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St. Louis, Missouri
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a day's in tine yu kt0 oroe deserving man oma? If not, read The story today. HOME EDITION VOL. 29 NO, 120. ST. LOUIS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1915.

0E rTVTT St- Lwn, Sf.rkr Town and Cities yy EI.SKWHEHK TWO CENTS IAN GUILTY, The Weather lRS. J. J. SINGER, baby daughter Bernice and son 111 Phillip, in top picture. Dr.

Singer, below. MOTHER DROPS, BABYHURLEDOUT WINDOW IN FIRE 50,000 RUSSIANS TAKEN BY KAISER IN EAST PRUSSIA IB SK MONTHS IHE CITY JAIL ELECTRIC RATES PAID HERE MADE IN NEW YORK Charges Are Fixed at Office of H. D. Mortimer, Who Heads Union and Missouri Electric and North American Cos. Forecast for St.

Louis and Vicinity: Fair tonight and probably Thursday; warmer tonight; fresh winds; the lowest tem-leratiire tonight wISi be above the freezing point. Family of Five, Trapped by Flames in Second-Story Apartment, Rescued, but Punishment As-Jbv Jury Against Man Luring High Girl to Flat. Berlin Official Statement Says Only Remnant of Big Army Escaped, Leaving War Supplies Behind. Two Are Hurt. APPEAL NOTICE, drn ON $1,000 BOND FATHER, SON, MAID ESCAPE UNINJURED PLEDGE TO REDUCE COST NOT FULFILLED GREECE AND TURKEY ARE READY TO FIGHT Heard in Court Room Defendant Is Engaged JjSM Daughter of Illinois Alarm Given by Neighbor, Whose Door Bell Is Rung by Crossed Electric Wires, Believed Cause of Blaze.

Charge Still 10 Cents Per K. W. Despite Keokuk Dam, While Cleveland Pays 3 Cents for Same Amount. Ultimatum Demanding Apology Expires Tomorrow-Three German Submarines Damaged in British Raid. LeRoy H.

Newman. United States Department of Agriculture, Local Office of the Weather Bureau. Record for the twenty-four hours ending1 7 a. February 17, 1915, and a comparison with the corresponding day for the last three years. Ha- rirc- Wind Pr-Temp, mldlty.

tion. Vel. clp. Wrathei 7 p. 42 43 SE 10 0 Clear 7 a.

34 67 10 0 Clear 1912 1913 1914 1915 Highest 56 59 62 44 Lowest 37 42 22 31 Average 46 50 42 38 Precipitation 0.00 0.00 0.0 0.00 Statement of the condition of the temperature and precipitation at St. Louis, Excess In temperature for the day, 4 degrees; excess in temperature since ebruary 1, 103 degrees; accumulated excess in temperature since January 1, 44 degrees; deficiency in precipitation for the day, .11 inch; deficiency in precipitation since February .82 inch; accumulated deficiency in precipitation since January 1, .20 inch. READINGS. Midnight .38 6 a. ....34 1 a.

35 7 a. 34 2 a. 35 8 a. 35 3 a. 35 9 a.

38 4 a. 34 10 a. 41 5 a. 34 11 a. 4 4 Sun rises at 6:50 a.

m. Sun sets at 5:40 p. m. won iruiltv of a JPflfflra on assault and as- ie maximum punlHhment, six in sealed BERLIN (By Wireless), Feb. 17.

The tremendous victory of the Germans over the Russians in East Prussia was won under the eyes of Emperor William. More than 50,000 prisoners were taken by the Germans, who also captured more than fifty cannon and sixty machine gi-ns. Only a remnant of the Russian Army, which consisted of more thaa 200.000 men succeeded in escaping across the frontier into Russia. vast quantity of ammunition and other supplies was abandoned by the Czar's troops in their flight. These facts are set forth in an official statement issued at the War Office today.

NIXE-HAY K.XTTLE. The conflict lasted for nine day! in the Mazurian Lake region and terminated in a decisive triumph for the Why is it that the average user of electric current in St. Louis has not benefited from the building of the Keokuk Dam across the Mississippi River? When the Mississippi River Power Company asked Congress for the right to build the dam its plea was that electricity could be made more cheaply by water power than by steam power. The all powerful hand of ncture would furnish water power absolutely for nothing, it was Congress granted the company the right to build the dam. The dam was built.

Wires have been run to St. Louis and we are using 60,000 horse power current from the dam, yet there has been no reduction whatever in' electric current rates to the average consumer and to a few big consumers there has been only slight reduction. Investigators for The Star have Si rf. is I the Liiy turned at 11:30 o'clock last Ttftr two hours deliberation. at 10:20 a.

m. today in Si Court He 'J trial two days on a charge lt, preferred by Miss Glen-frtrhuro, 17-year-old high school attorneys immediately of appeal, and he was lib-V oJ $1 000 appeal bond signed 1 brother. Samuel V. Newman. of South St.

Louis, Ket'hum was not in the whe tithe verdict was re-lA appeared uncon- Bernice Singer, 2. years old, was thrown, and her mother, Mrs. J. J. Singer, dropped, from a second story window of their burning home, 3837A Shenandoah avenue, to the ground, twenty feet below, at 2 a.

m. today. Bernice fell on her side and was severely bruised. Mrs. Singer's feet were cut.

Three other members of the household. Dr. J. J. Singer, Phillip Singer, 5 years old, and Miss Maude Schuler, a maid, escaped uninjured.

Fire was discovered by Frank Joste, who, with his wife, occupies the apartment on the first floor. He roused Dr. Singer by shouting and telling him to drop his children from the window, as the front hallway was filled with smoke. Dr. Singer first dropped Phillip, and Joste caught the boy.

Bernice then was wrapped in a blanket and thrown, but Joste failed to catch her and she struck the ground. Joste then went for a mattress for the rest of the family to jump on. Mrs. Singer was almost overcome with smoke, so she dropped from the window ledge before the mattress arrived. Dr.

Singer waited for the mattress, and dropped to it without injury. The maid tield a handkerchief over her face and went down the smoke filled stairway in safety. The two Singer children are recovering from the measles. They were hurried to the home of a neighbor, and today were resting well. The fire started from crossed wires in the basement.

Joste said he was awakened by the ringing of a door bell, due to the crossed wires. The building and furniture were damaged $2,500. STEAMSHIP SAUIXGS. Steamers sailing from New York today: Megantic, Liverpool; Minneapolis, London. Due to arrive today: Minnehaha, from London; Sebek, from London; Bretange, from Newcastle: Gibraltar, from Gibraltar; City of Macon, from Bremen; Pathfinder, from Bremen; Brindilla from Shields: Henrik.

from Copenhagen; Edison Light, from Germans. The victory was later cele X- nt Circuit Attorney niram m. prosecuted the case for the t. Flint, secretary of the brated in the town of I.yck, where Emperor William personally congrat ulated his soldiers, who sang "Deutch Ammonia Company, was land Uber Alles," in their exultation. The War Office statement, which is based upon an official report from th German General Staff, follows: 6f the jury.

jJttlRU IS CHARGE. a Ketchum alleged Newman Ser to a flat in the 3900 block Phersoii avenue one Sunday last fall, and there made jr tdvanees. bv Judge Cave were on SHIP BILL PASSED BY HOUSE, IS SENT AGAIN TO SENATE TWO-MINUTE JITNEY SCHEDULE, WITH 20 CARS, ESTABLISHED -an issault. on which the maxi- guilty for conviction is six -s, in the Workhouse. litharge on which Newman was If: tOl I I found the answer to the question the people have been asking since the completion of the dam.

While the offices of the Union Electric Company is given as Twelfth and Locust streets. St. Louis, the rates are made at 30 Broadway, New York. CONTROLLED IN NEW YOllK, The New York address is also the address of the North American Company. The president of the North American Company is H.

D. Mortimer. Mortimer is also president of the Union Electric Company of Missouri, and head of the Mississippi River Power Company, owners of the Keokuk Dam. An examination of the list of stockholders shows that the North American Company is a holding company for the Mississippi Rivet Power Company, the Missouri Electric, the Union Electric and a lot of other companies. As head of the Missouri River Power Company, Mortimer sells current to the Missouri Electric.

As headof theMJssourf Electric he the current 'for the Missouri Electric and resells it to the Union Electric, i As head of the Union Electric he buys the current from the Missouri Electric and fixes the price the consumer I in St. Louis has to pay. That is the reason St. Louis resi- "In a battle lasting nine days in tho Mazurian Lakes district, the Russian Tenth army, consisting of eleven infantry divisions and several cavalry divisions, was not only driven out of-its strongly entrenched positions east of the lake olateau, but was aMo driven over the frontier, being utterly defeated at almost every point. (A division of infantry consists of 18,000 men.

The Russian infantry la this battle therefore number 198.000 men, and with the cavalry divisions the Tenth 'Army was well over 200,000.) Only remnants of the Russian army managed to escape to the woods easti of Suwalkl and Augustowo (in Russia) where they are being pursued. "The enemy's losses were very high. The number of prisoners taken by the German troops has not yet been ascertained definitely, but It was certainly over fifty thousand We captured more than fifty cannon and sixty Manager of Service Says Five More Autos Will Join Fleet. SPORT FOR PASSENGERS H. C.

TULLEY, ILL, RESCUED WHEN HIS HOME BURNS Patrons of Busses and Street Cars Take Turns Jeering Each Other. Henry C. Tulley, confntd to V.U bf i and unable to walk, was rescued by his two daughters, his son and neighbors when his home on Oakwood ave iiamore serious one, but the ipored all testimony, but that Newman forcibly kissed the top about the courtroom was iNwman la engaged to. be mar- (o the daughter of a wealthy and merchant in a small Tl-j town, and that this young hu stood by him since Miss iiiiu brought charges again him. toe is said to have been vis-iiiiSt.

Louis two or three weeks mi ilnce her return home has aim daily letters. 'If? father, it is said, had been in during the two days Atrial, listening to the evidence, 'sir. was asked about this, and re--e to either deny or affirm. the stand at 4 o'clock ii) afternoon. He gave his age fears, and told how be had id i from an errand boy to his position as head of an ad-ajtency.

He said since Miss had preferred charges him he has passed the bar 'M'lons. HIGHBAIJA A schedule was started Measure Carries in Lower Body at Night Session by 215 to 121. BUT FIFTEEN ROLL CALLS Nineteen Democrats Bolt Party and Vote With Republicans Against Bill. WASHINGTON, Feb. i7.

The United States Senate today became the final arbiter of the fate of the ship purchase bill, when the measure which was put through the lower body at 1:2 4 o'clock this morning, by a vote of 215 to 121, was sent over to it. Leaders on both sides declared the bill either will be awaiting President Wilson's signature by the end of the wook or will be laid aside with all hope gone for its passage at this session. The prospects appeared to favor the latter, as the Republicans were nue, Webster Park, St. Louis County. was destroyed by fire at 9:30 clock last night.

Misses Geraldine and Alice Tulley and their brother, John, i aided in carrying their father to the Detporte Photos. home of neighbors after the fire broke out. The damage to the house and its contents, including several valuable oil paintings, was estimated at $2 Tulley is superintendent of the Wainwrlght Building. He is under a doctor's care today. His wife was at a card party at a neighbor's home when the fire broke out.

AUTOIST RUNS DOWN, PROBABLY FATALLY HURTS MAN, FLEES on the jitney bus line with twenty cars in the fleet of the St. Louis Motor Service Company today. Five hundred passengers were carried the firat two hours of the morning, according to the estimate of William H. Fears, president and general manager of the jitneys. "Five more machines will join us as soon as the chauffeurs get their licenses," said Fears.

Among the early morning passenger's was Rev. William J. Williamson, pastor of the Third Baptist Church, who was recognized by many of his friends along the route. He bowed and smiled la friends who hailed him Mummy was that the girl dents are paying ten cents a kilowatt hour for water power electricity, while in Cleveland the residents get electricity for three cents after digging down in 1he mines for coal to run their electric power plants. CLE ELAND HATES LOW.

Business men of Cleveland have been surprised to learn that St. Louis is still paying practically the same rate for current they paid when electricity was made by steam power. In the old days the coal to make electricity was mined in Illinois. When it reached the Mississippi River the Terminal exacted a toll of 20 cents a ton. In spite of that handicap electricity was retailed at 10 cents a kilowatt hour.

When the Mississippi River Power Company was formed St. Louisans had high hopes of greatly reduced rates. Continued on Page Two. 'to or three highballs with him rian friend of his in the rath-' the Liederkranz Club the determined to continue their filibuster. The method of pressing the House bill in the Senate was under when the hour for convening ar KM he met her, and that she they go to "a lonesome table JUDGE HOGAN TRIES TO RECONCILE COUPLE, FAILS Victim Is Believed to Be James Smoot, 1234 Carr mer'and declined to drink i fmonade, but preferred high Street.

machine guns. A vast quantity war material was also taken, but figures are yet available'. KAISER PRESENT. "Emperor William was present at the decisive conflict in the center of the fighting line. "The victory was won by -the veteran.

Eat-t Prussian troops and by other troops, who. though young, proved their worth in achievement. "These troops supported the fighting under the most fearful weather conditions due to torrential rains. They marched and fought day n1 night and their achievements against such a stubborn enemy are beyond all praise. "Field Marshal von Hinderburg directed the operations, which were carried out by the masterly hand of Lieutenant General von Kichhorn and General von Buelow.

An important epic in the war was marked by thei battle for Lyck. which offered th Russians a firm point of support. "The Germans hiicceeded under th eyes of Emperor William in driving the enemy out of the town on February 14. Immediately afterward th Emperor appeared upon the street. The German warriors pressed around the Emperor.

wh spoke personally to many men and officers. "Suddenly 'the national anthem, Deutohland l'eber rang out. loiter the Emperor visited the outskirts of the town and was greeted by other troops stationed there. 11 delivered an enthusiastic speech tc two battalions of Pomeranian grenadiers, in which he praised highly th achievements of the troops." 1 from the sidewalks and street cars GREETINGS EXCHANGED. bid her conversation was flin- Police Judge Hogan's attempt to reconcile 'a man and his wife were anded abruptly this morning when the wife declared she wouldn't go back to live with her husband "if he were the last man in the The woman was Mrs.

Theresa Harris who caused her husband, Thomas Street car and jitney passengers have taken to exchanging greetings with each other as they ride to work from Taylor avenue and Delmar boulevard downtown each morning. If a jitney passes a street car it is a signal for all the jitney riders to waive their hands at the car passengers, and when a street car passes a "he told htm she was a a commercial artist. Sfsted a jolly party for the fol-he said, and told his had a friend, "a jolly goo.l lh ould like to bring. Sho soin? to a quiet place, where sd sins and dance, and named use on the Clayton road. New- MISSING BROTHER'S DEATH i nnurn nv 1 1 ir i 1.

Harris, to be fined $100 on Feb- A man supposed to be James Smoot, 1234 Carr street, was run down and probably fatally injured at 9 a. m. today by an automobilist who turned east into Franklin avenue from HUii street on the north instead of on thi south side of the street. The automobilist speeded away without turning to see how badly his victim was injured. Such action constitutes a felony.

J. L. Iaxton, 2352 Plover avenue, placed the injured man in his automobile and took him to the City Dispensary. He was unconscious and suffering a (fractured skull. He was taken to the City Hospital, where doc- i jitney with the chauffeur underneath rived.

The leaders were planning to ask for a conference, as the Weeks naval mail line bill, which was made a part of the House ship bill, has passed the Senate. This move would deprive the upper house of a chance to amend the bill, as it then would come before the Senate as a conference report not subject to change. Such a course, however, the Democratic leaders recognized, would make it impossible to prevent a Republican filibuster. In sharp contrast to the strained situation developed in the Senate over this matter, the House made a festival of passage of the bill and had so good a time that Speaker Clark was compelled to suggest that it was "neither a beer garden nor a vaudeville show." Even the Republican filibuster was not as vindictive as it could have been. Minority Leader Mann demanded only fifteen roll-calls when he could have forced sixty-three, and suddenly permitted a vote after the members had prepared to sit through! the night.

There were many speeches for and against the bill, tut the ora- tors did not appear to treat the situ- ation seriously. Members entered the car working with a monkey the street car passengers take their turn at cheering. Of the twenty cars in the jitney Lrrincu di wiAmifci ruary (n a charge of peeping at her when she was at her mother, A telegram to the St. Louis Police nc me 505o South Spring avenue, fol-Department last night telling of the 0 Ving their separation. In her testi-death of Harry Tobias.

54 years old, onev todav she said that after he at Gradalup. was read by Pa-1 as nned ne came to her home and trolman James Riley of Central Dis- threatened her. trict. Riley showed it to his brother-1 judge Hogan started diplomatic in-law, John Tobias, 2630 Rutger overtures to reconcile the touple, but street, who. from the description in when Mrs.

Harris objected, the case the telegram, identified the body as 1Vas dismissed. following day, Sunday. he wndshe said she "just must I Place to take the lonesome- a dull evening." He called Rsked her mother to ac- them. She rpfiitH i service, two are the regulation bu.sses, one is a motor truck big enough to carry thirty passengers, and the rest I I anl ors said he probably will die. that or nis oroiner.

wno left Here in the gold rush of 1875, and was heard from last at Seattle, fourteen years ago. John Tobias wired to Gradalup to have the body prepared for burial A note book giving the name. James Smoot, and the address of James R. Smoot, Marmaduke, a brother, were found on him. Laxton gave the police the license number of the machine that ran CANT QUIT DRINKING, ASKS DEATH SENTENCE are luurmir cars ui species.

There is one second-hand oar in the service, which came from the shop in 1907, but which has a lot of speed in it yet. STEERING GEAR "ILL." Last night as it was going out 3 SUBMARINES REPORTED DAMAGED IN AIR RAID He said it probably would be brought Evan Clark, a negro, charged with -must be home by 10 o'clock. the gin if she preferred to his "Aunt Emily" on the or t0 see JJrs Anna Jen, his. on McPherson those the latter place, he there, she declined beer or a highball, and after a that she was bored to put on her hat. svin? 'Shome.

He admitted he cause he believed he in takin? her the house, and when Smoot down. It is an Illinois license. to St. Louis. being drunk on the street, begged vvasnington avenue rrom roumi siri the chauffeur became ambitious and Harrv Tobias was a hrmhsr r.f -vr Judse Hozan to have a policeman Iona Cleaver, 224 Fillmore street take him into the corridor outside or several lal PACKING COMPANIES FILE -4 rmmore street taive nim iniu me cuiiiuui uuiaiuj ui i to private parties.

As tne Mrs. Nellie Hag ben of the Rutger tne courtroom and shoot him. toda belon; nd Miss Katherine Judge Hogan said it was not in hia jitney belonging and Mic Hozan said it was not in hia Jitney the big tars street ad.tress would pass tho iMOTION FOR A REHEARING Tobias, housekeeper at the Wednes- power to order a policeman to shoot passengers would cheer wildly. When hen neared Grand avenue, the CITV. Feb.

17. A Hji- Clnh In prisoner I the Jitney motion for a rehearing was filed to- rfv hv thf fiie hiz narkins comna. Then Judge, sentence me to b- I steering gear neeame m.u handed. I -can't quit drinking." the! chauffeur had to stop for repairs. One negro pleaded.

I after another the big touring cars JUDGE LEAVES BENCH, BEATS UP WIFE BEATER LONDON. Feb. 17. Wiih her na I plans completed to meet the submarine campaign which Germany will launchi against her tomorrow. England awaited the issue today with all lmnee, confident in her ability, not only 'n ward off the German attacks, but to effect a blockade of the German Coast that will shorten the war.

Rejoicing over yesterday' successful raid of the British Aviation Cot upon the German naval base at Zee-brugze. Belgium, was increased today by reports that the bombs dropped by the forty aeroplanes in the fleet ha seriously damaged three German sub-Continued on Pag Two. ordered him locked I passed me waning juny anu m- Judge Hogan nies which were conditionally ousted and fined $20,000 by the Supreme Court last we-k. The companies conditionally ousted and fined were Mor- automobile he told her: I my sister and to! Vfu' strange men and' 1 Would 'ou le girl j.0 angrv. she left I a'uTd more from! V.

awyer telephoned him up until tomorrow, tried. when he will be drivers or the private cars sinw-u at (the jitney who seemed oblivious to all their surroundings. WILKES BA RE, Feb. 17. the chamber whenever a quorum call was ordered, but merrily vanished as soon as the roll was completed.

The fate of the measure in the House had been decided by caucus, and it remained only to vote. On the final roll-call nineteen Democrats bolted their party and voted against the bill. They were: Bath-rick. Ohio: Borchers. Illinois: Callaway, Texas: Dies.

Texas; Donohue. Pennsylvania; Fitzgerald, New Yorkj Gerry. Rhode Island; Gordon. Ohio; Jones. Virginia; Kindel.

Colorado; Kit chin. North Carolina: Morrison. Indiana; Moss. Indiana; Page, North Carolina; Saunders. Virginia; Slay-den.

Texas; Whitacre. Ohio; White, Ohio; Witherspoon. Mississippi. No Republicans voted for the bill, but five Progressives gave it their support, as follows: Bryan. Washington: Kelly.

Ifferty. Oregon; McDonald, Michigan; Murdock. Kansas. After Mrs. Jot)n Kotch had testified that her husband had blac-kened her I eyes Justke of the Peace Miller left BRITISH SHIP COMPANY i ris Company, Swift Company.

Armour Company, The St. Louis Dressed Beef and Provision Company, iand the Hammond Packing Company. ALBERT WATSON NAMED STOPS CHANNEL TRAFFIC his hencn at woyersville and attacked the husband. He thrashed ILLINOIS COURT JUSTICE! 1 AUo-ney Huam X. TWILIGHT SLEEP USED IN Kotch so roundly that both his eves' were discolored, his nose hrnt.r, FOLKESTONE.

ENGLAND, Feb. 17 OPERATION ON MAIM. 70 Feb. SPRINGFIELD. Albert Watson of his body bruised.

1. fcteamsnip oinces nere jwsieu Resuming his position on the notice today that beginning tomorrow a i Mount Vernon tesx lne case for the At wh' he took the i "ersoi avenue house, ht he wa a Bo-x I told him she was a SUFFRAGE BILL IS PASSED BY NEW JERSEY SENATE i they will suspend traffic between leading lawyer of Southern YORK, Feb. 17. Twilight the Justice of the Peace said 1 r- Folkestone and Calais and Boulogne was used in an operation on was api-Kjinieo jusurc ui lur John Kramberg. 70 years eld, in the court oy governor uunne ioua, im- ing the vacancy caused by the death Sieved he would! taking her there, i "tk i.

"rt of entertain- Flushing Hospital today. What the of Justice Alonzo K. lckers of E- in the English Channel "for a fev days." The suspension, however, is believed to be for an indefinite period, or until there is no further danger from German submarines. Now that I have given to you a 1 dose of your own medicine, I order yon" locked up until you give a pledget not to beat your wife again." I Kotch insisted that this was a free country and that his citizenship' papers gave him the right to beat his wife if he so desired. of the operation was no one i connected ith the case would tell.

St. Louis. He was sworn in at on- fU fa'-. your sister to sue For the first time since the he present jt jt wag Mid that had been en State Constitution was adop A 4 -v nu. optea.

tirelv successful and the patient was SCANDINAVIAN LINER i IS HELD BY BRITISH nois has a Democratic Supreme Court, i improving. iSl.OSS.OOU 5ALAKT BILL, Watson being Democrat. I'nort er, and th Wl" -ction. by his I PASSFS IN STATE SF.NATEf He will serve idat'e "for' elecMonfor I PATROLMAN ON "BURGLAR he will be cand th ninl I BELIEVES MAN WHO TRIED jTO SELL LOCK ROBBED HER DUTY," HIS HOME ROBBED TRENTON. N.

Feb. 17. Th Senate yesterday passed! the woman suffrage amendment to the State Constitution. 17 to 4. The House passed the resolution two weeks ago, and the tuestion will be submitted to the voters for acceptance or rejection in September.

BOSTON. Feb. 17. Tb proposed woman nurfrage amendment to the State Constitution wan passed yesterday by the House by a vote of 19 to It was be acted on by th voters at the election next November, having already passed the Senate. As soon as the result was announced a shower of Jonquils thrown by women in the galleries fell aiaons the legislators.

KranZ CIUb' Jttrtuw.v Lii reo. the ensuine six years. urn wwi. lr "ac0b Meeker Con- While Motorcycle Policeman Shaw was on emergency duty at STRUCK BY BIT OF LIME, MAY LOSE SIGHT OF EYE NEW YORK. Feb.

17. The Oscar II the Scandinavian liner which left this port February 4. with 600 passengers, was picked up by a Bruisn cruiser and taken into Kirkwall last Sunday, according to a cable received bv the companies' officials here today. The line officials believe that the steamer is beiag held until her cargo can be examined. Our announcement this 'evening appear, on VyfcfiffljxD BARK CO.

some woto oo cross- xamin' The civil nst dih, appropriating 088.000 for the salaries of all civil officers of the State for the years 1915 and 1916. passed the Senate unanimously this morning. The bill has been passed by the House. The bill is the same as passed two years ago. The measure was pas-ed with an emergency section, permtttics the bill to go into effect fct once.

Mrs. Clem O'Leary suspects a man. who tried to sell her a burglar-proof lock, of robbing her home. 1613 Blair avenue afternoon. Mrs.

O'Leary returned to find $70 cash and her jewelry gone. She told the police that a man called Friday and Monday, and urged her to buy the burglar-proof lock. 'M r. Laclede Avenue Station last ready to answer burglar alarms, bur-j glare got into his home. 3704 HebtTt street, and stole two silver watches! and three rings.

Shaw's wife found the house rot-bed when sht returned I home at 9 o'clock, a fi called her er when sh Godfrev Keller, a plasterer, 2419 Plover street, was struck in the left, eye by a bit of hot lime while plastering a house at 4109 Flad acenue late yesterday. He may lose the eye. the Stern woman's ern woman's Ii. sii..

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