The New York Times from New York, New York on September 26, 1922 · Page 8
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 26, 1922
Page 8
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THE 'NEW YORK TIMES. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 26. 1922. 8 L i. 1 p- ' OOfKEc.1- IheTieof a Thousand Knots3' Put your scarf money into Berkley Knits! You'll receive liberal dividends in service and style! Berkley Knitting Company 132 Vim Seme Look at your feet before you buy shoes! STUDY their Notice the straight insids lino Iran heel to reat toe. Gbocnd Geippxr Shoes, only, bare the natural straight inside line and the flexible shank. These two features keep arch and foot parts always healthy, active, efficient. Your feet can be always ready to walk with ease and joy perpetually young! Come in today. Find out what Gxouno Gairpxas can do" to prerent and correct foot troubles. Try on your pair! FOR ALL THE FAMILY Cjround Qripper SHOES M. 1UKK !TT tS W. ( ! t W. 33th SI. - 3 John . PKfH)KU N. . V. 3I ljlatM M. AntKRT!fMET. Important Notice! Ue are moving and do not in tend to take our used cars with us. Therefore, for one week . only Sept- 23d to 30th we will sell them at prices that will surprise you the range being from $150 to $1200. And you can pay a down and the rest in 12 -months. These cars are in out showrooms at "260 West 57th Street, near Broadway. THE DORT MOTOR CAR CO. TeL Circle 5466. ACID HURLER BURNS FIVE IN A THEATRE Woman Is Held on Charges Preferred by Husband and Another Man. PLAYGOERS ARE NEAR PANIC Liquid Is Thrown at Tense Moment In a Presentation at At-lantic City. Special to The Xctc York Time. Atlantic crrr. N. J.. Sept. 5. Five persons wtr burned by carbolic aci-J said to havfc been buried by an infuriated wife, while a crowded audienoe vu nearly thrown into a panic at the Glob Theatre Ut lart night. j Mrs. Molli. Cantor. 36. wife of a garage owner here, and mother of bla four children, was arraigned today before a Justice of the peace on two charges of assault and battery preferred by her husband. Henry Cantor, from whom she is said to b separated, and by Harry Kotmelxky. husband of Mrs. Mary Kol-niet::y. Mrs. Cantor was released under 00" bail in each case far the action of the Urand Jury. The uproar occurred near i" end of the perfomiance of a play entitled " An Kye for an Kye." in wTdch a jealous woman figured. Mrs. Cantor sat far In the fnr of the rvheitra. Her hU5band and Mr. and Mrs. Kolmetxky were seat-eU In a front row. an-1, according to the police. Mrs. Cantor did not see Kolinets-ky. as th woman was seated betaeen the two men. The t-ullce, say h had previously purchased a three-ounce bottle of carbolic acid at a local drug store. Awaitinjr her opportunity at an Intense moment of the play, the excited woman is said to have dashed down the alle to where her husband was sitting end to have hurlert the contents of the bottle at htm. The liquid sprayed In al! directions and persona near by dashed to safety. Scream attracted the entire audience and for a minute the place was In a state of great excitement. A not call was sent to the lolioe station and a score of reserves resnonded. Before they arrived the management had restored order tnl the patrol wagon k th-n resumed, was ueed as an ambulance. The play Mrs. Kolmetxky Is still In the hospital. Kolmetxky. Mr. and Mrs. Israel Sabots and cantor went home after treatment. MAYFLOWER IS BARRED AGAIN BY CANADIANS Fishing Race Trustees Refuse to Alter Their Decision 5 Nova Scotia Schooners Contend. HALIFAX. N". S.. Sept. 23. The trustees of the international fishermen's race trophy announced tonight that they were unable to Change their decision barring the Boston schooner Mayflower from participation In this year's race for the cup to be held off Gloucester. The Chairman of the American race committee at Gloucester was notified by telegram of the board's decision. The board In its original decision disqualifying the Mayflower as a cup contender emphasised the great cargo car rying capacity of the Nova Scotia schooner duenose. winner of last year's contest, and other Canadian fishing va-sesis." It was contended that the LSiue- cose loaded -"MKl pounds cf fLn on ner rrturn (rani a recent ILthing trip: The American race committee, on being notified of the trustees" decision voted to tak no action until W. Star ling Burgess, designer of the May' flower, had vijited Halifax and pre- serted a case lor his schooner. Air. liurress had a hearing before the trus tees some days ago. He offered to mak any changes In the Mayflower's rig the board might suggest and produced evidence of the Ml) flower's carxo-carrylng rapacity. Vive Nova Nctl fishermen : were entered to compete for the champion ship of the Nova Scotia rishlng fltret commencing on Oct. 7. it was announced to-1av. The entries are the International champion. Blue Nose. Captain Angus v alters: Mahaska. Captain fc.mll Mack: Margaret K. Smith. Captain Frank XV. Hynarht. and A leal a. Captain Roland Wnlikl All tf I jiii.tihiirp nt I K Canada. Captain Joseph Conrad. The Victor will inert the L nited States champion In the international ..-hamplonships off CJ!oocestr. commencing Oct. 15- The Mkhtfka and Margaret K. Smith left the stocks this year, the Mahaska In the Sprinr and th Margamt K- Smith en Aug. 10. The latter. therfore. even thou Id she win the Nova Sootl series, could not take part in th International. Five prises will b awarded in the Nova Scotia series as follow: 1nt. Nova Scotia Trophv and .VW; s-ond. 1.00t: third. O0; fourth. $100; fifth. S.VK. Th wlnnlnr schooner. If the Interna tional contender, will a'so receive S-VOiin granted by the Canadian overnnvnt and lro a the w inner or S-.OOO as the loser of that event. SAYS BONUS FIGHT GOES ON Col. MacNider Declares Absentees Defeated Lost Bill In Congress. CHICAGO. Sept. 23- The fight for compensation for the men and women who served In the World AVar haa Jusl started. Colonel Hanford MacNider. National Commander of the American Uegion. declared In a statement upon his arrival here tonight on his way to Hock Island to attend the Illinois Legion convention. "The battle has Just started." he declared. " We expect the first two bills for adjusted compensation introduced In the Houe and Senate to be passed quickly. "" Nothing can stand between the wish of. the people- and what they believe to be a Just obligation. If It had not been for the absentees the bill that failed last week would have gone through." In an address at a theatre Colonel MacNider pledged the Legion to go through a generation, if necessary. In its rl.abilitation campaign for maimed and wounded ex-service men. " We arc going to sea that the maimed who must live through the war forever get a feqtiare deal from the country for which they fought," he declared. NAVY FLIER IS KILLED. POWERS TO GIVE UP EASTERN ROAD CONTROL China Will Be Responsible for Continued Operation and Fro-tion cf System. Special to The Kew York Time: WASHINGTON. Sept. 25. The Amer ican and Japanese Governments have practically reached an agreement for the bolition of the international technical control of the Chinese Eastern Railway, which was established after the collapsa of the lats Czar's Governments in Kussla. It is understood the agreement pro vides that the so-called Steveng Commission shall cease to function uptn completion of the evacuation of Japanese troops from Siberia, which Is expected lo bo accomplished by the end of October. Under the terms of the agrvement it is understood the Chinese llovernment will bo made responsible for the continued operation and protection of the Chinese 'Eastern Tlailway. but a close atch on the situation will be main tained with the view to resumption of International control in case the Chlneso authorities are unable to keep the railway In efflctent operation. The other allied powers, including Great Britain and France, are In accord with the An-.erican plan, which has been virtually agreed to by Jipan. TWO DEAD, ONE INJURED IN AUTOMOBILE CRASH Carl Is Only Member of Party to Escape as Car Strikes Bridge on Princtcn Pike. Archibald Harrington's Seaplane Falls Into Pensacola Bay. . TENSACOLA. Fla.. Sept. 23. Ensign Archibald Harrington of Free port. L. I., was Instantly killed when a navy seaplane which he was piloting late today crashed into Pensocol Bay. His ne-k was broken In the fall. Harrlnrton was a student aviator at the naval station. He was the only l-erson aboard the plan. The iiuw cf the crash has not vet be-n determined. Funera' services will be held tomorrow. aftr which the body will be sent to Freeport for burial. Peruviana in Sympathy Strikes. LIMA. Teru. Spt. 25. A strike cf all the transportation workers in Lima and Cailao hegnn thH morning as a mark ot sympathy with the street railway employes. Troop are patrolling the i streets In both cities. Business nr: c!os-l. One striker was killed in a raiJ on th public market liTe. The Uxbor leaders have threatened a general strifes. TRENTON. N. J.. Sept. 2.-Vllliam Snedeker. SO years old. of Hamilton Square and Mrs. Anthony" Jeanne ttc. 2t. of 53 Cooper Street, this cit. were killed tonight, and Orvllle Everett of Mercerville. near here, is in the Mc-Klnley Hospital with a fractured skull and will probably die. as the result of Snedeker's car crashing into a bridge along the Princeton pike, about ix miles from here. Snedtker, it was said, endeavored to pass a truck coming toward him and misjudging his distance ran into the bridge. Tne car waa ups"t. Miss Susie Motcr,.K years old, of Kwing Station, who wis In the car, escaped with slight bruises. The dead and Injured were picked up by a passing aulomobillst and taken to the horpitul. CAR RUINED; KILLS HIMSELF Crowd Sees Driver Commit Suicide After His Auto Is Wrecked. Special to The .Vcio l'orfc Times. STERLING. 111.. Sept. S3. William Traeder, 47. committed suicide by shooting himself In the right temple lart night after viewing his wrecked auto. He waa only slightly cut In the accident In which the car was ruined. To the crowd that gathered he remarked that his car wasn't worth t2 ar.J he might as w-ll kill himself. Thi-n he climbed back Into the wreckage. k m revolver from the rear seat and shot himself. PATACCI0 TRIAL ON NOV. 30. Case of Slaying of Two Women Here Will Be Heard in Naples. ROME. Sept. 23. Vlncenxo Tatacclo. alias Frank Yalluczl. who Is cJiarged with the murder of two women in New Tork City In 1920. will be placed on trial In Naples on Nov. 50. Patacclo was arrested in Mentone. France, shortly after the killing of Lena Felnelli and Josephine Gentile, who were shot during an attack on (Uuseppe do Cessri. a barber in Mulberry Street. New Yom. The women were walking on th street when a man. who escapd before a policeman could be summoned, emptied a revolver in their direction. l)e Cesarl was the tsrget at which the bullets were aimed. I'alaccio was accused of having don the shohtlng. II escaped and fl-d to France, where he was arrested. He was taken to Italy. The Italian Government refused to permit his extradition to the United States on the ground that he was not a naturallxed American citlxen. HELD AS MASHER. Young Man Is Accused of Annoying Nurse In Movie Theatre. Charged by Miss Mrvrgsret Smith, a nineteen-year-old nurse of WO Sixth Avenue, with annov lug her la.t night In a moving picture theatre. S1 Bkkel. 21 years old. who said he was married last May and was living st 417 EaM Fifty-second Street, was held until tomorrow night for probationary' Investigation by Magistrate Thomas Mc-Andrews In Night Court. Miss Smith told Magistrate Mo-Andrewa tiiat while she wn watching the picture at the Stanley Moving Picture Theatre, at fiM Seventh Avenue. Bioke-l sat down besid her and kept leaning against her. When he tnor-d her warning to stop, she said. !1 ? slapped his face and told the manager, who aummon-d Patrolman John Cratton. who arretHl Bickel. SALESMAN HELD AS THIEF. Accused of Taking $2,700 Ring Thief Posed as Awning Repairman. Charged with the theft of n diamond ring valued at $2.70O. Gregory Burke, 53 years old, a salesman of Toughkecpslo. N. Y.. was arrested last night as ho left the home of his mother-in-law- at 121 Post Avenue by Ietectlves Edward Murrav and Edward Gelger of the West 177th Street Statiort. According to the det"tclves. the thief obtained entrance to the apartment of Mrs. Maurlee Marcus at 101 West 171th Street on May 25 last by posing as an awning repair man !ent by the owner of the housn. tl Is alleged that while he was aloiv in one of, the room he took the ring from a drawer in n dresser. Controller for Lakes Coal. CLEVELAND. Ohio. Sept. 23. H. M. Griggs, manager of the Ore and Coal Exchange, lias been named ss ellrector of transportation and distribution of lake coal. It was announced here today on receipt of advices from f. K. Spen.. Federal Fuel Illstributer at Washington. Mr. tlriggs will hnve Jurisdiction under the Federal Fuel Control act over dock.4. shipping companies and laUe vessels for the purpose of providing an1 moving coal required In the Northwest arid lake territory. Expect Peace on Alton Road. Special to The yew York Time. CHICAGO. Sert. 25. While no definite agreement has been announced. Chicago & Alton road officials and urion leader seemed hepeful today that a sink-- s- t-tleinert would be effete soon. 1'n hT th proposed agreement tin- returning strikers noiihl rriri j-.niol it his ; among themselves, would ye. nf. rrrnc? to nn-n w ho i fsiM-d to join ih walkout nd those cmpKyed sine., tf,. strike rtarted. They r-0ulj afire, to all Labor Board decisions. C CURATE REPLICAS of our Paris collection are coming daily from the hands of our skilled dressmakers and tailors. The draperies of Callol the quaint Moyen-Age silhouette of Lawin - the embroideries of Jenny the ingenious manner in which Jlortb uses fur to trim a wrap are reproduced so exactly that all the charm of the French couturier is-d reserved. Tvo and Tone Piece Suits One Piece Daytime Frocks Luncheon and Tea-lime Costumes Dinner and Dance Govtns Day an? Evening wraps 1 (m-- Bar. .-.vUL-sJB' The prices quoted this season are extremely moderate for the wealth of rich fabric and luxurious fur which the Autumn mode demands. 50 1 Stre et r-rrTH AVENUE S 57th Street MgG M&oit u il "' -r .,-' ' 'wow !11L CAREFUL SELECTIONS F URNITURE in mahogany and walnut for the living room or library, exquisite in design and workmanship, is on ex hibition in our galleries. PHOLSTEKED PIECES of McGibbon Quality, offering rich simplicity in design and affording real comfort, are among this season's offerings. RAFEIIY FA-BRICS, sunfast materials, cotton and wool tapestries and a full line of block prints in new weaves and color, are being" displayed by the Department of Interior Decoration. NDERCURTAINS that wear well and launder perfectly, in lace, imported muslin, dotted Swiss, figured grenadine and fancy filet nets. The materials that hold the sunshine in all can be had by the yard or in pairs. LINENS FURNITURE CURTAINS Department of Interior Decoration. 1 and 3Vest 37th Street Newark AT FIFTH AVENUE. Established since 1S66 u D U GUNN "liEgo" ' DESKS u;i"fi Inlaid Lino Tops ratmtfit and Fully (luaranlitd . Stand supreme for Fervire, Beauty and real Desk Comfort. LINO eliminates dwk padi and expensive plate glass. The soft dull shade of Green w restful to the eyes. Ink and Stains easily removed. No varnish to mar. ' LINO wears like Iron, feels like Kid. Finest cabinet construction. All styles. All finishes. Catalogue and sample of top mailed res. GUNN FURNITURE CO., Inc. I'ltoiie ' 11 Kami SOtll M. Murray J ' r-'r ; . I ( 11 i . s- - . n rvvsH i v wfilrX'T. FKOM WATIEHfiUSK! IIR.VMI NKW S ( II. T1 KINi. OKIl.tNH uid M'DKT models. Hare $1,000 and more! hhoit n nt ;akdnkh's waukhoitsk 617 Hnl 19lh S. .GeaT-BrrnanB woinrtisi. tCal For Sals IH1 50c per Pound Grocars Again racked in Attractive Tin Canisters as before the wax How- Large Are Yonir Windows? Are they so long and wide you have great difficulty in fitting them, because most curtains are so small ? We nave exactly what you have been looking for in imported rich lace curtains, made exactly for your requirements. They are from 3 to 4 yards long. Now At Half Price 121 Pairs Exquisite Imported Lace Curtains 60.00 to 125.00 Curtains for 30.00 to 62.50 They arc ideal for large windows and period furnishings for they arc executed in imported Brussels, -Venice, Florentine Point, Duchess and De Bruges laces. As we are anxious to make room for additional stock we are offering these at Half Price for immediate disposal. This is your opportunity. 30 pairs Brussels Curtains from 3 to 4 vards long. Formerly 62.00 to l" 10.00. Sale Price, pair, 31.25 to 35.00 41 pairs Florentine Point .Lace Curtains, yards long. Formerly 00.00 to 77.50. Sale Price, pair, 30.00 to 38.75 30 pairs Real Venice Lace Curtains, 3j yards .long. Formerly C0.00 to 95.00. Sale Price, pair, 30.00 to 47.50 20 pairs Duchess Lace Curtains, 3 to 3 yards long. Formerly 05.00 to 125.00. Sale Price, pair, 32.50 lo 62.50 Suitable for Toicn and Country Clubs as well as large .Homes Fifth Floor. V9C Charge purchase tcill appear on bill rendered November 1st 4 James McCreery ,& Co. FIFTH AVENUE 34TH STREET VT'X LAST WEEK of the Half -Yearly Sale - ; 20 DISCOUNT PECK & PECK'S semi-annual sale lasts for only two weeks and this week is the second and last. But every cfoud has its lining. The liberal reductions of many special items will, we hope, more than make up for the short durance of the sale. All of Peck and Peck's hosiery, sweaters and scarfs are offered at discounts of at least 20$?, and many special assortments may be had at still greater reductions. But Saturday is the last day of the sale! Only Two of Many Unusual Values Pure Silk Stocking,, with liale top Slifvon Silk Sweaters, in ail color, and aoles, in black, white and color, high and "V" neck, regularly J35XO, formerly $2.50a now $1.85. may now be had for $22.30. PECK. XI PECK Fifth Avenue at 48th St. Fifth Aicnuc at 42nd St. ALSO AT 4 NO. MICHIGAN BOULEVARD. CHICAGO Newport Southampton French Lick Falm Beach A a day given away. ; Every one in town Is Interested. Be a Reporter. What Did You See To-Day?" 3W I

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