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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 21

New York, New York
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Thursday, December 14, 1922
Page 21
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THE NEW YORK TIMES. THURSDAY. DECEMBER 14. 1922. 21 riSS M'COOEY GETS $250 SCHOOL POST ' ;r of the Brooklyn Leader pcted Unanimously to Suc-ceed Mrs. Forsythe. :y political favoritism ry:rely lnd'cret ,n Her Choice i; cf Relatives," Say Member, Presiing Her Merit. i . - j'jt iiarsaret J. McCooey. Princ'pal 'f P-6 pcno' " Brooklyn, was J misiaously elected an Associate Super-.'tdnt to succeed the late Mr. Gr Strachan Fcrsythe by the Board a FJuction at Its bi-monthly meeting r'.fiT-' "ne "alary of an Associate Sntendent is JS.2.V). That of Miss 'JyCaotf as Mnclpal of Public School "sC, Erklyn. was ?4.730. f "tmiDt chargres recently published r frit they were being swayed by political i-pwure t,irouh MJaa McCooey's bein tt at-""" ohn McCooey, Demo- ' . . - in - i leader a aunt, -"uij, ncr spon-,rn to the Board of Education asserted jX ttr election would add dignity and -jot to the school system of this city. r fjn- McCooey" record since I ap- jcSrUd bw 40 assistant principal tlilrty VptiHO has been without a single, dls-vefitat note." said Arthur S. Somen, vr;-3r President of the Board. In mak-ikt tt BnJoation. " With those years nf eperience In active supervisory work . kzi Her !d the promise of many :t yeaf" ot useful service before her. I tt iU brins Industry. Intelligence and , iprpathy to her new duties. iU " Ti custom of choosing associate .-ajr-intendent from district aupertn--teairnt is a safe one to pursue, but are exceptional circumstance. rizi tils departure from the custom dou -jst taeaa the breakdown of the scheme vjf jrcawtion now existing. I don't take yirjsly the Imputations of certain . Mefpapers upon Miss McCooey's belnr sul.ucian's sister. 1 nave knoan J;K3 H. McCooey for many years, and j v.ald be pi-oui to call mm my brotii- -' r. Such in.puiaUons snould bv reseut-'"td" ; T.t nomination was seconded by M. t tunuel Stem, and Dr. John A. rgu-.ktamored the closing of nominations. - We need a woman In th yo-itiun." "nil Dr. Ferguson, "and 1 don't know wsat U In the minds of reporters ho my Is their newspapers tht tiiia la a "'k-cckinf puliik-al situutioa.' " r K"ry B. Cha.'ubers. Vice President cf Atv B."rd cf Education. alj spoke for ,ss ilcCoo-y. John E. bow declared ; LJi Hiss McCooey " has merely bevn b-ireet In her chot.-e of relatives tj s unquestionably a matter of prw x"na for merit." Ta Secretary was then by unanimous Trie instructed to cast a single ballot trtruiss Mcv.ooey' appointment. Presi-ritrx Gorre J. Ryan spoke bri.-flr In iu of the woman principal, the first ' yrna of that rank to be chosen as-rjite superintendent in the history of New Tork school system. ' F.aa fcr a new high school, said to oca of the larjtdst in the country, '. frs approved by the board. It will be j as the tsesrge Washington High . fcciocl and will be built at an estimated cot tf 13.31 00O. on th eat side f - AiKJoa Avenue opposite West 1K4 i f:-H The site Inclu ! the wails and siL-ets cf old Fort George, a part cf , w.-.ra. inciuaing a large natural boulder. i.J be set asi.le to commemorate the f-rt The view commands the wooded " .Westchester and Long Island ' sound. OCEAN TRAVELERS. Among- the passengers sailing today for , Q:enstown and Liverpool, on the Cu-ird liner Cannania to spnd the hol-kUys s broad are: G. L. BJlson. U. A. Blllson. Thomas Clarke Brierton, S. .Bar.t L G. Beaumont. Mr. C. E. jit,.K... . m -rtour. PltUburgh; Charles Betheil. , xi. and Mrs- B. M. Chandler. Andre Cizadler. Phillip Chandler. G. H. Cad- Eaa. Boston: C. 2. Marsh. Texas; J. . T. Ogllvle. Toronto: George Stavelv. itr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Webster and F. A- Wiisan-Lawrenson. Some of the passengers sailing today . the Furness liner Fort Hamilton for Bermuda are .Mr. and Mrs. John H. ' RTiitchouse. Colonel and Mrs. J. C. Don- Wt. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Sanderson. . lolonel and Mrs. Webb C. Haves. Mr. td Mrs. J. C. Jacobson. New York : Mr. "r.J Mrs. V. W. Brooks. E. N. Brown. Vi Boston; Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wum, i Pittsburgh : Mr. and Mr. H. S. Metaer. "Witerbury. Conn., and Mrs. J. P. Currle lad Mrs. R. A. Bush, Detroit. , the arrivals yesWdav on the .President Polk of the I'nlted State ijines rrom London. Cherbourg and Lwaeenstown were George Baker. Mrs. . M. L. Berry. H. Berrv. Miss Eva fcrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Cadman. Miss M. Car-'wd. Alfred Clare. Mrs. W. C. Cook. J1 J,nt Davis. Miss K. L. Eastman. Uptaln and Mrs. J. p. Girling. Mr. and ,! Thom Hll. Mis Honora Hall. -;! Ksthleen Hall. Thoma Hall Jr.. ir;,i. P. Hunter. Mrs. G. Lloyd. E. T. Murray. H. S. Mvers. Mr. O. H, feeu and Mrs. H. Rose Mstthews. :V.RS. MARIAN FCSS A BRIDE. i . to William H. Yarrow. Artist, .0 the Rev. Dr. Sackman. f tte marriage of Mrs. Maxlan HIH - V- dauhtr of Mr. and Mrs. Frank ja of Sackville House. East Grlrjstead. England, to William H- Yarrow, son of C0T R. Tarrow of Philadelphia, took sPUre Tncday af tertian. " The cere-, oey. which was performed by the Rev. Dr. Sackman. was followed by a ma!l !Tptlon at the apartment of Mr. and H. Fairfield Osborn Jr.. at tvJ; member of the Immediate ?T- Harrow, who Is an artl Tu "If tb "r as a Firt Lientenant In Artillery, and org:ini..l the Jmouflag- e.i:o-A at Camp Jaclcnon. V1 TToodward Durant. V!s Lillian Durant. daughter of Mr. ! Mrs. George Durant of Greenwich. r renr,., formerly of this city, and Walter Woodward of Eonnlngton. Vt.. were fcarrW In th Church of the Blessed --VV""1 In w"t Seventy-fh st Stre-t ""Twii everjng t fi:3-'t o'clock, ac-? ttriiy' l a 'J;ncuncmnt made ye- ; Alice Wltcover's Wedding. Ti marriage cf Ml as Alice Wltcover. . flaughter of Mr. end Mrs. Paul Wit-Brooklyn, and Walter George ;'8riaeii of Woodmere. L. I., son of "-.j"1- Pauline Eretzfl-H. Is to take place U-Jc" I!rom at th- MaVstlc next i Ikm I?,7. nn"'n- A dinner and rccep-oteL fol5or the treniony at the A"drale-Easley Wedding Dec. 28. . r- "n(1 Mrs. Ralph Montgomery Las- jtTJr' "r,t out ,:lvltation for the ' p7 of their daughter. Miss Donna J!y. to Ciprim.j Andrade Jr. on . oars ll-ay evenlngr Iec. iS. at U.eir 'lFL? Fltxh Avenue. The ceremony Kasler followed by a reception. Miss fitii'J ; "r'Own as a sfnrer, and her Poan ".thH!rm"n of tf" i:eeutive t'iiiir t"'" National Civic J-.lra-jw- ilr. i the son of the lile o-Jiujrai Andrad S. N. ''"wlUj up your Chrixtrfa, l do aJOTrt th' Huntlrrd S( Cum. TlfD'EXr CAhKS Ft-'.V and mnil tt i!tv) 1 "r T.iiics, Times bqv.are, SOCIAL NOTES New Tark. Miss Eleanor Uwrenc rave a di last night at Sherry', for Mr. and Inccr.t Atrvr nner Mrs. William H. Vanderbltt has taken an apartment at 122 East Fifty-first Street. Ttv President f the Cubnn Senate, and Senora Cosmo tie la Torrlente. who h at the Kita-Cariton slnoe their arrival from Europe, sailed yesterday lor Havana. Mrs. Jules S. Ea?he entertnlneit .uncha yr Sir m Governor Henry J. Allen of Kansas la at tho Aator for a few tfays going to White Sulphur Springs to attend the conference of Governors. Henry Wheelwright Marsh has returned to the Plaza after passing a few months with Mrs. Marph at Warwick Castle. England, which they loaded several years ago. Mr. and Mrs. rierre L. Barbey are at the Plaxa. and later- will go to Palm Beach, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin P. Roosevelt entertained at dinner at their residence. 40 East Sixty-fifth Street, last evening, for Senator-elect and Mrs. Royal S. Copland. . , Abram I. Elkus. former Ambassador to Turkey, has recovered from his Lines of several months. anl has re sumed his activities. Mrs. Elk'is is to entertain at luncheon today for Mrs. Alfred E. Smith., wife of the Governor-elect. Mrs. E. T. Stotesburv has remn from Philadelphia and is staving at t)K Am bassador. Mrs. Kenneth V. Van Riper is giving a Christmas party at the Am- oassador on Dec. 21 for her daughter. Miss Gloria Van Riper. Mrs. Imre do Jos lk a Harczec itave a large luncheon yesterday at her home, 8 West Tenth Street. Count La-x'io SzecheirVl Is here from ashlngtftti. D. C. and is at the St Regis. Mrs. Adolf Pavenstedt rave a luncheon yesterday at the St. Rgis. among her guests toeing Mrs. William Post. Mrs. Arthur B. Twombly ami Mrs. James uowii mtntm. Mrs. Stephen H. P. Pell of 777 Madl son Avenue will entertain at dinner nsxt Sunday evening for her father. Colonel Robert M. Thompson. During the evening Colonel Thompson will speak on the vierman reparation question- Mrs- Alfred C. Bossom will enterta'n with music at her residence. 21 East Eighty-second Street. Sunday afternoon next. Mrs. Minturn Pinehot will c-ive a small dance for her daughter. Miss Ro.smuiid Unchot. at her rvsulencc. 9 East Eighty-first Street, on Thursday eveni.ig. Dec 2& Miss Isabel I a Monte has come from Found Brook. N. J.. to Join her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George M. La Monte at the Lorraine." where Ihov will remain until thev go to Florida-Mr. and Mrs. Henry L Finch have removed from 901 Islington Avenue and are occupying their new house at 4fl Eat 74th Street. Mrs.' Edward Roeslcr of 4-" Eat Eiichty-eecond Street U to glv.j a reception to Introtluo? her dai'Khter, Mlsi Jessie Laldlaw Roealr. on IX?c. 21. Mrs. Jamea Lets Laldlaw. an aunt of the debutante, will give a dinnr f or . her and the receiving party after the reception and later wlil take them to the Play. POSTPONE TOWER UNVEILING Association Officials Change Date on Account of Wanamaker Funeral. Th unveiling and dedication of the first of the new permanent traffic towers on Fifth Avenue, planned for this afternoon, ha been postponed until next Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock on account of the death of John Wanamaker, aaya an announcement of the Fifth Avenue Association, donor "f the orna mental bronze towers. The announcement reads: Otit of respect to the memory of John Waniraakcr, whose recent death Is mourned by this city as well as his native PhllS'lelphia. the dedicat on of the first of the new F;fth Avenue traffic towers hich wts scheduled to take place at 2 o clock today nan be-m postponed until Monday. Dec 18. at 2 P M ' Many of the officers and Directors of the association, a well as the Mayor and other city officials who will take part In the presentat'on ceremony. wl:l take ad van ta urn of this postponement to "'P lo Pnlla.ieipma tor tie or ; M vvansmaker. which tke nl .rr .1 the same nour at wnicn the de.iicttlin ceremony had originally been ached- uled." W. G. ROCKEFELLER IN TOMB Widow at Services in Mausoleum In Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Bpvcial to The A'fw York Timet. QREENAYICH. Conn.. Dec. 13. A simple but 'Impressive service was conducted for the late William G. Rockefeller In the Rockefeller mausoleum at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, where the body was laid to rest this morning at 10:30 o'clock. The Rev. Dr. M. George Thompson, rector of Chrlat Episcopal Church. Greenwich, of which Mr. Rockt feller was a member, officiated, assisted by the Rev. Chrle W. Baldwin of St. Mary's Church. Scarborough, where Mr. Rockefeller's father attended. Mrs. William O. Rockefeller and her son, Godfrey, were In Europe at the time of Mr. Rockefeller death, and dlo not arrive here until last Saturday. They consequently were unable to et-t iid the fum-ral. which took t-lace at Mr. Rockefeller's late home. 202 Msdison Avenue, on Sunday. Dec 3. and It was at Mr. Kkefeller" request thav a second service be held In Sleepy Hol- "pesldes Mrs. Rockefeller and her son. Godfrey, three other sons. William A. Rockefeller i.nd wife, who before her marriage was Miss Florence Lincoln: SMliirmn. Sterling ' and Mis Almira Rock.ofoiler. also Percy A. Rockefeller, brother of the dead man. and wife were present. John D. Rockefeller of Tarry-town, an uncle. wa unable to attend. John Wynkoop, Architect. -Tchn Wynkoop. Professor of Architecture In the University of Pennsyl vania, and a practicing architect, with at which iofioea at 30 Church Street, died yester-t families. at hU residence, 60S West 140th i.oay at nis res.uenee. t servert Street, after, a weeks Illness of pneu- monln. He wan oorn in umo wnj j. tia aso and studied at CoiumLla before he wi3 the Paris prize given by the New vrif luaiii Arts Society, which entit.ed ' hint, to admission to the Koole den Beaux fArls In Par without examination, in Parw he won Tiiree iirwt miais. nc returned to this country in lo8. He had been a member of the firm of Griffin A Wyr.koop. Hi i-artner d ! d a vear ago of tb same disease) that caused the death of Mr. Wynko'.p yesterday Among the buildings he had designed was the Christian Scienca Church at 110th Street. The Rev. Dr. Archibald MeCullagh. The F-ev. Dr. Archibald MeCullagh, a retired Presbyterian Minister, lecturer and author, died at his home in Worcester, Mass., on Tuesday, in his eighty-first year. Dr. MeCullagh was born In Armagh. Ireland, ard was graduate! from Princeton In In lH.b he be came pastor of the Ross Street Prefby-terian Church in Broo'.tlyn. which was later merg'vl with the Central Presbyte rian t.nurcii. e-i.'i nc.,--, ... to t.n of the rnosi P'"P;r"Yj VlL ' le .rr""K,"V, t t, n ih HD: i TIC XefliC UU Al'SS- v "'" ' Frank U. Hll. Frank I- Hall, lawyer, with office at 3D Brond Street, died Tuesday at his residence. IB West riny-iouno "-"l after a two day" illness. He was bom In Bridgeport, conn.. te---i.i. , - - ago. and was graduated from Y ale e nd ufe Columbia ?F Vj. he rra-ticed with Robert W. de Foj-est bat-Tor the last thirty years had been alone. He was a charter member of the I'n veraltv Mub. and nl.o belonged to' Uroolyn. , Vale and Brook Clubs. Two of lili t M; ANNA I.T ISK HtC'KKY. for taenty-1 Francis Hall and Richard ne years a j.n'.ni rcliool teacher In lng Tf uS'Ve" settlod in New Havcu la the leinnd . !. .i:. i -he,-,. yester.i.v.- at her scvtMeenth century. ' Awuu. iUe rturtd in ibia. ALL PHILADELPHIA HONORSWANAMAKER City Council Will Adjourn and Big Stores Close During the Funeral There Today. HIS LAST MESSAGE TOLD Faith in Providence to Dispel Earth's Clouds Was Expressed to Evangeline Booth. 1 PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 13. Out of respect for John Wananiak-:r, the City Council will meet and adjourn its regular wet-kly session tomorrow afurnoon and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange will close its doors for the same period. The public schools of Philadelphia will b closed for one session In memory of the famous merchant, who was long and actively Identified Vith the city's educational system. The lemling competitors of tne Wanamuki-r department store wit! close for tbo first five mir.utes of the funeral scr'vii e, wi.ic-h will bcKin at 2 o'clock In Bethnny Presbyterian Church, where Mr. Wanamaker was a long familiar figure. ,"' The passing of Fhlladelphla"s foremost citizen." said Richard Weglehn, PrtsU'iiit of the City Council. " mould cause all our people to pause, and 1 deem it especially fitting that Cornell should meet and Immediately adjourn as a tribute to his memory." Preparation have been made to allrvw thousands of persons to view Mr. Wana-maker's regains lying In state from JO o'clock until noon tomorrow in Bethany Church. The funeral service and the interment in th: Wanamake'- mausoleum in the cemetery of St. James the l-s ill bo privjite. In the list of l.0 honorary pall bearers are the name., of many distinguished persons In the. nation. State and city, among them Chl-f Ju--ti'.e Taft. Senators Pepper and Reed of Pennsylvania. Governor Miller of New York.. Governor Sproul and Governor-elect Pinchot of Pennr jivanla. William Jennings Bryan. Cardinal Dougherty, H. Gordon S-if ridge. London. England; Mayor Hylan. New Tork: Mlyor Moore. Philadelphia; Charlemagne Tower, former Ambassador to tirrmanw: Osear and Nathan Straus, New Tork: the Kw. Krar.cU E Clark. H'-ston: llrnvr A. Whalen. Nt w York: Pnsld.nt R and Vict- President Atterbury of the Pennsylvania Rallroal. solicit r Central Peck. Washington; Join Shedd. "hl-casjo: Dr. Wallace K. Ral-lirfe. Washington: Thcnia K iis-m. Orance. N. J.: Howard He:nz. l'itlsburgh; Irving T. Bush. New York. His Last Message. Commander Evangeline Booth, of the Salvation Army, yesterday Issued a statement In appreciation of John Wanamaker' work for humanity and. In particular, for his interest In the work and develop ment of the organ. xatlon she represents. Miss Booth's stat-ment was Inspired by the fact that Mr. Wanamaker was an intimate friend of her father. Gen ral William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army ; also because he was greatly interested in the Salvation Army's spiritual and charitable work. The building at Prosd Street and Fairmont Avenue. Philadelphia, now used as a divisional headquarters for the Salvation Army, was one of the gifts Mr. Wanamaker made to this organization. Miss Booth said: "The world is Immeasurably poorer through the death of John Wanamaker. Mankind has lust a brother beloved universally. His comprehension of the Salvation Army was very full. H? knew its aims and purposes. He approved its method and plana. He blessed and encouraged its spirit. It was but a few days ago that I received a most appreciated and wonderfully cheering message from him on his deathb- 1. which his daughter. Mrs. V.'nr-burton. tells me was the. last message of the kind he ever Indited, and which serves to showhls esteem for the Salvation Army and that he carried that love and concern for this cause up to the very last. Hi message said : " Please say to the commander that I am very thankful to have her dear message. She is constantly in my 'hough's-- I sm too weak to get out. with my rough, but 1 am making progress thouch I have had a serious at tack from a hard cold as a result of overwork and anxle'.y ' Condition continue that seem to ?anci up the world and business, but God lives and loves his people, and bet ter days are coming. I feel confident that the Salvation Army Is not to b. halt! In Its way by any stormy winds that may sweep our sky. My rirst visit will be to the commander to go over the situation acaln. " The star of hope is still shining and touraisc is unabated that General Booth's tthe found. r plan shall not be defeated by any opposing elements Say to the commander that I am Me Ke oil fk.u ilnvt rtfl !VinfMint ' "Z-l '.wr .."' .. . "' ":! ; .i it. e eiaj nt uunu wi rather than man. for reaching more rapldlv the ambitions of her heart for the people's good. I will come the first day I am able to travel to New Tork.' " DR. ARTHUR W. DOW, NOTED ARTIST, DIES Professor of Fine Arts at Teachers College, Columbia, for 18 Years Was 65. . Dr. Arthur Wesley Dow. a distinguished American artist and Professor of Fine Arts at Teacher College. Columbia I'nlverslty, since 1004. died at hla home. Ml West 120th Street, yesterday. H- was Porn at Ipswich. Mass.. In 1S57. and studied art In Boston an.l Inter In Paris, where he wss a pupil of I'.oulanger and Ifebvre. Paintings of his were hung In the Salon at Paris, one of his works, receiving honorable mention. Within recent years his exhibition of a series of Grand Canyon painting and other works attracted wide attention. ' He was for several years the curator of Japanese Art at the Museum of line Arts. Boston, and was an authority on JapaneB4, prints and on fin- printing generally, besides being a wkilled crafts man. He prinion A ion if ipswicn River." a series of color iir.ts from wood blocks, and " Ipswich Prints " fir school use. reproducing s - nes In the neighborhood r.f his birthplace and home at Ipswich. He was n authority on design and his work, on " Composition " went through seven editions. He was Instructor In art at Pratt Institute, Brooklyni from 18IVT ti 15MI4. He was member of the Copley Society and the Society of Arts and Crafts at Boston, of the Aneriean Institute of Graphic Arts, of the Japanese Society and of many other ora-inizntlons of ar-tlts. He married in 1S53 Miss F-leanor Pearson of Lowell, Mass., who survives him. Funeral services will be held on Friday In St. Paul's Chapel at Columbia I'nlverslty and the Interment will be at Ipswich. Mass. Mrs. Frances Davidge Rumsey. Mrs. Frances Davidge Rumsey, wife of David Rumsey of 2 Washington Square. Nof.h, died yesterday at her n jiilnre of rneumon'n Mie was I daughter of William II. Dlvldge and th- lato Fanny u.K-r David. She was a member of the Colony tiub. Mr. Rumaev is a lawyer, member of the firm of Rumsey c Morgan. 20 Exchange Place. Obituary Notes. JEREMT AM JEKOMF, WOtiAN. foreman el.-?t.iiper for thirty years with The New York Wori.1. dled tm Tue'iav of ht-t Mr. V.'.ie.n. who hr li'i venrr old rn-l a couV.n of I TnoirHtlc lHder Thomas F. Wxgen of the Ntn-I. A Irtstrlet In was stricken while at work. II. a homw "was at 2s Seventy-fourth Street. WILLIAM J. CLARK DEAD. General Electric Official Was a Pioneer In Railway Development. William Jared Clark, advisory- manager of the railway department of th General Electric Company, having been active in the management of that corporation for a generation, died yesterday at his residence. 2ol West Ninety-second Street. In his sixty-ninth year. He was horn at Derby. Conn.. & descendant cf IVacon George Clark, who settled at Mllford. Conn., in 1W. Mr. Clark was a pioneer In the com-jmerclal d-velopment of electric railways, and helped obtain the charter f,r the first one designed for freight traffic. Durintr nh long service wltn the Gen ernl Electric he hud been mur.ager or Its railwuy and foreign departments and manager of its I.ondon c.rfice. Always actlvlv Intereoted in polities, he Fervo-l from lSO to 11104 on the Kepubllcsn National Comniitt. In IWirt an.l l'.t'l? he was Chairman of tlie Ways and Means ComriUttee of the National Civic Federation. He left a wife, two sons by a former marriage and two sisters. Wilit mi Johnston. Sunday euitor or The World, is a brother-in-law. Robert Powrle, Sculptor, Dies at 80. FOND DU IAC. Wis.. Dec. U. Robert Powrie. SO. noted Wisconsin sculptor and oainter and author of the Wiscon sin memorial to General John Gibbons in Arlington Cemetery. d,ei Here touay. ALI.JTN On tvc. 12. Mary, beloved wife rf Mttt-ew J., devoted mother of Mobel K.. BMward P. and Cpaln Richard J. Alion .f thKth ltrlment Funeral from hr lae rtlJnce, SO N'o;th Mayers Ai. WlnfieM. I.. 1.. on Frljay nl B SO A. M. ; thenc to St. Mary's It. 1". Phureti, where a solemn mars of requiem will bs offered f"r the happy rpe of hr soul. Intern:rnt St. John s Cfmr-cr;. AIJ.KN-At Montrlalr. N. J.. Pec. 10. lOSS. Frnce Yanlr(rtft. wlf of Frank L.. Allin. Funeral services were held at her late residence. SCI North Fulierton Av., on Tne'1y niori.lnf. lec. 12. Intarnumt Wlimlngton. L"el. ANNinOXI Francesco, on Ier. 12. at 2,0."3 Fast 17th tit., Brooklyn. Funeral Friday. 10 A. M. AVERY At Athens. Greeee, Doe. 9. after a brief Illness. Ophelia Todd. wife, et lh lute Alfred F. Avery of Kaionah. N. Y. HAT4BKR n TuMday. I lee. 12. at Galveston. Texis. ItoRer K. Uatnher of Hummlt, N. J., beloved hun'iand of Jean P. Him-tier. Funeral service, at the Church of the Epiphany, lxlnqton Av. and SJlli St . New York City, on Saturday, Pec. 10. at " V. M. Interment private. Please flowers. BEI.L-Om Dec. 13. Elizabeth Hell of S71 Mott Av.. after a short 11. rug. Funeral private. Interment Woodlawn. BliNZ HeriKHn. I"ec. Ki. Funeral eervleea at tA Ailar.tlc Av., Urookiyn. Friday at 10 A. M. UER LIN Henry Von P. Ber:ln, aed 10. son of Henry 11. and Marlon Ciffe.i Uerlln, Ier. at Orange. N. J. New- Orleans and Cl.a:tanx.a papers please epy. BlOONKY-n Wednesday. Dec. 13. 1022. Marlon M'.!s li.cnsy. In the 4th year of her age. Ik levei! . daughter or I.danl F. and Marion Uigoney. Funeral aertlcee at her late home. 1.&.M East Hth ft . Brook lyn, Saturcay, at 2 P. M. Interment private.- . RASIEIt-John C. In his 62d year. Ser vices at Chapel. Jeror.e Av. entrance. Woodlawn Cen.etery. New York. Thurs day, ivr 14. 2 JO P. M. BKOInECK At her residence. 20 East llWth lit.. Sophie I '.rod beck. Notice of fu-nert 1 later. BULB.NltER IxiHa. Camphell Funeral Church, llruadway. 6ith St. Notice later. BCKTON On Iec. II. at hie reeldence. Yeot 4'th bt.. Fdward Ndi Hurt in. teloved huahand of May . Burton. neral er 1 -ea at P. J. Ahern's Funeral Parlor. 5HT Ueilr:on Av.. tin Thursday at 10 A. M. Interment at oM.wn CLARK On 'Wedneaday, Ivec. 13. Wi'.Uam J. Clark, lelnvt.1 huenand of Blanche A Hark. Funeral at 11:30 A. M. Friday from hla late residence, 231 West KU1 tt Interment private. OOPPINGER On !ee. 12. !5C2. Cora I-ar-don, wife of Arhur Ceppiner and dauxie ter of thte late Warner Vau Norien. Funeral ervlre at the Chaiel of the Cen tral Preebyiertan Church. Madison Av. and STth it., on Thursday morr.ln. Vre H. at 10 o'clorit. CROCKKTT Suddenly, on Lec 12. Florence llehrman. beiuved wife cf William F. Crockett and rfaurhfr of Mrs Georce M :C". IU and slater of Edna. No tice of servkea hereafter DE LACY On Dec. 12. Peter. In bis 7th year. Pert-Ice at I'argeon's Chaptl. 107th Ft. and Amsterdam Av.. Thursday eventrg. 8 o'clock. Please omit flowers. Intrrm-n private. Uoaton and Montreal paper please copy. DEXDV-On live. 12. Annie M. Pen by. In her Met year. Services at the Chapel cf the Home. Aniaterdam Ar. and 104 th St.. Thuisday, at 11 A. M. DOW Kuddmly. cn Ire. 13. 1912. at hts reeldeiire. ill 'S.Hh St.. Arthur W, leloved h sbar.d of M. IJUarior Dow. Service Friday. Dec. i:, ft St. Paul'a Chapel. Columbia University. Hour to be announced later. Interment at Ipswich, Maes. Dl'NL)P Lydia Caraon. The Funeral Cn:rth.'il Building, Broadway, 66th Ft.. Thursday. 1 P. M. DCrilNUERRK M. Augueta. widow ef Daniel Keymovr, on Ire. 12. Funeral services will be held at Calvary Enlace pa I Church, 4th Av. and 21at St.. on Thursday at 11 A. M. EMICKY-Sars, I.. Camphell Funeral Church, Broadway, OHtn St., Thursday, 2 P. M. TBl-t Kast orange, N. J.. Dec. 13. i-Z2. Mary Damhalie Fenby. Funeral servk-ea at her iete home, 440 Williams St.. on Friday afternoon, I ec. 13. at t o'clock. St. Louis (Mo.) paper picas copy. FREEl 'MAN Beloved husband of Hattle R. and brother of Mr. Arthur I. Brandet. Mrs. Muni Sloman and Samuel and Glrard Freedman. Detrult papers pleas copy. GAITHER Dec. 13. at his residence, 1.761 Beacon St., Brook line. Mm., Charles I'erry Galther, son of the lata Perry Gallber of Howard County, Md. Funeral service at ' the Church of Our Saviour, Monmouth and Carltun St., Brookllne, Saturday. Dec. 16. at 2:30 P. M. GAKABRANT At Blcomfield. N. J.. on De! 12. 1022, Gaven S. Garabraiit. aged TO year. Funeral service at the home of his bmther. David ti. Garabraiit. 7U Williamson Av., Bloomf le'.d. on Friday. Iec. )'. at 2:o) P. M. Interment at Bloom-field Cemetery. GEIS Iena. beloved wife of th late Francl iifli, on Tuesday, Dec. 12, at the home ef her daughter. Josephine S. Steffen. 35 Adlson Av.. Rutherford. N. J. Services at Church of Our Lady of Angels. 22S Kaat 113th St.. New York City, Friday, Dec. in. 10 A. M. GIESSLPIt Ie. 12. W22. Albln Glesaler. Service Stephen Merritt Harlem Chanel. :io4 West 126th St., Thursday.. 2 P. M. CODDAKD On Tuemlay. Dee. 12. 1P22, at her reaidence, 2T:i Islington Av., New York, Alice Wtnthrop, wife of the late F. Norton Gtxldard. Funeral aervlc will Im- heid at Hi. (teorge'a Church, Stuyve-ant Square and loth St. (east of 3d Av.), on Friday morning. Dec. 13, 1922, at 11 o'clock. Interment private. GRACPNER Clara, wife of the late Kdward W. Graupner. mother of Adellna and Patfty, suddenly, Wedneaday. Now at Camiiell Funeral Chapel. With St. and llroaduay. Funeral lrlday morning at 10 o'clock from the funeral chapel. GROPPER Cecelia, suddenly. In her 62d vear. beloved wife of Charles, de'tr moth er of Bessie. Oecar 11.. I-wls, Martha and the lato Edward tiroppef. Mineral from her late reaidence. yi Fort Wh-Ing'on Av.. Thursifuy, I -c. 14', at 2 P. M Chlcaso paper ple.'iae copy. ItAHN ItuUur.ce Eodgn 7T, P. and A. M Brethren: You are hereby notllled to attend an urei.t ron.niuiilra tion of the lodua Thursday. Inc. 14. at b P. M. at l.lti.'l Bushwli k Av. for the puriNiae of paying a lat trlbu-.e of respect to our d- ceexvl brother and charter nienilxr, John F. Hahn. JAMES KAY. Master. JOS. H. FLirrCHKit, Secretary. HALL Suddenly, at his residence, 19 We Mth St.. New York City, on Dee. 12. P'k2. Frank I.. Hall. It. the 73d year of his age. Funeral s'-rvlce at St. Tnoni-an's. A v. and fx.d St.. Thurod y. Iec. 14. at Hi A. M. Int'.rmint at convenience of family. flETUUNG At Jlackensark. N. J., on Xf 12, II''.'2, Hani. sli -M. .ahrls'.le, widnw of the late John J. Ilcrrlnc. S"r-. Ice at her late teeldrnce. I- heci St., Max ken-uc:'.. N. J.. cn Friday, lnv. 15, at 3 o'clock. IIKHZl'i tlustave. beloved husband cf Rose and dear father of Sl-iniind I., Solon Herntg and Mi. Jiu.epi.lne Slearnn. Funeral from his lute residence, 472 Wet End Av.. Thursday. Dec. 14. at 10 A. M. JACKSON At Owl s Next. Stamford, Conn.. V.'e-lnendiiv. I 'cc. 1 .-(. I!C2. Wirjr E.. wife of the 1 rtt e Chailes A. .iHtkanr and dsuah- ler of the late Snin.u l n..i Mary P ara'.l Ilroailhurst. In hr M"ih year. F'lnerai firix plc. 11 ' i.t tc-iMe.tMil no flower be I ent. j KNAPPMAN Siidilenly on 1 c. 1.1. WUIiani. beloved husband of Mildred Knappmaii ! (nee May). runeral t rvlc-i at l.ln late rejldence. 348 Slu.vvf.wit Av., Hrvioklvn. I'rldsy, Dec. 1".. nt p. M. Kelstives end friend respectfully liixttc ta attend. In-tcm.ent Saiuruay inuriuiiaV C pre Hill Cvmliy. KELLY Richard B. At a regular meeting of th Board of Trutees of the Brond-way Savins Institution. heM Vkv. 13, tbe following resolutions were unanimously edepted: Wheivas Mr. Richard B. Kelly became a Trustee of the Bro riway H.vItks Institution on Oct. P, I8'.i. and was elected ucessslvely 1o the offices of Counsel, Second Vice President, First Vice I 'resident and Treasurer and became its President Jan. 12. 11)21. and" held anid office until hi death, which occurred Dee. 2. 1922: and Whereas he was most realous In all matter connected with the Institution and its affairs, ever faithful in th.? performance of his duties snd repeVded und acted toward It In all metiers a thoimh it w.-.s his own. always striving for the he: Interests of the Institution and Its depositors . and VVl.ertas he wan truly a devoted and friendly man. beloved by hie imeociate snd employe and nlways held In airat respect for his it;ter1tv. banking ability and aoumliu-ss of Judgment: now. there-foie be it Resolved. That In the death of RIcherd B. Kelly the Prondway Savinss Institution has been deprived of a lojel and f,.tfnl n..d officer Hnd itS-d'- nnn'li.ri have tost a true mid VBllintf fnend end the Trustees thereof have f'ped the m'-rs'inal loss of a be loved friend .and valued advlsx-r; and be it further . That the. fore coin z prvaniMew and resolutions be spread" on our minutes nd a com- sent to the fan t'y of the deceived, with shorn sincerely syin-iialhiae hi their bereaveinent. LOUIS F. KKRUIS. Secretary. i--wmv On U'lJ n.1 H V loc .5. I.'--. John J. Kennedy, at r.i resmc... e . P-rifen St.. Brooklyn. Notice of funeral Inter. KOSTFIt Delia Brlnckerhoff. 31 I'srk Av., Bloomfleld, N. J., on Wednesday. Dec. 13. lt'J2. wife of It. B. Kos'.er. Services at her late residence, on Friday. I he 15. at 11 A. M. Rutherford pr.pers please copy. KRONSf "V'lN On IX-c. 12. 1"22. William II Kronadeln, 66 year old. I clovrd huitband of Florence L. Funeral services at hi late residence. 137 Norwood Av.. Broo't- , lyn. on Thursday, 1h-c. 14. at " P. M-Members of Cornerst-me lodgo 3U7. r. and A. M., are ln.ited. LEWIS Anna 8. (nee Fch'.es'nser). b.-loved wife of David C. Lew it . devotetl motlver of Fllen Hope and Rov-r HI'l. ou I'ec I.t 1922. Ridence VKi ejt iivirt. Funeral services Fort Wt ahlng:on Synagogue. 5.V West lt2d St., on Frid.iy, Dec. lj. at 10 A. M. LOCKK On Tuesday. Dec. 12. IP22. William H. Loc e Jr.. aged 4 years. Relative and friend arelndted to attend fu-r.ers! services at line Un Cemetery Chaiiel, Farmlngdale. L. I., on I-rid ay. Iec. 13. at 11 15 A. M. LYMAN Iec. 13. at Hotel Ij Falls. New yr. Cliv. Helen, daughter of the late Judge and Mr. IMwsrd E. Lyman of Greenfield. Mas., arid sister of MIm i:thel Lvman of Greenfield and Kdward It. and Henry W. Lyman of New Yortv City. McCULLAGH Rev. Archibald. D. D.. In hi lt year, at his ho:ne2p Whitman Road. Worcester. Mies en Dee. 12. Services and Interment in Worcester. MclLAKG Son of the Revolution in the Slat ef New York With regre' Is made of the death of John Veed-r Mc-Harg of Albany. N. Y-. a member of thla "'""itOBERT OLYPHANT. ITesldcnt. MACE At her residence. 7 Sound lew St., JVrt Chester. N. Y.. Dec. 13. l'.2. Margaret A. Gllcoyne. beloved wife of Amos T Mac. Requiem ni at the church of Our lji"y of Mercy, Saturday. Dec. 18, at 6 30 A. M. MASI Philip W.. beloved son of Mr, l-dinond Klly. oiKlf. 12. Ilen.atns at th Funeral Church, Pioaoway at St. Uequlem ina at Holy Trinity Church. 10 A. M. Thursday IO Angeles. Nr-fol"'. Atlanta and Waahlngtvn ,(D. C.) papera p. ease copy. MASON On I'ec. J2. Mrs. B. Mason, at her residence. West Corllens Av.. ucean tirove Height. N. J.. tn her Wd year survived I y two dauKhters. Mr. Maud Havrcr and Florence L. F'.lege. Service Friday afternoon at "J.w at Itr late rsi-denee. Interment Haml.ton Cemetery. MASON Abigail Ranlett. of Hoho'.:u. N. J.. widow of Kbene7cr Sturgi. at Fort Meyer. Fia.. on Monday. Dec. 11. 11)22- Notice of funeral hereafter. MICHKI.SON Saian or. on Dec. 13. 1PC2. beloved husband uf Bessie tnee Prank), and father of M nnl Frlhber. Ben-d'ct S.. Hannah K-. II.. Harry. Jennie nod Ida. Funeral from hi late r-ldT ce. SJ. Fos Bronx. N. Y. City. Friday. 1 c. IS 12 30- P M. Interment Mount Judah Cemetery. Cyprese H11m. I'lese omit f lower. MILLKR Dee. 13. 1622. Margaret Lyle M.ller. beloved sister of Mr. Uai'e,!a Cappel and Mr. Jeanette Morgan l-"u-neral Krticu Stephen Alerrltt Chapel. 22.1 Mil Av I near 2lt St.). Friday evening. 8 o'clock. MORGAN At South Oranre. N. J-. on Dec. 12. If22. Charle. Piloted hubnd of Maude A. Gad 11 and only am of Mrs. Henry A. MandeviUe. s years, runeral services at bis mothers, Mrs. Henry A. Mandevil.e. on Lud dlngton Road. We Orange. N. J.. on Thursday at 12 r.oon. Interment at the convenience of the family. OBFR Barclay, suddenly. V ednesday. i'ec. 13 beloved Ir.tant son oi nrs.nte t;utavus OIr. at Luthervilje, Md.. aped 1 month. O'CONNOK-On Tuesday. Dec. 12. R's- ' O'Connor, dearly beloved motner oi i ' r V Funeii'l ironi her late residence. -Si West 4th St.. on Friday. Dec. 1.1. at Kt-'io A M : thence to St. Joseph Church, bth Av. and Washington Place, where a mas cf requiem will be eald for the repose of her oul at 10 A. M. Interment In Calvary Cemeterv. PITCHER At Hackenaark. N. J., I'ec. 13. 1W2, Lldl A. JtH-ar.lo. wne ei rraon Pitcher. Funeral s-rvi'-e at her late resl-h... nr. i nmn St . IlackensHt k. N. J.. Saturday afternoon. Dec. 16. at 2:80 orlocii. . I-OHLK tn Monday, If. 11. I"-'-.. eiuna wife or Robert M. rt.nie. ami m" ef Harriet A. and the late Peter l.ang. Services at her late residence. Graham Court. 1.923 7th Av.. New York City, Thursday. 8 P. M POLAK-llarry. on Dec. 12. '2. beloved husband or llay i-nian or iw mr ." ft Bensoiihurst. Funeral from hi mother's home. r2 West llilth St.. New York City. Thursday. lec. 14, at 2 P. M. tiu omit flowera. PRINCE Suddenly, at Flushing. N. T.. on Friday. Lec. S. II'.. I,, titan mi u k rmn, aged 82 year. Funeral services at t. ieorfsi Church. Flushing. N. Y.. on Thursday. Dec. 14. at 2 P. M. Train leaves Perm. Terminal (L. I. Division). 1:11 P. M., for Main Ft. PTJNDKRFORI At Yonker. N. x .. on Deo. 12 11)23. Bra A., w.unw m in. .mi James A. Punderford and daughter of the lat Henry T. McCoun of New York City. Funeral private. Interment Thur-Am st K'wburtli. N. T. PTE Margaret Na.mby, widow- of the late Alfred lye and oeioveo moiner or waiter L. I've and Alletta Felt ltt and eldest daughter of Joseph and Jane Nalmby of Great Grimby. Lincolnshire, England, at the home of her ion. Walter L. Pye, at Tappan. N. Y"., 11:2. A. M. on I'ec. 12. 1V22 Funeral aervice at Chr!t Church. Pparhlll. Friday, Dec. 15. at 3 P M. Interment Oak Hill Cemetery. Nyack. V. . REEHL W(lllm L., beloved husband of Lillian Meta tna kind latner oi r ren vv . and W. L. Kenneth, on I-ec. 12. Il'i2 of rneumonia. Funeral services Thursilay. ec. 14. In Congregational . Church. River Kdge. N. J.. at H.M P. M. Interment later. RIEtSGER Suddenly. Dec. 13. 1022. Harold KaUn Rlerger f 413 Writ 115th St., New York City. l NDERTAKERS. There A re YOU know in advance just what the cost is going to be with Campbell Service, which includes, withou extra charge, the use of the beautiful Funeral Church. The amount yo pay is entire y dependent tern Iff' II n it It r m 1 upon the choice or se ection w ich y u make. It is always possible to secure Campbell Service, which never varies in its high quality, at a cost that is within the means of fell. Available alike in the home a. id at The Funeral Church. Call, Telephone or Write for further information. Booklet gratis on request. FRANK E. CAMPBELL m7he Itinera) Church" Broadway at 66 th Street. NeWYcrk. WhenVcath Occurs CcUlrankKGnriM-OJimibus 810C A I CF.MI-.TI-.Hll.. THE W00DLAWN CEMETERY !U3d St.. J-rome or tTintnn Subea-Telephore W'iiii aT n 1100. Book ef views ur Rcurcaenlatlvca. ROCX At Oakland, Pnvslde, L. I., on Pee. 12. 1922. P.oe Theresa Rou. beloved alstsr of Mrs. Fisnk 8. Stellltig. Fu-le-ra 1 service pr:vnl. Thursday, lec. 14. 3 I. M. Interment at ronventeuce of fand'y. Part: Daoets oleaae eni.v. P.IMSKY Frances, at her residence, 2 YvasrilnKton Square North, on IVc. 13. 1922, Frances Rumsey, wife of David Iturnsey and r'liui.-hter of William 1L l'avidge and the late Fanny Puer Rotlu-son. Notice cf funeral later. RVPP Augusta, beloved wife of the lata Cbavli- Hupp and moth-r of fharlea. Albert. Lawrence, Florins and Walter, on Dtc. 11. Remains t the l-'njoeral "liti-rh. Broadway at fltith St. Services St. Francis Xavler Chun h. MO West IBth t.. on Thursday. IVc. 14. at I0:.10 A. M. SACK Suddenly, on Dec. 13. Vera L. Sack, beloved daughter of Helms E. and the Intel Christian L. Sack. Funeral private. Kindly omit flowers. SANK R1 At Bc-lmar, N. J.. en Dec. 12. WZl. Wilitain Well tlanford. a-ed 58 year. Funeral services at late rel.lence. IIS Ilth Av., Hcimiir, N. J-. on Friday, Dee. 15. nt M. Interment at Free hold. .N. J. Relative and friends Invited to attend. Mil MAN k.:.terrd Into eternal rest on Wediienrtny. Dee. 13. Fanny Phillip widow of Ralph Shu. nan. F'ineral from hr late residence, 24 Kaat p'.ith St., Frl rtny. Ixrc. l at 10 A. M. Kindly omit r.ov. -rs SISSKNF.RF- At St. John's Hospital. ErooU- lyn. .N . ., rKcar SUsertvre. 1:1 the H4th year of his age, beloved husband of Ruih Miller. Funersl private from his late residence, jiw 17th St. STACK On Wednesday. Iec. 13. 1022. .lo)-rma Stack, beloved wife of the late vvliit:ui: G. Stack. Fu: eral from her late r":.cni '. 21 Livingston Av , Yonkeis N. Y.. on Saturday. Iv. la. 9:30 A. M S'jleinn high mass St. Pe-er' Church st 10 A. M. Interment Calvary Cemetery. VAN U iAN Annie Kenncy Van Loan, widow of thu Rev. John H. Salisbury . entered Into eternal lffe Dec. 12. P.iJ2. at lha Woman s IIomi.iu 1. runeral from her lalu rest, Athena. N. V.. Friday. Iec. 1."., at z::hi I. M. Interment at Old Catsklll t t-metcry. VON At'W Emllv. widow of late Ivon Von Auw. In her Xiith vear. at Naole. Italy. WACK KK.M N l.iarlnda, wife of the lat IVul fc). Wackerman, on lec. 12. Fu neral aervice the Funeral Church. i'.rcadway at 6Cth St., Friday, Dec. 15, at 12 noon. WATKRMAN Hinry. beloved Tiusband of Tesale inee Bach), beloved brother of Harry Herman Waterman and Ixiu'sa Feia. Funeral services at the Temple rtodeph Sli'lem Synagcgue. H'. and I-lnKton Av.. Friday morning. Dee. 15. Il22. nt 10 o clock nhain. WEINF-R Henry C. of Los Aneele. sud- d-nly, Ikf. 12. Services the F'ineral Church. Broadway at otith St.. on Thurs day. 1 ec 14. at 3 P. M. Kindly omit f lowers Ii Angeiec paper pleaae copy WEITZN-'R iCmanuci. on Wedneaday. lec. 13. 11'--. beloved husband of Anna and father i t Dr. Samuel h . and Adnlph Service nt hi late residence. 967 Aldus St.. on Thursday morning at 10 o'clock Interment at Washington Cemetery. WE1.LKR Ellralieth Walter Cll, on Monday. Dec. 11. widow of Maurice J. Weller. In her seventy-seventh year, at the home t f her daughter. In DoMi Ferry. N. Y. ne son. Kmniett. and four daughters. Mrs M.ry W. Ie Serres. Mrs.;ar H. C -hell. Mr. Frank M. Uenlamhi and Ml-e Ada M. Wetier urvve. I'uneral aervlcea at St. John's Church, Forest Gleti Md . Thursday. Iec. 14. at 10 A. M. WI.'LMI On IVc. 1.-,. 5arah M. (nee Mc- Cejeyi, beloved mofher of James. Jacob and Luke Welsh, f Funeral from her late residence, 42u West .1st St.. on S iturday. r.t 9:;if) A. M. ; thence to the Church of the Sacred 11. r rr, where a requiem mass will le offered for the repose cf her soul at 10 A. M. Interment Calvary Ceme tery. WH1TTF.MORE On Dee. II. 1U22. Georg. 111..' n,urr, or.ovea i(iier tJl Irrori . Charl-s and C meron. Services St hon.e ! of his rr, diaries Whl'ter:,or :, 120 Rlv- ; erstde Drive, on Thursdr.y at It A- M i liiieriiient Wood lawn C' metery. Charle i town and Masschuaet'a papers please ' ci pv. ' WVNKiVir-At hi residence, 0.1 West 140th St.. I'ec. 13. 1922. John Wynkoop. dearly lieloved husband of liretto Gertrude Mul- l.Ki.n. Funeral from Our IJidy of I,uurde Church. 142d St., between Convent and Amsterdam Av., on Friday, the ' 15lh Inst., at 11 A. M. I Hn fHrmnriam. FRANK Na??ian. In loving nuTnory ef a loving husband ard devoted ti.ther. who departed this Mfe Iec. 14. lt2i. Jl L1A FRANK AND CH1I.DRF.N. LA PSFP.K Second inr.lverary requlei-i mass Frl.iay, 1 15. kt 0 A. M . Church of . Notrv Dame, 114'h St., Vorn.ngsldi lirlve. for the repose of the soul of Gabriel e. dearly ueloved wife of Edward I se"re. STRAPS In loving memory of our mother and friend, Sarah S Straus, who tie- ! parted thla life Iieeember 14, 11MS. ; HKIt CH1LDRKN AND FRIKND3. VHITI Ai;n'-l.'. . .e..jiy of out tlo.ed I mother. Henrietta tQueeni W1 ltmark who departed thia life Lec. 14. l'juvi. HnoriHng. GREF.NnKRG T'nvelilng of monument Ir. memory of Amelia Greeriberg. lieloved wife of Mcndi-J W. Greenlierg and mother of George. Irvine. Kthel, Harold. Florence, nt Machpelah Cemetery. Sunday Dec. 17. II A. hi. Relatives and ftierd' Invited. Aivrrt iaemewts cf Birth and Deaths or insertion In The Sexe York Timet may be telephoned unlit midnight to Bryant 1000. New Year's Eve at A few tables are still available In trie jNiain ind -Uinint? xvoom ai Amb Grill. assador Make reservations now eitfxr by letter or 'phone-Rhinelander 9000) to Mattre d' Hotel. THE AjNIBASSADOR Park Avenue at Fifty-first Street No 'Extras ' "! -jf(.- a ULOOMINkil'ALi: ILOIUSST SHOP. KVth 8U and DeilnRton A v. Artistic Floral da-slrns. fl and up; open evenings and Sua day. Tsisphun Tiia JltQi. HZ MPORTANT NOTICE To Owners of United States Victory Loan 4 Notes It is officially estimated that of $700,-000,000 of these notes called for payment on December 15, 1922, more than half have not yet been presented for redemption. Interest ceases after December 15, 1922. . In order to avoid loss of interest, you should present your notes now either for payment in cash or in exchange for new issue United States Treasury 4 H Notes maturing June 15, 1925, offered for subscription at Par. We recommend such exchanges and . offer our services in connection therewith without charge. Peabodj; HougMeling & Co., Inc. ESTABLISHED 1863 366 MADISON AVENUE. NEW YORK. CITY Telephone Murray Ilill 10435 CHICAGO. DETROIT. MILWAUKEE, ST. tOTM Members Investment Banker Association of America attS'7JJ 'KU'SSMYYM This Thusdayt Friday and Saturday Afternoons at 2 o'clock AT THE AMERICAN ART GALLERIES THE BLOCK OF MADISON AVE., 56TH TO 57TH STREET ENTRANCE 30 EAST S7TH STREET BY PIRKCTION OF MR. A1EXAMIER P. MOORK AND TITI5 I NION TRCST COMPANY F PITTSf.l KOH, rtXNM L ANIA. KJi.EC I TO ItS THE ARTISTIC AND OTHER Va4LUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY BELONGING TO THE LATE LILLIAN RUSSELL (MRS. ALEXANDER V. MOORE) OF PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA I iS-vSl ON FREE VIEW BEGINNING TO-DAY until dat of Sale . To Be Sold at Unrestricted Public Sale on trie Afternoons cf Monday and Tuesday Next, December 18th and 19th, at 2:30 o'clock A Very Notable Collection of BEAUTIFUL REAL LACES AND TABLE LINENS Offering An Extraordinary Opportunity for procuring DESIRABLE USEFUL HOLIDAY GIFTS This Important Public Sale is made under the followin circumstances: i F The Americas Art Association, 30 Kasl (lenllemen CoafirniiDS oar conversation retarding a sals af ve e lie.-. ton ar real is Marf heriii ha been seee and linens, also Burane laces frwn the School of H. M. Oieen ta- of Italy, we wish to ay that owing ta the now customs dntr whx-a 1 placed a pun tlie Impertatloa of I area, amounting-, te aver SO whea I I I finally landed la New ork. we find It v. ana rraurr oar riirnwivii rQiireiran inrouQ si psDU seua. It is our belief that with the added duty Inipoaed upon lace. It wlU la the future, he almost prohibitive ta Import any ef the real luce from Karaae, and we feel positive that It will be a treat advantage ta the Ainerieaa public tm maaa porrhases of the laees and Uneas at Ibe fortliootnln? unrestricted pnhlie sale. Thanking joa, we are, roars very truly, (Signed) RKG1NA CATTADORI. ' CataJociie Mailed on Receipt of M Cents. . THE SALES W1IX ttE CONDrCTEU BY J MR. THOMAS E. KIRBY Aad nis Associates. Mr. OTTO BERNET and Sir. HIRAM H. rAXJOS AMERICAN ART ASSOCIATION, Managers IILOCK OF MADISON 'aVENCE. 66TH TO 57TH STREET J Jtt-V.i.Sli U. U To Women IV e offer a specialized service Seven years ago a new department was organized by Bonbright & Company. It was composed of women, and managed by women. Its sole, duty was to assist women investors in the proper selection of conservative securities. - Today this department is qualified by experience and by the backing of a national organization to render an exceptional service to women interested in securities. It recommends for investment the bonds of companies which are essential to the life of the nation the kind that are purchased by banks and insurance companies. No matter if the amount available for investment is $100, $500 or $1000, the service is the same. For definite suggestion nn'le or Circular A Bonbright & Company Incorporated ' 25 Nassau Street, New York rtlladelphla Boston Chicago Detroit 8t. Louis Flttsburfb Zionism in Palestine is in a perilous position, writes a British publicist in December CURRENT HISTORY MAGAZINE. The entire condition is clearly set forth in a light strange to people who are not living today in the Promised Land of old. On news stands, 25 cents. Advt. 'ew York. December 4th, 1. Hon, 30 East 57th St., New lark City, oar conversation reaardinx a sals f ... t 57th St.. New Vork Cltv. nereraary ta sublet enr stare at 71s aUi tA5i a, 111 STKI Investors

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