The New York Times from New York, New York on December 1, 1856 · Page 4
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Monday, December 1, 1856
Page 4
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4. - mnr-TOET. vosdat, dec. i, ish T-TW BKW.TOU DAILY TIMES h -rrrf km - MlClrMlTUtltriBrOnMiunitiwk. Kacto tssai tw Cw Mail BBtssrlssn to Pooui Ths nw.roxx mxino moi pahDshsg ftwarr Bosnia. (MUft MmatptttL) On dittoa a Basatsssd ts4sratBmcrelek F. M. It f WwtlyMn' whMlliiPiafTnnii Tk XXI-WiXb.LT TIMES, setalBlisf asarly all fcniti r r-" r-"r rfcabsd T toy u4 fMtor. sBil Tim Dou-ams a raw. Ths WXJXLT TIMES, fmbiisasd SeJarday, to mailed V Two Doslabs arssr a and Copts. Twaarr-Fiva Pms a Tsajm Douabs, to saa address. Ths TIM El FOR EUROPE to sbOthed a Vm m-frtrf wrr Mat! sUshist. Pries, ta wrapper, t esuts Ths) TIMES rOB CAUTORrTIA to wabUAed as ths r mtmt BUS Ihbibt. Mm, U iuvHi Ofltss. N. UN NmhiA. wr. sf Bssfcmsn. " t sVAYMO HD, WTSLsrr CO.. ra&"r, r'S' ' ' CAITTION W MKbM 10 raeesra aotfcw that persona ' a-'-H-r; U b scents tor lbs Tnn receive money . '' fHii mi h illun bb1 ftn rrtn'rtT tm I1" uoiaf tba ' . Proprietors, Ws dssirs to notify tba pnbUo that tM Am trwmUmg aamu, sad eka srs an mot mm. ; gau ros asr rawn BsrsssBsmjia thissblvks to Bra acoa. . Parsons dnstrlng to Subscribe will remit directly to this cOoe, (V ' II IMMMM .... - V The Sleeting of Congress. CongreM tneett to-day, but we lesra from Washington that the President'! Message will , sot be sent in tinti! to-morrow. We know of ao special reason for thia delav, as both Houses an full organised sod ready for bnsiness. Then are rumor of a movement in the House tQ tvperseJe Speaker Basks, but they are absurd. Tjie political importance of the position ke bold hu greatly diminbhed since the . election, and it is not at all likely that either party regards the responsibility for the organisation Of the House as especially desirable. VV do not anticipate any considerable poli ti-. cal excitement during the present session. ' The friends of Mr. Buchaxas would undoubtedly be glad ' to tare the Kansas question set- ' tied before be comes into power, but it is not sj to see how that result can be attained. The new Kansas Legislature does not meet until J an nary, and a Convention coull scarcely be anthorixed, elected, held, and a State Conttitiitkxi framed and .presented for the action of Congress before the 4 th of March. With the present Bouse, moreover, it would not be easy to secure the admission of Kansas with a fro-Slavery Constitution. We doubt whether such a constitution, especially if formed in haste, and wider the 'sanct ion of the pres- nt Legislature, could be forced through that .lody. '' hlr. UrCHAJux, we are inclined to think, rill therefore be compelled to face the responsibility; of acting upon the Kansas question. , . If, indeed, he could prevail upon President Pnca to remore Judge LECoMrn, Marshal . DoiULDSOl and the other federal office-holders who have been so largely concerned in the difficulties of the Territory, and thus open the Courts of law to the people of Kansas, events night take such a run before his advent as greatly, to relieve him afterwards. We presume, however, that he will be left to meet the emergency alone. Oea. Pierce is not sufficiently grateful to Mr. Buchabak for relieving hint Iron further Presidential service, to be disposed to smooth bis official path by any preliminary action of his own. Private business, changes in the Tariff, schemes of private plunder, will probably divide the attention of Congress with specula- ' tions concerning the Cabinet, and applications for place and power with the new Administration. There is a large amount of money in the Federal treasury, and there are plenty of , adventurous gentlemen who will think it n shame that it should remain to be wasted by their successors. One generation of plunderers goeth and another cometh: and this is about all the variety which the operations of cur Government afford us. The News by the Illinois. By &e Ilinoit, which arrived on Saturday with the California mail of Nov. 5, we learn that the Golden State has given her electoral vote to James Bcthakax. Returns from all the counties were not, of course, received, at the time of the steamer's departure from San Irancisco, but sufficient wss known to render it pretty certain that Mr. Bccbaxak had ob-, tained a plurality of over six thousand, votes. TiUMoac stands nest in the racy, and Fbe-kovt lags fur behind. The defeat of the Republicans in California is attributed to the imperfect organisation of the party, and also to the same .causes that insured its defeat in Pennsylvania and Indiana. If Mr. Fillmore had not been a candidate, three-fourths oi the Tote he received would undoubtedly have been . given to CoL Fbemost. The sketion, we are happy to add, passed . off failiy and peaceably. There were no riots . a,t the polls, and no ballot-box stuffing. On the 8d tf November, the Rrate arms, then in the pcaeession of the Vigilance Committee, Wis handed over to the State Custodian, and Govern or Jomsoa immediately withdrew his proclamation of insurrection, which gave the city a technically legal election. In the city of San V Francisco, the People's or Reform Ticket; has been carried by a large majority. This issae was regarded as an event of even greater) Importance than the Presidential election, as its success would insure the prosecution cf those measures of Reform inaugurated by the late Vigilance Committee, and would be a virtual indorsement of its acts. As an dastratioMi of the reforms accomplished by the Vigilance Committee, the fact is noticed in the papers, that though overs thousand new voters were mads previous to the 4th, and though .every exertion was made by each party to turn out its entire strength, yet the vote of the city ens Several hundreds lass than that of last year. It is annonnced nosltlTr tfcat On i, p ficoxT and J. C McKinaxx. Democratic can- -didatei, have beee elected to Congress, but the J tumpieuoa of the Legialatare was not known. There win, iB all probability, be a Democratic naajority.; ' . i In the eopioms extracts 'which we publish ehwwhere from our California files there wiH be found much lntertig ews. Gen. Wool's t letter to Gov. tacaso trill attract attention. A pitched battls had taken place la Tnolamns County be'tweea several thousand Chinese a Mrio-cotnic aSair in its origin and mode of execution, though several Celestials lost their lives ia ti fray... The people of the Gadsde I tmlic, t fxcja the Los Aryrlcs S: bad met to take the necessary steps for the formation of a State Government. The Ter-litory .which it is proposed to esS ArUona, has now a population of about 10,000 souls. A terrible tragedy had occurred at Nevada, Some of Tom Belt's gang escsped from jaU, and, being followed and overtaken, an encounter ensued, in which the Sheriff was shot dead snd another of bis party mortally wounded. A confession, made by one of this same gsng, gives some curious revelations concerning crimes and criminals in California. Mr. Heebest, Member of Congress, left San Francisco on the 6th for Washington. The D0tti of that city makes a bitter attack on BuBEtr, who replies in an address to the people of California. We give both the benefit of their statements. From the Mexican State of Sonora, we learn that a revolution had broken ont there, and that the Governor had been forced to fly. Intelligence from Oregon and Washington Territories is not important. The JUinuit has Lroughf in treasure over fl,800,U We receive by this arrival a fortnight's later news from New-Granada, and portions of Central America. Nothing new has turned up in relation to the diplomatic rupture between Great Britain and New-Granada. Two Eng-lih war vessels had arrived at Aspinwall and more were expected. It is not believed, however, that they will proceed to a blockade. The English residents at Bogota have met to petition Iord Clarendon against such a measure. The Panama Star mid Herald talcs np Mr. Corwixe's report on the massacre, and recommends the adoption of his projositions for the protection of U. S. eitizins on the transit. As New-Granada, the Star and llrrohl argues, is not in Central America, this matter cannot, as the English press apprehend, reopen the Central American question. From Costa Rica we learn that eat prejia. raiiono were going on for the prosecution of an aggressive war against Walkeb. Seventy -five thousand dollur; Lad been votod to defray expenses, and large reinforcement of Salvadori-ans and Guatemalians were poming in. The Illiitois also brings hrtr intelligence from the Sandwich Islands, Navigators' Island the South American Republics and the West Indies. A full summary is given in this morning's paper ; but we do not find in the news anything that merits special comment. Funeral Rites and Wrong. It is a happy attribute of the Roman Catholic Church, that it can enact umptuary laws, im-porsible to the civil legislature snd to other religious organizations. Bishop Baylet, of the Newark Diocese in New-Jersey, has just exhibited this power in an order prohibiting nndue displays at funerals. lie forbids the use of more than a half-dozen carriages in the cortlyr. thns destroying 6ne very serious source of outlay, that swells the undertaker's bill, and only accommodates the curious, idle and really Indifferent throng, who haunt such occasions with the ardor and rapacity of so many ghouls. It is a sad thing to say of earthly friendships, but we suspect fow die w hose real lovers may not be compressed in the number of vehicles which the Catholic prelate licenses. If a similar restriction could bo made general, a crying evil of the day would meet with salutary abatement. We refer to the cost of burying the dead. The expense of living has not augmented more distressingly than the expense of dying. If it is difficult, under present high prices., to live in health, it is comparative ruin to be sick, and to pass into the hands of the undertaker is jositive bankruptcy. There is no family u the great cities, we imagine, at whose doors the grim monster has recently knocked, but has been startled at the amount of the items tw the very ino6t economical of funeral ceremonies. Charges accumulate on charges; and what with the service of the sexton, the coffin-maker, the hearse, the carriage the gwe-diggvr. ttie cemetery, the roarble-scnlptor, the fabricators of mourning garments, and other ghastly circumstances grouped about the last end of all of us, the bill very seldom foots at less than a hundred or two dollars, and we have heard of instanoes where they have attained even to thousands. In such a state of things, nobody that is not comfortably off in this world's goods can afford to die. It is a luxury too costly for common people. Suicide is absolute extravagance. A new terror is added to death ; and to the personal grief at the loss of friends, is appended, in spite of fine sentiment, a sordid pecuniary study of the ways and means of interment. A comparison of such expenses to-day with what they were twenty years approves that the progress of luxury in that kind equals that of all other conditions cf life. The remedy for this sumptuarv excess must in general depend upon individual courage. t require some courage to depart from the prevalent fashion in matters of the sort, where aspersions of our love, and libcrali:. and unaffected sorrow are easily founded on an omission to attend a lost friend to the grave with a display such as others in the same rank of life are accustomed to receive. There is a natural relnctanee to quarrel with an undertaker's bill, though obviously exorbitant and dispropor-tioned. There should, however, be no sueh false sentiment. At such periods of sorrow a spirit of not parsimonious economy, that seeks to brare all things becoming and decent, is much better placed than the ostentatious pride which leads to outlays we cun ill support, in order to rival the similar ostentation of others. Like the Chinese, we are Tery apt to fling into the tomb of the dead the food and raiment needed for the living. One step towsrds reform lies, therefore, in the power of every person, who by setting an example of careful economy in funeral expenses, countenances his next door neighbor in like abstinence. Snch an example was set by the. late Bosjtxll C. Colt, a wealthy, public-spirited and widely-respected citizen of Peterson, N. J., whose remains were consigned, to the grave on Wednesday last. The Newark Advertiser informs us .y II had directed, by an indorsement the out aids of his will, in his own. haud-writtng, that his funeral should taks place err in the morning, and in the ilnipUet and fltiit tmannrr. It took place at tX o'clock, in tbe uomlsg, and witbeut aaj iavitatioae, except to the immediate relatives. Nothing was known xcert the time U would taks place. He tur ther orected. thai nottUn should to said b? war of e7 ate efcencter or Dietary. Vat simp mdrire giTon, ss cceninc frees him, to all preeenl to secures tatarent in Hub, the Saviour of the world, and to pro-pure tot the event of death end i futuieatate. f ; -TbattamUacwaaerrhvfi the asms at the aoese, on the rretode, end hi wattis to eee thepre- J"' a the pUes iney tofetrtr eat. ?l i5 jy, S fussed in! taar- draws br hie own horeee sad driven by hie own oeahmea. There were eight earrUra, who were dreeaea in black, bet no paH bearers ; nor was there aoy other vehicle i present but the Leeree. The long eolemn precc Ian i Bering unoefcratatoualy along in the stillness of the inorning, without a word spoken, and free from the clatter of the horses hoofs,' or the roll of carriage, gwre an impress to the acene that will long be lewese-bered. No man was evT earned to Lis grave in a more appropriate manner. It would be well if others would profit by the example eetabliahed by the directions of this dietinguiahed man. The tt tintmy given by the voluntary attendrjtce of so large and so respectable a body of people composed of hi immediate neighbor, could not be mistaken. The mills of the te wn were toppe I, and many of the stores and places of buin'-M closed. The people loved and honorrd him, and many a sincere tear fell at hi grave from the eyes f the peer and the humUt." i Another step, and one that it reflects little credit upon our national character for beneficent enterprise not to have adopted long ago, I lies in the formation of societies for the inter- I ment of the poor. Such institutions have been found to work to the bst purpose in England and France. They might be introduced , here with equal efficacy ; and much of the means of life the poor are obliged to w:.?te upon their dead saved to the necessitous sur- ' vivors. Benevolence can ask no more useful channel than this. Anything to abate the ! mischief of funeral extravagance. A return to primitive incremation and urn-burial would alnioht be justified by the existing practice. NlCAK0,rA IsrERF.STI.Vr. CORRESPOVD- encf.. In another column will be found nn in- tcrcstir g letteT from Seftor Ferrer, tin new ' Nicnraguan Minister to the United States, con- . ceniing the affairs of that country. It is writ- ' ten in reply td certain inquiries from Gen. ; Caziikeau. I It is easy to see, however, that this letter ii really designed by the Nic -raguan Minister a a reply to the powerful arraignment of Gen. Walker's conduct, especially in the execution of Salazaji, published in the Times a few days since under the signature ' A Voice from Nicaragua." That letter was so evidently written by one entirely fan.iliar with the whole secret history of Gon. Wai.kek' administration, and it denounced his conduct with so much cmj.hasis of facts as well as of language, that it could scarcely fail to challenge the attention of the representative of Gen. Walker in this country. Seiior Feucer's reply justifies tiie execution of &ALAZAR on the ground that he had abandoned the cause of Walker and taken up arms against him. It denies also the statement of Walker's indebtedness to him for pecuniarv aid. These are points concerning which but little evidence is accessible to the public. We resume that we shall hear further from our Corres;ondent on this subject. Keopi:mo of tile Slave-Tr.vkk. Gov. Adams is not destined to receive the support of the Virginia Democracy after nil, in his project of reopening the slave-trade. The Richmond Ktiiju'.rer, which is the authoritative expounder of the opinions and purposes of the Democratic Party in that State, opposes and denounces it with a good deal of earnestness and warmth. It refutes the Governor's arguments in support of the necessity of such a 6tep, and contends further that it is an impossibility. Even if the repeal of our own laws against it could be secured, the law of the whole civilized world pronounce it piracy, and those lawsei least are beyond our control. And to close the case, the Enquirer urges that the South cannot afford to excite the opposition and hostility which such a project cannot fail to bring upou her. We are curious to see what the other lave-holding States will have to say about this matter. It has been broached by the Executive of one of the Southern States, of the State which claims to lead Southern opinion. It is put forward by him boldly and upon grounds that concern the interests of the whole South. They cannot well avoid meeting it in some way or other. The most Southern of these Stati s. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. may indorse the views of Gov. Adajm. But the rest of the slaveholding States will be. more likely, in our opinion, to follow the lead of Virginia, than that of South Carolina. In fact the interests of the slave-yrorfw-i' States are against the proposed measure, while it is odIv those States which are slave consumers that arc supposed to m for it. Sucks of Political ial The Richmond jy,q irer is making a very vigorous and desperate efl'ort to reconcile itself to the anticipated administration of Mr. Bcchaxax. We have already noted its sudden change of tone upon the return of Gov. Wise from Wheatland, and it has ever since that time urged upon the Southern Democracy the duty of lieing moderate in its expectations. The Pacific Railroad letter, however, which Mr. BrCHARA. sent to California just previous to the election, rather staggers the Enquirer. It is in such palpable snd direct hostility so the strict construction doctrines of the Virginia school of politicians, that an explicit indorsement of it by them is almost impossible.' The Efifninr; in a recent article from which we make extracts elsewhere, takes the ground that Mr. Buchakak was supported by the Southern Democracy in spite of his known support of the Pacific Railroad, and because this sacrifice of principle on their part was necessary to the defeat of the Republican candidate. But it contends that on this subject the party is not required to follow him, and declares that, for its own part, wlale it will sustain his administration in its general course, upon this subject it will adhere to its originel convictions and act in strict conformity to the " time-honored principles of the State-Rights, strict-construction Democracy of Virginia." Thus goes overboard ont of the planks of the Cincinnati platform. There is little doubt that on thia subject the Southern Democracy will have its own way. The vote of California was secured by the Railroad letter. The people of California will wait a long time before the road is built by the party which Mr. Bet has ax professed to represent. aaJfaewjMMMii A Crsiors Atfais. The arrest of parties at Boston on suspicion, or rather confession, of being engaged In the Slave-trade, is a curious affair. It seems that a Spaniard named Keg&st was arrested at Salem, who said he -was captain of a schooner from "Wilmington, ,KC, which had been wrecked off Cape Cod. Be was hailed by another Spainard named Dx Mxia, who afterwards surrendered him, confessed to havisg been concerned in the fitting out of the slaver, and charged Keener with hal ing scuttled and sunk, her, after robbing; hex of flO,WO rhiciVa on hoard fr Ac pur chase of slaves. Keoxzt says the money is buried. PosT-Orncr Departmeht. It "is stated that the forthcoming report of the Poetmaster-Oeneral will show a deficiency of two millions seven hundred thousand dollars, or one hundred thousand more than last yesr. This has arisen partly from a great extension of the operations of the Department. But in tiew of the constant and increasing deficiency in this branch of the public service, the franking privilege ought to be abolished. Members of Congress need not be deprived of the facilities y hich it affords, but these facilities should no longer be furnished at the expense of the Post-Office Department. Let them be paid for out of the general treasury. They are for purposes connected with the general government, and as such should be afforded. Let each member cf Congress, instead of having the right to frank mail matter, receive a thousand dollars worth of stamps, each Session, to be charged to, the expanses of Confess. This would relieve the Department from expense, and the members from an arduous duty. Goor fob Gr.AKDKOTHEK ! We clip the following nood hit from the Column rial: The Cwmerria! Advertiser is not half n stupU a it i.ffti t to I e.lMiiy Timet. We Tftrret h-:l we mnuot return tiie compliment v.-.tli ii'ie regard to trutb. In the spirit of rict jas-t.c -1 . cut ,itititfuihe'i c'euiporary, however, we will i ti,:.t tl, lun.i Tmi is a area', deal mort s'.u-pifi ti.;iu If -.liftK U to U-. We call that lively for the old lady. It tends to confirm our original opinion. ' Aranrniont". Ai -aolmv ok Mi sic. Verdi's vigorous opera cf ' l-nia-i will be plaved to night with Signer Cr.. lif-A i;. the principal rule, lie U the Ut Emaui we l ave h.vl on tiie Lve for some yearn. m Wednesday Vntni's new opera, the "Travi-ata," w ill be i reduced for tht first tim in thi ccuu- trv. The p'..,t is the same as La Iknne aux Camilla a; which has been given here very eucceasfaUy f.tidir U c title of C'amiile. Thai i.lih.s Comekts. Mr. Thalbeko's ninth t'onrert takes place to-morrow night at Niblo's Saloon, on which occaHion Mile. IVk,ei will make her third appe r-:.ce before au American audience. In the n.crniaf.' Mr. Thalcebi, ffives a private entertainment, to w hich all the pupils of the Public Schools have lieen irr.ited. Ns-w-Vohk. Harmonic Society. This Societv Kivcf u public rehearsal to-night at Dodworth's Saloon. Selections from the "Seasons." and M!-iri.SMiirN's " Hymn of Praise." will be given Wallai k's TRXATkK. Mr. James A.ndeksos and Mins Ae.vrs Klswobtut have been very favorably received here, and nightly draw large house. The ue- play of " Cloud and Sunshine," wad played during the whole of last week, and will be given twit during the pi esent. To-night Mr. A wnrjisoK appears in the play of " Iugomar." and will, without doubt, giv.' a fine rendering of the character of the hero. . Alter a fortnight's leave of absence. Mr. LrsTra, (who has beeu 'starring " it at Charleston, and turn-uig all the pretty women's heads.) will return to his duties iiere on Tuesday. He has met with great success in the South, and has gained not only health and trentth. but filthy lucre. I-acra Kek-k's Theatre Mr. WrLKixs' Comedy of " Young New-York" is an unquestionable Muccees. aid now that it goes smoothly itr.proveserea the firm favorable impression. It has drawn exceedingly. nrSl hoasei ; so large that money has been turaed Trcm tbe duor. This settles the question of its merit as a local piece, and should teach managers a whole-son e ieiscL. on Saturday a desirable change was raaie in the cast of Cratrl. Mr. Stoiiart being substituted for Mr. Ii Kinsox. who has had the kindness to retire from the company. The change won for the Vetttr in every reepect. To-pight the new Comedy and the Farce of a "Cuiious Case." Xiklu's GAET.r-jt.The beautiful ballet of ' La Esuieraida" will be played every night this week. It is viAt of the best and most interesting pieces ever pro-.:-u nr here. :ud if admirably rendered by the RvnLf. Mil .(. ..MoNiTMsie and M. Espikoza. Young Him. lk still continues his wonderful performance ou th, tight-rope, and will to-night introduce an infant wonder" in the same sphere of usefulness. Bi btos's Ne w Theatre. That charming lktle actress. Miss Aunzs RoiitjrrsON, takes her benefit here to-ni-ht. end has selected two exceedingly effective piece for the occru-inn The Life of au Actress" and ' Mine lte!!e." Mr. HrETox appears in the last namvd niece and the principal members tl hi ilne coinnaay iu both. Pt-RDY s National Theatre The highly sue ressfu! play of " Wealth and Worth" will be" repeated,.ht ; after which. Baoul or the Magic Star." BARM.M"SAMR1CASMCSECM. MiseMtSTATF.K takes her benefit here to-night, for which event the drama of Ckarlotte Temple" and the comedy of " Ion C-sar de Bazan" have been prepared." In the afternoon two light and agreeable pieces " That Blessed Baby" and " Paddy the Piper." The latest curiosity added to the Museum is a I'.u.':an t.iant. who U said to be the largest man in existence. He will excite the envy of the dwart, the contempt of the skeleton, and the admiration of the public. The Manager, with great moderation, iys Uint he is not so tall as Trinity Church, but hints' that lie is pretty nearly so. Uicklky's Seresaoers. These lively min-strt's give, during the week, their burlesques on "Muntnna" snd "Trovatore," playing each on alternate nights, together with a large collection of Negro music. hujiiic'i msic. Mt fsrs. Firth, Pond& Co.. No. M7 Broadway, have .lust issued in very superior style a uniform edition of Mr. Thaluceo's piano-forte compositions. Nothing could be more timely. The audiences that go to hear the great player are necessarily interested in bis music, and for study and consultation need a complete edition of all he has written. Mossrs. Fietu. I'omi ii Co. are, we believe, the first in the field, but their edition gives no evidence of undue haste. The earlier numbers appear to be devoted to Mr. Thalhzb.'s less difficult pieces. Iu those before us we find the " Introduction and Variations on Klisire d'Amore ;" the Serenade from IKm Pasquale;" "Viola a Melody:" "A Romance Vance," and " Graziosa Bong without words." Persona. I. A New-York family has made a donation of $20,OOii to the Alexandria Theological Seminary, for the purpose of enabling the necessary improvement to t made in tbe collegiate building. An endowment is also in progress for a Training School for Clergymen in Pennsylvania. SeDStor DotGLAS dined on Thursday on board the steamer Elm City (which plies between this City and Hew-Haven) with a few friends, among whom were Gxoaoa C0R1.JIS, Kau., Capta. J. U. Lewis, Ki babi Ptti, and Kim, Ir. Htebs, and Messrs. Mebbitt and Terrs. Richard Bcstked, Esq., Counsel to the Corporation, who has be em lying seriously ill with the scarlet fever at his boose on Madison -a venue, has solar recovered as to be able to walk about his room, and will, doubtlessbe out in a few days. Mr. William Moboax, brother of the original Mormon prophet, writes to the Erie Dispaltk, declaring that his brother is not responsible for polygamy, as practiced in Utah, but that Bbiuham Ymm and his u administration " are. J. C. Lotxjot, of Cambridge, Mass., U to entertain th Boston Democracy (by invitation) with a coarse of four tectums on " J irr xksos sad bis Times." The Spiritualists in Utics have brought oat s "Trance Medium one Miss 8rBA6tr" whs waxes eloquent wheat sha is uneeoseioas of knowing anything. Bhs fat delivering public lectures. CoL Botox has been visiting in Newburynort as the guest of Hon. Axaxn Cmm, Domocntie candidate for Lieut--Governor at the late election In Ms srhriBBtts, ' 3 OK llhcHXL bad s public dasner tendered Ikim st St. Louis a few days ago. Exporters were ex elude, tbe wotM is teft in darkness. Enw Forrest's early fifs forms ths staple of esxtata svwspapsjr mrtictes-jus now current ia ti. Whers Mr. F. U flavin. i; t . , r , rirrsTtct, t-r the Lotis-rXHe Jovnnl, make a easy aeknowiedrnxvt cf hi patrons favor; en ths occasion of the twnutj stiuU birthday of Us pwper. Two sf tbe brothers Was jib vajra, (Isbaki. s4 C C t M.'C.'s elect from Mains and Wisconsin, wtxs ta B t n on Friday. , Ben. Charles TV. UrBAst, of Essex County, is tbe " 1 " of ha new State Senate of Massarhn etta, being tbe senior member in point of service. J own M. Notts, Dr. Vibtob and Dr. Bcthvkk are araong the lecturers engaged for the new season by the Mercantile Library Association of Philadelphia. Col. Kori-osat has returned to Philadelphia rom tie Crimea, where he saw service. Miss Sara Stkvrss is giving dramatic readings in Buffalo. Erasti's Brooks discoursed of "Cuba" st Cleveland last week. Commander Charles II. Davis, formerly Superintendent cf the Vuited States Kautieai Almanac, hsting beeu ordered upon active naval service, has received the compliment of a very respectful letter from the Scientific corpe who aided him in the almanac calculations. He writes in reply : "Something has already beeu done in theoretical astronomy o! permanent value; but the present plans ol impiov, u.eut, juftited bv lie last liberal appropriation of Congrcw, for the continuation of the work, will, if tupportea by futur means, ai.d happily car-ritd out. )f. vo. a wonderful impulse to the progress of Attronoiny in America." A Philadelphia gosiper for the Pott writes : Your paper cf the 6th inst increased our curiosity to know v-ho is the subject of HiiLT i exq iisite portrait, now on exhibition at our Academy of Fine Arts, to such an extent that inquiries were made of ais friends in Ntw- ork, the answer to hch is that the fuir lady is Mi.-s Iia Tmos. the vo irgest diufh-ter of Col. TuoBK. the millionaire, of'.Ntv-Vork, who lttidt d many years in Pmis. and to whoi'i Mr. Ucai.v ik fcaid to be irjdelited in a measure for t'je good for-tunc t lint Lns atUnded hitn ; for althougn, to be sure, he could not without ,-reat tulcnts have acquired the diaiinctixn l.c- eutoys. et even the xsesion ofsujh ifls mreiy elevates tbe possessor to i te eminence which Hj m.y has attained at so eariv au aire, without iht tnrouragtinent and influence o; wejiltbr in n :. So many questions verc asked about th- be iui .ful oriciuai. that her name was at length written in en-e.l upon a piece of pair, and appended to the picture. The Arret of Snxnected Slave-Traders is. ltosten. From the Button Journal, Aor. 2. About the Utter end of last week a burglary was conm.i! tfcdjn the City of Salem, which put the enmin-U officers on the qui rive, and especially for any strange ond Kui-pii-ious character that might be seen abou--On Saturday morning information was received by the Hnlem authorities that a singular character a lon-iner had been skulking around the boat-ho iv. au unoccupied building in rnuth Hale in, and Uikiut they proceeded, with the hoi. of securing the perpetrator of the burglary. The mnn was taken intj custody, nud said his name was teoB.t K. Nxokct, aDd that he bad been captnin of the schooner w hich hud recently left Wil jiington. South Carolina, but that he had been wrecked near Cape Cod, and had. reached the shore at Salem after much hrd--hip. in one of the schooner's boats. As no boat could be seen, and as none had been seen on the oast nt that spot which could not be accounted for, the statement of Ni.cELr, in the latter iarticular, wj doubted. While on his way to Salem jail with the suspected indKidual, w ho said he w as a Spaniard, the officers encountered a Mr. Vr. Hist, a Spanish merchant iu 'his city, (at we are informed.) ana his brother-ln-ia. who became interested in tbe prisoner: and ftnail .. when Nelbbt was delivered over to the I'm ted States officer, 1k Mbka paid down $&.U00 bail for his future appearance, and he was released. While in Snlem. however, Nkiikkt stated that when hi schooner went down, he had taken care to remove JKMXH trom on board, which was designed for trading purposes, and that it had been buried in tbe sand at SsJem beach by himself, the rust nnd a Bailor who had come ashore with him in the boat, and he even irave the description of the spot in which the treasure was to be found. An investigation showed that the storv was a falsehood, although Nek bet insisted that it was not, and "hat the money must have been removed by bis companions. The information was sent to lioston, nd another search for the money proved fruitless on the part of the officers, tkquentlv Nti.atT was handed over to the C. S. Marshal, nnsi brought to thia city, where he was baUud by Ds Mesa, as described. This was on Tuesdujr last. On Wednesday morning Dk Meu came into the I'nited States Court with Nhx.cet. and delivered him up, receiving his Jo. (XX i bail, and then came the exposure of the affair, which before had been involved in greater mystery. In the presence of Ds Uiki. he dctiuvnitd him a an accomplice iu the tlape-trade. and ax eint participator in a theme of robber', which, it is to te presumed, iueluded the sacrifice of the pe-. uninry interests ot certain parties now unknown. Nn. bit declared that the Toe had been ftttea out at W iliningtoD. North CoxoUna, as a slaver, and that slut had proceeded on her vsyage, having Slo.UoO on board : but that arrangements had beeu made, in which Da Mr a Vras implicated, by the man N cubit (with what truth we havs no knowledge.) as s ccJ consj iraUr, to sink the ship, after having robbed her of the money intended for tiie purchase of slaves. On t'-iis accusation Dr Mbka was apprehended, and put under bonds of JlO.tsJO. The chanres against him art that be was engaged in the slave-trade, and that he was an accomplice in the act of plundering a vessel onthehign seas. The examination of the parties to this strange history will take place on Mundav morning next, at 10 o'clock. NifcBET says that he had tho schooner scuttled when M miles otT Cape Cod. and took to the boat and made for the shore as soon as she sunk. He ad heres to the story concerning the buried treasure, anr insists that He Mkxa and his brother-in-law. wh knew where it was bidden, have removed it. As w; hinted, there may well be doubt concerning th-rmth cf the story from first to last. Meantime, Mi lr Ur.A has been bailed; and more than usual in terest is felt in the question, whether there is a trea sure buried at Pickering's Cove, South Halem, or no.' If there is. anxious individuals, who are intent on it dii-covtry, may have a chance to get ricn all at once. If not, they will nnd themselves very much disappointed because of their L-ibor in vain. The above are statements made to us by parties who are reliable. Yunous rumors have been in circulation in regard to ths affair, among them one that Neubct was none other that the notorious Ds Costa, who as arrested in New-York a few days since, on the charge of fitting out the brig Braman for the Slave-trade, md escaped from the officer while on his way from the Court-Uouse to the jail, but instruction has been had from New-York that the description of Keoebt forwarded from this city does not tolly in any respect with that of De Costa. 8erias Aer ideal tbe Ncw.Ysrk aad Erie Sallrwasl. From the OUnn Adtertiaer, Ko. iS. A terrible accident happened yesterday morning to the Chicago Kx press, bound West, at the crossing half a mile Kast of Alleganv Station, occasioned by the breaking of a rail. The train was going at a fearful rate of speed, some of the passengers say 40 miles an hour, and nearly at of them say 85 miles hen the engine struck and broVe the rail, dragging the baggage-car off the track, and the two passe uger-cars in wHich were some ift or SO passengers becorn. lug uncoupled, went plunging into the earth, literally smashing them to pieces. The first passenger-car weLt over upon its side, thns loosening the forward wheels which came crashing through the floor of the car near its centre, stripping it of its furniture, and smashing everything before them. In this car ware some ten or twelve passengers, and marvelous as it muy seem, all escaped without serious injury. The second pansenger-rar was not so fortunate. In it were sous Is or SO passenger, and ths Conductor, Mikk Bu After uncoupling from ths first passenger-car, the second went to the left, first striking ths stone wall of the cattle-guard, then bounding forward to the sign-pofit at the road crossing, shivering it into a thousand sprinters tlien, still further forward and over on its side, where it lay when we reached the wreck. Both cars were literally gutted off their seats, and every pone of "glass and nearly all the blinds, and in fact the whole wood-work of the can was destroyed by the shock. The baggage-car was dragged some SO rods over the ties by the engine, which kept the track, but whether it was injured we did not learn, as it had been taken to Dunkirk - Looking at the wreck, it seems miraculous that half the passengers were not Instantly killed. Only thns persons were seriously hurt, and ws an glad to be able to stats that none were fatally injured. We eis. ited the three spoken of above, yesterday afternoon and found them all comfortable and doing weO. None of the passengers escaped injury, but three only were unable to proceed on their journey. Hoow Is. CaAM-BixiAUi took the train at this station at X o'clock, and escaped from the wreck with very little injury, although his clothes were badly torn. The following is a list of the injured: Jams B. Das roam arm broken, and back and breast injured. He is doing well. Bis residence is at the Bond-street House, New-York. He hi stopping at the Deveraux House. Edwaxs Nrwxixx, Middletown, X. T. Back bv jtrred, and strained cotuudermbiy. He is doing welL Ser. Mr. Bbabl, Cuba, N. Y Left eys sad head badly cut and braised, and his jaw fractured, Ths doctors think he is not fatally injured. He was removed to the residence of Elder Bbxaw. whsra haul V receiving everr attention. MabxBau, Conductor Cut abootth head and cruised about ths shoulders and arms. Ha went Ess on tne mall train to his residence at Hornellsvuis. S3" The Hamburg ship Sir Jfeftsrl Peat, lately ssaors on the point of ths Hook, wws yesterday Booming tewed to the City, snd bow Has a pisr Mo. East Ever, with tomrtsetater ba bold. BbSwffl immediately eommenos is dischsrg hsr eaiyo. A meeting at girUenea belonging-1 California was bald few Btuiday rranizig st the Mstrop. Htan HotcL to. srt on toot soovtsaent toyromat cut'jntiea to Jbat Stale. - . , DMsrawttra) Cawamgrsuissi sjV r,nass1ili ' " " Abontl t eclork las nisrht smoke was asuisiL.V ? b-uinrfross ths third storV f th tZa V1-bmldtog. oompii prtncipj'i, by stsssrsCorBTwrr " U COTMnt sa Www mam mm. AS. a -w w " saw wrsw USsV nmsmmj fmj SSaB-mj thewaolsttwttkths firm had a vsry tergsj stock of fotntore sad Mtsv! damsvid eondHioa. They ewtimats theirtoL J The iwsad nWwnsoerAsnWd by Mr. K. L RaBwBS. -T Mr. BsrrVs loss is tejOOO. " The boUding was owasd by Mr. Htwais Ossts. Jtr i H ; G's lom is ab,t INS, of wsitk fH OT.J-l" . by insurance. . --; Diving ths height of the emSBmua. a ewry ! V 4 portion sf the sctbvn wnU ted sntwnrd wltsfsj ' , mendons crash. ThefancgwsJI fca vats a, rmn one-etorted brick bimding Bdjowmsjrhebvwmrstra? . I tars and crashed it to th. ground ThtosmSbSSl X f ing was used as as office by tbe PhUadslpbis OasOL . pony. The loss ot the Company en rhss san edifies, . , , is not important. -rT , The following is a rimnirr of rhs Iosbm l tka . . ' ovman uratz Cowrtney t Willetta. .. fi. I. Btraes A. Brett Oermsn Society. J. K. Thomas ('a Company , 'Workmen, for tot 4s, &c -TKssn ........ lS.S'AO ,'' S,(ws '""' " " 8,tw - -- . ... . N tons ' - ....."TiiT.ow 7, Of this unoiiut UVer by lnsurance. i in n . llr. Robket Gi-Atx, one of the edUoe f the At. a: the trman kepub)rn paper ia MUwnnkee. was accidentally killed on ths Lake Shore KailreadI on Wednesday evening last. ' It appears that tuaZcZ. gineer of the afternoon train from this city erbea within a mile and a half of Mtlwsukee. it betnr Terr dark at the tiiae. discovered Sy ths light of ttrd!. torn the locomotive an obiset on the track, sums twenty or thirty rods in ad'vaaee. Befors he cosad check the train, or ascertain what the object was, as had passed it. After running into the depot theensrt-neer, anxious to see what he had run over, backed doy to the spot, and there discovered the dead locy of Mr. (JtaTz in- betweeB the rails, and dread, fullv mr.tib.ted. BUSINItISS NOTICES. WI' Wfll'I.n t l. irnrrinii' TO fit K STtKTK OF FANCY AND PLAIHQOODI. FOK GKJfTLFJrIES'8 WF.AJL c;r oei of Pln-he. Cashaieres, Cssslmeres asl Oear. roatinsn, comprises all tliat is Dewor destrableia thsasMv krt, and we mska thrm niialtk.lllK. -I , t , , our hou has so Iob- been celebrated. CUAS. It L'UUE, who for the past sevea years hasast ' "" our pantaloons. stUJ is with us. A, 4 G. A. AEVOCX. lraper asd TaOoss. ' '" Ko-KHBroaaw THF. GKEATE8T PlflWVr-RY QT THE AOt' ' "' Dr. TOBIAS' Yenetna Ualment, for (he ear of drsea-' 1sr tery, croup, ehelera. colic. rWomattsai. Ke mL a " should bewithjot thUralnabls remedr. Ererr hstT warranted. Hold by all the dregrtets sad stofrtsssZT - Dert No. (6 Cortlandt-st, New-York. price UamTmVS . Cents. -wm mwmt,, sss ; xM COPARTKEKSHrp.8TF.PBEK BtriH BM thU day sssoctated WAUTtK F. BHUSH.Jr mZZ li' kftuself. under the fins of BRUSH at CO., for tbewnZ. 4 of continninr tbe Provininn RiwIbmim. r ..,T v I en their own account, at No. S ftjatt la nuciLT K'bw-Yobx, Kov. t, tffia. A BIocal. for tbe Ladiics. bx "a Pol low r. ockma. The lady had a drr foods bin, Tht items larse, Uie total "steesi ' And, fearing it would rsx her lord. In vsin she wsoed the bairn of sleen. A dream across her mind did shoot.' And. like s gtri of plank and pfth. hhe ordered a mestsemfiwionssnR, Mace In the uohle.t style by $m irj N"t mc rninr. when her rporue awoke Tbe mstrhlpf sarfts we by his side A theesand tender thiiun tteapoke-t - ' . A thousand tender thinrs he Kicked She len him forwanl te the rWT She slieved I htmsrlf. then showed her bill , " A trifle, dariine 1st it ss : 1 lira won at for it sheajsu rill f A moral tnrlh tlwse Hswe enntsfa. ,J h femab- world ehontd heed Uiesnoral ; Tril aavr fiietn wtnea Sainestie pain, Ani niany an awkward dry reeds m arret, V hene er ther nt ka " max a brut" TA Mr, ln'U m - .1 . v ' i i J :' Tjt Ihmi . u LlM i.k : . 'a ' r ' m Itu VUll V .. .. .'r ii, mm uiwr imioorflii nsOTuCBSr i . i. .t- vw-, iw vtooii aiis awe trssif ro'rk!D Wmrrr:'tt' t and li FratoaA., slew- -' ORF.AT PAI.E OF CHINA, BROKZEA. cioCKA.' RHAKDKLiKi:.' SILYER-PLAtYiD 'WiL JaZ KIAK - AND PAU1HAK FANCY OOOuX'tt N. Wl and Ml Brosdraj-.-F. V. HAUCM wbrT bavinr determined to effect an tmHre cliwrawas of hU f""' k rrvloiis to removal t Lis sew store, offer ilienrirjciral portion am con. The food hat c been selected In Euros tbw. season wttk r.f??1 rre- , eoniprb an nnciuaied assortinrat . of the tolioa-inc articles: Plain and decorated r' reach Chins dining serrteee. I sto and decorated French China dessrrtarrrkea Plain and decorated Freacti Ctlna tea services. i rench gilt bronze snd marble clocks, from St to SSO ni brorire staroettes, csBdelabraa. Ac ' Pa rUssUtisuT, vases, pitchen. sVe. ' , I" RMver-tilsU tea seU, urns, wsrtnw. rak bs.kfts, sVeJ Flesant hrr nrh :htlia vases, tri o. sS SS to SISS iwrlHur Fn nch, KnrlL-h aad American cliandeUerm. PJaln.ei and Bohewiiaa mmm ware. Pliisihers' basins, and an inuaeas varlstr of other article, toe nnmeroo to mrntiun. . T.riU 7ow r nlr for sair oa sfoodwf. Dec. ' 1. with the uterr of every article marked insJaia ftcare. id no deviaUoo wbatrrsreaB be saadv. HrRRIJiG'8 PATEKT CHAMPION rTR'.PX'W SAFES With Hall'. Patent JwwdJrW same that were awarded swraA medals st the Woril'a XtSi, and are th- only American 6is that wsn- awa.-3 ' medals at tbe Landua World's Fair. " v TneseSafes are bow ad it it ted So be smeito ts assy " ever offered the public and the gubstiribeis rhal lease sas world to produce an lnABce of Lhne rlafw faiiia. u lew. . .-A serve their confeau throurb the hottet! tres, or a sure I piekinc the lock. V u The subscribers snd tkelr ainU are the onlr n isasl h sntborixed to make aad sell Herring's Patent Chasui4asl " ' Safe, with Hair. Patent Powder-Proof Leeks. . c- H ERRfNO sV CO.. Gresa Block, . 13S, 7 and 1J Waiar-st. and S Murrar-sk. Ksv-Ysss, , CrBTAJS MATEJUALS A!tD WIKDOW 8HABEB ' AT WKIIW.H . . t KELTV 4 rEBwCSOBT, Ho. M Iwoedwar, sag Ko. M Beaded., bare a rtdt aad choies stock of Bsavaa- ttia. Satis Da LAiwas, Wosms Damasks, Leoaaa ' Me auw Cvxtas, Cosaaoaa, Outra, sV whisk mra i offered at ths lowest prleea, . -VYijiiHiw SuABBv-Owr stock sTVnww SaABsssm' v the larsrst In New- ork. sad our S8 parlor suauaeari as . .' facihties ensbls u to offer these (nods href than any athar " . bouBss. W In rite the attstitioa ef efass hoy era. SIHGER'8 ftEWING MAC HIVES. THE 13CCTTaV -J ment of elect iona having ceased, ws invite ths "alien Una.' ' of an iudichsis snd moneyisklnf peraons te ear m- ' ' proved extsa-rspM 8ewtnr Msrhines. htm of tint wfeihi ' " sttradinsto polirieal anattmjand Ins ef effies, or thw fsinre toebtaiaeraee.Biar jnaedllv he saada as br ts '' nse of a Sewios Machine, we say to every aaaehaiSe Sa i wboar trade a Bewins Macrtna raa be ewinlorsd. that a 1M of l,Wie a year i, :(T rpd fcr rnkif wtUKmtswa. . f I. M. MaOER, ,A CO.. Ko, Ms Broadway. X BATCHEIB-S IIAIRlYE, WIGS AND Trj-i PFJ-J The best In tbe world r the only reliable Hair f ' Irj-s kaewn. terfeet aad awtaaiaareass karaltw aad -brantlfiil in its remits. Apesied la twelvs nival inaais - BATCHEI.OR'8 WIGS nnss allVTJ?lrrSrTt V 1 ments srWr the intere4 that BATCH tUOK'S are- permanent. Avoid tbe ridicule attached tw set res and i , onsighUy aim. The larswst and best stack always a , . .. BATCH FXOB8, We, ua Broadway. fc j RrPTC RE. OK LY PKIZE JfKDAL AWAIOEO J to MARSH A CO. by th IndortrUI Exkibttisa of aU ' " , Nations, st the tTval Palaee. Bar tharBw mtmi toi.,'" cai Lura l raas. KacereroBB a ts Rs wm Valestine Mott, Willsrd Parker Chan. On a from tAMIatP If 1 sKraertatatT 'aadobaJI i Plotss' at B JohaM-Cara-.j MARSH at CO- We. ts Msldrs Mas, Kew-Ysrk.y !' JET ORKAMEXT8.-COMPMMNO HUCtLTTg, '1 biwcbrB. carbines, necUares. eaaMataes. hsir-aias, fx sltwve-bsittoBs stads. dcs. Ala Jet and oU swslsssa, . .V hraeetets. sets, 4a: jet and (old cross Bins sad aar-naae . ,T t black fans, bars, purses, fte., at ' ' OSBOKKE, BOA RDM Alt A TOWTTSEinra. fe Ko. (HI Brsadwsr.sorasr Stciaff et, ,x i. mAIaJtOA rsOSk ' !:-5.7-W3it" A CARGO Of mum TORS, ERIE 1ATTEJW.' r afieat, fcir sale by . , '.--u t-it w ' THEODORE TEHOX, ' . KaMWssl-et.;'''?? .- KesjrhWoadway -i CURT AW MATERIALS At crest bsraaias, at ths Oas-Pri vsniaAliTic Ko. SSt Braadwsv, asrasrar rBsaUta st - 15' EVERY FAMILY THAT HAS OAS TS THTTR. Jwollinsa shMld bars eaa ef DEMORE4Tfl Marie sf fa lata re Gas Csuk-atsass, wkwa taraahsB ta snoSl.enV. cssetaad ssrfeot sm n; i i st far sangras foe esobM - pueaotia aow kbowb. rnecs, Tsesnts sas Sa. aw s ths bars wars sna JET BRACTXETb ARK SOLD AT tOGTXf BABAASv-Jet Bresehss are at 1- ,. WfBawyGeedssst,rsdra. DFrTAJfCE SALAJtAKDKS B AFTA ROTtTT 7ATK1CK ia th sui aaaBefaeBsrer ia the I aiit e 4 tba abus rsislswtsd Bssss sad mmtnm T . Deasne Lacks aad Cm tiw lsA.WrBara , a dosesalowMsidesHane. j, .. r , BEXXMAV SV COMPAKT. sta PSfT"' will avian taaa aania 1 sac s oC Dsrsa bu rv ) art. toe crrsleat harraia ner (Orrrd. Aba. ss yicna aj IV lTaid, at Is rt -l-a- t ' A

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