The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1944
Page 8
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I ' , 181 ..v • ^ V,I ;• 1! V. ' II EIGHT Yankees, 10 to 0 . - 1 ' Borewy Is Pounded For 5 Runs In First 'Inning Last Night * By United 1'rcss The Cleveland Indians are tjing the American League race Into nn- other knot. The Tiibe handed the New York Yankees a solid 10 to 0 walloping In Cleveland last night. And now just one game scpaiatcs the second plsce Yanks and the fourth place Indians, with the Boston Red So\ sandwiched in between, half a game away fiom the Bother two clubs. The Indians pounced on Hank Borcwy- for five ruin in the fhst inning and just waltzed In from there. Rookie Steve Gromck gave the Yanks six hits as lie shut them out: At Detroit the Boston Hcd Sox sprayed IS hits all over the paik to beat the Tigcis 7 to 3. Yank Terry lasted seven Innings foi the Sox to win, while Rufc Gcntiy took the loss. The league leading St. Lo'ils Brouns had an easy (line ttouliciiitj the Philadelphia Athletics 0 to 1 at St. Louts. Bob Munerlef Luman'HariiS in thai one. At Chicago'the White Sox out- hit' tho Washington Smatois to top them 9 to 6 with Bill Dietrich n Inning and Mickey Hacfner losing. There was plenty nf healthy Mugging In the National Tongue games. Tl»£Pittsburgh Pirates head the bill with llicii 15 to 0 trouncing of the New Yoik Giants, at,New. York..Next in line are the Chicago Cubs, they walloped the Brooklyn Dodgers 14 to 0 at Brooklyn' The league-lending St. Ixjuis Cardinals did their shnie with n 9 to 0 decision ovci the Philadelphia Phillies at: Philadelphia. And the light - hitting Cincinnati Reds brought up the icar with a C to 2 victory over the still lighter-lulling Boston Biaies at Boston. Just anolher guy named G. I Joe. He caught a nasty hunk of shrapnel in the head while helping .to capture St. Lo, France, and he's 'lying patiently, awaiting removal to a hospital. War Jxmds you buy help equip Ihose hospitals. •it*. DOPE BUCKET J. r. I'UU.S NEAT STUNT It has been an age-worn custom to drink water, or eat bananas to put on weight In a-Jinny, but Joe Llntzenlch had his own Ideas about adding the avoirdupois In an cx~ ircinc emergency. Capt. Leo (Little Dutch) Lhitz- enlch, Joe's older brother, gives the lowdown on Joe In n recent letter from England where he Is stationed in the American Army Air Force. His letter lollows: Dear J. p.: • ..' Received your hist letter O, K, and guess It Is about time I knocked out an answer. It won't be much trouble for mo tol ook up Murray Thompson as he Js right here on the field with mo. He has been here about two months and is work- Ing in S-2 (Intelligence) Department. Just got. a letter from George (Buster) Cross 'down In Italy and everything is going along fine. He had been on 37 missions at that writing. Of course, Ihc Big day has come and gone and we all feel quite a bit better over it. I think we were all beginning id have "invasion nerves" as bad as the "Jerry." It was as big n surprise to IB as it probably was to you, except we knew the night before that something unusual was coming off. . FOLLOWS SAKGE'S HINT I got a funny letter from my brother Joe. He has just Joined the Army under one of the Sixiclal- Izecl Training Programs. I don't know too much about It. Seems as if he was having a little trouble with the Army doctor in Little Rock over Ids weight so the sergeant Ihcre told him to go outside, eat n big meal mid come back to weigh in. His "meal" consisted of a 20- pound watermelon of which lie consumed about three-fourths. I think lie was one-half..pound over the minimum when he weighed back In' By the way, I am not (it Andrews Field now. Was there only about a month anri have spent the remainder of the time at this base which [Iocs not have n name, only a number which we are not allowed to Bivc out. I Imagine Mother got the Idea that this was called Andrews Field. Say, the local draft board there is really sweeping through. Never thought Dint the fellows with children would be drafted. , You mention the cadet training being tough. They are probably going back to the rigid standards that prevailed before the war. In one way that,Is n good sign probably means that .requirements r pilots have Just about teen met Of course, we arc all looking forward, to what, everyone overseas looks forward to after a few months -going HOME. Can't tell though It may be China or India. At least we feel as If we are on the home stretch as far as this theater Is concerned. THREE IHUTISH SEASONS Someone remarked tile other day that there arc only three seasons of English weather, early winter, intc winter and winter. Anyway, wo are still sleeping under three or four blankets here in the middle of summer. Our darkness now consists of about four hours, from 12 until 4 m the morning. That's under the British double summer time. M least, it gives us more daylight for visual bombing. Have about run down for now So long until next time. Best wishes, _ ' Leo. Captain Llnlzcnlch, one of the city's leading golfers, went through Officer Candidate School, Miami, Fla., to receive his commission mid has-risen rapidly. He is now field adjutant and has been In England more than a year. Lieut. Murray Thompson was a star back with the Chicks several seasons ago, lie finished before reaching his pe.ik and went to the University ol Arkansas but failed to measure up to expectations. Lleiit, George (Busier) Crass, also n local high school graduate, was connected with Ark-Mo Power when he enlisted in the Air Force, He was certified as a navigator and received his wings and , commission upon completion of the school, 'He left shortly for North Africa and moved Into Italy where he has been operating. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN iliEAGUE 1 W. L, Nashville 18 4 Atlanta n 6 Memphis 15 o Little Hock 10 12 Mobile 9 .13 Blrniliignam 815 Chattanooga 7 11 New Orleans 7 1C AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis . 53 41 New'. York 41 42 Boston . .18 44 Cleveland 48 45 Dolroil. . - ;. 40 47 Chicago 42 <|D Washington . „ 42 49 Philadelphia 33 52 NATIONAL LEAGUE W, L. St. Louis 02 24 Cincinnati 40 38 Pittsburgh ..47 37 New York 42 47 Philadelphia 37 48 Chicago 30 47 Boston 30 62 Brooklyn 30 52 Pel. ,817 .172 .624 .454 .103 .3(3 .291 Pet. .503 .52« .522 .518 .495 .483 .402 .428 Pel. .720 .563 ,5GO .472 .435 ,434 .409 .400 Yesterday's Results SOUT11EKN LEAGl'K Night games: Memphis 5-2, Birmingham 0-11. Atlanta 8-5, Chattanooga 0-4, Mobile 5-1, Nashville 3-4. Little Rock 7-4, Nc'w Orleans 4-G. AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston 7, Detroit 3. Chicago 0, Washington C. Cleveland 10, New York 0. St. Louis 9, Philadelphia 1. ' NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh 15, New York 0. Chicago H, Brooklyn (J. Cincinnati 4, Boston 2. St. Lliils.D, Philadelphia 0. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Atlanta at Clmtlanoojrn. Nashville at Mobile. (Only games scheduled.) . NATIONAL LEAGUE Cincinnati at Boston, twoY Chicago' at Brooklyn, night. Pittsburgh (it New York, night. ' St, Louis at Philadelphia, night. AMERICAN LEAGUE .Boston at Detroit. Washington at Chicago, night. Philadelphia at St. Louis, night. New York at Cleveland, night. The number of gold-producing mines In Southern Rhodesia, British Africa, decreased from 1514 in 19939 to 770 at -the close of 1943 _BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.).COURIER NEWS Boxer's Career Ended by Injury Lcm Franklin Lies In Newark Hospital Following Knockout NI5WARK, N. J, July 28 (UP) — Lcm prnnklliVs career as a heavy- "•cluiu boxer is over. The Chicago. Negro Is lying In a Newark Hospital. His entire right side was paralyzed late I us I night when limn complications 'set in to tidd to thc brain concussion he suffered when Larry Lane knocked him out Monday night. Now Franklin lies there, his career over, his condition critical. Prom seven major cities boxing promoters have wired offers to Larry Lmie, the Trenton, N. J • boy who hooked n left to Franklin's ;aw [o knock him out, and send him to tlio hospital. Lane and his manager, Willie Cillzenborg, aren't worrying about tnc offers JD.SI now. They're worrying about Prnnkltn and pulllne for his riuick recovery. Lane does- lit seem to care much about his sudden fame, he's been calling at (lie hosnltnl (o see thc man he kayoed, . / nut to boxing promoters from Los rtngclcs to • Boston; Larry Lane Isn't Just, a guy waiting for 1)1.5 opponent to recover. Larry Lnnc is 11 Wg drawing card. Ami so the offers have come In. The promoters know that wherever Lane fights next he'll filMhe house. Fnmklin'.s nhyslclaii says tho p:iralj7.eil fighter should recover but lie's through In the ring. •. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chicka- sawlw District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Mary Alice Jordan, Plaintiff, vs. No. 8G4G . George Jordan, Defendant. : The defendant, George Jordan, Is hereby warned to appear witliln thirty days In the court named'In Hold Everything^ 00U61WM. Now doiv't, go getting any Die cnptlon-hcreof and answer Hie complaint of tlio plaintiff Mary Alice Jordan. Dated this 6 day of July, 1944 ' HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk Vlrell Greene, Atty. for-Plalntifl. 7I7-J4-21-2I WARNING ORDER In HIE Chancery Court, Ciilckasiiw- ta District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Trudle. Siiider, Plaintiff vs. No. 8701 Klrud Snider, Defendant. The defendant, Elnul Snider, I.- hereby warned to appear within llilrty days In the court named It the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plalntilT, Trudle Snider. Dated this 24 day of July, 1014 HARVEY MORRIS, Oierk • .By N, Jnrratt, D. C. Percy Wright, Atty. for PHf Cliiud F. Cooper, Atty. ad Lilem,' T(25-8|l-8|15 Bead Courier News Want Ads. CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st SI. Sat. starts 12:15; San., starts lit' : : : Night nhows 5:45 r.xttpt Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Ban. WEDNESDAY, JULY 2G. 1944 Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON" wllh Olivia DcHavlhinil & Krr«I Flymi / 3"d "MOONLIGHT IN HAWAII" with - • Leon Erroll We have plenty of ,j WHISKEY! At all times! ifii CEILING PRICES ALWAYS !'• HASSELL'S WHISKEY STORE 315 W. Main Phone. 25ai Have a Coca-Cola =Viva! (YEAH MAN!) ... or being the good neighbor, in Brazil Your American's good-natured invitation Have a "Coke" is a good-neighbor policy in three short words. It marks that brand of friendliness which our fighting men carry with them everywhere among our Allies. In many lands from Alaska to South Africa, Cow-Cola is spreading the custom of the paw that «/r«i«,_that refreshing moment devoted to just being friendly. Enjoy it at home, too, with frosty Coca-Coh from your own refrigerator. BOTHED ONOM-AUlNomir Of THE COCA-COIA COttPAHY »* COCA-COLA BOTTLING-.CO. of. BLYTHEV1LLE It's natural {or popular names (o acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you hear Coca-Cola called "Cole'V THEATRE Manila, Ark. Open Saturday & Sunday I p. m. Evenings 7 p. m. Selected Shorts and News Last Time Today • "FALCON OUT WEST' with Tom C'onway KKO NEWS Little Lulu Comedy Thursday and Friday "YOU CAN'T RATION LOVE" with ; • All-Star Cast rarnmounl News i- Short Open 7:30 Show Starti 7:45 Wedrtefiday & Thursday RUSSEU-McUGtEN I'ir a terrible SHERLOCK HOLMES ' CJRHI-'OK i'OMC/JR- I : OK YQUS. COUNTRY I'M AN EXPERT, when it comes to checking tires for inflation, cuts and bruises, anil re-capping . . . and J'm even more of an expert ac lubricating cars, of any age ami make, right from front bumper to tail-light. Hut when it comes to catching counterfeit gasoline ration coupons, I'm a wnsliouc! Believe me, every service station man in (lie country tries, became it is his patriotic duty. Wc'know that oceans of oil arc needed to win the war, and we know chat unless the black market in gasoline is broken, (here may not be enough to go 'round. So, and help yourself and your. Uncle Sam, by endorsing the face of every coupon in your possession. Don't rake any gasoline coupons from anyone as a gift! Don't accept gasoline at any price without giving 'up coupons! And use the legal gasoline you buy for driving only! I liave asked you me; in return, I'll be glad to help you. Dring your car in any time for the many Tin- Swing and Car-Sailing services I offer. Some arc free, and some carry a small charge for materials and labor^Dut they arc a big,aid in making your cat a^t your tires last longer and go furthlS You'll find me' at the Orange and Black 66 Shield, the famous sign of Phillips 66 Gasoline and Phillips 66 Motor Oil. your Phillips 66 Service Man -I Temperatures Atlanta Augusta Birmingham Hiarleston .. Jharlotte ... Jlialanooga . 3hicago Cincinnati V. Denver ...... Detroit .,..!. Jacksonville Kansas City Macon .;,.-; Memphis ... Miami ..... High Low 05 94 94 SI 94 96 06 : 85 84 90 80 94 07 87 Montgomery New Orleans New York ... San Antonio Savannah Tampa .. WashhiBtoi Dallas .... Houston ., Jackson .. Little Hock Shrcvcport Tallahassee 05 94 92 101 88 BO 01 100 97 37 05 98 91 Selected Jo Represent BAAF In Tennis Tourney' Lieut. John A. Kerr, flying olfi- cer, ami. We. Perry Davidson of the] Special Service Office, have been! selected to represent the BAAP Inf the Eastern Plying Training Com-f maud Tennis Toiiniamrml, to be, held at Cochran Field, Ga., during- th c period Aug. 7 to the 12th. | Lieutenant Kerr, who will cnletj' belli singles and doubles competi-s tion, won the Great Lakes Tennis' Tournament singles championship- in 1940, and was one or thc mem-- hers of.the Junior Davis Cup Team that year. ' - . r ,Private Davidson, who will receive his first" tournament exiwricnce ir the EFTC tournament, will b( Llculcnanl Kcrr'i- doubles partner. NEWS OF THE D,Y¥ Short •^^•HMB«^»^_^^_ New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. SI. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Wednesday & Thursday "LIFEBOAT" wilh William BcncUx Fox News & Short • v -I Housewives! Storekeepers! WASTE PAPER URGENTLY NEEDED Clip this and paste it in your window! U.S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign,

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