Northwest Herald from Woodstock, Illinois on July 15, 1999 · Page 2
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Northwest Herald from Woodstock, Illinois · Page 2

Woodstock, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 15, 1999
Page 2
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menu ssseciss 2211 IUlJiJiAjt;La.iK Local ity lottery and Imemgt. s "Y ' ."II "H ajji y "la! if 1 : n " a a n Ttot&rSitmst Herald WOODSTOCK A suspected serial kilter may be linked to the 197 death cf a Woodstock teenager sad the dissppearance of another. The Woodstock Police Department and the Marion County Sheriffs Department in Honda are working with the FBI to determine if Angel Maturino Resendez, 39, is connected to the case of Wendy Von Huben and Jesse Lee Howell. Maturino Resendez surrendered Tuesday to the Texas Rangers. Maturino Resendez is suspected in eight bludgeoning deaths along railroad routes from Texas to Illinois. Von Huben, 16, vanished in March 1997 after driving to Florida with her boyfriend, Howell t Howell was found dead March 23, 1997. Authorities found his bludgeoned body along an empty stretch of railroad tracks 60 miles northwest of Orlando. "I hope this is a closure to Jesse's homicide,'' Wood-slock Sgt Kurt Rosenquist said. "I still hold out hope that Wendy will be found.". Rosenquist and Florida's Marion County Sheriffs Major Patty Lumpkin are waiting for the FBI to detail a time line of Matur- 4 if ino Resendez's travels, ' uAt this time, we don't have any indication that .(Maturino Resendez) was in that area at the time (of the murder)," Rosenquist said. Lumpkin said she wants to interview Maturino Resendez. "But he is not talking," Lumpkin said. "We don't have anything right now. We're going back to DNA evidence to see if there's anything we can compare." Lumpkin said Von Huben's whereabouts is the primary concern. "There's always that hope, but as the days go by they kind of diminish," she said. "If Wendy is alive, she can fill in the blanks with what happened to Jesse." , ' Von Huben's father, William, said he is glad to see any alleged serial killer arrested. , "I'm hoping there's no connection because maybe my daughter's still alive somewhere," he said. "Until you have some proof otherwise, I'm hoping she's out there." Despite a nationwide search, several TV appearances and an Internet posting, Rosenquist said no new leads in Von Huben's disappearance have surfaced since April 1997. Police received tips placing Von Huben in Jacksonville, Fla., and again in Baldwin, Fla., months after the disappearance. Two transients told police they saw Von Huben in mid-April 1997 with a homeless man in a wooded area near Pensacola, Fla. The man, Bobby Ray Taylor, 46, denied he had been with Von Huben.' His arrest and an investigation yielded no incriminating evidence. Murder Cosfaeed from page 1 - Texas has executed 180 people - by far the most in the nation -iince the U.S. Supreme Court allowed capital punishment to resume in 1976. The 39-year-old rail-hopping drifter, who turned himself in Tuesday after a six-week manhunt that made him one of the most wanted fugitives in America, also is charged with two slayings in Illinois and one in Kentucky and is believed responsible for five other killings in Texas. " During the manhunt, the FBI referred to him by one of his alias-es, Rafael Resendez-Ramirez. v Until the murder charge was filed in Hughes Springs, the only charge against him in Texas was burglary, at the scene where Dr. Claudia Benton, 39, was killed Dec. 17 in the Houston enclave of 'West University Place. She was Ibeaten in the head, stabbed three .times in the. back and covered ;jvith a blanket. Maturino Resendez's finger-prints were found on parts from pie woman's stolen car, and prose-icutors said DNA evidence also might link him to the slaying. After a prosecutor in Houston described the bloody scene of Ms. Benton's killing, Maturino Resendez, wearing an orange jail jumpsuit and handcuffs, calmly asked state District Judge William Harmon if he could plead guilty. It was unclear whether Maturino Resendez specifically was addressing the burglary charge or all of the charges against him. His admission of guilt was not an official plea because his court appearances were only to set bail and assign him a lawyer. He was jailed without bail. In Texas, a charge of capital murder usually can be filed only when there is evidence that a murder occurred during the commission of certain felonies, such as burglary. The decision of whether to charge Maturino Resendez with capital murder in Ms. Benton's death rests with Harris County District Attorney Johnny Holmes, ' whose county has notched the most death-penalty convictions in Texas. ' Of the 469 people on death row in Texas, 146 about one-third - were sent there by Harris County. If Harris County, were a state, it would rank third in the number of people executed in the nation with 56. Virginia has executed 67. After hiding out in Mexico, Maturino Resendez surrendered to a Texas Ranger at an El Paso border station .Tuesday in a deal brokered by his sister. . It still is unclear why he turned himself in. Mexico does not have the death penalty and does not return suspects to countries where they may face the death penalty. But Mike Cox, a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman, said Maturino Resendez may have feared .bounty hunters. A $125,000 reward had been offered for his capture. Texas' hold on Maturino ' Resendez also might mean Kentucky and Illinois officials never get to prosecute him. Lexington, Ky., police Sgt. Mark Barnard said he hopes that is not the case. ' "I don't care if he gets the. death penalty seven times," Barnard said. "I want him in Kentucky." ( Maturino Resendez is thought to have traveled by hopping freight trains. All of the victims were killed near the tracks. Investigators .have said they have no idea what moti-' vated the killings. ;;' The killing spree apparently started with the 1997 slaying of a 21-year-old college student in Kentucky. The most recent slayings were those of a 79-year-old man and his 51 -year-old daughter, found dead June 15 in Gorham. Hearing Contmned from page 1 H "When I came from the back, 'J. saw two what appeared to be fnales wearing ski masks - a taller jboy and a shorter boy," Roberts said. "I thought, 'This doesn't look right - two boys in ski masks and It wasn't that cold out." !5 Roberts said the taller boy, a 115-year-old who already has tpleaded guilty to several charges, I immediately walked out of the store and held the door with his foot so Roberts could not follow him out "The shorter one said, 'I've got jthis gun here,'" Roberts said. 4U"After he told me he had the gun he said, 'Give me the bread.'" "I didn't react to that. I thought, 'Did he really say bread?' l mean i m m a oreaa siore, sne said. Roberts said she then put her hand on the boy's shoulder to guide him out of the store. She said she could not see the boy in the darkness outside because of the bright, fluorescent lights inside. She then began to lock the door. "That's when the bullet went through the safety glass," she said. "It just went 'whoosh' into a million pieces." Roberts said she then realized she had been struck and still has a fragment from the .380-caliber bullet in her hip. Determining if there is enough evidence to conclude the boy might have committed the crime, called probable cause, is the first phase of the transfer hearing from juvenile court. The second phase will deal with whether the juvenile would be better served in the juvenile court system or whether he should be given an adult sentence. Prather ruled McHenry County Assistant State's Attorney Patrick Walsh did prove probable cause on the lesser charges of attempted armed robbery, aggravated discharge of a firearm, aggravated battery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. But Prather said she would rule this afternoon on the more serious charges after reviewing evidence and testimony from the hearing carried over from Friday. The 15-year-old, who was 14 at the time of the shooting, pleaded guilty two weeks ago to attempted murder, attempted armed robbery and aggravated battery under the Illinois Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction Act, which allows for a blended juvenile and adult sentence. Under the terms of the deal, the boy will be sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections Juvenile division until he turns 21. He also could face a 6-year-adult sentence if he does not satisfactorily complete the terms of his juvenile sentence. Izlll Ll tZ3 Jsannina Smith want3 to establish a community meetings program before she ; leaves the pa"fcs and recreation board in August , A program to bring the meeiirsss to the community would make it more convenient for residents to have a voice in the visage's recreation planning, parks board commissioners hopebetievesaid. Parka board commissioners hope the program would mate M more con-venient for residents to have a voice in the visage's recreation planning by bringing the meetings to them. r!!!3y: PoBce Chief MkKbstecW wants to put two extra officers in the schools on a fil-time basis. He asked the city counci Wednesday I he can apply for a federal grant that would fund up to $125,000 of each officer's salary and benefits for the first three years. After three years, the city would pick up the tab. "It's important to the community." KostecM said. This would give us the ability to provide school liaison officers in both high schools ... and to work full-time with the elementary schools." From staff reports CstaGS&stS;)? If you have a news tip to report, call the automated hot line at (815) 455-2159. Rck lane KS&bqr: 5-1-9 Pick Urns Evmnff 7-5-7 nek Foar Radar 2-6-7-9 Pick Four Ewnfcs 8-9-9-1 LKhUte 6-8-19-28-30 Lotto: 13-14-17-27-2947 lotto Jackpot $4 million "M jPWPWS" Pheefltl&gxdne Hn .'AMimf-CN3ftXt.COm ... Hereisatreshrzineinwrfcodwrachcfs sriarecuharyenlrftBiasms, . fvtamrirMILVUtalhBrSto . rrfarwniubbBdwithrBrsera in bacon!) or sipping i-mos roaptwM-wu-wy -FhrQ&l do it with humor and hs-?i st3.",.J , AndfcfgrclajtJ fhekcompanion site, , v ,r , ; ,C J Love and Learn -''.v. Hosted by Mr. Sensitive himself, three women and Ul two men disguisea as canoon cnHiwwist wta naarwum advice for loving and learning. Based on the prcria " that Incoody has all of the answers," but that honest .tfa logue can heal the human heart - or at least ensouj understanding - the panelists speak their minds on real- world romantic issues ute reDOuno rejauunsnijis, every day hist and the perils of workplace infatuatrana. $45 million FV3: 9-8-8 Ft 4: 3-0-9-6 : 6-7-14-17-27-32 : 6-7-10-31-37-49 DafyTtae 6-3-5 DaFoar. 1-7-84 Lucky Sc 1-13-25-26-36 Heoshr Lotto: 8-10-16-21-22-27 EsL HoodarJaclipot $6 million 1-6-25-29-32 $17.9 million Whole That? -s httteww.whothatconv ;oj Three cheers for character actors, those under-celebrated, yet familiar good and bad guys, flakes, floozies and olain folks of the screen. This newty launched site . : serves up filnjragraphies for a short list of enduring, con-1 temporary supporung acuesw! wiu m.iuia. lmm im bios of David Strathaim, a leading man at last in John Sayles' Umbo"; Sylvia Sidney, whose work from the last two decades Droves you can restart an acting " career at age 70; and memorable bit players from big films like Titanic." "Aliens" and "Amadeus." . ; The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza htSpJwww.) ) ' In the words of the site, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza chronicles the assassination and legacy of President John F. Kennedy; preserves the Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District and the Kennedy : Memorial; and provides audiences with the tools to navK gate contemporary culture within the context of presi- ' dential history One other thing - the museum's online effort also presents the world with a 24-hour, live view of J Dealey Plaza, via a constantly updated webcam. ( MUT - " 1 d.'j J'1i r - J For the latest news from McHenry County and around the world check out i the Northwest Herald online at httpAmwjiwheraldcom Lodge Continued from page 1 . t j f i ' The lodge also serves as a Starting point for the golf course. : Riordan said the golf course practice range should be open by Labor Day, an nine holes of the course should be ready this fall. ' The course and a pro shop will be open to the public, but Sun City residents will receive preferential tee times. The lodge also will features the Sun City Community Association Business and Administration Center, solarium, public restaurant, bar and Drendel Hall, the development's theatrical and banquet center. It is open to the public. Outside, there will be a leisure pool and sun deck for residents and their guests. "We call it a Mickey Mouse pool. It looks kind of like Mickey Mouse," Riordan said. There also will be 3.5 acres of tennis courts and four boccie ball courts near the center. Residents who missed Wednesday's tour will have another chance to visit the center July 26. Reservations must be made by July 22-and can be placed by calling the community association at (847)515-7286. Ccr.:z(mo:j It was incorrectly reported Wednesday that Richard Flood defended the city of Crystal Lake in a 1991 impact fee case. The Northwest Herald regrets the error. HOST FAMILIES NEEDED T linn mm,. iiimnj PACO, Ibyrs. TAJUNA, IJyrt Make this year the most exciting, enriching year ever for you and your (amilyc Share your world with a young foreign visitor from abroad. Welcome a-high school student, io-i8 years old, trom r ranee, spam, England. Germany, Sweden, Mexico, or Russia as part of your family for a school year and maker an overseas tnend tor lite. :. For more program information or to select your own exchange student trom applications with photos, please call: . . ' i Diana Owens at 847-546-148 J ' Marcv at 1-800-785-91140 " : w fJT WORLD HERITAGE ISA PUBUC BENEFIT, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION n If you visited our McHenry Grower's Outlet store on any of the following dates & wrote a check for your purchase, please contact us: May 21, May 22 or May 29 815-563-7312 or 815-482-1723 Ask for Kathleen In appreciation for your help, we will give the first 50 customers a $10 gift certificate to Grower's Outlet. - Thank you Management Ccrpcl f limits! v iynditiEiioi Do yeu ns!ty have It? r Find cut fcr FuZE: W9 now have ths 'I NcrvcPACE- S-2X0 Narvo Conduction Monitor W& f&fe ' . f W tJ V Offer Expires 7999. Must Present Coupon 1 Test Free Only " Quick End er Optlfast or fcy r-, &a ustcSsr mzC -. Ffctv;:::'t PO BOX 250 .:.,:.:,(, CRYSTAL LAKE, IL eSS3M3 u. - - ' ' :-, :' 'ft Ksln, South OK!c CI 1 JL . Whatever you want to sell. .. from a sofa to real estate or evert a service... SELL through classified. through classified H you want It. youm M It hm. v mo'aaiLiLiiJMMiji!iBaBagBBMWw fetim. mi tiM t TtM NorthWMl HmM (USPS 751-3) la pSahwl tfsltjfc Sundays, and hoR?y by KorKwmt Kwepspr, a dMsion of BF Shaw Fr&iig CwRScny, PO Cox 2SQ, Crystal Late, R,egm FaMcaispoilagapaMat CmMLcton,S.2Nri4 " ' ' OSTHASTEft: ' . : . . . SMiaMaaaeliangaata , . fterttweal HaraML PO Km 2S9 - CiYtilUka,I.MQ32S. - v. ,' -' " ' . tubactipsioiMi fey Cwrlw; j fciMayTT" 10fti waate, $3.70 wesx 7 I tS-MAl waaka, ts.ea wmn I VtaaAaadi .... 2-arl3 waakanda, S2.C3 wesw4 J 81 Sufaacrfftfon ra&a on icquw I "w oarrtar CteSvary la nt .-:' '

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