The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1944
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 2fi, l 'xwti - 4 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor ooruecutlw isertiow: Unlmuiri Chwg* .'....W« tlms per line ,,m toe* per line p*r du Oo "w per UM per d»y ft) liw per line per day 7c imei per tin* per dij 60 Month per line Mo A<to ordered tor tnree or Ox time* >«1 (topped before expiration will charge^ tor tia number of times *d »ppe»red md.adjustment o( 111 made. All oU«Ule<l AdTertidng copy ibmltted by penoni residing out- de pf the city mutt be accom- anled by cash. Rates may be easily amputed from Iho above tnbi». Afi?ertl*lng ordered for Imffulu aertloM take* the one time rate. No responsibility wUl be taken ir more than one Incorrect Inser- of any .classified ad. For improved SB Missouri forms. AH sizes. Don't wait—buy now and get choice. Write your wauls. Kardwlck Co., Slkeslon, Mo, - 7j25-pk-25 Man's bicycle/Call 2?96 nftcr 5 p.m. 7j25-ck-l For Salt liG acre farih 4 miles cast of Beniie, 1 Mo. All In cultivation.' Good block I land. 2 sets houses and barns. Price $90 per acre. Terms. Vernon Jordan, Bernie, Mo. 7-26-pk-2 tie electric-Eureka, sweeper with all (Lttachmerits; almost new Sing cr sewing machine; Manuel elec- 'trlc.irorief. Phone 3111 afternoon 1 to 6. 7j2(i-pk-28 eautiful 42" Suction Pan; well built, ready to go. Phone 2009 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 7(22-pk-29 I have no sidelines — EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE . Sales and service. H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 443. 7r26-pk-26 Royal Brunswick pool tables; M ly equipped. 1 See W. H. Heath Phone 027, Blythevllle. : •:., , V|26-pk-8|2C ^ and" eleitric. ardaway Appliance Co. 7-25-ch-25 LAND FOR SALE G80 A. In Pemlscot County, Mo. Just N and E of Steele. This tract can be divided Into 2 parts. Just off Hwy. 61. The very best type of . cypress and loam soil. People who know the soil around Steele mid Nortli of Steele know there Is no better land. Improvements sufficient to take care of the place. Shown by appointment only. 183'A. on main gravel road from Holland to Deerliig. Nice bungalow residence. More than enough tenant houses nml barns. This place has 40 acre pasture undei hog wire fence. All tractor land Electric lights and other modern conveniences. On mall and school uns routes. $125. per acre. 0 A, of the very test cypress land Just West of Holland In Dunkltn County. Has electric lights. Or mail and school bus routes. No loan. This place can be easily handled. Has 4-rooni, and 2-roon houses uml barn. Price $125 pel acre. 80 A. of good cypress land, Practically all in cultivation. 2 new houses and barns. $85 per acre. 40 A. vj mile off Hwy. 02. Good house and barn. All In cultivation, Price S75 per acre plus this year's rent. Has 20-acres of good cotton. In New Madrid County. 80 A. on Main State Hwy. About >,<• In cultivation. Extra good new 4- room house. Lies '/• mile along gravel Hwy. No loan. Tills place can be bough$ for $Cb per acre, quick sale. Easy terms." Also 2 40-A. tracts. Good new 4"room house & barn on each 40 A. SCO for quick sale. Can be handled on easy terms. In Dunklln Cty, Mo. RIALES LAND CO. Russell E. Riales Goff Hotel Ph. 2028 or lies. 2330 7[25-pk-28 I-Parmall tractor and equipment I one Jersey milk cow, second calf 1 four .gal. . Five head of iniiies | Sam H. Coats, Luxora. 7|26pk31 ACTRESS Paula' Westinghoiise electric "range will' wiring. Phone 3148. "f-24-ckV7 |:e cold watermelons'," whole" or half. l Guaranteed. Sharpe's Place, Air- 1 base Road, phone 3157. 7|26-pk-819 |08 E~K.entucky StT Nearly new 5 room modern house. With bath. Excellent location. Has FHA loan of ?2 ( 200 at low interest. We have, until July 31st to sell this home. If interested acl quickly. Call Eddie B. David at 861. TOM LITTLE I REALTY CO. 7-25-ck-28 lor farih bargains In Southeast Mls- I Bouri write or see W. E. GUSTAF- I BON,'Farm Sales, Clarkton, Mo. : ; 6-8-pk-8 Boys bicycle, good condition. Phone 2718.' • "•' 7|25-pk-2' Newly overhauled F-30 Farn tractor on new rubber. Brand new cultivator and bush & bog dis( harrow. Lee Wilson & Co., Arm a- rel. Phone 2088.. . . 6-22-ck-t: FEKD—Hay, oats, "sweat feed, shorts poultry and dairy feeds. Custom feed grinding. Blythevllle Grain <& Elevator Co. 6-lti-ck-t Sinks, commodes and-pipe. Arlan Junk Yard. Phone 2890. 7|117-pk-8]l Registered Hereford bull. 01 room house with bath. Close Ion Lake St. $1700 cash. H. C I Campbell, Phone 446. 120 S .Sec- St. , 7|26-pk-2 lilcn^Gout. Gives over 1 Gal. per Iclay. 302 N. 1th St. -i|21-pkr28 light the heat wilh an all 1 metal attic fan from Plant| crs Hardware Co. 7-25-ck-25 vacant lots located across the [street in front of Blytheville [Laundry. Has street on 2 sides, [alley on north side and railroad Ion West side. Best location in Bly- lUieville. W. Kentucky St. 6 room house [with bath. In good condition. Can Ibe bought for 51000 down and $25 [per month. Vlh -10th St. 2 lots with one 4 room Ihouse nnd a 2 room house. Im- Imedlate possession. $1275. |oi W. Sycamore St. 2 story house, rooms. Kented now as duplex. lOwner says sell for the low price lof $1200. $400 cash and $20 per Imonth. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 108 N. 2nd, Phone 861 ftiidie H. David, salesman. 7|25-ck-28 enough for service. J. Buchanan, phone 578 . 3335. For Rent Have decided lo rent guest bed room to two men or couple. Mod crnly furnished, cool, ideal loca tion. Kitchen privileges for break fast and lunch considered. Ca 2084. 7|25-dh-t |ST 'YOUR PROPERTY with H CAMPBELL, 120 S. Second Phone 446. We get results. ; 7-3-pk-4 [TO electric coffee mills; one Iced drink box; one electric drink box ime center freezer and hardener . L. King, Manila. 7|25-pk-l I room house with bath; also, 3 room house and water connections'. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1605 ]W. Vine St. 7|21-pk-8j2 to lots near American Legion Hut |Fames Coston, Osceola, Ark. 7-17-ck-t [\ctrlc table radios cheaper at Tin adfo Hospital. 204 W. Ash. " - 7-I2-pk-8-l lircbred registered Duroc Ihred gilts. Bred to out (standing boars for Septem Iber litters. Prices are reas lonable. J. C. Buchanan Ifarm 2 1-2 miles W- on |Hwy, 18. Phone 578 o \33ffe. 7-7-ck-' [ree used A-0 Combines: on liractlcally new. Write or call E. B | See cotton Co. Fhone 2026. 7|l-ck-t J Inch window fan blades. Bull< four own fan. Blythevllle Ma Ihlnc Shop. Phone 2828. . 6123-ck-t Sare 50% On TRUSSES 8te«l and Elastic STEWARTS Drnc Stiri phone 2822 ooms and apartment. 401 E. As and Lily. 7j25-pk-2 •ypewriter. Phone 3160. 7j2I-pk-2 ooms for men. Atkins. . 6j30-pk-3 fflcn in In^Kun Building, inqulr at the Parkhurit Co... 11-36-ok- ~*~w~~~*~- 1-,.;, .,;, ', i,;,MII .1 ,n.i»^M' J Help Wanfei HORIZONTAL C8 Male sheep 1,0 Pictured movie actress H A r. P ° !>U ; 1 Cognomen lar Hollywood ilPc ° sia 13 — H Nickel H Groat Lake 15 Operatic solo 16 Mother 17 Native melal 19 Insect 21 Debit note <abbr.) 22 Finish 24 Paid notice S5 International languaec 26 Inquire 27 Tavern 29 October (abbr.) 31 Sugary 33 Requires 36 Measure of area 37 That one 30 Those who color 42 Humorous 45 Tear 46 Anger 47 Distant 49 Upward 51 Aluminum (symbol) 52 Auricle 55 Any 50 Single 57 Urchin 59 Proceed 60 Store in ship B2 Always SSAges 17 Relate (symbol) <i Excitement a Provide food 0 Eilher 7 Channel Islands <abbr.) 8 Listen 9 Was scaled 10 Transpose (abbr.) !1 Helps 12 Rating 18 Have 20 Midday 23 Exptre 26 Dined 28 Compass nolnU4Bom 30 Cerium 47 Swift (symbol) 31 Sorrowful . 32 Twisted 34 Noise 35 Pie pen 39 Make a mistake 48 Poker 50 Equal 51 Tunes 53 East Indian senwee4 54 Flower 50 Night bird 40 Rhode Island 58 By (abbr.) Cl Oleum (abbr,) 4 1 Twisted 03 Virginia a well- (nbbr.). known - 04 Print measurf personality 60 Egyptian sun 43 Clioldctm city god OLIVER FAKM EQUIPMENT Sales »nd Service HARRISON AUTO FARTS CO. SH W. A«h Phone ZWJ II y«« mat u M; nw4 Waa •wit SELL VS THK FURN1TUBB ARE NOT USING ftr nthl llbtral |n4e-la alMwmaf* (w •U tvnltirt^B •«*. AMn Hardy Farm, Co. ra*a« W» R«frig«rat!on Service F. W. TATUM Plione 1557 Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM 10le Hickory Inn WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANUFAOTDRINQ CO. Fhonfc 2911 We Will Pay Up To CEILING PRICf / For Good] Clean' USED CARS Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 At Your S E R V 1C E DAY and NIGHT! Drive into our modem service stnlion night, dny or nnyliine ., and be sure of Celling tlic licst In Kcvvicel- MOPRRN EQUIPMKNT, HXI'BKT SRUVICMMEN, Tl'IiC liKST'GASOLINM AND OH/ AVAILABI<E— nil insure your.jjetlint'- HXTHA VALUB FOR YOUR SRRVICM DOLLAR! TEXACO Gas & Oils Elmer Caanlnghuii VULCAR1ZIRG Tire * Tube Repair Gftton Bell BJU a •. Hwj. (1 <r*r»trtr with Bncler AB. rta.) Have Equipment Fixed Now— PAY NEXT FALL Have 'tractors arid farm implements overhauled and repaired NOW while parts can be secured and our shops can do the work - . . DON'T WAIT FOR THE RUSH SEASON. We'll take fall billing on the charges. Delta Implements, Inc. irl for general office work. Apply Goodyear Service Store. 7]26-ck-29 iperlenced cooka and waltreww. Apply Hotel Noble. le-ck-il Gin Supplies AT PRESENT our stocks of repair parts are as complete as during pre-war, times! Put your.; plants in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE—call4 day, night or Sunday. PRESCRIPTIONS rrethest Stock GntrintewJ Bert PricM Kirby Drag Stores SIMONIZE and POLISH JOB--The Best You Ever Saw-— Washing and Greasing a Specialty LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Blytheville Joe Roach, Ser. Sfa. Mgr. Phone 578 Hare Fan & Refrigerator Moton Cleaned For Sammer. New Location 1 16 N 1st J. T. (Ch.rlie) Sttlcup Fhone 2893 or Z5M J ^ J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. , Ark. ALLEY 001 'rt Whnl Ho Siijd By V. T. HAMI IN Lost •foncy In black change purse near Hart's Bakery. Call 2484. Howard. 7-2S-pk-29 Personal lolng to San Diego, Calif., Friday, July 28lh. Need one passenger to share excuses. Call 3337 between 7 & 8 p.m. 7|25-pk-27 Wanted, lo JJuy Will pay cash for $10,000 worth of good nsed fuml- tnre. Wade Furniture Co. Will pay zoc per aos. for wire coat hangeni. gjdsoc CTeaaeri. Wanted To Ren* Modern house with three or more bedrooms. Would consider buying "If forced to. W. B. Nicholson, superintendent of schools, phone 802 or 2362. 7|25-pk-28 or 5 room unfurnished house Coach Green, High School. . ' , 7j20-pk-27 * Belting * Steam Packing * AM Sire Pipe * Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Gummers * Belt Lace * Pipe Fittings Hubbard Hardware Co. Serving Blytheville 25 Years NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call m* fix check-up without cost or obligation. '' '' EATS, MICE AND ROACH 'CONTKOL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP in E. Kentnclrr DRS. NIES & NIES OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic B14 Main Blythefille, Ark. Pfcone 2»21 FALL TERMS FOR FORD REPAIRS Don't let your Ford wear out for lack of needed repairs. Make your Ford operate economically for the duration. New Ford Reconditioned Engine The only remedy to worn cylinders, pistons and bearings. New Brakes, New Steering Gear, New Paint and Body Repairs. REPAIR YOUR FORD NOW. USE OUR FALL BUDGET PLAN.. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 453 "The No. 1 Ford Repair Shop" Walnut at 5th. MAYBE HE is RESPONSIBLE TOR OUR BUT KNOWING OOP. I'M CONVINCED HE jtCN'T WAIT. OSCflR/WfVE STILL GOTf,T<> FIGURE 50ME WAY OOP/ IT.MV tm THE SAP RAN OFF AND UFT US TO DKERTUS,.flND GOING TO OF THE SADW.E GAVE US TIME By MERRILL BLOSSB Tlie Pol Cnll.s the Kclllc FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THEN IF YOUR DAD GWHS Me 10% TOR FINDING THE GOLD, I'LL HAVF OKAY, LETS 6UCONSSRVATIV!? ftND SAY ONLV 300,000 IN ROUND FI6U ONES oo: BUT we DOJT KHOW HOW MUCH POP'S WILL pRobuce.' By FRED HARMAH The Old Gonfiaonco RYDER STEP RIGHT UP.fOLKS- A TICKET A SEE RECKON WE CAM\ COWBOYS—HA.' JU51 LIKE- , D'HICKS YOL)'f?E COWEOY COUNTRY-' BY LESLIE TURNEB Piece to the Jigsaw WASH TUBBS LET'6 W>PE THE OTHERS HWE LOOK6 LIKE TWO PLANES ARE MISSIWS, COLONEL V(lN<SER A RAOIO COHTROLLEO BOMB.EH? YES.SUHS WE TOOK NOTES 0^ EYERY DETAIL Cf TUB ATTACK. WE.U (SET TOGETHER, WHILE OUR FILMS ARE BEIH6 P£VELOPEP>W> MAKE A COMPLETE VlWftti REPORT ..MAYBE WE CAM LEARN. mi SOME PLANES ESiAPEP, OHILE OTHERS NEWS LOST THAT WILL PUT A 6TOP TO THESE BY EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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