The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE BITTERN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKW» FKiOAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1951 District Fair Winners-- 4-H Club— Canning — Bix-Jar Exhibit (under 14 years) —Bobby Webb, 1. Six-Jar Exhibit (over 14 years) —Beryl Bevlll, Rt. 2, Blytlieville. 1; Ola Manley, M. 3, Biytheville, Clothing — (Under 13 Years) Play Dress—Eltzagcth Bustln, Rt. 3, Blytheviitc, 1. School Dress—Elizabeth Busdn, t. Sklrt-Jfartha Lee Hart, HI. 1, Blytheville, 1; Bobby Lee Everett, Balem, Ark., 2; Elizabeth Bustii). 3, Apron—Elizabeth Bustln, 1; Bobby Lee Everett, 2. Dish Towel—Bobby Lee Everett, 1. Pot Holder—Johnnie Lou Johnson, nt. 3. Blytheville, 1. (14 Years and Over) Church Dress—Beryl Bevlll, Blytheville, 1. Party Dress— Beryl Bet-Ill, 1. Braided Rug-rBetty ^^ ^ ebb, Arnio- rel, 1; Naomi White, Armorel, 2; Betty Webb, 3. School Dress—Ola Manley. 1; Jo Alice McQutre, Rt. 3, Blytheville, 3, 3. Play Dress—Benilce Odcm, Armorel, S. Skirt—Jo Alice McQuIre, 1; Betty Webb. 1, 8. Cotton Slip—Beryl Bevill, 1; Jo A)lc« McOuIre, 3. Handicrafts — Lamp Shade—Laura Alice Hemby. Rt. 3, Blytheville, 1; Joo Alice McOulre, 1. Figurines—Laura AIlcs Hnmby, 1, }, 3. Huck Weaving—Barbara Esman•on, Armorel, 1; Naomi White, 2. Craft Articles—Joe Epperson, Rt. I, Blytheville,"l, Jo Alice McGuIre, 3, Laura Alice Hemby, 3. Crayonola*—Laura Alice Hemby. l{ Johnnie Lou Johnson, 2; Sybil Ruth Mael, 8. Stenciled Article—Jo Allcs Mc- Oulre. 1, 2. Sewing Box from Cigar Box- Johnnie Lou Johnson, 1; Thomas Vincent ,3. Tie Rack—Joe Powell, Rt. 1. Bly- thoville, 2; Steve McGuIre, Rt. 3, Blytheville, 1. Doll Bed from CHgar Box—Mary Maude McRoe, Rt. 3, Blythcvllle, 1; Johnnl* Lou JohnwK, 1. Poultry— New Hani p«h Ire ' Cock—Billy Caldwell, lit. I, Bly- thevllle, 1. Cockerel-John West, Rt. 3, Blytheville, 1; Kenneth Mitchell, Et. 2, Blytheville, 2. While Kock Hen—Mrs. Ed Bunch, lit. 3, !ily- Ihovllle. 1; B. E. Hcssie, Rt. 2, Blytheville, 2. Cock — Mrs. Bunch, 1; David Caldwell, Rt. 1, Blytheville, 2. Pullet — Elmer Holmes, Rt. 4, IllythcriHc, I, 2. Cockerel—Frank Sparks, Blytlie- vlile, 1; David Caldwell, 2. White Wyaruiottre Pullet—Billy Caldwell, 1; Mrs. J. H. Timmorus, Rt. 2, iilythevllle, 2. Cockerel—Mrs. Timmoris, 1. liurrcd Hucks Pullet—Mrs. C. a. Craig. Rt. 2, Blytheville, 1, 2. Cockerel—Mrs. Craig, 1. Trio Broilers—Holmes, 1. All Other Urccils—Hravy Hen—Malcolm Grcenway, JUlythe- ville. !. 2. Pullet— Terry Mulllns. Rt. 2, Blytheville, 1; Howard Itay Haync.s, 2. Cockerel—Mrs. Craig—1, 2. U'hltc leghorns Pullet—M. S. Wood. Rt. 2, Blythe- Villc, 1, 2. Cockerel—Mrs. Craig, !;• Jimmle Walsh, Blytheville, 2. All Other Breeds— Light Hen—Mitchell, I; West, 2. Pullet—Todd Carter. Blythcville 1; Mrs. Craig, 2. Cockerel—Ray Want, Rt. 1. Blytheville, .. Other Classes Pair Bantnms—Olen Brltnell, Manila, l; Gary Wayne Gill, Rt. 3. Blytheville. 2. Pair Old Turkeys—B. E. Jicsslc, Blytheville, 1. Pair Young Turkeys—Mrs. Tim- nions, 1. Pair Geese — Raymond Miller. Blytheville, 1. Sweepstakes Hen—Mrs. Bunch. Cock—Billy Caldwell. Pullet-Carter Cockerel—West. Anti-Sub Planes Built MELBOURNE Wl — Australian long-range anti-submarine planes crews will tly the first two Neptune Jor the H.A.A.P. from Amcrli-a by the end of the year. The R'.A.A.F. Director of Operations, Wins-Comiimrulcr K. R. Parsons, has Just returned from the United Slates, where he supervised training arrangements for 25 R. A, A. F. men, including two crews and technicians. Churchill Asks British to Rid Itself of Socialism for Future IX5NDON, Sept. 28. (/p>—Winston Churchill called upon Britain today to free Itself of socialism in order to rebuild its life at home and its prestige abroad. In a 2,500-word Conservative Party manifesto, the 76-ycur-old wartime prime minister asserted the Oct. 25 general election "may well be the turning point In the fortunes and even life of Britain," "There must be no illusion* about our difficulties and dangers," he said, Churchill demanded an end to class warfare and a growth In national unity. He blamed the "frantic extravagances" of the Labor government for devaluation of the pound from $4.02 to $2,80 on Sept, 18, J9-JD. Churchill laid down these main points his party would seek to carry out if returned to power: Increase national output; complete the 14,700,t>00,000 ($13,160,^00,000) three-year rearmament program .started by the Labor government; impose an excess profits tax Allied Troops Begin 'Games' On Rhine River NEUSTADT, Germany, Sept. 28. M J j—Mere than 100,000 Allied Iro uiutL-r French direction kicked off early today on a joint, yroimd-nlr training assault against "enemy" troops on the east bank of the Rhine. Under aerial support of warplanes representing eight Atlantic Pact mttious, the ground troops of three nntmius—France, America and Holland—moved out to cross the Rhino on pontoon bridges and In assault boats. South of Heidelberg, Froneh air- tx>rne troops were readied to Jump from U.S. Air Force piimcs in a practice aerial assault as a part of the three-day mock battle. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, SHAPE cornmHnclcr, planned to •AEitL-h the maneuvers today and return to his headquarters near Parts tomorrow. One of the main purposes of the maneuver!; is to in eld troops of mixed nationalities in an cfficictit North Atlantic Pact organisation fighting force. during the defense emergency; stop all further nationatitatlon of Industry; return the iron and steel Industry natlonalfied early this year to Its former owners; decentralize the nationalized rail and road transport and coal Industries; and strengthen the monopolies commission to reduce "to the minimum possible all restrictive practices on both sidp.1 of indu.stry," Including the nationalized industrle.i. Hollywood Continued from page 8 it, but Mrs. Lew Morrill Is telling pals that she's not giving her medico hubby Ills freedom to marry Rhonda. * * •. * Shelley Winters' rjfxt at UI will be a big color western, "Whiphand." She plays a waitress who becomes Iho boss of Texas' biggest cattle ranch. • • » Smart .ludy Ilnllhlay Isn't chang I"K types, as reported In "The Mar rvtnpc Kinil." She ivlll still frivc ou. with the wisecracks and the New York accent. The singe version of tile Ronald Colrnans' air show, "The Halls of Ivy," is in script form for their approval. Vim Heflln on rumors that his In a coal mine It Is common for Tour tons of aEr to be blown into the mine for every ton of coal removed. wif«, Frances N«al, wilt ITT for a film comeback: "Every time she thinks »bout It one of the klda gett • £old or something and then the, forget* ill ibout • • . Columbia's publicity department and the Stanley Kramer press agents huddled on whether to drum up the fact that Rex Harrison who will co-star with Lllll Palmer In "Pour Poster," has had a change of heart about Hollywood. They decided to let Rex make his own peace with his movletown enemies. • Whoppln' Fish Story Bill Dcmarest lost his nlne-year- presidency of Hollywood's "No- Catch-Marlln-Ciub" by landing a 143-pounder off Balboa. The fish, he walls, cost him exactly S18.000—nine summer vacations at $2000 each. • • • The censors finally okayed Gig Young's monumental alcoholic binge In "Come Pill the Cup." It's never empty for Gig In the film. Hollywood's cycle of anatomical movie titles—"Song In My HEART" "Belles on Their TOES," "About FACE." and "The World In his ARMS"—seems to be getting out of hand. The day Pox winds up "Five FINGERS." Stanley Kramer will start shooting "The 6000 FINGERS of Dr. T." • • » Those huddles between Gary Cooper and his Rocky concern the property settlement phase of their coming divorce. There are three mansions to divvy up. . . . Richard Dix's widow will fight the paternity charge that's been brought against 16-year-old Richard Dix, Jr. • • * SHORT ' TAKES: Wnlt Disney will re-luue hi* 1687 hit, "Snow White »nd the Seven Dwarfs," early ne«t year. . . . Red Skelton shed 15 pounds for His TV debut. Douglas' role In "Champion" earned him (100,000 to date. Kirk deal for the film was $15,000 In' has cash, $35,000 deferred, and 5 p*» His cent of the profit*. WHAT'S THE MOST UNIFOKM KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON? GLENMOREw OliNMOKI DISTIUHIH C OM T A M Y, L O UI S VIILI, K I NT U C K1 SEE jaEamwK»sc"Aiflo Thn y«or w* hov» nS» mo*t thrilling exhibition of pr«ci»Iofi driving w« have «v»r offered. Altogether w* hav« developed J7 different ach, Intruding juch iptne- chilltng f«ati oi; Tha 85-foot romp-to-romp tump — Blazing boirier aaihei—Snap roll croihw—Tho »fid« for \\frn . , , and many, many moro ipectaculor demort- Mrationt of owlilanding iklll and daring. W« have been ujing »iocV Fotd Cart In our act* for th* port 3 y*arj. And by "itocli" can 1 mean Fordt ttwt or* «xact[y t*i« tarn* at thoi» told lo itw publk by Ford D«at«n, Th« only diH«(»n<» U that wt mov« th* gal tank kilo Ht« Irunk and 1 add tVld plate* lo »om« of our cart. W* uia Fordi b«caui« ovr vxpenencc hat proved [hat thet* ilordy eon hav* what It takti lo ila^d up under lh» lerriftc punUhmenl w« Dive th«m. They hov» th« quick, abundant power and positive-action broV*i *n*nf!of to th* iucc*it of our tlunli. And fcrd'i "Ufaguard" Body—rugged conilruct'kon—and th« over-all balancw of Ford Can . offer on extra margin of •ofcty for ovr driveri.. RUftEP * DURABlinY -rtiatsbuittiito Fri., Sat. & Sun. Sept. 28-30,2 p.m. Broadway & Chickasawha Phone 4453 tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx & to • Better clothes open the doors of opportunity to men seeking to make a better living. You can't successfully sell your services or your product in a sloppy package. You must dress the part to get the part. So we suggest you come in and see our new Fall selection of Hart SciiafTner & Marx clothes . . . America's FIRST nauie<'m quality clothing . . . and in particular our sparkling, new . .» TRIPLE TEST WORSTED SUITS Triple Test Worsledi *re those famed exclusive all-wool Fabric) (ha« have been three times tested for value, style and quality. Then tailored by expert Hart Schaffner Si Marx crafumen into perfect fitting (ingle and double breasted models that look belt on YOU. SM thu« luiti in new Fall colon

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