The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 28, 19-17 Arkansans Back Single-UnionPlan Labor Federation Goes on Record as Favoring Merger By HOIS IIKOWN (United l>n-ss Staff (, > urrrs|i«iuU-nl) LITTLK HOCK, Ark., May 28. --The Arkansas Federation of La- qpw wont on record here yesterday irlj envoi-Ing the consolidation of art labor unions Into one organization to fight "anti-labor Icglsln- Uo" and anti-labor "politicians." The resolution was approved without discussion. H did not mention the CIO but advocated the consolidation of dual and independent unions into an Aincriran Federation of Labor. C. K. Call, jr., of Little Rock, chairman of the resolutions committee, said that the local group simply w as backing the efforts of national leaders to bring about one labor union. Dean Morloy, agent j,, cliai-fro of Ihe Little Rock office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, warned of subversive Influences which won t allow "us to lower iiir defenses for even one hour." And Morley asserted, "you may rest assured that all types of subversive organizations will turn first to labor." Reminding that Hitler entered the ranks of German labor Inns before starting his war. Morley said "if fi'ec labor can be turned to slave labor then American liberty is lost." The convention approved several other resolutions, among them one protesting recent Congressional cuts in funds lor th e labor departments BI.YT11KVJU,E (ARK.)' COUKIER NEWS Still Agile at 100 IGhandi AppeaZs vbr Unity Among People of India NEW DELHI, May 28. (UP) — Mohandas K. Gandhi said today that n divided India could not be more "dcinoraliml" than Die MJI- tion i s today under Hrll| s h rule. "After British power is vilh- cliawn," Gandhi said, "let me t\ms Hint ive s hall have the wisdom 'to think coherently and keep Tiuliix as one whole, or split into two or more pmts. But if w f are bc ,, u CVL , n then, on righting;, i am s ,,_. s wc will not he so demoralized as today though, admiltcdh-, a |i 'violence carries with it some amount of demoralization." "1 hope igninsl hope," ;l:e Hindu spiritual leader Slid, "lrmi -, free India ,,.j|| not s i\ c lh c wjrM ad- 'clitional lessons in viok-icc with which it already : s sick almost unto death." Kid Boots All he needs is a horse. Otherwise Van Carlelon, year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Langfoi'd Carle- Ion, of Ft. Worth, Tex., is all i ready lo ride. Announcing 'S ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Farm Wiring • Repairs £/ Phone 2397 500 North 51li .Street Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your Business Appreciated Motorist Sentenced MEMPHIS. Tcnn., May :8 (Ul'i —John K. Gf:Hi.v. 47, yesterday was sentenced to flvu years in prison ftei- pleading guilty to u charge of involuntary imiiislniiKhtr:- fllutl n ciuiDiifUoii n-illi the highway loath of a |;cdc:.striiiii. Police officers losliriinl in ci-ini- nal court that Gentry w:i* "very Irtmk" when his nuiainobilr- inn lown and fatally injitioil Rit-hiinl nicker. 88. on the Highway ncav icrc April a. Officers Guard Secret of Negro's Escape fo'om Mob KAUiiail, N. C., May K. <UI J > — The story til (ifxlwi.'i IJti-ih'; MU:I »•-.-; lu! lunge In lierilimi will!- hi In lit i In l HI ni'd mill) thiil H'l?.i'il l!i-.' 'J-1-yi.'iir "I NritVii from his J.i'.v.vm, N. C., jail cell from Hush's ;:i1.v midon. Hush Minvmh'ml v.t'umanr/ u! lunge In lierilimi will!- hi 11)0 n mis of ti lyiu-h lic'iit ii-.iil) was ;t t i rd I'd secret lnd:iy. Amim 1 Itll'f n led l<> truce- iiitmb:'!-:: (if lilt '" I' '.• I 5"r' h 'i";:, i!y":; li i;ie;;,,:: rl1 ^|soy s />«,/<„ sco«t c ump '"" TTo Freedom fcy " PACK NINE n l in I N. C.. May an. nil') Thie,. bny.s ronlUiiiod lo .servo u sale pru'e." 'I' MHi''Tiei'v\or'"!iuV,." [•".''''iinul''', 1 ." ' K 'hot''''''" '" J " 1 ' hs "" ' l '">*"i"* trial on chartios of ml •mpu-l «;;-' iiiiroh-s '" ' U " IUH|) *•:«" I <m H while wmiiin. Tin- )i,,y E ,. (m , T , 011|) t „„. '!>' pnwiii also IIOIIM"! :,,uilhev tvluml ulll MU<IH| n wivk (Ilk Sinn- Simi'lns'' 11 :',' Wl>nlln ' ! ,' ««,»»'"'•"'»»•'• "t (.-,„,!„ ( )lrk M,U!n^ear y' " iv svT,,,,'r'' s r' 1 "",!'", '"'"'< K ''"• ' ni1 ' '""''• ''»y» ^n<! ih.-y.s , i ' ''' ' V 1 ' l '" h w " s rilUl ' T "" l'> Scma cnmo mini -;;:;::;^' t s:: i ;;;,<,;;;;;';':r;:;iU!i v i ""ir. ."•-""" »-•_ •' - 1 -'•>•''"'• <>l'l wliltu «,n,ii.ii. ' ij,.;,,, courier News wmu ArtA fo show .she's still :ll! ,le. MISS FUnx-ncc E. Uolph celebrates he low., jirthday in her Sc-riinlon, Pa., home by sliditu; clou-,, the banisU- INEA Iclt'i>hotc.) Congressmon Asks Broad Social Security Benefits WASHINGTON, May 27. (UP)Hep. Aimc J. I'oi'aiul. I). I!. I., today introduced ;i bill lo provide fi- nnnclal aid for all needy persons under the social security program Assistance at present is li-jiited lo the ngetl, the blind, and dependent children. LI Kb GOLDEN BROWN FRIED FOOD AMAZING-/ SENSATIONAL / HOME COLD WAVE easier than ever before.. WITH w ;ii, jo I'LASIIC CUK1ERS .St) c:isy .. . cnsy . . . onsy! In only 2 lo 3 lumis you'll have ^i I'oilr.iit- pcrfucl cold wave iH'iniancnl riijlit in your own home. Si> sofi ;ind c;isy to slyli;. Never dry, kinky or fu//.y. No guesswork! r\',, prok-ssiouiil skill r«Hiiri'(l. I'orir.iit's easy - lo - wind I'hslic Cut lots rim \ K u SL .d ()V cr and over ana in. Kc-fill kits (cvcrylhi Init curlers) ONLY PORTUAIT fiUAHANTF.r.S: Soft nalural-loukini; \vavcLi! Idisy-lo- inaiKiyc waves! Waves thai last :is Ion;; as S20 hi'iiiily salon per- inaneiils! Tnur immey bad; lux (mil nit, if ml (om/itdelj uit'ufttil. SI. fat GIVES PLASTIC CURLERS AT t-tO EXTRA COST WOODS DRUG STORE T HINK buck lo the dtiys when your Huick stood proud, shiny anil now at your door. A touch of your toe ;md that two Ions of car romped jiway gentle as a breeze — and just as obediently glided lo H soft, sure stop. That's the kind of driving that's right in the heart aiul soul of iiuicks. It's there fr3r you lo have for years and years - tspeeiully when your ear gets the kind of care such a honey should have. TIME TO REPOWER ? Suppose your Buick « crov/ding Ihc big figures in high mileage. Suppose you don'1 want to wail for lhat new one. Here's a happy answer. If your Buick's any model year from 1937 through 1942, you con make il factory-fresh as far as power is concerned wild Iho Buick Power Package. This is all Ihc major assembly of a now Buick Fireball engine except catburelron and electrical systems. It puls good-as-new zip and performance inlo high- mileage cars. Changing over is handled in a single operation—lakes less time and often cosls less Irian a really thorough overhaul and replacement job. More satisfaction, too, because you'll have a new facjory-buill engine. Easy paymonls if you wish. Come in and talk it over. That doesn't mean just filling lier up and seeing that I lie oil doesn't gel low.. Nor a periodic: lube job done will) "one-Iiind-for- all" Uibrieanls. It means eompelenl care by men familiar with every part of a Buick by men who know Buiclis best and have an interest in seeing lhat yon gel tlic greatest satisfaction from yours. Every detail of our service is ainiud at this goal. The men -.ire specialists on Buieks. They work with linielc-designed tools. '1 hey're hacked up by a parts depiirlnient stocked wi.lli liuick-cni'mccrcd t purls that are just nuide for Mnick ears. So you see (he difference between ordinary service and Buick car care. It's (he skilful, considerate care thai keeps your Buick always a Buick. ll'sjlie kind of care which proves that next to you, we like your Buick best. '•/<* /JtJr-~>- ' _«^M^tftfS^^^^I Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 keep AH of Your LHc Insurance Needs General American Life ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District Manager .viH'h IH<te. Jin.siiicsK I'lifuic 2S11 ' Kes. 3185 Fowlsfon School of Music Is Special Summer Classes PIANO - ORGAN — VOICE Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, D. A., S. M. M. Term starts June 2nd Ihrotiftli A,,,! |>nco for n,e Ihrw. nioiitha'tmn in' piano is IM-UIK olloi'c.l. Koi- itifonnuUon, tall or write— 809 Chickasawba Phone 2049 SPECIAL! FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Washed, Rmsed 3 Times And Damp Dried One Large Throw Rug 2 s °L,25j!, One large Biiitfe 2 & M 25$; 1 Chenille Bedspread THE WASHERETTE SELF-SERV!CE, AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Crossfown Motn at Division SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY FARLY MATURING I'oumiuiion Kim-It—Dirc-el Vrom Itreudcr ^lu^^Lir^/iiS;^!;;/,^^^^ ^ Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Minn I'ltoiiu S!)0-857 AAAA CERTIFIED CHICKS i™ N ™ ): l " u » »'• t»'«=k load. 1 Saturday evening, « to JO a. m . Sundays • I'lionc ! Plenty of Parking Space LEWIS POULTRY •HI) East Main Sf. GATE WOOD GROCERY! Phone 975i Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown ... Cafvcrr Schcnlcy Cream of Kentucky Three Fear hers Hill & Hill Old Taylor \\\ Four Roses 35 35 35 35 35 40 rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.J5 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer GAS, rcg I7.9c; Cigarettes .«^,.>-«. •*-^.o:>:>:>: >::»:>:.»;>: >:>:>:>::»:>:>; y-Q-^--.--, .per Cose $3.35 * Ethyl i9.9c | .per carton $1.55 $ >::«::»:>^>:>;»:>:»^,;>;>r^x :<sa >t; "For Work Done Ricjht" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage tor Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 G.O. 'The Old Reliable" T««r 8«.rc« .t PETROLEUM n«P«ndatl« Service PRODUCTS •___ RR ,Te!«tTy

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