 and 33, m 65c Glove Silk Bloomers with elastic at waist and knee; flesh only. $1.98 and $2.50 Glove Silk Vests; sizes 42 and 44, $1.98 hop Third Floor. Neckwear specials for Tuesday , n A Daintily fashioned of organdie, net and ba-L $l.UUtiste arc collars, and sets of vests and collars, some hand embroidered, others effectively trimmed iiynarrow lace. " You will find in this group Tuxedo collars or Buster Brown shapes, principally in white, with a sprinkling of ecru batiste collars in eyelet designs. A f KCif Yon wonder at the alluring designs, and VC prettily shaped collars, separate or in seta with a vest There are nets and organdies, lace trimmed and embroidered at a price suprisingly low. Nefkwur Shop Ftnt Floor. We. guarantee that every article is priced on the replacement value of today, or less The wisdom of buying Vandervoort Furs during this August sale quickly proven to the most conservative shoppers after the wonderful values in coats and neckpieces are shown THE renowned Vandervoort August Sale of Furs never meant more to prospective fur buyers than this year. Not only do we offer more beautiful Furs in a larger selection but the lowest prices in years, which is certainly gratifying, when Fur Garments are again des-.tined to reign supreme in the fashion world and their most popular season is anticipated! v Like white magic will your fluffy frocks and tailored sports clothes be whisked to your Journey end In Immaculate, unrumpled condition If packed In a Vandervoort Special Wardrobe Trunk! July Clearance prices 6tlil prevail. Visit the Luff-gage Shop tomorrow. Lugrgage Shop Second Floor. On the rocks and the sharpest you ever walked on, will be your verdict of a barefoot bath in the Meraniec but there's always a way out and you can buy the neatest of laced bathing shoes for $1.25 a pair. The colors are red. green, purple and black. Sorosls Shoe Shop Second Floor. An Alice blue gown )f crispy taffeta, veiled in embroidered filet net flouncing would not this combination appeal for a Fall dinner frock? It ia also very-smart with black taffeta or satin or for Summer frocks over white or pastel tints. Now we are offering regular (1.95 to $2.75 qualities for $1.75 a yard Lace Shop First Floor. Fashions dont change in Mirrors. The older the Mirror, the greaer is the demand for it. So the new Mirrors are simply copied from the old, and your Mirror, once purchased, will never go out of style. Comforting, Isn't It? A .reproduction of an Old Colony piece In gold or gold and colors, now may be bought at a saving of ,20 to ZS per cent Art ShopFourth Floor. ' "Find the Woman novel of mystery and youth by Arthur gamers I toe he recently published in the Cosmopolitan. Head and marvel at what happened when the woman ; met the great city when Clancy Dean was caught in Manhattan's exotic and tem-pestous whirlpool of life. A' splendid book for Summertime reading. Price $2 Book Shop Sixth Floor. The new Victor records for August are now on sale. They present a very attractive selection for summertime entertainment One of the most interesting records If "The St. Louis . Blues" . a fox trot played by the Inimitable Original Dixieland Jazz Hand. This is an 85c 10-tnch record, number 18772. 'On the opposite tide is "Jazz Me Blues," played by the same orchestra. There are twenty - six other records on the list. Victor Salon Sixth Floor and Quick Service IJranch UtKistnt No vacation is complete without books "Take along a book for your vacation reading," if you would get full measure of enjoyment. C ELECT from the list below Or visit our shop and choose from hundreds of others, at $1.00 each Popular fiction at $i The Tin Soldier." by Temple Ualley -Sisters," by Kathleen Norrts "Wildfire," by Zane Grey by Ethel M. "Great Heart," Iell "From Place to Place," Irvln S. Cobb. by The newest fiction The Profiteers." by E. Phillips Oppenheim, $2.00 "Beauty and Mary Blair." fey Ethel M. Dell, $2.00 The Little Red Foot," by Robert W. Chambers, $1.90 "Children of the Whirlwind," by Leroy Scott, $2.00 Th Book Shop Sixth Floor. i

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