Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on June 15, 1968 · Page 4
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 4

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1968
Page 4
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Editorial Idealisms of RFK Aimed for Youth TouK Cycling Pals Donald Mundy, 11, and his dog, Happy, prove to be an eye catching pair as they take a spin on his bicycle near his home in Sacramento. Don has trained his eight-vear old canine "friend to sit on the bike seat and brace herself with her "front paws on the handlebar and her hind paws on the crossbar as they ride along. Happy apparently approves of the transportation because she is always eager for a ride. (AP Wirephoto) Challenge of Destiny Must Be By CYNTHIA GUY Editor Grappling with destiny is today's younger generation. The people over thirty have also wrestled with this foe but the outcome was a stalemate. They have resigned themselves to a lifetime rat-race, never ceasing for a moment. They evidently do not trust society enough to relax and they are right in that assumption. It is our the younger generation's responsibility to insure a lifetime, not filled with petty grievances with people who share the same basic beliefs as we do, but a time to defiantly conquer those opposing freedom. It seems absurd for a nation to quarrel within itself when it is the leading nation of the world. It would appear to be treason for someone to attempt to disrupt the internal serenity of the United States. Isn't peace the end result we all are working toward? Why is it so extremely difficult for citizens of this nation to come to a workable understanding and meet our foe united? Why would a man stand on soil of the United States and burn the American flag? If he finds life in this country so distasteful, why doesn't he leave, either by his own choice or a swift kick? I cannot fathom anyone organizing a movement to break a law en masse. Here in the United States a law can be changed by petition, so why risk property and 'Cryan' Shames To Visit BC The Cryan' Shames, a musical group from Chicago, will be appearing at the W. K. Kellogg Auditorium on June 23, at 3:00 p.m. The Cryan' Shames have a unique story of their beginning. Rarely can a group say that they were truly "discovered " but the Cryan Shames do have this claim to fame. One disc Jockey is responsible for their climb to national recognition. The Cryan' Shames consist of six members; Tom Doody, lead singer, Jim Fairs, lead guitarist; Denny Conroy, drummer; Jim Pilster or J. C. Hooke, tambourinist, vocalist, and general stage comic; David Purple, organist and bass guitarist; and Gerry Stone, rhythm guitarist. The Cryan' Shames have .developed a "sound" all of their own, which originated with their first single hit, "Sugar and Spice." Appearing with the Cryan' Shames on June 23, at the W. K. Kellogg Auditorium at 3:00 will be the Merrie Motor Co., from Olivet. Tickets for the concert are on sale at Lil's Record Shop and at the door. YT Prize List For the week of June 8th, Jan Knapp earned $6.00, Marilyn Kus earned $3.50, Marlene Irvin and Scott Krueger each earned $3.50, Nancy Butter and Beth Allen each earned $3.00, Charles Fishman earned $2.00 and Pat Pittard earned $1.00. Accepted lives to break that law? Patience is a wonderful quality when it is not pushed too far. Then it takes the appearance of wishy-washy-ncss. The United States has a reputation of being firm, and staunch. I don't believe that this condition has really changed. It has just been over shadowed by the permissiveness that is apparently rampant on the scenes of the world. I hope that it remains so for just a brief spell since laxity tends to spoil people. It is the sole responsibility to prepare a decent world for our grandchildren. To do this the first step is to bridge the generation gap and totally disprove .its existance. Understanding and communication between the adult world and the teenage world is paramount to the successful merger of the adult world, and youth teenage world surviving together. After all it is soon to be our world. What happened to good old fashioned Americanism? Remember? It's the kind of love T. James and Are 'Friendly' Bv JAN KNAPP St. Philip High One week ago, Kellogg Community College hosted Tommy James and the Shondells in concert on the grassy area near the student union. The show featured many of the Shondells' hits including their first hit, "Hanky Pan-kv," which they dedicated to the audience. They recorded "Hanky Panky," five years i-go when Tommy was fifteen, and three and a half years later, it was Number 1. Other hits thev played included "Just A Mirage," "It's Only Love." "I think We're Alone Now," "Getting Together," "So I Say I am," and their current hit, "Mony, Mony." The Shondells got started in Pittsburgh, Penn., and recorded their hit, "Hanky Panky," on a tape recorder. They have been constantly on the go for the last three years. In fact, they're planning a tip to Europe this month. Appearing in Notre Dame, Friday night, they managed to make it to Battle Creek only ten minutes before their concert time. This rush didn't seem . to affect their music. Moreover, they were in especially high spirits because Ronnie's wife had given birth that same day to their first child, a girl. They were really friendly and they all had a great sense of humor. When we went in they started asking us questions like where we were from, our names, etc. Then they started asking each other questions the usual thing, "What is your favorie color?" Ronnies being blue, Pete's black and orange, Eddie's gray, Mike's burgandy and Tommy's turquoise, which they both wore that night. They don't care too much for underground music, but as drummer Pete Lucia said when asked about it, "Not really. Some of the stuff I like a little bit of everything, you know!" Pete, 21, perfers the Motown sound and Blues. for a country that was displayed by proudly upholding the Old Glory? Do you know all of the stanzas to the National Anthem? Just exactly what docs Layalty Day. Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day. and the Fourth of July mean to you? Think of the human lives and American blood that has cleansed any stains thrust upon the Declaration of Independence. Were they in vain? No. . Ours is a nation bursting with prosperity. We must al-wavs secure the rights and freedoms of others. Tomorrow the world may be split by an atomic explosion, today we must prepare ourselves, not bv building steel and cement shelters but by encouraging understanding among all nations. The United States is a Christian nation. We must never desert the tried and true guideposts of our freedom. Defend the United States first. Teens, it is your world. Take heed and accept the challenge that life itself offers you. Destiny awaits! Shondells Group Tommy also likes Motown and thev use a lot of it in their act. Lead guitarist Eddie Gray, leans toward Rhythm and Blues and bass guitarist, Mike Vale, really digged the Blues. Ronnie Rosman, stationed behind a piano or organ, likes all kinds and also writes a few songs himself. He and Tommy are the only ones in the group who have written any songs. They all have their own favorites as far as the songs they've recorded. Eddie, 20 and Ronnie, 23, both like "Mony Mony." Mike likes "Out of the Blue," because as he puts it, it was never a big hit. When Pete was asked which of their hits he liked the best he replied, "Neither . . . No really, I like ... "I think we're Alone Now." Tommy said that his favorite was "Just a Mirage." He feels he wasn't at his best with the vocals, but that they really did a good job with the music. Along with their opinion on music came their opinions on the other groups and T.V. They all have favorite groups The Beatles. Tommy especially admires their versatility. He says they realized people were changing and if they wanted to stay on top, they would have to change also. This, he feels is how they managed to stay on top for so long. Mike, 24 had this to say about groups who smashed their instruments after every performance. "I figure it's their bread, you know, if they want to buy new instruments OK." Because they are on the road a lot they don't watch very much T. V. They think the Monkees, Smothers Show, and Laugh In are all great shows. Mike doesn't care too much for teenage shows (i.e. Happening '68, American Bandstand, etc) he says they are put on cheap. Tommy James and the Shondells are really a great bunch of guys. Their sound is unique, but the Shondells as people are even more unique. By RON KNAPP St. Philip High Yesterday, Sen. Robert Kennedy was scheduled to be at Kellogg Airport here in Battle Creek. He would have been greeted by, among others, hundreds of young people. These teenagers would have cheered loudly for the man who said that America's present "generation of young people have shown an idealism and a devotion to country matched in few nations and excelled in none." He would have challenged us to make America great by helping the slum dwellers, by entering the Peace Corps, or by trying to bridge the gaps between "black and white, rich and poor, young and old." He would have asked us for our help in his campaign. But now Robert Kennedy will never come to Battle Creek. A maniac in Los Angeles with a gun saw to that. Once again a man who loved America and who lived and died for its well-being, has been struck down. But the death of Robert Kennedy is different. Martin Luther King Jr. and John Kennedy had already achieved so much for America at the time of their deaths while the great achievements of Robert Kennedy were still ahead, in the Dick Clark Sponsors Teen Action Tours On Fridav, August 9, 1968, the first DICK CLARK ACTION TOUR, INC. travel program for teens only will begin. Teenagers from all parts of the United States will converge on Los Angeles to get together for twenty-one days of dazzling adventure in Hollywood, Hawaii and Mexico. These guys and girls between the ages of fifteen and eighteen will check into their Action Tour hotel in Hollywood. At a special welcome dinner that evening, they'll meet each other, and their Dick Clark Action Tour Guides and Tour Directors. Dick Clark himself will be their host for the evening. The next five days in Hollywood and Southern California will te filled with all the special teen action and adventure that can be found in the entertainment capitol of the world. Action Teen Tourers will see the fabulous Sunset Strip with its countless discotheques and teen night clubs: in-person performances of popular recording stars; world-famous Hollvwood glamour spots and landmarks; recording, television, and motion picture studios with actual productions in progress. All this will be climaxed by a special Hollywood Celebrity Poolside Party hosted by Dick Clark, and attended by many celebrities. Visits to Knott's Bern- Farm and Ghost Town, an "all-day outing to Dis-nevland. and Laguna Beach with its famous arts festival will all lead up to one magic final night at Hollywood's newest and most outasite teen attraction. The Kaleidoscope Discotheque. Kaleidoscope is where famous bands and groups perform on a revolving stage beneath four simultaneous lightshows. Next, it's off to Hawaii via special Action Tour Pan American Jet Clipper for six wonder-filled days in the paradise islands. Swimming, surfing, and nightlife-for-teens in W a i k i k i ; the International Market Place; a complete round-the-island tour of Oahu to the breath-taking beauty of the new Polynesian Cultural Center in exotic Laie; a trip by air to the Garden Isle of Kauai with its hidden Fern Grotto- an authentic Hawaiian luau, and all the majestic grandeur of Hawaii will be only some of the many fascinating things Action Teen Tourers will enjoy in the Island State, nn Aueust 22nd, it's an Ac tion Tour up, up and away again, this time to Mexico City for three lush, Latin-American TENNIS RACKETS RESTRUNC ie 1-DAY SERVICE AVAILABLE unit W OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY UNTIL 9:00 P.M. Holsum the Bread to Buy WAY BAKING CO. OPEN SUNDAY 9:30 A.M. - 7:30 P.M. WEST END BEN FRANKLIN 237 W, Michigan Across from McCamly Pirk - future. Millions of Americans and people all over the world looked forward to what Robert Kennedy could do for us. But very suddenly and tragically, all that Robert Kennedy could have done has been wiped out. This horrible assassination leaves the youth of America with a crucial choice. We can, as thousands of "hippies" already have done give up and "drop out" from society and do nothing to improve the sick shape of the world. This would be a very easy thing to do. Neither of the major political parties appears to care what we or other Americans who want a change, think. They are overjoyed to have thousands of us working for their candidates but they never seem to want to listen to our suggestions or complaints. Besides Eugene McCarthy and the late Robert Kennedy, none of the Presidential candidates has attempted to reach America's youth or to reach Americans disenchanted with our society. The others want votes, not a unified and balanced America. They realize that change is controversial, and that controversy loses votes. We are discouraged by the ridiculously long time it takes to make even the most minor changes in our society. Even days that will include visits to University City, Chapultcpec Castle, the National Palace, the great Aztec pyramids, and the sacred Shrine of Guadalupe. Then, across the majestic mountains by special chartered fun-buses to Taxco. for a night in the "Silver City," and then on to Acapulco for three precious last days of fun, sun, and farewell to new friends they'll remember all their lives. This Dick Clark Action Tour for girls and boys between 15 and 18 to Hollywood, Hawaii and Mexico is only the first of many planned for summers and holiday excursions to come. Reservations are being accepted now. Teens and parents who wish detailed information may write to: DICK CLARK ACTION TOURS, INC., 9125 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90069, or telephone area code 213-278-0311. FARAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAA i I I rf I Stylish 1 f V l Solids I f (in Complementary Colors J W k v . i J WALK SHORTS Wffr- 5' ifl IrfflMOTw Columbia Plaza 21(1' 'OT LakeV'eW though four U.S. Presidents have been murdered by guns and even though every year thousands of Americans are shot and killed by guns, our Congress has refused to stop the insane flow of weapons to every maniac and nut in America. Today, our little brothers and sisters could send for and receive almost anv tvne of eun. even a ba zooka, through the mail. We have every right to be disgusted and discouraged. But withdrawing from a sick society will just make it sicker. Our disgust and discouragement is our best reason to stay with our country and to try to improve it. Now, there may not be much we can do, except as individuals in ghetto work, the Peace Corps, or in VISTA. We will probably have to wait until another major political leader, like Robert Kennedy, tries to make our country greater by making m u c h-needed improvements. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem very probable, at least not in the next few years. Perhaps, then, we will have to wait until we are the governors, the congressmen, the senators, and the Presidents. But when we are the leaders of America, we will have to remember the ideas and dreams of great men like John Kennedy. Martin Luther King Jr., and now Robert Kennedy who all died, trying to change America. After Dr. King died in April, Robert Kennedy said: "No martyr's cause has ever been stilled by his assassin's bullet." His cause should not be stilled by a bullet, either. Sen. Edward Kennedy said that his brother "should be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to slop it." He added, "Those of us who loved him . . . pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will someday come to pass for all the world." The young people of America and the underprivileged were Robert Kennedy's chief supporters Since most Americans seem to be allergic to change, it looks as though we will have to help carry out his ideas and plans, too. We must remember that the world is still covered by wrongs that need righting. People are still suffering and starving everywhere. And there is still war. But Robert Kennedy is no longer here. If we don't work for his goals and ours, who will? Choose lively new colors and patterns to delight her eye from truly comfortable, vigorously styled "Never Need Ironing" walk shorts by Farah, with FaraPress Masthead by Becky Brusche Saturday, June 75, J 968 Page 4 Letter to the YT Editor What Are the Answers Suitable for All Teens? By JOANNE GALLAWAY Kellogg Community College Dear Youth Today Editor, In view of changing times, I feel it is time for teens to stand up and be counted. Ours is a world filled with terror and destruction as well as beauty and life. It is up to this generation to stand firm in what they believe. I'm getting fed up with the syndrome handed down to teenagers. Sure, we rebel, but it is certainly not without justification. Why is it that people are always willing to remember the bad things and forget the good? I am seriously wondering if our generation has gone to pot (Not Marijuana, either.) Maybe I'm a victim of believing propaganda about my own generation but I sincerely hope not. Are teenagers really apathetic? Are they cynical: Immature? Or, just exactly what is the major problem? Is there really an answer to these questions. I think there is for some teenagers, but how about the rest? I would appreciate hearing not only from the Editor, but from any concerned person who happens to read this and feels moved to answer my plea for help not only for myself but for all teens. (Editor's note. Anyone wishing to reply to the preceding nowhere is "TT-ELOOK" Faulhaber's has the very latest in Swim-wear, even matching sets by Robert Bruce 1 1 mfrlw While They Last . . . 100 Pair Swim Trunks MEN'S -STUDENTS Sizes 28 to 34. For surfing, water skiing designed by surfer champ Felipe Pomar. letter is urged to do so. Send replies, comments, etc. to the Youth Today Page, Enquirer and News. Next week, there will be an article answering her. Take part in the article and write in.) BC's Top 20 Compiled by WKFR 1. I Love You People: 2. This Guv's In Love With You Herb Alpert; 3. United Peaches and Herb; 4. Mac-Arthur Park Richard Harris; 5. I'm Sorry Delfonics; 6. I Promise To Wait Martha and Vandellas; 7. Sky Pilot Eric Burdon; 8. Shes' Lookin' Good Wilson Pickett; 9. Goobah Soul Continentals; 10. I Could Never Love Another Temptations; 11. She's A Heartbreaker Gene Pitney; 12. Master Jack Four Jacks and a Jill; 13. Think Aretha Franklin; 14. Here I Am Baby Marve-lettes; 15. Yester Love S. Robinson and Miracles; 16. Blues For Brothers Johnny Jones; 17. Lickin' Stick-Lickin' Stick James Brown; 18. Here Comes The Judge Pigmcat Markham; 19. Choo Choo Train Four Box-tops; 20. Indian Lake Cow-sills Key Song: Grazing In The Grass Hugh Masekela. so important as at the beach Your Choice 45 EAST Michigan 988

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