The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 28, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1947
Page 7
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WKDNKSOAY, MAY U8, l'J-1 tears Trimmed !y Chattanooga Lookours Crowding Mobile for Second Place in Standings 'ATUANTA. Gil., Ma;.' 28. (UPI |The' CliiiUanoOKii Lookouts, cdds-oii ll! *VvJ win Ihe Southern Ass.>- lioiiil|i|;. were t definitely n'wk- theiv bid-loday ;LS the " tries" started caichinn ui> vvillt New Orleans Pelicans niul the Mobile |'»:ii-i 'The Lookouts ed^eil the second la<je Hears 7 to (i in. a surf,'imi Miming slriigtjlc nialil in phillanoo;;a, climbing within one raiiie of tho niimei--iii> <'"try >>"<> Ivilhin Hire.' and one-half of the Irpnl-riiniiini; Petieuns. The Look- tuts came from behind in (he lirtlh mid iiKiiin in the 10th. Tho victory unve Chattanooga ;\ to 1 edge in its home series gains', the Beans. 'New Orleans s IKIVLIIK even worse luck againr.t ? Nashville Vols. New Orleans '.Ins apparently gave tlie hint lo M'jnai.'cr L'.irry Gilbert's own lIugl'.CTS when tho visitors I'.ol four lomer.v in Hie first mime Kundav. I Tho Vols have been cloutin;; evf r since and last niul'.l tube y/alX-er nnd Doe Greene e.ic.'i lit his secon-i ol tlie series to •ace Nashville to n simple 11 to 3 •icloi'v behind Ben Wade. I The fourth place LAlnnla Crack- slayed n came and a hall Invars Chattanooga i,y spanking Jic lust-place Little Rock Travelers to 3 as Shelby Kijiney limleii easy fighl-hittcr. I lit unnoticed lliuler all the up• [•r-bineket uetivity was (tie liir- Iniighaui Baron's, in Ininib- |ns the Memphis Chicks for the l>iirtiJ*;traii!ht time in the lat- •W'ii ]:ark. a 4 to 3 .decision Ihk-h J^'.it the Chicks floumler- di^-i-. in Little Rock's comjw- BLYTHEVIIXE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS . I The four victories |am in a virtual lie fifth place. Birmiiu;- liie Vols (issisfrmt Coach Named \t Hondcrson^Staic I ARKADELPIIIA. Ark.. May ss. * JPI — I.ombe S. Hon-.iker of :tr.Vvi!le, 'I'enn.. lias been appoint- II assistant alhletic etiuch'nl Uen- prson State Teachers College here. appointment was annoiuu-ect • outlay by president -I). D Mc- Irien. - •. • A graduate Of Maryville Colle!;e 1011, Honaker ., v ill receive his Theix 1 is no need for fans sitting behind this j;ljisscd seclion of [jran<lsliind to duck as San Vrancisco -Seals players hnvl balls at tlio enclosure. The screen is three to five limes stronger than ordinary glass with resistance lo impact shock. Arrow points lo ball bouncing off the ylass. ' ' Sikes Takes Second Victory Over Thomas BASEBALL STANDINGS AUnnhi . . Nashville . Birmingham Mensphis . Little Hock PINE m.UFF, Ark-. May 21). (UP) — Boh Sikos. Little Rock heavyweight, today held his second victory over iWashinslon'.; Buddy Thomas following a IC-roimd decision here Monday ni^ht. Gikes. who went in wei^hint; 192 pounds, won every round except the second anil tenth which were, even. There were no knockdowns. I Tn other fishls. ,nnyl ( . Davis. 175, -pounder from Kcolt. knocked out net mil Hob Cain. 170. of St. Louis in 1:54 M" y ',. of the first round: Troy Gray. 158, ncsiori of England, decisioned Salty \Vade f.,, '"',„', IDS,, of Lmlianopolis. ind: and Vir- I f.;,..',',,, gil Oiler. 140. or Pino liluft, won w'.,'„,,, o a decision over Virgil Mansfield ! £,; ?'' ' ^ of Unrrison. ' ' ""'""-'I-' SOUTHERN LKA11UE | w. r. New Orleans 2H 10 . Mobile L'S '18 24 22 17 . 20 . 15 . Hi AMKUICAN LEAGUE \V. 1,. I'l 13 n ' is in. ii> 13' 13 18 19 1C 18 Et. L:>nis 15 12 .621 .451' .456 Pet. .847 .631 .523 ,5CO .4H(i .4B7 .455 Master .of Arts degree in (>"» education from Colorado Stale Icge in August. Romping En ,v York . 'Chicago . Ltiooklyn . Boston . Philadelpbia incinnali , St. Louis . NATIONAL LEAGUf! W. Cool in r . _. ... Llnh captinci the CaUInn Island ]n\ it.ilionJ'l • rournnmcnt with rounds of 70 nnd 68, the latter a visitors'course •record, for a total of 138. Tied for second, six strokes behind wa;; • . . . her sister, Marlcnc, 13. ' of LOUR Beach Countr Women's Colt WeNeed USED TIRES immediately During Ihit emergency we will give you^CIAI. TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES- on new HSK TIRES. No need lo give your old tires away while we pay top prices. Come in as soon as you can. I INK Bltitheville Motor Co 17 I!) 11) 18 15 1G 15 13 Pet. Tiger Batsmen Humble Feller Detroit Ball Club Takes 4-2 Decision From Cleveland Tribe NP.W YORK. May 28. (U! 1 ) — American League hatters will howl In disbelief but the cold. Impersonal figures showed Hul Newhousor today as I lie seventh best pitcher "ii the Detroit staff. Hurricane Hal KOt off to ft slo.v start anil his iillclilni; time-table is far behind the schedule '.vhlcli enabled him lo win 80 uiiuit's In the past three seasons, but while lie was !oiliTi)in «loii(; Ilio wiiy, t'l,; other Tiuer twirlers were. rnr'yniK his load. Hence tlv> figures which sliow Alton Demon with a :i and 0 i'0- eonl. Freddie Ilutchinson at f> In 1, 1)1/zy Trout. 5 In a, VirBil Trucus. :) and :). Kluhljy Ovennlre. 1 and 0. and Hul White. I nnd 1. nil better than Newhouser's •! lud 5 which make him the only pitcher on the staff under the .500 murk. NewluuiM'r, at this time last year, had won seven i;umcs: and last only one. The tcasnc lending Tigers cl\M'- e<i one of the tougher hurdles ys.-- lerday when Hobby Feller of Clevis- land Wai; treated lo the Indignity of beini; batted out us Henlon ualn- ed credit for a -1 to '2 victory. Tim Vied Sox, .soaring in on Illii Kussel's thiee-run homer, ended a rour-giiiiiR losing streak nnd handed I he Athletics their first night name defeat after seven straight victories. 1 to •>, at Philadelphia. Li'fly Burl Johnson pitched one- hit relief ball for six inning!! to Rain the victory. Senaldrs Trim Yanks Iludily Lewis lilt n two-run homer in the third to start the Senators on an uphill drive to victory in which they overcame n four-mil deficit lo de.fcut Ihc Yankees nt Washington 5 lo 4. The While Sox divided with the vlsilinf; last place Hrowns. winning 5 to 2 by making their six hits count for more than the 11 St. Louis got, inciiiiltng n homer by Walt Judnieli. Cliff Pnnntn pitched brilliant tlirce-hlt ball lo give St. Louis the second game 3 lo 0, striking out eight bailers and hoUiing Chicago hilless until the seventh. The Mill-slumping Cardinals suffered Iheir worst defeat of 'the year at at. Louis as the Cubs drub- PAGE The Main Event... in Berlin (Photo by • Kvlicrl !lc'u;f<.>td. NHA Slull fin ic: |>omU;ht) Berlin's Olympic Stadium, spared by Allied :iirmi-n du.ini' tlie war, plays host lo more than 25.UOU light fans iis Dietrich llueks German nuddlowoight chaiiipion, retains his title uuiiiiul Kriclt Cinnpe in u 12-iound. bout. Loy Etch Nine Trims Hays Softball Teqm Huys Store was shoved a little deeper Into Die cellar of the -Bly- Ihevllle Y's City Softball League as the high-flying Loy Eich nine ran their victory streak to four names by disfe.uing (he Grocers 12 to 0 lit Wnlker Park lust, night. Kiel) liiirler, Vlelor Ivy, llinUed tlie Grocers to six hits while he and Ills le.Mmimtcs got lo J. C. Whittle for seven hits nnd ensiled In on nine Hays' errors, for the necessary runs. Ed :uunch was Hie hlg gun nl Hie plate for Hie Elchers' us he ijH'il out three consecutive trip les In five trips, uddlnif three run lo bl s runs batted In folurmi. Jack Whittle paced llic Grocers wllh a double and u ilnglo out or threi trips. llurvcy IJorrls, jillelicr for the Sulllm wholesale team, wl Hit 1'hllllps Motor nliio down will five hlis. jour of them In the lasl timing, as the Wholesaler .'wumpcd the Mnloi'inon 11 U) 1 Ii Hie nlKhtcap lasl night. Cecil Uray, r.idu fielder for tho Wholesalers, iicuounled for inorL llian half of his team's runs, drlv- iiiK In threo with Iwo triples «ii(. i Kltigle nnd scoring lliree him ii'h'. llurold Wnrcl siarteil on the mound for (he Molormen but was Motorcycle Club Pimm ' Races in U. S. Linksmcn Hold Lead In British Golf Tourney CARNOU.ST1IC. Scotland. May 211. (UP) -- United Slates .slnrs c.on- llnued to dominate Ihe llrltlsli Ain- nli'iir (iolf Toiirnnment todny :is Ih6 velernn Vriuu'ls ouimut and Iwo of his Walker Cup players led the. lulvnucc while Oeoi'Ke limner ol Columbus. On., nnd Hoberl Sweeny. Jr., or Mluml, pin,, weir defcnlcd In seroml round iniilcbes. Quintet defeated Oliver M. \Yvnn of Hrltalu r> nnd •! while Kohcrl | Rlet'el. Uiipcr Din by. i>a.. defeated the Oeorcian Hammer G mid !> and victory, the plorldiaii brnl. Fred Kummer. Jr.. l^etroil. 5 nnd '.<• Vols Get New Outfielder, Ship Inticlder to Canada Sporls Writer's Wife Acknowledges Error Kl, DOHAnO. Ark.. May a». CUP) —Mrs. (jrover A. y.lnn. wife of n sports reporter apolngl/ed Unlay for liuidveiienlly inseitlnu her name us "catcher" fm- the HI l)ovn;lo club In the Cotton States League. Mrs. Zlnu plnch-hlts for her husband as official scorer In the press box] As n private seerelnry, Mrs. y.lllil ll.viinlly signs her lliillle to docurai nt:;. Without, thinking she added her name lo Kl Dorado batteries which were cm rli'd ifi ne\vspapi'rs. Yestferclay's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Birmingham 4; Memphis 3 Chattanooga 7, Mobile G (lo in- lin.^s) Nashville 11. New Orleans 3 Allanln 8. Little Rock 3 AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit 4. Cleveland 1. St. Louis 2-2, Chicago 5-0. Washington 5, 'New York 4. Boston 4, Philadelphia 2. NATIONAL LEAGUE Cinoinn.ili G. Pillsuiirgli 1. Brooklyn 7. New York 3. Boston 7. Philadelphia, 3. Chicago 10. St. 'Louis- 3. There are 31,000,00(1 toteah'jiies in the u. S., compared to 21.000.000 for the rest of the world. bed them. 10 lo 3. to uo Into first plnre. handini; llnwie Pollet bis sixth defeat ni;nliisl two victories. r _ Lefty liob Chipman scnttcrcd II •^j: lulr. for his fourth victory as Phil •;j£:| CnvnreUn, Ed Wnilkus. and nob •"/jiScliprrinjj paced Chlcneo \vitli three hits apiece, Hnlpli Branca. Brooklyn's youllR fire-ball pitcher, cooled off the Giants in what was lo have beon a triumphant homecoming at New York, winning 7 to :i as lie struck out 10 batters. He would have had a shnloul but for two homers,, 13 by Johnny Mize of Georgia nnd by wllnrcl Marshall. Pcewce Reese hit a three-run Urooklyn homer in the third lo give Branca n 5 to 1 margin, all lhat he needed. Another pitching speedster, Ewell Blackwell. won his fourth straight game and his .sixth of the xcnFr>n when he lopped PitUslnirgh. 0 lo 1, nl Cincinnati. lie held the bugs scoreless with two singles until llic ninTft when Ihey got their only lally after Wally westlnke and Ifank Grecnberg struck or/. Earl Torgeson, the major league lender in runs batlod in. n'iled four more to tnnkc his lotnl 3(i ns he nil ., homer and single to lead the Braves lo a 7 lo 3 victory over NASIIVIILE. Tcnu.. May 20, (UP) _ •!•]„. Nashville Vols ob- ilned Oullieldcr Leon [Red) Head- vay today on option from Los Ail- ,elfs of the Pacific Consl Lflagne. Motor Repair - Our Specialty Our men nre trained lo .spot motor trouble ... to do a first clas-; repair job. If that truck motor of yours isn't humming in just the rich I key —sec us. We repair any make of truck or passenger car. Used Cars — Clean, » Lofe Models in Good Shape Sales Jjf^r^jC Semce SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Phone 438 ; Today's Games |; SOUTHERN u:,\r,UE ^tlanla nl Memphis. •ijlniliiii'luuil tit Llitlo llork. Mobile al Niislivlllc. Muiv Oiiuiins i\l CliiiUniiwiKn. : AMERICAN N«v York nt Washington. •!3oslon at rhllniU^lphin. Olevcliuul nl Dcliotl. 81. Louis tit Chicago. NATIONAL LIIAGIIR 'I) nl Now York. I'lillnclcltililn lit BoMon. Cliicni;o nt IMltsbiiruh. Cincinnnll al .St. Loins. he Phillies. Bljb Rlliolt also sl.i;r- :cl, hitllnu n trljili' :ind two Kiiii;!cs .JDlinny Haiti 4ircczccl lo l»'s nrtd vlclnry. , Sully Sea Six million Ions of stilly wn... I low into Palesline's Dead Sen dully nnil. since It has no outlet, the by evaporation alwavs left b-:- only wny out the siill !. HO,,' The Missouri Booel* ife Club will hold Its 'siconi uimul Motorcycle Racing Meet In Oaruth-' ersvllle Sunday al legion ? PWr- giomids park. , ........... „ Tlie most daring pror«s.sion»l racing riders of tlie MioVSouth 'will Perform , wltli racing champions of five Mid-South, starts already en- • Icrt'il. AinoiiK these are Lein" Branch, veteran racing speedster of Ulllc llock, Ark.; Wallace Butler, Jackson, Miss,; Charles So«er J • man, Mcmpliis, Tcnn.; and racers from Louisiana, St. Louis, and Niif.livllle, Tcnn. Among, entries this year Is a member of the noollwel Club, making lils first professional racing appearance. He Is James "Jay- Blrrt" Travis of Haytl. who lias been an enllnisliislic ajnnlciir rider for swcrnl years. , . relieved by Wendell Eaton in tho Ihlvd Inning. Ward was credited wllh Die loss. 'Hie Kitzualrick Jewelers girls team and Urn Sum Johns Smokehouse team will meet teams from • the 13 row ii Shoe iRiclory 'in Ca- rullicrsvllle at I lie Park tonight. The Jewelers will play the first gamo' sl'irtlne at H:M and the Smokehouse Iwys will piny th« nlxlllenp startlm; hnmcdlftlely after the i;i r | s B!)mo | S finished. Charley's Electric will meet'Ark- Mo Power nnd Owens Drug will play Sam .Johns In league game:! Thursday night. Dili liiinr. vision pii:k out n IKTOSS Us s Itrally the UKKIII Hint .. - - close lo omit would be possible to railroad train irnvc!!:)}; "<M|::in-t Slnhs" Tlie rrnu" cli^ni'ot plnnls In Nortb CJivoltiin j)ioilnci! Jnmi' rlKiireis Ihnti t^jc <:oiiil)]ni!d remnbniin: plants, loratcd in titne oilier stiuos. Trendwny slni'lott his profeKslonnl Imobiill cnrcor ^'illi Cliiifli.'stri'ii, S. C.. In 1!M2. hUltni! .illI. He lilt .:iin for Atlunln in , 1!H3, .'MO nnd .-Ml for llic_Nrw York Cllnnts 111 ION niul lil-lfi, nnd .'.!l!(l for Los An- lirlr-s Inst ycnr MnnuK«r l.nrvy Oilberl nnnnuiit:- cil iilso Unit Infleldci' 1'rnnk Dnn- neker hns tjeeu sold lo Monlrenl. niinneker wjis obtained from Mlti- nciipolls nt- Ilie slnri of s;>]-lni^ trnfn]ti|T font, never rciiorlccl. Sing a Song of Savings! a Motor in Tune If your Iriiclor is poppiiijc, iiiissiiiKi losing fonipves- s'on dnily . . . brinj; it to Us now hot'oiv sericiiK trouble develops. In jnsl n few hours \ve c:in hiivc H. ;)itck in jjooil slinpc and .ready ;>s ir new. Trnsl your farm machinery lo your INTKRNATIONAI, OHALKli. for truly reliahk repair .service. ^Ve use the hest in materials . . .the hest in labor, to see HIM), Hie job is done ri|;lil! Electric and Acetylene Welding Our Specially DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863 INTERNATIONAL Trucks Attention Ladies of Blytheville My 'I'limP Spini-Annuiil HovHn Rjiln will | )c "held"on,"" Kfidny nnd Sal.nrdiiy, JiiiH! 5th itud Gill. [ lisul .hoped...; Ilio hotuls nnd tourist. cnin|w would tiiko cure'of the puopU; who wera coniinjr. UUTTUKY AUK Al:UEAOi' FUl.l,! Last full, many of you jruvo me roacrvntioiis. The iniirkist crush rums! Iho day Ix-fon- Uic .snlo,- and tiiniiy oT llic ii'.'uplt! who had reserved rooniH did not conic on this m-counl. I n^'i'ettod tliia in nioi-i; ways •'• tllllll OMU. " ' !!•' YOU I1AVI-: A Si'AIlK ROOM Hint you coliki n'lil. <ml for (ho 'llh, filli, and ULh, won't you please oithcv cull oiio of tlm Birls al 57(1 or the Manager's Cilice a I the N')l»le ilolul—telephones. 2'I2». 'Hhey have '- iifl'rued In coopurale with me in placint' the visitors. 'I'o iniiny of you, lliis may .scorn like just « private utidoi'takiiiK, lint llievo will l )e iwoplc h>re-frofn^ uvoi'y .slain hi Iho Union and Kovuriil ftu'ei^ii couu- fries. IT IH i\!Y 1HJSINKSS VlilN.'i'yilK, but at tlie ' same limo, it. is a hijr advertisement for Rlytlu-villc. \Vo))'l. you jil(.';i;.;c I'doiit-niU.' with nie? C. G. Smith Give Youiv CarA 'New' Aoearancc THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL A Complete Paint Job on Any Make or Model Passenger Car Bring Your Car in Today LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main CMC TRUCKS Ntoiw 519 OLDSMOBILE

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